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Alex Jones Is A Shapeshifter
New documented video footage from an Infowars report, posted on July 10 2014, reveals MULTIPLE manifestations of shapeshifting.  Are Alex Jones’ eyes really MORPHING into REPTILIAN eyes?  See all the examples.  Decide for yourself.  What did Alex Jones do, to get reptilian lizard eyes?  Everyone who visits his independent news channel knows about his own personal favorite brand of (iodine) snake oil, that he keeps pushing on his viewers.  And so it should come as no surprise to anyone, that his eyes now morph while he is talking, into reptilian shapeshifting and demonic eyes.  If you thought THIS reptilian creature from a 1960’s Star Trek episode was “scary”, then you had better fasten your seat belt!!!

…because what you are about to see manifest in and through Alex Jones, is absolutely horrific.  Skeptics at first, may think that the vertical slits in Alex Jones’ pupils, are caused by a blurring effect, when the video frame is frozen.  But the unedited video footage – that can easily be verified through the original Infowars video that is posted on YouTube, reveals that THE VERTICAL SLITS IN ALEX JONES’ EYES ARE MOVING SIDE TO SIDE – AND SO WHY, WHY, WHY DO HORIZONTAL SLITS NEVER APPEAR?  It is also noteworthy when the reptilian eyes manifest through Jones, that the iris narrows significantly, and is then bordered on each side, with black lines.  This cannot be a blurring effect, as there is not enough black on the borders of his iris to do so.  And the “reptilian iris” effect also manifests when his eyes are moving side to side – and so, should the slits not be HORIZONTAL when this happens?  And so the blurring argument – the argument that the serpentine slits in Alex Jones’ eyes are caused by eye movement, is pure fantasy.  But the reality remains, Alex Jones is now manifesting, on multiple occasions, REPTILIAN SHAPESHIFTING EYES.  See for yourself.

If you analyze what Jones said starting at 2:17 – you will see that the first statement he made about “lining the roads” was an inspiration from a demon – that was COMPLETELY his own.  Jones then heard the inspiration that moved through him, and tried to create “a smokescreen”, by making disturbing references to True Facts concerning what the OWG does – specifically with regard to hospital incinerators, and flavor extract.  In the moment, Jones didn’t want to get feedback from viewers, about the demonic inspiration he uttered.  But all the while, he was embracing ‘the ranting spirit’, or demon – and that didn’t help with his false externals at ALL!  And so the verbal smokescreen he was creating for his viewers, to distract them from the fact that he uttered the inspiration from the demon, distracted Jones, from the fact that that same demon, was looking through his eyes, in that very moment, for all to see.

After watching this video, our 8-year-old son ran into his room and brought back a children’s National Geographic book about ‘snakes’.  He opened up the book and showed us a picture while stating, “His eyes look like THAT!”  Even a child can see the blatantly obvious demonic manifestation occurring within the person of Alex Jones.

And so, what could have caused this manifestation of reptilian eyes in Alex Jones?  A previous Before It’s News article, revealed one primary root of the problem – his inability to proclaim the Truth.  Here is the link to that article:


Alex Jones, after watching documented proofs that Michelle Obama is a man, was simply unable to tell his viewers the Truth, about one of the biggest deceptions of all time – the fact that the United States of America is now being run, by an antichrist dictator in The White House, and his gay lover named “Michael”.  The First Lady of the United States is in fact a man, as this following viral video reveals

But Alex Jones prefers to respond to irrefutable proof, with his own personal brand of propaganda.  And so Alex decided to make excuses for Michael Obama – excuses like the claim that his transgender lifestyle was the result of some genetic abnormality.  Michael Obama is a deceiver and an antichrist, just like the man he sleeps with in the White House – the PRACTICING HOMOSEXUAL President of the United States, who is now actively forcing the LGBT agenda on innocent minds in all the public schools across the nation.

But this story is now going viral – and even the country music industry is being affected.  Perhaps we will end this article on a high note, with the New Country Hit Song, “The First Lady is a MAN.”

Finding it necessary to explain to our children, the physical reality of shapeshifting eyes, we then shared with them, how important it is to use the Blessed Holy Water in these End Times; because ‘Reptilian Shape shifting eyes’ could happen to anybody who does not have the True Holy Spirit – and for those poor souls, reptilian eyes can manifest at ANY time; unless they use the ‘Blessed Holy Water’ that is.  And so our ENTIRE family retrieved our bottles of ‘Blessed Holy Water’, and prayed a quick prayer… because, we like ‘people with round pupils’ – that’s just the way we are.  If other people, like Alex Jones, want to be ‘inter-species human hybrids’, that is their choice.  But we have chosen OUR team – the team made in God’s image and likeness.  Jesus had round pupils.  Nuff said.

More Proof! Alex Jones Shapeshifts In Max Keiser Interview!
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I'm glad to see this is the news. I'm glad to see people are finally examining Alex. It seems like they should have wondered a long time ago why he was allowed to film Bohemian Grove and live to talk about it.
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Hot point about Mr. Michelle Obama.

Alex Jones, haha; he is a cartoon of himself.
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