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Benjamin Fulford Reports
For example, a member of the White Dragon Society who met with Japanese Emperor Naruhito last week was told a major financial/political announcement was due to take place on March 15th. Asian Red and Green secret society sources also promised a jubilee-type event in China around the same time.

Dates have come and gone in the past so only believe it when you see it but, for sure high-level sources are making big promises.

Readers can do their part by not paying taxes. The IRS is a privately owned company based out of Puerto Rico. Not only is there no law that requires most Americans to file an individual tax return, but the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) wasn’t even created by an act of Congress!

Alex Mena, an IRS official tells O’Keefe Media Group Reporter the IRS is “going after the small people” and “destroying people’s lives” using artificial intelligence technology to spy on American citizens and company bank accounts without a warrant or evidence

Cutting off their taxes will help force a jubilee. If some sort of jubilee announcement is not made, then civilizational collapse is certain.

Let us start with evidence of political criminality now in full public view. Here we saw an obviously fake Donald Trump meet Argentine President Javier Milei (whose name means Mileik=Moloch=Satan) and praise him for stealing money from poor Argentines in order to pay the KM. He just ran a budget surplus to pay bankers by cutting off money for food kitchens for the poor, sending half of Argentina below the poverty level.

Speaking about Moloch/Mileik, Israeli crime minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s real name is Benzion Mileikovsky which means: Son of Moloch or Son of Satan.

Netanyahu held an “Israel Victory Conference” with Rabbi Uzi Sharbaf a Jewish Supremacist who was mysteriously released despite being sentenced to life imprisonment for the mass murder of Palestinians. These people are closely associated with the mass murdering Nazis who also support the genocidal Vladimir Zelensky.

Meanwhile, as thousands of children are killed in Gaza former CIA head Mike Pompeo dances with Israeli soldiers. What exactly are they celebrating?

This is the same Pompeo who said “I was the CIA Director and we lied, we cheated and we stole…”

Another person who is not bothering to hide his criminality is Congressman Andy Ogles who said “We should kill them all,” in reaction to photos of children’s casualties in Gaza.

Here is another example of a poisoned mind.

Meanwhile, the KM-controlled fake Biden circus show vetoed a draft UN Security Council resolution demanding an immediate ceasefire.

Thanks to his ongoing Gaza genocide Israel’s Gross domestic product (GDP) plunged an annualized 19.4% in the last quarter of 2023. It is down even more now as shipping to the country has been stopped by the Houthis. As an example, here you can watch a sinking British tanker attacked by the Houthis in the Gulf of Aden.

The International Court of Justice has been told “Israel is applying an even more extreme version of apartheid in the Palestinian territories than experienced in South Africa before 1994.”

The Jews are in uproar and vast civil disturbances now taking place in Israel mean the Nazi son of satan and his Biden puppets’ days are numbered.

The other big Satanic nest in Ukraine is also in big trouble. It has once again been confirmed the International Monetary Fund (IMF) illegally deposited funds intended for Ukraine in the personal banks of Victor Pinchuk and Ukrainian Oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. A lot of this ended up in the Clinton Foundation where it was used to bribe politicians.

We also know the Zelensky regime has been slaughtering Ukrainians and selling their organs.

Now Polish intelligence informs us the vampire Zelensky sold over a million liters of blood from Ukrainian donors to the West.

Also, Russia has found more documents showing thousands of people have been involved in experiments carried out for major pharmaceutical companies, including Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Sanofi, GlaxoSmithKline, and others. Blood and other samples were collected and then sent to labs and clinics in Europe and the US for testing. This was almost certainly for the production of bio-weapons.

More torture chambers and human experiment facilities have also now been uncovered at the fallen Ukrainian fortress of Avdeyevka, Russian sources tell us.

The fall of Avdeyevka means Russia is now close to its goal of taking Odessa, connecting Russia with Transnistria; reaching Transcarpathia and handing it over to Hungary, thus sharing the border with Hungary, Polish intelligence sources say.

Russia will have to continue fighting Ukraine until it takes Kyiv, former President Dmitry Medvedev has claimed. Medvedev identified the source of the threat as an “international brigade of the opponents of Russia, led by the US,” who he claimed are in control of Kyiv.

No wonder “a dispirited atmosphere…permeated the meeting [with] no trace of the former optimism among the Western [cheerleaders for Ukraine],” At the 60th Munich Security Conference held on February 16-18, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said

“Germany really wants out of this KM Deep State Cluster fu*k,” a CIA source comments on this headline:

German Bundestag rejected the delivery of Taurus cruise missiles to Ukraine; 182 voted in favor, and 480 against.

Farmers from Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and France are contributing to the downfall of the Satanic Zelenskly regime by carrying out a complete blockade of traffic from Ukraine. The protesters are being supported by the police and have demanded that the Polish Prime Minister and other politicians who profit from Ukrainian grain dumping, personally appear at the border to listen to their demands.

In Spain, too huge crowds have taken over key streets in the Spanish capital Wednesday in support of domestic farmers.

This will affect Vanguard, BlackRock and State Street who own 40% of Ukraine’s arable land. China will also be affected since it bought 3 million hectares of Ukrainian land — land the size of Belgium

The fall of Ukraine will also lead to more exposure of the pandemic and vaccine mass murder campaign carried out by the KM via biolabs there.

These were some of the worst war crimes in human history. The Global Vaccine Data Network found 100 million vaccine-injured people in just 8 countries.

Also in what one scientist described as an “admission of epic proportions,” Health Canada on Thursday confirmed the presence of DNA contamination in Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines and also confirmed that Pfizer did not disclose the contamination to the public health authority.

Never Forget: Bayer Pharmaceuticals President, Stefan Oelrich admits mRNA vaccines are cell and gene therapy and the public would not have agreed to take them if it were not for pandemic coercion.

Now they have started putting vaccines in our food supply. A Lettuce Vaccine Bill was just introduced. Tennessee Rep Scott Cepicky says “University of California Riverside has already perfected the ability to put human vaccines into our lettuce right now. Also, tomatoes have the ability to do that for UC Berkeley. — Big Tobacco, RJ Reynolds and stuff have perfected the ability to put a human vaccine in the tobacco products.”

“Just take the vaccine, it’s for your own good”

Now listen and watch the World’s biggest parasite Bill Gates on tour at the world’s largest parasite Museum. Did this give him morbid ideas?

The KM are also trying to keep us scared enough to take these products. The latest fear porn they are spewing is about a fatal “Zombie” deer disease.

“Scientists fear 100% fatal ‘zombie deer disease’ will mutate to infect humans: ‘There are no contingency plans’” So is this going to be The Walking Dead 2.0 ?

Now France is proposing a one year in prison and a fine of €15,000 for criticizing medicine.

This comes as French health insurance (Assurance Maladie) is considering making part of doctors’ fixed remuneration dependent on the number of vaccinations performed on each patient.

The KM are also now trying to deny any involvement in vaccine crimes. In a case of next-level gaslighting, terrorist Tedros says the WHO didn’t impose anything on anybody, anywhere. They think everyone has forgotten. Even the sheeple are waking up.

It also turns out half of the WHO’s transgender health committee members have no medical background and the majority are activists.

Meanwhile, Eduard Pröls Director in Germany for the pro-life group CitizenGO is facing criminal charges for sharing the following image

And yet no criminal charges are being filed against people who are actually trafficking children into sex slavery. In the video below Dr. Phil Interviews Border Patrol Showing American Taxpayers Are Funding the Trafficking of Migrant Children Into Sex Slavery.

Homer Simpson knows the truth

By the way, sex slavery has been going on for a long time as this Pinocchio clip from 1940 shows.

From the moment refugees arrive at the airport, resettlement partners pick them up and provide food, housing and employment services thanks to HIAS, a Jewish American NPO Spread across the US.

This is definitely a government-run operation. The former director of Panama’s border patrol the “invasion” at the U.S. southern border is “strategic engineered migration” paid for by the US government via the UN.

New York Mayor Adams’ plan is to give Illegals $10,000 each with No ID check required, No Fraud control and No Restrictions.

Top: you are at the airport being triple-searched. Bottom: millions of random fully grown men crossing the US-Mexico border who are undocumented and illegal….How does this make any sense?

Now Missouri Governor Mike Parsons has announced the deployment of troops and patrol officers to join Texas in shutting the border.

Facebook Twitter Linkedin Email Governor Mike Parson, a Republican, announced Tuesday that up to 200 Missouri National Guard soldiers will be activated to support Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott’s Operation Lone Star at the southern border between the United States and Mexico. According to The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Parson visited Shelby Park in Eagle Pass,

It seems the KM Deep State is trying to use the migrants to start a civil war to avoid the hangman’s noose, firing squads or pitchforks.

In an example of predictive programming at its best…Another trailer from Obama’s film “Civil War” has been trolled out.

This is the same Obama who financed a movie about a major cyber attack. Now on cue Reports of mobile service outages of AT&T, Verizon, etc. are being blamed on a “major solar flare according to Meteorologists.”

Yeah right as if the sun can only choose to hit certain corporations.

At the same time apparently, Mr. Sun also targeted pharmacies.

Meanwhile, GOP Sen. Marco “Rubio warns Chinese cyberattack “will be 100 times worse” than AT&T outage: “Your power, your water.”

The KM Deep State are laying the groundwork, the narrative, for now, two possible “Black Swan” events:

1. A Major Solar Flare (Carrington event)

2. Cyber Pandemic (caused by China or Russia of course)
We don’t know what role Elon Musk has in all of this but this news report confirms Russian claims that Elon Musk is a front for the US National Reconnaissance Office:

Elon Musk’s SpaceX is expanding a secretive satellite program called Starshield used by the Pentagon as it quietly forges links with US spy and military agencies…SpaceX’s involvement with defense clients also includes launching classified and military satellites

(By the way, Mr. Musk if you happen to be reading this, the P3 Freemasons have asked me for your mobile number so could you please send it to me via [email protected] Thank you).

It may be they want to ask Musk with his Antarctica connections what he knows about the recent spaced-based laser attacks around the world.

The latest was a huge mountain fire that broke out in Bijie, located in southwest China’s Guizhou province, on February 18.

Another one was filmed over Mexico & captured on camera from a different location.

This follows similar attacks on Maui and Chile. Is it the beginning of the KMs long-planned fake alien invasion?

Finally this week, we noted yet another Boeing mishap. There are too many such technical negligence accidents lately… something is up, this is not a coincidence.

This is just a guess but it might be part of an underground marketing campaign related to this:

Visitors to last week’s Singapore Airshow witnessed a landmark moment: the international debut of China’s C919 passenger jet. Beijing is betting big that the new plane will shake up the dominance of Airbus and Boeing.

rachel469 February 29, 2024 At 10:06 AM
If anyone can do anything to halt this can of worms that is our life today please do so. I keep hearing people who are supposed to be on the good side this is to waken the people up- sorry not buying that to hell with waking the people up we have had enough of watching the evil criminals at work and people dying and having everything they have built up destroyed while a can gets kicked up the road. Even if it was sorted now My heart mind and soul is broken and outraged at all this death and destruction. The only thing I can be sure of is that there is no good side or else this would not have been allowed to go on. Frankly I am completely disgusted.

Rustechy February 29, 2024 At 7:43 PM
It took me about 30 minutes to figure out what kinds of commercially available lasers they can deploy in orbit that would have the wattage to fry things and display that greenish color:
GaN 515nm to 520nm 500 watt Pulser Solid State Organic Dye in Polymer
Nd:YAG (Doubled) 532nm 666 watt Pulsar at peak
A few copper vapor ranging in the 500nm to 578nm range at 666 watts both pulser and non-pulser
These systems could do a lot of damage. I would suspect some people are deploying this technology it looks easy to me. But, what do I know a gardener with 30 minutes of internet research.
To burn a swath 1 meter wide, they would need at least 20 of them bundled. I think the GaN system would be the most likely being solid state and being able to produce 500 watts per unit = 10,000 watts industrial/military grade. Also, it emits that exact color. To burn a swath 1 meter wide, they would need at least 20 of them bundled. I think the GaN system would be the most likely being solid state and being able to produce 500 watts per unit = 10,000 watts industrial/military grade. Also, it emits that exact color.

Tony says
Thursday, February 29, 2024 at 05:30
Well while King Charles is waiting to die and the list to take down Americans grows Putin has had killed 28 year old Russian helicopter defector Maxim Kuzminov who defeated from Russia to the Ukraine with a Russian hellocopter. Maxim Kuzminov was on the run and had a new secret identity but he was found and assassinated in Spain on February the 13th and not connected to the movie Friday the 13th: The Awakening The story goes that Ash Williams reads from the Necronomicon and wakes up Jason, it’s up to her and a not-so-friendly lumberjack to put things right again.
The movie cost a whopping $10,000 to make.

Benjamin Fulford Friday Q&A Interview 02/23/2024

Quote:Financial. Rothschilds. Criminals.

A lot of the $$ that went to Ukraine ended up in the Clinton Foundation (Rockefellers).

Over 100 million people have been affected by vaccination side-effects.

Rise in Bitcoin is looting from the public. Bitcoin will fall rapidly.

The entire American economy is fake and is on the brink of collapsing.

According to Ben, this is the last stand for Satan. These Satanists are playing an end game, through mass murder.

Transcribed by Whisper
Quote:Hello, this is Benjamin Fulford speaking on February 23rd, 2024.
It looks like the suggestion in my weekly report from this Monday to send in the military
to Vanguard, State Street, and Black Rock hit a nerve because we were contacted by David
Rene Rothschild, who is the head of the Rothschild family, who offered to hand over control of
these entities to an ally of ours in MI6, who would then hold it in trust for the people.
You know, this is a possible first step to a jubilee because this money was stolen from
the people via central bank fraud, creating money out of nothing to vacuum resources from
the economy.
And as I've done the last time I did the math, a jubilee in the United States would be about
$363,000 for every man, woman, and child in the United States.
This is money that was stolen that would be returned to its rightful owners.
Let's see how this goes, but the problem I have with these people is that they always
promise you, they tell you what you want to hear, they say the check's in the mail, and
they're just trying to buy time until they kill you.
So I know a lot of the white hats don't have money, and my suggestion is sort of like the
barbarian hordes outside the city, you promise them loot from the city once they've taken
out the previous regime, and we need to actually physically take over control of the physical
resources and then hand out rewards to white hats who did military good deeds in removing
these criminals.
And they are criminals, they are mass murderers who have been trying to kill you and your
This has been proven again and again.
The latest example is the biggest study so far shows that in just 14 countries, 100 million
people have been damaged by vaccines.
Now we also have Health Canada, a government agency, officially admitting that the Pfizer
vaccines were contaminated with DNA.
So there we have it.
These are official entities which open the road to war crimes trials against people like
Justin Castro and whoever the actor was who played Donald Trump for Operation Warp Speed.
That was not the real Donald Trump, but we need to flush out that actor and the people
behind him, which you'll find will be the Rockefeller family and all those people.
We know this for many reasons, but one thing that's now coming out, for example, is that
a lot of the money that was sent to the Ukraine ended up in the Clinton Foundation.
And the Clintons, of course, are Rockefellers.
So all these things are coming out now, and we are close to victory, but we need to push
I'm not going to wait for these people.
None of us should wait.
We should all take personal direct action.
Here in Japan, I'm calling on the military to arrest members of the current government
for murdering 400,000 Japanese with vaccines.
This is the Japanese Health and Welfare Ministry data.
So we have mass murderers, but still officially appearing in power.
Now the other thing I'm noting, of course, is that you're seeing the stock market at
record highs, Bitcoin at record highs.
What this is is a final looting of people's money.
They're pumping out fiat money, which is just numbers put in computers, to jack up stocks
they own and then try to launder that money into the real economy by buying physical gold
and other things.
The same with Bitcoin.
I know the agencies have a back door, and they're going to be, once they pump it up
to call in suckers with real money, they're going to dump it on them.
You watch and see.
But this is sort of like last minute looting.
Now the other thing I noticed is that the so-called Magnificent Seven, Alphabet, Meta,
Microsoft, etc.
So the top seven high-tech companies in the US now are more valuable than any stock market
in the world except possibly China and Japan.
And what do these companies make?
Actually, with the exception of Tesla and Apple, and to some extent Nvidia, they don't
really make anything.
They're just creating a fantasy world on people's screens.
They don't actually make things you can eat, things you can wear, things you can drive.
And this shows that the entire US economy is like a Potemkin village.
It's a fake front without real backing.
And that's all on the brink of collapsing.
There can be no doubt about it.
And it is happening, as we know.
Well, let's look at Israel, for example.
Their economy is down 20% since they started the genocide in Gaza, and their ships are
not being able to get there.
And their government is on its last--it really is a last stand for Satanists.
And I found out something very interesting.
Apparently Benjamin Netanyahu's real name is--let me read this--Bazon Milekhovsky, which means
son of Moloch.
And Milek is a word for Moloch.
And so we have the so-called president of Argentina, who's named after Moloch, which
is another name for Satan, the beast to which they sacrifice children.
So we are down to--they're coming out of the closet.
They are Satanists.
So in other words, these Satanists are now coming out of the closet big time.
And this is really an endgame.
And they are proving that they're Satanists through mass murder, and they're not even
hiding it anymore.
So we need to bring them down.
So Benjamin Netanyahu, we're going to offer a--I've heard there's a--White Hats are going
to offer a billion-dollar bounty on his head, and that will be paid from the money that's
taken when the Federal Reserve Board is returned to the people.
And we'll put out a list of 50 other names that need to be removed.
These are all senior Satanists.
And when I talk about remove, we have to not only remove the individuals and arrest them
for mass murder, but we need to remove the power of the people to use rubber-mask fakes
to pretend they still exist.
So for example, we've seen--they use fake rubber masks or surgically altered look-alikes
for Donald Trump.
We have one--recently they came out with another fake Nancy Pelosi, etc., etc.
And so we need to not only remove these individuals, but remove the power of people to project
them on screens to make it look like they're still around.
An example is George Bush Sr.
He was executed.
He had a public funeral, and they stopped putting out CGI's of him pretending he's still
We need to do the same for George Soros, so we know he's long gone, but they have to stop
being able to even project him, etc.
So we haven't--you know, we're almost there, but everybody needs to personally take action
and not wait.
Now the other thing is that these are desperate and dangerous people, and they're going to
try very hard to prevent us from bringing them to justice.
The latest move is that we've heard there's 30 million illegal immigrants in the United
Most of them come in since Biden took power.
Most of them are military-age males.
And now there's talk about recruiting them into the U.S. Army.
And this is--no doubt about this, they're attempting to use a foreign mercenary army
to suppress Americans and prevent American revolution from once again liberating the
United States.
But this has to happen.
The same, of course, in Europe.
The farmers are still leading the fight for liberation.
They're trying to stop the poisoning of the food supply by agri-corporations controlled
by the, you know, Vanguard, BlackRock, and State Street.
And they're being very successful.
But it's not quite there yet.
The problem is that most of the visible prime ministers and finance ministers and politicians
are criminals who are controlled by a satanic cabal.
Remember that.
It's the top one, two, three people.
You need a wholesale change.
And the problem is always located at the top.
These are the people they've compromised.
This is how their control network works.
And we need to remove these people ASAP.
And I'm hearing it's happening.
I've heard that in England, for example, because a lot of these criminals refuse to step aside
that the actual special air forces, the special forces, are actually moving in and taking
down politicians.
I want to see this confirmed with public reports, but that's what I'm hearing.
So there is a lot of good stuff happening, but still we see that there's show going on,
so it's not over.
I've heard from my sources here in Japan that some sort of announcement is due in March,
possibly around March 15th.
And I know there are other signs that some kind of big announcement is coming, but in
the United States, for example, they just had a huge, they call it a solar flare as
an excuse for shutting down their wireless communications and the internet.
I don't know if there's a white hat or a black hat operation, but the shutting down of the
internet would be a big sign that something is going to happen.
However, I expect the initiative will still come from outside of the G7 and the West.
And on that front, the rest of the world is very much already liberated or close to that.
But it's not all over.
One other thing I heard from my sources in Indonesia is that the new president of Indonesia
is a Kazarian mafia employee and that the Indonesian military is preparing for a massive
genocide and ethnic cleansing in Papua New Guinea to secure a giant gold mine near Mount
We'll have the details in our Monday report, the actual location of this mine.
But I've heard the Black Dragon people are gathering their forces to prevent the mass
murder in Papua New Guinea and to prevent the Kazarian mafia from seizing the gold mine
This is real intelligence from sources in the Indonesian government, and we'll get more
on that when we find out.
But again, we're dealing with desperate, desperate people.
We have, for example, speaking about desperate people, Tedros of the WHO has suddenly come
out and made a speech saying, "Well, we didn't ask for vaccines or shutdowns or...
Come on!"
Who do you think you're fooling?
You think that we just have no memories?
They're very, very desperate because they've been caught in the act of mass murder.
They couldn't kill enough people to stay in power, but they killed enough people to get
themselves in front of military tribunals and war crimes tribunals.
But we cannot have tribunals until they've surrendered.
So in the meantime, it's going to be direct kinetic action.
We don't have the luxury of trials yet.
So what I'm hearing is these people will be hunted down and this will continue, but it's
not over until it's over.
But clearly at this point, I would say the majority of the people are awake and understand
that the governments in the West have been taken over by criminals who do not represent
the people, but who are in fact enemies of the people, and that we need a wholesale change
in the governing structure of the West.
And the key is to take away their control of the Federal Reserve Board and the ability
to create and distribute money.
That's the key.
That's what needs to be taken down.
And that's why I think the talk about sending troops physically into Vanguard, State Street,
BlackRock headquarters, hit a nerve because that pulls the veil aside.
Then we just actually have a list of names and actionable intelligence to take back control
of the financial system and return it to the people who it was stolen from.
We all need to push.
Don't wait.
Don't be an armchair warrior.
Do whatever you can personally.
Pick up the phone, call your local government official, convince your friend, buy a gold
coin, take your money, your savings out of the bank, whatever you can do.
Let's do it until it's over.
And I certainly support the truckers boycotting New York.
That would help a lot because that's one of the big centers.
We also need military action in Silicon Valley, and I hear that is happening.
But we are on the verge of victory.
But we cannot be complacent because we must never, ever underestimate these people.
OK, well, that's what I have to say for myself today.
Now I'd like to answer questions from readers and viewers.
Hi, Ben.
We have our first question for today.
Two people who the deep state Qasari mafia hates are both getting tried or incarcerated
on trumped up charges, namely Donald Trump and Rainer Fulmike.
Do you think the KM will fail in these attempts?
The Donald Trump, who supposedly is being charged, is an actor, not the real one.
But so that's just a show.
Now Rainer Fulmike, yeah, that he is a genuine political prisoner and he is being held by
genuine nasty mass murderers because Rainer Fulmike did a huge job of exposing them.
And we need to fight to liberate him from his illegal incarceration.
OK, next question.
Hi, Ben.
Canada is expanding the assisted suicide program.
It is called MAID and offering assisted suicide for those with mental illness.
By 2027, the government will be able to assist all those in government care soon to be available
for the disabled.
Also, strain on the system, using up government money for what they want.
How long will this go on for?
Well, this is now that is pure, clear proof that the so-called Castro regime is a Nazi
This is exactly what the Nazis did.
They kill the undesirables, people who are useless eaters.
And you know, the fact that the Canadian government refused to extradite at the request of Russia,
a known mass murderer Nazi is a clear sign that the current regime in Canada is a Nazi
fascist regime that took over through a stolen election.
And I tell this to any Canadian military who is listening, go up the chain of command and
insist that this government be removed.
And if you run into an officer above you who refuses to take action, arrest them on charges
of obstructing justice.
The problem is concentrated on at the top.
They are the compromised people.
So push up.
And when you find people who refuse to take action against a government that stole the
election and murdered countless Canadians with provably toxic vaccines, then whoever
is preventing that investigation is part of the problem and they need to be arrested.
That's what we have to do.
So I'm counting on the Canadian military, White Hats, as well as the US military and
other Western White Hats to take action because they're the only people capable of removing
the Satan worshipping gangsters who seized control over the civilian government.
Next question.
Hi Ben, how do you feel about the fines imposed on Donald Trump?
Do you expect them to be dropped?
It seems like they're really doing everything they can to keep him out of office.
To me this is all theatre.
It's not going to affect the real Donald Trump.
It's concentrated in New York where we have a huge nest of Satanists.
And so hopefully the trucker boycott of New York will help put an end to that whole show.
But the real Donald Trump is not in trouble.
It's only this big show they're putting on with their actors.
So don't worry about it too much, folks.
But definitely shut off New York until these people surrender.
Next question.
Ben, on our last question, why do you think they are doing all these things to keep Trump
out of office?
Aren't they concerned that it would be too obvious to the average person?
They are desperate.
They are literally fighting for their lives because they have been caught in the act of
murdering tens of millions of people, if not more.
And they know that their lives are on the line.
So they're doing everything they can to stop the real Donald Trump, the one who went to
Mount Cheyenne, who doesn't appear on your screens as often as the fake one does, from
using the military to clear out the criminals who seize government illegally and bring them
to justice.
They're just fighting for their lives.
And this is going to be a fight to the death because either they kill us or we kill them,
as things stand, until they surrender.
If they surrender, that's another story.
But until they do, they're actively trying to kill you and your family.
And that means you're legally entitled to self-defense.
And Donald Trump, the real one, who has the backing of the military white hats, is the
most realistic route to bringing these people to justice at present.
Personally, I prefer someone like Field Marshal Douglas MacGregor, who's definitely not a
swab creature, to take the lead and make some phone calls to his military buddies and actually
get troops on the street into places like Vanguard, State Street, and Black Rock to
end this.
But it will end.
OK, well, thanks for tuning in.
And I hope to see you next week with more good news.

Beyond Blue Beam 02/28/2024
Welcome to the latest edition of Beyond Blue Beam, where we venture into the heart of the unknown, uncovering secrets and phenomena that defy conventional explanation. This issue promises to take you on a journey through time and space, exploring mysterious sightings, ancient mysteries, and the cutting edge of science. Get ready to expand your horizons and challenge what you know about the world around us. Join us as we explore new frontiers in our quest for the truth.

Kicking off, we present a brief video discussing the secretive yet available Tesla Zero Point technology. Additionally, US Space Force Lieutenant General Steven L. Kwast states, “We have technology today that can transport you from any location on Earth to any other location within an hour.”

Next on our agenda, we’re excited to share with you captivating video footage that appears to showcase the very same spacecraft we unveiled in photographs last week, a remarkable find that was reportedly recovered by the USSR back in the year 1969. This intriguing piece of history offers us a closer, dynamic look at an artifact that has sparked debates and curiosity among enthusiasts and skeptics alike.

Following that, we bring to you an assortment of videos capturing recently spotted UFOs from around the globe, ranging from Arizona to Greece, along with another undisclosed location.

One highlight includes a video from Greece, where on January 12th, 2024, onlookers captured what seems to be blinking UFOs darting across the sky, adding another layer of mystery to the global phenomenon of unexplained aerial sightings.

Next, we delve into footage of a swiftly moving craft over Arizona on January 23rd 2024, showcasing an astonishing display of speed and agility that challenges our understanding of conventional aircraft capabilities. This sighting adds to the growing collection of evidence suggesting that our skies are a stage for phenomena far beyond current public knowledge.

Next, we feature a mesmerizing scene from Cordoba, Argentina on February 16th 2024, where lightning from a thunderstorm reveals what looks like a mothership hidden within the clouds. This captivating footage offers a rare glimpse into the possible presence of the extraordinary amidst nature’s fury. Join us as we delve into this intriguing encounter.

As usual, Washington proves to be a hotspot for extraterrestrial activity, as evidenced by this footage of illuminated orbs hovering in the sky captured on February 3rd 2024. Their similarity to the crafts observed over Greece is unmistakable. What do you make of this sighting? Is it a manifestation of Project Blue Beam, or something else entirely? Share your thoughts with us.

We now present a sighting over Florida on February 19th 2024 that features a UFO seemingly cloaked within the clouds. However, its outline, possibly marked by darker clouds that could be some form of exhaust, is unmistakable.

Let’s not forget, whether these videos depict Project Blue Beam simulations or genuine phenomena, the lessons of history remain pivotal. Recall that Nikola Tesla, a pioneer ahead of his time, filed a patent for a UFO-like aircraft in 1928, as shown below. This serves as a reminder of the long-standing human fascination with, and potential involvement in, aerial technologies beyond our current understanding.

To wrap up our Beyond Blue Beam article today, we’re taking a slight detour to share a video that, while not directly related to Project Blue Beam, is equally fascinating. It demonstrates how organic versus GMO tomatoes and wheat respond when submerged in salt water. As many of you might know, the human body’s composition is similar to that of the ocean, with about 0.4% salt and 50-70% water. We encourage all our readers to aim for the higher end of this hydration spectrum—remember, staying hydrated is key! This experiment raises intriguing questions about who might benefit from creating parasites that can stealthily enter the human body, masquerading as everyday produce…cough Gates cough.

Thank you to all our readers for joining us on this week’s journey through Beyond Blue Beam. Your curiosity and engagement make these explorations all the more enriching. We look forward to seeing you next week for another dive into the mysteries and marvels that await us. Stay curious, and until then, take care!…and perhaps consider steering clear of the parasitic produce.

Benjamin Fulford Friday Q&A Interview 03/01/2024

Transcribed by Whisper
Quote:Hello, this is Benjamin Fulford speaking on March 1st, 2024.
The most important thing I have to convey is that last night the P3 Freemasons contacted
the White Dragon Society.
This happened after they had a big meeting at the Vatican between the top Freemasons
and the top Vatican officials.
And what they decided at that meeting was that the only way to prevent World War III
from happening was to ask the Asian secret societies to meet them to form a world federation.
This is not a new world order or a dictatorship ruled by a satanic leader as was planned by
the Khazarian Mafia, but instead is a loose federation to ensure world peace and cooperation
on issues that affect us all on this planet.
And if the world peace is attained and this federation is put in place, I've been told
that the quarantine that the planet Earth is under will end.
So we're waiting to see how these negotiations progress, but this is a big move.
And there has been a lot of action on the part of the White Hats.
This is now becoming impossible to hide.
Just in the recent month or two, King Charles has been officially diagnosed with cancer
and they're talking about his succession in the official media.
My own sources tell me he's long gone.

Now his son, Prince William, is missing in action and so is his wife, Kate Middleton.
And what I've been told is that actually William is the son of Lord Jacob Rothschild.
Now the official announcement of Jacob Rothschild's death is also a big move.
He actually died in 2017, but the fact they're announcing it now means that the entire Rothschild
empire has now come under some sort of new management.
Now the other people who have disappeared, we saw U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.
He was diagnosed, he disappeared, then they reappeared with a different face and disappeared
again and reappeared with a different face again and then disappeared again.
So they're removing their surgically altered lookalikes or whatever.
They're preventing them from replacing figures who've been removed with fakes.
Now Michael, let me look at my notes.
Thomas Kingston, he's the son of Prince Michael and died mysteriously at age 45.
This is a very top level Freemason.
We also have Prince Edward quitting his royal duties.
We have Sarah, Justice of York, diagnosed with cancer and disappearing.
The King of Norway has suddenly been taken to the hospital and so has the fake Pope Francis.
Now this came after I told the P3 Freemasons that Francis was killed in 2020 and that he
was replaced by a rubber-masked actor.
The actor has been apprehended and they are confirming that this is the case, that Pope
Francis was killed and replaced with an imposter.

Another person who's gone is Senator Mitch McConnell, whose sister-in-law was killed,
Angela Chao.
This has cut off a source of Chinese money that was used to manipulate the U.S. political
So that's a big move.
This has cut off the Rockefeller's China connection.
And there is a lot more going on.
The hunt is on.
I know that Benjamin Rothschild is also dead.
So the last public Rothschild we're seeing is President Macron of France, who called
for war against Russia.
But guess what?
Chancellor Olaf Scholz of Germany came out and said, "No, we're not going to fight
And then the head of NATO, Solzhenitsyn, he also came out and said, "No, we're not
going to fight Russia."
So this is all a sign that the whole Rothschild project, the Khazarian Mafia project to recreate
a greater Khazaria is coming to an end.
There's a few senior Satanists still out there.
Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel is still hiding in his bunker.
But there are massive protests there.
The cutoff of trade to Israel has caused their economy to shrink 20 percent in the last quarter
of 2023.
And it's probably down more, like 40 percent now.
So that's hurting.

Israel is not getting any money from the United States anymore.
Ukraine is not getting any money.
And now the Pentagon is investigating all the Ukraine corruption.
And of course what happens is the money goes, that was sent to Ukraine, was recycled through
places like the Clinton Foundation to bribe political actors in Europe and the West.
That has been cut off.
And the hunt is going on.
We hope that the Rockefellers are removed.
There's still a lot of them out there that need to be apprehended.
But I heard this is happening.
So things really are changing.
There's been big purges in China too.
I have less information about that.
But clearly the Rockefeller network, Rothschild network in China is ending.
That will end the Chinese Communist Party rule as it is and will be returning to a form
of imperial rule combined with meritocracy is what I'm hearing.
So there's big changes.
In Argentina, Javier Millet, who's a top Satanist, his name Millet is from Millic, which means
Moloch, which is another word for Satan.
The oil producing provinces of Argentina have cut off oil to him and his regime.
And he's been starving the Argentines, cutting off food for the poor in order to pay bankers
to extort money.

So he's going to be gone soon.
Now it's not over and the Qatari mafia is doing a lot of very bad things.
In the United States, we're now getting reports that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
is told gun dealers that they can sell guns to illegal immigrants without any ID checks.
They're also telling the mayors of places like Chicago and New York are saying that
they're going to hire illegal immigrants as police officers.
So they're trying to hire an army of foreign mercenaries because they know that the American
people are going to hunt them down and string them up from lampposts.
And they're trying to get foreign mercenaries to protect them.
So it's very important for the National Guard to mobilize, to grab these illegal male military
age male immigrants and put them in the FEMA camps that were actually built to house American
patriots until they can be processed and deported.
This is essential because they're going to try to do that.
Now the other thing that's happening is that they're using their directed energy weapons.
They had a huge attack on Texas.

They've also been trying to set the Amazon on fire.
There have been 18 fires broken out caused by directed energy weapons.
They hit Chile, they hit Mexico, they hit China.
Now the Chinese military has come out and said that this is US controlled space weapons.
And I hear that these space based lasers are going to be taken out of commission, that
the Russians and the Chinese are on the case.
I certainly hope so.
I'd also ask the US Space Force to go after these weaponized satellites and remove them
from orbit.
We don't need that.
And the other thing that's happening of course is still the ongoing farmers revolt in Europe.
It's spread to 18 countries and this is not going to stop.
The truckers are helping them now in Poland.
It's all coming to an end for sure and we're at a dangerous moment but clearly it's now
reached a point where you cannot pretend it's not happening.
Now another thing is I've been told that George Soros was in fact the top Satanist.
They're sort of the spokesman for Satan.
And he was killed in 2017 and that since then Larry Page of Google has been the top Satanist.
We are looking for him.

There's a manhunt out for this man.
The last we heard was he was hiding in Fiji but if you have reports on his whereabouts
let us know and we'll get him and bring him to justice, which needs to be done because
Google of course as you know is one of the top sources of evil in the world right now
with their control and distortion of information.
Remember, information is supposed to be a reflection of the creation and the creator.
It should be the truth, not lies.
And that's what Google is doing, lies and manipulation and placing themselves as God
over information.
This is wrong and it has to end.
In any case, the overall trend is that the White Hats are on the warpath and we are winning
and more will be coming.
It's going to be undeniable soon.
Watch for the removal of Justin Castro, Macron, Rishi Sunak and the fake Joe Biden show.
When that is over you'll know that it's really ending.
But things are looking good folks and it's now impossible to deny that there are White
Hats and the White Hats are winning.

Well that's what I have to say for myself today and I'd like to answer questions from
readers and viewers.
Ben, we have our first question for today.
Am I missing something?
I didn't hear anything about a new big problem called airborne vaccines.
I read some articles about it.
Do you know anything about this?
They told that they already had success on mice and wanted to use it on humans.
They have been trying everything.
They've been trying to put it in our food supply.
They've been trying to spray it on us.
But it's not working.
Remember ever since George Bush Jr. stole the election in stage 9-1-1 they've been trying
to spread bioweapons.
Ebola, SARS, MERS, bird flu, COVID-19.
They've been trying everything.
But humans are tough to kill and they're not going to succeed.
They can try whatever.
It's game over.
They're not going to be able to kill us all and then save themselves.
It's not going to happen.

Next question.
Why is no one doing Freedom of Information Act on the names of the German scientists
brought into the U.S.?
Is it because it would not be viable if the scientists went into a witness protection
style identity change?
Why don't you go ahead and try that yourself?
Make a Freedom of Information request.
I know though, I've been told for example that Elon Musk is the son of the Nazi rocket
scientist Wernher von Braun who was a genius.
You know, there could be no doubt about this.
But I think at this point the Nazi scientists and their heirs should come out of the closet.
And I think that's what's happening with the secret space force.
They are a lot of them descendants of the space Nazis who had very high levels of scientific
and technological expertise and they are working with the White Hats.
But yeah, we need full disclosure on all this.
At this point I don't see why they have to hide anymore.

Next question.
Hi Ben, what are your thoughts on the cryptocurrency XRP?
Some say it is a banker's coin.
Others argue it is created by White Hats that will replace the dollar and will be backed
by gold.
Do you believe it is created by the White Hats and is it worth investing in?
I don't know about that particular cryptocurrency.
But what I have been told by high level NSA types is that all the cryptocurrencies, everything
digital has a backdoor.
It's built into the system.
And that what they've been doing is that they've been cranking up the price.
You see Bitcoin reaching the sky.
In order to try to get people with real money to invest and then they harvest the money
by selling it.
So I personally avoid cryptocurrencies and stick to physical things like actual gold
or real estate.
But you know, if you are good at surfing and you ride the wave up and then get out before
it comes down and you know, if you want to try that, fine.
But personally, I'm avoiding the whole area.

Next question.
Hey Ben, about 20 years ago, Indonesia invaded East Timor.
I don't remember how that fell out, but they killed thousands.
I have friends who lived there as tourists for a while and it was a very dangerous situation.
I think Indonesia is a very bad actor on our planet.
The Portuguese are also in on it.
What are your thoughts on this?
I have heard that the new Indonesian government is run by a black hat, a mass murderer, and
that their main project now, once they've installed this government, if they can install
this government, is to go after a giant gold deposit in West Papua or next to Papua New
They're going to try a major ethnic cleansing in order to make that happen.
So hopefully, I've heard the Black Dragon Society is going to do something about that
and prevent that from happening.
But clearly, the new government of Indonesia needs to be watched and the whole world needs
to make sure that they are not allowed to carry out atrocities.
But it's something we're keeping an eye on and I don't think they'll be able to do that
much damage, but we'll see.

Next question.
Hi, Ben.
We have our last question for today.
The American States Assembly are standing in all 50 states.
We are working on making public laws.
Which do you feel the people should make as the highest and most immediate priority?
The list is so long, including outlawing vaccines and capturing and trying war criminals, halting
production of poisoned foods, water, and stopping chemtrails.
We can probably only pass one public law per week in our General Assembly on every state.
We have superior general and provident jurisdiction and we are just getting started.
My view is that the quickest way to fight the octopus is not to go after the armistice,
but to go after the head.
And I would recommend that you send in troops to the headquarters of Vanguard, State Street,
and Black Rock and take over control of the corporations away from these satanic families
like the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds and nationalize the S&P 500 temporarily.
And then from there, all the stuff that's happening is below that.
So go for that and that would be the quickest way to stop all this.
Well thanks for tuning in and hopefully there will be more good news next week.

Benjamin Fulford — March 4th, 2024: The Black Sun organization issues ultimatum: announce world federation or face nuclear holocaust
Facing a comprehensive military and geopolitical defeat, the Black Sun organization- the ultimate controllers of the Western military-industrial complex- have issued an ultimatum to Asian secret societies: They must either agree to a world federation or face all-out nuclear war.

This ultimatum came from Vincenzo Mazzara, a Cavalier of the Teutonic Knights and senior Black Sun officer. It comes in the wake of a comprehensive purge of high-level Khazarian Mafia leaders and military defeat in Ukraine.

The KM and the Black Sun were working on a long-term plan that involved using Ukraine to destroy Russia and break it up into several vassal states. After this, they planned to invade China and divide it into 5 warring states. Then they were going to appoint their “Messiah” as a Babylonian-style world god king dictator.

The White Dragon Society and their Asian allies stopped them dead in their tracks. They now face bankruptcy of the West, total military defeat and a continuing purge of their high-level leadership. That is why the Black Sun now agrees to a multipolar new, and fair, world arrangement. However, the battle is not over yet.

To understand what we are dealing with we need to realize the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, the WHO, the BIS, the IMF, the World Bank, etc. are privately owned Non-Government Organizations. The same people who own them own 90% of major corporations. “The majority of the countries of the world do not control their own natural resources. The oligarchs control all the visible leaders. The leaders are not employees of the people, they are employees of the oligarchs,” says Calin Georgescu former President of Europe for Club of Rome and top UN official. “Slavery never disappeared it is more powerful than ever through brainwashing,” he adds.

These people intended to turn the entire planet into a human-animal farm controlled by members of their tribe. Let me make this clear, these people are not Jews, they are Satanists. There is no mention of the word Jew in the bible, only the Synagogue of Satan. To enter their group as high-level servants, 33rd-degree freemasons need to go through a ceremony where they torture a child to death and consume its’ blood.

“These oligarchs all of them are related to the system of pedophilia because we know that there are more than eight million children per year who disappear without any information. This criminal act is transhumanism,” Georgescu confirms.

“Since ancient times the elites have been sacrificing their children to “Lord” (Baal). Many elites had children who died mysteriously because they were sacrificed. Madeline McCann was George Soros’s biological daughter who was raised by his cult to be sacrificed in a ritual,” A Canadian Secret Intelligence Service source says.

The WDS and other white hat groups have been taking the top Satanists out at an accelerating pace. In the past two months:

King Charles has been diagnosed with cancer.

Queen Camilla has canceled all public appearances.

Crown Prince William has vanished.

Kate Middleton has had abdominal surgery and has not been seen since December.

Sarah, Duchess of York was diagnosed with skin cancer.

Prince Edward is ‘stepping back’ from Royal Duties.

Thomas Kingston, who married into the British Royal Family, died suddenly.

Jacob Rothschild died.

The King of Norway was rushed to hospital with an infection.

Pope Francis was rushed to the hospital.

The Queen of Denmark announced shock abdication.

Two Black Horses were spotted with a ‘captured’ White Horse and Black Flag outside Buckingham Palace.

“The custom of royal riders is to never bring a white horse without the presence of the king and queen. The presence of a white horse means the presence of the king. When King Charles is not present in this Cavalry, it means that he is dead,” an MI6 source says.

Since this happened when the death of Jacob Rothschild was announced it implies he was the real king of England. We have also been informed by Polish intelligence that Prince William is really the son of Jacob Rothschild. Look at the photos below and decide for yourself.

The Rothschilds (Roth=red, schild=shield of Satan) are all being hunted down by the gnostic Illuminati. The current head of the British and French branches of the Rothschild family David Rene de Rothschild contacted the WDS to say his family wanted to surrender and that their only demand was that they not be killed. However, when the WDS tried to reply, we were told he was “on a skiing vacation.” Either he is in hiding at the Rothschild complex in Zug, Switzerland with his cousin Klaus Schwab Rothschild or they both have been removed from this mortal realm. Benjamin de Rothschild is also confirmed dead and since Jacob appointed his daughter Hanna as heir, it seems Nat Rothschild is also gone.

The disappearance of all these high-profile Satanists is related to an order made by Florida Governor Ron de Santis to release all the Jeffrey Epstein files.

Epstein is (he is still alive) a Mossad agent who infiltrated the Satanist elite and created a comprehensive video library of them murdering children. Queen Elizabeth confessed she herself was being blackmailed with a video of her cutting off a child’s head and eating its’ heart. These tapes are now in the hands of the white hats, Mossad sources say.

The purge of Rothschilds appears to be coordinated with a German and European declaration of independence.

German chancellor Olaf Scholz has signaled this break with a series of leaks. He divulged details of British aid for Ukrainian forces.

Scholz then released a 40-minute tape of German military officers plotting to blow up a Crimean bridge with Taurus missiles.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov called this a “screaming revelation.”

These leaks came after a February 26 meeting of representatives of about 20 Western countries where most countries said they were not planning to send troops to Ukraine. They also opposed their involvement in military hostilities against Russia.

In other words, calls by French President Emanuelle Macron de Rothschild

for NATO to declare war on Russia was rebuffed.

Even his Foreign Minister Stephane Sejourne rebuffed him saying “The French will not die for Ukraine. We will not send troops.”

The Rothschilds also trotted out a fourth avatar (following the “hospitalization” of the three others since January) of fake US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to ask for war on Russia. This powerless house slave was also rebuffed.

Another house slave, Rishi Sunak, vowed to back Ukraine until it prevails on the war anniversary. “He will be swinging from a lamp post soon enough,” an MI6 source promises.

In a clear break with the Rothschilds, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz says NATO is not and will not become a party to the conflict in Ukraine. NATO has no plans to send military personnel to Ukraine, Secretary General of the alliance Jens Stoltenberg confirms.

Scholz had no choice but to break with NATO, German intelligence sources say. “Germany is no longer governable. Politicians are met with rotten eggs or burning tires if they go out in public. The Germans want to leave NATO,” they say.

The European farmers are also forcing the politicians’ hands. Polish farmers and truck drivers are blockading the border with Ukraine to stop unfair competition.

Also, Belgian Farmers broke through police roadblocks that were put up to stop them from protesting in front of the EU institutions.

In Spain too, farmers expel riot police from Zaragoza Castle.

Dutch MEP, Rob Roos says “The ruling class wants our farmers to disappear, one regulation at a time… All in the name of the climate, of course…stop making it impossible for farmers to do their jobs. We absolutely need our farmers. Food security is also a matter of national security.”

Now it turns out only one of the ten largest companies in the Ukrainian agribusiness sector is not registered there. The rest are mostly in tax havens such as Cyprus or Luxembourg. We already know they are owned by tax-evading oligarchs.

Now Kellogg’s CEO is trying to tell Americans to eat this [toxic and sterilizing] agribusiness cereal for dinner because it’s less expensive

“Kellogg’s cereals are Genetically Modified fake foods,” a CIA source notes.

In any case, the oligarchs are about to lose the land they stole from Ukrainians (before that they stole it from American farmers) because the situation on the frontline is catastrophic for Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. Zelensky’s erratic behavior and constant touching of the face and nose on MSNBC interview made it obvious he was flying high on cocaine.

He needs the drugs to avoid reality in part because the Pentagon’s inspector general has opened more than 50 cases into possible “theft, fraud or corruption, and diversion” of military aid to Ukraine.

Inspector General Robert Storch highlighted a case of unidentified items arriving in Poland as part of a wider weapons shipment, before disappearing from a shipping manifest when they were sent across the border into Ukraine in June.

Only around 30% of the $113 billion the US spent on military, economic, and humanitarian aid for Kyiv actually made it there.

Jesse Watters talks about where some of this money went when he speaks about the missing Biden diamonds.

The Russians are now making it clear Rothschild and Rockefeller-owned NGOs like the UN are the main problem facing the world now. The NGOs “are spending billions of dollars to support various extremist, political, and religious organizations. The result of their so-called work is inevitable destabilization of the socio-political and economic situation in the targeted countries,” Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova says.

An example of this is the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) which is responsible for the policies bankrupting farmers and giving them no choice but to revolt. The IPPC is not a scientific academy and its’ conclusions about carbon causing global warming have been violently rejected by scientists. This is what happens when government policy denies reality.

Another example of NGO crimes is the huge influx of military-aged undocumented men into Europe and the US. This is part of what is known as the Kalergi plan. “The Austro-Hungarian Count Richard de Coudenhove-Kalergi put forth a plan to interbreed Europeans with other races to create a mongrel race that could be easily manipulated and ruled by the KM elite,” French

and Polish intelligence sources say. “In the book Practical Idealism, Kalergi writes Europeans should be turned into subhumans, without any quality and easily controlled by the ruling elite,” they note.

The European Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize is awarded every two years to Europeans who have distinguished themselves in promoting this plan. The winners of this award include German Chancellor Angela Merkel and EC head Herman Van Rompuy.

It is people carrying out his plan who have been flooding Europe and the US with military-aged male third-world illegal immigrants.

In the US it is Rockefeller front man “Joe Biden” who opened the borders with an executive order. “Joe Biden is claiming that he doesn’t have the executive authority to shut down the border. That’s a complete and utter lie,” says Karoline Leavitt.

This Biden can now barely walk as seen here near the Texas border.

“The ability to discard your identification documents (from any country), walk across the southern border and claim ‘asylum’ has turned America into a refuge for the world’s worst criminals!” tweets Elon Musk.

These are the people who are trying to kill us with toxic drugs as well. Authorities in California seized enough lethal doses of fentanyl last year to kill the entire global population “nearly twice over,” according to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office.

Now the government has told gun shop owners to sell guns to these undocumented illegal immigrants.

Also, the LA Police Department is hiring and arming these illegals. Other police departments are being told to do the same thing.

It is clear the KM are trying to hire foreign mercenaries to protect them from the American people.

As Tucker Carlson notes: “The people around our country are destroying it, and they’re doing it ON purpose.

Russia by the way thwarted an assassination attempt on Carlson by this Ukrainian agent.

It is time for Carlson to name his would-be assassins by talking about the KM.

They are now trying to kill us with spaced-based lasers. They just used directed energy weapons to cause the largest recorded fire in Texan history. You can see it at work in the video below.

The KM puppet masters are pissed off with Texas planning to secede and go back to the Gold backed payment system, also possibly joining BRICS+

The fake Joe Biden even admitted it was a DEW attack when he said

“If you fly over these areas that are burned to the ground, you’ll see in the midst of 20 homes that are just totally destroyed, one home sitting there because they have the right roof on it.”

He is referring to the blue color all the elites painted on their roofs before the attack on Maui.

Now the KM are using DEWs to start nearly 3,000 fires in the Brazilian Amazon, setting a record for the month of February.

This was their reaction to hundreds of thousands of Brazilians rallying in support of former President Jair Bolsonaro. Bolsonaro was cheated out of his re-election in 2022 by radical leftist election fraud—similar to what happened in the United States in 2020.

Bolsonaro is also being accused of his own J6 type of event just like US President Donald Trump is. By the way here you can see agents provocateurs identically dressed in black changing into Maga outfits before presumably causing mayhem to blame on Trump.

Don’t forget these “people” are still trying to kill us with vaccines and bio-weapons which they are falsely trying to blame on Trump.

In the most recent example, dengue fever cases surged by 400% in Brazil after Bill Gates-backed GMO Mosquitos were released. Of course, now the government has to purchase millions of doses of Vaccines ? (Nothing to see here folks)

Now there is a rare mosquito-borne virus detected in America latest news release from CNN

Bill Gates has been charged in India with the murder of murder of Dr.Snehal Lunawat, who lost his life because of vaccination.

He is one of at least 17 million people killed by vaccines since 2020.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Gates is now in India.

Prove that you are a member of the planetary liberation alliance by ordering his arrest along with admitted child torturer Mark Zuckerberg Rockefeller. If you do not arrest them, you will be guilty of complicity in mass murder. If they have a video of you torturing a child, confess and we may be lenient, but only if you arrest Gates.

Please try to arrest Google CEO Sundar Pichai too. Remember Pichai and his boss (and now top Satanist) Larry Page censored the truth about COVID-19 and toxic vaccines. That means they are complicit in mass murder. Pichai himself admits his company is using AI to manipulate search results.

We are also sorry that you let Justin Castrudeau go free when you had him in India.

“Under Justin Trudeau’s watch, the PRC and its entities, including the People’s Liberation Army, were allowed to infiltrate Canada’s top-level lab. They were able to transfer sensitive intellectual property and dangerous pathogens to the PRC,” reads a statement from Pierre Poilievere, leader of Canada’s Conservative Party.

This same Castrudeau insisted that we must trust “the science”, and assured Canadians the “vaccines” were “safe and effective” even as senior Health Canada personnel conspired to conceal that MrNA injections contained a “HIGH LEVEL OF IMPURITY”.

Castrudeau also turned Canada into a dystopian dictatorship after stealing the last election with the help of Alex Soros.

This is what tyranny looks like.

Sheldon Yakiwchuk summarizes Castrudeau’s accomplishments as follows:

The person and people who want to censor you online are responsible for:

– ArriveScam;

– $258 Million in projects to GC Strategies;

– Winnipeg Labs;

– SNC Scandal;

– Aga Khan trip Scandal;

– $84k Jamaican Vacation;

– $6k/night for a single room for the Queen’s Funeral;

– $1.3 Million on 3 ‘Affordability Retreats’;

– China Election Interference;

– Chinese Police Stations in Canada;

– Green Slush Fund Scandal;

– Funding Islamic groups who are protesting in support of Hamas;

– $1 Billion paid out for Hotels for Immigrants;

– Additional Bell funding, $40 Million to fire staff;

– A Billion Dollars to CBC to collapse their credibility and consequently fire workers across the country;

– Blocking Veterans Affairs Committee investigation;

– $29 Billion in cost overruns on TMX;

– Expanding MAiD into those with Mental Illness;

– $2 Billion to invest in companies that don’t exist;

– $500 Million to fund abortions in other countries;

– WE Scandal;

– CPP increase and CPP2;

– Highest inflation in 30 years;

– Highest interest rates in 30 years;

– Unsustainable immigration;

– Forcing Untested Vaccinations;

– Ignoring Vaccine Injured;

– 11 Million Canadians requiring Food Stamps;

– 2 Million Canadians hitting the foodbanks per month;

– Tent Cities in every major city;

– Housing and Rent prices skyrocketing;

– Healthcare Collapsing;

– Out of control spending by the Governor General;

– Overpayment of CERB payments to prisoners, people who don’t qualify, people who don’t live in Canada;

– 10k Ventilators, purchased from a Liberal Friend, that never got used because they were never needed;

– $300 Million for storage of Mobile Hospitals that were never used;

– $400 Million for Quarantine Hospitals;

– Illegally using the Emergencies Act against Canadians;

– Firing Federal workers and not paying them EI based on Vaccination Status;

– $30 Billion in making batteries for cars, while EV Manufacturers are divesting from EV Technology;

– Accusing India of killing citizens on Canadian Soil;

– Soiling relations with China;

– Telling Germany and Japan that we don’t want their business on LNG;

– Conflating “Climate Boiling” with ARSON;

They are Criminally Guilty of Fraud, Fraud against the Government, Witness Intimidation (for starters), numerous ethics violations and lock up all investigations through Cabinet Confidence.

Canada has become an embarrassment on the global stage, is racked with poverty and impoverished, the middle class is being destroyed, while small businesses collapse under the weight of the economy.

When they realized that they could no longer control you by calling you racist/ bigot/ misogynistic/ homophobic/ Islamophobic, they decided to threaten you with life in prison and a fine of $20k if you said mean words about them on social media, under the guise of ‘Protecting Children’.

We also would like to know why the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board sold its stake in a Manhattan office tower redevelopment project for just one dollar.

We will find out soon. Arrest warrants have now been issued for Castrudeau and other WEF “Young Global Leaders” ie mind-controlled political slaves.

The election stealers of Maricopa County have also been served and now face death sentences for treason.

    Found it. It happened after the meeting was ended.

    — The C Report (@TheCReport) February 29, 2024

The KM seem to know the end is coming and are jacking up the price of stocks and bitcoin so they can sell their holdings to suckers and get some cash to take to their underground bunkers.

    What do they Know we don’t? ?

    High-profile CEOs, Founders, and Heirs are Selling Stock by the Bucketload

    • Jeff Bezos sold Amazon shares worth $8.5 billion in multiple transactions this month.
    • Jamie Dimon, CEO and chairman of JPMorgan Chase, sold $150 million in stock…

    — MJTruthUltra (@MJTruthUltra) February 28, 2024

Up Up And Away Bitcoin reaches $64k

They know they are losing the ability to fool the world with “money magick.”

As El Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele told CPAC in Washington:

“The [American] government is financed by printing money. Paper backed by paper. A bubble that will inevitably burst.”

On a final note this week, we have figured out why the Pentagon tried to kill Americans with vaccines after Army General Mark Milley took over. It turns out that even though Jews make up 0.3% of the US military, the Army is disproportionately run by Jewish generals. Those on the list below who are still on active duty need to be removed from their posts until they get new security clearance:
    Lieut. Gen. H. Steven Blum[1]
    Lieut. Gen. Sidney T. Weinstein[2]
    Maj. Gen. Julius Ochs Adler[3]
    Maj. Gen. Lee Barkin[4]
    Maj. Gen. Robert Bernstein[5]
    Maj. Gen. Milton Foreman[6]
    Maj. Gen. Stanley H. Hyman[7]
    Maj. Gen. William P. Levine [8]
    Maj. Gen. Julius Klein
    Maj. Gen. Samuel T. Lawton
    Maj. Gen. Irving J. Phillipson
    Maj. Gen. Maurice Rose
    Maj. Gen. Roger Sandler
    Maj. Gen. Sidney Shachnow
    Maj. Gen. Robert B. Solomon
    Brig. Gen. Jack Bohm
    Brig. Gen. Abel Davis
    Brig. Gen. Israel Drazin
    Brig. Gen. Herman Feldman
    Brig. Gen. William M. Goodman
    Brig. Gen. Edward S. Greenbaum
    Brig. Gen. Sidney Gritz
    Brig. Gen. Maurice Hirsch if
    Brig. Gen. Raymond Jacobson
    Brig. Gen. Ephraim F. Jeffe
    Brig. Gen. Myron S. Lewis
    Brig. Gen. George Luberoff
    Brig. Gen. William Meyer
    Brig. Gen. Alfred Mordechai, Jr
    Brig. Gen. Edward M. Morris
    Brig. Gen. Leopold C. Newman
    Brig. Gen. Fred Rosenbaum
    Brig. Gen. David Sarnoff
    Brig. Gen. Philip Sherman
    Brig. Gen. Joseph R. Smith
    Brig. Gen. David Zalis
    Bvt. Gen. Leopold Blumenberg
    Bvt. Brig. Gen. Frederick Knefler
    Bvt. Brig Gen. Edward S. Salomon
    Bvt. Maj. Gen. Frederick C. Salomon
    Admiral Jeremy Boorda
    Commodore Uriah P. Levy
    Admiral Hyman G. Rickover
    Rear Admiral Maurice H. Rindskopf
    Vice Admiral Joseph Taussig

Marine Corps
    General Victor H. Krulak

Air Force
    Maj. Gen. Nolan Sklute

Rest assured only the guilty will be punished. The innocent will be reinstated.

Quote:aClue says
Monday, March 4, 2024 at 15:15
What a crock o shite. The blue roofs is misdirection, they KNOW who owns the properties and avoided burning the ones to the ground for people in on their PLAY. Pretending its some blue colored roof that prevented the burning down would still show some sort of scorch marks of attempted burning but those homes are left UNTOUCHED. So its a crock.
The REAL reason they have this bullshit agenda is to keep people from cluing into ipv6, the Internet of Things, and WBAN wireless body area networks. ie. they have injected people with stuff that makes conduction INSIDE ONES BODY possible, and those things self assemble based on the signals aimed at ones body. Look it up, it was developed in parallel over the past 20 years, and will let them rewrite the code of the one targeted as desired, giving cancer or removing it based on if that one is part of the clown elites or a peon looking to be taken advantage of.

aClue says
Monday, March 4, 2024 at 15:17
Nevermind the clueless who believe the blue roof is the safety, they’ll be out putting a blue roof on which then self identifies them as paying attention to things so the cuntrollers know which properties to burn down going forward just by looking from above. Watch, lets see if it happens.

Tony says
Thursday, March 7, 2024 at 11:54
The ipv6, the Internet of Things, and WBAN wireless body area networks. ie. is about killing people mind control over the subject total alien technology and global genocide.
No way to stop them apparently because they get it inside of you, you can’t get it out not even using a emp generator and buying one is difficult because they control the market, so the emp generator will be broken, you must make sure they are unable to disarm you. They’ll go after your defense systems, You’ll need something to stand your ground.
The radio signal blockers are illegal. They claim they don’t want people blocking emergency signals or telephone communication so the best is to hope for some type of discovery in this area of alien tech bioweapons.
Than we stop them.
Dead in their tracks.

Tony says
Thursday, March 7, 2024 at 12:32
The government probably has large cities underground.
One is in Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania, at Raven Rock Mountain it has been called the underground Pentagon.

M. Harrison March 7, 2024 At 8:07 AM
Instead of being silenced they should just tell the Western Nations what is really going on.
Black ETs will be landing all over the world to bring a decisive end to the Times of Gentile dominance.
Kerry Cassidy interviewed William Tompkins and he touched on the Black ETs.
Trump and the so called Q team know all about this.
This why the Covid Jibby Jab was administered, to kill many because the governments of the world assumed Whites could never accept dominance by Black ETs.
Telling them the truth, no matter how uncomfortable, will FORCE Western society to face the reality that the Times of Gentile dominance is over and stop their chaotic behavior as they accept the inevitable and stop living in denial and avoidance.
We can expect the Hopi Indian Prophesied exit of the split between the White Population of those who are willing to live in harmony without dominance from those who want to pursue perceived technological dominance in space.

Here’s the video:
Are Aliens real? Are UFO from earth or some planet? Is Elijah and Farrakhan connected?

Here are other videos indicating that this was coming:
Pentagon UFO chief says alien mothership in our solar system possible

Elijah Muhammad Was Right: Pentagon Says 'The Mothership' May Be Sending 'Seeds' To Earth

Harvard Scientist believes ALIENS just entered our Solar System

United March 7, 2024 At 1:40 AM
Majority of entity's are Jewish In this March 4th report many changed their surname
Truth Honor & Integrity Show
The Jewish race evolved from the alien gray sub race around 40000 years ago

Staunchone March 7, 2024 At 2:22 PM
The real Bill and Melinda Gates died in 2013 in India via a lynch mob. The clones were arrested and sent to GITMO around 2020. So, no idea who Ben is referring too. Ever seen a pic or video clip of Bill lately?

The rest of the article also just sounds a bit far fetched and illogical. The Black Hats have no access to Nuclear capabilities. They tried to assassinate Trump back 2017 from a nuclear sub and that was stopped by an Alien ship and neutralised the second it was launched.

So just sounds like it's made up. Not buying this.

rachel469 March 8, 2024 At 3:52 AM
It would not surprise me if that intel about Madeleine McCann was true it would explain a lot if it was but for now it is just hearsay – poor little soul what ever happened. Out of all the things that are happening in that report that is what stood out most to me all those poor children who are being bread by the elite to kill in their satanic rituals I care about children the most. They all cover up this heinous murder for madness. If this were true it explains why so many top paedophile politicians rushed down their for the cover up and why so much money was made out of the search for her the Satanists always kill and make money and they have certainly made a fortune out of that.

In case you missed it

“Since ancient times the elites have been sacrificing their children to “Lord” (Baal). Many elites had children who died mysteriously because they were sacrificed. Madeline McCann was George Soros’s biological daughter who was raised by his cult to be sacrificed in a ritual,” A Canadian Secret Intelligence Service source says.

Tony says
Friday, March 8, 2024 at 07:04
Another good and inspiring article by Benjamine Guilford. I really do enjoy reading your Benjamine Fulford post.
So what is the correct number fourty seven Hebrew international Jewish generals in a military that is made up of 0.03 percent Hebrew internationals. It really makes Americans look like a sunday Christian hot dog gathering.
On the other hand criminal Joe Biden after all his crimes is not being sent to prison. That itself is a crime by breaking our immigration laws, supporting enemies to the US. public, funding them the list goes on and on.

The real history of the Jewish generals is they worshipped Satan. Weather it was Solomon building a temple to Moloch for children walking through fire or any General in general the answers the same.

The bible describes God as Satan seen in these two books of the bible in the book of 2 Samuel 24.1

Again the anger of the LORD burned against Israel, and He stirred up David against them, saying, “Go and take a census of Israel and Judah.” So the king said to Joab the commander of his army, who was with him, “Go now throughout the tribes of Israel from Dan to Beersheba and register the troops, so that I may know their number.”

And than the same bible verse in the book of 1 Chronicles 21.1

Then Satan rose up against Israel and incited David to take a census of Israel. So David said to Joab and the commanders of the troops, “Go and count the Israelites from Beersheba to Dan and bring me a report, so that I may know their number.”

After this Satan who is God is angry for him doing his will and punishes him saying

8. Then David said to God, “I have sinned greatly because I have done this thing. Now I beg You to take away the iniquity of Your servant, for I have acted very foolishly.”

So Satan who is God gives him three choices of punishment all are bad.

And I think he chose the wrong punishment because Satan who is God

14. So the LORD sent a plague upon Israel, and seventy thousand men of Israel fell dead.

I’m thinking, s.t.u.p.i.d.

aClue says
Friday, March 8, 2024 at 13:32
Its an interesting play getting Biden to start saying populist things after 4 years of Screwing Americans left right and center.

Biden is sorta showing that Trump is the CORPORATIONS selected winner since it was trump that cut corporate tax to 21% from 35% during his term in office. Who do you think pays the difference corporations aren’t paying? American Taxpayers, thats who.

Biden wants to make it 28% now, after letting Trumps reduction stand for his entire first term.

There is no Good Choice. Biden is the Zionist shill twat who wants to destroy America. Trump only wants to SAVE america for the corporations as seen by his actions that benefit THEM over American Citizens.

Actual Americans don’t have a “dog” in the race, since the two sides no longer give a sh*t about Americans, and both seek to outdo screwing the other side out of what they got last time, while constantly using the taxpayer base to pay for more and more earmarked bullshit no American wants. (only the criminals still pretending to be representatives of Americans who have made themselves rich by using the fed gov to favor corporate investments they knew were coming and which made every member of the fed gov a millionaire, proving they care nothing for the people they’re supposed to look out for, Americans!

Notes to Readers:
As for the validity of Benjamin’s reports, the reader must understand Ben has many sources, some within criminal organizations, intelligence agencies, etc. And the man, having undergone numerous threats against his own life, wants this mafia done, removed from the planet. He is bound to have strong opinions of his own as a result.

No wonder Princess Diana didn’t want anything further to do with the British Royal Family. Remember, one of the Rothschilds manipulated the news claiming the British had lost at Waterloo against Napoleon. He sold all his stock in the Bank of London, with many others following his lead in panic. Then, he quickly bought up the shares, taking control of the Bank. The Royal Family was bankrupt. In a devil’s bargain, Rothschild secured the breeding rights to the Royal Family. This is before Queen Victoria! The Rothschilds being Satanists then brought this practice into the Firm…

Sorry, Brits, the illegitimate ‘royal’ family is bye-bye. They’re a scourge on the face of the planet.

As for the bullying tones of the Black Sun… we’ll see what comes next… IMHO, all of these rotten to the core Satanists must be removed, root and branch, from the Earth. There is no forgiveness for the acts committed over hundreds of thousands of years by these creatures.

The Black Sun is associated with the SS of the Nazi regime. Is it any wonder the American military-industrial complex is resistant in giving up its secrets of advanced technology? I don’t think so…

So, when will Space Force show up with some very big guns, I wonder?

A link to the rest of the article will be provided later in the week. Meanwhile, we’ll just have to individually meditate and work on raising our own frequency level. Events are moving rapidly to some grand clash.

    Open season has been declared on all remaining Rothschilds and their ‘house slaves’…
    NATO countries are resisting calls from Macron Rothschild to take up arms in Ukraine
    German people want out of NATO
    Farmer protests continue in several European countries – resistance to the climate change agenda and unfair trade practices…
    Kellogg’s cereals are GMO fake foods (“eat cereal for dinner — it’s cheaper!”)
    Ukrainian oligarchs are going to lose land they stole from the people
    Zelenskyy is high on coke… and losing control…
    Inspector General is investigating whole scale corruption in Ukraine — only 30% of the funds designated as aid for Kyiv actually made it there…
    Rothschild and Rockefeller NGOs are the main problem for the world now according to the Russians…
    Globalist elite plan to interbreed Europeans (and European stock) to other races to create a mongrel race that could be easily manipulated by the KM…
    Open borders are by design…

Beyond Blue Beam 03/06/2024
Welcome to the latest episode of Beyond Project Blue Beam, presenting the world’s most fascinating footage. Is it authentic, or just the start of government-driven fear propaganda? Share your thoughts in the comments. Meanwhile, relax and enjoy the read.

We’ll begin by updating those who might not know, Facebook and Instagram experienced a global outage for approximately 2 hours yesterday, affecting users worldwide. While mainstream media attributes this to an “unspecified technical issue,”

I suspect the reasons might be more ominous. Recall, not long ago, mainstream reports began hinting at the potential for large solar flares to disrupt global internet communications, which I believe could mark the government’s initial deployment of Project Blue Beam.

This continues the recurring theme of corrupt governments worldwide orchestrating “apocalyptic” scenarios. Just look at films directed or influenced by left-wing figures like Hussein Obama, such as “Don’t Look Up” and “Leave the World Behind.” The actors in these films—Kevin Bacon, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lawrence—are all voices for left-wing liberal propaganda.

Make no mistake, folks, whether real or concocted, it’s on its way and probably will arrive just in time for the election season. As we’ve observed, the Dems have a knack for creating world-wide crisis …covid, BLM, LGTBQ (or as I like to call them, the alphabet gang) as they continue to add acronymic letters…to appropriating things, not limited to taxpayer dollars, Chinese diamonds… and elections.

Diving into the core of our article today, we kick things off with a compelling UFO sighting over Moscow last week. We’ve received firsthand confirmation from one of our trusted sources who, after employing computer software analysis, assures us this is the real deal, not a result of Project Blue Beam.

Speaking of Russian…or soon to be Russian-airspace seen crafts, we also have footage of another UFO as seen by a Ukrainian soldier.

Continuing with our coverage, we highlight additional UAP sightings, including an event over Indonesia on January 30th, 2024, a fleet of light drones over I-75 Florida in late December 2023, and a flashing UAP sighting over Arizona on February 25th, 2024.

While we cannot confirm the authenticity of this video, its implications are substantial if proven true. Take a look at what could be Lockheed Martin’s latest advancements.

Wrapping up, we present a video compilation of intriguing phenomena from around the globe. While some segments might appear fabricated, reminiscent of earlier Project Blue Beam iterations prior to the government enhancing its technology, view it as a reflection of the progress modern-day Blue Beam technology has achieved.

That concludes today’s edition of Beyond Blue Beam. We hope you found this segment both intriguing and informative. Remember, folks, stay vigilant and ready. The debut of a Government run Bluebeam is near, but fear has no place when you’re prepared. We welcome your feedback, so please don’t hesitate to leave your comments below and let us know your thoughts on our coverage.

Benjamin Fulford Friday Q&A Interview 03/08/2024
- Financial issues. Illegal migrants, military-age. The ruling class is trying to hire foreign mercenaries to protect them from The People…
- Club of Rome is planning a water/food pandemic in 2025. Multi-decade plans. Current plan is to starve the People in Europe and United States. It is not going to be resolved through lawsuits, but by men with guns.
- Xcel corporation responsible for Texas fires – actively trying to kill people…
- Victoria Nuland resignation – actual president of Ukraine, orchestrated the Maidan coup.

Transcribed by Whisper
Quote:Hello, this is Benjamin Fulford speaking on March 8, 2024.
There's still a lot of evidence that some Black Swan event may happen as early as next
Let's see what that is.
First of all, my own sources connected to the Japanese royal family tell me that something
is going to happen on March 15.
It's financial.
There's a lot of evidence outside to back this up.
We've seen so-called insiders posting saying that all the slates are going to be wiped
clean and everybody's going to be given $500,000 in central bank digital currency.
Then we have the Fed's bank bailout is ending now and around March 15 it'll be over so the
banks will not be able to continue as is.
The other signs that something really big is coming is that the Federal Reserve Board,
which isn't actually federal, it's not part of the US government, it's a privately owned
corporation, but nonetheless they have officially come out and said that they have $175 trillion
in unfunded liabilities for social security, pensions and stuff like that.
And you add that to the $34 trillion in official debt, that's $209 trillion.
And this time it's not private economists, it's the government saying that.
So that's a sign they are preparing for a bankruptcy announcement because you don't
announce that you're hopelessly in debt in amounts that you can't possibly pay off unless
you're going to make some sort of announcement.
We'll have to wait and see if it really does happen or not, but clearly it cannot continue
as is.
Now the other thing that's obviously on everybody's radar is the 11 million military age male
illegal immigrants who have been let in since the Biden regime took over in 2020.
And these illegal immigrants are now being given guns, they're trying to get them into
the US Army, they're trying to get them into the police.
In other words, the ruling class is clearly trying to hire foreign mercenaries to protect
them from the people who, once, you know, they're getting pretty close to wanting to
hang them from the nearest lamppost and for good reason.
They just murdered 17 million people with these COVID vaccines, for example.
And now we're seeing confirmation of what the former head of the Club of Rome for Europe,
Mr. Georgescu, said that they're planning a hunger and food and water crisis for 2025.
The EU just ran an exercise simulating just that.
Now remember, they did that, they had these similar exercises before the pandemic.
So clearly we have a ruling class in the West that goes according to many, you know, multi-decade
scripts that they carry out as actors, and that the current plan is to starve us.
And this is confirmed by the fact that the farmers in more than 18 countries in Europe
are on the warpath for good reason, because they are being bankrupted in a way that would
cut off the food supply for Western Europe.
So we have a government that is trying to kill us with vaccines, trying to starve us,
and it's not going to be resolved through lawsuits.
This is going to require men with guns.
Now here's another example of they're trying to create a food crisis.
This giant fire that ravaged Texas has destroyed 80% of the cattle greasing grounds.
And guess who's now saying they were partly responsible?
It's the Excel Corporation.
And if you look at the owners of the Excel Corporation, you'll find that it's State
Street, Vanguard, BlackRock, the usual suspects.
And we know that there are about 700 people who own these companies, and they need to
be hunted down and stopped, because they are actively trying to kill you and your family,
me and my family.
This is not a joke.
This is real.
These people are not going to go quietly tonight.
They're going to have to be dragged screaming into the night.
That's the only way.
And there is action, of course.
The White Hats are definitely on the move.
The big one, of course, was the announcement that Victoria Nuland is going to resign.
Now she's the actual president of Ukraine.
And I remember when she staged that so-called "maidan coup."
It's worth going over that again.
So Victoria Nuland and her acolytes showed up in Kiev with busloads, literally filled
with $100 US bills.
And then they went out and they offered people jobs to demonstrate.
And the US State Department was also offering free drugs.
They had a tent where they were handing out drugs to these young people, anybody who would
And they get a huge amount of money per day, and then they get free drugs.
And they go out and they protest against the government, and then the government, the police
would try to stop them.
And then a third party, this is all proven, would shoot both the demonstrators and the
police to try to get them to start killing each other.
And then the final thing is they had bribed the president to flee the country so that
they could install their own puppet.
This is the sort of thing.
And what was the purpose of this?
It was to carry out a genocide in the Ukraine in order to have farmland for megacorporations.
And it was also part of a plan to destroy Russia, break it into several small countries,
and then use those small countries to invade China and break it into small countries.
So this person has, what I've heard from my own CIA sources, is she hasn't resigned.
She's been shot.
Now the other thing we're still trying to confirm is that it looks like Vladimir Zelensky,
who was also killed, the mainstream or the corporate press is reporting as an attempted
We'll see.
They have a lot of computer graphics and doubles, so they might carry on the charade for a while
But it definitely looks like he's on his way out.
And then the final one, of course, is Benjamin Netanyahu, the genocidal maniac, holed up
in Israel.
He is being hunted.
It's not long before we get him.
I guarantee you that.
There's a lot I cannot tell you about for obvious strategic reasons.
You don't tell your enemies what you're going to do.
But there are forces, White Hat forces, on the move in lots of places, and we expect
good results.
But keep an eye out for the March 15th.
Let's see if that happens.
And if not, then something else will happen, that's for sure.
Because it's mathematically impossible for the current US system to continue.
Now the other thing I noticed in the past week, I read these big speeches by China's
Xi Jinping and Russia's Vladimir Putin.
And here you have leaders who actually listen to the people.
They have a system where they get information from all over the country, from ordinary citizens,
from think tanks, from corporations.
And they get an idea of what the people want.
And then they try to make that happen.
That's what a government is supposed to do.
And what happens in the West is not that.
We have a government that literally tries to engineer starvation crises, start wars,
steal resources.
They're evil.
They've betrayed the life force.
And they need to be removed.
And I'm telling you, it's not going to be a lawsuit that's going to do it.
Now I know that a lot of people are hoping that US President, Commander in Chief Donald
Trump will do this.
And we certainly hope that's the case.
We're glad to see that he's winning.
But we can't wait for some kind of election in November.
This is going to happen before then.
And let's see if he's up to it or not.
But regardless, the military white hats will continue to take action because this is an
emergency situation.
And if the West does not remove its incompetent and criminal governments, then what's going
to happen is they will become third world countries vastly overwhelmed by China and
Russia who are growing in leaps and bounds.
One statistic I came across, for example, is that last year China built more solar panels
and installed them than the US has done in its entire history.
The reason, of course, is that the oligarchs who control the US, they suppressed solar
panel technology in the US because they wanted to keep people addicted to gasoline they control.
This is the sort of thing they do.
They're not interested in your wealth and progress.
They're interested in keeping control of their Babylonian debt slavery system.
And these people really do worship Satan and they really do carry out human sacrifices.
This has now been proven beyond a doubt by countless court cases and whistleblowers,
And just, you know, things like FBI statistics showing that 40,000 children disappear every
year, which is 20 times the rate of other countries, and they're never found again.
These people have to be removed and we're going to keep fighting until it happens, but
everybody has to do their part.
This is no time for armchair warriors.
We need to remove these people and it is going to happen.
Well, okay, that's what I have to say for myself and I'd like to answer questions from
readers and viewers.

Hi Ben, we have our first question for today.
What is happening with the corrupt South Africa structures?
Do you have any news on this?
South Africa is kind of the only, well, it's the main Zionist occupied country in Africa.
And I know that the South African people are in a state of active revolt.
I wish them the best, but, you know, they were very successful with this fake Nelson
The real Nelson Mandela died in prison in 1987.
And so they had an actor play the role and he was able to, you know, pacify the people.
But clearly something's going to happen in South Africa.
And I wish the people there the best.
I'll try to find out more about the situation.

Next question.
Hi Ben, it needs to be explained to me how a group such as the Dragon Society can negotiate
for world peace with the P3 Masons.
I don't know what actual power the DS has, but you cannot negotiate with Satan of which
the P3 Masons are direct agents.
What are your thoughts on this?
Well, at the end of World War II, somebody had to negotiate the surrender of the Nazis
with people in Germany.
So you have to deal with people.
When they're trying to surrender, you've got to talk to them.
There's no other way.
I mean, and this is what is happening now at the highest level.
These people don't, you know, above the Satanists, there's a level of people who are more like
They believe in an eternal battle between good and evil.
And they don't think like us, but the Satanists are below these people.
These people are kind of something else.
I've met them and all I can say is that they're very powerful and it's better to get them
to peacefully negotiate a surrender rather than, you know, unleash a nuclear holocaust.
And that's the card they're holding.

Next question.
Hi, Ben.
DeSantis signed an order to release the remaining Epstein files, as you said in Monday's report.
Do you think that anything will come of this?
There have been plenty of individuals that have had their names leaked, but no one has
been arrested.
Furthermore, if our government has these names but doesn't do anything about these billionaire
pedophiles, will any other agencies step in?
Well, you've seen all those British royals and other people vanish in Europe.
So, you know, there is action taking place.
But yeah, we need to see Hillary Clinton on public trial for torturing a small girl to
There's video proof of it.
We need to see that.
Everybody needs to see that.
And it's not happening yet.
So we do have to keep fighting.
But yet a lot of pedophiles are being taken down.
Now another thing I found out is they had a big shutdown of Facebook, Instagram, Messenger,
all along the West Coast.
And that apparently was related to a takedown of the pedophiles.
But clearly, we need to see public trials.
We need this to be open and not like, you know, in secret.
That's so important.
And it hasn't happened yet.
That's a fact.
Now the stuff that DeSantis is releasing is from 2006.
And that's just a local thing.
But it's definitely a start.

OK, next question.
Hi, Ben.
As it sits now, it looks like Russia may win the Ukraine war shortly.
What do you think will be the long-term effects of this?
The story I've been told is that the security of Western Europe will be handled by Russia
in the future, and that Russia will join NATO.
That's the basic agreement that's already been reached at a higher level with people
such as Agnostic Illuminati.
England won't be part of that because militarily they can defend themselves from Russia, whereas
the rest cannot.
And that's the way it should be, because who's going to protect the Europeans from being
completely overwhelmed by the Asians other than the Russians?
It's the only choice they have.
The Americans are not going to do it.
So that's what I'm hearing.
And it'll be a good thing for Europeans once they realize the Russians are not monsters,
that they are just European people like them.
Suddenly they'll have access to this huge area where they can spend their summers in
the wilderness fishing and hiking and enjoy the nature.
And it'll be a very good thing.
OK, nothing bad's going to happen.
It'll be good.

OK, next question.
Hi, Ben.
We have our last question for today.
There was a Nasseri-Gasseri mission statement that was signed in 1996 that explained the
positive New World Order.
I found it on Rumble.
However, it was signed by Clinton, and that makes me skeptical.
Is/was Clinton ever a good guy?
It confuses me that he would willingly sign something of this nature.
I don't know.
But I'll tell you this.
I mean, when Clinton was president, it was a much happier time.
And it wasn't the time of war on terror and all these other problems.
However, Clinton was junior, and he took orders from people who ordered him to not allow Russia
to join NATO and to go and instead to prepare for war with Russia.
So he was a servant.
And even though he tried to be a nice guy, he took orders from very evil people.
And I don't believe he was ever going to carry out something like Nassera or even had the
power to do such a thing.
However, we will force them to stage a jubilee one way or another.
We're going to eliminate all debts and return all the stolen money to the people.
It's got to happen.
Okay, well, next week we'll find out if the big March 15th thing happens or not.
Let's see.
But definitely something's going to happen.
Okay, well, hope to see you next week.

Benjamin Fulford Update March 10, 2024 – w/David Nino Rodriguez

An Earthquake Of EPIC Proportions To Target California And A Financial Catastrophe Is Coming
    American financial failure on or around March 15th, 2024 – high risk
    Mega risk of huge earthquake or natural disaster in California
    April 8th solar eclipse ‘massive’ event in United States
    Don’t get too fixated on dates
    CIA source suggests an event could happen at or due to the open southern border
    ATF wants gun suppliers to sell illegals guns (11 million)
    NATO exercises – ‘boots on the ground’ in Gaza?
    No fighting between Ukraine and Russia – fake Austin (4th one!) has called for NATO to fight in Ukraine
    An agreement has already been reached between NATO and Russia – Russia will become a member of NATO
    Khazarian Mafia has always been the instigator of issues, wanting to break up Russia and then deal with China
    Victoria Nugent was taken out by White Hats (rumor)
    Netanyahu is hiding in a bunker?
    Zelenskyy taken out during an attack? Early intel…
    Ukraine is not getting any more $$ from U.S.
    Religious fanatics are doing panicked moves to push their agenda for WWIII
    Space-based lasers are being taking out… (deep state)
    Very dangerous cornered rats…
    Freak waves and huge storms have been happening in California
    Internet outage that affected Facebook, Instagram… the White Hats want to take it out? Early intel.
    ‘The Pause’ – hard access to bank accounts coming
    Emptying all millionaire/billionaire bank accounts – resetting the economy, to pay back the people for all the $$ stolen from them? (NESARA/GESARA)
    End of fiat dollar system — would be $500K to every man, woman, child in U.S. (natives, legal migrants).
    Billionaires are cashing out stocks and buying hard assets..
    We shouldn’t be worrying about an election — it isn’t happening, etc. Theater.
    Fake Donald Trump at Mar a Lago; real one is at Cheyenne Mountain…
    The event will trigger martial law in the United States, etc.
    People now know this is necessary — martial law — to switch systems

Transcribed by Whisper
Quote:All right folks welcome to Nino's corner TV I'm with Benjamin Fulford
It's not often Benjamin Benjamin Fulford contacts me for a show. So when he had to contact me I said hey man
Absolutely, we're doing this. So we talked a little bit before the recording and he told me some things that
That I hope that he shares with you and he says that he would
So with that being said Benjamin, I'm gonna let you have the floor. I mean it was kind of a
an alert or a
warning basically
You asked me what I was hearing here in the States and
Coincided with everything you told me so what are you comfortable with sharing with my audience? I mean you wouldn't just share it all
What I know is that I
Have sources in the Japanese imperial family and they're high up in the like financial system and they're telling me that something
It's gonna happen on
March 15th a big financial black swan event and you're saying March 15th a financial
That's just in a few days
yeah, so I don't know if it's true or not, but these are these are what my sources are saying and
there's a lot of things that back this up the
The feds program to help banks bailout ends around that time
all the billionaires and
Trillionaires a bill, you know sold their stock and they're building underground bunkers
you know the US government just came out with official numbers at the
Social Security and the other things are underfunded by
175 trillion dollars. Yeah, the 34 trillion debt. That's 209 trillion dollars. That means
But this is not coming from, you know economists now. It's actually coming from the Fed which which is a
Good indication. They're about to announce bankruptcy
And of course every time the people have tried to bankrupt the the Fed guys
They've done something like
Fukushima or 9-1-1 and okay, so there's gonna be an event
There's a high risk and a one thing I'm hearing is a possibility of a mega mega earthquake in, California
That would take out Silicon Valley
That's one possibility. So this would happen on March 15th, you think?
Well, I I don't want to give a date for something like that because these things come and go but
what I do know is that they're talking about some kind of
April 8th, you know solar eclipse massive type event in the US and
You know
They that to me it sounds like a big threat on that day. I think that's the Jewish New Year if I'm not mistaken, but
This whole idea of a giant solar eclipse
It doesn't make sense
There's something going on there. So so that's a date
I'd be more worried about but don't get too fixated on specific dates because they come and they go but you know
Well, everything
Everything you're saying right now
coincides with
Some whispers that I heard from a friend that he says he's it now
I have no way to validate this folks or confirm this
that talked to somebody within the CIA that said that there's something coming that's gonna
Make 9/11 look like child's play and that that and the any said but he was he also said
Could be from the southern border. So whatever that means. I don't know. He wouldn't elaborate he heard it
That's and I don't even feel comfortable saying that but that's that's from somebody
Let's look at the southern border they they've let in 11 million illegal since
Biden took office in 2020 and these aren't their usual
You know
Economic immigrants. They're all male aged or military aged males and they've been given like prepaid cards
and now you have these local governments and the
Bureau of alcohol and arms and tobacco
telling gun dealers to
Sell guns to these undocumented illegals and then you're also getting people trying to put them in the army and the police force
So there's two ways to read that one is that the the cabal?
want to hire foreign
mercenaries to protect them from the American people, you know, or
That the military are deliberately using them to cause mayhem in order to create an excuse for military government
It could be either way, but definitely
Having 11 million military aged males come into your country with prepaid cards. It's not normal
What about NATO deploying or the exercises happening right now in Europe
You know, we do just saw Biden come on say we need boots on the ground in Gaza, didn't he?
What does that mean?
Is this is this mean that we're gonna deploy all our all our troops out and then are they hiring illegal immigrants to be?
Or are they recruiting illegally immigrants to deploy domestically in the United States once all our troops are out
And there's gonna be no fighting in the Ukraine between NATO and Russia
That's they had a meeting with 20 countries
They all came out and said that the only people calling for it are what I call the Kazarian mafia
but like French President Macron, who's a Rothschild is one and then we have the
Prime Minister Rishi Sunak who's one of their house slaves
But and then they had that that fake US defense
Secretary Lloyd Austin call for it, but Lloyd Austin doesn't run any military and it's the fourth Lloyd Austin they've had since January
You know, he keeps disappearing and this announces date of cancer and he reappears and with a different face
But they don't control any military and I know this from very high-level
Sources like the top of mi6 this kind of level that a deal has already been reached with Russia
They're gonna have the border around the Dnieper River
which was agreed to as Frederick the Great and the Russian Tsar many years ago and
Russia is gonna become part of NATO. That's already a done deal and the other thing is gonna become part of NATO
Yeah, I mean, let's face it
Russia is not the threat Russia is the only thing that can protect Europe from the Asian hordes as they look at it
you know and
Russia is I thought Russia was fighting against NATO
Right now with Ukraine. No, what happened was, okay
Putin and his big talk with Tucker Carlson confirmed stuff. I already heard from mi6, which was at that
the plant
George Bush senior reached a deal with Russia to
jointly develop
missiles and military technology aimed at China, but then
the Kazarian mafia or the
Saboteur and Frankish Jews
Said no. No, we want to destroy Russia first
We want to break it into several countries and then we're gonna use those countries
to invade China and then break China up into a bunch of countries so the
Victoria Nuland who's just been removed and I've heard like removed that way, you know, like a gunshot
That they wanted to break Russia up and then
deal with China, but now
Military alliance between Russia and the West is existing at a high level
New one now, is it why that's a ticker? Oh
Yeah, and I heard you getting transferred to Brussels. That's all probably bullshit, right? I don't know
I mean, this is not this is early level stuff
You know, I can't confirm it but the initial reports I get from my CIA sources that she was shot
but who knows they might produce a
An avatar, you know these days it's hard to tell us stuff. There's so many fakes out there
But the fact that she's publicly resigned it indicates that something has happened. Now. The other thing that's happened is
It was a
Missile or something hit Zelensky's motorcade and I think they may have gotten him too, which means that the last
Big honcho to go is Benyamin Netanyahu hiding in a bunker in Israel once he's removed. It could be game over
When was the Lenski taken out supposedly? Well, there was a
couple days ago was a Greek newspaper report and
What happened was the the Greek
defense minister and the Greek government invited Zelensky with promises of
Military support but the Greeks are Orthodox Christians same as the Russians and Russia under Putin is run by Orthodox Christians
So I'm guessing they set a trap for him. But again, this is early Intel
but nonetheless the fact is that
Ukraine is not getting any more money. They've lost the war and a deal has already been reached and
the what we're seeing is
last-minute hysterical attempts to start World War three by these fanatics who think that it's you know
it's their God-given destiny to start Armageddon and
They're being taken out because you can't reason with these people. They don't
Normally, you can't go
I'm gonna guess that we're pushing their hand behind the scenes. We're make we're driving them to these panic moves, correct?
So is that a lot is this last panic or is one of their last panic moves going to be?
well, you just said and you know this black swan event March 15th and
Then an earthquake. What would be a quick with the earthquake happen at the same time or shortly after or before or
Well, we know that they do have you know, we've already seen their space-based lasers in places like, Texas and
Hawaii and Chile and China and I heard those lasers are being taken out, you know, but
They do have earthquake technology. There was a big treaty between the Soviet Union and
the United States in
1976 where they agreed not to attack each other earthquake weapons
So they still have this and and that's probably what they're gonna use because we're dealing with a very dangerous
Cornered rats and they're fighting for their lives. So they're not gonna go quietly
They're gonna try to do something horrific to try to stay away from the hangman's noose and that's for sure
It's a day very dangerous situation right now
California has been recently
receiving freakish waves so
They're they're probably testing something because there's waves that it's hitting just out of nowhere
Almost like a like a tsunami, but there's no you know
It doesn't suck in and then come back and then and then it's just a freak wave that hits
That's you know one hit Ventura, California another one hit next to the San Francisco area
I mean you'll just be out there playing on the beach and the next you know a giant wave comes in and you know decimates a
Town so these have been happening in California. Are those
Are those signs that something bigger is coming?
That's a possible sign and the other thing there was a huge internet outage that only affected like meta Instagram Facebook. It was all the
This is the the Bill Gates
Mark Zuckerberg Rockefeller controlled part of the Internet and I think they want to take that out and they might decide that they have to
use some kind of
Earthquake weapon to do that, but they want to finish off the whole Google
Facebook censorship mind control network, so I but you know a lot of this is guessing
I don't know for sure, but there was a big outage it only along with what I'm hearing man
I just got off the phone with one and you kind of I mean he didn't give me any kind of dates or anything like
That but he says this event is coming the pause
he called it the pause and
It's gonna be hard to access your bank accounts things like that
That's just what I'm kind of what he's been relating to me. So um
It's kind of going together. He talked about an earthquake weapon. Yeah, and again the the financial event
What I one thing I've heard I can't confirm it, but they might
empty all the millionaires and billionaires bank accounts and the average person everyone will get like a
$500,000 deposit so this would be good for the poor people. It should be like some kind of
Jubilee type of an transfer
Yeah, it's to reset the you know the economy and also it's to pay back all the people from the money that was stolen from
Them over the past century through central, but it's just a black hat move or a white hat move
Well, it'd be a white hat move. I think because what happened was you see what about the illegals. They're opening up big accounts
well, that
is another issue there is a
Group that wants to unite unify Mexico
United States and Canada into a single country and that might be part of that agenda, but I think that's a slightly separate issue
But since 1913 the US dollar when they the
bankers took over the Federal Reserve Board from the US government US dollar has fallen by 96% and that means
That and why is that is because they create money out of nothing and they give it to their buddies and essentially what they're doing
is they're stealing from everybody for their own little group and so you pay back the stolen money and
It would be about five hundred thousand dollars per every man woman and child in the US
To just that's just the money that was stolen by a fraud
So it should be paid back
And what about the millionaires that lose their money do they also get five hundred thousand?
I guess
Yeah, they'll get five hundred thousand and then they'll still have their big houses and cars and stuff that's what I'm hearing but
It's not confirmed though, so everyone the council be wiped out
It's possible. Yes, that's why a lot of these people are cashing out and selling their stocks. They know
when you have all these billionaires selling their own shares and taking cash and and they're buying physical gold and
You know artwork anything that will last, you know, that it's not digital they're rushing into so they know something's coming
So crypto is probably a dumb investment then
Well crypto have been told from day one
They have a backdoor into crypto and what they do is say they use it to jack up the price and then
You know sucker and people with real money and then they sell it and take that money and they harvest it
But crypto has a backdoor and it's controlled by the agency. So that's I've been told that by the CIA and by Mossad
So this is this this looks to be happening way before the election like this
We shouldn't even be worrying about an election then we should be worrying about what's coming
so what we're what I'm trying to understand what I think I understand here from you is
March 15 some kind of black swan. I know you don't like to be specific on dates, but let's just say a window of
Marching April kind of told that by members of Japanese Imperial family. That's all I can say
Okay, and some kind of event
Earthquake natural disaster is what's probably what we think is gonna happen, right? That's what you think or do you know?
I know that in the past every time they tried to bankrupt the families that own the Fed
They've done something like this like Fukushima or you know, nine-one-one. So it's a good bet
They're not gonna just passively have watch their financial system be unplugged. They're gonna try something
So they're gonna hit California with an earthquake. It's gonna be one powerful earthquake. This is gonna be one for the records
Oh, yeah, this would be
Way beyond anything before that it's happened before and if they can blame this on a natural disaster
Then we won't have an election
No, I mean the you know the whole I don't even pay attention to this election business because it's to me
it's like a theater or script written both reading parts that are given to them and and
There's no way it's gonna last until November. The whole thing is a distraction if you ask me
It's just a dog and pony show for the masses. It's got nothing to do with reality. That's you know for sure
And there's also I mean, there's definitely
two Donald Trump's they have a fake Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago who says things like the vaccines were great and
You know, let's destroy Gaza and then there's a real Donald Trump with the military and Mount Shan base
Who says none of these things who says Netanyahu?
Is a problem. So
that's making it even more confusing because they're so good at disinformation that they they well they create
Fake copies of people and then they you know, use those fake copies to discredit them
I know Trump just recently got behind the Bud Light which I couldn't understand either. I was like, huh? It's interesting
Yeah, they're using a fake Trump to try to denigrate his image, you know
Reality is much strange stranger than fiction I guess
Well, I think the people behind the curtain who've been you know
orchestrating this political theater are gonna be unmasked and removed from power, which would be a great thing for the people but
They're gonna land their shots
yeah, they're not they're not done yet and a
Lot of people are gonna have their minds blown by well, you know, what's been going on in the real world?
But let's face it. I think a majority people now realize the government is their enemy
they've been poisoning them trying to kill them, you know, and
They know that they have to get rid of these people but there's about a million of them and they're mostly very rich and at
The top of the power structure. It's a very very vicious fight
so if California gets hit with a with an earthquake and then I
Mean obviously, California will be just devastated
How is that gonna affect the rest of the country?
I mean obviously it was and so it's gonna coincide right with the unplugged and that's what you're saying
The the earthquake will be the distraction or will it be the reason how is that gonna work out?
I'll be the trigger for martial law and military in the streets throughout the u.s
What I heard was from the military is that they didn't want to
Use the military
when the people were still brainwashed because it would have forced them to kill large amounts of American civilians and
so they wanted to
make the situation such that
The American people would realize that the military was on their side and was the only viable answer
So that's why they waited for this to deteriorate so much so that people would wake up first and then you know
Realize that this was necessary. Oh
Boy this is a sobering man. This is really sobering
I've had a lot of sobering discussions conversations these last few days and this is this is definitely one of them and it goes
Okay, I was gonna say it also goes along with what you're familiar with cliff I correct and
Cliff's I cliff I has said many times that he you know, he's invented that software technology that can predict or
Kind of predict a type of event that's coming through the internet
chatter or language through its deltas of relaxation or tension and relaxation or relax release tension and release and
He says there's something coming. That's
If 9/11 was a one there's a there's something with an Illuminati if on 9/11 had an Illuminati of one
Something's coming with a 13 or greater
Illuminati, it's what he says. So I put all these pieces together for my audience. I mean I
I'm trying to I'm putting these puzzle pieces together. We all know they're gonna try something
But something as devastating as this is like I don't think you could ever prepare for this. I don't know how you do
well, just
Make sure that your own immediate surroundings are okay
And you have a plan in case an earthquake hits where you're actually living
So for example, I've been hit with earthquakes recently
That's why this is so believable to me because we don't get earthquakes
But this last this last year last year we've had like four that doesn't happen here never in my life
So I know they're doing something
and a lot of the earthquakes
They have the signature of an artificial earthquake, which is a huge bang like an explosion followed by aftershocks
Whereas in a real earthquake, it's more like
Yeah, and
Definitely a lot of underground bases have been taken out by with massive explosion. That's probably what you're experiencing over there
Okay, so that you go along with what gene decode says that these underground bases are being wiped out by by explosions
I know that I can confirm that six
large Japanese military
underground bases were taken out with
Earthquake weapons to prevent a planned invasion of China that I can confirm for sure
So even with all this even let's say the White House we get back control with America we pull the reins in
We're still gonna have a problem with China. Everyone is
No, I think
Will be your friend. You don't have to worry about China
Are you saying we need to worry about Russia?
No, I think what's gonna happen is that you're gonna stop worrying about an enemy and and we're gonna be taking out of this
Hegelian manipulation where you always have to have an enemy
It's got to be the communists or the terrorists Chinese and instead is no everybody's a friend and let's just have a good time
You know, so it'll be a complete change of mindset. So we're coming into the finale. This is the finale
This is when the pimple pops bit so to speak we're coming into the the final round
It sure looks like that. I think between now and 2025 there'll be some
Stuff for the history books happening and then this could even be like biblical type of stuff
They are actually gonna rebuild the temple in Jerusalem the third temple
Solomon, right
Yeah, and it's not gonna be where that wailing wall is because that's actually an old Roman for it's gonna be somewhere completely different
But but you know, they it's almost like the end times for monogamy, but I mean for monotheism
But end times for monotheism and some kind of new age age of Aquarius type thing
So complete and that's what that's really big for these people right these pagans
Oh, yeah
When I'm talked to these guys, he's really high-level guys
For example, I went to Rome and I talked to the p3 Freemasons and control the Popes and stuff like that
They say that they had a script that was for 26,000 years and it's ended and then a new script is coming and it
And they do it according, you know, they say they plan everything according to the movements of the stars
so you have these this shift is 20, you know, the
2012 the end of the Mayan calendar was the end of a 26,000 year cycle and that they're planning a completely different
trajectory for
It's coming up. Who are they to do this?
Who are these people we don't need that
Well, I agree with you
I mean
I'm just telling you actually I've tried to find out who runs the planet and this is what I ran into and I didn't like
it, you know, I like I think that
We should decide by ourselves what kind of future we want and not be controlled by hidden
People who worship things like the Dark Sun, you know and and Satan this is not right
All right folks look for March 15th, um, could that be the beginning
Don't get too focused on just one date, but it's certainly the coming couple of months there's gonna be a big showdown between
The White Hats and the dark side and it's just gonna be fireworks no matter what
Fair enough man. Thank you for joining me, man. You're always a pleasure to talk to in a very sobering
conversation, so
It's the end of a bad thing. Think of it that way
You got it, Benjamin. I appreciate you and let's do it again soon
Okay. All right. Thank you

Quote:Archbishop Viganò: ‘The globalist cabal want to establish the kingdom of the Antichrist on earth’
Thu Mar 14, 2024

Dear Friends,

I am grateful for the invitation of Professor Massimo Citro della Riva to offer my greetings to the participants in the Health Holocaust Remembrance Day. You know well that I have never been shy in offering my interventions since the beginning of the psycho-pandemic farce, and that my complaint – since May 2020 – anticipated everything that has emerged in these four years regarding the criminal management of this social-engineering experiment of neo-Malthusian origin.

What appears today in all its evidence is the subversive plan of a global coup d’état, aimed at the decimation of the world population and the enslavement of the survivors. The pressure for the approval of the WHO Pandemic Treaty and for the health passport – accompanied by the activation of the digital wallet – demonstrate that the authors of this coup have no intention of giving up their criminal intentions, and will not do so unless they are faced with firm and determined opposition from the population and those few of its representatives who are not sold out to the World Economic Forum, by those who courageously do not fail in their duties.

We have seen the false Bergoglian church totally subservient to the genetic treatment agenda, a treatment that was produced using aborted fetuses. We have seen doctors and paramedics killing frail and elderly people in intensive care through the use of anesthesia. We have seen rulers, magistrates, and police forces unleash an unprecedented criminalization of those who did not allow themselves to be “marked.” We know who is behind these people, who pays them, and who blackmails them: their names are well known. These murderers will soon find themselves answering for their crimes, if not before the tribunal of the world, then certainly before God, whom they hate and whom they would like to replace, in a mad delirium of omnipotence that is an inexorable prelude to their eternal defeat. The children of darkness, the conspirators of the World Economic Forum, and the globalist cabal want to establish the kingdom of the Antichrist on earth, as an obscene counterfeit of the Kingdom of Christ Our Lord.

Look at their work: only lies, deception, horror, sin, vice, violence, and monstrosity. And always for a price, because everything they do is an object of exchange, of commerce: you pay to have children, you pay to kill them, you pay to sell their organs, you pay to abuse them, you pay to impose lethal treatments, you pay to live and to die, you pay for the lies of the media and the obscenities of the internet, you pay for the simulation of love and friendship, you pay for the chimera of a digital eternity. You also pay to end up in hell, to damn your soul. While with the things of God, everything is free – it is the fruit of charity, generosity, and magnificence.

You are rightly denouncing the health holocaust: with this term you highlight on the one hand the extent of the crime committed by the servants of the WHO, and on the other the desire to “sacrifice” millions of victims to the globalist Moloch. Do not lose sight of this fundamental element: the extermination – in ways not dissimilar to those that the totalitarian regimes of the last century caused – shows us the ritual aspect of the Great Reset and reveals the culture of death embraced by those who promote it. The death of babies in the mother’s womb; the death of sick and elderly people in hospitals; the death of young people torn from life by drugs; the death of the family in the name of perversions and betrayals; the death of beauty, knowledge, and science. It is a death that affects not only the body, but also the soul, killing the flame of hope within it. And it is significant that those who deny the existence of an otherworldly hell seem to want to do everything to recreate it on this earth, as if to take revenge on us for the fate that inexorably awaits these psychopathic murderers.

Therefore, continue in your courageous commitment, but never lose sight of the overall picture of this epochal battle, in which the forces of good and evil are preparing for a decisive clash. It is important to understand that the psycho-pandemic farce was only one of the means of imposing this infernal plan, and that it is accompanied by other threats that follow the same script under the same direction. Demonstrate to people this overall coherence and even the most distracted will understand and rebel against what has been imposed on them through fraud and violence.

Our Lord said, “The truth will set you free.” He who said of Himself: “I am the Way, the Truth, the Life.” It is only the truth of Christ that can free us from the chains of lies and the falsity of the enemy of mankind. Therefore, fight this battle in the awareness that your and our adversary can only be defeated with the weapons of Truth. Saint Paul exhorts us, Do not let yourself be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. Act with freedom within the bounds of what is good, and the Lord will bless your commitment, as he has always done throughout history for those who love Him and obey His commandments. If you yield on this, you will expose your flank to the Enemy, and all your effort will have been in vain. And remember the words of the Lord: “Do not be afraid, I have overcome the world.”

I bless you with all my heart.

Benjamin Fulford — March 11th, 2024: Mega Black Swan Expected As Western Civil War Nears Climax

The undeclared civil war raging in the West is headed for some sort of mega black swan event climax. The white hats are trying to bankrupt the Satanists and their entire fake US government show. The Satanists are planning some sort of mass murder event to try to stay in power. Both sides might use earthquake weapons and other electromagnetic forms of warfare. The only thing for sure is major fireworks.

The previous attempts to bankrupt the US Corporation were delayed by events like 911 and the March 11, 2011 Fukushima nuclear and tsunami mass murder event. This time signs are either a massive earthquake or some kind of electro-magnetic attack to be blamed on a solar flare are being planned. That is why decisive action against the Khazarian Mafia leadership must be taken before they can stage another mass murder sacrifice to Satan.

Speaking about which today is the 13th anniversary of the Fukushima attack. Most of the perpetrators like top Jesuit Hanz Kolvenbach were hunted down and killed shortly afterwards. However, two of the masterminds, self-described top Satanist Leo Zagami and Israeli Crime Minister Benyamin Satanyahu are still at large. They are being hunted down and will be brought to justice.

However, the war between the two factions is complicated by the presence of a rogue AI. This allows the Khazarian Mafia to use their control of the Silicon Valley computer complex to generate CGI leaders and not rely on surgically altered avatars. Here is an example of how easy it is for AI to generate fake people these days.

California Governor Adam Newsom is an AI-generated GGI according to CIA sources. Computers can now elect these fakes into office by electronically stealing elections. As another example here you can watch a fake Adam Schiff stealing votes from his opponent.

In another example here you can see Speaker Johnson Speaks To Reporters After White House Meeting With Biden, Schumer

This is Tyler Perry’s White House TV set, in Atlanta. There are no close buildings next to the real White House.

The people aren’t buying it anymore. That is why less than 10% of Americans watched fake Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address. For good reason, this is what happens when the fake masked Biden starts rambling:

“We added more to the national debt than any president in his term in all of history!”

In the background is a fake masked Kamala Harris. You can see it looks like the mask is literally breathing on its own. (In the video)

The most glaring example of AI abuse is the existence of two Donald Trumps. The fake one handled by Leo Zagami at Mar a Largo brags about vaccinating Americans and promotes Bud Light. The real one is located at the underground military base in Mt. Cheyenne, Colorado and is leading a military campaign against the Satanists.

Here you can see a video of the fake Trump meeting Hungarian leader Victor Orban. Apparently, they have now also come up with a fake Melania. This is the Trump actor who appears at all the fake show trials.

Next, take a look at the real Trump Trump who says it quite clearly.

“Quick trials for fentanyl dealers, child traffickers and Treason followed by immediate execution (It is called military tribunal).”

This is what happened to Victoria Nuland, the de-facto president of the Ukraine. Official announcements say she resigned but our CIA sources say she was executed along with her husband Robert Kagan, architect of the Iraq war.

Vladimir Zelensky may also have been taken out by a missile in Odessa but regardless, he is finished and everybody knows it.

Also, just as this report was about to go live, the White Dragon Society was contacted by French Generals to say a military coup d’etat was underway against French President Emannuelle Macron Rothschild. This was triggered when Macron ordered the military to start shooting civilians and to send troops to Ukraine.

Here you can watch General André Coustou call Macron an enemy of the country,

Coustou was then threatened with a heart attack device by Macron. Killing Coustou would make no difference though because no French Generals are obeying Macron; they are with the Farmers and the French people. The fall of Macron will end Rothschild rule of France.

No matter what though, the entire fake US Presidential and European political theater is about to be shut down.

A hint of this came when the new Financial Report of the United States Government (February 2024) admitted Social Security and Medicare are under funded by $175 Trillion. If you add that to the $34 trillion in debt you see the US government is $209 trillion under water.

This number has been put out before by private economists and the St. Louis US Fed. The important point is the Treasury Department is formally admitting the US Corporation is de facto bankrupt.

Combine this with the fact the Fed Bank bailout program is ending this month. Also, note that moves to keep the US government running only last until the middle of this month. Then add that billionaires are all selling their stocks and buying underground shelters. From this, you can deduce some sort of major financial announcement is coming.

Our own sources in the Japanese royal family say a financial black swan is scheduled for March 15th. Rothschild family sources say all bank accounts will be reset with each person getting a one-time deposit of $500,000. Billionaires and millionaires will lose money but for 90% of the people it will be a bonanza.

Such an event is necessary because the income needed to afford a home in the US has leapt 80% since 2020. Home buyers today need to make more than $106,000 a year, up $47,000 from 2020, a change driven largely by higher prices and borrowing costs. This is just another confirmation the current financial system has ceased to function and needs to be rebooted.

However, we are not sure the Rothschilds are in any position to stage such an event. The Japanese royal family sources say when Princess Mako left the royal family, she was given a severance check that was signed by David Rothschild who died 15 years ago. The creator of the Quantum financial system says “Someone is attempting to defraud my estate.”

Clearly, there is still a fight going on over who will control the financial system. All we know for sure is the United States cannot continue as it is.

It is probably going to take military action to solve this. On this front, we have evidence a massive attack is planned to target Silicon Valley. The gnostic Illuminati say they have no choice but to destroy the computer nexus at Silicon Valley with a massive earthquake to sink it into the ocean.

There can be no doubt Silicon Valley is being attacked. There have been swarms of earthquakes there recently as well as unusual massive waves hitting the California coastline.

There have also been massive internet outages affecting the entire US West Coast, especially Mark Zuckerberg Rockefellers’ Meta (Facebook), Instagram and Messenger.

The White Dragon Society is arguing that sending in special forces to seize the headquarters of Google, Apple, Microsoft etc. would have far less collateral damage than using earthquake or electromagnetic weapons.

There is also the possibility of shutting down the entire internet, and talk of a “massive solar flare” shows this is being planned as this headline says:

NASA preparing for ‘internet apocalypse’ as huge solar storm could hit Earth by 2025

What they mean is they will blame a solar storm on the electrical grid going down.

The KM is also hiring foreign mercenaries to try to stop the American people from rebelling.

A hint of this was found in the most recent US jobs report. As Zerohedge reports: Last month we thought that the January jobs report was the “most ridiculous in recent history” but, boy, were we wrong because this morning the Biden Department of goalseeked propaganda (aka BLS) published the February jobs report, and holy crap was that something else. Even Goebbels would blush.

The key takeaway for me was a near-record 2.4 million native-born workers lost their jobs in just the past 3 months. At the same time a record 1.2 million (mostly illegal) immigrant workers were added just in February. You can be sure most of those were government jobs as mercenaries hired to fight against the American people.

This is the kind of people they are hiring: “The brother of the migrant accused of murdering nursing student Laken Riley is in court for possessing a fake ID and…he has ties with a vicious Venezuelan gang behind a terrifying wave of violence…”

It looks like they are also hiring whores. Florida Sheriff Grady Judd tells us illegal sex workers are being given ID and paper work by the Department of Homeland Security that allows them to fly around the US for free on the taxpayers’ dime. All they have to do is pay a weekly fee of $3000 to their DHS pimps.

Alex Jones predicts “They’re planning to torch the country when [Trump] is president-elect before he’s in and try to intimidate everyone…So, Black Lives Matter and Antifa, and all of this Hezbollah, Hamas protests…to burn the country down…Thinking they can terrorize the American people and the establishment into removing Trump somehow during that period.”

The US is mired down in impunity, corruption and civil strife. Endless flows of migrants storm the southern borders of the United States. And many of them aren’t Latin Americans at all; they come from regions that fell victim to the neo-imperialist wars unleashed by Washington.

Just like it was at the feast at Babylonian King Belshazzar’s house “God has numbered your kingdom, and finished it. You have been weighed in the balances, and found wanting.” (Daniel 5: 25-27) says Russian FSB Lieutenant General L Reshetnikov.

He adds “The blossoming diversity of the world is substituted with a conflict of two models of governance existent only in American fantasies.”

The head of MI6 agrees saying the mutual Russian and Anglo goal is “The ultimate final defeat of world fascism [government controlled by corporations] and that the people are sovereign.”

The Russian Foreign Ministry summoned US Ambassador to Moscow Lynne Tracy on Thursday to say “attempts to interfere in Russia’s domestic affairs, including acts of sabotage and the spread of disinformation…would be severely suppressed.”

Too bad they didn’t demand they do the same for the US. As Field Marshal Douglas MacGregor says:

“When I listen to the comments coming out of the Senate or the House let alone from the White House I am reminded of that famous statement in Vietnam ‘in order to save the village we had to destroy it,” I get the impression that’s the plan in Washington ‘we have to destroy the country in order to save it.,’”

The KM is also trying very hard to starve us all to death or at least into submission.

The EU has just confirmed former Club of Rome President Calin Georgescu’s claim they KM are planning a food crisis for 2025. Last month “some 60 European Union and government officials, food security experts, industry representatives and a few journalists gathered to confront the possibility of something barely on the radar a few years ago: a full-blown food crisis.” The conference envisions a food shortage in Europe from 2024 to 2025.

Remember, they had similar exercises just before the pandemic was staged in 2020. In other words, they are trying to bankrupt farmers in Europe in order to orchestrate a food crisis.

In the US a DEW attack on Texas just destroyed 80% of the grazing land for cattle.

Now the utility provider Xcel Energy says its facilities appeared have played a role in igniting a massive wildfire in the Texas Panhandle that grew to the largest blaze in state history.

Look who owns Xcel: BlackRock, State Street and Vanguard. The usual suspects.

A document from another of their subsidiaries, the UN, explains why they want to starve us:

“Starvation is essential for the economy because it creates cheap labor” a 2008 UN article entitled “The Benefits of World Hunger” says. “No one works harder than hungry people,” the report says.

The European farmers are not going to let that happen. Here is the latest from their war on the WEF Satanists:

Czech farmers dump manure outside government offices

Belgian farmers spray police with wastewater

The Largest army in Europe now is the farmers

It says it all

Russia will also make sure there is enough food. President Vladimir Putin says Russia’s “Food of the future” is not bugs and moths, as in the West

The White hats are also taking down more KM operatives. Here are some examples:

The rapper P Diddy is now being accused of sex trafficking akin to Jeffrey Epstein, eliciting underage sex workers, RICO racketeering, and grooming men for sex. Britney Spears and Justin Bieber may have been victims.

Former NY Governor Andrew Cuomo is being taken down over nursing home deaths so that he will sing like a canary implicating his KM puppet masters.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has become the “first leader of a Western nation to be referred to the [International Criminal Court] under Article 15 of the Rome Statute,” as an “accessory to genocide” in the Palestinian enclave of Gaza.

“This is the real deal,” Pentagon sources say.

The Canadian police are also finally going after Justin Castrudeau. The final straw was this:

‘Project Brisa’ led to 182 charges, 20 arrests and drugs seized with an estimated value of roughly $61M. However, according to Canadian intelligence sources, Castrudeau ordered the gangsters freed and their drugs returned to them.

“Is Castrudeau a criminal?


Looks like the RCMP thinks he may be. Obviously, he is being investigated with a little push from the WH Alliance,” a Mossad source comments.

Part Two - Benjamin Fulford — March 11th, 2024: Mega Black Swan Expected As Western Civil War Nears Climax

We also note the white hats now appear to control the masked avatar pretending to be Pope Francis. This “Pope” caused a hysterical reaction among KM puppet politicians (who self-identified by calling for the war to continue) when he urged Ukraine to “have the courage to fly the white flag”.

We also have an anti-globalist revolt in the UK Parliament with MP Andrew Bridgen asking:

“Why is the UK giving sovereign powers away to an unelected, unaccountable, diplomatically immune organization; WHO’s Director General was appointed from an unholy alliance of Bill Gates & the Chinese Communist Party…The petition calling for a debate on this issue hasn’t been granted despite easily reaching 100,000 signature threshold.”

Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene did her part when she told Parasite Media BBC News Anchor Emily Maitlis to “fu*k off” after she tried to label her as a conspiracy theorist. Notice it was the BBC that mentioned “Jewish space lasers.”

We also note top KM Satanist general Netanyahu is soon going to be leaving this world.

French journalist Thierry Meyssan reports “Netanyahu, son of Vladimir Jabotinsky’s private secretary, has not hesitated to compare the Palestinians to the ancient Amalekites. The implication is that they must all be exterminated.”

Jabotinsky’s revisionist Zionists are the ones who claim sovereignty over all the territories from the “Nile to the Euphrates”.

Netanyahu is angered by the War Cabinet minister Benny Gantz’s trip to Washington, telling him that “there is only one prime minister.”

“Oops, the avatar Bibi is really nervous. It looks like a deal is being made with the KM Deep State in DC, to toss him under the bus. I smell division in the Israeli ranks,” a Mossad source comments.

The rest of the world is forcing action. China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi called the war in Gaza a “disgrace for civilization”.

He was speaking at a big annual Chinese political gathering. To confirm China has purged the KM from its politics, notice nobody is wearing masks, unlike at the previous such gathering.

Also, with the removal of KM agent Ayatollah Khameini, Iran is now taking an effective stance instead of trying to promote Armageddon.

Iran’s Judiciary Chief Gholamhossein Mohseni-Ejei has called on Muslim countries to sever their relations with Israel and sue the occupying regime at international courts over its crimes against Palestinians.

This is an example of a war criminal who will be facing the death penalty:

Rabbi Eliyahu Mali, director of Yeshiva Shirat Moshe (religious school) in the occupied city of Jaffa, called the Israeli army to kill everyone in Gaza, including children.

Of course, the KM is still fighting to the bitter end. For example, they are still trying to vaccinate us all to death.

“We need to see everyone get an updated flu shot and an updated Covid vaccine,” Mandy Cohen CDC KM puppet director says while spreading fear porn to promote vax poisoning.,

They are also trying to suppress free speech. Eduard Pröls, Director of CitizenGO in Germany was found guilty for sharing this image on his Facebook page.

He now has a criminal record and has been order to pay a fine of 6,000 Euros. It is the judge who needs to go to jail in this case, and in due time he will.

It also appears the KM is now trying to use Moldova to start their long-planned World War III.

Moldova signed a defense cooperation agreement with France. Just as this happened Polish intelligence informs us “Pro-Russian rebels in Moldova’s separatist Transnistria region appealed to Russia for ‘protection’ on Wednesday, fearing the territory could become a new flashpoint in Moscow’s conflict with neighboring Ukraine,”

One cue the fake Biden compared the current situation regarding the war in Ukraine to 1941 and himself to Franklin Roosevelt. Roosevelt of course, brought a reluctant US population into WWII.

As Polish intelligence tells us:

“There are very few Poles in the Polish government, and no Russians in the Russian one. Facts are facts.” They might have added there are no Americans in the US Corporate government.

The Germans appear to have had enough. This came after NATO’s recent “staunch defender” exercise was literally paralyzed because the Russians disabled all their high-tech GPS-controlled weapons, according to German intelligence sources.

They inform us:

The German Government has made a radical decision regarding energy production in Germany. Hydrogen power plants are now set to write history and finally solve the problem of high electricity costs and lack of security of supply. If this gigantic plan succeeds, Germany will be able to produce and even export electricity at cent rates, even without natural gas, coal and nuclear power! They would then no longer be dependent on other countries for electricity supplies. The upcoming hydrogen power plant technology is unique on a global scale. Germany is considered a global pioneer and driving force of innovation in this field. The new technology is baseload capable, environmentally friendly, flexible, controllable, inexhaustible and inexpensive. The perfect solution for our electrical network.

If the Germans unleash hydrogen power, that is the end of the road for environmentally harmful EVs.

The German magazine “Stern” reports that since March 2023, Tesla has already been warned five times that it exceeds the permitted amount of wastewater released into the environment.

The move to hydrogen would also put a big dent in Chinese plans to monopolize the batteries essential for EVs.

China has 70 thousand workers on Sulawesi Island working in the nickel mining industry. China controls the industry. Since nickel is essential for battery production it means China is about to get complete control over all the batteries used in electric vehicles etc.

Japan could have the last laugh along with Germany though. Listen to why Toyota doesn’t believe EVs will save the environment,

Toyota also has all the technology needed to start the hydrogen age.

To conclude let us post an anonymous statement sent to us:
”Today we have no choice but to face the truth…
That our governments lie
That our education is indoctrinated
That our doctors are misinformed
That our viruses are patented
That our diseases are created
That our medicines are poisons
That our media is propaganda
That our elections are rigged
That our water is toxic
That our banks are dishonest
That our taxes are illegal
That our wars are planned in advance
That our countries are corporations
That our history was hidden
That our religions are hypocritical
That our children were sacrificed
That our division is being incited
That our opinions are being manipulated
That our cancers can be cured
That our energy can be free
That everything in our external world is not what we have been told it is…. that is why we are determined to find the truth, which we do every day and will continue to do until it is revealed.”

The truth shall set us free.

Quote:Notes to Readers:

A link to the remainder of the report will be provided later in the week. Meanwhile, get your house in order. If you happen to live on the West Coast of the United States, it would do well to have a “go-kit” prepared. The Deep State will be planning an EVENT before the elections near like they have in the past (9/11, Fukushima earthquake, etc.) However, this time their playbook is well-known by the White Hats and efforts will be made to halt all such maneuvers. Things are also slightly different as the DS is no longer backed up by its former off-world custodians and their fleets.

Also, if the DS tries any of the above scenarios, we will go into immediate martial law and all perpetrators of this treachery will be arrested, sentenced, and executed under military tribunal. No prison sentences for traitors. Death.

Still, be ready for anything, having food, water, medical supplies, supplies, pet food, gas, etc. available in case transportation issues crop up until things get sorted. Some of the food should be things that do not require cooking or refrigeration – MREs and freeze-dried things.

In all likelihood there will be no election this autumn or one that is quite different from what we are used to here in America — a quantum election, fewer congress people, etc. Big changes are coming soon.

Hold. The. Line.


P.S. As I was going to the posts on Telegram, I came across this piece, a reminder from Tiro about the monster our federal government has become, especially since 1871:

As we shown here many times, the ILLEGAL [cdc] is NOT a “Federal” Agency. It’s a private corporation working on behalf of its stakeholders, which include the Pharmaceutical and Vaccine Industries that profit from the spread of disease, not from real prevention and cures. Just for the record, the company owns more than 32 patents on DEADLY viruses.

We did a whole show on Channel 203 showing proof beyond doubt that not only WAS the [usg] a foreign owned corporation under the British [crown], but that ALL of its tentacle agencies were individual corporations under that [usg] umbrella as well.

Team, this is just part of the reason all of this was taking to so long to complete. I believe we are here now, but it had to be destroyed completely.

Speaking of why things seem to have taken so long, to date there has been $980 Trillion seized/removed from hidden [cabal] and other secret banks under DJT’s Executive Orders, as well as black budget funds from our own [cia] and other international intel agencies across the world.

There’s little to nothing left for the [ds] to work with. Even the useful idiots being used today for [f]alse [F]lag events won’t be paid, again, just as happened to [blm] and [p[A]ntifa] long ago.

So, what of the saboteurs with all the airline events taking place? I believe that’s the same…so how long will these events continue to last? Know this – the airlines keep really good records of maintenance activities, and those records are all online. So who also has them?
* * *

Folks, this means that every law, rule, mandate, etc. EVER put out by one of these illegal entities will be removed. This includes all Executive Orders ever written by Obama and certainly, by Biden. I don’t know if the same thing pertains to Bush/Clinton, but probably will. The IRS is toast… it is a corporation. The Federal Reserve is a corporation and it’s toast. ALL three-letter agencies whatsoever will be removed and most of the federal (illegal) bureaucracy will be dismantled. The power is being returned to the states which will now exist as Republics, freed from federal supremacy and tyranny.

All Americans will have to receive an education on Common Law, which will now be the law of the land. No more maritime or Admiralty law (law of the sea) or bonds put out on peoples’ birth certificates, if those will be required any further. There are a TON of changes coming and all for the best, for the people, by the people. For humanity and our beautiful planet.

As for the estimated 10 million illegal migrants who entered the United States through Canada and Mexico, they will be required to return to their country of birth/origin in order to receive any GESARA benefits. There will be no more illegals supported by public funds here in the States. Only legal migrants and temporary visitors on visas will be allowed.

The above is my current understanding of how things are going to play out and could certainly undergo some changes and alterations.


P.S. I hope the White Hat military take a scouring pad or two to the Department of Defense and ferret out ALL of the black hats in any of the service branches, especially the Air Force (geoengineering planes), etc.


Staunchone March 7, 2024 At 2:24 PM
Gentiles don't dominate the world! Satanists do. Do you even know what you're talking about?

Jeffrey March 9, 2024 At 11:19 AM
LOL Benjamin Fulford will be stating "that battle is not over yet" until the end of his life and will probably come back in his next incarnation and state the same thing until THAT lifetime is over!
I have or we have been hearing about White Hats for decades now! We have been hearing about Financial revaluation of several currencies for decades now!
After the 2020 Elections many so-called "INSIDERS" were stating that if you see Biden at or in the White House it is actually a stage set-up in Hollywood.
At the same time these "insiders" were stating "any day now" Trump will be using the American Broadcast System Alert to let all Americans know He is still in charge along with the Military.
Several sources, including Fulford talk about Clones and Look-alikes. That Hillary Clinton, Biden and several other political actors have all already by tried in Tribunals and executed. And what we see when they appear are clones or look-alikes.
It seems it will be in our next lifetime when we finally know the facts and truths about such things!
Everything Benjamin Fulford shares is exciting and yet it is depressing to see that nothing ever really happens and the White Hats or Good Guys are nothing but Ghosts!
I am quite sure if I come back HERE this time next year it will be the same story and the same PREDICTIONS!

Tony says
Saturday, March 9, 2024 at 05:59
Making the government answer for stuff like tax payer money would be a really smart move.
Most people are not aware how the incredible amounts of money is spent. Of course flying illegals around on jets, paying for tribal government building of 565 nations that harm the US citizens, paying for other peoples wars.
Plus the US government provides around fifty billion to the military black budget annually. Just this unnaccounted for government funding is completely black it has zero oversite. It looks like the money is used for black budge programs that potentially are used to target and victimize US citizens while weakening the US Constitution.
Just the tribes alone they our US governing body has allowed providing tribal nations with imminent domain over non tribal US citizens. According to the Bearue of Indian Affairs non tribal US citizens are subject to Tribal courts civil law within all territory that is recognized by the US government. That means they have domain rights over US tax payers that paid for their stuff.
These massive amounts of money spent on the tribal nations, while ignoring of US citizen and constitutional rights are a deliberate attempt to undermine US soverignty, at the same time the Federal government shares private information on US citizens with tribal governments, it is a clear sign that the US government is up to breaking US law and is planning on US citizen losing rights. The tribes want to expand gun control in their territory and the US government supports that while robbing tax payers to fund it, so these 565 government nations are agents to the US secret government always want to end people’s rights. It’s a good investment if you want to weaken US constitutional rights.
The unauthorized taxation must stop. The granting power over US citizens must stop. It may be a good idea to get rid of the US supreme court. That idea is supported by both parties liberal and conservation.
Start taking our government back.

Bob March 10, 2024 At 6:54 PM
Obviously M. Harrison does not know what he is talking about. However, I don't care what color they are. Green, blue, black or purple… if they are here to help free us from the Satanists and presumably those who control the Satanists…I welcome them. Does he not understand that evolved beings are not concerned with skin color? Thompkins did mention black E.T. races. He mentioned half a dozen others as well. The PALE WHITE NORDICS come to mind. Get over it M. Harrison. Slavery has existed on this planet for as long as there have been humans. The vast majority of those slaves were not black. If the E.T.s ever decide to engage us on a personal level… you can be sure they will laugh at your concept of them being concerned with the skin color of humanity. Try to envision an advanced race struggling to understand why we are destroying our planet. That is worth contemplating.

Henry Holland Simms III says
Tuesday, March 12, 2024 at 02:22
Fulford appears wrong about building close to White House. Sent this picture. It appears Speaker came out of backside of left hand office extension..

rachel469 March 13, 2024 At 2:43 PM
I don't believe in aliens there are all sorts of mythical creatures being passed off as real today until I see one it is just hearsay to me I have learned my lesson about taking anyone's word for anything it has to be corroborated. It is possible, but so far it is just hearsay to me.

rachel469 March 15, 2024 At 5:51 AM
Ghee that is some report Benjamin with so many things to contemplate and mull over. You could not make up what is happening in this world today – horrific. Starting to feel like we are all on a huge train spiralling out of control – here are some further updates with further information. Hoping it is true but time will tell – timelines seem to miss the mark but there is some good news in there. You tell me??? I only have questions.

Jeffrey March 15, 2024 At 5:54 AM
How funny! Trump is leading a military campaign from a bunker? There is not a single person on this planet who would or could believe that? Especially since there is no signs or evidence any PROGRESS has been made and things continue to get worse by the hour in the USA! Same with the so-called "White Hats"! Seems THEY have been roaming the Earth doing good deeds and fixing things for half a century now at least…..but don't look for any evidence of that…..there is none! This is all why Benjamin has a very tiny following! And everyone I share these reports with have never responded with gratitude or excitement whatsoever……

Staunchone March 16, 2024 At 4:36 PM
Common Rachel. I know you watch plenty of good people.
Just because you haven't found all of it yet, doesn't mean nothing is happening.
People have been removed from the table since 2017 in earnest. Real and clones of OBummer, Pelosi, Cheyney, Newsome, CDC Director, WHO scientists, Pfizer chiefs, doctors pushing the Jab etc.
Check out this channel to see what the military JAG has been doing at GITMO and GUAM.
I check that site against what BF reports, to if they corelate.

LaVerne March 17, 2024 At 11:18 AM
Jeffrey, Things only appear to be getting worse if one engages in Social Media of any kind.
Turn it All off & one will see that Everything is an illusion.

Benjamin Fulford Friday Q&A Interview 03/15/2024

Transcribed by Whisper
Quote:Hello, this is Benjamin Fulford speaking on March 15th, 2024.
March 15th is the Ides of March.
It was a traditional day for Romans to settle their debts.
It was also infamously the day in which Julius Caesar was assassinated.
And in Japan, it's the deadline for paying taxes.
So what I'm going to do today, I've got this letter that I prepared for the Japanese government.
And in it are a series of demands.
First of all, I point out that since the Japanese government has, according to their own statistics,
murdered at least 400,000 people with vaccines,
that paying taxes to this government is a violation of the anti-gang acts.
And that the Japanese government has been taken over by a vicious foreign gang.
Therefore, paying taxes to this government is illegal.
And then with demands from the White Dragon Society and its allies,
were demanding that they nationalize the Bank of Japan,
issue government currency, eliminate the tax agency,
re-investate the future planning or the economic planning agency, etc.
These are demands to return Japan to its sovereignty.
And it's also asking for an emergency military government under the imperial family to carry this out.
This is a serious demand.
And all the Japanese power groups, the right-wingers, the gangsters, etc.,
they have been given the data to show that the current government has murdered 400,000 people.
Now, this is not limited to Japan, but we each have to do what we can.
This is what I can personally do.
But in the United States, I know that billions of Americans are not paying taxes,
and they shouldn't be.
These taxes are being used to hire foreign criminals to come into the United States to attack the American people.
They were sent to... they sent a hundred billion dollars to the Ukraine,
and 70% of that went to bribes, to insiders.
You know the story.
It is... the government is dysfunctional.
Now, the other thing, of course, is we've been told...
I've been told by my sources in the Japanese imperial family
that some sort of event is scheduled for today.
Now, so far, nothing has happened,
but usually when they do something financial or some sort of reset,
it happens over the weekend when markets are closed.
But we do know this.
The Federal Reserve Board has stopped its emergency support for banks on March 11th.
So that was a cut-off date.
It's interesting that they chose the anniversary of the Fukushima attack for that.
So we'll see what happens.
But no matter what, though, even if they don't try to reset it,
something is going to happen.
We know the federal government or the fake federal government doesn't have funding anymore.
And more importantly, international society is now fully aware that the West,
the G7, wherever, were hijacked by a group of...
well, they're Jewish supremacists.
I call them the Qatari mafia,
who wanted to kill 90% of humanity and enslave the rest.
And they're not being allowed to carry out their plans.
And these people are desperate and dangerous.
Now, I noticed that a leading Zionist and Jewish figure,
Chuck Schumer, has called for Benjamin Netanyahu to resign.
That's a sign that even the Jews have figured out that the fanatics
who took over the organized Jewry and staged a massive genocide in the Ukraine
in order to reestablish the Republic of Kazaria,
and who also wanted to create a Jewish state from the Euphrates to the Nile,
have led the Jewish people into disaster and the danger of the largest pogrom in history
because of the actions of a few fanatics like Benjamin Netanyahu.
Now, Netanyahu is one of the top people who needs to be removed.
And I know that the U.S. government is even calling for that now.
And the reason why the U.S. government is calling for that
is because, although it's not in your newspapers,
the BRICS nations, that is, you know,
I would say at this point, 95% of the world has started an economic blockade
against the United States and Israel to force them to stop the genocide in Gaza.
And it really is the end game.
Now, the other thing is that a lot of very top people have gone.
A lot of the Rothschild family is an endangered species at this point.
We know that the...
Now, even the press is admitting that Kate Middleton has vanished.
They put out a computer graphic picture of her trying to make it look like she was still around,
but it was obviously not.
So they know that their top people are disappearing,
and for good reason, they're mass murderers.
Now, on a more esoteric level, I was brought up as an atheist,
a believer in science and reason and, you know, studying the real world.
But in the more than a decade that I've been, you know,
trying to change the top levels of world power,
I've been forced to the conclusion that there really is some sort of thing
as a fallen angels and that they are being removed.
So my understanding is that the top one, Satan himself, is no longer with us,
and that we're fighting down, hunting down the last ones.
Now, okay, if you want to take that as a metaphor, that's fine.
But we do have groups of people who require mayhem and murder.
And this is what was happening in Gaza.
And now the mass resignations from the Israeli army
and the realization that this was all staged
has gone to the point where they can't sustain it.
So they are now trying something in Haiti.
There is a mass murder event going on there.
My sources in French intelligence,
remember Haiti is a French-speaking country,
say that there are special forces fighting there
and that US special forces, US, probably from the army,
are actually grabbing children in Haiti to harvest adrenochrome
and that Canadian and other special forces are fighting against them.
But there is an attempt to create another mass murder event
because these people apparently need this in Haiti,
and they're going to try to send a bunch of these people to the United States.
So this is an area that needs to, you know, fire that needs to be put out.
And I'm also hearing they're going to plan something nasty for Africa.
But again, we're hoping that the African people
will not let themselves be manipulated by foreign Satan-worshipping gangsters
and that this will not happen.
So overall, they're definitely being put down,
and humanity is about to be liberated.
But these are very dangerous people.
They're cornered, and they know they're fighting for their actual lives
because once people figure out all the mass murder they've carried out,
and we're talking about, you know, a core group of about 700 people,
then there's going to be a demand for war crimes tribunals.
They know their lives are on the line.
Just the vaccines alone have murdered at least 17 million people,
and we have specific names of people who were involved in that,
including the fake Donald Trump,
Ebola, of Pfizer,
you know, and all the various Rothschilds.
So this is really getting there.
And by the way, I was contacted last week by a Rothschild family member
who I wanted to meet next week,
and they were trying to get me to agree to some sort of
cryptocurrency scam of theirs.
It's a sign of desperation.
You know, they really have lost control.
So it's looking good, folks, but we all have to do our part
and not be armchair warriors.
Everybody must do what they can, but we're almost there, folks.
I think we can really overthrow them this time and liberate humanity.
But we're dealing with extremely dangerous, extremely intelligent,
extremely powerful people, and so do not underestimate them.
But I am personally doing everything I can.
I'm not going to be paying taxes myself,
and I've explained to the Japanese government that it's illegal to do so.
It's illegal in the current situation because the government is controlled by gangsters.
And the same is true of other G7 countries, especially the United States.
So that's one thing you can personally do.
Don't pay taxes to a criminal government.
That'll put them out of business.
And demand that they nationalize the central banks
and give the power of control of money back to the people.
And the other thing is we are asking for a jubilee,
a redistribution of assets to take back that which has been stolen from the people.
So we're at a crucial stage, folks, but it's looking good,
and we're going to keep fighting until this is over.
No matter how long it takes, we will keep fighting.

All right, well, that's what I have to say for myself today.
Now I'd like to answer questions from readers and viewers.
Hi, Ben.
We have our first question for today.
Please, can you clarify how William is the son of Jacob Rothschild, please?
I do not believe that Princess Diana willingly slept with him.
There is also a theory that William is the son of the King of Spain.
Looking at these two paragraphs and the noses,
it looks like something happens to Diana's son, William.
Thank you for all of your hard work and insights.
Okay, now I don't know that he is the son of Jacob Rothschild.
I was told this by a source in Polish intelligence
who has been reliable and has had access to high-level intelligence,
and I was sent photographs that showed some sort of resemblance.
But when I ran this by MI6, they told me he was, in fact, the son of the King of Spain.
Now, at the top levels, at these royal families,
they do have organized breeding, and so I'm guessing that she was ordered to,
you know, for bloodline purposes, to have a child with the King of Spain.
But hopefully, this will all come out when we finally get some truth and reconciliation.
We'll find out the truth.
But right now, most of the British royal family is missing in action.
That's a fact.

Okay, next question, please.
Ben, you mentioned in recent months that there was a fight going on for control of New Zealand.
Can you shed any updates on this, along with the power and control structures of Australia?
There are freedom movements preparing for a lawful reclamation of both countries.
Are they legit, and is there any hope with these?
I've heard that at a high level, you know, a lot of people like Jack Ardern
and the Prime Minister of Australia have been arrested, and that there is a battle going on.
But I don't—I'm going to ask my Australian sources for more information for the update next week,
so I can get better information.
But as I've mentioned before, the Qazarian Mafia were planning this stage in nuclear Armageddon,
which would have made the northern hemisphere of the planet uninhabitable.
So a lot of them moved to New Zealand, a lot of them moved to Australia, a lot of them moved to
And so there's a big fight there, but I'm hearing that at the highest level,
they're being cleaned out, and something's happening.
But I'll try to get more for you on that.
But I'm sure that Australia and New Zealand will be liberated because the Anglo-Saxon Five Eyes
have made a decision at the highest level to remove the Qazarian Mafia.

Next question, please.
Hi, Benjamin.
I keep hearing that the humans are in a distinction phase.
This is because humans are not having enough babies.
Can this be true?
What's happened was that the elite under David Rockefeller, a senior,
and that generation of leadership somehow got the idea that the planet was
suffering from overpopulation.
And so they set up a long-term program of population reduction.
They did this by putting sterilizing substances in our daily products,
things like shampoo and makeup and foodstuffs.
They also did social engineering with the so-called "woman's lib" to try to convince
women not to have children.
So it's a long-term project by the former ruling class to reduce population.
And that's what we're seeing now.
This is something they've been working on for decades, and it's going to be reversed.
But I'm sure that humanity will not be extinct.
However, right now, if you look at the actual demographics,
East Asian populations are plummeting, European populations are plummeting,
and African and Indian populations are still growing at a very fast pace.
These are the demographic realities we face now.
But I'm sure that once the Kazarian Mafia is overthrown, this false idea that there
are too many people will be overturned and we'll start growing the population again.
If you took all 8 billion people on Earth and just stood them up in a crowd,
you could fit them on basically in New York City.
So it's nonsense that there are too many people.
What the problem was was incompetent economic and ecological management by the old elite,
not too many people.

Okay, next question, please.
Hi, Benjamin.
How do we fight against the AI weapons such as nanodust everywhere and the COVID biological
internal infrastructure, the NIH, DARPA, and others are connecting to each individual's
biology and remote controlling them with the WBAN technology?
How do we get our militias together when we are being remote controlled by the enemy we
wish to capture?
Willpower is the short answer.
They've tried to hit me with this stuff and I can mentally overcome it.
So, you know, we are very strong and we have a lot of electromagnetic energy of our own.
So willpower is the answer.
However, if there are 5G area denial weapons, they need to be physically dismantled.
The real damage in 5G, that needs to have a transmitter every 100 yards or so.
Most of what you're seeing, for example, my iPhone says 5G, but that's just marketing
to sell new phones.
But, you know, it is important sometimes to turn off the infrastructure, to turn off your
router at night, turn off your phone at night to minimize the invasiveness.
But the bottom line is we can overcome this with willpower.

Okay, next question.
Hi, Ben.
We have our last question for today.
What are your thoughts and/or intel on the Earth being flat?
Many believe that the UN map is a true depiction of the Earth, Antarctica being not a continent
but a circular ice wall that surrounds the other six continents, beyond it lying another
ocean and more continents, perhaps even additional rings and more continents behind those rings.
What are your thoughts on this?
I have personally flown around the world several times and looked out the airplane window,
and I'm pretty sure, you know, I've seen that it's round.
Also, if you go in the ocean, you can see the curve in the horizon.
So it's not flat.
However, at a deeper level, I do believe that this planet is actually some kind of digital
construct and there is some sort of anomaly or gateway in Antarctica.
This is for sure.
So, you know, there's a lot of question marks, but I can tell you that the idea that it's
flat is wrong.
But the possibility that it's a digital construct, I think, is very real and that there is an
anomaly in Antarctica.
So hopefully we'll find out more, but I'm sure the Earth is not flat.
Okay, well, that's it for this week, and let's see if this, you know, predicted financial
thing, and it wasn't predicted by me.
I'm just quoting people.
You know, I'm very wary of dates, but let's see if next week something has happened or
And if not, I'll try to figure out what was planned, who stopped it, and what's really
going on.
But for now, let's see if we get this widely predicted event or not.
Okay, I look forward to seeing you next week.
Thanks for tuning in.

Benjamin Fulford — March 18th, 2024: The “Rules Based World Order” faction has surrendered

The mega black swan event predicted for March 15th actually did take place as will become increasingly obvious over the coming days and months. The Khazarian Mafia’s so-called “Rules Based World Order,” has surrendered, according to Asian Secret Society and White Dragon sources. The hybrid war for control of the planet Earth that has been raging at least since September 11, 2001, is thus ending.

This came as a White Dragon Society representative hand-delivered a declaration of war against the Japanese government. The declaration said the government was controlled by foreign gangsters who murdered over 400,000 Japanese citizens with vaccines. Demands include the expulsion of fake US Ambassador Rahm Emanuel and all foreign “Japan handlers.” It calls for the formation of an emergency government under the Japanese royal family, It also calls for the nationalization of the Bank of Japan, a jubilee, the reinstatement of the Economic Planning Agency and more.

The imminent move in Japan comes after Chinese authorities arrested 726,000 people last year, a jump of 47.1% from the previous year… amid a crackdown on crimes linked to “hostile foreign forces.”

In a public sign the Khazarian Mafia is surrendering, “Pope Francis” said Ukraine should have the courage to wave the “white flag” of surrender to Russia and the planetary liberation alliance.

EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell also confirmed the KM surrender when he wrote on his blog:

“If the current global geopolitical tensions continue to evolve in the direction of ‘the West against the Rest,’ Europe’s future risks to be bleak. The era of Western dominance has indeed definitively ended.”

In further sign the KM-controlled US regime is finished, Russian President Vladimir Putin says Washington has become a laughing stock of the rest of the world. “I think it’s obvious to everyone that the American political system cannot claim to be democratic in any sense of the word…and is becoming “increasingly uncivilized.”

Yet another sign came on March 11th -the anniversary of the Fukushima terror attack- when the Federal Reserve Board stopped bailing out banks.

This means most of the major Western banks are now de facto bankrupt.

That is why “All Major CEO’s are selling their stocks,” many commentators agree.

Oops, even ole Warren Buffet wants out before the collapse: IRS data reportedly shows Buffett traded Berkshire stocks in personal account, according to ProPublica

Warren Buffett was allegedly front-running or trading stocks in his personal account that his conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway was buying and selling. This is a practice that he himself in the past deemed a conflict of interest, according to ProPublica on Thursday. It’s more than that, it is illegal.

All this is happening because behind the scenes on March 15th an Asian royal was officially designated as the new M1 or controller of the financial system, according to Asian secret society sources. Christine Lagarde is President of the European Central Bank because she agreed to take orders from the new M1, they add.

The sources say confirmation of change will come when Goldman Sachs announces their departure from Japan on April 15th.

This is a mega black swan event for many reasons. A change in control of the financial system is a change in control of the process of deciding what humanity will do in the future.

For one thing, it marks the end of a millennia-old project by the families who control monotheism to impose a god king of their lineage on the entire planet. On a shorter time span, it marks the end of a Freemason project started in 1717 to destroy Russia as a prelude to subjugating China.

It also marks the end of 80 years of the post-World War II Western-dominated international system. On an even closer focus, it marks the end of the unipolar world dominance the US enjoyed since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Gnostic Illuminati sources say what has happened is beyond biblical in scale because it means the end of a war against fallen angels that has been raging for 26,000 years.

However, on a here-and-now level, change will appear more slowly because turning around a plan that has been in motion for at least decades is not something that can be done overnight,

For example, the planning for the 2020-2023 scamdemic started 45 years earlier as can be seen by World Bank reports from 1975. The hunger crisis the elites are now trying to create also dates back at least as far. This means decades of laws, preparation by corporations and brainwashing of elite servants need to be dealt with.

Nonetheless, meetings are being held to determine how to spend trillions of dollars for the benefit of humanity and the planet’s other living creatures.

Representatives of the WDS, Asian Royals and the CEO of a major international bank are meeting this week to discuss plans to release at least a trillion dollars for setting up a future planning organization. There will be a press conference to announce this as soon as the funds are confirmed.

In the meanwhile, the current Western political/economic system continues to circle the drain.

For example, recent discussions at the UN and the World Health Organization display depopulation plans disguised as things like “LGTB rights” and “women’s health.”

WHO guidelines for the “health of transgender and gender diverse people,” are being decided by commission members who almost all have financial ties to organizations that profit from the gender reassignment procedure, according to the CitizenGo pro-life group. These guidelines promote harmful drugs and irreversible gender reassignment surgery (castration and sterilization) for children and young people.

Meanwhile, the goals of the “UN Commission on the Status of Women” this year are the promotion of trans ideology and the pursuit of universal access to abortion. “They continually promote the extreme ideas that women cannot be defined by biology and that gender is a social construct. Doing so, they significantly harm women around the world and put many of them at risk,” Polish intelligence sources say.

This is not new. The excerpt below from a mid-1950s Disney cartoon shows a restrained male prisoner being literally “groomed” into a female.

The result is women in KM-controlled countries like Sweden, Japan and South Korea have never had so few children as in 2023. In Sweden, based on the childbearing gap, Yasir Qadhi, a Pakistani-born American theologian, predicts that in just one generation, half the population will be Muslim.

This is the result of long-term KM plans to reduce the world population, especially the European population. Their plan calls for dumbing down the majority of the world’s population to turn them into farm animals for members of their tribe.

There is serious blowback coming.

Dr. Alan Sabrosky, former Director of Studies at the U.S Army War College says, “The system we live in today is completely dominated by the Zionists from every angle be that Politics, Education, Finance or Media. This is the reality and something that the masses need to come to terms with…The Zionists are behind the creation of nearly every worldwide problem. For Centuries they’ve been trying to control nations for their own benefit.”

That control is ending, The attempt to use Ukraine to subjugate Russia has ended in defeat, failure and bankruptcy.

Now it’s Israel’s turn. The recent genocide in Gaza was the last straw:

Israel’s power, based on the myth that Jews are incompatible with fascism, has collapsed. From now on, it will be possible to exhume all the crimes committed by this tiny group, on behalf of the CIA, during the Cold War, in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, writes French journalist Thierry Meyssan.

War crimes tribunals are coming. Some 650 Chilean lawyers have filed a legal complaint at the International Criminal Court (ICC) against Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu for committing genocide in the besieged Gaza Strip.

The US government has been forced to stop its support of Israel after the BRICS coalition of more than 80% of the worlds’ people threatened it with sanctions and a boycott.

In a sign of this boycott BRICS is considering creating a form of mutual settlements similar to that of the early European Union, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Russia’s Sherpa in the BRICS Sergey Ryabkov said

That’s why the US government said in the annual Threat Assessment report “Netanyahu’s viability as [a] leader as well as his governing collation of far-right and ultra-orthodox parties that pursue hardline policies on Palestinian and security issues may be in doubt.”

Even Zionist Jewish American leaders are abandoning the Netanyahu regime. As a Mossad source comments “Wow, Zionist Chuck Schumer is calling for new elections. It seems that Bibi’s days are about over,” after Schumer said “Israel cannot survive if it becomes a pariah,”

A final confrontation is coming. US officials are saying an Israeli military operation in Rafah would likely lead to an end to US defense of Israel at the United Nations

Netanyahu, meanwhile has effectively said his red line is that Israel must go into Rafah. In other words he will fight to the death and it will be his death.

Russian FSB sources tell us Iran and Russia have cleared the airspace over Syria in preparation for more direct action against Israel and the US. Iran has suspended. all flights to Syria indefinitely.

The current fake US government is in no position to stop this since it does not control the military and is itself circling the drain.

Here is the latest from the walking dead fake US President Joe Biden.

He is spouting nonsense like “We have among the lowest inflation rates of any country in America,” and that his government has added a “record 15 million new jobs.”

This Biden actor is apparently is wearing GPS shoes.

Meanwhile this screen shot from a now deleted website shows the real Biden is lying dead in his grave.

And yet, the US government sh*t show continues. The latest about the staged January 6 KM Deep State event is that 88 pages of ATF records from the DOJ in a lawsuit show the CIA deployed personnel to Washington, DC, on January 6, 2021.

Then there is the ongoing farce of legal cases against US President Donald Trump: Georgia Judge McAfee Rules Fani Willis Can Continue Her Racketeering Case Against President Trump Despite Lying in Court About Her Affair.

“The KM controlled Deep State Dems are really scared that Trump will do to them what they have been doing to him and many of his supporters,” a Pentagon source comments.

“The former president has openly said he intends to weaponize the Department of Justice against his enemies,” VP Harris said about Trump.

The fact is the vast majority of Americans don’t want to have anything to do with either faction. Recent polls snow only 16% of Americans have confidence in the federal government. This is down from 77% in 1964 and 54% in 2001. No surprise.

The 16% support is also around the percentage of US military jets that are combat ready. A September 2023 Government Accountability Office (GAO) report on the F-35 revealed that only 15 to 30 percent of F-35s may be capable of combat.

No wonder there’s a big movement of people refusing to pay their taxes

The situation is leading to heavy infighting amongst the oligarchs who de facto run the US Corporation.

This is seen in what appears to be a campaign to destroy Boeing Aircraft. In the latest John Barnett, a whistleblower who had been involved in a lawsuit against Boeing, Lawyers for a Boeing whistleblower found dead on the day he was due to testify against the jetliner giant are questioning that he killed himself in a South Carolina parking lot — and calling for an investigation.

There is also a huge war to control cyberspace in the US. This pits Larry Ellison (CIA white hats) behind TikTok plus Elon Musk (US military white hates) and X versus Larry Page, the Rockefellers and Bill Gates behind Google. Meta, Instagram and Messenger.

In confirmation of what Russian FSB sources told us about Musk being a front for the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office, SpaceX, led by Elon Musk, is in the process of building hundreds of spy satellites.

While the US oligarchs duke it out, Russia is on the offensive. “The Western elites have a great desire to freeze the current, injust situation in international affairs – for centuries, they’ve become used to stuffing their stomachs with human flesh and their pockets with money…”The vampire ball is coming to an end…” says Putin.

Polish intelligence informs us Russia is about to send an ultimatum to 7 capitals. This apparently includes a demand for the return to Russia of the Baltic States.

Meanwhile an undeclared civil war is raging in Poland. The government there just used agents provocateurs throwing stones at police as a pretext for a brutal attack on a farmers’ protest in front of the Parliament of the Republic of Poland.

“A civil war is coming, farmers will attack the government,” Polish sources say. “A farmer knows better how to cultivate the land, not an official in Brussels who wants to impose on him how to take care of his soil and the environment. If a farmer did not take care of his land, he would not be today agriculture in Poland and in the European Union,” says the farmer, Vice Minister of Agriculture, Michał Kołodziejczak.

There is also a revolution fully under way in the French speaking world.

The change of elites in francophone West Africa, which began in 2021, has stripped Paris of much of its traditional political and economic influence in the region, not to mention its prominent military presence. The French military has now pulled out of Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and the Central African Republic. Meanwhile, the Russian Armed Forces established its “African Corps.”

Apparently it is the loss of looted African resources that has led French President Emmanuelle Macron to tell his people “French intervention in Ukraine cannot be ruled out, and France will do everything to make sure Russia doesn’t win.”

Of course the French all know Macron is a former male prostitute married to his uncle “Brigitte.”

Now the rest of the world is catching on. Conservative commentator Candace Owens says “I would stake my entire professional reputation on the fact that Brigitte Macron is in fact a man,”

Here is Macron desperately trying to defend himself.

Meanwhile the Satanists are making another last stand on the Francophone Island of Haiti.

A major Satanist, who has been hidden, came out in full view there. Gilbert Bigio Haiti’s only billionaire oligarch -a Syrian Jew- has emerged as the mastermind behind all the mayhem and misery now unfolding on that Island.

By the way, the Rockefellers are also Syrian or rather Assyrian “Jews.” The Assyrians worship Ashur, the God of War also known as Ba’al or Satan. In a sign of how deep and ancient this is, look at the ancient graven images for this god found in places as far apart as Mesopotamia and Ecuador.

The Rockefeller controlled Clinton Foundation were in charge of the $13+ billion in aid to rebuild Haiti back when it was hit with an earthquake weapon in 2010. Bill Clinton used the phrase “build Haiti back better”. The Haitian People never saw that money, and now their country is ruled by cannibal gangs. This is what the Dems mean when they say “build back better”. They do not care about helping the needy. They are only interested in enriching themselves under the guise of “foreign aid”.

French military sources tell us Rockefeller agent Bibio has hired US special forces to grab children and harvest adrenachrome in Haiti. In corroborating evidence, the Miami Herald tells us Bibio bought Jeffrey Epstein’s $132,000 Mercedes.

He has been accused by the Canadian foreign ministry -along with two other superwealthy Haitians- of using economic power ‘to protect and enable the illegal activities of the armed criminal gangs’ that are tearing the country apart.

Canadian special forces are now in Haiti fighting against the Rockefeller Satanic proxies, according to French military intelligence sources.

Here is the Rockefellers’ man Barbecue: the new leader of Haiti after the real leader was forced to step down. Notice his hand signal and necklace of course.

To understand just how evil these people are here you can see a cannibal eating a human barbecue Haiti. (warning graphic)

Now they plan to send these cannibals to the US. DoD officials say they are “alerted” about a potential maritime “mass migration” from Haiti into the United States.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is deploying law enforcement officers and an air-and-sea fleet to Florida’s southern waters to help curb a potential wave of these Haitian immigrants.

It turns out that another reason for the Rockefeller & UN on-going occupation in Haiti & the collapse of the State is to go after Iridium deposits there. “One ton of Iridium is worth $45 BILLION & Haiti has mountains of it” says Haiti expert Ezili Danto.

Apparently Iridium is essential for space activity which apparently the KM hopes to use to prevent themselves from being hung for their medical and other crimes.

They are getting desperate as more and more people figure out “First they inject you with a cancer causing experimental jab and then they profit from charging you for cancer treatments…”

Now J&J will acquire cancer drug developer Ambrx Biopharma for $2 billion

And this:

Pfizer has also jumped into the cancer business. This is to harvest $ 33.3 Billion revenues from excess cancer caused by the the Covid vaccine.

This sort of crime has prompted British Member of Parliament Andrew Bridgen to call for Bill Gates and the elite “Covid cabal” to face the death penalty for alleged “crimes against humanity” during the Covid pandemic. “Can we have a debate on crimes against humanity, and the appropriate punishment for those who perpetuate, collude and cover up for these atrocities,” continued Bridgen. “Atrocities and crimes that are so severe, that the ultimate punishment may be required.”

One of these criminals, Canadian crime minister Pierre Castrudeau is so scared he is trying to pass a law to make online hate (ie truth) punishable up to life in prison.

This came after 20 plaintiffs filed a $2.2 MILLION class-action lawsuit against Trudeau, the RCMP and various other entities for violating their charter rights by illegally invoking and enforcing the Emergencies Act and seizing theirbank accounts.

It looks like many British royals have already faced the ultimate penalty. The BBC has reportedly been notified to watch out for an “extremely important” royal announcement “at any moment.”

As we have already reported, a whole slew of British royals have vanished.

Now just as this report was about to go live Canadian intelligence sent us the following:

The Princess of Wales Kate Middleton was murdered in an Illuminati blood sacrifice, according to Princess Diana’s best friend who also revealed the ritual killing had long been been planned as part of the royal family’s dark occult traditions.

The fact that Kate would be offed has been an open secret among the British aristocracy for years, according to Christine Fitzgerald, who claims that just like her friend Princess Diana, Middleton was carefully chosen for the sacrificial role due to her personality and bloodline.

As the public in Britain and around the world demand the royal family release proof of life, the woman who was once Diana’s best friend is urging the world to wake up to the dark truth about the Luciferian House of Windsor.

As this happens, the British reveal their Directed Energy Weapon technology to the world. The declassified footage below reveals Britain’s DragonFire laser weapon. It can destroy drones and hypersonic missiles instantly at £10 per shot.

It also looks like even more fearsome things are being planned by the KM for April.

It turns out the Oklahoma National Guard will deploy guardsmen for the total solar eclipse on April 8, which is an important Jewish holy day.

On that day a team of 22 elite members from the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear units will be stationed.

Residents are advised to prepare by stocking up on one to two weeks’ worth of food ahead of the event.

Due to the potential for communication facilities to become “overloaded”, making cell phone calls might be challenging.

Hundreds of schools in path of total solar eclipse cancel classes over safety concerns…this eclipse cuts across the United States of America, Mexico & Canada; it will go over more metropolitan areas in one path than any other eclipse in the history of the Western Hemisphere. .

As a CIA source comments “There is definitely something going on here.

Will the power grid go down? All cell phone services going off line. April 8 is a total solar eclipse.”

Also it turns out “We are currently in the ‘322nd’ year of Yale (college of Skull and Bones 322)” and this solar eclipse will last “3 Minutes and 22 seconds”

To add icing to the cake they are telling us a “Devil comet” will be visible to the naked eye during the solar eclipse.

Operation Blue Beam anyone?

Quote:Notes to Readers:

I was told several years ago that I first came to Terra some 26,000 years ago… for some long-forgotten purpose. Now that the Khazarian Mafia has surrendered and Western hegemony will no longer dominate the planet, the time to make another decision will soon be upon me — to stay or go Home. For much of my original purpose is now complete, although Earth humanity will require teachers and mentors. I wonder…

I can’t express the emotional impact of this news… it is beyond words.


P.S. Ironically, March 15th, the Ides of March, was also the anniversary of my father’s birthday… He passed in 2000.

Quote:dwaynetwinsgraphics says:
March 18, 2024 at 7:01 pm
sounds good but I don’t believe any of it until I see it. DEW are still being used, Chem trails fill the skies, food and water loaded with chemicals and poison. Media still lying. I see no change but it’s a good story. Good fiction is always welcome reading

LaVerne March 21, 2024 At 11:21 AM
Still mentioning the Rockefeller's in the fake "Cyber Space" Tik Tok war…There are No Rockefeller Players, last one passed away in 2017.
There also Never was a "Gaza War," certainly Not the way any media/journalist has reported it.
"Baltic States to return to Russia" Russia demands Baltic states, yes, I agree, which means German Territory needs to be returned to Germany, which includes: areas such as Silesia, East Prussia, Pomerania, West Prussia, East Brandenburg & the Sudetenland, these are large German Territories stolen by Communist Bolshevik after WW2.
Rockefeller's worshiped European Culture, hence European Mythology, that is why the Rockefeller Center/Plaza was built in 1933, in New York City by John D. Rockefeller Junior. Go take a vacation there Benjamin & judge what you see, not what you hear!
LOL, you can put a hand signal & necklace on anybody & call it what you want….

Jeffrey March 21, 2024 At 11:54 AM
There is no photo here showing the REAL Biden laying dead in his grave! Explain and edit that nonsense out of this article/report!

Benjamin Fulford and Sean Stone Full Interview March 20, 2024

Transcribed by Whisper
Quote:Oh, this is Benjamin Fulford on March 20th, 2024, and I'm here with Sean Stone, the son
of the movie director Oliver Stone.
And I guess we want to start by talking about Robert David Steele, is that right?
I'm open to talking about whatever you want to talk about.
Okay, I was in a, you know, Robert Steele came to visit me in Japan and we were in constant
He told me that you and your family and people you were connected to financed him for a presidential
bid and that he had a bus and then they toured around the United States making speeches.
Towards the end, he was taken to a hospital in Florida where he was intubated and killed,
as far as I can tell.
And so people I've been in touch with, I don't want to name them, but one is a CIA agent
and one is a Mossad agent, suspected that you were involved.
And I guess you want to refute that, is that right?
What is your understanding of the situation?
Okay, first of all, when was he in Japan, Robert?
It was a few years ago, I can't remember exactly.
There's a YouTube of us talking, you can check it out and find the date.
Well, it's important to know if, because I'm unclear, his Arise USA resurrection tour,
I'm looking it up right now, maybe if you want to look it up.
I was never involved with the Arise USA resurrection tour and I don't think he was in Japan during
the tour, which was I believe early 2021 or I should say, it was probably like spring
to summer 2021, because that's when he got sick.
So that's why I'm asking you how I was involved in the Arise resurrection tour, I don't understand
Okay, well, he came before that time for sure.
He was the person that told me this.
And so if you're saying that you weren't involved in his tour, then we need to find out who
financed the tour.
And then we know the name of the hospital in Florida where he was intubated and killed.
And I guess I know that the Marines, he was the head of Marine intelligence, the Marines
obviously have his back on this, but.
He wasn't the head of Marine intelligence, he was CIA, he was a former Marine.
And I'm just, I mean, if you look up the resurrection tour, the cover is about is Robert and Sasha
Stone talking about the tour that they did together.
And that was with Scott McKay and Lee Dundas.
And there's about, I don't know, 10, 20 people that were on the tour.
And if you did a little homework, you would know that Sasha and Robert had a falling out
during the tour.
Scott McKay left, Lee Dundas and some others left the tour, but who financed it?
I don't have a clue because first of all, the resurrection tour was in 21, which means
it was after the election of 2020.
So there was no presidential run.
And the 21 tour that Robert did, they sold tickets.
So I don't know if there was a particular sponsor or if it was simply a question of
them selling tickets and doing a tour by raising money.
So maybe, okay.
Can you tell me why Sasha Stone had a falling out with Mr. Steele?
You'd have to interview Sasha about it.
To my knowledge, you know, Sasha Stone, you might know that Sasha Stone and Sean Stone
are two different people, I think, because you know, I've told Sasha says he knows you.
Sasha, you can ask him, you interview him yourself.
I can't speak for Sasha.
I don't know why he had a falling out with Robert.
Like I said, a few people on this tour had a falling out because a few people left the
But that's not my place to gossip about other people.
It's for them to share.
But I think Sasha and others have talked about it, but it's not my place to speak for them.
All right.
So in other words, I've been misinformed.
You're saying about you weren't involved at all in the tour and everything?
Oh, I think I think that you're unclear in your head because you're saying that Sasha
Stone and Sean Stone are the same person when you know who Sasha Stone is.
You know, Sasha Stone?
Not really.
No, I was under the impression it was you.
And that's what my people told me, too.
So you don't know Sasha Stone?
Not in my collection.
So if I were to ask Sasha, have you ever talked to Ben Fulford an`d made communication?
He might say something different.
You're saying you've never been in touch with Sasha Stone?
It's possible.
I mean, I get so many people contacting me that, you know, I can't.
So I agree with you.
You get so many people.
Don't you think it's a little bit dangerous to spread gossip about people without even
knowing the facts?
Like literally, you could have looked up the tour and seen, oh, Sasha Stone and Robert
David Steele.
Maybe that's who I'm talking about.
You're saying Robert came to Japan and you can't even tell me if he was in Japan before
the tour and you're going out there and putting out on a blog that a lot of people are saying
that a lot of people think you're credible.
I don't think you're credible because you're sitting here telling me, well, I don't know,
Sasha, maybe I met him.
I don't know, I can't tell, I know those people.
Well, guess what?
If you're spreading information about Sean Stone
being involved with Robert David Steele's tour, paying him,
where are you up with this?
Oh, well, Robert told me something about someone.
Maybe that's, you know, that's very dangerous, Ben.
- All right, you sent me emails
with the title Robert David Steele,
saying that you wanted to meet me.
- You did, you sent me an email saying RDS,
and I have it on my screen if you wanna see it.
RDS, Benjamin Fulford, MI6 says you told them
Robert David Steele was killed
because he was caught passing on secret documents.
What kind of documents was he passing to who?
First of all, I don't know who MI6 is.
I don't know what you're referring to when you say MI6.
So I responded to you, and it says,
what kind of BS are you getting into?
This is the only secret.
The secret document is a documentary
called "Best Kept Secret."
That was a documentary that Robert David Steele financed,
that he hired me to direct.
And then we did another documentary called "Paradigm of Money,"
and we were talking about doing a third documentary
when he passed away.
So the last person to have motivation
to wanna see Robert pass away was me,
because I was actually being paid
as a result of his executive production,
which I'm sure when I sent you the documentary,
did you even watch it?
I sent you the "Best Kept Secret" documentary.
Did you even take a look at that?
- No, but all right, let me just say what happened.
You came to Japan and wanted to meet me,
and I was warned by a very senior CIA
and very senior Mossad that this was dangerous,
that it was a trap, and there are paranoid people,
but I have survived many assassination attempts,
so it makes me cautious.
And when I get warnings from such people,
I take them seriously.
But clearly, as I've already written on my blog,
you deny any involvement,
but now you are telling me that he was financing
or paying for you to do a documentary, right?
- Ben, I emailed just to you in September 1st, 2021.
We corresponded.
I don't know if you don't have the emails.
I'm happy to share these emails
if anybody wants to read it.
You contacted me asking about RDS's passing.
That's the headline.
I responded to you.
I shared the docuseries that I was doing with Robert.
- Okay, and is there somewhere,
I will put up a link where people
can watch this docuseries.
- Absolutely, I would love that.
I would love you to share the docuseries
because it was a very good series,
and it was at RDS's request, let's say,
that we initiated it and did this series that he produced,
and it's dedicated to him
if you actually watched the first episode.
- So who do you think-
- People started going out there saying
that I was involved in wanting to see Robert David Steele die.
- All I know, Ben, all right, so let's-
- That's very dangerous.
- Okay, here's what I know.
So he had a falling out with Sasha Stone,
not with Sean Stone.
Apparently, I was told that they were the one
and the same person, which is not the case.
So I understand and I correct that and apologize,
but after this falling out, he got sick.
He was taken to a hospital and incubated and killed.
And we're trying to find out who did this
and who do you think did it then?
- Ben.
- He didn't die of a disease, okay?
- Ben, Ben.
- Incubating is murder, and he was murdered in a hospital.
Who did it?
Who did it?
- Ben, it's very simple, very simple.
You ready?
In America, we had one of the highest,
if not the highest death toll from COVID
anywhere in the world, okay?
Robert was aware of the protocols,
and all of us that knew him were shocked
when he allowed himself to be put into a hospital, okay?
Because what happens in American hospitals during COVID,
you went in with pneumonia,
they gave you a COVID test,
Robert got tested positive for COVID,
whether he had it or not,
what happens with the protocols is they intubate you,
and that's a death sentence for 90 plus percent
of the people in the American hospital systems.
So to say that he was murdered,
it's like over a million people were murdered
in American hospital systems by being intubated.
I have no evidence to say Robert in particular was killed.
All I can say is that at the moment
that he allowed himself to go into a hospital
and be tested and found positive for COVID,
it was a death sentence for 90 plus percent
of the American people that went into the hospitals.
So that's why I say your question to me is almost,
it's irrelevant because it was a death sentence.
Now, if someone actually did put him there
and against his will, I have no knowledge of that.
I have no evidence of that.
I don't particularly have any leads on that.
I'm not investigating people's murders in that regard.
I do documentaries and I do interviews with people.
I'm not an investigative journalist in that sense.
I don't know what happened to Robert,
but I can tell you as I said that most
of the American people that were intubated died as a result.
And that was a surprise to us that Robert allowed himself
to go into the hospital in the first place,
knowing as he did what they were doing.
And I was shocked that he wasn't on ivermectin
or something like that.
But again, Robert was his own man
and he was a tough, very tough, stubborn guy.
And at some level he allowed it by going into the hospital.
- Okay, all right.
I got that and I'll post this up.
So, and I hope that settles the thing
and try to find out more.
But I've been told many different things
about Robert David Steele and people I've dealt
with before who have died, but actually not died,
but were, you know, changed their identities.
I've been able to confirm this, that they're still around.
And I was told that Robert David Steele
was given a big retirement fund
and that he went off the grid and got a new identity.
But I've been unable to, as in the other cases,
confirm that actually he's still around.
So- - I would love that.
I would love, no one would love that more than me.
It's one of those things where, again, Ben,
we have to be careful of what we promise and what we say.
Like, as you said, it's something like that.
No one gets hurt if we say, hey, maybe Robert didn't die.
Maybe it was, you know, maybe they faked his death.
Maybe he's still around in some capacity.
I'd be surprised personally,
because I know he had a lot going on.
Like I said, he was doing our docu-series.
We were doing another documentary called "Paradigm of Money."
We were gonna do another documentary with, oh God,
the Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.
She was gonna do one about the election fraud,
and then we were talking about doing even more
at the point that he passed away.
So again, I get what you're saying,
but be careful when spreading gossip or rumors
like this idea that I came to Japan to harm you.
I reached out to you because I had interviewed you
in the past, do you remember that?
We spoke about three or four years ago via,
I think it was Skype, I interviewed you.
And I was curious to sit down and have a conversation
about, you know, in person about some things
that we can't necessarily share on the air.
That was my curiosity.
At no point could I have lured you.
I literally didn't even tell you where to go.
You offered to invite me somewhere.
I said that was outside of Tokyo,
about an hour outside of Tokyo.
I said, I don't have the capacity
'cause I'm on a limited time in Tokyo.
I'd like to meet maybe in the electronics district
or somewhere for lunch.
I was not, I didn't have any,
I didn't even say where to meet me.
How could I have lured you?
You know, I was pretty paranoid.
- I can, you know, I was warned by two different individuals
as I've mentioned before, one CIA, one Mossad.
And so I was being cautious,
but I understand that you just wanted to talk to me,
as you're saying you just wanted to talk to me.
And I hope this clears the air.
I don't know that, all I can tell you is I was warned.
And because I've had many actual assassination attempts,
like being poisoned twice and people with guns,
all sorts of stuff, that I am cautious.
And I don't accept invitations downtown
to places where I don't have the environment
under my control, because it's just not wise
at this moment in time,
because we're in the middle of a sort of a hybrid war.
- Sure.
- So I hope you understand that.
That's why I wanted you to meet me in a hot spring
where we'd both be naked.
- How can I know that you're not luring me to a hot spring?
You know, that's--
- Sure, okay.
That's just, you know, I figured that would be a safe place,
you know, because, but, you know,
this is a very nice hot spring, by the way.
- I believe you.
And as I said, I was on a limited time in Tokyo
because we're traveling around the country.
If I had more time,
I'm sure I would have enjoyed going to the hot spring.
We went to a few other times along the way.
- All right, I think--
- It wasn't against you, it was just a matter of time.
And just to the point, you know,
I don't know who these agents are that you're talking to,
but I would certainly be suspicious of them
because if they're saying that I was trying to lure you--
- All right, I can tell you this.
Look, I can tell you this.
- I don't believe these guys are--
- All right, well, I know.
I've seen their military IDs of one of them,
and the other one, I've seen pictures of him
with every US president since like--
- But does that make him a good guy?
I mean, let's be clear, Ben.
If the guy's telling you that I'm trying to lure you
to take you out,
where there's literally no reason for me
wanting to go to Japan to take you out and risk my life,
okay, I mean, listen.
- I say, it's hard to say.
- I don't know what I would get out of that.
- All right, all right, your point has been taken,
and I'll--
- Maybe you should question your sources
and actually say, well, yeah,
having pictures with presidents
probably doesn't make you a good guy.
- All right, I'm not saying,
these people are definitely in the gray zone,
but let's change the attacks here.
What they're saying is you were brought up
in a Hollywood family, right?
So what have you seen personally
growing up in that environment involving pedophilia,
all that kind of stuff they're talking about, adrenochrome?
Have you had any personal experience with stuff like that?
Have you seen people disappear when you were a kid?
- You know, the thing is this,
everyone's gonna have different experiences in Hollywood.
I've been on Alex Jones many times
talking about some of the things that I've been told
and some of the things that I've been around,
but as far as any direct experience
or knowledge of pedophilia, no.
No adrenochrome to my direct knowledge or awareness.
No strange disappearance in that way.
I mean, again, my upbringing,
I hate to say it, was very much
in a normal suburban lifestyle for the most part.
Occasionally I was on sets acting in small,
very small roles, but for the most of my experience
was growing up, going to elementary school.
It was private schools, but it was elementary school.
It was high school.
It wasn't the lavish party lifestyle
of what people might think.
I think that there were kids that were exposed,
and honestly, the truth is that I think my father
and my mother obviously was also very protective,
but both my parents being there was a protective force
that I don't think you get, they don't mess with you
the same way that they might mess with some kid
from Missouri or whatever, or whose parents maybe are
bribed to say, "Hey, we're gonna make your little girl,
"little boy a star."
I think it was a little bit different situation in my case.
So I believe that the stories,
I believe a lot of the stories about the adrenochrome,
about the rituals, about the pedophilia,
I mean, we know a lot of this is real,
and I've talked about it.
I've done Hollywood DC, my documentary,
dealt with it a bit.
I've tried to, the docu-series I told you,
Best Kept Secret, deals with it to a certain extent,
but I personally don't have firsthand knowledge
to say this guy or that person or this event.
It's just, it wasn't my direct experience.
- All right, fair enough.
All right, is there anything else you'd like to say?
- No, I mean, look, I just, I think it's important that,
again, as I said at the beginning,
you can be clear with me.
If when I was in Japan, you were suspicious,
you could have said, "Hey, I'm just,
"I don't go into the Tokyo area
"where I can't control the environment."
And I might've said, "Oh, well, let's try to meet somewhere
"that is more comfortable for you."
I don't appreciate that when I leave the country
after saying, I thought it was very nice,
saying, "Hey, let's sit down and have a conversation."
And I said, "Okay, well, if we can't see each other,
"let's do an interview."
And then I turned around and people are telling me,
"Oh, Fulford saying you were trying to kill him
"and you might've been involved
"in Robert David Steele's death."
I mean, that's very dangerous.
Do you understand what you're doing?
You're purveying gossip.
- Well, okay.
Another person, by the way, one of the people,
another person warned me was a head of MI6
and said that his secretary died shortly
after having dealings with you.
So I don't know, again, this may be a coincidence,
but we're dealing with paranoid people who-
- I think the guy that you're talking about,
I won't say his name because of respect.
I don't know if he wants to be revealed.
I think the guy I know you're talking about,
he actually does correspond with me.
And I think that if he felt that I was involved
in this lady, I think her name was Christine's death,
I think that he would not be civil with me
if he really felt that was the case.
- Okay, fair enough.
- And yes, Ben, people do die.
It is part of life.
- Yeah, I know.
I've had my own webmaster was poisoned and killed,
so I know about it.
All right, well-
- So it's not because they met you
or they talked to you that they dropped.
It's like, there is-
- No, no, a lot of people have been killed
because they were working with me.
That's a fact.
That may be, I can't speak to your experience,
but I'm simply saying that making this like,
oh, I met someone and then she passed away.
Well, it's like, that's a real stretch.
And the problem is that we're in a world of conspiracies
that are real, but when you put out like nonsense-
- I understand.
There's a fine line between caution and paranoia.
And I always try to stay on the side of caution
and not get paranoid.
But I think by posting this video,
you had your say and I hope we can stay in touch.
Is there anything else you'd like to say?
- Again, just to finalize,
I really, I appreciate that you would post this
and share my point.
And again, I'm pretty much not a whole fully open book.
We all have our private life,
but I'm pretty open when it comes to people,
corresponding, asking questions.
I don't have much to hide in my life.
And so I think it's important that if you have,
if you, in future, you just be mindful of what you spread.
I double check things.
Don't confuse Sasha Stone and Sean Stone.
And if you wanna interview Sasha, by the way,
I think that would be a great conversation.
I'm happy to let him know that you'd be open to that.
- Okay, let's do that.
All right, well, thanks for coming on and talking with me.
- Of course.
- All right.
- All right, my blessings.


1 day ago
What I understand from this video is that at some point in the past Benjamin was being mislead and perhaps controlled with misinformation by Mossad, the CIA,  and the MI6 and they didn't want you to talk to Sean, perhaps they were afraid that if Benjamin talked talked to Sean he will learn something that will take him out of their control and manipulation. I have watched many videos from Benjamin and I am disappointed that he was not been able to see that he was being manipulated by the Zionist and the CIA.

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He got very upset and screamed they killed the queen! Saw it and heard it. This was around the first of 2024.

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There's a lot more to this story! Robert David Steele was a very informed man.

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Fulford may have been misinformed, but it's an honest move on his part posting this. An honest rebuttal from Mr. Stone. And Fulford is NOT the first to confuse Saacha and Sean Stone. They are both quite gifted people. There was a time where I questioned if they were in fact, two different Stones.

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Ben Fulford is either delusional or intentionally lying to mislead you. Either way, fu*k that clown.

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Ben May have a fact or 2 wrong about names of ppl however the fact that ppl were intibated instead of getting therapeutics and IV’s of vitamin C they were given the poison remdesivir then 1 to 2 days later were intibated and died. I know my husband was one of them. The CDC the NIH,  FDA knew that drug was a killer. My husband was one of them. The fact that there were absolutely 0 successful animal or human trials of this drug, remdesifir, proves all who got this drug (non vaxed) died.  I know my husband was one of them. So it sounds like Mr. Stone can’t lump all who went in hospital with Covid and had pneumonia were intibated and died. A HUGE % were unvaxed.

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OK, I’m confused a while back Mr. Stone you said that you and your family are the good Freemasons. then, during the tour, Sasha and Street fighter and Cristen said they left because they were not allowed to give the public more truth so you know what I don’t trust anybody and all we know maybe ROBERT is not dead yeah flip-flops so much and this interview shows me how the black hat have infiltrated this truth, mega movement. you all flip-flop. I don’t trust anybody. This is absolutely ridiculous. You make matters worse. It seems like it’s a pissing contest while we’re in the middle of World War III.

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yeah stepped in it today Ben. Your guest Sean Stone really pissed all over your boroadcast when he fact checked you and your staff/associates, with the emails, texts, and information presented.
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Sean Stone is on full offense--unwarranted. He is so condescending here. Fulford is the class act here.

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Sean is right on the money about RDS’ death, he describes the reality perfectly about the COVID protocols pushed in hospitals. iAd met RDS at the end of his tour. He was healthy, but mentally he was stressed because his wife filed for divorce, and this put a lot of financial pressure on him. His wife wanted him dead, at least, that’s what he intimated when we had lunch together. She had funded the tour when he lost his backing, and this precipitated the divorce.
Sean was a little prickly, but he held Ben to account, and Ben was a gentleman to Sean, and apologized, so I’m glad they worked through it. Ben certainly must get played once in awhile, but Sean comes off a bit elitist or superior, which doesn’t help, but made for a good interview. Maybe, in the style of “Spy vs. Spy”, they should have called this “Jew vs. Jew”…
Where’s the link to the movie?

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It’s so late in the game to where I don’t believe in too much of anything that I hear. Seems like they give dates and repeat the same things without any evidence of anything happening

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SERIOUSLY  Ben you just let the cat out of the bag  you did no preparation for this interview andspoke out of your a sss . you have a lot of nerve accusing people without knowing the facts
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This interview is weird, they both seem to be confused.
Stone has a unique kind of cautious way of delivering a message.
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After seeing this I think they both have homework to do.

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Ben got his ass handed to him on this one!

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Remember, it's not fame, it's being in truth.
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We learn though that the show you once host was  funded by Soros…but Sasha stone is common denominator  between RDS and Kirsten dying  in the hospital. Ask sean stone if he hosted a show by soros

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Robert David Steele was not with Sean Stone just before he died while on tour in those buses. How do I know because I was there...

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Fulford's sources are CIA & Mossad. So you know they're accurate.

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Sean Stone is rude as hell ! This was just so hard to listen to because Sean is so rude to Ben Have some respect for your elders Sean !

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SS had every right to defend himself. Actually dangerous allegations. Glad BF stepped up to the plate and apologized.

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The “flu” was passed off as COVID a made up desease designed to scare you into clot shots it’s that simple. Executions for every one of these bastards!

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Ben- why did you have that disrespectful peice of sh*t on the show?///
did you really think he would admit to being on the side to take you out?
wake up my friend- they dont admit it-
he could have laughed off the mistke you made between him and sasha- but his anger said he is hiding something.
I would have laughed it off and asked you if you really thought I would do that because if you did why would you have me on the show- common sense sh*t.
Do not have people like that here- we know he is hollywood type- we know what those people are like- stay the hell away from them Benji. If you got nothing to really talk about on the show talk about how life is- talk about kate missing- the whole controversy is she dead- we think she is dead. Honestly I would be a better show co host! We could talk about natural cures!

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What a crap interview, and such a rude guy, honestly why have him on, plus I don’t believe him about his upbringing.

1 day ago
Hi Ben, when all this covid BS began I started listening to Robert David Steele who at the time was trying to wake up everyone about the child Satanic Pedophilia. I remember Robert used to even meet up with Juan O' Savin for dinner at different times. I even listened to Sean Stone do interviews also and he put out the video funded by Robert. When the Resurrection tour began I donated to the cause. I even donated a few more times during the tour. Then at the end everyone fell sick.  I believe it was Scott McKay that said that maybe something was put in their air conditioning for everyone to become ill.  Here's a story I heard about Robert David Steele when he went to the hospital.  I'm not even sure how accurate it is or if it is even true?  I heard that Robert went to the hospital because he just wanted some oxygen after becoming ill.When he was placed in a room he said," I have my hydroxychloroquine in my pocket if I could just get some of that and some oxygen." The hospital refused to do that. He was not allowed to take his hydroxychloroquine. When Robert became combative I heard he was given a shot to calm him down which also made him go to sleep. Even though he had signed a paper stating he did not want any remdesiver or to be on a ventilator, the hospital did it anyway by permission from a family member that was not informed well enough about the dangers. Sacha Stone who has spoken on what happened during the tour said Robert was eating a terrible diet on the tour and sort of became like demonically possessed over the money that they were receiving. Sacha bears no hard feelings but said Roberts behavior had changed. We all hope Robert is still alive and has maybe gone into a witness protection program. His website is still up.

1 day ago
Sean is 100 percent right about the Hospital protocol, 5 conservative talk show guys exposing heavy stuff were taken out during that 6 months , Two I warned and I felt the same thing about them , Why would they not have the Ivermectin and HRC

1 day ago
Ben I have info that RDS is in fact part of Q team and on the Court of whatever......... for the international violations of laws............. cant recall what but his videos are on youtube. Like the international court thing... can't recall the name of it

1 day ago
Scott and shasa we're trying to take over the tour, I was following the tour at the time. I donated to RDS cause. I wonder what happened to Lee Dundas?

1 day ago
Sigh. Sean Stone is a well-respected member of the truther community, as is Ben Fulford. He wanted to clear up the statements that have been made, by Ben, saying he had something to do with RDS’ death in the Florida hospital. THAT IS DANGEROUS to do, which he stated. He wasn’t involved in the Rise America Tour. Those us us who followed the lead up to, and break up with RDS, Scott McKay, SASHA Stone, etc are still mostly in the dark. How RDS came to be in and die in the Florida hospital is still a mystery. I have heard from other truthers that RDS is still alive and in hiding. I really hope so, because he is the one who started my awakening to the evil in our world, under the surface. Sean Stone is a straight shooter who wanted to clear up this false story about him. I respect him for doing this. I respect. Ben for doing this, also, and posting it.

19 hours ago
The hospital killed RDS. You look really bad in this Ben. Do research

10 hours ago
Respect to Sean for being rightfully but respectfully assertive about correcting Ben on an egregious mistake.  Respect to Ben for admitting it.  This is how adults resolve issues without resorting to emotional reactivity and name calling. But Ben, seriously do your homework bro. Do a round table with Sacha and Scott to clear the air about RDS (who I'm hoping is still with us).

1 hour ago
I watched a podcast (sorry can’t remember where).  Sasha told the story of what happened to Robert on that Truth Tour.  He got full of his own importance, fought with others on the tour, even tried to kick some off the bus. He wasn’t liked.  He ate and drank nothing but junk and was bad tempered. No wonder he got sick. It was his decision to go to hospital. I’m sorry but I don’t know the backstory with Ben and Sean but I don’t see Sean being disrespectful, rude or belittling. He is standing up for himself trying defend his integrity.  I think I’d do the same in that situation. Ben got Sasha and Sean mixed up. They don’t even look or sound alike.

22 hours ago
He's over pushed the word 'gossip' how many times?
Trying to belittle you Ben.
Why go to Japan?
Why not just speak over the internet?
You did well to protect yourself theres something very fishy about the DRS case!
He wouldn't have gone into a hospital willingly, I remember how 'savvy' and ultra assertive DRS was, probably faked it or been taken to Gitmo

19 hours ago
Hi Benjamin, One more thing I forgot to add. I can guarantee you that Sean Stone nor Sacha Stone killed Robert David Steele. You can ask Melk what info she might have received on the circumstances surrounding the death of Robert David Steele.  I believe she said something to the effect that they never really had a funeral for him so that made us all suspicious that he never really passed.  Ask MelK though, she will be able to tell you the best.

14 hours ago
Sean and his gf, or whatever she is, were pimping out illuminati crap on his fedbook page a few years ago. GTFO with compromised Sean and his gf. Pedowood criminals are being punished right now. Ask the pedowood criminal Oprah. Sicko criminals.

1 day ago
Ben, just acknowledge you made a mistake and blown things out of proportion. just like, Hey Sean,  I mistook you for Sasha,  my bad, I truly apologize and move on to a complete different topic.  is that simple.  Both of you Ben and Sean are great exposers of the truth, do not create this animosity, we need to be together against the real enemies, the KM and globalist. Enough said.!!

3 hours ago
Looks like Sean Stone, son of Oliver Stone and who has been involved in and with Hollywood is attempting to throw doubt on Benjamin Fulford who has done thousands of hours of research and who has impeccable contacts and has shared numerous intel facts. Sounds like a troll being interviewed by Ben, what do you think ?

17 hours ago
Steele was a good man, and he gave his life in the fight for humanity, outed to Ben who Stone really is.
and in my opinion, with his background, and connections, Stone kind of confirmed this in this interview, if you follow closely to what is being said. Huge amounts of double speak etc.

38 minutes ago
Who is this clown, Stone ?  Doesn't he know that Covid was made up. There is no such a thing as Covid. IGNORANT !

6 hours ago
I've heard for years that Fulford was full of sh*t.  And Sean is putting all of it on full display, including that Ben does zero actual research before he runs his mouth. I have heard Sacha talk about what happened on the tour.  He suspected RDS was poisoned on the tour which might have accounted for his odd behavioral changes prior to falling ill, which resulted in interpersonal conflicts leading to the breakup of the tour.

He is a full on Whack Job - even claimed he had full sole control of nukes in one interview - pretty sure he`s in his mom`s basement not Japan

1 day ago
Hey, Ben. Haven't you heard of Unit 731? where the Japanese government killed 200,000 to 300,000 people, also known as the Kamo Detachment and the Ishii Unit, a covert biological and chemical warfare research and development unit of the Imperial Japanese Army that engaged in lethal human experimentation and biological weapons. You still trust the Imperial family? Naruhito's daughter, Princess Toshi Aiko is working for the Red Cross. Really? Is the Red Cross only nefarious to us little people? Meanwhile, Seizo Onoe is director of Standards at the ITU, which is a Globalist organization controlling communications (remember when transmissions were across the airwaves? It's ALL DIGITAL NOW. Computer chips run [control] your short wave radios!) The Globalist stench is in and around your Japanese royal family and let not the fate of so many of their subjects be so easily forgotten.

18 hours ago
700 years ago, Arab scientists calculated the dimensions of the earth's surface, so they found that the earth is round, and we only walk on a flat surface that is so huge that it takes several months for a man to walk around, all these flat erath theories are a contradiction to what God created and most of the flat earth theorists are atheists, so there is no more talk about it, whoever wants to believe, let him believe, but just take the example of the sun, it rises in the east and sets in the west, when it is in the middle where your shadow is, below you.. Follow your shadow and you will understand that it is not flat.

1 day ago
Could the people that seem to be missing be in DUMBS or in Antarctica ?

1 day ago
I've been reading a lot of his posts since 2009 and his big predictions haven't come to pass yet. Either he is lying for the money, or truly believes what these 'insiders' are telling him. I personally think he's got quite a bit of the background information right, being that zonists are pulling the strings with most world governments and central banks. We're either headed towards a collapse or a utopia depending on how this all plays out. I do think sitting back and 'trusting the plan' that all these Q people are saying will get us nowhere. If I had to guess, I'd say this November's election is going to be the make or break point.

13 hours ago
Well he got it right in september last year that october would very violent than all the sh*t it Israel happend. So I think you're not listening .

3 hours ago
It has been put into our heads that there is going to be a solar eclipes on the 8th of April  I do not believe that is going to happen  I believe we as a planet are going to be going through the photon belt  and we are not all going to make it to ascension    its supposed to be spiritual and our frequencies are supposed to be raised    lots of people are going to disappear    do you know anything about this  most have no idea

Doug P said (February 17, 2023):
These people like Trump, Trudeau, etc are essentially adolescents with cluster B personality disorders, that's who the banks want in the visible power positions. They are predictable and easily controlled and will cave to peer pressure so everyone in their circle thinks they are cool.

Tony B said (March 20, 2024):
There is one simple reason for all the cross chatter trying to get to the heart of the sudden massive "western" nations' various pushes for their nation's troops into the Ukraine meatgrinder. That simple reason causing the confusion of the "why" of this sudden onslaught comes from the refusal of any and almost all of those keeping track and "informing" us every day of what is going on in the world to inform us of the true actors calling the shots. They all, including the "truth tellers" such as Macgregor, Judge N., Ritter, the ex CIA guys, the whole gang of them (all allowed on Utube) love to pit nation against nation every last day as the cause of all unrest which may bring on WW3, but none of them EVER MENTION THAT EVERYONE OF THESE NATIONS OF THE SO-CALLED "WEST" IS TOTALLY OWNED BY THE ROTHSCHILD CABAL through their debt-instead-of-money enslaving criminality.
They are all doing the will of Rothschild et al, as that cabal, long believing its own bullshit handed out to the masses, has finally been forced to face the rude reality THAT RUSSIA HAS WON THIS WAR IN UKRAINE. This has put them in terminal panic mode, they simply cannot live with Russia being victorious as that seals their final defeat as the world power. They are pulling out every last force they still own as a Russian win means a Russia/China/BRICs/ plus all tired of Rothschild slavery countries in the world, SUPER AND UNCHANGEABLE WIN AGAINST THAT CABAL! This they are too satanically insane to accept in any manner.
Hell, the No.1 pusher here is Macron, who IS a Rothschild, but that is almost never mentioned. Every day now he shows the world his unending panic to somehow find a way to reverse Russia. To find a way to pretend that Ukraine (with the fading power of the entire "west") is still going to miraculously win against hated Russia. Hated because it brings the end of the Rothschild cabal satanically corrupt world rule.

Manuel said (March 21, 2024):
WWIII wont happen. All nuclear arms in the planet have been destroyed. The timeline with the Armageddon is no longer valid. The Taiwan thing has already happen 2 years ago. Fearmongering. “Loosh”
Those who demonize Putin are living in 3D. Brain washed. They will go before the end of 2025.
As well as all those who shamed people who were not vaccinated. Karma.
Bill Cooper was right. Israel Was Created to start WW3 and bring about Armageddon.
Freemasonry and their masters, the fake jews:
Radhanites=Canaanites=Phoenicians=Khazars=Ashkenazi=Nazis=Bolsheviks=Sabateans=Frankists=Communists=Fascists=Zionists=Marxists=Socialists=Globalists=Satanists=Liberals=Anarchists=Luciferians=Sephardites=Venetians=Edomites, etc.
Their henchmen, the Freemasons, are the Scourge of the Earth.

Benjamin Fulford Friday Q&A Interview 03/22/2024

Transcribed by Whisper
Quote:Hello, this is Benjamin Fullford speaking on March 22nd, 2024.
Now March 22nd is 322. That's the number on the skull and bones.
Now I actually went to Italy to meet the P2 Freemason Satanists
and Leo Zagami took me to the original First Catholic Church
built by Constantine's mother in Rome.
And in the basement they have the original skull and bones carving.
I'll try to post photographs I took on the Monday report.
But according to them, when you cross the two bones and you put it by the skull,
it's a symbol of resurrection or the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
For what it's worth, we are dealing with, at the very top levels of world power,
especially in the West, with religious fanatics who are going according to these ancient books.
And they are in a very desperate situation now.
They've been trying very hard to create an artificial Armageddon and end times
before they get strung up from lampposts.
And in their kind of sick scenario, it's pretty obvious that Barack Obama has played the role of the Antichrist.
Why do I say that?
Well, everybody who knows that the Biden regime is controlled not by Joe Biden,
which is practically everybody at this point,
they know that the real president has been Barack Obama
and behind him are the Satanic Rockefeller family.
You can tell this because all the cabinet positions are held by members of the Council on Foreign Relations
who work for the Rockefellers.
And since this Biden regime began, what happened?
Well, they tried to murder everybody on earth with vaccines.
They have been trying to release bio-weapons from the Ukraine to kill us all.
They've been trying to starve us all by bankrupting farmers and destroying processing facilities.
They've been trying very hard with this digital ID to implement a Mark of the Beast system.
I mean, they've sort of crossed all the Ts and dotted all the Is as far as their fake scenario.
And what's worrying me is that because we're dealing with desperate cornered rats
who are fighting for their lives and are still very powerful,
they're up to something for sure.
Now, they talk about some kind of solar eclipse on April 8th,
which is a very special Jewish holy day.
And they talk about it forming a cross in the middle of middle America where the Christians live.
And it's clear they're planning some sort of mass casualty event
or humongous sacrifice to Moloch or Satan.
And now we find out they have these red heifers, these cows in Israel,
that they are planning to sacrifice in a fire sacrifice, in other words, to Moloch, a holocaust.
And they want to use these ashes to consecrate the temple.
So between now and April 22nd, it's clear that these wacko fanatics are going to try very hard to kill an awful lot of us.
So we need to be proactive.
And the people who can do this are the military.
We need to hunt these people down, remove them from all positions of power and control.
It's the only way.
And if we don't do that, some very bad things are going to happen.
This is beyond a doubt.
Now, another thing I've noticed that shows something is going on with these people is that
Barack Obama or some, you know, clone or whatever, surgically altered actor pretending playing the role, whatever.
They play the role of Barack Obama.
And they went to number 10 Downing Street in London, the home of the British Prime Minister,
the house slave Rishi Sunak.
And it looks like what happened was they pressured Sunak, who is a compromised individual,
to stop a planned announcement of the death of King Charles.
And they also are trying to cover up the fact that Kate Middleton was killed in a occult sacrifice to Satan
as a part of these preparations these fanatics are carrying out.
Now, they tried out, after that visit, they tried out an obviously fake Kate Middleton.
Even BBC people are saying that's not her.
And then they had released a blurry picture of King Charles.
Now, remember, these are people who can photograph a soldier's ID badge from using a satellite in space.
And you're telling me all they can come up with is a blurry picture?
You know, they're trying to preserve the appearance that they control the financial system
by having this fake Charles preside over the Committee of 300 and the ability to create money.
Now, the problem with these people is that they did not create the universe.
Reality was created by the Creator.
If you want to call that nature or God, that's up to you.
But the point is we did not create ourselves.
Something else created us.
And there is an actual physical creation we're all living in.
And that creation ultimately decides what's going to happen, no matter what these people try to do to avoid it.
And the reality is, for example, that the Japanese have now won World War II or World War III.
They're Asians because the greater East Asia co-prosperity sphere that they were planning now de facto exists.
All the economies of East Asia are integrated.
And the Eurasian landmass is now integrated.
And the economic center of gravity, the demographic center of gravity, everything is moved to East Asia.
And this is the reality in the real world.
This is what we're talking about, actual physical factories, stuff being put into ships, people, you know,
anything that's actually real as opposed to financial numbers on computers.
Now, the Asians have reached a deal with the White Hats in the West to monetize a hundred trillion dollars worth of bonds.
These are backed by gold held by Asians.
And the idea is to split 50/50, East and West.
So 50 trillion for the West, 50 trillion for the East.
And this would be used for development projects to end poverty, stop environmental destruction,
and then ask people what they want, what sort of world they want, and then try to make that happen.
So this is a positive development that the Satanists, who, let's face it, they're anti-life.
They're trying to kill us. They're trying to destroy the world.
They're against the life force.
And the White Hats are with the life force, together with the Asians and the Global South.
So we're at some sort of climactic battle, but I know that the actual creation is with the White Hats, and so we will win for sure.
But we're in for a real kind of climax of some sort between now and April 22nd.
I don't usually like to make predictions like this, but this time the signs are all there.
Now, one more thing I want to touch upon is I had an interview with Sean Stone earlier this week,
and following that interview, I got a lot of different emails.
Now, the first thing is MI6 confirmed finally that Robert David Steele was killed.
He wasn't given a new identity, and he was killed because he exposed a trading platform based in Antarctica that was used by elite royal pedophiles.
And that's why he was killed.
Now, a person of interest, and someone I want to ask about this, of course, is Sacha Stone,
because Sacha Stone was the person who was mainly responsible for his tour, bus tour of the United States,
which was a preparation for his running for president.
They had some sort of falling out, and then he was taken to a Florida hospital, intubated, and killed.
I don't believe he just checked himself in. That just doesn't make sense.
I know the man. I met him. He spent time here in Japan.
So this is an ongoing battle, but like I say, the White Hat military are on the march.
I've been told by French intelligence that between now and April 10th, a lot of world leaders in the West are going to vanish from the stage.
Let's see. I'm just telling you what they told me.
But everybody needs to be alert and ready to do what they personally can.
And remember, whatever is closest to you is most important.
Worry about your own food supply, your own loved ones, your own neighborhood, before you think about bigger things,
because that's where the battle is going to be settled.
So everybody make sure your own immediate environment is safe, and that you have plans, contingency plans.
For example, your neighborhood comes up with some sort of agreement on what to do if a bunch of armed illegal aliens come in.
Stuff like that. Just make sure your own personal surroundings are safe, and we should get through this
and finally put an end to this horrific nightmare that our planet has been going through.
Okay, well, that's what I have to say for myself today.
Now I'd like to answer questions from readers and viewers.

Hi, Ben. We have our first question for today.
If it is still true that the tax money that we send to the IRS is not sent to the U.S. government
and instead is sent to some deep state entity in Europe,
then how is this money supported renegade U.S. military forces capturing children in Haiti?
I think the renegade U.S. forces capturing children in Haiti are financed by the satanic oligarchs,
and the money comes from the selling of the adrenochrome to the elites.
They're not working for the Republic of the United States of America.
They are rogue mercenaries.
The official U.S. Army, and especially I would like to say the Marines, the Air Force, and the Navy,
they're a lot cleaner than the Army from my own research, are with the American people.
And they have their own dollar printing press.
They're the people behind Elon Musk and X and also behind TikTok and Larry Ellison.
And this group has their own money and don't need IRS money, which doesn't go to them anyway.
So they are with the people.
And any forces you're seeing doing stuff like harvesting adrenochrome are mercenaries.
And according to the international military law, mercenaries can be killed on sight.
They don't have the rights of official soldiers.

Okay, next question.
Hi, Ben. As you said and is well known, a lot of our personal products were made with sterilization poison to reduce the population.
Why are the products still on the shelves?
Why is Quaker Oatmeal still in business and selling cancer-causing oatmeal to every man, woman, and child on the planet?
Why do they get to keep doing this?
No one is going to believe anything you or I say when you can just walk into any store and purchase it.
If it's poison and it's proven that it's poison, it should be taken off the shelves and these people need to be prosecuted.
Otherwise, we all sound like idiots.
What are your thoughts and what can we do about this?
Well, this is what the whole battle has been about.
I mean, you know, there's a Swiss study and then a recent other study shows that approximately 90% of transnational corporations are controlled by 700 individuals.
And as long as they control these transnational corporations, they're going to still, you know, carry out mischief.
Now, I know there's a military campaign to remove control of the corporations from these individuals.
In the meantime, what can you do?
One thing I noticed, for example, is in a lot of U.S. products, if you look at the ingredients, there's a little circle with a K in the middle.
That means kosher, and that's a sort of code word saying this product is safe.
But what people can do in the meantime, and this is the excuse they gave when they wanted to push this stuff over the regulators, is to say, hey, people can make their own choice.
And the information is out there. You can do your own research and find out which ingredients are poisonous and avoid them.
For example, I used to buy shampoo that had sodium lauryl sulfate in it, and then I found out it was cancer-causing, and now I buy shampoo that doesn't have that in it or other things in it.
And you can all do that. So the information is out there, and it's on the label.
So until these people are arrested, and they will be arrested, and until we can stop them from putting poisons into our daily supplies, you can educate yourself about what the poisons are and avoid them.
There are products out there that are not poisonous, and that's what you need to do until this battle is over.

Okay, next question.
Hi, Ben. If there was to be a jubilee and a redistribution of assets, and if every person received a larger sum of money in their bank accounts, could that be a problem as far as there would be no material incentive to work, which would cause negative consequences for economic growth and productivity and probably move us into somewhat of a socialist society?
Are you concerned about this?
No, because this is not what the elite were proposing, which is basic income.
What this is is a one-off deal.
So you end up owning your own residence, so you won't have to pay rent, and if you had a mortgage, it'll be cancelled, so you won't have to pay your mortgage, you won't have to pay taxes.
But it's a one-off deal.
If you want to buy groceries or buy beer or something, you're going to have to work.
The welfare will be deliberately set at the very bare minimum of survival so that people have an incentive to work.
In other words, if you want to drink beer or take a holiday, you've got to work.
Because sitting around, depending on government money, is a soul-destroying thing, and we don't want that.
The other thing, of course, is that this will be planned in such a way that any redistribution will be closely in line with the real world.
So there won't be inflation.
It'll be designed so it won't be inflationary.
But remember, it's not a permanent welfare state.
It's a one-off return of stolen property.
That's all it is.
And that would be like a spark to set off an incredible economic boom.
This is what happened in Japan, for example.
After World War II, they redistributed all the farmland, which is owned by a few elite oligarchs.
And what happened as a result was decades of double-digit economic growth, and everybody was middle class, or most people were.
And this only ended when they forced the Japanese to submit again to control by the Qatari mafia.
But anyway, it's a one-off deal.
It's not a permanent welfare state.

Next question.
Hey, Ben. I've been watching multiple documentaries about reptilians.
It seems that cameras glitch when the shape-shifting beings appear.
It looks like any world's parliament has a few of these animals within.
How is it possible that only one Dutch MP has exposed this?
Why are they hiding this matter?
You know, extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.
I have personally met so-called, and seen with my own naked eyes, so-called reptilians like George Soros or a few others.
But the point is, they just look like ordinary human beings to me.
And I think the reptilian thing is more of a metaphor for the members of the Qatarian mafia, the group that practices human sacrifice and carries out secret control.
But as far as I can tell, these are actual human beings and not shape-shifting aliens.
I have not found credible evidence for this.
Do you believe that instead of these people maybe being reptilian, that there's some sort of demonic presence among them?
You refer to the Qatarian mafia as being Satanists.
I have seen people who appear to come under remote control from some sort of like thought forms or some kind of entities that are able to hijack human beings and take them over.
That I have seen with my own eyes, and that's real.
So I think when the Catholics refer to fallen angels, they're referring to some kind of thought forms.
And I was told this by Pentagon people too, that are capable of hijacking humans.
That is real and needs to be investigated further.
And I think the exorcisms of the Catholic Church are actually a battle against such entities.
I didn't come to this conclusion based on faith.
I'm a scientist and a journalist and I check facts in the real world.
And having seen this personally, I know it's real.

Okay, next question.
Oh, one last thing.
When I see these people, often they're pupils for an entirely black. I've seen that.
Okay, next question.
Hi Ben, we have our last question for today.
It seems the Democrats that want to destroy this country will not give up power without significant fight.
Do you expect the Biden, aka Obama administration to pull another worldwide crisis to steal the election yet again?
If so, do you expect them to try and take it via health, blue beam or solar flare route?
Well, they're already printing out money like crazy to hire foreign criminals and bring them into the United States to help protect them from the American people.
So that's something they're up to.
And as I mentioned in my talk, they're definitely planning some sort of massive blue beam type mass casualty event for Central America around April 8th.
So we need to fight and stop them before that date, if possible.
And, you know, I'm certainly doing everything I can.
And I know a lot of other people are too.
And I know the military white hats are with us.
So we should be able to stop this.
Well, okay, thanks for tuning in and hope to see you next week.

Benjamin Fulford — March 25th, 2024: The Khazarian Mafia is planning a holocaust for April 8th; they will be stopped

The Khazarian mafia is planning a holocaust or mass murder event for the US Christian heartland on April 8th. The entire April 8th solar eclipse event has been forensically traced to the (kill 90% of humanity and enslave the rest) Chabad death cult.

They are also telegraphing a “black swan event” through people like the fake General Mike Flynn and the politician Ron Paul.

There is also widespread preparation for mass casualties, as can be seen for example in this emergency hospital being set up in Calgary, Canada.

Let us be perfectly clear, solar eclipses are when the moon blocks the sun and have never been associated with mass casualties. This means what is planned is not a solar eclipse.

Our US Space Force sources tell us the KM are planning to use Reagan-era Star Wars satellite-based weapons, laser firing planes and other methods to kill as many people as possible in a burnt offering to Moloch, aka Satan. The mark used by the cult of Moloch is the official insignia of the Satanic Nazi government of Ukraine.

These Messianic fanatical criminals want to carry out this event as a preliminary for a planned sacrifice of a red heifer to Moloch.

This would be followed by the construction of the third temple. Since the time of Moses, only nine red heifers have been sacrificed. Now, a “massive altar” for the tenth red heifer sacrifice has been built in Israel, and there is a tremendous amount of speculation that it could happen soon…there was “a practice run of the purification ceremony” in 2023. But an official ceremony must be conducted before the heifers get too old to be used for such a sacrifice…according to Temple Institute rabbis, they hope to carry out the ceremony before [the April 22nd] Passover 2024.

The holocaust planned for this sacrifice WILL BE STOPPED. The US Space Force and white hat military will shoot down these satellites and other weapons if they are deployed.

Also, if they carry out a mass murder event in the US heartland then Jerusalem, Geneva, Kiev and the Norwegian Antarctic base will be wiped out by intercontinental nuclear missiles, US Space Force sources promise.

The reason the KM are desperate to carry out a mass murder event is because they are losing power and know they will be facing war crimes tribunals and the death penalty when that happens.

The events surrounding the British Royal family are a sign of this imminent collapse. King Charles, his wife Camilla, Prince Andrew, Prince Edward, Crown Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton have vanished from public view. Our MI6 sources tell us they were all killed by white hats after they sacrificed Kate Middleton to Satan.

Regardless of whether or not this is true, the public events surrounding the royals indicate something highly unusual is going on. There was the parade of the royal guards with a flag covered in black cloth and a white horse without a king on it. This is a traditional sign the king has died. Also, Kate Middleton failed to reappear after her “abdominal surgery.”

After this, there were clumsy attempts to make it seem all was normal. A photograph of Kate released by the royal family was quickly exposed as fake. Then a video purported to be of her with Prince William was released.

BBC reporter Sonja McLaughlan among others said the woman photographed and seen in a video with Prince William is “clearly not” Princess Kate.

Then we hear the person in the video was professional Middleton impersonator Heidi Agan.

Next in this drama, BBC told people to expect a major announcement from the Royal Family. Flags were seen at half-mast on UK government buildings, leading to speculation the death of King Charles was about to be announced.

All this happened after the public announcement of the death of Jacob Rothschild (Roth=Red, Schild=shield of Satan), who many claim was the real father of Prince William (our own MI6 sources say the father is the King of Spain).

The MI6 sources say what really happened was a major white hat operation against the Satanists at the top of the UK government. With the red shield of Satan having been removed from the scene, a public announcement was going to be made that Kate Middleton had been killed in a Satanic sacrifice and that the royals involved had been executed.

That is why the flags were at half-mast and a major announcement was about to be made, the sources say.

However, before this could happen, Barack Obama, the Thunder of Satan (Luke writes in chapter 10, verse 18 that Jesus said: “I saw Satan ‘fall like lightning.’ The Hebrew translation is “baraq o bamah.”) shows up at the British Prime Ministers’ residence.

Following this, a new video was released by BBC showing Kate Middleton saying she had cancer.

They also released a photograph showing King Charles was still alive.

The problem is the Kate Middleton video released was a deep fake. You can tell because the ring on her hand disappears and then reappears. Also if she is on chemo, why does she have a full head of hair?

As for the picture of Charles, a Canadian intelligence agency source comments: “They can read the name on a soldier’s uniform from a satellite in space but they can’t take a clear picture from the side of the road. The circus continues.”

The reality is a public announcement Kate Middleton had been sacrificed to Satan would lead to a complete collapse of KM rule in the West, which is why they are trying so hard to cover it up.

The troubles surrounding the Rothschilds and the British Royals are connected to the murder of NSA Agent Robert David Steele. The head of MI6 tells us Steele was murdered because he discovered a financial dark net that was based in Antarctica. Steele was investigating the financial backing of the KM international pedophile networks when he stumbled onto a supercomputer based in Antarctica. This computer was used by former Pope Maledict (“Benedict XVI”), Evelyn de Rothschild, David Rockefeller, US Presidents, Dick Cheney, “and all of that generation of the Western establishment.”

This was how various terrorist groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda were financed. It was used to trade adrenochrome, launder drug money, pay for arms, etc.

At the time Steele and the NSA were zeroing in on this financial dark net Steele was approached by an individual by the name of Sacha Stone, aka Simon Jean Paul Sacha Adams. The articles linked below show Stone to be a Rockefeller deep state-connected agent charged with infiltrating truther movements.


Stone offered to finance Steele in a run for President of the United States. Steele was taken on a bus tour of the US heartland as a part of this. It seems Steele was offered this in exchange for his silence about the dark net. However, Steele told me he had a falling out with Stone. After that, he was taken to a Florida hospital, intubated and killed. When I asked my MI6 and CIA contacts at the time to intervene and help him, they told me he had been rescued and given a nice retirement pension.

These same sources now admit they lied and that he was killed to keep the Antarctica-based financial dark net intact.

Our US Space Force sources tell us “There is a war going on in Antarctica between the light and dark forces, they both have very advanced technology.” He adds “The place is on lockdown.” It is all connected to the mass sacrifice event planned for April 8th. “Keep your eyes on the sky,” the source says somewhat cryptically. 

It looks like Obama’s visit to slave Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was designed to buy time for some sort of Hail Mary move by the KM. In addition to whatever is planned for April 8th we saw a major push to start World War III with Russia via a mass murder attack in Moscow.

Obama obviously knew about the planned attack on the concert venue in Moscow and was hoping this would trigger the KMs’ long-awaited Armageddon. That is why he was trying to buy time by delaying revelations about King Charles etc.

Credit for the attack was claimed by ISIS (Israeli Satanic Intelligence Service). US President Donald Trump says Obama founded ISIS. In the video below you can also see Obama himself admit to supporting this group.

“Today, ISIS took credit for the terror attack in Moscow. Obama’s CIA created ISIS. Obama is the shadow POTUS. The CIA/MI6 already committed terrorism in the European theater by sabotaging Nordstream, There are no coincidences,” a Pentagon source says.

Polish and French intelligence sources both note ISIS and Hamas have been fighting against Russia in Syria. Russian FSB sources know the terrorist attack on them ultimately originated in Tel Aviv.

Israel is run by the followers of Volodymyr Jabotinsky, a historic ally of Benito Mussolini and therefore a “fascist” in the full sense of the word, comments French journalist Thierry Meyssan.

Speaking about fascists, we had KM Satanist Victoria Nuland say one month ago that “Putin faces some nasty surprises.” Furthermore, on 8 March, the US embassy in Moscow wrote it was “monitoring reports that extremists have imminent plans to target large gatherings in Moscow, to include concerts and US citizens should be advised to avoid large gatherings over the next 48 hours.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has pledged to track down and punish those behind the “bloody and barbaric” terrorist attack in a concert hall outside Moscow as the death toll has soared to 137, according to Russian authorities.

Putin said that “all the perpetrators, organizers and those who ordered this crime will be justly and inevitably punished…Whoever they are, whoever is guiding them,” Putin added.

A Russian FSB source says the CIA has 12 bases in the Ukraine where they train terrorists.

This is all connected to some massive and secret NATO build-up of forces in Ukraine and Romania.

French military white hat sources tell us General Jean-Louis Georgelin, the Chief of the French Defense Staff, was killed by the Russians in Ukraine late last year. The official story is he fell off a mountain and died.

Georgelin was head of a 50,000-strong secret NATO force based in the Danube Delta in Romania on the Ukraine border, they say.

In confirmation, Polish intelligence sources report:

It’s definitely heating up. So Israel & England just attacked Russia via their proxy. Now REGULAR TROOPS from France, Germany and Poland have arrived, by rail and air, to Cherkasy, south of Kyiv. A substantial force. No numbers have been leaked. They are being housed in schools. For all practical purposes, this is a NATO force.

The deployment of regular forces comes as former Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces Rajmund Andrzejczak says “[Ukraine’s actual] losses should be counted in the millions, not the hundreds of thousands.” “There are no resources in this country, no one left to fight,” the general added.

Russia is also now talking about French troops in Ukraine. The head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) Sergey Naryshkin says “French President Emmanuel Macron is hiding the truth about the number of French soldiers already killed in Ukraine for fear of mass protests in his country.”

Naryshkin adds French military leadership “fears discontent” among active mid-level officers. “Among the dead, there are ‘disproportionately many’ of them, and already at the current stage there are problems with finding ‘volunteers’ for rotation and ‘replacing those who have dropped out’ in the Ukrainian theater of military operations,” he said.

Our French military sources agree. They say the killed General Georgelin “was a Freemason (not the nice Freemasons) homosexual and with pedo crime records kept under the rug to be able to control him.”

With the death of Georgelin the French military is now under the control of the white hats, the sources say. That is why the French military refused to obey orders from President Emmanuelle Macron Rothschild to kill French farmer protestors and declare war on Russia.

Last week the French white hats dealt a further blow against Macron by killing former French Culture Minister Frederic Mitterand, nephew of former President Francois Mitterand, they say. He was a top pedophile Satanist supporter of Macron, the sources say. They told us several other Macron backers would also be dying soon.

The same sources also told us the Satanic Haitian Gangster Barbeque who appeared in our report last week has been killed along with his henchmen. They say the KM has now lost access to adrenochrome from Haiti.

French President Macron himself admitted “Ukraine could fall very quickly,” during a political event at the Elysee Palace

Macron is the most senior bloodline family member in a formal position of power in the West so his fall would lead to the collapse of KM rule in Europe, the French patriots say. Certainly, since the British and French branches of the Rothschilds are run by David Rene de Rothschild, a loss of control of France would be a huge blow to the KM.

This would leave only Klaus Schwab Rothchild in Switzerland with his WEF, WHO and UN forces.

The WEF is a fanatical political organization that uses fear and manipulation, like Covid hysteria, like the hoax of global warming, to really facilitate people thinking that somehow they’re the saviors, but really all you’re doing is helping them accomplish their goal, which really is a global public-private fascist movement, and fusion of big government, big tech [and] big money, to create a technocratic ruling elite, which conveniently is them.”

They want to create feudalism 2.0, in which we are serfs, and they are the lords ruling over us… That’s what they’re aiming for.

Schwab and his fellow goons are still trying to kill us with vaccines and bioweapons.

Polish intelligence informs us:

Communists in aprons sitting in the Silesian Medical Chamber in Katowice two days ago organized a rally of witches called a “scientific conference.” At the meeting, they announced a draft of a “statutory ban on expressing views contrary to current medical knowledge.” Let’s start by deciphering the term “current medical knowledge”. This is the “knowledge” coming from the very medical Central Committee of the Bolshevik Genocide Party, better known as the World Health Organization (WHO). This communist international, this medical Comintern, determines what is “current medical knowledge” on the basis of instructions it receives from the Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and the five greatest global murderers forming the crime syndicate called Big Pharma.

Let us remind you that the framework of “current medical knowledge” has been set for years by a representative of a terror organization – the People’s Front for the Defense of Tiger – an Ethiopian murderer who heads the WHO.

Tedros’ boss, Bill Gates, is a raving idiot:

NYT Interviewer: “Some people would even say that if you just planted enough trees, it could take care of the climate issue altogether.”

Bill Gates: “And that’s complete nonsense.”

“I mean, are we the science people, or are we the idiots? Which one do we want to be?”

Even if you assume that CO2 is somehow a “pollutant” that needs to be sucked out of the air (it’s not, and it doesn’t), you’d think trees—which suck CO2 out of the air for free—would make the ideal candidate. But no, apparently we need to impoverish ourselves into squalor building hideous, expensive and totally unnecessary carbon capture technology, attempting to solve a non-existent problem.

Gates and Schwab’s Pharmacidical terrorists just got the fake rubber-masked Pope Francis to say “opposition to COVID-19 shots “distressed” him since “being against the antidote is an almost suicidal act of denial.”

This is what “Pope” Francis is pushing:

The vaccinated will soon begin dying in their hundreds of millions according to British Member of Parliament Andrew Bridgen who revealed a Senior Cabinet Minister told him details of the plan to use turbo cancer to depopulate the world.

“You can speak out all you want,” the Minister told Bridgen. “It doesn’t matter. You are vaccinated. You will be dead of cancer soon.”

Britain is suffering its longest sick note epidemic for 25 years as 2.7MILLION people claim they are too ill to work and holding back the country’s economic growth in the process

England’s vaccinated population had close to one million deaths in 23 months; the unvaccinated population had less than 61,000 deaths over the same period

Here is a person of interest in this case. German intelligence has warned us about Nicole Junkerman, a bond girl of Jeffery Epsteins’ “who entered the NHS through the UK Department of Health and Social Affairs through the help of Matt Hancock, MP, and her presence represents a major threat to the data security of all UK citizens. Each individual piece of information about you, your health problems, your blood group, the model of the wireless pacemaker keeps you alive, every detail of every embarrassing medical problem to sell, every embarrassing medical problem in the hands of the Israeli state apparatus and potentially to the highest bidder.”

Quote:Notes to Readers:

Well, well, the sheer lunacy of the Chabad cult… which is Khazarian Mafia and not Jewish (Semitic) at all, should be coming clear to all those reading these posts. The Chabad has a headquarters in New York City, the same synagogue where evidence of child trafficking was found hidden behind false walls and inside illegal tunnels, which were abruptly filled with concrete after their discovery.

The current fake federal government, all three branches, including the Justice system, are controlled, blackmailed and corrupted by the Jewish mafia and CIA. Our government and country have been infiltrated to a high degree by mafias, criminal cartels, secret societies, and terrorists who do not answer to the Constitution or the People. This is what the White Hats and Donald Trump are fighting.

It would appear the scare event is swiftly approaching. Latest polling declares that 82% of the voting population support Donald Trump. The case establishing the corruption of the Uniparty has been witnessed by the American people who now understand these traitors do not support or answer to the Constitution and the People.

Just to be practical, have some preparations on hand. Things could get a bit squirrely in the next couple of weeks. There is a high probability we have reached the point when the EAS/EBS is activated. We will see. Keep your head on a swivel when out in public spaces. Avoid large gatherings like concerts. The Deep State criminals are desperate, cornered, and completely insane, armed and dangerous. They do not care one iota for any human save their own skins. They will not be the recipients of any mercy from the military tribunals and they know it. Those who have participated willingly in the sacrifice of children and/or adults, crimes against humanity, will face the death penalty.

The upcoming April 8th full solar eclipse is eliciting all kinds of crazy chatter on X and other social media. Ben Fulford claims the Deep State will attempt a major false flag event in the vicinity of the route the eclipse takes as it crosses the United States.


Not only are these Nazis still trying to vaccinate us to death, but now they are pushing pills that will transmit a message confirming it has been obediently taken by the sheeple. Here you can watch Satanic Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla (Bourla is a veterinarian not a medical doctor) say the FDA approved a digital pill that contains a microchip that transmits information once swallowed.

These criminals are also still trying to create a food and water crisis.

National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan warned that “disabling cyberattacks are striking water and wastewater systems throughout the United States.”

They are trying to blame it on “Chinese and Iranian hackers” but everybody knows it is part of the KM plan to create a food and water crisis by 2025.

Now Bharati (Indian) activist Vandana Shiva warns us four companies are trying to take over control of all seeds used by farmers around the world and make sure they cannot reproduce on their own. “They treat farmers having their own seeds as violating their monopoly rights,” she says.

These same KM Satanic gangsters are also still bringing criminals into the US by the millions. Venezuela is emptying its prisons and taking advantage of Biden’s open border. “Americans need to know, they’re coming to the border” Speaking to by phone Monday, Miami immigration attorney Rolando Vazquez warned, ‘These are killers.’

So how does the Biden circus show respond, you can’t make this up: 140 democrats are demanding that US veterans be disarmed

They are arming the illegal aliens and disarming veterans, this tells you everything.

“It’s almost impossible to imagine a future where there is not going to be significant violence as a result of this, given our fragile financial position,” says Field Marshall Douglas MacGregor.

We also note the criminal government behind this just kicked the financial can down the road a little longer. “It is anticipated to unravel by starting in June and really going full downward spiral around August,” a Pentagon source says.

If you do not think this is deliberate; look at what Justin Castrudeau has done to Canada. How in the world did we get to the point where lettuce is $7 in Toronto?

Look at the video below to see how Castrudeau has ruined Canada.

Now compare that to what Putin has accomplished for Russia.

What happened to Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar shows current leaders in the West are not free to follow their hearts even if they want to.

In the first video, Varadkar tells Joe Biden his country stands with Palestine.

Then he abruptly resigns (He was forced to resign by the KM Zionists)

As Archbishop Carlo Vigano notes, all Western leaders are controlled through blackmail, mostly related to pedophilia so they are not free to act on their own.

By contrast here you can watch a person who follows his conscience. It is a Jewish man bravely denouncing how ‘settlement’ real estate properties in the West Bank are being illegally sold in American Synagogues.

We hope Donald Trump (the real one) will return to power soon and end this nightmare. The Secret Space force sources say there are now two Donald Trump avatars appearing in public along with the real one who is still at the Mt. Cheyenne military base in Colorado. “They each have a role to play in the scenario that is now unfolding,” he says.

Whatever that may be; KM Zionist minions are losing it when it comes to Trump.

Here you can watch Bernie Sanders say:

Trump’s next term is so dangerous that climate change will kill all of us if we allow him to come into office, he will use the military against citizens, he hates the mainstream media, he is a conspiracy theorist, he doesn’t believe in elections where water pipes burst in the middle of the night.

Now look at what his former opponent Hillary Clinton Rockefeller did in 1975.

This is what the KM has done to our civilization:

HEALTHCARE it is dictated by elites who are not doctors at all.
SCIENCE it is dictated by elites who are not scientists.
THE NEWS is dictated by elites who are not journalists.
EDUCATION is dictated by elites who are not educators at all. HISTORIOGRAPHY is dictated by elites who are not historians. GOVERNMENT is dictated by the elites, who are not representatives of the people.
AGRICULTURE is dictated by the elites, who are not farmers.
THEOLOGY is dictated by the elites, who are not scholars at all
SERVICES are dictated only to the elites, not the population.
CONSTITUTION is an artificial legal creation in which, only you are punished, not the elites.”

While the West deals with Messianic parasites, China is leaving us in the dust (or vapor).

This article shows China has formally begun the hydrogen age:

China’s first homegrown hydrogen-powered train completed its full-load running test at the speed of 160 kph on Thursday, it is a groundbreaking record for achieving performance verification of a full-system, full-scenario, and multi-level test of the hydrogen train.

Equipped with a built-in hydrogen power system, the average energy consumption per kilometer of the train is 5 kWh during the test, which is on par with world-leading levels, and the maximum mileage of this train can reach more than 1,000 kilometers.

China Daily link

If we don’t all want to end up as Chinese slaves, we need to remove the KM.

Beyond Blue Beam - March 27, 2024
Hello readers! Apologies for the delay, I have been away for two weeks gathering otherworldly information from the beyond. Welcome back to another exciting episode of Beyond Blue Beam, be it fiction or be it reality? You decide! Enjoy the read.


Within the obscure recesses of the National Archives and Records Administration lies a trove of mysterious photographs from the Goddard Space Flight Center. Each labeled “Flying Saucer, June 4, 1964,” these cryptic images hold secrets within NARA’s holdings. Attributed to Paul Villa, they are part of a larger narrative of extraterrestrial contact, where Villa claimed telepathic communication with otherworldly beings since childhood. Among them is a chilling snapshot near Peralta, New Mexico, allegedly depicting a flying saucer interacting with its surroundings, including the levitation of Villa’s truck. As these enigmatic photographs surface, they beckon us to ponder the unsettling truths they may conceal about our universe.


Amidst whispers of intrigue, readers clamor for articles written by Dr. Michael Salla. Delve into the enigmatic world of Russia’s pursuit of truth with the compelling piece titled, “RUSSIA STUDIES CRASHED UFOS AT TAGANAY PARK URAL MOUNTAINS & NEAR BAIKONUR COSMODROME.” with Dr. Anton Anfalov. Within its cryptic depths lies a tale of mystery and exploration, as Russia delves into the wreckage of crashed UFOs in the remote expanses of Taganay Park in the Ural Mountains and near the shadowy Baikonur Cosmodrome.


In the tumultuous years following World War II, a remarkable discovery emerged between the years 1945-1950 from Antarctica’s icy grip: 2 UFOs, frozen in time. This enigmatic relic captivates the world, hinting at extraterrestrial contact during a pivotal era in history.


In the night skies above Goiás, Brazil, witness a captivating UFO sighting unfold before your eyes. This remarkable footage captures a mysterious object illuminating the darkness, leaving spectators in awe and sparking intrigue worldwide.


In the UK countryside, two luminous orbs descend, crafting a baffling crop circle. Documented worldwide, this captivating event ignites speculation and wonder.


Potential mining or construction activities on the moon, a topic frequently addressed by Cliff High in his audios on Substack. With numerous readers also referencing his insights, the subject has garnered considerable attention. This ongoing dialogue prompts further exploration into the possibility of there being lunar developments in secret (Or in plain sight?) Not so far away.

CANADA (We apologize as this video couldn’t be resized)

In Alberta, Canada, clusters of fleeting orbs dash through the night sky, captivating observers and sparking speculation about their origin. These mesmerizing sightings prompt questions about the nature of these celestial phenomena, fueling curiosity about their significance in our understanding of the cosmos.


In an undisclosed location, a peculiar “cloud” drifts across the sky, taking on a mysterious shape that defies explanation. This unusual phenomenon captures the attention of onlookers, stirring curiosity and prompting speculation about its origin and significance. As the enigmatic cloud continues its journey, it leaves observers pondering the secrets hidden within its ethereal form.


Veteran paratrooper Franc Milburn reveals to that British special forces recovered a ‘non-human’ craft in northern England in the late 1980s. Milburn, who spoke with a member of the MI6-run unit involved, also recounts encounters with ‘disc-shaped’ UFOs by UK Royal Air Force crew. Operating under the alias ‘John’, Milburn’s ex-Special Forces friend divulges details of the operation conducted by ‘E Squadron’, a secret unit specializing in covert operations.

E Squadron, previously called ‘The Increment’, recruited the most experienced and reliable operators from the UK’s Special Forces units: the Special Air Service (SAS), Special Boat Service (SBS), and Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR). The US equivalent to E Squadron is the CIA’s Special Operations Group and Joint Special Operations Command, staffed from ‘Tier-1’ units including Delta Force and SEAL Team 6. John describes their mission to secure and retrieve the craft, highlighting its non-human origin and the mysterious occupants who fled the scene. These revelations align with recent claims of a covert UFO crash retrieval program, adding weight to the growing discourse surrounding extraterrestrial encounters.


Closing out the article, hidden amidst the desolate expanse of Nashtifan, Iran, stand ancient Persian vertical axle windmills, shrouded in the enigmatic veil of time. These millennia-old structures are not mere relics of a forgotten era but continue to whisper secrets of sustainable engineering to those who dare to listen. Crafted from natural materials like wood and reeds, they harness the relentless power of the wind, defying the ages with their timeless functionality. Their intricate design, a testament to early technological innovation, reveals a profound understanding of the environment and a foresight in utilizing renewable energy centuries before the dawn of the Industrial Age. As they stand sentinel in the barren landscape, these windmills beckon us to unravel the mysteries of their ancient origins and the wisdom they hold for our modern world.

We would appreciate the input of the readers regarding this episode.
End of transmission>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Benjamin Fulford with Patriot Streetfighter Scott McKay 3-25-24
Scott introduces Ben Fulford at about the 29 minute mark, and he is on for most of the rest of the show

ICYMI: Last night in the interview with Scott McKay, Benjamin Fulford said that someone who visited Assange years ago in the embassy, fed him a poisoned meal, and he died.

It was just about the last thing they talked about, in the last ~3 minutes of the show:

I won't say who he alleged it was, for legal reasons, though you may be able to guess. It is possible the person didn't know the meal had been poisoned. I will need some further corroboration before I believe any of this.

Transcribed by Whisper
Quote:And it looks like the people are now finally standing up
against this criminal power structure.
So watch what happens in this council meeting
where this patriot had basically had enough of this mayor.
And then after we go through this,
we're going to bring on Benjamin Fulford from Japan.
Hopefully he's here on deck waiting.
Ben has an incredible career of doing research connected
with intel agencies around the world,
typically having a different viewpoint and picture
of what's going on in the world today.
By the way, this guest that we have tonight, folks,
I have been watching Ben Fulford, god,
a number of years ago.
And I don't know why I never had Ben come on Patriot Street
He does live in Japan.
An interesting life in the world of,
I'd say, investigative journalism.
He's connected to intelligence agencies around the world.
I'm not doing him much justice here in an introduction.
But I can tell you, I've always been fascinated
by his research, his intel, things
that he knows that's going on around the world.
I know internationally, if you really
want to find out what's going on in this country,
you don't watch or look at media in the US.
You got to look at RT.
You got to look at media sources from around the world,
because they actually tell the truth.
So that's kind of how I see Benjamin Fulford.
So sir, great to have you here on the Tipping Point Revolution
And good to see you.
First time.
Thanks for having me on.
What an honor, sir.
So right now in Japan, it's roughly about 9:30 AM,
I believe.
Yes, on Tuesday morning.
You know what, Ben?
I don't even know where to start with you,
because I've learned so much incredible stuff over the years,
even well before the 2020 election,
when we were heading into that.
Probably about the time we started
seeing what people considered the military back channel
information coming out, exposing a lot of this stuff.
But I want to kind of wind the clock back on you a little bit.
I don't know your background, what
led you into this world of investigative journalism
that led to these incredible contacts
at all levels around the world?
How did you end up where you are today?
Was that like an aspiration of yours,
or it's just a series of progressive moves
in your professional career that led to this--
I'm trying to think of that movie with Robert Redford, Brad
And obviously, they're agency type guys,
seeing all kinds of amazing sh*t around the world.
I kind of see you that way.
What led to this track in your life
to end up doing what you do now?
Well, I used to work for Forbes magazine.
I was an establishment guy who believed in the spiel
that they were putting out in the mainstream media.
But I ran into censorship, corruption, bribery.
And I realized from reporting on the front lines
that the politicians that we're seeing on our TV sets
had no power.
They were just puppets.
And then I also realized that the Japanese were sitting
on $7 trillion that they'd earned
from selling cars and TVs and stuff to the rest of the world.
So I started trying to convince them
to use that money for the good of the planet.
And instead, what happened was the Japanese government
handed over control of all the corporations in Japan
to a bunch of funds like State Street, Vanguard, BlackRock,
the same people who own all the stocks in the US
and the rest of the world, except China.
And an order came out to have me killed.
And then I was offered the opportunity
to join this group who ran the planet.
And they told me that they were going to kill 90% of humanity
in order to save the environment.
And if I went along with that, I could
be very rich and powerful.
And in the same week, I was approached
by an Asian secret society with all these assassins and stuff
who said that they would offer me protection.
And so that's how I ended up in this world.
And then ever since then, I've been trying to--
I was asked by the Asians to find people in the West who
were willing to confront the evil that was located
at the top of the government.
And so I contacted people.
I had delivered a letter to Queen Elizabeth, for example.
I went to the Russian embassy in Tokyo.
I contacted military people.
And we formed an alliance of people who were saying,
you know, the UN system has been hijacked by satanic criminals,
and we need to overthrow them.
So basically, what happened was I followed the money up
to the top, and there I found a group of Satan-worshipping
gangsters who were controlling the world's financial system.
That's the short story.
Brother, I don't know how you're still even alive.
I would expect that these Dragon Family protectors are still
at work, keeping you in a relatively safe position.
Am I right about that?
What I've been told is that if I'm
killed, the people responsible and 12 generations
of their family would be killed in retaliation.
They mean that, too, don't they?
And they do have hundreds of thousands of assassins.
So that is pretty serious protection.
But despite that, I've survived many assassination attempts.
I've been poisoned twice, approached with men with guns,
a heart attack causing divides, all sorts of stuff.
But I think the fact that I grew up in the wilderness, where
there's bears and wolves and stuff,
you can sense the killer instinct.
It's like you can feel the vibration.
And so I can sense and take evasive action
before it's dangerous.
Interesting choice of words, folks, the vibration.
Ben, obviously, is connected to the quantum realm.
Do you mind if I ask what part of the country
you grew up in if you're in those environments?
I grew up in PA, so naturally, we
spend time in the woods growing up since we're kids.
But wolves weren't--
I spent my childhood in Cuba and Mexico.
And from the age of eight, I lived in Ottawa, Canada,
and spent my summers in the wilderness north of there.
And I spent several years just traveling
in the wilderness in the northern Canada and the Amazon.
But basically, I grew up in Mexico, Cuba, and Canada,
and then moved to Japan around age 19.
So you've been kind of an adventurer
since you were a youngster, it seems like.
I guess it was just--
I mean, I was born in Ottawa.
And then when I was six months old, I went to Cuba,
which is right after the revolution, in the middle
of the Cuban Missile Crisis.
So I guess it was just my environment.
I guess all that chaos around you, you learn to deal with it
or deal with the fear that's happening to you all around you
becomes maybe somewhat accustomed to it,
relatively normal.
Yeah, it's like if you're a deer living in the wild,
every once in a while being chased by wolves
is just part of your daily routine.
It's something like that.
Well, you're being chased by wolves now all over the world.
We know that for sure.
So I want to talk a little bit about things
that I find fascinating in your information.
I've listened to you less over the years,
the last couple of years.
As you know, when you start doing this,
and you're overwhelmed with everything
you need to do when you run a podcast.
Of course, I never did.
I had no idea I'd ever have a podcast.
I just did one in 2020.
It just went nuclear.
So I find myself kind of in this space.
Although I played in this space forever,
I just didn't have a broadcast channel.
And I realized when I saw you on Nino's show,
I'm like, my god, Ben, how could I not--
you just lose track of people.
And so I thought this would be a great guest.
But your information is amazing when
you start talking about these dragon families.
If we look at this world financial system, which
you realized how massively corrupt it
was all those years ago--
by the way, hats off, because most people
would have taken the deal.
Most people wouldn't have done what you've done.
That's balls and raw courage.
So much gratitude for taking that stand.
But it's fascinating when I've listened
to you talk about the massive wealth of the dragon families,
the humanitarian set aside that when the time is right,
that we can overcome this darkness.
We can bring forth--
if my understanding is accurate, bring forth--
I don't want to call it the repatriation of wealth
to the world, but it's the only term that comes to my mind.
But can we speak on that for a little bit?
What's the reality of the truth?
Or what are some of the things being said out there about this
that isn't true?
I've heard in the SARA all these things,
but some people hammer away on them.
But I'd like to hear your viewpoint.
There's a real world where they actually put cars in ships
and move them across the ocean.
And they take oil, and they put it in tankers.
And there's factories making stuff.
And what happened was that the real economy,
the physical reality, not the money that
is supposed to be reflecting it, fell
into the control of the Asians.
They have most of the world's GDP and population now.
But the control was still by these Western elites.
And so the Asians have been fighting to say, hey,
it's our money.
We can decide how to use it.
And so the battle has been over the process
of deciding what we as a species do in the future.
And what's happened is the Asians
have formed this BRICS alliance, which is now
more than 80% of the world.
And it's just a few countries that
are still not part of this, the United States and the G7.
Even Britain is now with this alliance beneath the surface.
So what happened was the majority of the world
said, we're sick and tired of these criminals who hijacked
the government to the West.
And they know that the governments are not
controlled by the politicians you see in public,
but rather they're controlled by these non-government
organizations like the World Economic Forum and the UN.
And these are privately owned.
And we identified the owners, people like Klaus Schwab, Roth
Child, the various royals, families of Europe, et cetera,
the Rockefellers.
So we forensically identified these people.
And we told them, look, you're mass murderers.
And we want you to step aside.
And of course, they're fighting to the death
to prevent that from happening.
That's what's going on.
But you remember, the real world is
more important than the financial world
because it's actually real.
You can eat food.
You can't eat gold or dollar bills.
And so the battle and the reason the Asians are winning
is because they control the real world, most of it now.
Can you dig deeper into that, the real world, obviously
more important than the financial world?
Because does the real world just deal with the resources,
life-sustaining resources?
Obviously, we know oil and gas and salt, whatever it is.
These aren't life-sustaining resources.
These are resources that destroy and rob the planet.
They enslave us.
If they really wanted us to be a species at our highest
potential experience, we would have the release
of anti-gravitic technology, sonic healing technologies,
all the technologies that are in existence
but they've kept from humanity.
There's nothing good about that.
So people think that--
I used to think, honestly, Ben, I
used to think over the course of time
as we evolve as a species, hopefully upward,
we think it's just--
it's automatic.
There was oil that was eventually
going to be discovered.
And then there were going to be, from that, cars created,
steamships and then cars.
And then over time, the advent of locomotion, coal, et cetera.
And we would get into this industrial age.
And then we would progress into the information age.
There's only one progression track.
I think as we've grown up in this country,
we have no clue that we can create a billion timelines.
If we just had somebody like Rockefeller put down and stopped
or Congress in the '20s or '30s stop when they're outlawed
to hemp and all this sh*t that they have done to limit
our experience and enslave us, when I finally
came to the conclusion, hey, this
is not a natural progression.
It's not like the next 40 years of discovery
are already set in stone on our way upward.
It's whatever we want to make it to be.
So I want to talk about-- you talk about how resources are
more important.
Yes, food, water.
But expand on that particular point and that vision for me.
OK, well, you hit a big point with the oil.
And the problem is the Rockefellers
and their control of oil, because there's
so much money and power involved that they
use that to take over control of 90%
of the world's corporations.
But what happened is that when technology
that threatened oil arose, they suppressed it.
So here in Japan, I went to shows
where they displayed how hydrogen energy could completely
change the world.
Or I remember also, I used to interview the solar panel
And they basically told me they were
being forced to throw out half of their production.
And they were being forced to make it more expensive than oil.
And it was all about control.
And they've stopped human progress
to maintain this control.
And when they realized that even they were starting to lose it,
they wanted to kill us in order to stay in control.
So we are talking about a group of people who,
when I first contacted them, they said, there is no God.
We are God.
And they take it upon themselves.
There's no megalomaniac that they think that they are God
and that they control our future.
And they had a really nasty vision of the future.
They wanted to kill 90% of humanity,
enslave the rest to be permanent farm animals,
and they would live as god kings.
And this is obviously not the sort of future we want.
And that's why we've been fighting them so hard.
And you can see they're still trying to carry out this plan.
They're trying to kill everybody with these vaccines.
Now they're trying to create a starvation crisis, a water
crisis, anything.
I mean, they're basically anti-life.
And if we were able to--
and we will.
We will overthrow these people.
Then we're going to have the equivalent
of a Cambrian explosion.
There's so much stuff that they've held back.
And for example, the genetic technology.
Now we need to discuss this very carefully.
But there's no reason why we shouldn't
be able to live thousands of years and have superpowers.
For example, the vision of an eagle
or the echolocation of a bat.
All this we could do.
I mean, whether or not we want to do that or not
is something we need to discuss.
But what these current criminals in charge at the World Economic
Forum wanted to do is inject this
with something that would turn us into docile farm animals.
And then poison the sheeple who are causing trouble.
And basically make us into domestic animals
instead of making us into Superman.
So it's an interesting point because I've
been trying to help my audience understand that, for example,
I don't believe in miracles.
I don't believe in the natural or supernatural ability.
It's like our creator.
Whatever you want our creator to be,
a human figure, an energy source, a photon of light,
a conscious thought.
The semantics of language.
People beat up each other on what you call God.
If it's all up at source, creator, Butch, Sally.
I never cared what he called our creator.
But we get into the battle of these semantics, which
keeps us, instead of fighting them, fighting each other.
So that's why I've said I don't believe in supernatural.
There's only natural, meaning what?
Meaning our creator.
We come from that immense power.
We're all part of it.
It's inside of us.
That's why Christ tried to explain it to us,
show the world, look, these works,
you will do it even greater than I.
We have these incredible powers as a spiritual being
in this human form.
And it's really hard for us to make that leap,
to believe that I, Scott McKay, can really
ascend to whether it's beyond the spiritual level,
but even the physical capabilities that we have.
It's really hard because we've been programmed for--
I think we're 300 years behind our spiritual ascension
track at this point, since they've corralled us.
But it sounds like you kind of see it the same way.
We have these immense abilities, but we've
been programmed to believe that we don't.
And I'm born a sinner, which is total bullshit.
If I'm of my creator, my creator's all perfection,
how could he create junk like me, a sinner?
All these things they programmed into us
with the architecture of the religious order, who,
by the way, are run by the Satanists, as we know.
Do you kind of see it on that same track as well?
We have these immense abilities.
We just have to find a way to work it out.
Yeah, well, the first thing is, I think everyone agrees,
we didn't create ourselves.
Something else created us.
So like you say, you want to call it nature or God,
it's up to you.
But the point is that we need to take care of the creation.
That's what we have.
This is what we exist in.
And right now, we're not taking care of this world
in a proper way.
We're destroying it.
And the other thing is that--
OK, I agree with you that this is the reality that we have.
I don't want to die and then go to heaven.
I want to turn this place--
I don't want to die.
And I want to turn this place into heaven.
I don't want to wait until I'm dead and then maybe or maybe
not go to heaven.
I want to make this world heaven.
And I want to be immortal in this world.
And we have the ability to do that.
It's now a-- aging is a scientifically curable problem.
And we have the ability to have superpowers.
And we can start creating new life.
We can have something that would be bigger
than the Cambrian explosion.
The Cambrian explosion, what happened
was for billions of years, life was--
you could only see it with a microscope,
like brown sludge that all you can
see if you're walking around the ancient world.
And suddenly, in almost like no time,
all this multicellular life, a trillion times bigger.
These fishes and all these different creatures
from the Cambrian Ocean just, boom, popped out of nowhere.
We can do the same thing.
This world could be--
we could have a trillion times more people, a trillion times
more nature.
It's just like a nuclear explosion of evolution
is something that we have the ability now
to control in a good direction.
But only if we have competent leadership of the planet that
actually is working for the people and living
things of the planet and not for a self-serving group.
Does that not make the case for a one-world government
or one-world oversight once we free humanity up,
except it becomes not their version,
but the version of oversight of the entire planet
to make sure nobody can ever limit the human experience we
have in this spiritual realm?
Because it seems like, to me, that there
would need to be that kind of guardian or shepherding
to make sure that we have no encumbrances
into this evolution.
Any village has certain rules.
You don't go to your neighbor's house and rape their daughter.
They could dump on the street.
But the planet doesn't have that right now.
They have these transnational murderers and criminals
who basically get away with all this sort of stuff,
and nobody's stopping them.
So we do need something to stop this high-level transnational
And we all share the same atmosphere, the same oceans.
So there's certain things we need to agree upon.
We share together.
But what we don't want is a single god-king dictator
running the planet.
But the proposal we have is more like a small family
or a hunter-gatherer tribe of seven groups
that would make decisions that affect all of us
on a majority basis.
But we do need to have enough rules so that we don't have war
and we don't have all the other bad things that
are being done by what I call the Khazarian mafia, who
are responsible for creating terrorist groups and all
these other problems.
And so we want to have a force that
is able to stop these people and ensure world peace
and that we all follow the rules that any village would follow.
Because the reason-- and this has nothing to do with heaven
or anything else.
The reason you don't kill and rob people
is because that's the price you pay for people
not killing and robbing you.
You agree, OK, let's just be peaceful together
because it benefits us both.
And we need that on a planetary level.
We don't have it because we have this group
of messianic fanatics who want to subjugate us.
And that's what we're fighting.
They're cornered now in Israel.
They're fighting to keep this Washington circus going.
They're fighting to keep this thing--
start World War III in Ukraine.
But they're being put down gradually but surely.
The reason it's taking so much time
is because they're trying to start World War III
and we want to do it without starting World War III, which
is why it's such a long-drawn process.
We have a break coming up in about five minutes.
But I'd like to get-- since you talked about Israel,
can you speak to the conflict in Gaza, Israel?
Many people believe that the Khazarian mobsters who
run Israel-- not the Israeli people,
but the Khazarian mobsters--
are responsible for, obviously, what's happening.
It had been going on in Gaza for 50 years, the towers here,
and exporting, basically, genocide
around the world, these Khazarian mobsters.
Is that how you see it?
Yeah, I mean, the forensic trail leads to a group known
as the Sabbatean Frankish Jews.
Are they the same as Ashkenazis, Ben?
Are they the same as Ashkenazis or the same?
Well, it's like it's a faction within the Ashkenazis.
It's like you don't want to put all the Christians together.
It's just one particular group within that.
So of the 16 million Jews around the world,
there's about a million of them who are part of this group.
And some of them pretend to be Muslims.
Some of them pretend to be Christians.
But the point is, their plan was to carry out
the biblical prophecies themselves,
the end times prophecies.
And this calls for dividing the world
into two giant countries, Gog and Magog,
having them kill each other, and then
have the members of this tribe enslave the rest
and become god-kings of the planet.
This is a plan that they've been pushing.
And they're the people who were responsible for the Holocaust.
They wanted to-- Hitler was working with the Zionists
to chase the Jews out of Europe and into Israel
as part of this project.
And so they still believe in this.
I mean, what people need to understand
is the Nazis were Jews.
And they were killing other Jews to try
to force them to go along with this messianic project.
And they still believe it.
These people are not rational.
You can't argue with them.
Their minds are closed.
They insist that it's their God-given right
to kill everybody else and then enslave the survivors.
And for example, Benyamin Netanyahu,
his father was the secretary of this guy called Jabotky.
I got the pronunciation wrong.
And they wanted to create this country
from the Euphrates to the Nile and rule
the world from Jerusalem.
And they believe this is--
God is going to make this happen for them.
They cannot be rationally argued with.
They need to be put down.
That's the conclusion we've reached.
And that's what's going to happen.
Because they're still trying to kill us all.
And they're not going to stop unless we stop them.
Is that what's happening in Gaza right now?
I got friends from Israel.
I have a friend of mine who's--
Yemam Special Forces, been at it for 40 years.
They always activate these guys.
He's top level.
He's explained to me--
talked to me about--
they knew this was set up by Netanyahu and company
to allow the Gazans to come in.
But on the other side, I listened to a girl
for two months talk about--
she lived in two months, actually, in the Gaza Strip
and talked about these horrific atrocities being
perpetuated on this people.
And this is the largest concentration camp
on the planet.
Again, like I said, I got friends of mine
that are Jewish, Israeli.
They see things differently.
I hear all these points of view.
And I'm never sure which way to lean in it.
I mean, I was--
it's hard to get to-- like, for example,
I've been talking about the Gazarian Mafia
since I discovered Gordon Duff's--
glad you said that.
I knew you would.
Gordon Duff's research years ago,
never heard anybody ever talk about the Gazarian Mafia.
I did a radio show on this radio show in 2020,
kind of laying out the whole history of the Gazarian Mafia.
And once it went on a podcast, then I
became the, quote, "expert on Gazarian Mafia," which I
absolutely am nowhere near that.
You've got decades of research and experience
on this bloodline where they came from.
But now the Gazarian Mafia, the term the Gazarian Mafia--
I call them the mobsters--
is a common theme that's spread all
through the alternative media.
It's just now how we describe them.
So unfortunately, I'm going to stick to this point
because I want to talk about that and Gaza.
We are about 15, 10 seconds away where
the music starts to pull the show away from me for about a 5
minute break.
So hang in there for a few minutes, Ben,
and we'll come back after this break.
And I got a lot of questions to ask you, my friend.
It's great having you here.
So ladies and gentlemen, this is Benjamin Fulford,
I think one of the deepest intelligent sources
we got access to.
So we're going to be back after this break.
We will be there in a minute.

Quote:Benjamin Fulford with Patriot Streetfighter Scott McKay 3-25-24
We are going to bring back Benjamin Fulford.
We're going down the track of the Kazarian mafia, an entity
or group that he's been talking about for decades,
and also as it relates to Gaza and what's going on in Gaza.
Ben, thanks for sticking around, brother.
I know you've got a lot of things
to do getting your day started in Japan.
Let's talk about the Gazans.
How do you see the Gazans, how they've
been handled in the last 30 or 40 years?
The plan has been, right from the beginning,
to remove all the Judeans.
And I call them Judeans because Palestine is the wrong word.
What was part of the Turkish empire was Judea province.
These are the original inhabitants of Judea.
They've been there for thousands of years.
So the plan was to chase out the original Judeans,
and while at the same time telling the world,
we'll have some two-state solution in the future.
And now they're feeling like they're rushing their plans
because they realize that the walls are closing in on them.
But their plan is to basically kill or kick out
the Judeans in Gaza because they wanted to build a canal
through there.
And they're even selling real estate in Gaza
at synagogues across the US.
So the whole thing was faked, this whole attack.
Look, Hamas was fighting with Israel against Syria.
Hamas is created by Mossad, by the Israelis.
They create bad guys, and then they
use those bad guys as an excuse to attack innocent people.
That's what they're doing.
It's genocide, and they're not going to get away with it.
That's good to hear.
I haven't paid close attention to it for quite some time now.
What is it looking like there right now?
They keep saying that they're going to go and kill
these million people, but they know that they can't.
Because right now, I'm hearing that US forces are being put
into Israel to stop the hunt down Benyamin Netanyahu
and his fascist fanatic people around him.
No sh*t.
They have US spec ops guys hunting Netanyahu right now.
And he is a mass murderer, and he needs to be put down.
You know what?
I remember-- I don't know if it was a Council on Foreign
I think I had a membership once.
I was working political campaigns in Los Angeles,
and I didn't really realize what CFR was at that time.
But I remember I went to an event.
I remember Milton Friedman.
I met him once there, and Netanyahu was sitting.
I was sitting probably--
I was sitting in the front row, I think,
but he was literally 10 feet away from me.
And I'm seeing Netanyahu.
To me, he was like this heroic figure then.
Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever
dreamed this guy was a Kazarian killer.
Again, orchestrated the 9/11 attacks or part of it
or whatever I heard that he said.
America is a golden calf that just keeps on giving,
that they can just keep doing what they do to us
and just keep stripping us to the bone.
And why?
Why would you want to keep doing that to America?
He said, because we can.
Most people would think that's BS,
but apparently that's gone around enough out there
that people say, yeah, he absolutely
did say that that's how he sees America.
Can you comment on that?
Well, my own direct involvement came with Fukushima
because I know from the Japanese government
that he personally called the Japanese prime minister
immediately after Fukushima and said,
if you don't hand over all the money you've
earned since World War II to us, next we're
going to blow up Mount Fuji.
And the only thing that stopped him
was the island of La Palma was hit with earthquake
immediately after the Fukushima attack.
And that would cause a 100-meter tsunami
to hit the US East Coast.
And that's why he stopped further attacks on Japan.
So I know personally that he was involved in the mass murder
at Fukushima.
And so this is something that--
this is when I really started to realize this guy was
a source of a lot of problems.
He's kind of like their chief killer enforcer.
So yeah, I mean, he was involved in 9/11,
and he's the mastermind behind this self-inflicted attack
from October 7.
He is a extremely dangerous, high-level criminal.
And he is a Satanist.
And he needs to be put down.
And it sounds like he's going to be.
Oh, yeah.
That man is not long in this world.
So when they get these guys, what do they do?
Go ahead.
And then we have to go after his bosses who are hiding
around Lake Geneva, people like Klaus Schwab, Rothschild.
These are the people that have to be removed.
And the forensic trail leads to the area around Lake Geneva.
There's these 200 so-called international organizations
They have diplomatic passports.
They can go anywhere in the world, kill people.
Nobody can do anything about them.
It's the WHO, the World Economic Forum, all those guys.
They're the masterminds who control Netanyahu.
And then there is a group in the Norwegian Antarctic base
where they have the servers for the dark net financial system.
And they have hidden a lot of high-level military technology,
which apparently they're going to try to use to attack the US
on April 8, which is not a Jewish calendar
date of any sort.
It's something they just made up.
Yeah, it's kind of curious.
How do you see April 8?
We know this is going to be an eclipse event.
Some people believe in the, for lack of a better word,
the cosmos, the evolution of the universal expansion,
dimensional expansion or spiritual expansion
or elevation, that that's tied to this particular day,
this eclipse.
And others see it probably in some other Gematria-based
viewpoint of what that date means.
We do know that there's potential attacks.
You're talking about attacks that are much bigger.
What's the significance of this particular eclipse event
on April the 8th, as you know it?
These people are religious fanatics.
They worship Satan.
And what they want to do is stage a major Holocaust
or burnt offering of American Christians
to Satan in order to initiate their rule of the world.
This is how they think.
They built a platform to sacrifice some red heifers.
Apparently, it's only the 10th time since Judaism was founded
that they've done this.
Because they want to build a temple to Satan,
where they want to sacrifice humans.
And in order to make this happen,
they think they have to kill a large amount of people
and sacrifice them to Moloch or Satan
in order to make this happen.
This is the kind of thinking that these people have.
And I've seen solar eclipses.
And all that happens is the moon gets in the way of the sun
for a while, and it gets dark.
And that's it.
Nobody dies.
Nothing happens.
So it's a complete BS story designed to make
people accept mass murder.
And we're not going to let it happen.
What is-- if they have a plan to do this on that day,
how does it stop?
Who stops it, and how do they stop it?
Well, we know that they're going to use Reagan-era satellite
based weapons.
And we know they have planes that shoot laser beams.
So you saw that in the fires in Texas, for example.
And the Russians and the Chinese and the US White Hats
have the ability to shoot down satellites.
And that's what I think they're going to do.
And they have been warned that if they do go ahead and start
trying to kill millions of Americans,
they're not going to get away with it.
Jerusalem will be nuked in retaliation.
Same with the area around Lake Geneva.
Enough is enough.
We're sick and tired of these people putting out
BS quasi-religious stories to cover up mass murder.
And they can't be allowed to continue,
and they won't be allowed to continue.
So would they really, the White Hats,
actually really nuke Jerusalem when
there would be massive collateral damage
and global chaos and outrage?
What I've been told by the Gnostic Illuminati--
these are the people who--
this is the group that was founded by Pythagoras
thousands of years ago.
And they believe in meritocracy, and they're
against bloodline rule.
They're very powerful, especially in the military.
And they have told me that they're
ready to do that if necessary.
It's like in order to prevent World War III,
if you have to nuke Jerusalem, then so be it.
That's how they're thinking.
This is not my plan.
I'm just reporting what they've told me.
And so obviously, Jerusalem is the epicenter of their power
or their power structure?
Well, and Lake Geneva and then the Norwegian Antarctic base,
those are their main power centers right now.
So we're at that serious of a point right now.
They're actually considering doing that if they make
a major event happen on the 8th.
Yeah, I mean, enough is enough.
We're sick and tired of them doing things like Fukushima
and 9/11 and building bioweapons factories in Ukraine
and trying to kill us all with vaccines and stuff.
Enough is enough.
This is not a point where we can politely ask them to stop.
They're going to be put down like rabid dogs.
There's no other way.
Yeah, I agree 100%.
It's like these pedophiles.
Same thing.
They put them in prison.
They're never going to rehab them
if they've hurt, harmed, raped children, murdered them.
In my opinion, there is no rehab recovery.
I don't understand in these extreme cases
why they don't just simply eliminate them, just eliminate
them, release their dark soul into another evolution,
do them a favor as well.
Why let them walk around in the dark?
This may be somehow some bolt of light
will hit them in their purgatory for a period of time
and maybe shift their soul.
But I see no other possibility to deal with sh*t like that.
Let's jump back over.
I mentioned this a bit earlier.
I'm still fascinated with the White Dragon Society,
as I understand, my limited understanding
that you've got this benevolence from these dynastic families
that are possibly-- correct me where I'm wrong--
waiting for a certain evolution of the Earth's humanity
or whatever to where they would be able to bring forth
this massive wealth to shift gears and drive
the human experience upward like it should have been.
Is this true, number one?
I think I read a while ago that it was the Manchu dynasty put
forward like $4.5 trillion to start greasing the rails
for the distribution of these kind of massive gold funds,
at least as a finance tool to start helping people access
real resources on the planet to basically heal the planet,
people, prevent starvation, ease poverty, all this stuff.
Am I on a right track of what is in play for this transition?
Or does the transition look nothing like this?
Well, no.
Right now, there's $100 trillion worth of gold-backed bonds
that have been pledged by the Asian royals
to finance projects to end poverty,
stop environmental destruction, and create
super scientific progress.
And it's being blocked right now by the Illuminati
Council with people like David Rene, the Rothschild,
Klaus Schwab Rothschild.
They're blocking it.
But this proposal is sitting there
waiting to be implemented.
That's how things stand now.
Now, the White Dragon Society is a--
there's one with a Chinese name, which
is different from one with the English name.
White Dragon Society is a Western society.
And it's basically the military intelligence white hats
of the Western world, including, though, Russia and North Korea,
not just the United States and the English Commonwealth.
So this group will fight to defend people.
But the money-- they don't have the money.
The money is the Golden Dragon.
This is the Asian royals.
And they're willing to offer us $100 trillion.
And as I say, right now, it's being
blocked in Geneva at the BIS, World Bank,
this group of people.
And that's what's preventing us from starting a new age.
How do they block it?
It seems so simple.
Like, how do they block it?
Is it electronic, digital?
Is it-- again, somebody said, how do they block this?
It's control over supercomputers that have
the financial system inside it.
This is apparently-- most of the servers
are actually in Antarctica.
And what's going on is the Asians
have been building an alternative system.
And outside of the West, they've been doing a lot already.
I mean, China spent trillions of dollars
building roads and ports and schools and stuff
all over the world.
And they're building now, as we talked,
they're building new UN headquarters in Laos.
So they're just going ahead and starting their own system.
And what's happening is the West is being left behind
because these high-level psychopaths are still
in control of the Western financial system.
And that's where the battle is now.
So we have to locate David Rennie, the Rothschild,
Claustrophob Rothschild.
We have to take away their control
of the financial computers in the West.
And then it will be game over.
So that brings the question, Xi Jinping, good guy, bad guy?
I've had dealings with him.
And I'd say he's a good guy.
But he did get fooled by the fake pandemic for a while
and got misled.
But once they realized the PCR tests were fraud,
they just changed overnight and stopped that whole thing.
So he's a good guy.
And the people around him are good guys.
But they can be fooled.
OK, so fooled like Trump was fooled about the vaccine?
Or is there a deeper explanation about that?
No, I think just fooled, thinking
that they're actually trying to save lives when
they were doing the opposite.
Vladimir Putin.
Now, we're now, I think, on our Vladimir Putin number seven.
I knew you were going to say that.
He's not the same Vladimir Putin.
But it doesn't matter.
Batman is Batman, even if you have different actors.
And he represents--
That's a great analogy.
He represents a consensus.
He represents a consensus around the Russian Orthodox Church
that is for good governments.
And they're really doing incredible work
making Russia richer and safer.
They've got rid of alcoholism without banning alcohol.
They've done all sorts of incredibly good things.
So they just have a very competent government.
And he's their spokesperson.
And there's so many--
the reason Vladimir Putin is a very common face.
You know, there's these pictures of Vladimir Putin in World War
I and World War II.
There's just a lot of people who look like that.
So they have a big pool.
They can choose a really smart guy to play the role.
And that's what they do.
But some of them-- like, the original Putin
was fluent in Germany.
But some of them couldn't speak German.
But anyway, he represents Russian white hats.
And I fully support him, even though he's a symbol, not
actually a person.
I've been telling people, Ben, since 2015, I said this prior--
when Trump announced-- he did his announcement speech.
I walked away from elected politics in '06.
So there's a nine-year period where I was not active at all.
I realized, like you did, the machines corrupt.
Half these people are criminals, belong in prison.
So I was dejected.
My dreams to get in the US Senate one day just dissipated.
What am I going to do?
Try to make money in business.
And then that one day, walking past the TV--
I don't even know where it was now.
It was so insignificant.
I see the escalator.
I see the lights, cameras.
Here's Trump.
Here's Melania.
Hell, I didn't even know her name.
And he gets to the bottom.
He starts talking.
And I'm watching this.
I'm like-- in about three minutes, five minutes,
I'm like, holy sh*t.
There he is.
I never saw him coming.
It was like Moses parting the sea.
Got on my phone.
I start texting people.
You got to stop whatever you're doing.
You've got to watch this.
This is the next Republican nominee, landslide president.
And at that time, right about that time,
I made a comment on Facebook.
And I said that Vladimir Putin is the only leader
on the world stage right now.
All hell broke loose, as you can imagine here
in the United States, with the programmed, lobotomized robots,
believe in everything mainstream media.
And I've held that firm.
Quite honestly, if you look and see
what Vladimir Putin has done for the last how many decades,
everybody's worried about the re-expansion of the Soviet
Who the hell would want to do that?
Look at all these countries, these stand countries.
It's like one of my friends from Odessa,
he's the one that said, look, all these stand countries were
a welfare state.
They contribute nothing.
They're a massive drain on society and Russian resources.
Let them go.
But all we've seen is him fighting
to increase the standard of living in Russia.
We told him, we would-- or Russians, we told them,
NATO told them, the scumbag liars at NATO, Clinton
and company, will never push NATO to your border
if you help us secure all the nukes in the satellite
countries, which they did.
What do we do?
Put NATO right in their back doorstep.
All the lies and all the bullshit,
the federal government, just like the treaties when
they were wiping out Native Americans, same bullshit,
same people, same Kazarians, never keeping their word,
and just creating genocide everywhere they go.
So I find it amusing that you said we're on number seven,
Vladimir Putin.
So I got to ask you, my audience wants to know, mask or clone,
or lookalike?
Mask, clone, lookalike, what are these things?
Lookalike, highly trained and educated, not masked,
not cloned.
And I'd like to say, I actually talked to real Russian FSB
people, and they told me very clearly,
their goal is to overthrow the people who control
the Federal Reserve Board.
So they know that they're dealing
with the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers,
and that people below that, the politicians,
are just slaves taking orders.
And so they know where the problem lies,
and they're fighting against it.
And the other thing is, they don't
want to conquer Western Europe.
They don't want to control non-Russian peoples,
because that would just be, like you say, expensive.
There's no benefit for them.
So they just want to go up to the Dnieper River,
where the agreement has been reached
for the zone of control between Western and Eastern Europe,
and they want to make peace.
And what's happening is that you have
these same religious fanatics who
think, no, they're going to destroy Russia,
and then they're going to destroy China,
and they're going to rule the world, because God has given
them that right.
They're not rational people.
You can't argue with them.
They have to be put down.
And that's what happened with Victoria Nuland, finally.
Did they put her down?
Did they put her down?
That's what I've been told.
That's what I was told, that she and her husband, Kagan,
who was responsible for the Iraq war, were killed.
I can't confirm this, but I have been told this
by CIA types.
That's fantastic.
I'll tell you what, that bit*h has created more destruction
than probably most of the US presidents, what she's been
involved in and what she's done.
So the only thing that I would say,
I hope it was a time release exit for her,
because that's basically Satan in a female form.
Who else did I want to throw out?
The high priority target is Barack Obama, whose name
means thunder of Satan.
He was the creator of ISIS, and he is now being hunted,
because he's the guy who runs the fake Biden
regime for the Rockefellers.
So get rid of him, and then that should end the whole Biden
show before the election.
So here's a question for you.
It's kind of a funny question.
How the hell-- how did they slip Big Mike past all of us
in this country?
How can they have slipped Big Mike through--
I mean, most people still think it's crazy.
We know, but it's like, how the hell did they pull this off?
What I was told at the time was they
know that Michelle Obama is a man,
but that nonetheless, Barack Obama is the lesser evil.
And what they told the Asians was that, OK, in 2008,
the Lehman crisis, when they got cut off the first time,
they said, look, we're going to put a Black communist
as president of the United States,
so please give us money.
And they were able to get $23 trillion
from the Asians to keep this whole show going on
by putting this Obama guy in.
But after eight years, they realized
that Obama was just a house slave.
He had no real power, and that it was the same old criminals
behind him.
And now they're no longer financing that.
And that's why the US government,
they keep doing this and that to try to kick the can down
a bit further.
But they're not getting any real money.
So they're doing things like selling the technology
for the F-35s to the Chinese to get a bit of cash to keep going.
They've sold off all the US weapon stocks
by pretending to send it to the Ukraine.
I think only 30-- according to the US Pentagon,
I think only 30% actually ended up in the Ukraine.
The rest was sold in the international arms markets.
The Russians are telling us that all the synagogues in Ukraine
were full of weapons.
And when they asked the Jews why there
were weapons in the synagogues, they
said, well, we're just selling them to the Middle East.
They asked me not to talk about this
because it was to the benefit of the Russians.
But this is what's been going on.
They've been selling off everything
they can to keep the show going.
But they're not getting any big money.
And it's a matter of--
like the famous Hemingway quote, "How did you go bankrupt?
Gradually, then suddenly."
That suddenly is coming.
I won't say when, but the sooner, the better.
And that is the United States or the Federal Reserve bankers?
United States corporate government,
which is owned by the Federal Reserve Bank.
And this would lead to the reinstatement of the United
States Republic, and possibly a merger with Canada
to have a Republic of the United States of North America.
This is being discussed.
Of course, that means removing Trudeau and all those criminals
too, first.
What's the benefit, from your point of view,
of merging the US and Canada together?
What's the benefit?
Well, more competent government and complementary economics.
Canada has all the resources.
The US has the factories and the refineries.
It would make us both richer.
And also, it'd give people more options
of where they want to live and work.
Canadians could go to California to enjoy the better weather.
And Canadians could go to Northern Canada,
have a cottage by a lake.
It would just make life more pleasant for both of us.
But of course, the Canadians would
insist on Canadian levels of law enforcement.
We have like a fifth of the crime of the United States.
And so any merger would involve cleaning up the US justice
system so that crime is not a commonplace occurrence
like it is now.
So it's that safe up there, like 20% of the crime we do?
Well, I guess that's not surprising.
I mean, we have more prisoners in prison
than any nation on the planet, which is absurd to me, absurd.
I think if you're American, you're
20 times more likely to end up in jail than if you're Chinese.
So there's something fundamentally wrong there.
And what Canada has always been built on
is the idea of good government.
So the idea is to have good government that actually serves
people and works for them and does what they ask them to do,
which is not what exists now, as we all know.
So is Trudeau still alive and in power,
and he'll be removed soon?
Yeah, but until you stop seeing him on the TV sets,
it's not over, even if like you--
that's a problem.
You arrest a guy, and then they put a lookalike on TV.
So until that power structure behind him is removed,
it'll happen when you see it in all your screens
that he's gone and there's a trial.
Then you'll know it's over.
But it's not yet there.
But yeah, I know that his days are numbered.
I mean, the guy is a mass murderer and a criminal.
And this has been proven beyond a doubt.
So he will be removed.
It's just a matter of time.
We've heard this for years now.
We're probably on year number six or seven,
that these people are going to be tribunaled,
and humanity is going to get a chance to witness it,
to believe that these things really happen.
We'd heard years ago, five, six years ago,
that the justice is going to be delivered here
on this level to these people.
It's going to be so definitive that it basically
broadcasts to the world, this is what it is from now on.
So this never, ever can happen again.
Is any of this true?
Will we see these public trials, public executions
of any degree?
Yeah, it's going to happen.
But the problem is most of the visible leaders
are puppets who are blackmailed and compromised.
And so removing them has been a long, drawn-out process.
But it is happening.
But the things to watch out for, the official end
of the Biden show, the fall of Macron in France,
the actual removal of Trudeau, when you see that happen,
then you'll know the tribunals are coming.
And I won't say when, but for sure now,
there's so many people are aware that the governments have
been seized by criminals that it cannot last much longer.
We're hoping we can do it this year,
but we've been saying that for a long time.
And these people are very powerful, very smart,
very stubborn, and we should not underestimate them.
Well, they know they're going to die.
So why would they throw the random white flag up the pole?
I don't see that happening.
To get there, is it going to be a bloodbath on humanity
on any level?
Or are these guys gaming this out
for as little casualties on the people as possible?
Well, that's why it's taking so long.
It's a hostage situation.
We want to remove them without starting World War III.
But most of the world is already out of their control.
And the Western people are now definitely waking up.
I would say we've got a critical mass of about a third
of the people who understand now that the government is
controlled by satanic criminals.
We've got a third who are still completely drinking the Kool-Aid
and believing whatever they're told.
And we've got a third in the middle.
And when we convince them, then it's game over.
And that is happening.
But the important thing is that at the highest
levels of the military and the intelligence community,
they are aware of this.
And they are fighting for the people.
So for example, the NSA is why we're
able to have this conversation.
And people are able to watch it.
They're on our side.
Did that happen when Mike Rogers' gut control became--
Admiral Rogers became the NSA commander under Obama?
Is that when we finally had one of our guys
finally seize that mantle to see everything?
I think it was from before that.
But I think Dick Cheney, he's always
one of the super bad guys.
But I think he had a conversion.
And towards the end of his career,
he tried to do the right thing behind the scenes.
And that helped move a lot of the CIA and other types
towards the light side, even though he himself had been
involved in a lot of bad stuff.
Towards the end there, he tried to do the right thing.
But Admiral Rogers, there are many good people
in the military.
And overall, if you look at it, it's
the Navy, the Marines, and the Air Force are much better.
And the Army, if you look at the top,
there's all these Jewish generals.
But only 0.3% of the US military are Jewish.
So that's the problem there.
Those are the people who, when Mark Milley from the Army
took over, that's when they started this vaccination
So the dark hats were located at the top of the Army,
but not the Marines, not the Navy, and not the Air Force,
with some exceptions.
And now I hear a cleanup is going on.
These generals are being removed from the Army.
So hopefully, that will make a big difference.
When they remove them, are they executing them,
tribunaling them?
What are they doing with them, do you think?
Well, yeah, military law is a two-hour tribunal
followed by execution if found guilty.
That's what's going to happen.
It's happening.
At least, it was Trump.
That what?
Donald Trump said that.
OK, so that'll be my next question after this one.
You just sanded my gears.
Are you kidding me?
Dick Cheney, Dark Cheney, actually came around.
This guy's a known pedophile.
From what Russell J. Gold told me,
he was on house arrest when he was trying to get to him
because he was diddling little boys.
Military said he's on house arrest right now.
So you're telling me the same Dick Cheney actually
walked into the light to try to do the right thing?
I had personal dealings with him,
or someone I was told was him.
And he provided a lot of intel that--
for example, he's the guy who told me
that David Ben-Gurion was the person who
ordered the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.
And he released a lot of information
that helped wake up a lot of people towards the end.
That's a fact.
No sh*t.
What year would this have been?
What time frame are you talking about?
Did Cheney gave up this kind of information?
I think it's around 2013.
When that was a year they removed Pope Benedict
and a lot of royals and stuff.
And it was around that time that I think he
made some big moves to try to-- but the system was such
that you couldn't get in a high position of power
unless you were filmed raping and killing a kid.
That's the only way to get up there.
And so he must have done stuff like that.
And they had this on him.
But nonetheless, towards the end,
I think he tried to make amends.
I know that a lot of people have a lot of bad feelings about him.
I know he died naturally of a heart attack.
But all I know is that he did leak a lot of good information
that helped wake up a lot of people towards the end.
I'm telling you, Ben, that's some of the most stunning
information I have heard yet.
That is absolutely mind-boggling to me.
Good for him if he did.
I mean, God--
One thing he did, for example, he
had Donald Rumsfeld executed because Rumsfeld provided
North Korea with nuclear missiles and nuclear technology.
Oh my god.
Holy crap, man.
That's why I wanted you on here.
I knew there were going to be massive bombs hitting tonight.
This is freaking incredible.
Good, that son of a bit*h should have been dead years ago,
It's amazing how back in that day--
I mean, I worked two Georgia W. Bush campaigns.
And these guys were like rock stars to me.
We were so duped, man.
We were so duped for so long.
Trump-- correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe--
I'm guessing it was before the election, the first one,
that you were anti-Trump.
You saw Trump as somebody very dangerous and very different.
Am I wrong about that?
No, you are wrong.
I thought of Trump initially as the lesser evil.
But I think what happened was Trump
failed to realize that this problem couldn't be solved
by the US alone.
He had to work with the rest of the world.
And by trying to be too unilaterally US,
he wasn't able to get financing.
And my understanding is that the original Donald Trump
went to the Mount Chan military base in Colorado
in January of 2020.
And if you look back, you'll see all the former military
in the Trump government all left around that time.
Then you had a very different looking Trump
with white around the eyes, loose chows, who suddenly
started Operation Warp Speed, vaccinate everybody.
And the thing is, these days with deep fake videos
and with lookalike actors trained to substitute
for people, they do put a fake Trump out on your screens
to say things like he supports Bud Light
and vaccines were a good thing.
And this is not the same Trump as the one
who runs the military White Hats out of Mount Cheyenne.
So this is the tricky part.
So the bad guys use a fake Trump and then
all these court cases and all this other theater
to try to manipulate public opinion
and try to harness or misdirect the pro-Trump patriotic
sentiment by using a fake Trump as like a Pied Piper.
That's what's the tricky part.
But the real one is in Mount Cheyenne,
Colorado military base in Colorado.
And he does control the US military White Hats.
But the ones you're seeing on a lot of the corporate media
screens is not the real one.
So when I was in Mar-a-Lago, maybe a year ago,
watching my friend Chris Bergard produce Defend the Border,
Tom Homan, Trump's ICE director was there.
Of course, they're premiering the movie and Trump was there.
I didn't talk to him, didn't shake his hand.
It's not my style to run to these guys
and try to get a picture.
It's just never been that way.
If I can see him right over there,
that's kind of good enough for me.
But I was not more than--
not closer than 20 feet from him.
And I could say he wasn't nearly as tall as Trump is.
Trump's a big man.
And also, this Trump has a rounder face.
Trump doesn't have a round face.
Trump has a little bit of a longer face.
So we had heard that he had--
I don't know what act it was.
It wasn't insurrection or anything.
Can't remember what it is to put him in Cheyenne Mountain
for continuity of government.
So you're the first person I've heard of the stature
come right out and say that.
Many of us know about it.
Wasn't sure if it was actually true,
but you also make a good point, I think, is important.
Because I have people that--
some other intel sources from around the world,
very high level spec ops guys.
And one of them in particular believes
that Trump is absolutely working for the Khazarians,
Ashkenazis, all the things that he's doing.
And it's hard for me to swallow, because this
gives some type of framework of, what should I say,
escape for me.
Because the fact of the matter is, this thing was over.
They had Hillary Dowd in to mop the world up
after Obama took us over the cliff.
So if Trump was a bad guy, that's
like heading through Colorado mountains,
come to the opening of the tunnel and say, yeah,
I think I'm just going to jump out of my Ferrari,
get on this donkey, and we're going to take the mountainous
way around.
That makes no sense on any level whatsoever.
It's absurd.
And especially the exposure of the global satanic pedophile
trafficking machine, all of this stuff.
And I know people look at Trump from this point of view
and they have a real hard time with it.
And I've said, if that's the case,
then that's an infiltration operation.
That's a little harder to swallow
than a guy that's sealed up in Cheyenne Mountain.
That, to me, makes sense.
But I think it is really a stretch for people
to actually get their head around the fact
that I was there.
That's Donald Trump right there.
It is the lookalike.
There's got to be people around him like Tom Hommett.
He's saying Tom Hommett's coming back.
It's like the white hat Trump playing out the fact
that Tom Hommett's going to become--
and Tom, I had him on a show.
It wasn't going to be ICE director.
It was going to be something else, higher level.
There's so many, I don't want to call it,
fuzzy players on the chessboard here, different colors.
You can't really tell exactly what's what.
So is there a replacement white hat Donald Trump?
Let's think about World War II for a second.
You have Adolf Hitler as portrayed
in the Allied newspapers and newsreels.
And then you have the Adolf Hitler
shown to the German people in the German newspapers
and newsreels.
So you have two different forces using very different images
of Adolf Hitler.
And it's the same with Donald Trump.
I've been told by a senior CIA guy--
I've been to his house, and I've seen a picture of him
with every US president from way back--
saying that Trump at Mar-a-Lago is a fake one.
And the real one is in Mount Cheyenne.
And the reason he had to go there
is because the United States was facing complete bankruptcy
in January 2020.
And the group behind the fake Trump and the Biden thing
had this plan to generate money and to put off the bankruptcy
by doing this whole pandemic vaccine business, which
allowed them to launder about $10 trillion.
And that's what happened.
So in order to avoid catastrophic sudden bankruptcy
in the United States, a large percentage of the ruling class
decided to go with this pandemic business
to keep the show going, whereas the White Hats retreated
to the Sewell Air Base and the Mount Cheyenne bases
and then hunkered down to wait for this to blow over.
I know it's hard to wrap your mind around this,
but this is what actual front-line reporting tells
me to be the truth.
So at what point--
where is the turning point where, say, Trump emerges
from Cheyenne Mountain and they really
come clean on everything that we just went through?
It's going to be devastating to some people
to get their head around this, as we can imagine.
It's already happening.
I mean, for example, let's think back.
They arrested all these Saudi royals.
And when that happened, control of Twitter, or X,
fell into the hands of the White Hats.
And now you have Tucker Carlson on X revealing truth,
like having this interview with Putin where he says
Russia wanted to join NATO.
And this is beginning to wake up a large amount of people.
I mean, a billion people watched that interview.
So the process is happening.
And it's happening through TikTok and X,
whereas the bad guys still control Google and MSNBC
and all that.
So there's two factions with their own giant digital
networks of information duking it out.
But the process has started.
And that's what this whole X business is all about.
And also the fact that people like me and you
can appear on screens around the world.
That's the NSA allowing us to do that,
because they could shut us down just like that if they wanted
So obviously, we're doing a good job.
Otherwise, they would have shut us down, I say.
I think that they know that we're telling the truth
and that the truth shall set us free.
And they allow the truth out, which
is all that they need to do.
We have about two minutes left.
Elon Musk, White Hat, Black Hat.
The real--
I think you've seen Elon Musk.
Say again.
My Russian sources told me he was with the US National
Reconnaissance Office.
These are the people who control all the satellites and stuff.
And he was sitting on the fence for a long time.
But I think he's clearly with the White Hats
now based on his actions and the fact
that he allows X to transmit the truth.
So I think he's gone with the White Hats.
However, he needs to understand that electric vehicles are not
the technology of the future.
He's got to switch to hydrogen-powered cars.
Otherwise, he's going to go bankrupt.
Yeah, not a bad thing.
I never quite can figure out how any of these guys
have not a wrinkle in their face or forehead or anywhere.
Like Pence, Biden, of course, Elon Musk, Vladimir Putin.
You see all these people.
I'm like, where the hell have you guys been?
You have not a single wrinkle anywhere in your forehead.
So I've wondered if Elon Musk is still the real Elon Musk
or did they trade him out too?
I have no idea.
I'll be honest.
I've tried to contact him, and I've been unable to do that.
So I can't even personally confirm that he really exists
or he's just an avatar.
I hope he's real, but I haven't been able to personally
forensically confirm this.
I haven't met somebody in person who's met him in person,
for example.
But I hope he's real.
No kidding.
20 seconds.
Julian Assange, are we going to see him freed?
No, he was killed by Pamela Anderson years ago.
He used to appear every day in his balcony in the embassy.
Pamela Anderson visited him.
Then he stopped appearing, and then they put out the story
that he was arrested.
But then he never showed up at his court trials.
It's all fake.
He's gone.
She killed him.
Yeah, she gave him a poisoned meal.
That's a bigger bomb than Cheney.
Jesus H. I don't even want to stop.
We're out of time.
The music will take over in seven seconds.
Thanks for having me on.
And let's get on to our part.
Can I bring you back again sometime?
And let me plug myself a bit.
If you want more of my information,
go to, and you'll
get weekly updates and videos and all sorts of stuff
to help you keep informed about what's really happening.
Thanks for getting that in there.
My apologies.
Ladies and gentlemen,,
F-U-L-F-O-R-D. As you know, this is
a spectacular show.
I knew he would be a great guest,
but he was a spectacular guest.
And now you can see there's information way bigger
than what we thought.
Ladies and gentlemen, Scott McKay.
We'll see you next week, 8, 10 PM Eastern.
Much love to all of you.

Benjamin Fulford Friday Q&A Video 03/28/2024

Transcribed by Whisper
Quote:Hello, this is Benjamin Fulford speaking on March 28th, 2024.
I'm recording a day earlier than usual just because I have a private errand I need to
run tomorrow.
The situation in the world as I'm looking at it, it is definitely reaching some kind
of climactic event.
As I've said before, the signs are all pointing to this and what's happening is we really
are close to some sort of endgame.
The Russian FSB has been in contact with the White Dragon Society a lot following the attack
outside of Moscow and the Western White Hats and the Russian FSB have concluded that this
attack came out of a rogue MI6, rogue US ISIS bases in the Middle East and in one of the
stands and that the ultimate orders came from Barack Obama who is a grandson of Adolf Hitler
and it's all part of this Nazi group.
It's related to Zelensky.
They're all apparently part of the same family group.
This is the Clara Hitler bloodline, the child that Queen Victoria had late in her life and
this group is also behind the Clintons.
Hillary Clinton is part of that group and the Rockefellers and they're definitely desperate
and trying to do everything they can to stay in power.
The Russians know now what's happening and they know where it comes from and they're
not just going to sit back and do nothing.
For sure, Barack Obama is being actively hunted, same with Benjamin Netanyahu.
Their days are numbered because they also are being hunted by Western White Hats who
are aware that it was also the same people who were responsible for the attack on the
bridge in Baltimore.
Now the first thing we know that proves it was their fault is that the fake President
Joe Biden right away went out and said it was an accident when everybody knows it was
not an accident.
There's videos all over the place of dynamite going off at key intervals.
The fact that he's lying about it and not saying it was a terrorist attack shows that
this group, it's the Rockefellers and these people behind it.
There are several reasons why they're doing this.
One is that they think that if they can create a disaster, they'll be able to get money for
rebuilding, for reconstruction.
So they're hoping to get money from this.
Now the other thing is that the bridge is cut off on the Mason-Dixon line and it was
the main transportation route for hazardous material in the United States.
So clearly they're also planning to do something related to hazardous material and they're
trying to start a civil war.
This is all signs of desperation because they're not going to fool the Americans into fighting
each other on behalf of a criminal cabal who's enemy of all Americans.
So that's not going to happen.
But this is clearly what they're after.
So the other important thing is that I'm hearing that there's some kind of super top secret
meeting with the Russian FSB, the Pentagon, the CIA, members of the Habsburg family, and
it's something to do with Antarctica.
Something is happening there.
There's going to be some kind of thing involving both the south and the north poles.
We don't know what it is.
Now the other thing, and this is very interesting, you know how there's all this talk about April
8th, something's going to happen.
And I've checked and it's not some kind of special Jewish calendar date.
That's complete BS.
It's a fake calendar they're using.
It's the Chabad fraudulent death cult that's putting out this story.
The fact is that Chabad is not Jewish.
They're talking about killing 90% of humanity and enslaving the rest, which is against the
golden rule.
It's completely satanic.
There's going to be no doubt about it.
But the thing that has my attention also is that they're planning some kind of major anti-matter
event at CERN laboratory in Switzerland.
So they're going to try to do something there.
I think this is getting a bit esoteric here, folks, so bear with me.
I'm not sure about this, but I have been told that we are dealing with, and like I said,
I was brought up as an atheist, so I'm just telling you what I'm being told by senior
Vatican types, is that we are dealing with fallen angels and that they're being cornered
and they're trying to create a portal to escape this universe and that this has something
to do with what's planned at CERN on April 8th.
Now I can confirm from official CERN documents that they're having some kind of anti-matter
experiment there, but what it is, I don't know.
Now the other thing that's going on is that the golden dragon and the white dragon, this
is the Asians with all the money, and the white dragon, which is the white hats in the
Western military industrial complex, are still working towards releasing $100 trillion for
the good of the planet with control split between East and West.
That is still moving forward.
The obstacle is obviously still the people in Geneva, and they're trying to play for
All I can say for sure is that there's going to be a lot of dramatic events between now
and mid-April because they always try to do something to put off their fate, their inevitable
Now the other thing I realize is that they managed to get money from the Asians to keep
the US corporate government show going on until September, and now I find out they're
having some kind of big world summit, UN summit in September to find a better way to run the
So they're playing for time.
They're saying, "Hey, hey, don't worry.
We'll be good now.
Trust us.
Just give us a little bit more money.
Keep the can down a little bit more, and then we'll make love, not war.
We'll make peace.
We'll do all the good things you want.
Just give us time."
Of course, they're going to try to use that time to kill us all so they don't have to
relinquish control.
So we are in a very sensitive time, but I'm confident the White Hats are winning, and
we know of their plans, and we know that this bridge thing is just one of many planned events.
They're trying to do a lot of other things, and this has been planned long in advance,
but it's not going to stop them from being removed from power and losing control of the
That much is for sure.
So all I can say is watch your surroundings.
Make sure that your own immediate environment is safe, and if you're anybody in any position
of construction, maintenance, police, whatever, if you see suspicious preparations for some
kind of event like happened at the bridge, and that was obviously carefully planned and
should have been spotted, if you see something like that, please let us know.
Blow the whistle.
We'll stop them.
In any case, we're dealing with dangerous, cornered rats, but they are being put down,
and there's no way they're going to escape and get away with all the crimes they committed.
They know that.
They're fighting to the death, and that's what it will be.
Well, thanks for listening to me.
Now I'll answer questions from readers and viewers.
Hi, Ben.
We have our first question for today.
It looks like Canada is the next fallen WEF-controlled state to implement the Banking Excellence
Social Credit Score, open banking scam that seems to have already taken Great Britain
into its jaws.
Parliament is supposed to debate this, but Justin Castrudo, compromised criminal, and
Jagmeet Singh, a known Sikh terrorist operative, will ensure this goes through 30 days after
it is debated by our Uni Party, making it look like it may, it will be implemented here
Can we defeat this or avoid it?
Canada has been so pathetic and apathetic in the past, but can this be the final straw?
Your comments and thoughts are appreciated.
Well, the big question is what the hell is the Canadian military doing?
And I urge all Canadian citizens to phone the Department of Defense, to phone their
local military station closest to them, and ask them why they have allowed a criminal
mass murdering government to seize power illegally.
Trudeau didn't win the last election.
He stole it with the help of Alex Soros and electronic voting.
So this is a fascist illegal seizure of power.
So what I'm assuming is the way these people work is that they've got some kind of compromised
generals at the top of the chain of command.
So it's up to the middle-ranking military and the military police to identify the compromised
members of the military command, remove them, and then we need a temporary military government
because civilians are not in control, criminals have seized control.
But I guarantee you Trudeau and all those people are going to jail.
There's no way they're going to take over or keep control of Canada.
They will be removed.
But I urge all Canadians to make it happen by picking up the phone and calling the police,
calling the military, calling the politicians.
Bottom-up pressure, and we can stop this.
But no matter what, the rest of the world is already free from these people.
So no matter what happens, eventually the rest of the world will come to the rescue
of the Canadians.
But I wish the Canadian military would grow a pair and take action.
Next question.
Hi, Ben.
Do you have any specific intel on this attack on Russia?
I get the feeling this was just a practice run to be executed in the U.S. next while
everybody looks up, and quite possibly Europe too.
Looking at Alois Illmeier's predictions, Poland may be next in line even before then.
Obviously, this can be compared to deliberately dropping matches into kegs of gunpowder.
What are your thoughts on this?
They've definitely got a whole series of things planned, some kind of anniversary of the Satanist
Aleister Crowley.
Now the Russians have been given specific actionable intelligence about exactly where
the attacks originated, and this was given to them by military white hats, but I don't
want to tip our hand and let them know what we know.
But they know where the attack comes from, and there's now a U.S.-Russian military alliance
against a common enemy.
That much I can say.
But yes, they're definitely going to be trying all sorts of stuff because they are very,
very scared, dangerous, and they're cornered rats, and they're going to fight to the death.
And like I say, people like Benyamin Netanyahu know that they're going to be hung, and so
they'll probably go down shooting.
But they will go down.
And no matter what they try, they're not going to be able to provoke World War III, which
is what they're trying to do.
Because at the highest level, the Chinese, the Russians, the Americans, they have friendly
communications and are not going to let themselves be fooled into starting a World War III, other
than the hybrid one that's already taking place.
But that's not between Russia and China and the U.S.
It's between the military white hats around the world and the group of people who seize
control of the major transnational corporations.
And from a military point of view, we know there's about 700 people that we have to deal
with and they are being targeted.
The military white hats will win, rest assured.
But there's going to be fireworks.
That can't be avoided.
Next question.
Hi, Ben.
In my opinion, any sacrifice is satanic.
These satanists don't sacrifice themselves, they sacrifice us.
So what happens to someone like Middleton?
You know, they give birth to children who they've decided right from the moment they're
going to be born, they're going to be sacrificed at a certain age, maybe six years old, seven
years old.
And the people designated for that aren't aware of it, but they're pampered and they're
brought up in a special way.
So they do select members of their own families for sacrifice.
They think that this will earn them especially, you know, extra brownie points with Satan.
That's the twisted thinking they have.
So yes, they sacrifice mainly people who are not members of their cult, but they will also
choose members of their own family, even their own children, because they believe it gives
them extra power.
I would be told by British intelligence, for example, that Madeleine McCann was the biological
daughter of George Soros.
She was, you know, bred to be sacrificed.
Next question.
Hi, Ben.
In relation to our last question, in prehistory, only kings, males were sacrificed due to the
erroneous belief that the sun, symbol of kingship, died every year and was reborn at the winter
solstice, which marks the sun's entry into Capricorn, the zodiacal sign ruling over the
ruling class.
Here in history, animal sacrifice replaced sacrifice of the king symbolically.
Sacrificing females makes no sense.
When kings were literally sacrificed, they did so willingly and not forced.
Why would they be sacrificing women now?
I'm not in agreement with your version of history.
It depends on what culture and what civilization you're looking at, but they've been sacrificing
females, animals, etc., all over the world in all sorts of different cultures and eras.
The Aztecs, for example, sacrificed males and females on an industrial scale, apparently
for purposes of obtaining meat.
But yeah, I mean, sacrificing a very powerful male or a king or something is seen as kind
of special.
But you know, these people don't limit themselves just to kings, and they never have.
And the ultimate solution is we have to stop all forms of sacrifice.
It's just not right.
And it will be stopped.
It's been going on for so long.
These people were born into it.
They live it.
They know they have to go along with it or be killed themselves.
But we're going to end it.
And sacrifice will be banned, animal and human.
Next question.
Hi, Ben.
We have our last question for today.
Do you expect any satanic events to occur during the same time as this eclipse?
Well, yeah.
As I mentioned in my talk, it's somehow related to an anniversary of Aleister Crowley, the
founder of Satanism in many ways, or the modern version of it, and the father of Barbara Bush
and that whole clan.
So yeah, and this April 8th thing,
it's nothing to do with the Jews.
It's nothing to do with the Jewish calendar.
It's some kind of massive satanic event.
So yeah, they're gonna try all sorts of stuff
because it really is the end of the road for them
and they're gonna go out with fireworks.
That's how it looks like to me.
I wish I knew more about exactly what they're planning,
but the latest intelligence is to keep your eyes on CERN.
I'm gonna try something there
and hopefully we can stop it.
But I do know that the Secret Space Force
is having an emergency meeting next week
to try to come up with a strategy for dealing with this.
And we will deal with it.
We're not gonna let them destroy the planet.
That's for sure.
And we're not even gonna let them start World War III
or anything major,
but they'll be trying to set fires all over the place,
but they won't be able to actually start a fire.
Just localized events.
So hang in there and everybody,
do what you can personally to try to stop these people.
But we will win and humanity will be liberated.
There can be no doubt about that.
Well, thanks for tuning in.
And next week,
we should have a lot more to talk about,
but it's the week after that.
Obviously that comes after the 8th,
when we'll really know what's going on.
But I can tell you that at a very high level,
the White Hats are winning
and we're not gonna let them do anything too bad.
Thanks for tuning in.
I hope to see you next week.

Western governments are a sick April fools’ joke even as war looms
ByBenjamin Fulford
April 1, 2024

With this week’s report appearing on April 1st, we thought about writing an April Fools’ joke article. However, the real situation is already like a sick joke so we didn’t bother. Just think about so-called President Joe Biden officially declaring Easter as “Transgender Day of Visibility.” This appears to be either a twisted April Fools’ joke or a direct middle finger to Christians, from the allegedly Catholic, Joe Biden.

In reality what is happening is no joke but a prelude to a very likely massive military move by Russia, North Korea and China to take Western Europe, South Korea and Taiwan out of Western control. The West is so paralyzed by criminally incompetent governments that this will not be a war so much as a walkover.

Let us start with Russia. The Russian Orthodox Church issued an “order” to the Russian people saying the special military operation in Ukraine is “a new stage in the national liberation struggle…to fulfill the mission of those who defend the world from the onslaught of globalism and the victory of the West, which has fallen into Satanism”.

Let’s make it clear, Russia is run by the Orthodox Church and you don’t declare Holy War unless you are deadly serious. The Russian FSB has made it known they consider the Federal Reserve Board and the families that own it to be their real enemy.

That is why FRB puppet Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk warns of the “real” threat of conflict in Europe, saying “literally any scenario is possible. We haven’t seen a situation like this since 1945.”

If Russia moves into Western Europe, the French and German military high command have admitted they could not resist for more than a few weeks.

Lieutenant General Rob Magowan, deputy chief of the country’s defense staff admitted in Parliament the UK would be unable to “fight a full-scale war against Vladimir Putin” for more than two months due to a lack of ammunition and equipment reserves.

The US military is no longer going to be able to help either. The demolition of the bridge in Baltimore has ensured that.

By the way, if you are one of the few remaining cool aid drinkers who still believe the “official” story this was an accident, please look at the videos and visuals below.

My initial suspect for this attack was Barack Obama because his Netflix movie predicted a similar event.

However, if you ask the question qui bono or who benefits from this, it has to be Russia. The bridge collapse trapped four ships the US military would absolutely need to transport equipment quickly across the Atlantic in the event of a war in Western Europe. These are:

    The Cape Washington, a Cape W Class roll-on/roll-off vessel.
    The Gary I. Gordon, a Gordon-class roll-on/roll-off vessel.
    The SS Antares (T-AKR-294), an Algol-class fast sealift vehicle cargo ship.
    The SS Denebola (T-AKR-294), another Algol-class fast sealift vehicle cargo ship.

This means if Russia moved into Western Europe the US would not be able to transport enough military equipment on time to be able to do anything about it. Field Marshall Douglas MacGregor says Russian submarines could take out any remaining US transport ships.

In any case, we know from our own Pentagon contacts the US military does not intend to fight to protect KM puppet governments in Europe anyway.

This matters because Russia has all but declared war. The Russian Foreign Ministry is demanding the arrest and extradition to Russia of all people involved in the March 22 (322)

terrorist attacks on Russian territory, including Ukrainian Security Service (SBU) head Vasyl Malyuk.

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova made it very clear the US government incriminated itself by immediately blaming ISIS despite it being well-known ISIS etc. are US and British creations.

Alexander Bortnikov the chief of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has also publicly accused the United States, Britain and Ukraine for the terrorist attack at Crocus City Hall.

Our own FSB sources say Russia is further demanding the arrest of fake US President Joe Biden and his boss Barack Obama. They are also asking for the arrest of Charles Mountbatten Windsor.

That is why Russian ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov says improving relations with Washington under President Joe Biden is “impossible”.

There are also signs that any attack by Russia would take place simultaneously with a North Korean move on South Korea.

In what looks like preparation for war, North Korea is importing huge amounts of fuel for military vehicles from Russia. At least five North Korean tankers sailed this month with oil products from the port of Vostochny in the Russian Far East.

North Korean tankers may have delivered more than 1.5 mln barrels of oil products between January 1 and September 15, 2023, the Russian Tass News Agency reports. “Moscow and Pyongyang have promised to strengthen their military-technical cooperation,” it adds. 

Russia also used its veto power last week to stop UN monitoring of arms transfers between Moscow and Pyongyang.

Amid this tension Japan has been desperately trying to talk to North Korea but North Korean Foreign Minister Choe Son Hui reiterated Pyongyang’s stance Friday that it will reject any contact with Japan

Our own North Korean sources say they control the Japanese underground and are preparing to remove the slave government in Japan because it murdered over 400,000 people with vaccines.

Another sign something fundamental has changed is that Goldman Sachs is shutting down its’ banking business in Japan.

When I was working for Forbes I remember going to GS parties where the likes of former US Vice President Walter Mondale were employees. It was the de facto government of Japan. Their leaving is big news.

Japan is about to have a new Emperor and a new government according to my own sources connected to the greater (Fujiwara) imperial family.

“I’ve described the security environment as the most dangerous I’ve seen in 40 years in uniform,” said U.S. Adm. John Aquilino, head of Indo-Pacific Command, before the House Armed Services Committee this month.

China and Taiwan though, will reunify without any war, Asian secret society sources say. They say a deal has already been made for peaceful reunification.

In any case, the situation is so tense an emergency meeting has been called this week with representatives of the Habsburg family (European Royalty), the Pentagon, the CIA, the Russian FSB, the people in Antarctica and Asian royals. A person who will be attending the meeting says they will discuss...

Quote:Jeff March 30, 2024 At 6:34 PM
PrepareForChange claims to be "seeding dialog" but there is no dialog here!
There is no responses or replies to comments here. Our questions are not answered! We have no idea what Benjamin TRACK RECORD is with his ideas, opinions and predictionshe shares over time.
I have been hearing about White Hats for a couple decades and it seems there are not very good at what they do or are doing.
They must be a very small faction!

Jeff March 30, 2024 At 6:27 PM
Is this info here being shared with the TOP white hat President Trump and His friends? Is it? Does He know about these reports? Does he? Benjamin needs to answer THESE questions!

dr fungus March 29, 2024 At 9:16 PM
I do not really take much notice about predicted dates,as they come and go,nothing happen.BUT IF IT HAPPENS my best guess would be they will activate AI and all those who took jab to protect them selves would be dropping dead like these people in Wuhan when 5G towers were activated.Second best guess nuclear attack and blaming some country which does not tow their line.

Mihai says
Sunday, March 31, 2024 at 06:28

,,Secret Space Forces sources say that two avatars of Donald Trump are now appearing in public, along with the real one who is still at the military base Mt. Cheyenne from Colorado. “Each has a role to play in the scenario that’s unfolding now,” he says.”
This paragraph tells the TRUTH: Jesuit D. Trump is a Satanist from the Controlled Opposition who plays the Deep State games so that the Rockefeller and Rothschild reptiles kill 90% of the human world’s population.
ARGUMENTS: The Army counted 80,744,263 votes for the criminal traitor D.Tramp, but he intentionally created January 6 to throw the votes in the trash and the Deep State to continue GENOCIDE;
A prosecutor says that Satanist traitor D.Trump knew about vaccines from 2019 and he did nothing to warn humanity;
V. Putin informed the Satanist traitor D. Trump about what is happening in Ukraine with the 41 military biological weapons laboratories of the CIA, NATO, Mossad and the EU, as well as about the children kidnapped by Zelenky’s people for ADRENOCROM, and sent him the American children at home asking him to tell the Americans the truth at the election meetings, but the traitorous Jesuit never said anything;
The Satanist traitor D.Tramp has a Jewish son-in-law, so he does exactly what the Nazi Bibi Satanyahu tells him.
In Europe we have the ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN Vladimir Putin, but you in the USA Company Rockefeller have only Satan Baraq o Bamah and the other devils, that is, the Devil has begged you!
The USA will sink into the ocean!

Note to Readers:

And so we edge ever closer to the precipice that will bring down the fake Biden/Obama construct, wake more normies up, bring Trump back into power, and change the entire paradigm.

Remember, you are largely watching a movie. This doesn’t mean no one is getting hurt or killed as events play out, though. The body count in Palestine Gaza is now over 30,000 and Ukraine has dropped their enlistment age to 18. And people keep dropping dead “suddenly” while physicians scratch their collective heads in astonishment. What a crazy sh*t show we’re enduring!!!

The full report (link only) will be provided later in the week.


And then there is this set of notations from Whiplash 347:

Zelensky scraps Ukraine’s election day
Ukraine was supposed to hold a presidential vote today but Zelensky, whose term expires in May, has made it clear he has no time for elections.

2.4 >11.4
Country Garden, once one of China’s largest real estate developers, has delayed reporting their 2023 results. The delay will likely result in a suspension of its stock trading on April 2nd.
OPEC Meeting
Fed Chair Powell Speaks

European Banks will be panicking because Ethereum is their secret for smuggling Adrenochrome in the Gas Pipelines.

Bringing down ETHEREUM brings down the European Elites/Royals. Satanic 9th Circuit.  [THE CABAL PYRAMID]  The whole HOUSE OF CARDS.

The Keystone > The Guardian

Now – go and listen to Jamie Dimon interviews against European Banks lately. Under White Hat Control no doubt. The pressure on European German/Swiss Banks this coming week will be immense. Everyone who signed up to TAURUS Group.

See Russia have just declared Switzerland no longer a NEUTRAL country and now an Enemy.

The insurgency will rise
When the blood’s been sacrificed
Don’t be blinded by the lies in your eyes.

ISIS > Israel Mossad > CERN > CIA > Swiss>UK Royals>Vatican.

Think WAVE – Pulling back the Iron Curtain. Vlad told us about the Christian vs Catholic/Khazarian Jew war. Swiss are deep in with Vatican..

Who raided the Vatican? SPETZNAZ
Pope’s Guard’s are SWISS.

1855 ISIS Began it was just merged over by Zionist German/Swiss who bribe and infiltrate everything and everyone.

Those German <> Swiss Banks Must Fall.

Phil Schneider (

Phil Schneider was found dead in his Wilsonville, Oregon apartment on January 17 1996. He had apparently been dead for several days and reportedly had a rubber hose wrapped three times around his neck. The Clackamas County Coroner’s office initially attributed Philip Schneider’s death to a stroke or heart attack.
Anyone got any more info on Schneider and if he was legit?

I had dinner with Michael Sallas at the UFO crash retrieval conference in Las Vegas, in 06 or 07. We were talking about Phil Schneider. He mentioned that PS and his family members worked at Lockheed Skunkworks together, apparently organizations like LS are very close-knit to keep employees from blowing the whistle. In this case it didn't work and his family members were forced to accept his silencing.

Were they threatened at all for questioning it?

I believe that Phil's Dad, cousins, and uncle all worked together.

It was more like having to shoot Old Yeller. It was sad but everyone knew it had to be done.

Albert Pike, prominent member of the KKK and 33rd degree Freemason, famous letter written to Mazini outlining 3 world wars. Will this be the 3rd war that mutually destroys the Muslim and Jewish spheres of influence paving the way for the antichrist to be replaced as the new idol to be worshipped by the masses. The destruction and and moving away from Christianity will be the last move before the one world government takes control installing a singular world religion, the worship of a false god (the antichrist). The Likud party in the Israeli gov is attempting to hasten the fulfillment of “biblical prophecy” through creating false pretexts to initiating Armageddon. Look up the Samson Option for context on Israelis nuclear retaliation policy.

This it it bud, these eclipses mark the end of the great year (26,000 year period) that starts with the dawning of Aquarius, Manly P Hall argued Freemasons created America for a particular purpose, a secret destiny to bring about a new Atlantis or New World Order wherein a king of a divine race will rule over all (Apollo, Horus, Nimrod), NASA will also launch 3 rockets during the eclipse named after Apep the Egyptian Searpwnt god whose goal was to destroy Ra (The sun), and when the eclipse ends it will likened to the rebirth of Horus, their new king of the golden age, also, CERN known for practicing occult rituals in front of a statue of the Hindu god Shiva symbolizing death, destruction and the end of an age will be firing up their large Hadron collider to full power during the solar eclipse

SS: It's no coincidence that they are using the CERN Larege Hadron Particle Accelerator as this is the largest particle accelerator in the world, and through the alchemical process of chrysopoeia they will be using particle acceleration, mercury, and nuclear energy to produce GOLD. Because that's what it's used for. They lie and tell you it;s for studying "black holes" and "dark matter", while that may be true. It makes more sense for them to use this technology for what it;s always been used for. Which is transmuting mercury and base metals into precious metals, such as gold and silver. Remember Switzerland has the CERN Particle Accelerator, and the country of Switzerland also passes the most gold in the world. Gold is the alchemical symbol of the Sun going back thousands of years of the mystery schools because they knew the Sun produces nuclear energy. Franz Tausend in the 1920s, worked in association with General Ludenorff and produced massive amounts of artificial gold for the Nazis. (Documented in Der Goldmacher Franz Tausend (1929) by Dr. H. Schleffhave) In March 1924, Prof. Hantaro Nagaoka from Tokyo Imperial University transmuted mercury into gold. After WW2 around 1941 American scientists used neutron bombardment transmuting mercury into gold through particle acceleration, nuclear energy and mercury. In 1980 Glenn Seabord transmuted bismuth into gold by removing the protons and neutrons from a bismuth atom. These scientific elites gets unlimited funding for projects like the CERN Large Hadron particle accelerator in Switzerland (The country where the most gold is transferred). So when they say BRICS will be backed by gold they can control the markets.

A person who will be attending the meeting says they will discuss replacing the WEF and UN-based Khazarian mafia-controlled international system. They say construction has already begun in South East Asia for a new headquarters for a UN replacement organization.

The meeting will also discuss a White Dragon Society proposal to issue $100 trillion worth of bonds to kick-start a new age. As mentioned before, the process would start with a jubilee involving a one-off cancellation of all debt, public and private. It would also involve a one-off redistribution of assets stolen over the decades by fraudulent central banking. After this meritocratically staffed future planning organizations (one global and seven regional) would figure out how best to deploy the $100 trillion.

The WDS proposal also calls for the Western military-industrial complex to stop stealing resources for Satan-worshipping KM oligarchs and start protecting the living creatures of this planet. Generous funding will be made for this purpose in order to prevent war.

The West will also start making amends for centuries of pillage, conquest and murder around the world by carrying out a massive campaign to end poverty, disease and environmental destruction. It will also release technology that will allow us all to live like millionaires for thousands of years.

No matter what comes of this meeting, the current Western-led financial system is mathematically doomed. 

The National Bureau of Economic Research estimates up to 385 American banks could fail over commercial real estate loans alone. “Major cities such as San Francisco are already sporting zombie-apocalypse downtowns, with abandoned office buildings baking in the sun.” Half of downtown Pittsburgh office space is expected to be vacant in four years.

This real estate apocalypse comes on top of the 45% devaluation of all bond holdings caused when the Fed panic-hiked interest rates.

The US Stock market is also a giant hallucination with such things as the tiny car company Tesla supposedly worth more than all the other car companies in the world combined.

More and more pundits are coming to the conclusion that “America may be on the brink of its Minsky moment…This process, which moves from slowly, slowly, to suddenly and now, goes back decades.”

The FRB is in no position to bail out banks, it hasn’t printed new money since 2019 and lost a record $114 billion last year.

High-level insiders know it is all coming to an end. For example, Bill Gates Bill Gates just sold off all of his “Magnificent Seven,” (Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia, and Tesla) stock holdings.

It looks like the people controlling the fake Biden administration have been looting all they can before the collapse.

The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) estimates the Biden administration made off with $236 billion last year. Furthermore, the GAO believes the $236 billion estimate “potentially does not represent the full extent of improper payments.”

The amount of such payments under the Biden administration since 2021 totaled more than $764 billion. GAO estimates the cumulative incorrect payments since fiscal year 2003 to total around $2.7 trillion……….

Similar waste is being seen in Canada. A Canadian intelligence agent sent us the video below with the following comment:

Watch and listen to how arrogant this KM – WEF Nazi puppet is as she evades the question again and again. Chrystia Freeland refuses to answer how much the government has collected in carbon tax when called out on $2 billion that has not been accounted for.

The Nazi Feeland will be tried for treason and crimes against humanity. Found guilty and the rope will be waiting.

This is the sort of thing that happens at the end of a regime.

The KM thought they got funding until September after FRB’s US slave government promised a UN “Summit of the Future” in September to create a “better more fair and peaceful world.” The problem is they just tried to murder us all with vaccines and bioweapons so nobody trusts their promises to suddenly do good.

The Asians, for good reason, don’t want to finance the people behind Ukraine’s criminal regime. Secretary General of the National Defense and Security Council, Oleksiy Danilov says Russians are “less human” than other people because they are “Asian”. Last week, he provoked a very serious diplomatic incident with China when made an obscene pun on the name of China’s special envoy, Li Hui.

Not only that, more and more government-run media are reporting now on the organ trafficking and killing of babies being carried out by that regime.

Even the BBC is reporting healthy newborn babies may have been killed in Ukraine to feed a flourishing international trade in stem cells.

The Russians should have eliminated the criminal Ukrainian regime a long time ago. It will fall soon for sure.

The Nazi government of Benyamin Netanyahu in Israel is also about to fall. The public genocide in Gaza has made sure of that. So have comments by the likes of Michigan Republican Congressman Tim Walberg that, instead of sending aid to Gaza, the US government should consider using a nuclear bomb on the region.

We have Trump’s Zionist Son-in-Law Jared Kushner calling for Ethnic Cleansing of Gaza to ‘Finish the Job’…Kushner, who served as a key Middle East adviser to Trump, said that Gaza’s “waterfront property could be very valuable” and urged Israel to “clean it up.”

“What we are seeing in Gaza now, represents the blatant violation of international humanitarian law on a mass scale,” Irish Foreign Minister Micheál Martin said as he announced his country would help South Africa with its war crimes charges against Israel.

Under threat of an international trade boycott, the US government refused to veto a call by 14 members of the United Nations Security Council for an “immediate ceasefire” between Israel and Hamas and the “unconditional release of all hostages”.

US politicians who still support the current Israeli cannot appear in public without triggering riots as this scene outside President Biden’s re-election fundraiser in Manhattan shows.

In Israel “Tens of thousands of Israelis demonstrated Saturday night in front of the military’s headquarters in Tel Aviv, in the biggest protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu since the terrorist attack of Oct. 7.”

Now an Israeli Supreme Court ruling that freezes funding to ultra-Orthodox seminaries unless their students serve in the military is forcing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government to contend with its survival as the war in Gaza deepens the country’s political divisions.

Also now Netanyahu “has been diagnosed with a severe hernia, and he will undergo emergency surgery tonight under full anesthesia; his deputy will take his duties.”

A Mossad source comments: “Is this the end of the Avatar Netanyahu? The ole gone to the hospital story. Maybe he is planning his escape? I doubt if the same man comes out of sick bay. If he comes out?”

No matter what though, Israel is bankrupt because its’ US sponsor is no longer getting Asian money to waste on it.

The US government has been using Asian money for many other immoral causes as well. For example, the National Science Foundation has been spending taxpayer money to create AI tools for censoring Americans on various social media platforms. They targeted conservatives, minorities, rural Americans, older adults, and military families. This censorship, for example, targeted people, such as this writer, who cite scientific evidence showing COVID-19 vaccines are harmful. In other words, the government was using AI to hide the fact they have been trying to kill us.

This fact-based report on massive Covid-linked corruption is the sort of thing they have been trying to censor.

Billions spent on Covid deals….. Innova Medical Group a US company gets 9 contracts for lateral flow tests worth £3.7 Billion. Of course an inside deal. Number 10 Downing Street was involved of course.

Meanwhile, Scottish Police are planning to stop investigating crimes like theft and criminal damage so they can investigate every report they receive under the new Hate Crime Act, such as posting an anti-LGTB comment on Facebook.

Pro LGTB speech is another thing. During a speech at the Human Rights Campaign Dinner in LA Sunday, Jill Biden suggested that not having gay porno books available in children’s libraries in schools is akin to Nazi Germany.

We are further not supposed to criticize illegal immigrants. For example, we are not supposed to say foreigners are responsible for 100% of serious sexual assault cases and 57.4% of all crimes in Frankfurt, Germany.

The KM media is also trying to silence things like this riot that broke out at Paris airport as illegals try to stop deportation.

As the guy in the image below says, people are realizing the Moloch-worshipping, blood-drinking pedophiles who run Western governments do not have the people’s best interests in mind.

Despite this awakening, the KM is desperately trying to make it seem it is business as usual by trotting out “King Charles” and “Pope Francis” in public after long disappearances.

Also judging from the German Press report linked below it looks like all the British Royals have been trotted out after not being seen in public for months. It is impossible to confirm if they are real or not in this age of digital fakery and rubber masks. What we can confirm is that while we got analog confirmation from Queen Elizabeth in the form of signed letters, no such thing has been received since her murder.

Our own MI6 sources say King Charles or whoever controls his avatar has been charged with high treason. Something fundamental has changed. Guillotines are being called for and with good reason.

An Ipsos survey shows widespread distrust of government in most Western countries. In France, the UK and Canada 82%, 79% and 70% respectively of citizens believe the country is heading in the wrong direction, a new historic low.

KM-controlled governments are very worried. A secret RCMP report warns Canadians may revolt once they realize how broke they are. The report notes for example many Canadians under 35 are unlikely ever to be able to buy a place to live.”

Think about that, in a country with the second biggest land area on earth (after Russia) a small population and huge lumber supplies, the government is so incompetent it cannot even provide basic housing.

Another Canadian government report says:

Threats against politicians have become “increasingly normalized” due to extremist narratives prompted by personal grievances and fuelled by misinformation or deliberate lies…[Canada] has seen the proliferation of conspiracy theories, a growing lack of trust in the integrity of the state and more political polarization…Baseless theories, disinformation and misinformation have spread to larger audiences, exposing online users to a vast network of narratives that undermine science, systems of government and traditional figures of authority, the report says.

Never mind that the Castrudeau government embezzled billions of dollars while trying to kill people with toxic vaccines eh.

People are starting to take direct action. For example, Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson is telling citizens to shoot to kill home invaders to ‘save taxpayers money’

During a press conference in April 2022, Santa Rosa County Sheriff Bob Johnson said, “If someone is breaking into your house, you’re more than welcome to shoot. We prefer you to do that, actually.” The comments have gone viral again in juxtaposition to a story in New York where a woman was arrested for trying to remove squatters from her property.

“I said [at the press conference] if you shoot accurately, and you kill the guy, you save taxpayers money. And I also said that if somebody gets killed during a home invasion, the odds of them re-offending are zero. And we like those odds, which we do,” he told Fox News Digital.

And in Santa Rosa County, we have a very high percentage of the population that have weapons, and I promote the use of them if you’re in your house. And somebody kicks your door in because they’re not coming in to give you a hug or to give you cookies, they’re coming in to commit felonies,” he continued.

Since he made the remarks, he claims there has not been a single home invasion. “You don’t have to retreat. You don’t have to give them a warning. You don’t have to go barricade yourself in a room. You can shoot and kill them. And in the state of Florida, that’s perfectly legal,” he said. “And in these other states where they don’t have that, people are afraid to own guns, and they’re afraid to protect themselves. That’s why you have the crime rate in New York, in California.”

The KM are looking for an escape. It might even involve an attempt to escape from this universe.

CERN has restarted the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) -the world’s most powerful particle accelerator- after a two-year hibernation to “search for ‘invisible’ matter that secretly powers our universe” during April’s solar eclipse.

“Activating CERN is a Huge Deal. Yeah you know the one they say is looking for the God particle while in reality it has been opening portals and crashing timelines,” a US Space Force official comments.

Also, is it a mere coincidence that NASA chose the April 8 solar eclipse to unveil Mission APEP?

APEP is also the name of the serpent deity from ancient Egyptian mythology, the nemesis of the Sun deity Ra. It was said that Apep pursued Ra and every so often nearly consumed him, resulting in an eclipse.

NASA is launching 3 rockets into this eclipse: Ra, Ba, and Sekhmet.

1. Ra leads the charge, launching 45 minutes before the eclipse.

Ra, the Sun god in ancient Egyptian mythology, represents light, warmth, and vitality. Ra’s interactions with Apep, the serpent deity, were often depicted as a battle between light and darkness.

2. Ba will be launched into the darkness of the peak of this eclipse.

In ancient Egyptian mythology, Ba represents the individual’s personality or soul, often depicted as a bird with a human head. Ba was believed to be a part of a person’s identity that could separate from the body after death and journey to the afterlife.

3. Sekhmet will trail the eclipse by 45 minutes.

Sekhmet was another ancient Egyptian deity, often associated with fire, war, and healing. She was believed to have the power to repel Apep and protect Ra during his journey through the underworld.

Next week’s report will go live immediately before the eclipse but we will try to give you heads up on what to expect. All we know for sure is the world is about to change dramatically. We will fight hard to make sure the change is one of vast improvement.

Beyond Blue Beam April 3, 2024
Hello readers! Welcome back to another episode of Beyond Blue Beam. Today, we embark on a journey that transcends both time and secrecy as we delve into the enigmatic world of UFO encounters, starting within the US Navy.

From the covert sightings of the 1960s-1980s to the recent revelations surrounding incidents aboard vessels like the USS Nimitz (2004), USS Theodore Roosevelt (2014-2015), USS Kidd (2019), USS Russell (2019), and USS Omaha (2021), our exploration knows no bounds. Despite official acknowledgements, the truth remains veiled behind a curtain of silence, with crew members instructed to keep mum or offered puzzling explanations. Join us as we peel back the layers of mystery, uncovering the hidden truths and exploring the uncharted depths of naval encounters with the unknown. Buckle up, fellow adventurers, as we navigate through the seas of secrecy and soar into the realms of possibility. Is it fiction or is it reality? You decide! Enjoy the read.

Here are five UFO incidents the US Navy was involved in during the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s:

Azores Islands, early autumn 1965, USS Albany GC10

In late autumn 1965, the USS Albany GC10 sailed near the Azores Islands, embarking on an ordinary watch shift. However, what ensued was anything but routine. Technicians and air traffic controllers were startled as three unidentified objects appeared on radar, trailing the fleet at a distance of 40-50 miles for over an hour. Despite dispatching jets to investigate, the UFOs remained elusive, maintaining their triangular formation and outpacing pursuit. As quickly as they had appeared, the objects vanished from radar scans, leaving the crew bewildered by their mysterious encounter with the unknown.

Azores Islands, May 23, 1968, USS Monrovia APA-31

Fast forward to May 23, 1968, off the Azores Islands, aboard the USS Monrovia APA-31, the calm of the night was shattered by a surreal sight. A crew member observed a large submerged object emitting a luminescent orange glow just behind the ship’s stern. The UFO’s presence seemed to disrupt the ship’s systems, causing compasses, radar, and radio equipment to malfunction. This bizarre encounter lasted approximately 90 minutes and was witnessed by over 1,100 crew members, including a contingent of U.S. Marines. As abruptly as it had appeared, the UFO vanished, leaving the crew to grapple with the inexplicable events that had unfolded before their eyes.

Mediterranean Sea, Summer 1974, USS Forrestal CV-5

During the summer of 1974 in the Mediterranean Sea, aboard the USS Forrestal CV-59, another baffling incident unfolded. A signalman on duty reported an unusual reflection resembling an underwater light, approximately 13 kilometers away. Despite sonar’s inability to confirm contact, the visual sighting prompted the captain, executive officer, and several intelligence officers to the deck. For the next 20 minutes, they observed an object moving at high speed across the ship’s bow, zigzagging until it stopped directly in the ship’s path before vanishing into the depths. Ordered to remain silent, the witness was left to ponder the mysteries lurking beneath the sea’s surface.

Bermuda Triangle, June 15, 1977, USS Glover AGFF-1

On June 15, 1977, in the enigmatic waters of the Bermuda Triangle, the USS Glover AGFF-1 encountered a series of inexplicable events. During the morning watch duty, a bright red-orange circular object descended from the sky toward the ship, closely followed by two similar objects. As the crew reported the sighting to the bridge and the Combat Information Center, the ship suddenly lost all power, including radar and sonar, immobilizing it in the water. The three objects performed astonishing maneuvers in the sky before converging to form a single circle of bright orange light directly above the ship. After their disappearance, the ship regained full power, but the crew was ordered to remain silent about the encounter. Later that night, the ship encountered a surface contact moving at an estimated speed of 110 km/h, which abruptly plunged into the depths of the Atlantic, leaving the crew to ponder the mysterious events that had unfolded in the heart of the Bermuda Triangle.

Caribbean Sea, summer 1980 or 1981, USS W.S. Sims FF-1059

In the summer of 1980 or 1981, aboard the USS W.S. Sims FF-1059, urgent orders sent the crew to Puerto Rico to investigate reports of a suspicious Russian submarine. Onboard were divers, scientists, and experts tasked with unraveling the mystery. Despite weeks of intense effort, the elusive phenomenon persisted, earning comparisons to the infamous “Shag Harbor” incident. The crew grappled with the phenomenon’s ability to vanish and reappear at will, but their mission yielded no clear answers. In the end, they were left to contend with a natural enigma beyond their comprehension, its secrets shrouded in uncertainty. And so, the story of the USS W.S. Sims’ encounter with the mysteries of the Caribbean Sea joined the annals of maritime lore, a testament to the enduring allure of the unknown.

The Shag Harbor UFO incident was the reported impact of a large unknown object in the waters near Shag Harbor, Nova Scotia, a fishing village on the Atlantic coast, on October 4, 1967. At least eleven people saw an illuminated object flying low toward the harbor. Several witnesses reported hearing a whistle “like a bomb,” then a “whoosh,” and finally a loud bang. Two days after observing the incident, a detachment of Navy divers from Fleet Diving Unit Atlantic was assembled, and for the next three days, they searched the seabed of the Gulf of Maine near Shag Harbor in search of an object. The final report said that no trace of an object was found, but it is suggested that they kept the UFO incident secret.


To add to last week’s moon mining video:

DARPA has selected Northrop Grumman to develop a concept for a “lunar railroad,” aiming to facilitate serious and sustained economic development on the moon. Similar to the role railroads played in the American West during the late 19th century, this proposed rail system could pave the way for humanity to establish a foothold on the lunar surface.

According to representatives from Northrop Grumman, the envisioned lunar railroad network would enable the transportation of humans, supplies, and resources for commercial ventures across the moon. This initiative is anticipated to contribute to the development of a space economy for both the United States and international partners.


Here is the link for the Northrop Grumman press release:

It seems that this operation has already taken effect as seen in last week’s moon mining video but the news has only just been released as a concept.

UFO ? videos for this week’s update:

1. New Orleans, USA, March 2024.

New Orleans was treated to a rare sight in March 2024. Hovering above the city, a multi-colored craft dazzled onlookers.

2. Vancouver, Canada, March 19, 2024.

A luminous spectacle graced the skies of Vancouver on March 19, 2024, as a mysterious light orb illuminated the night.

3. Turin, Italy, March 14, 2024.

Turin, Italy, became a focal point of intrigue on March 14, 2024, as an apparent UFO graced its skies. This mysterious sighting left residents awestruck.

4. California, USA, February 28, 2024.

California witnessed what appeared to be a UFO on February 28, 2024.

5. South Carolina, USA, February 18, 2024.

A UFO sighting in South Carolina on February 18, 2024, prompted speculation about the mysterious object in the sky.

6. Campo Grande, Brazil, February 2024.

an apparent UFO sighting in February 2024. The mysterious event captivated locals and sparked speculation about the unidentified object in the sky.

7. Finland, January 2024.

The Aurora Borealis graced Finland in January 2024, painting the skies with mesmerizing colors.


This strange story was published in 2008 but is still little known even among ufologists. It was narrated by a well-educated and qualified woman called Matilda McElroy who allegedly personally saw the bodies of aliens in Roswell, and even communicated with one of them telepathically.

In December 2020, History Channel released a 3-episode documentary based on the diaries of military officer Jesse Marcel Sr., who was the very man who led the investigation of the strange incident in Roswell in July 1947.

In his notes, Marcel pointed out, in particular, that the fragments found in New Mexico “were clearly not made by human hands.” Following the release of this film, the Roswell incident grabbed attention once again, and soon, some researchers “unearthed” an event earlier hidden from Roswell about a nurse who telepathically communicated with the only alien survivor of a UFO crash. Matilda O’Donnell McElroy was the senior sergeant in the Women’s Army Corps’ Medical Division. In 2007, 83-year-old Matilda contacted ufologist Laurence Spencer and told him a story that she did not want to take with her to the grave.

“Many people were killed to exclude the possibility of disclosing the knowledge that I helped hide from society until now. Only a small handful of people on Earth have seen and heard what I should have kept secret for sixty years.”

“All these years, I thought that the ‘powers that be’ in our government gave me great confidence, although I often suspected that the authorities were very mistaken, believing that their goal was to protect Humanity from the knowledge that intelligent extraterrestrial life forms not only exist but continued and continue to aggressively control and invade the life of every person on Earth every day.”

The woman assured that she shared her story only because she wants to die through euthanasia and she has nothing to lose. According to Matilda, in July 1947, she was the driver of a car that drove a certain military officer Cavitt to the crash site of an unidentified object, and she was specially sent there as a trained and experienced military nurse.

When Matilda and the officer arrived in the New Mexico desert at the crash site, the woman saw the wreckage of a strange ship and the bodies of two aliens there.

One was dead and the other was alive and conscious. When Matilda tried to speak to a living alien, she suddenly began to receive “mental images” from the extraterrestrial creature, which she interpreted as an attempt at telepathic communication.

When Matilda told Officer Cavitt about this, he decided to continue this experience and assigned Matilda to the alien so that she would watch her and communicate with her, making a full account of everything that she would say or show to Matilda. Because of this, the woman was even promoted and her salary was increased. In the process of further “communication,” Matilda learned that the surviving alien was female and that her name was Airl.

“Our communication did not consist of colloquial speech in the conventional sense. Indeed, the alien’s body did not even have a mouth through which to speak. Our communication was through telepathy. At first, I could not clearly understand Airl. I could perceive images, emotions, and impressions, but it was difficult for me to express them verbally.

Once Airl learned English, she was able to focus her thoughts more accurately using symbols and meanings of words that I could understand. Learning English was a great favor for me. It was more for me than for her. “The alien told Matilda that their mission to Earth was of an expeditionary nature and that she was a military officer, pilot, and engineer. She said that their base is called the Expeditionary Force and is located in the Asteroid Belt. Matilda described Airl’s appearance as a humanoid creature whose body was the size of a child. However, it was not a real creature, but rather a biobot-avatar, whose tissues were made of synthetic material and whose body could be possessed by a higher-order being – a real alien.

Matilda noted that Airl did not give her any information regarding her language or the location of her home planet. She was unsure of the intentions of the military and this made her refuse to disclose any classified information to people.

The nurse called this a serious sign, because if the aliens are not safe on Earth, then it could be a big problem for humans. Airl called her civilization very powerful, extremely ancient, and, above all, their only goal was to progress. When Matilda asked Airl how long she has been visiting Earth, she replied, “LONG BEFORE HUMAN APPEARANCE.” Then Matilda learned the following:

“The Earth is a small planet on the edge of a galaxy star. This makes the Earth very isolated geographically from the more concentrated planetary civilizations that exist closer to the center of the galaxy. These obvious facts made the Earth suitable only for use as a zoological or botanical garden or for current use as a prison – but nothing more.

About 30,000 years ago, the Earth began to be used as a dump and prison for those alien beings who were considered criminals or non-conformists. These creatures were captured, electronically trapped, and transported to Earth from various parts of the “Old Empire”. The underground stations where these creatures were kept (or still are) were created on Mars and on Earth in the Rwenzori Mountains in Africa, in the Pyrenees Mountains (between Spain and France), and in the steppes of Mongolia. “

Matilda talked a lot with Airl, but then at some point, the alien “died”, that is, the alien left her avatar body.

Matilda’s story was published in Spencer’s 2008 book, Interview with Aliens. However, the book for some reason did not become some kind of special revelation and the story of Matilda was never particularly checked for reliability.

Here is the interview for those who want to check it out:

We would appreciate the input of the readers regarding this episode.

End of transmission>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Quote:LaVerne April 6, 2024 At 9:10 AM
Lift your heads high to the Heavens and you will see the Truth. Look out to the Horizon and judge what your Eye's are showing you, it's All in Plain Site…..

Diomedes April 4, 2024 At 7:17 PM
I Biden arrest is a signal of the end of Khazar Mafia, Globalist,Deep State,Illuminati bloodline or Washington who rule, control and manipulate US government,US government was rule by AI & I am very happy to hear the collapse of this AI,soulless entity, who rule Washington & the whole world,, I DO BELIEVE THAT the Dark unseen Global Occult Power Structure, who rule planet earth and the network of all evilness are on its end game,

Jeffrey April 4, 2024 At 5:25 PM
Since "Christianity" was mentioned at the top of this article I must respond to THAT! It is the greatest plague upon the Earth of all time… none. A man-made religion based on an old storybook created by corrupt, power hungry early Roman church leaders and tax collectors. A book that no person has ever understood. The proof of this is the millions of opinions about it's contents. The book you can only form opinions (interpretations) about. The book that every church has their OWN opinions about. We have the Christians and Catholics all using the same book and yet they HATE each other. The very book that even two so-called bible scholars OFTEN argue and disagree with each other about. And God does not see this mess? God can't see this? The relgion that teaches God, in millions of years only spoke one time to one small group of Men. Never to speak again…..ever. The religion that teaches that Divine inspiration stopped about the time that God seemingly went SILENT. Nothing in the last 100 years has been Divinely inspired? No music? No movies? No art? No inventions? No medical breakthroughs? No technology? No architecture? And non books? Nothing and nobody has been inspired in our day and time? The religion with millions of experts on the subject of God. Yes! Those millions of Christians all know what is from God and what is not! Just ask them. They know what is from God and what is not. Ask them. They ALL speak for God and on any subject. How amazing is that? I love to ask Christians if they will get an email or a text message if and when God chooses to speak to the human race! They turn red in the face and have nothing to say…..of course. I tell them, since the bible is from God and full of God's words there is in fact many millions of humans who never heard of the book and never seen one. And so, how will THEY know when God inspires someone or gives us messages, answers, facts and truths in our day and time? You see, they have locked themselves into a very tiny box…..with their opinions. How funny and sad all at the same time! Christians are so brainwashed THEY can never be SAVED from themselves. I tell them about the lecture "Misquoting Jesus" where many facts are shared about the bible from a Professor who has never lost a debate. You cannot argue with facts…..well you can but… will lose. I ask them to watch the lecture and then come back and tell me which of the facts are false. No person has ever responded. They refuse to watch the video! They will defend and go to their grave with their OPINIONS……

CeaClearly April 5, 2024 At 9:31 AM
With all due respect, I would like to introduce you to George Lamsa. George Lamsa interpreted the bible from the original texts the Peshitta which was written in Aramaic, the language that Jesus spoke. His Bible is extremely easy to read and his accompanying research clarifies many of the misinterpretations by the King James version. You are correct that the King James bible was misinterpreted by actors who wanted to suppress some of Jesus' teachings. There are actually several kinds of Christians but the ones you are referring to are probably what I call Pauline Christians. They tend to follow Paul, who was not an apostle and never met Jesus. I follow Christ, not Paul. Do you realize that if every human followed the ten commandments the world would be free and at peace. We would not even need a bible if all people would just follow ten simple rules. People chose not to. All choices have consequences. Ergo the mess we are in.

Benjamin Fulford Update March 29th, 2024 – Friday Q&A Video

    Skull and Bones symbols of resurrection
    top levels of power: religious fanatics
    trying to create artificial End Times
    Barak Obama playing the role of Anti-Christ
    Biden regime is controlled by BO, behind him is Satanic Rockefeller family
    All Cabinet positions belong to the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) who work for the Rockefellers…
    Vaccines, trying to release bioweapons, bankrupting farmers & food supplies, digital ID system, etc.
    desperate cornered rats…
    Solar eclipse (April 8th) is Jewish religious day – Red Heifer sacrifice to Moloch, to consecrate the 3rd temple
    possible false flag attempt
    Remove these people from power…
    BO stopped the announcement of death of the king and disappearance of K. Middleton
    They’re trying to preserve the appearance they are still controlling the financial system

And here comes a warning for those folks wanting to watch the solar eclipse or anyone outside during it in North America:


Incredible information reaches us from overseas! ?‍? During the solar eclipse, aircraft (from Canada to Mexico) are supposed to spray a bioweapon powder over North America at several intervals , especially in the path of the sun.

This is said to be a protein-based biological weapon that is invisible to millions of BC. would strike Americans, who will of course all be outside at the time to witness the solar event (-> max. spread). The first symptoms should appear after 7-10 days. After 30 days the media will pick up the issue; After 60 days, panic will break out. After 90 days, the WHO will receive the planned pandemic scepter. This is the plan from internal Homeland Security circles .

Corona would become CDC – The Zombie Disease ! Does what has always been suspected now follow?! …More information to follow.

BioWeaponLabs ☣️ Biological Warfare

The Large Hadron Collider | Ariel
Jetson White
Ismael Perez
Alex Collier
Aseer Duke of Tiers
David Wilcock
Richard C. Hoagland

I can add more, but when you listen to these figures, you can see that I am not the only one talking about how CERN is being used to open up wormholes. The info I shared with you came from one individual I met years ago on a private forum who relayed things to me that matched what I learned over the years. I was introduced to this topic by Richard C. Hoagland in the “The Enterprise Mission” that was featured on his website.

I did not study particle physics or the science behind wormholes outside of the published authors like David Wilcock and Alex Collier who went into detail in books and interviews explaining how CERN works and the true purpose behind the machine.

What I relayed to you on the NASA mission is info you can find by other well-known insiders, some of whom you all are already familiar with. Nothing I say has to be taken in scripture. Things change. I kind of rushed that info out as I had other things going on, which is why I couldn’t get back to a lot of questions. I am not as available as I appear to be at times.

So, if you are not familiar with the topic, it will come off as woo-woo jargon that is trying to pull you into confusion about what you are up against. According to Collier, his sources have warned him about CERN’s activities, specifically related to the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). He said that the LHC is being used to create artificial wormholes or portals that could potentially allow negative entities to enter our reality.

Collier has suggested that these entities, which he refers to as Draco-Faction, are manipulating human scientists and governments to create these portals for their own benefit. He believes that the creation of these artificial wormholes could have disastrous consequences for humanity and the Earth.

As I have said before, many times, I can site many sources to support the info I received about how the White hats will use April 8th to move us away from what the Cabal intended. Again, Geordie Rose hinted at this as well. Look him up. Geordie Rose stated on record that they are trying to use CERN to summon “The Great Old Ones”.

This is the reason I personally called the Large Hadron Collider a gigantic Ouija Board. People do not grasp what this experiment could have meant for us if the Cabal were still in charge.

    Interdimensional Travel
    Portal Jumping
    Wormhole Travel
    Parallel Universe
    Star Gates
    Jump Gates

The Cabal was tinkering with all of this. There is no other way to lay this out, no matter how insane it sounds. How else are people expecting to receive the truth about this world? How do you want this delivered to you? Because this is one thing we have no control over. But our ego tries to by being dismissive and relegating it down to hogwash to maintain its sense of superiority and survival sense it built its identity around the current structure of this world, which is falling apart every day.

The ego is losing its grasp because the outlets that it has attached itself to no longer hold the power it once did. Which is why people become enemy combatants to those who they attempt to awake because you are pulling them away from the safe spaces and they lash out because it’s like being brought into the wilderness in the middle of the night. Dark with no flashlight or nearby respite ir refuge. (Editor: this explains the onset of cognitive dissonance – the ego is no longer in charge of the situation and naturally is frightened and angry, dismissive of new information it can’t or won’t process.)

And once you start hearing strange noises, you lose your sense of security (ego) and realize how vulnerable it is to be in uncharted territory. And you are left to track through the woods not knowing what direction to take that will lead you to anywhere that can safely guide you out without suspecting that if someone were to find you how are you to trust them in the middle of nowhere?

You have nothing to defend yourself. No food. No water. No phone. So you are hoping that those who do find you have all the best intentions in the world not to harm but help you in your most vulnerable state. How do you even determine this while walking along side someone who has no history of showing you they can be trusted to bring you anywhere safe?

So we have to understand sometimes God is the only one to rely on to give you all the discernment, in the world to guide you through the fog. We have no choice at this stage. When I share info please do not be under the impression that this is something not supported by sources that have scientific journals and publications dedicated to this topic. I would not post anything that you couldn’t verify on your own time.

But I know that is something most have very little of. So I try to explain in a way where it atleast makes sense enough to consider as something very plausible even if it’s unbelievable.

Verify & Validate on your own time. However and whenever you decide to do so what you will find is resolution if you are willing to listen and learn at your own pace.

    The LHC-
    Jetson White
    Ismael Perez
    Alex Collier
    Aseer Duke of Tiers
    David Wilcock
    Richard C. Hoagland

    I can add more, but when you listen to these figures, you can see that I am not the only one talking about how Cern is being used to open up wormholes. The info I…
    — Ariel (@Prolotario1) April 6, 2024

Note to Readers:

Personally, I wouldn’t trust anything Ismael Perez has to say about anything. Make up your own opinion about the man. Just know he’s been called out by Elena Danaan, Dr. Salla, and Alex Collier more than once.

In regards to the portals and the like, yes, they are real. Our sun, Sol, is a natural portal. Not all stars are portals, but many are. Star ships can pass through these portals without harm.

When they were present in this solar system, the Nebu and other Orion Grays could use artificial portals or wormholes to freely access the solar system and places on our planet. However, our entire solar system is surrounded by a frequency fence designed to keep out these intruders, while not interfering with our connection to Source. There are also large star fleets inside and outside the star system keeping watch for unusual activity and pursuing tasks like shooting down Deep State cloaked satellites when they are discovered.

While I am not sure of the intention of the White Hats in allowing the LHC to fire up, I don’t feel we need to worry about another regressive alien invasion of some sort.


Benjamin Fulford Friday Q&A Video 04/05/2024

Transcribed by Whipser
Quote:Hello, this is Benjamin Fulford speaking on April 5th, 2024.
There's been a lot of back-channel communications going on.
People from Russia, from the P3 Freemasons who control the Vatican, MI6, Asian Royals, Japanese Imperial Family, etc.
They know something is coming but they're not quite sure what it is.
But there are many signs.
Now the first thing we need to talk about then is the April 8th solar eclipse.
German intelligence has provided us with intelligence from a whistleblower that
they're going to have two airplanes flying at about 10,000 to 15,000 feet
using the eclipse as camouflage and that they'll be dropping a white powder invisible bioweapon along the path of the eclipse
because they figure they'll get a lot of people all lined up ready to get intoxicated.
And there'll be another one that will fly half an hour before the eclipse so that it'll start hitting ground level just as people are looking up.
The information is that sickness will appear 7 to 10 days after the eclipse
and that this pandemic caused by the bioweapon will be used as an excuse to enforce the WHO pandemic treaty.
The pandemic treaty, as many of you are aware, basically calls for a totalitarian dictatorship by the WHO
using a pandemic or some other emergency as an excuse.
The WHO is a non-government organization owned by the usual suspects, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum, these people.
My advice is stay away from the eclipse.
I've seen one when I was a kid in Mexico. It's not such a big deal, okay?
So I would earn a side of caution. At the same time, of course, we're going to ask the White House to locate and shoot down these planes.
So hopefully you can watch the eclipse safely, but personally I wouldn't go. I'd stay indoors.
But it's up to you. But the fact that we got this warning means that we should be able to do something about it.
So that's the thing there. Now, the other thing that's happening is we're seeing a very desperate push by the people who control the fake Biden administration.
That's obviously run by Barack Obama on behalf of the Rockefeller family and that whole bloodline group, the Hitler bloodline.
They are trying to get the Marcos family to cash some $100 trillion bonds.
They contacted the White Dragon Society about this, but we decided that we will not let them cash those bonds.
Not that it's in our power, but instead what is now happening is the White Dragon Society has put forth a proposal.
And this is put to the heads of the various intelligence agencies and the so-called Illuminati committee.
These are people at the very highest levels of the military intelligence in places like China, Russia, the US, etc.
And the proposal is still for a $100 trillion bond to be issued.
And this would be used to, first of all, prepare a worldwide jubilee, write off all debts, public and private, and a redistribution of assets.
And then a massive campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction, and start a new age.
What I mean is a new era, a golden age, something that would be the opposite of the dystopia we're seeing now.
So this is the proposal that's out there.
But right now, in the meantime, we're seeing the dark side fighting tooth and nail.
The P3 Freemasons, the Black Sun Society, these people have made it clear they're going to continue causing mayhem and destruction
until they force the world to accept some kind of world republic, they call it.
But definitely a new deal needs to be made.
Things cannot continue as they are.
And I'm hearing again that April 15th will be the day that some kind of financial black swan event,
some kind of shutting down and rebooting of the financial system is planned.
This is not done by the White Dragon Society.
This is closer to the Asian royals.
And so Janet Yellen, the US finance minister, is in Beijing on a begging trip to try to get money before then,
to try to convince them to keep the US fake government going.
And I beg the Chinese, do not finance these people.
They'll tell you what you want to hear, and then they'll try to kill you as soon as they get the chance.
They have proved again and again that they are liars.
You cannot trust them.
You must let them go bankrupt.
Now the other thing I noticed is that the US has now basically drained the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.
It's now down to 17 days.
So they're running out of stuff they can sell to keep themselves going.
And they've run out of the oil reserve.
They've sold all their stockpiles of used weapons.
It really is getting towards the endgame there, and I know they're desperate.
There also seems to be something going on.
Jake Sullivan, the national security advisor for the so-called Biden administration,
canceled a trip to Saudi Arabia after his ribs were broken.
And then Anthony Blinken and his whole group were supposed to fly from Paris to a NATO meeting,
but their plane was disabled and they had to drive.
So clearly there's white hat action going on.
The other thing that's happening is there's very intense negotiations between France and Russia.
The French are very, very worried because the Russians have blamed them publicly
for the Crocus terrorist attack in Moscow.
And even in the official news, you have the French defense minister
and the Russian defense minister speaking on the phone,
and you have Macron saying, "Oh, it wasn't us. We had nothing to do with it."
The reason they're freaking out is because the Russians know that Emmanuel Macron
is an actual member of the Rothschild family,
and that his removal would be a game-changer for Western Europe.
It would basically end the bloodline rule there.
And they are in contact with patriotic French generals who want to restore democracy to France,
and they want to have sanity and competent government again in Western Europe.
So these negotiations are going on.
There are back channels, but basically there's an agreement that the people
who now run the West are criminal and they're incompetent and they're terrorists.
I mean, this is--the whole world is saying that.
At the UN, it's now open knowledge among all the countries of the world
that the current US regime is a terrorist regime,
and so is the one in Ukraine and the one in Israel.
This is now common knowledge in the world.
So the terrorist regimes in these countries will be taken down.
I know that Benjamin Netanyahu supposedly entered the hospital.
I haven't confirmed that he left it, but the people behind him are definitely being hunted.
This is--you know, you can see the videos of people breaking into Netanyahu's house
and into the parliament trying to find him.
So you can see that it really is the endgame there.
The same in the Ukraine.
They're basically militarily finished.
And, you know, it's like a rotten log.
The Russians would just push and the whole thing would collapse.
And I actually personally encourage the Russians to go all the way to Paris
and remove these criminals, these World Economic Forum scumbags,
from all the Western governments.
I also noticed that in Canada there is protest against the carbon tax,
and hopefully, you know, the Canadians will finally overthrow
the World Economic Forum puppet regime of Justin Castro,
who is a mass murderer, okay?
The vaccines were mass murder.
This is scientifically proven.
So we're hoping it won't last much longer there, that it'll end soon.
Now, the other thing is we're getting--we've been sent a lot of incriminating information
about Donald Trump.
And all I can say is that this is all related to the fake Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago.
It's not the real Donald Trump.
And this fake Donald Trump show run out of Mar-a-Lago by Leo Zegami
and the P2 Freemasons will end.
Most of the stuff you're seeing about trials, about him having to pay fines,
all that is just reality TV.
It's fake. It has nothing to do with the real man,
who is with the military white hats at the Cheyenne military base.
And there is a lot of white hat military action going on,
and a lot of people are definitely disappearing.
Now, the other big white hat military mission was a big earthquake in Taiwan.
Its epicenter was a Taiwanese dark hat Air Force base.
The original reports show the epicenter was 9 kilometers underneath.
I think it's the air base in Hualien.
And it was destroyed. It was taken out.
So it's part of a preliminary to the reunification of Taiwan with China.
The North Koreans have also been in touch with us,
and I don't think it's too far in the future before they move to unify North and South Korea.
I don't think the South Koreans will fight.
I think it will happen with a handshake and not a fight.
And I know the Biden regime, they're getting the fake slave Prime Minister Fumio Kishida
to visit the United States next week.
Nothing is going to come of that.
I'm sorry, but you're not going to be able to keep this whole fake government here going much longer.
It's all coming to an end.
I don't want to give dates, but let's see what happens on 1st April 8th and then on April 15th.
And of course, remember that between now and then,
these desperate cornered rats will try everything they can to start World War III.
And the Iranians know that these people are not Jewish.
In fact, the Iranians provided me with some very interesting intelligence last week.
They say that the so-called Jewish calendar that goes back 5,700 years actually only goes back to 1601.
You can confirm that by going to the Chabad organization, a Jewish calendar converter,
and you'll see it only goes back to 1601.
They try to say--they come up with an excuse saying that's the year when they started using leap years,
but that's not true.
Julius Caesar came up with the leap year idea in 45 BC.
So that's an interesting one.
All the lies of these satanic rulers are being exposed,
and we all have to keep fighting because, you know, this is going on and on and on,
and we're all sick and tired of it, but there is a black swan event coming,
and if we do this right, it'll mean the end of this nightmare that we're all living through.
Okay, well, that's what I have to say for myself today.
Now I'd like to answer questions from readers and viewers.

Hi, Ben.
We have our first question for today.
Just in case you hadn't heard, there's currently a criminal investigation underway into Ursula von der Leyen's
lobbying for the Pfizer jabs for which her husband then became the official supplier.
Do you think anything will come of this?
Something will come of it when the corrupted generals are removed from the Western military,
the ones at the very top who accepted big bribes or have been blackmailed by videos of them torturing kids.
You see, the problem is that most of the mid-ranking and even most of the higher-ranking people are not involved,
and they think that they can get their justice through the courts, but somebody has to enforce those court orders.
That's why I did notice that law case, and I thought it was a great thing,
and I'm glad the prosecutors are on her case, but you have to get the top Nazis behind her in order for that to be enforced.
But it's a good sign that this is happening, and I know there are many, many lawsuits.
There are so many that they can't just suppress it.
This is the bottom-up pressure that we've all been asking for,
so I really hope they get her in jail because she took bribes in exchange for agreeing to mass murder.
This is a fact, and it can be proven in a court of law.

Next question.
I've been a couple of my usually reliable sources reckon the Baltimore Bridge collapse was planned and carried out by the White Hats
ostensibly to rescue children from containers on the ship and stop further trafficking in containers.
What do you make of this explanation?
Well, that's the first time I've heard of it, and if that's the case, that's a good thing.
But as I wrote in my report, the thing that struck me is that four to five fast transport ships that the U.S. would need to carry weapons
across the Atlantic would be locked in by the bridge collapse.
This means that if Russia moved into Western Europe, it would be impossible for the U.S. to ship over enough weapons on time
to be able to do anything about it.
So that's the thing that caught my attention.
But I would love to see evidence of kids being rescued from containers.
That would be a great thing, and if you can get some evidence, I'd like to share it with my readers and viewers.

Next question.
Hi, Ben. You said in the last video that the Asians have given the KM money that should take them to September.
Have the Asians learned nothing? Do the Asians actually believe the KM is going to change?
I'm having a hard time fathoming the stupidity of them actually believing, after all the KM has done and continues to try and do every day,
that the KM is going to change.
Please help me understand this, because from where I'm sitting, it feels like a complete lunacy.
Well, you know, they reported they had money until September.
And I guess they did that because they thought they had funding, but my understanding is they don't.
Remember, they also announced that they had funding through to 2025, and yet suddenly they didn't.
So my understanding is that they used the family behind the Marcos, the Santa Romana family, to try to get money, and this attempt failed.
So I don't think they were going to be able to kick the can down to September, but let's see.
And, you know, I think that most of the Asians are now aware that the regime, the United States, is a criminal, rogue regime that must not be financed.

Next question.
Hi, Ben. The military is completely compromised, period.
Very, very few can handle staying in it.
Look at how they are still pushing masks and stabs inside of it.
Look at the name of who is in charge of the military police.
It is a Trudeau, not saying he is related, but come on.
Who is one going to complain to?
This, as they call it, is the top cop of the military.
We have WEF scattered all over the political landscape and have only two parties of the same union party to choose from.
Taxes upon taxes upon taxes.
The only chance Canada has is new governments to run on common law.
There are groups trying to take legal steps, but when will this bear fruit?
Canada is falling. April 1st, additional gas tax will be rising.
We will be raising everything by 23%.
Can we come back from this?
Well, I noticed that there are protests now emerging all over Canada,
and I believe the rank and file military and even most of the military command understands that the Five Eyes at the very highest level are now under the control of the White Hats
and that an operation against Trudeau and Freeland and all those criminals is imminent,
but it should have happened a long time ago.
And the reason it's not is because the battle has to be finished in the United States first.
That's my understanding, but I strongly urge Canadians to take action personally any way they can until these filth are removed.
They are Nazis and they are mass murderers and they are corrupt and they take orders from Satanists, and this is well proven.
Chrystia Freeland and Trudeau are from the World Economic Forum Young Leaders, which is run by Klaus Schwab Rothschild.
Rothschild means Red Shield of Satan.
So they work for Satanists and they need to be removed.
It will happen, but if you're in the military and you're in a position to do something about it, please do it.
Don't wait for orders from above because the higher you go in the ranks, the more likely you'll find a corrupt person.
So take direct personal action if you can. Thank you.

Next question.
Hi Ben, we have our last question for today.
We are currently three days out from the expected solar eclipse.
Is this a potentially dangerous time period for us all? And if so, what things would you expect to occur?
And are there things we can do to prepare?
Well, as I mentioned in my talk, the German intelligence has provided information about planes that are going to try to drop bioweapons on people who are watching the eclipse.
There's some predictive programming from the Simpsons that show laser firing of planes and an eclipse.
There's plenty of evidence that they're planning not very nice things for that event.
And the best thing would be to stay away from it. That's my view.
Watch it on TV. But we're going to keep looking into what their plans are and we'll keep exposing them.
But the best thing you can do is stay away from the eclipse.
Well, thanks for tuning in and next week we'll know what happened on April 8th and we can talk about that and other things.
So I hope to see you then.

Benjamin Fulford — April 8th, 2024: The battle of the eclipse will decide the future of humanity

The secret war for the planet raging between Satanists and the forces of light is headed for a decisive battle centered on the eclipse due to start shortly after this report goes live.

There can be no doubt this eclipse is not an ordinary event. It passes over seven towns called Nineveh, a Babylonian city mentioned in the bible as the center of sin and depravity. It also passes through seven towns called Salem, known in the bible as the dwelling place of god.

We also note there was a 4.8 earthquake in New York just days before 4/8 and that the Statue of Liberty was hit by lightning. It is also the case that states of emergency have been declared along the whole path of the eclipse.

There is a lot more that is being covered extensively elsewhere but it is clear something very unusual is going on. This 7:17-minute video covers a lot of it.

Also of interest is Simpson’s take on the eclipse.

More and more people are now aware of the war between Satanists who want to enslave us and white hats who want to free us. If the Satanists win, humanity will be enslaved forever in horrific conditions. If the forces of light win, humanity will preside over the evolutionary equivalent of a big bang that will make the Cambrian explosion look like a champagne bubble by comparison.

Let us start by looking at what the dark side is up to. According to a report sent to us by German intelligence, the Satanists’ plan for the eclipse is as follows:

They are planning a biological attack on April 8th, just before the totality of the eclipse. This is how it’s going to go down. Planes will be delivering their payload at three intervals. The first will be 2 hours before totality, 1 hour before totality, and final one 30 mins before totality. The planes will be deploying a dry powder (bacterial bioweapon). It will not be visible…Symptoms will begin appearing 7 – 10 days after infection. 30 days after infection the media will notice. 60 days after infection the panic will be at all-time highs. 90 days after infection the newly agreed upon UN/WHO pandemic powers will be enacted.

That is why the “Q” site warns: “Do not look at the eclipse.”

Satanist “Climate Czar” John Kerry’s daughter Vanessa says “billions of people must die for ‘New World Order’” and that “the time is ripe for a globalist coup that uses the control mechanisms of the World Health Organization’s pandemic treaty to create a world government that is not accountable to anyone.” “They” scrubbed the video of her saying this at the WEF from the internet but both German and Polish intelligence confirm she said it.

The WHO is not a government entity but is privately owned by mass murderers like Bill Gates. The treaty they are trying to impose will allow for such things as:

“Forced vaccinations”

“Forced Medical procedures”

“Forced Lockdowns”

Russian FSB intelligence has already warned the vaccines they will be forced on the vast majority of the people will make them dumb, passive and unable to resist Khazarian mafia authority.

This process of turning us into mistreated farm animals has already started in Ukraine. EU MP Marcel de Graaf confirms the Satanic Ukraine is the largest supplier of children to pedophile networks and human and organ traffickers. It has set up nurseries with foster mothers for this purpose. These forced fertilization facilities get women to give birth to both “super soldiers,” and children to be used for adrenachrome “harvesting.”

By the way want to know where a lot of your Ukraine tax money went other than for building child torture facilities: Nice new mansions for corrupt Zelensky cronies.

Of course, they are also drug dealers and not just child torturers. Interpol reportedly intercepted a conversation between two Argentine drug traffickers regarding the delivery of a large consignment of drugs, at least 300 kg of cocaine, which was to take place at the Buenos Aires airport on the day Zelensky and his delegation arrived in Argentina to attend the presidential inauguration Milei.

The worst part of it is the Satanists admit they take orders to do such things from non-human entities.

If this enslavement is allowed to go ahead, humans will suffer the fate of the T Rex. It went from a long-lived apex predator to battery farmed chicken whose lifespan is often measured in months.

The white hats are NOT GOING TO LET THIS HAPPEN. A major offensive is underway that will permanently remove this Satanic threat from this planet. We assume for example the disease spraying planes will be shot down.

Once the Satanists are defeated the planetary liberation alliance plans to help the creator by increasing the amount and variety of life in an exponential manner. This will be based on the 3,6,9 sequence that the genius Nikola Tesla was obsessed with. It will be combined with the Fibonacci sequences of previous evolution to create entirely new paradigms of life.

But, we jump ahead of ourselves. In the here and now Pentagon white hats, Russian military and Asian royals have just finished a meeting where they concluded the Vatican paid Israeli Crime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu $100 billion to attack the Iranian embassy in Syria. The plan was to provoke Iran to retaliate. After the Iranian retaliation, the Israelis plan to destroy every major city in Iran with Nuclear missiles. The aim would be to destroy Persia (what they call Iran) in order to get their hands on the Persian treasure hoard.

What the Israelis and their Vatican backers fail to understand is that Iran and Russia have secret weapons that will vaporize the missiles before they reach Iran.

The meeting also revealed that while the Arctic was completely under white hat and Russian control, a fierce secret war is raging in Antarctica. The white hats are winning but it is far from over, a meeting participant says.

There has also been a fierce war raging in Japan. Barack “Thunder of Satan” Obama and his flunky fake ambassador to Japan Rahm Emmanuel tried to force the Japanese government to hand over control of the telecommunications giant NTT. They want to get their hands on it because they are literally scraping the bottom of the barrel: the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve is down to 17 days of supply and “Biden” just canceled the refill order.

A mass revolt by both Japanese industry and the Japanese military put an end to this plan.

In addition to this, Obama and his Rockefeller/Rothschild puppet masters also tried to get “2.5 quadrillion dollars” based on fictitious Philippine gold hoards, according to White Dragon Foundation sources.

That is why the slave Prime Minister Fumio Kishida of Japan and President Bongbong Marcos of the Philippines were summoned to Washington this week.

The US military in Japan also provoked the Japanese military to threaten to attack their New Sano Hotel headquarters when they tried to revive the osprey-linked military bribery network, the sources say.

The US military dark hats further tried to start a war with China using their base in Taiwan. The base was destroyed. This was what was behind the 7.5 Richter scale magnitude earthquake in Taiwan. “The Chiashan Air Force base near Hualien was the epicenter of the quake. The depth of the explosion (earthquake) was 9 miles. This was a WH military alliance Op. A DUMB was taken out. There are many deep underground facilities at the base with tunnels going in several directions,” Pentagon sources say.

The alliance has also been given actionable intelligence by the Japanese military that exposes the real owners of the Bank of Japan. The Japanese government document in the picture below shows the BOJ is not Japanese but is instead owned by: Edmond de Rothschild based in Luxembourg.

APSA Bank aka the IOR or Vatican Bank and Barclays Bank based in the United States.

This intelligence will be acted on by the Asian secret societies unless control of the BOJ is returned to Japan. Restoring the BOJ to the Japanese imperial family will end the Khazarian Mafia’s control of the world’s financial system.

By the way, Japanese imperial family sources tell us someone has been forging the signature of a certain Edmond de Rothchild who died 15 years ago to pay off certain imperial family members. The Edmond de Rothschild bank is now headed by Ariane de Rothschild.

As far as the Vatican Bank is concerned, we also know someone is using a rubber-masked fake Pope Francis to keep control of the Vatican Bank. This would be the Satanic P2 Freemasons who just paid Netanyahu the $100 billion to try to start nuclear Armageddon.

As far as Barclays is concerned, MI6 informs us “Barclays collapsed into a bankruptcy agreement with a law firm in London called Allen and Overy.” The head of MI6 claims they now own Barclays which has an “asset sheet of $2 trillion and the Times Square former Lehman Brothers building.”

These are likely the people behind BlackRock and Vanguard who are now being outed by many people including Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakušić.

Regardless, MI6 says they support the WDS plan for a future planning organization. Hopefully, this means the white hat plan can now be implemented. However, believe it when you see it.

Something big is definitely going down though. Both Russia’s FSB and Pentagon sources sent us a video clip from 2017 of Donald Trump saying a storm was coming. They sent it together with this April 3 cover of the Tehran Times saying “We shall pray in Quds [Jerusalem] soon. Storm is Coming.”

We assume the fall of the Satanic Israeli regime of Netanyahu is part of this storm. The situation there is definitely critical. Last week demonstrators in Israel broke through security barriers and entered both the Parliament and Netanyahu’s house looking for him. You can be sure he would have been hung on the spot if they found him.

Mossad sources tell us there is “NO WORD ABOUT THE WHEREABOUTS OF THE AVATAR NETANYAHU. Is he allegedly still in the hospital, Recovering from the hernia operation? All is silent.”

With or without Netanyahu Israel is completely isolated internationally. “Operation Al-Aqsa Storm put the Israeli regime on the brink of extinction and dealt an irreparable blow to the Zionist project in Palestine,” says Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah the secretary-general of Lebanon’s resistance movement Hezbollah.

The Iranians make it clear they will not be conned into an all-out attack against Israel but instead will insist the entire world deal with the Israeli, Ukrainian and US rogue states.

“Russia and China have had enough of the KM Satanic Israeli attacks. Israel will be no more, as we know,” a Mossad source says.

The US Corporation’s days are also numbered. These reports are a snapshot of the collapse:

Since March 2023, the number of full-time workers has collapsed by 1.347 million while the number of part-time workers exploded by 1.888 million! All the job gains since 2018 have gone to immigrants, mostly illegal immigrants

A combination of failed ‘Bidenomics,’ i.e., elevated inflation, disastrous progressive social justice reforms that ignited a tsunami of retail theft nationwide, and snarled supply chains left over from the Covid era have led to the demise of “99 Cents Only” stores nationwide, which began the liquidation process on Friday.

In answer to their incompetence, the US Corporation sent Janet Yellen and others to China to politely ask them to both deindustrialize and buy more from the US.

Yellen obviously got the polite thumbs down to her begging mission because she turned from polite to hostile and “is now demanding China stop selling components to Russia because Russia might use those components to make weapons and defeat U.S. / NATO weapons which are often a decade behind the Russians in terms of design and engineering,” a Pentagon source comments.

“The U.S. still thinks it can dictate all global trade, finance and technology. It is wrong. China and Russia have already proved that U.S. sanctions only make them STRONGER. The U.S. empire is collapsing, and that’s why the U.S. is trying to take us to war,” the source says.

US Corporation representatives are clearly being snubbed. White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan just postponed a trip to the Middle East because of a “cracked rib.”

Then, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and an American delegation were forced to drive from Paris to Brussels to attend a NATO meeting Wednesday after his plane was again grounded due to a “mechanical issue,” the State Department said.

The US has also surrendered to Yemen militarily and is not asking for a “diplomatic solution” to Red Sea crisis. They will be told to pull the plug on Israel for sure.

The French are also freaking out as their international anti-Russia coalition collapses and Russian justice looms. French Defense Minister Sebastien Lecornu called Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu to try to convince him Kiev and the West weren’t involved in the Crocus City Hall attack, blaming ISIS. The problem is Russia knows ISIS stands for Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.

They also know France is the main backer of the Ukraine regime now and that “Ukraine’s involvement in numerous acts of terrorism carried out in Russia, including the attack on Crocus City Hall, is beyond doubt.”

In a sign French President Emanuelle Macron Rothschild is terrified of the Russians, he says “France needs to cooperate with any country facing the risk of terrorist attacks,” in comments on the recent phone talks between French and Russian defense ministers.

“I instructed the minister and the relevant services to have a technical exchange of information with their [Russian] counterparts to communicate a message of solidarity, and also because we had useful information, which I will not disclose here, about who was behind this terrorist attack,” Macron said.

The Russians are now working behind the scenes with French resistance to end the Macron regime. The French patriots know Macron himself is the highest-ranking member of the Rothschild family to hold a formal political office and that his overthrow would help end KM rule.

The Russians are also getting closer to the truth. “International terrorism supported by shadowy sponsors remains a global threat to the entire world,” Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces and Deputy Defense Minister Valery Gerasimov says.

He is referring to the Cult of Ba’al or the Satanists.

This diagram reveals the history of a powerful Death Cult that has ruled Earth for all recorded human history. The timeline is trisected and proceeds from top to bottom.

At present this group is represented by the movement traced by the Russians to the theosophical writer Alice Bailey. She claims her books were dictated telepathically to her by “a Master of Wisdom.” These are the Satanic thought-forms able to hijack human minds that Pentagon sources discovered in their own research into the New Age movements.

Anyway, the Russians say that, spurred by these thought forms, Bailey founded the Lucis [Lucifer] trust. It’s located in the UN headquarters building and “is actually the root of all globalist agendas.” The trust controls the program for 90% of the US educational system via the Fetzer Institute, the FSB says. “The trust is the origin of language used by the WEF, Schwab, Harari, along with Tavistock Institute, MI6 and CIA, and they have the same masonic occult bosses/or boss,” they add. Their aim is to “replace, interpret all religions.”

They are trying desperately to ramp things up. In the US Marjorie Taylor Greene says “Mike Johnson Plans to Suspend Rules and not Place the Bill through the Rules Committee.” In other words impose a totalitarian dictatorship.

In Germany the domestic intelligence chief is trying to police the “thought & speech patterns” of citizens and introduce the the novel offence of “systematic delegitimization of state conduct.” In other words, he wants to punish thought crimes.

This is an example of this sort of policy at work:

Jesse Watters: “Trump is banned from talking about the judge’s family. Why? Because the judge’s family was paid by the Biden campaign. The judge’s family is currently being paid by Adam Schiff over $10 million.”

Elon Musk describes how killer AI drones could punish thought criminals.

Is this some sort of threat to compensate for a 20% drop in Tesla sales and a 43% decline in BYD sales from the previous quarter? This is not year on year meaning sales have fallen off a cliff and his company is no longer viable. He must be secretly feeling desperate.

This killer AI drone technology is already being used. “Israel’s Lavender artificial intelligence system is automatically identifying potential targets in the Gaza Strip based on alleged links to Hamas. As a result, tens of thousands of civilians are in mortal danger! Alarmingly, life and death decisions were made by machines, with human staff taking just 20 seconds to authorize the bombing. This brutal digitization of the killing process, where people are reduced to a set of data, is a threat to humanity and our civilization,” Polish intelligence warns

It would also be criminal to doubt government stories such as these:

Reuters has published perhaps the most bizarre article ever, warning that climate change is having a detrimental impact on the income of Indonesian transgender sex workers. Yes, really.

Here is another one that is not an April fools’ article:

“Now scientists say wearing JEANS is bad for the environment.”

There are many such bizarre articles appearing saying such things as “water vapor is a greenhouse gas,” and not just cow farts anymore. It is all a sign of some sort of mental breakdown. But we are supposed to believe it all or else.

We are also supposed to believe the fear porn they are pumping out at record rates such as the following:

Next epidemic to spill out of China could be SUPER GONORRHEA – where the rate of antibiotic-resistant STIs are 40x higher than US and UK.

Then we have this: “Bird flu pandemic could be ‘100 times worse’ than COVID, scientists warn.”

And if that isn’t enough, here is more Fear Porn being released.

Bird flu dairy cow outbreak widens in Ohio, Kansas, New Mexico…The spread to an increasing number of species and its widening geographic reach have raised the risks of humans being infected, the head of the World Organization for Animal Health said on Thursday.

It seems they are desperately looking for cover stories for vaccine damage. On this front the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released 780,000 reports received shortly after the COVID-19 vaccines were pushed showing “people experienced a wide range of post-vaccination problems, including heart inflammation, miscarriages, and seizures.”

Justice is coming. A criminal complaint has s been filed against European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen for “usurpation of functions and title, destruction of public documents, illegal interests-taking and corruption.”

This is about a €35 billion contract between the EU and Pfizer. Her husband Heiko von der Leyen, was a director of Orgenesis, a company that has played a central role in the EU’s vaccination campaign. Orgenesis and Pfizer have the same major shareholders. Also, the EC awarded €320 million in grants to Orgenesis in 2022. On top of that millions of doses of anti-Covid mRNA drugs (mislabeled as “vaccines”) worth $4 billion were lost.

In Italy, former Health Minister Roberto Speranza, who enforced vaccinations, can no longer move without police protection. The Italians are waiting for him everywhere and shouting “Murderer”

In Canada, Justin Castrudeau cannot appear in public without being chased by and angry mob. Here is a recent example from Hamilton, Canada

Also, Bill Gates was just called a pedophile on LIVE television. Watch the attached video with Clay Clark saying the truth as it should be, on Newsmax

In a sign action is being taken, more evidence is emerging that something happened to the British Royal family. Where have they all gone? Kate, the kids, her parents, and her sister are MIA!!

Credit: cristinabrunothemusecreation75

If I was a senior KM leader, I would not be sleeping very well. Justice is coming.

Quote:aClue says
Thursday, April 11, 2024 at 13:21
I think people have had enough of letting “leaders” run policy… every policy screws the law abiding citizen and enrichs the criminals breaking Laws and legalities.
Allowing it to continue would be the Dumbest thing thinking people could do. Time to setup the public hangmans nooses and start trotting these clowns off to the gallows… After the first several dozens, the next ones to take those positions won’t be so willing to STEAL anything not nailed down.

Benjamin Fulford Update April 5, 2024 Report
    Putin and the White Hats know Obama was behind the Moscow attack
    Obama is a grandson of Hitler (?)
    Biden insisted ISIS was responsible
    The West wants more money laundering
    Baltimore bridge cuts U.S. in half (was a White Hat op)
    Antarctica false flag by Deep State
    April 8th is NOT a Jewish holiday —
    Planning some kind of anti-matter event at CERN?
    Deep State wants to escape via a portal…
    Golden Dragon and White Dragon (white hats) are still planning release of trillions $$
    Geneva folks are still playing for time, to put off their inevitable collapse
    U.N. summit in September
    Very sensitive time, but the White Hats are winning…
    Watch your surroundings, if you see suspicious activity near construction sites… dealing with dangerous cornered rats. The DS will not escape.

Notes to Readers:

A link to the remainder of this report will be put up later this week (usually Thursday). I guess we’ll just have to see what goes down during the eclipse itself. It is sure to be quite a show OR a total nothing burger.

The comment about going the way of the T Rex was interesting as it was the Intergalactic Confederation who decided to reset the planet for a diversity of life, not just reptiles. They “reset” the entire planet, wiping out the majestic diversity of reptilian life, killing or sending the remainder of the Naga Reptilians (originally from Alpha Draconis system) into hiding in the Inner Earth.

According to Elena Danaan’s reports since the autumn of 2021, a fleet of Intergalactic Confederation mother ships have been present in orbit above Jupiter. There are also at least six (last count) motherships in orbit above Terra (cloaked by time dilation, slightly offset in frequency so we can’t “see” them). Plus, the Earth Alliance has mother ships and an entire fleet of star ships cruising the solar system. And the Galactic Federation of Worlds has a huge mother ship (called “The Excelsior” by the Terrans) in orbit above Terra… AND there are numerous other mother ships, including Nibiru II, the personal ship of Crown Prince Ea of the Anakh Empire is present, also in orbit above Jupiter. And we have the ships and space station of the mercenaries of the Ashtar Galactic Command (nothing to do with any “lord” Ashtar) also parked in the higher atmosphere of Jupiter.

Do you REALLY think the Intergalactic Confederation and all of these amazing extraterrestrials are going to let a stupid bunch of psychopathic inbred idiots take over an entire planet once again? No, not happening for the simple fact the scientists of the Intergalactic Confederation want to see the culmination (graduation) of their millions of years of devotion to their evolutionary experiment involving the seeding of a unique race of Hu onto this lush water planet. No way they are going to allow its destruction now.

Let us see what happens during this eclipse. Maybe nothing other than a nice eclipse like all the rest. And the world go on. The Deep State satanic cabal collapses and suddenly things begin to change with increasing rapidity. Should be interesting, folks.

See you on the other side.

Eliza Ayres

Note to Readers:

It would appear events are leading up to a crescendo. Who will win? The White Hats, of course. Figure out what you want in terms of the future of yourself, your family, your nation and this planet. Visualize the highest good for all of humanity and all of life upon our beautiful blue green water planet, a rare jewel in the galaxy. Your focus and intent will aid the white hats in completing their plan as opposed to the destruction intended by the KM.

A link to the remainder of the report will be provided later in the week.

U.S. as the Battleground for Global Liberation | Benjamin Fulford
Posted on April 11, 2024 by Eliza Ayres
The U.S. as the Battleground for Global Liberation

Why the U.S. is Pivotal to Global Freedom and the Importance of the First Amendment?

The quest to dismantle the complex web of the Cabal — dominated by the DARPA/CIA axis, and financial moguls like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds — begins in the U.S. This nexus of corruption, intertwined with elite families from South Germany who forged the U.S. financial systems alongside magnates like J.P. Morgan, has orchestrated a global dominion over military industrial complexes and world banking institutions.

Historically, the CIA, an extension of these conglomerates, has destabilized over 70 countries, installing pro-Cabal central banks and puppet governments to maintain control under a guise of democracy.

The Infeasibility of European Revolt

Europeans, overwhelmed by the deep-rooted Cabal networks within their borders, find themselves powerless. The strategic military and covert operations led by U.S.-based elite forces crush any dissent. The populace, mostly unarmed and unprepared, cannot contend with the militarized enforcements of totalitarian regimes backed by these globalist syndicates.

America’s Unique Position

In contrast, the United States holds a unique resistance capability thanks to its heavily armed citizenry — with gun ownership exceeding 120% per capita, the highest in the world. This armament empowers Americans to oppose the tyrannical machinations of the UN, CIA, and globalist entities like DAVOS, who aim to usher in an era of continuous warfare, population control, and Orwellian surveillance states under the guise of chaos management.

Crucial Role of the First Amendment

The First Amendment is not just a domestic right but a cornerstone of potential global revolution against these oppressive powers. It protects the free speech that enables Americans to criticize, expose, and mobilize against the Cabal’s insidious agenda. In essence, it ensures that Americans can freely educate and organize themselves to resist the dystopian futures planned by these elite overlords.

The Domino Effect of U.S. Resistance

The fall of the Cabal must be initiated from the U.S., as its financial and military infrastructures are pivotal to the Cabal’s global operations. By dismantling these from within, the U.S. can catalyze a comprehensive collapse of Cabal influences across major global institutions like the EU, UN, and NATO, inspiring similar liberations across the world.

Global Unity and the Call to Arms

As Americans stand up to reclaim their freedoms and rights, their actions will send ripples worldwide, encouraging and strengthening the resolve of people globally to stand against their corrupt governments and deep state operatives.

2024: The Year of Global Revolutionary Tides

As we move into 2024, a unified global revolution seems imminent. Behind the scenes, enlightened military alliances are subtly undermining the deep state, laying the groundwork for public uprisings against totalitarian regimes. These military interventions will appear only as a last resort, ostensibly at the urgent request of the oppressed societies, to maintain the facade that the liberation was solely by the people’s will.

The Unfolding Reality and The Final Push

The truth is, the collapse of the globalist agenda is already underway; what we observe now are the final throes of a dying beast. As these covert operations continue, the public must ready themselves to take up the mantle in their nations, to navigate through potential martial laws, civil unrest, and the pivotal moments of societal reformation.

Trust the Plan. The Awakening is Here.


Q has forewarned us. The scenes unfolding are the culmination of a well-orchestrated devolution strategy to reclaim governance and restore power to the people. Now, more than ever, it is crucial for every global citizen to participate actively in their liberation. Rise, unite, and be the revolution.

Embrace your role in this historic upheaval as we stride towards a free and fair world.

We’ve been in a Military Operation… Benjamin Fulford
Posted on April 12, 2024 by Eliza Ayres

    The real Joe Biden, Obama, Hillary & Bill Clinton, John Kerry, George Soros, Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, Tedros, Pope Francis, Guterrez and many others have already been executed for Treason 18 USC 2381 and Serious Crimes against Humanity (Covid PsyOp & BioWeapon Injections Democide) EO 13818.
    The current Wartime President & CIC of the United States always was and is Donald J. Trump.
    The entire Biden Administration is on purpose faked, a Central Casting Stratagem.
    That the United States declared by Wartime President Donald J. Trump a US led Global Defence War 50 USC 1550, current and ongoing, since December 20th 2019
    That I reported the current and former Swiss Governments and all other rogue NAZI elements and Supras to the US DoD during wartime for crimes against Humanity, Corruption and Treason vs the United States during wartime (Swiss born Covid PSyOp) 18 USC 2381 on January 27th 2024 by myself without lawyers, also to the JAG Corps Officers of the USAF and USSF.
    John F. Kennedy jr. is Alive and Kicking
    ? Julian Assange never was in Prison and is in fact part of US Military Intelligence and Special Operations.
    That there was no real solar eclipse, yet the media reported one and folks posted real eclipse shadows over major US Cities on April 8th 2024, but the Sun and Moon were actually in Pisces and in parallel moving, hence they did not Eclipse on April 8th 2024.
    UN Palais des Nations Geneva Offices shut down late 2023, offices inoperable, cleared, gone.
    President Macron already executed, played by a Central Casting colleague of Sleepy Joe who is played by Arthur Roberts and others.
    Tedros gone, Schwab gone…..and many many more, gone, like the entire satanic British Crown, deleted.
    All of the above Disclosures are not only Truth but will soon force the mainstream to publish Truth because all of you will get more and more hard facts and real appearances very soon.

By Windlander
April 10, 2024

Hello readers! Welcome back to another riveting episode of Beyond Blue Beam. Today, prepare to be captivated as we journey into the realms of mystery and intrigue, transcending both time and secrecy. Our odyssey begins with an exclusive interview featuring Representative Tim Burchett, shedding light on the elusive world of UFO encounters. But that’s just the beginning. Stay tuned as we uncover a complete list of deep underground military bases in the USA, unveiling secrets hidden beneath the surface of our lives. Is it fiction or is it reality? You decide! Enjoy the read.

The text below is taken from the link at the end.
More UFO hearings coming, Rep. Tim Burchett says
A previous hearing featured testimony from former military members
Whistleblower David Grusch claims there is a secret UFO-retrieval program
The Pentagon denied such reports and says there is no evidence of aliens
(NewsNation) — After a Pentagon report denying any evidence of alien technology or extraterrestrial life, Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Tenn., said there need to be more hearings on the subject.
The Pentagon report was issued in the wake of a whistleblower complaint from former intelligence officer David Grusch, who claimed the Pentagon was operating a secret UFO-retrieval program and even suggested the government had alien remains.
A hearing with Grusch and other former military personnel who had experiences encountering UAPs garnered bipartisan support from lawmakers but didn’t lead to any admission from the Department of Defense about alleged programs
Burchett hopes to change that with future hearings.
“We’re going to hopefully have some whistleblowers in there to blow the lid off some more stuff so get ready,” he told NewsNation correspondent Ross Coulthart.
Although the Pentagon report denies any evidence of extraterrestrial activity, some have suggested it is just an attempt to cover up the truth and that information was selectively given to those writing it to keep UFO programs hidden.
The head of the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office at the Pentagon, the department charged with investigating reports of unexplained objects, resigned but not before saying the office was continuing to try to pursue the truth. Still, Kirkpatrick said AARO had no evidence of a UFO retrieval program.
But there are options to replace him, including Coulthart’s pick, who has a background in the military and is familiar with UAPs.
“I recently had the pleasure of meeting Col. Carl Nell, who’s a former chief of the UAP task force, a magnific warrior intellect. I’ve never before met somebody inside the military who’s so bright and sharp and well-attuned to the UAP issue,” he said. “If there was one person I’d put and say he should be there, it would be Col. Carl Nell. For that reason, I don’t think it’s going to happen.”
There is a 45 minute interview with Representative Tim Burchett from Tennessee hosted by Ross Coulthart of Newsnation Reality Check in the link below.
List of DUMBs by State – Complete List of Military Underground Bases in USA
The text below is taken from the link at the end.
Did you know that in America alone, there are well over 120 deep underground military bases situated under MAJOR cities?
The United States Air Force Bases, Navy Bases, and Army bases, as well as FEMA Military Training Camps and DHS control centers all buried under the earth’s surface.
Now, this is not just American bases, folks, this also applies to Canada who also has several deep underground military bases too.
The majority of these bases are over two miles underground and diameters range from ten miles up to thirty miles across.
Yeah, these are not some small rinky-dink operations.
These bases are essentially large underground cities that have been feverishly constructed day and night continually since the 1940s. According to reports, these bases are connected by a train system that has sped up to 150 MPH. Now, that is pretty impressive. (They now have maglev systems that can reach speeds up to 2000+ mph)
The United States Government through the N.S.A. D.O.D., CIA, the Army, Marine Corps, FEMA, and the DHS, plus a myriad of other alphabet agencies, has spent in excess well over 12 trillion dollars building the massive, covert infrastructure for the coming One World Government past 40 years.
In fact, many of you already know this but there is the deep underground military base underneath the Denver International Airport, which is over 22 miles in diameter and goes down over 8 levels. It’s no coincidence that the CIA relocated the headquarters of its domestic division, which is responsible for operations in the United States, from the CIA’s Langley headquarters to Denver.
The construction of this underground base began back in 1995 when the government and politicians were hell-bent on building this airport in spite of it ending up vastly overbudget. There were charges of corruption, constant construction company changes, and mass firings of teams once they had built a section of their work were reported so that no “one” group had any idea what the blueprint of the airport was.
Much more in the link below with a list of all the DUMBS
This is a slight deviation from the usual UFO and off world sightings. Enjoy a little history of the lighter than air Zeppelin ships.
In the dimly lit dining lounge aboard the legendary Zeppelin Hindenburg, a mysterious map hangs upon the wall, its ancient contours hinting at forgotten realms and lost civilizations. Whispers among the crew suggest it might be a relic from a time before the great floods receded, offering a clearer glimpse into the enigmatic past. Could this map hold the key to unlocking the secrets of a world lost to the annals of time? With every line and symbol, it beckons adventurers to embark on a journey of discovery, to uncover the truth hidden within its cryptic cartography and unravel the mysteries of the old world before they fade into oblivion once more.

In the forgotten pages of history, there lies a hidden tale of mooring stations for Zeppelin airships, erased from our collective memory. As Napoleon said, “History is nothing more than a set of lies agreed upon.” These stations, once symbols of human ambition, now stand abandoned, their secrets buried beneath the dust of time. But within their ruins lie untold treasures and clues to a past obscured by the passage of ages. It’s time to peel back the layers of deception and reclaim the lost legacy of humanity’s aerial pioneers.

UFO  videos for this week’s update:
1. In the vast expanse of the Midwest USA, on April 5, 2024, a fleet of flashing orbs illuminated the night sky, captivating witnesses with their mesmerizing display.

2. In 2024, the skies over Nova Iguaçu, Brazil, became the stage for a remarkable sight as a group of luminous ships appeared, their ethereal glow captivating onlookers below.

3. In April 2024, the skies over Texas, USA, bore witness to an extraordinary event as a radiant light ship descended from what some speculated to be an open portal.

4. On March 29, 2024, Arizona was witness to a celestial phenomenon as a fleet of glowing orbs traversed the sky before morphing into blazing fireballs, casting a mesmerizing display of light and color across the night.

5. At the end of 2023, the deserts of Egypt bore witness to a mesmerizing spectacle as a group of luminous orbs materialized, seemingly emerging from what appeared to be a colossal mother ship hovering above.

6. In the skies above Detroit, Michigan, USA, in 2024, a perplexing sight unfolded as a cluster of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) orbs gathered, their luminous presence captivating observers below. As speculation swirled, some pondered whether this celestial display could be attributed to Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites, adding a layer of intrigue to the enigmatic scene.

7.  In the crisp January skies of 2024, Mexico bore witness to a breathtaking display as a trio of flashing red Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs) materialized overhead.

We would appreciate the input of the readers regarding this episode.
End of transmission>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Benjamin Fulford Friday Q&A Video 04/12/2024

Transcribed by Whisper
Quote:This is Benjamin Fulford speaking on April 12, 2024.
Last week, we sent a proposal, the Planetary Liberation Alliance sent a proposal to the Illuminati committee, headed by a certain David Rene de Rothschild,
concerning the issue of a hundred trillion dollars worth of gold-backed bonds.
We sent them the proof. The Vesanta Romano family actually passed my newspaper test and were able to prove that they have here now gold to back this bond.
And the plan that we put forth to them was based on a deal that was reached between Queen Elizabeth II, the head of the Committee of 300, before she was murdered, and the Asian Secret Societies.
And that deal was that from now on, our purpose as a species will be to increase the amount and variety of life, and that there would be a 50/50 East/West split for the financial system.
So, this deal is aligned with that. 50 trillion of the bond issue would go to the Asian elders, and they would decide what sort of charitable work they would do, what sort of, that's up to them.
The other 50 trillion would be for the West, and this would be used to set up a future planning agency that would, with full public scrutiny and real-time, live democracy, decide what sort of path we wanted to forge into the future.
The technical point of this bonzo is that what would have to happen is I would take a piece of paper signed by these families and by the representatives of the Planetary Liberation Alliance to the Mizuho Bank Kichijoji Branch White Dragon Foundation.
That would be like taking the ring of power to Mount Doom and melting it. One person has to do that just to get it started.
And that person would be me, however, I want to make this very clear, I would not be involved in running the future planning agency that would be selected by the people, democratically and meritocratically.
My job is to set it up, not to run it. This is not anything other than a method for breaking the logjam that has been preventing us as a species from deciding what sort of future we want to have.
The next step would be to follow up the chain of command to see who would try to block this move and then remove them.
Now, the reaction from the Illuminati committee was, and that's specifically David Rene, the Rothschild, is that if I went ahead and did this I would suffer the fate of President John F. Kennedy, who also tried to take the Asian gold and use it to set up a new financial system.
So I have a death threat from David Rene, the Rothschild, who's located in Zug, Switzerland.
Now, the proposal that they have, they tried to come up with a counter proposal. One of it was they said, "Well, we'll just give everybody a basic income."
It's been proven time and time again that if you give people lots of money to do nothing, you lead to extreme decadence and alcoholism, drug use, whatever.
People have to work. Dishes have to be washed. Lawns have to be mowed. Laundry has to be done. There's things that we have to do.
And you get rewarded for doing these things. There's already a basic income in the West in the form of welfare payments, and they're kept deliberately low because otherwise nothing would get done and society would collapse.
And I talk about Vancouver, where they have what they call Welfare Day, where all the welfare bums, they get their welfare checks, and they go out on taxis, they order pizzas, they go to the bars, and the money's gone in two or three days.
And then they go back to the soup kitchens. That's the sort of society that they're trying to set up.
Now, the other thing they talked about was another proposal they made was to nationalize the central banks.
But again, yes, in theory, but the problem is that the current governments in the West and most of the world are puppets.
These are people who they have put in place, who obey their orders. They're not democratically elected. It's all fraudulent.
And often, they just keep replacing one actor after another. I think we're on Nancy Pelosi number eight now or something.
So this is not viable unless we have actual return to democracy and the rule of law, at which point I'm in favor of nationalization of central banks.
It's just that right now, that situation does not exist.
Now, the other thing that the Illuminati, the so-called self-described Illuminati committee headed by David Rene de Rothschild, was they approached the person who has the patents for the quantum financial system, who also happens to be the head of MI6, and they offered him a $48 billion Bitcoin bribe.
This was their attempt to get the backing of the British military intelligence community for their digital currency.
We all know that they're planning to start another pandemic in order to force the governments to accept their privately owned World Health Organization or World Harm Organization totalitarian plot, which involved forced vaccinations, loss of freedom of the press.
A complete and total dictatorship accountable to nobody run by a family of proven mass murderers and Satan worshippers.
And speaking about mass murderers, I'll give an example.
I spent a lot of time with a Dr. Michael Van Der Meer, who also went by the name of Michael Maring.
His real name was Battenberg. He was the first cousin of Queen Elizabeth.
He told me that he worked with Jonas Salk in the Congo, and they killed 250,000 African green monkeys and sent the blood to Fort Detrick, where they combined the monkey DNA with, well, they created HIV, and then they used it to put it in the polio vaccines to try to depopulate Africa.
This is something that is on the record. It's proven that they did this. This is the kind of people we're dealing with.
He was also involved, as were the Rothschilds, in the Fukushima attack on Japan.
They confessed it to me. They admitted to me. They made threats. And they're still making threats.
The Japanese military gave me the document, which I published this week, showing that the Bank of Japan was owned by Barclays Bank and by Edmund the Rothschild, which is a Swiss-based Rothschild bank, and the Institute of Religious Works, so the Vatican.
But we looked at Barclays Bank, and it's owned by Glencore Commodities, so it's a complete Rothschild front, and so is, with the fake rubber mask pope, so is the Vatican Bank.
And the other one, it's Edmund the Rothschild. It's a known Rothschild company.
So, these are not mystical people. These are not mysterious entities. These are human beings.
They have public offices. They have banks. We have their home addresses. We have the home address of Klaus Schwab.
And at this point, since they're threatening mass murder and they're trying to kill us all, it's a military imperative that we arrest these people, ASAP, and put an end to this show of theirs.
And that's what has to happen, or they will kill us and enslave us. That is the factual truth.
Now, the Russians have also started to figure out what's going on. They've started their own forensic investigation of the mass murder incident in Moscow.
And they've traced it to Burisma Holdings, which is owned by Hunter Biden, and of course Biden is another Rothschild front.
So, they also know that this mass murder attack on them, you know, but what they're doing is they're following an investigative trail straight to these people.
Now, the other thing that happened, of course, is they know that they're in trouble and they're still, they're religious fanatic people who think that it is their God-given right to kill 90% of humanity and enslave the rest.
And they've tried very, very hard, once again, to start World War III by having their proxies in Israel blow up the Iranian embassy in Syria.
This creates an international law. It gives Iran the right to retaliate.
Now, fortunately, the Rothschild agent, Ayatollah Khomeini, in Iran is dead. And the Iranian people know that this is a trap to start World War III.
And they, quite sensibly, are instead asking for the governments of the world, the military of the world, the intelligence agencies of the world, to arrest the people responsible.
And those are the members of the Rothschild family. All of them. They need to be rounded up and removed from positions of power, especially power over the financial system.
They are the cause of terrorism and mayhem and everything else.
Now, there's another group, too, speaking about terrorism and mayhem.
The Black Sun organization, for their part, what they're saying is they'll keep causing terrorism and mayhem until a world federation is announced.
So, in order to put an end to war and fighting and strife, we do believe that the $100 trillion that would be put out would go towards setting up a multipolar world federation.
This wouldn't be a single world government run by a single individual. One of the proposals put forward is like seven regions with majority vote.
This is only for issues that are common to all of humanity. It does not affect existing countries or their independence.
Simply, to deal with things like the atmosphere that we all share. We all breathe the same air.
Stuff like that. So, that will also be set up according to our proposal.
So, this is the situation we find ourselves in now.
The other thing, of course, is that these fanatics are going to sacrifice a red heifer on April 22nd because they want to build the third temple.
Now, you know, maybe they should go ahead and do that just to get this whole messianic thing out of their system.
But, the important thing is that it's not the site of the Al-Aqsa Mosque where they would build it.
The original site is elsewhere.
And the other thing is that this would be not a temple to Satan or Baal where they'd have carried out animal and human sacrifice.
This would be a place where charitable donations would be made in the name of the Creator.
So, if it's that, then they can go ahead and get that out of their bloody systems.
And hopefully, if we do this right, we can have world peace and with $100 trillion, you can kickstart a new age.
That's enough money to finance research into immortality, to end poverty, stop environmental destruction, and basically release the forbidden technologies in a responsible manner.
And make this planet into heaven on earth.
That's what we all want and that's what we need to do.
And we're working hard to do it.
And right now, we have a specific name, David Rene, the Rothschild, who I believe he's wanted on fraud charges.
And now we also have him on threatening murder.
And of course, these people are responsible for the COVID and vaccine mass murder.
So, there are mass murders and it's up to the military white hats to hunt them down and bring them to justice.
Enough is enough.
And remove from power all those script reading puppets they have, you know, carrying out political theater in the West.
And like a kind of a joke version of democracy.
This all has to come to an end.
And I personally will fight to the death to make this happen.
And if everyone in the military and the agencies do the same, we can end this very quickly.
Well, that's what I have to say for myself.
I'd like to answer questions from readers and viewers.

Hi, Ben. We have our first question for today.
What are your thoughts on how the Iranians will respond to the bombing of their embassy in Syria by the IDF?
And if they do launch an attack, will this trigger all-out war in the Middle East?
No, because they know that the whole point of the attack was to trigger all-out war.
And that's, you know, they know that Israel wants an excuse to attack Iran with nuclear weapons.
And they're hoping that Russia will then attack Israel with nuclear weapons.
And then everybody will kill everybody.
So, no, they're not--the Iranians are quite rationally saying--asking for these people responsible to be arrested.
And, you know, that would be David Rene de Rothschild and the members of that family, and the Rockefeller family, etc.
So, this is a legal matter.
It's going to be solved by arresting the people responsible.
And the Iranians know that.
And they will not be stupid enough to let these people trigger World War III,
because they know that's exactly what they want.

Next question.
Hi, Ben.
South Korea's election is coming up in four days.
And at least there is a general consensus in both public and South Korean underground politics
to get rid of the Rockefeller-affiliated South Korean president, Yun Suk-yool.
And as for Taiwan's recent earthquake, I'm not that surprised.
Taiwan doesn't seem to be that stable in the first place when the KM actively took over the political institutions.
My main concern would be Japan.
It would take at least a decade to stabilize the Japanese civil service system,
according to the South Korean underground financial world.
It's to the point where the Shinto shrines need to act like local governments.
What are your thoughts on this?
Well, first of all, obviously this question came from four days ago,
because the opposition parties overwhelmingly won the South Korean election.
And I think this will pave the way to peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula.
Now, the situation in Japan and Taiwan is that the Japanese prime minister just visited the fake Joe Biden,
and there was a big push by the cabal to have the Japanese military take orders from a U.S. commander.
And the Japanese military said, "No, we protect the Japanese people.
We'll work as allies, but we'll not be your flunkies and we'll not take orders from you."
So a fundamental decision has been made in Japan,
and they want to work with the military white hats,
and they want to keep the alliance with the Anglo-Saxons,
but they also want to help remove the Rothschild family control from the Anglo-Saxon world.
And they say that Taiwan and Japan should be unified as one country.
So that's what they're telling me.

Next question.
Hi, Ben.
You talk about the Asians, specifically the CCP,
like they haven't also committed crimes against humanity and don't also use the central banking system.
What confidence do we have that things will be different in a polar shift and regime change?
Well, the Chinese Communist Party was set up by the Khazarian mafia,
and Chairman Mao was their puppet.
There could be no doubt about that.
But China kicked out all the Jewish communist advisors in 1967,
and the Asian royals now run China.
And as far as I can tell, if you look at China's actions around the world,
they aren't the ones who are invading countries.
They build bridges, they build roads, they build ports.
In their many thousand-year histories, they haven't gone around trying to conquer their neighbors.
Having said that, unless the West improves its economic management
and uses the 50 trillion to kickstart a new, better economic system,
they will outgrow us so much that we'll all become de facto Chinese servants.
And the only way to prevent that from happening is to improve the economic and financial governance of the West,
and that means meritocracy and not rule by Satan-worshipping, pedophile, criminal, inbred families.

Next question.
Hi, Ben.
The U.S. stock market, specifically tech stocks, seems to be continuing to break ceilings on the way up.
Do you believe we are out of a recession and this is recovery, or is this more like the 2008 housing crisis?
It's a giant hallucination.
It's not based on reality.
Traditionally, the stock market, over many centuries of experience, had certain basic rules.
The stock price, for example, is about ten times the annual earnings.
The money now has no connection to the real world.
The example I keep giving is that Tesla Motors, which is a tiny car company with a flawed technology,
was supposedly worth more than all the other car companies in the world combined,
when everybody knows it's just fiction.
What happens, the system in place now is that the corporations are owned by the people who own the central banks,
and they basically print money and buy the corporations they own,
and they create this giant sort of circle jerk, which is completely out of touch with reality,
and it's no longer an efficient way for allocating resources.
It used to be the stock market represented the collective wisdom of retail investors,
but it's long since lost touch with reality.
So, no, the economy is not good.
The actual homelessness and the actual living standards of 95% of Americans and Westerners,
they're going down, visibly and undeniably.
I mean, nobody, for example, is going to afford to buy a house right now.
Food prices are rising. This is the reality.
The stock market is just propaganda at this point.

Next question.
Hi, Ben. We have our last question for today.
The eclipse has come and gone, and there seems to be limited news on any forms of attack that may have taken place.
Do you know if anything occurred?
There's lots of videos of chemtrails and huge quantities being poured around the time of the eclipse.
We're hoping that our warning that they were going to use that to spread, you know, bio-weapons were heated,
and the planes were shot down.
If they did do something, according to their own projections, the first people start getting sick around 10 days from now.
So let's see.
But no matter what, even if a lot of people get sick, we must not let them use that as an excuse to impose their WHO totalitarian rule.
Instead, we must bring them to justice, which is long overdue since we all now know that the vaccines were basically mass murder.
This has got to end. We all have to do our part.
Well, thanks for tuning in, and I hope to see you next week.

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