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Benjamin Fulford Reports
Dr Malone explains how Blackrock and massive Wall Street firms are the true overlords of Pfizer and the pharma industry.

Who is BlackRock??

The company that quietly owns everything you hear and read…

Blackrock, the company that owns the world

In an example of their power, four days before Hillary Clinton Rockefeller was to be indicted in the Whitewater scandal, the documents pertaining to the case were destroyed in the Oklahoma City Bombing. Who was the DA placed in charge of the investigation? Merrick Garland.

(The AG for The Biden circus show)

Next, the photograph below shows the One World Government run by the oligarchy is more or less a reality now. The guy in the background is Jens Stoltenberg the ex-director of GATES funded Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI). He is currently the Secretary General of NATO

We are taxed again and again on the same money we already paid tax on by these oligarchs.

They have been caught trying to murder us with vaccines. According to a now censored tweet by Dr. Peter McCullough, Bill Gates gave $9.5 million to the University of Wisconsin-Madison and principal investigator Yoshihiro Kawaoka to modify H5N1 viruses so they could infect humans and other mammals. “This indicates that the Gates Foundation has funded bioterrorist-like activities involving H5N1, providing blueprints for other bad actors who may want to create biological weapons,” he wrote.

They are doubling down on their threats.

Former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Robert Redfield says the next scamdemic will be the Bird Flu with a mortality rate of 50%.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla says “I truly think that the best days of Pfizer are ahead of us, because COVID was for me was like a rehearsal.”

They are making these threats because a legal dragnet is closing in on them.

The state of Kansas filed a lawsuit against Pfizer, Inc. for alleged consumer protection violations related to the company’s manufacturing of the COVID-19 vaccine,

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals meanwhile has ruled COVID “vaccines” aren’t vaccines after all. Dr. David Martin says this paves the way for sweeping lawsuits because the manufacturers “willfully misled the public.”

Evidence of their guilt in mass murder is piling up day by day.

Mainstream media like the Telegraph are reporting COVID-19 vaccines are linked to 3 million excess deaths. The point about it being in mainstream media is these companies are prepared to defend the truth of what they say in a court of law.

It also now turns out excess deaths are up a staggering 22% among 1 to 14-year-olds in the UK almost certainly as a result of the vaccines.

In Toronto, Canada meanwhile, they are trying to normalize heart attacks in kids and babies caused by the fake vaccines that are gene therapy

The Pentagon for its part is saying it did not keep adequate track of funds awarded to Chinese research labs or other countries that could have been to disperse bio-weapons.

We also know one purpose of the vaccine murder was to herd us into digital prisons. For a good example listen to MEP Christine Anderson talk about the intended results of 15 minute city prisons.

In addition to the vaccine crimes becoming public knowledge, more and more people are becoming aware of the mass kidnapping of children for nefarious purposes.

From Polish intelligence:
Australia 20,000 missing children
Canada 45,000 missing children
Germany 100,000 missing children
India 96,000 missing children
Jamaica 2,000 missing children
Russia 45,000 missing children
Spain 20,000 missing children
The United Kingdom 112,000 missing children
United States 800,000 missing children
Worldwide 8 million missing children

This has been going on for a long time and often it is hidden in plain sight, As an example, look at the Alfa Romeo symbol of child-eating reptiles.

There is a crackdown underway, Again from Polish intelligence:

Visitors to Disneyland Paris were amazed to see an unprecedented number of “Aircraft trails that stretched across the entire sky and hung all day…It looked like the planes were spraying straight from the wings – when it started we noticed people coughing and sneezing. A Disney park employee commented: “I always thought chemtrails were just a crazy conspiracy,

Our sources say the spraying was connected to a white hat operation to take out the Adrenochrome harvesting child torture centers under Paris Disneyland.

More and more people are also now exposing crimes in the Ukraine. In the video below Clayton Morris from Redacted confirms what we have already reported: Body parts are being stolen and sold from Ukrainian soldiers.

In a desperate attempt to avoid being arrested for these and other crimes, the KM are also still trying to starve us to death.

Under the guise of reducing “methane emissions,” thirteen nations have signed the pledge to engineer global famine by gutting agricultural production and shutting down farms. Those nations are:

    Burkina Faso
    Czech Republic
    The United States

German farmer Anthony Lee says: “In Germany, we have a farming minister who’s telling us we should only eat 10 grams meat per day…” Jordan Peterson: “When the politicians start telling you what you can and can’t eat, we’ve crossed the line. You don’t get to tell me where I set my thermostat, you don’t get to tell me what I can drive and when and you certainly bloody well don’t get to tell me what I can eat. Like fundamentally and seriously to hell with you.”

In Idaho meanwhile, funds supposedly meant for the Ukraine are being used to cut off water to 500,000 acres of farmland and redirect it to a high water use cobalt mine.

The Russian government is insisting law enforcement agencies must assist in “investigation of crimes of the neo-Nazis and punishers, who must be brought to responsibility for their atrocities.”

“We all need to understand this and assist the alliance to end it once and for all,” a Pentagon white hat source says. Amen to that.

Beyond Blue Beam
By Windlander
June 26, 2024

Hello readers, welcome back to another episode of Beyond Blue Beam. Today we journey into the realms of mystery and intrigue again. Is it fiction or is it reality? “Red is grey and yellow white but we decide which is right and which is an illusion”. (The Moody Blues) You decide! Share your thoughts in the comments. Also please add whatever other information you have to add to the article. Meanwhile, relax and enjoy the read.

This week, we kick off with a mind-blowing video revealing the truth about who you belong to when you are born.

We proceed with various articles and videos for your enjoyment.

The Honey Bee and the Efficiency of the Hexagon Pattern: Discover how bees have always known the secret to perfect efficiency with their hexagonal honeycombs.

Giant Trees of a Forgotten Era: Uncover the lost history of giant trees, allegedly erased from history by the elite. Hear from the Dakota chief about “Devil’s Tower” and the theory that these were not random ancient volcanoes but towering world trees.

Not mountains, but petrified Giant Trees!

Imagine trees that once grew miles tall with bases spanning miles across. This week, we delve into the fascinating theory of petrified giant trees. Explore striking pictures comparing regular tree stumps to colossal giant stumps, challenging our understanding of Earth’s ancient landscapes.

Take a closer look at zoomed-in samples of cross-cut sections from these giant stumps. The fibers reveal intriguing octagonal shapes, much like the intricate patterns found in honeycombs. Are these remnants of a forgotten world of towering trees? You decide.

The Real Danger to Our Health: And We Thought It Was 5G

GWEN TOWERS: The Hidden Threat

The Ground Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) is a little-known but potentially hazardous technology. It operates in conjunction with HAARP, smart meters, cell phones, WIFI, and other modern devices, posing a significant threat to our health.

What is GWEN?

GWEN transmitters are strategically placed 200 miles apart across the USA. These transmitters can tailor specific frequencies to match the geomagnetic-field strength in each area, altering the magnetic field. The system operates in the Very Low Frequency (VLF) range, transmitting signals between 150 and 175 KHz, and also emits Ultra High Frequency (UHF) waves ranging from 225 to 400 MHz.

How Does It Work?

VLF signals travel by waves that hug the ground rather than radiating into the atmosphere. A single GWEN station can transmit signals up to a 300-mile radius, although the signal strength drops off sharply over distance. Each GWEN tower stands between 299 and 500 feet high, with a network of copper wires fanning out from its base, creating a massive underground system that interacts with the Earth like a thin-shelled conductor.

The Scope of GWEN

Depending on the source, the GWEN system consists of anywhere from 58 to an intended 300 transmitters spread across the USA. The entire network creates an artificial ground wave that blankets the country, forming a web-like structure that rises to 500 feet and penetrates even into basements.

The Impact on Health

This pervasive magnetic field has the potential to subject everyone within its reach to mind control. By bathing the population in artificial electromagnetic waves, it becomes easier to influence and hypnotize individuals, raising significant concerns about the implications for public health and freedom.

As we continue to advance technologically, it is crucial to remain vigilant about the hidden dangers that accompany these innovations. GWEN towers represent a significant and largely overlooked threat, reminding us to question and investigate the unseen forces that may impact our well-being.

Everything you need to know about GWEN towers:

Did Stanley Meyer Die Because He Knew How to Turn Water into Fuel?

On the 21st of March, 1998, the first day of spring, four men gathered for lunch in a restaurant. Among them was Stanley Meyer, an inventor known for his revolutionary work on a water-powered fuel cell.

As the waiter served Meyer a glass of cranberry juice, the situation took a sudden and dramatic turn. Immediately after taking his first sip, Meyer clutched his neck, struggled for breath, and ran out into the parking lot. He collapsed to the ground, uttering his chilling final words: “They poisoned me.”

Steve Robinette, the lead detective on the case, quickly arrived at the scene. He collected testimonies from everyone present, including those who heard Meyer’s final, disturbing words. The man who collapsed was indeed Stanley Meyer, leaving a cloud of mystery and suspicion surrounding his sudden death.

Meyer’s work on turning water into fuel had garnered both attention and skepticism. Some believe his untimely demise was no accident but a deliberate act to silence his groundbreaking discovery. The mystery of Stanley Meyer’s death remains a topic of intrigue and debate, with many questioning whether his pioneering work on alternative energy led to his tragic end.

Could the Moon be Plasma?

In a 1965 televised interview, Professor R. Foster raised intriguing questions about the nature of the Moon, suggesting it might not be what we traditionally think. He boldly stated, “The moon landing won’t be possible,” sparking curiosity and speculation.

Here is the full video interview

Do you agree with the timeline of history being lies, how many years ago do you think this


Question everything.

Could this old photo be a form of Baal with its children? As usual, question everything.

This may cause Project Blue Beam to backfire on the Cabal?

UFO  Videos

1. A rainbow cloud materialized over Kentucky, USA  June, 2024

2. 7 light orbs over Ohio June, 2024

3.  What looks like a TR3B over Mexico.  June 12, 2024

4. An orange colored UAP over the ocean. Miami, Florida USA  June 8, 2024

5. A very unusual UAP displaying a light show in the sky over São Paulo, Brasil June , 2024

6. A black orb seen in the sky over Guadalajara, Mexico June 17, 2024

7. A unusual UAP that seems to flame out over Flagstaff, Arizona June, 2024

8. A cluster of orbs materializing over Ohio. June 2024

9. A man made antigravity craft similar to a TR3B seen in Argentina 04.05.2024

10. 2 light ships merge together and enter what looks like a portal-Mexico June 19, 2024

End of Transmission>>>>>>>>>>

Benjamin Fulford Friday Q&A Video 06/28/2024
Transcribed by Whisper

Quote:Hello, this is Benjamin Fulford speaking on June 28th, 2024.
There is an extremely intense power struggle going on right now, and the Khazarian Mafia
are literally fighting for their lives.
Let's start with the situation in England.
Princess Anne was attacked viciously and hospitalized on June 23rd.
This is part of an attempt by the people using what is apparently a fake Charles to seize
power in England.
Now Queen Elizabeth made it very clear that she wanted Princess Anne to act as regent
for William's son George, and the attack on her is an attack on the British royal family
by foreign German factions.
The person of interest, of course, is John Scarlet, the former head of MI6.
He is being actively hunted because he's a mass murderer and he's trying to overthrow
the British monarchy.
Now another thing we need to make very clear, Princess Anne is under the protection of the
Dragon family.
That means that if anything happens to her, the people responsible and 12 generations
of their family will be hunted down and killed.
That's what the Dragon family does.
So stay away from Princess Anne and stay away from the British royals.
Anyone who is found guilty in a court of law of torturing and murdering children, then
that protection will be removed.
Until then, hands off to British royals.
Now what they're trying to do with this Charles business is clearly a power struggle that
is also involving Japan.
The Japanese emperor is now in England for a visit.
I noticed he was not invited to have dinner at number 10 Downing Street.
So it's not actually an official Japanese government visit to the UK government.
And I suspect that they are blackmailing the Japanese royals over their involvement in
the murder of 5,000 Japanese people with vaccines.
If they're not involved, then the Japanese emperor needs to have a press conference where
he denounces the murder of 500,000 Japanese with vaccines.
Otherwise he'll be considered guilty and it doesn't matter if he's emperor, he will be

And the other thing of course is Keir Starmer.
We mentioned this before, the labor leader, the elections coming up on July 7th.
He is being blackmailed over participation in the torture and murder of Madeleine McCann.
He's a compromised individual.
If he becomes prime minister, he is going to reverse Brexit and hand over control of
England to the German Nazi faction, which is really something that the British people
don't want.
Let me explain why.
The German whistleblower, an engineer who was involved in creating tunnels and underground
shelters throughout Germany, says that they have built underground shelters for at least
two million people and that all these underground shelters have mosques but no churches.
And this whistleblower, and I'll publish more about this on Monday, says the plan is to
kill 15 million Germans.
This would be what they call the non-productive people, i.e. old people, people with disabilities,
anyone they think is not fit to feed the machine.
So this plan was originally intended for 2016-17 but was delayed when Hillary Clinton-Hitler
was defeated in the election there, but they're now still trying to activate it.
So we now know why they brought in all these military-age Muslim men.
And of course, this brings us to Barack Hussein Obama-Hitler, who is behind this fake Biden
regime and who's bringing in all the military-age foreign males into the United States as well.
So we can assume they have a similar plan there.
They're trying to use foreigners to seize power in Europe and North America and kill
This is a war, folks.
This is literally a fight to the death.
These people know that if they're exposed for mass murder and torture, especially of
women, they're doomed.
So they're fighting viciously and hard.
And we have to fight harder and use necessary force to permanently subdue these people and
bring them to justice.

Now another thing that's crossed my radar is I noticed that a so-called Julian Assange
is apparently being released from prison and sent to Australia.
This is what I know about Julian Assange.
When he was at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, he appeared every day on the balcony of the
Then Pamela Anderson went to visit him, brought him a birthday cake, which contained a poison,
and he died.
He stopped appearing on the balcony.
Later they pretended that he was taken from the embassy and put in the UK prison system.
But I sent people physically to go to the courtrooms where supposedly Assange was facing
He never appeared in person.
So the story being put out by the White Hats is that the Assange who was killed was a body
double and now they've got the real Assange.
Now I'm going to cut these people a bit of slack because I noticed that, for example,
the New York Times and other Causalia Mafia controlled media are not mentioning this whole
Assange business.
So let's see how this goes.
But it looks like it might be a White Hat operation to use a new Assange to release
information about pedophiles, etc.
So let's see how this goes.
But I have to admit I'm a bit cynical.
So we're going to have to see what's going on there a bit more.
Now I also saw a few clips from the so-called Trump-Biden debate.
We know this is fake because they didn't let Robert F. Kennedy Jr. participate even though
the court ruled he should.
And the whole thing was done in a studio somewhere hidden from public view.
However, whoever is managing that clearly made the Biden stumble and fumble and bumble.
So we're assuming they're winding down that whole operation.
But unless you get Obama and Hillary Clinton, Rockefeller and all the other Rockefellers
behind that removed from the system, the United States is still going to be going towards
We notice, for example, now in Chicago more than 50% of emergency calls to 911 are not
being answered.
So even if you're being robbed at gunpoint, assaulted, murdered, you've got a 50% chance
no police will respond.
That's how bad it is.
And it is definitely caused by these illegal immigrants.
That's a statistical fact.
So there is a complete social breakdown.

Let me see a couple of things.
Another point I want to look at is Netanyahu, Benyamin Netanyahu.
We notice the Israeli Supreme Court has ruled that Orthodox Jews have to attend military
service which means they were going to remove support for his government.
I have preliminary reports that Netanyahu has been arrested by Israeli police.
I think by now most Israelis who are even slightly aware know that he engineered the
whole October 7th thing to create a military emergency to stay in power and it's blowing
up in his face.
Hopefully he'll be gone soon.
Now the other thing we're seeing is of course some sort of change in the Ukraine.
We now have both President Macron of France who's on his way out and Chancellor Scholz
of Germany saying NATO is not going to help.
They're not going to get involved in Ukraine.
So that shows winding down as well.
Here in Japan there's also a very serious power struggle going on and I'm not being
told much about it because it's an ongoing operation.
We don't want to tip our hand but clearly the Japanese underworld and military and intelligence
people know that the current government was involved in the murder of 500,000 Japanese
citizens with vaccines and a huge cleanup operation is underway.
We're expecting something similar in Canada and in the United States we notice that five
states are now suing Pfizer for the vaccine damage.
That's a start.

Now the Khazarian Mafia of course they're also desperately trying to start World War
They're attacking civilians in Russia with cluster munitions to try to provoke Russia
to start World War III but the Russians understand it and are not taking the bait.
We saw a similar provocation with phosphorus weapons, illegal ones fired on Lebanon.
It's not going to work.
They're not going to start World War III and get out of jail for free.
Now the other thing they're doing is we're seeing huge cyber attacks on the Federal Reserve
Board supposedly and automobile dealerships, many other places.
This is definitely a world economic forum run operation.
The other thing we're seeing is the Russians are now informing us that after the bio labs
were shut down in Ukraine and the ones in Japan and Taiwan were also shut down, they've
now set them up in Africa and they're still pushing monkeypox and bird flu.
So we need to find and locate Bill Gates and Borlaug, Pfizer, all these people.
They need to be hunted down because they're still trying to murder us.
So again, we're in the middle of a very serious fight and the other thing I guess I should
talk about is the North Koreans have been in constant contact.
They're getting very, very close to going on the war path and they're going to be sending
troops to Ukraine and possibly moving into South Korea unless something happens before
So we're trying to convince them that the Korean peninsula can be unified peacefully
and there's no need for a war.
But now that they have nuclear weapons, they don't have to worry about US nuclear blackmail.
They're going to make a move, but I believe the Korean people will decide by themselves
to reunify without the need for fighting each other, which is what external forces want.
So there's a lot going on and we're in the middle of a serious fight.
That's why I'm not going to Canada this year because the battle is too intense.
I can't take a break at this point.
But I guarantee you the White Hats will win this and I know each year I talk about an
autumn offensive.
Well, this year it's a summer offensive.
Hopefully we could finally end it this year, but we'll keep fighting as long as it's necessary.
But we will win.
We will be liberated from this satanic cabal.

Okay well that's what I have to say for myself today.
Now I'd like to answer questions from readers and viewers.
Hi Ben, we have our first question for today.
Says Benjamin, I read again over five years of your reports and with the most recent one
it seems it is one step forward, two steps back.
What is really happening?
Are the White Hats for real or are they just theater and nothing happens because the cabal
seems about to break the world?
And now with the Assange liberation, what is really happening as Obama/Biden would have
never released it?
Who did it?
Like I've said before, it is a war and there are two sides.
We think we're going to win and then they have their battle of the bulge counter offensive.
We're dealing with people who've been in power for literally thousands of years.
They're extremely intelligent and they're very entrenched in the top levels of most
Western governments.
So it hasn't been as easy as I'd hoped and I keep thinking it's going to happen and then
they keep coming up with some other dirty trick.
But definitely this is the weakest I've seen them since the time of the Lehman crisis.
The Lehman crisis, what happened was they fooled the Asian secret societies with a black
communist Obama and they got money to keep your show going on for another more than a
decade, $23 trillion.
And they also did Fukushima to scare the Japanese government back into submission.
So that set us back enormously but that's all being reversed now and the Asian secret
societies understand they were fooled by Obama.
They're not going to provide any more money and if you look at the macroeconomic situation
in terms of real physical goods and trade, you'll see that the Khazarian Mafia controlled
countries are being cut off.
They're going bankrupt and that's why you're having hyperinflation in the US and shortages
and the banking system is basically insolvent.
So hopefully this time we really will be able to finish it but it's not over until it's
I know I've been over optimistic but this is the strongest I've seen the White Hats
in the 20 years I've been in this war.
Now the Assange thing I believe I mentioned in my talk, it looks like a White Hat operation.
Now let's see how it plays.
Let's see what they reveal.
If he starts talking about adrenochrome and mass murder of children, then we'll know this
is a White Hat operation.
So let's see what happens with Assange.

Next question.
Hi Ben.
Recently there's been news about a flesh eating bacteria spreading throughout Japan that apparently
has a death rate of around 70%.
Have you heard of this and is this the next bioengineered weapon to fear monger the sheep?
My understanding of this, and a friend of mine got it and nearly had his leg amputated,
but usually you catch it if you have a scratch or a cut and you go to a hot spring.
It seems to like water.
But despite all the fear mongering, it's maybe hit a thousand people and it can be cured
with antibiotics.
I don't think it has that 70% death rate.
That's just fear mongering.
It is something of concern, but it's not a big thing.
It's not a huge, you know, a lot of people aren't getting it.
I think it's more fear mongering than anything else, but there is something and it can be
cured with antibiotics.
That's what I know about that.

Next question.
Hi, Ben.
You do mention that there is a power struggle happening in different places.
For what reason are the White Hats not eliminating these bad actors?
Surely the time for walking on eggshells is over.
You know, I keep asking that question myself and apparently, basically what we're dealing
with is a lot of blackmailed people at the top levels of power.
They always seem to control the number one, two, three people.
And it's been structured for so long that you cannot become a prime minister or the
head of the military unless they have blackmail on you.
This is why it's taking so long.
And it's only going to be solved by middle ranking people pushing up, people who haven't
accepted the bribes, who aren't being blackmailed.
And the military needs to immediately go through all its staff and fire any general who's got
money they can't account for because they've been bribed.
But basically, the problem is that the corruption is concentrated at the top and everybody else
is used to obeying orders.
So this is why it's taking so long.
But definitely though, we have reached a turning point and it will become more and more obvious.
It's already obvious to a lot of us that, for example, most people now understand Biden
is a fake and somebody is making him act incredibly stupid as a means to wake people up.
So it's taking a long time, but we're getting there.
And again, the problem is it's at the top of the power structure that the corruption
is most intense and the blackmail is most intense.
And that's why it's taking so long.

Next question.
Hi, Ben.
It's great that there may be a jubilee, but I wonder how it would be equitable for those
who bucked the system by avoiding debt.
Those who are out of debt had to fight harder against the debt system, thereby hurting the
KM to be in debt, help promote and finance their agenda.
It seems that those who are in debt and would receive full debt forgiveness have a huge
advantage over those who refuse to play their game.
Recent economic metrics show that most millionaires can no longer afford their debt, yet a jubilee
would relieve them and allow them to maintain their assets that they did not earn.
It seems that someone who avoided debt will be punished for a jubilee as the outcome would
advance the debtor's financial status while those not in debt would not benefit and would
not gain.
I keep getting this question in different forms and I fully agree that people who don't
have debt or who paid down their mortgages and own their house free and clear need to
be given some extra advantage over people who just have their debt canceled.
So the details are still going to be worked out, but it's going to be done in such a way
that people who did not have debt will get an extra benefit.
Again, there's going to be a lot of public debate and it's going to take a lot of input
from a lot of people before we come up with the final plan for this, but all that is being
taken into account.
We don't want to punish people who were thrifty and worked hard and didn't get in debt.
We want to make sure they are rewarded.
But at the same time, as I keep repeating, what's really going on is we're returning
money that was stolen from the people via central bank fraud, which has involved creating
money out of nothing and then putting everyone into debt and creating a system of Babylonian
debt slavery.
So we want to end that.
But at the same time, we want to make sure that people who avoided Babylonian debt slavery
come out stronger at the end of the process.
So the details will be worked out in public on a bottom-up basis.
Be patient, but all this will be taken into account.

Okay, well, that's what I have to say for my...
Oh, do you have any more questions?
Yeah, we had one last question related again to pandemic-like illness.
It says, "Hi, Ben.
Here in Australia, we have just had a so-called bird flu infection and 250,000 chickens have
just been called at one farm alone.
Do you know what the agenda is behind all this?
Is it just to create food shortages or is there some other sinister plan to create another
fake pandemic?
Also, Hezbollah Chief Hassan Nasrallah said this week that if the Israeli military goes
to war in Lebanon, his group will use its rockets and drones to hit targets across the
entire territory of Israel.
He warned Hezbollah would wage a war with no restraint, no rules, and no ceilings.
Do you think the IDF will start a war in Lebanon?"
All right, the first question, clearly this bird flu and monkeypox thing we're seeing
was planned long in advance.
My understanding is that they were hoping to pass the WHO pandemic treaty, which would
give them dictator-like powers in the event of a pandemic.
And then they were going to create this pandemic in order to give these people an excuse to
grab power.
Now, the WHO treaty failed and we have identified Bill Gates in specific as financing the creation
of bird flu that attacks humans and mammals.
So he needs to be brought to justice.
So they are going according to an old playbook, but I understand it's not going to work.
It's not going to be a big bird flu pandemic.
These people are being brought to justice.
Now as far as Israel is concerned, there are still messianic fanatics there who think that
they have to provoke Armageddon in order to bring on their so-called messiah.
And these people are not susceptible to logic or reason.
They need to be removed from all power in Israel.
So any attempt to provoke Lebanon would be suicide for Israel.
And I think the Israeli military and intelligence establishment understand that.
My own view is at the end of the day, Israel will be replaced with Judea and the original
Judeans and the European immigrants will live together in peace with equal rights.
That's my view of what's going to happen.
And at such a point, they'll be able to rebuild their temple.
But what they must not do is follow those people who want to lead Israel into suicide.
Okay, well that's what I have to say for myself this week.
And I hope to see you next week with better news.

Quote:Misc Reports June 2024

Prison Camps for Political Dissidents in All 50 States
Over a hundred million Americans say that civil war is coming
Greg Reese
Jun 26, 2024

In a recent interview with Clayton Morris on Redacted, US Border Patrol agent turned filmmaker, J.J. Carrell, discussed his new documentary and the fact that prison facilities are being built in all fifty states to hold millions of political dissidents.

“And there's detention facility bids. Bids to build individual detention facilities in every state in the Union. And then she goes on to say to me, well, who do you think they're built for? And she says, in this interview, they’re for dissidents. American dissidents."
~  J.J. Carrell

The FEMA camps were reported decades ago. This was never an outrageous conspiracy theory. The US government has been framing American patriots as the enemy for decades. And the reason should be obvious, those who have been in control of the US government for generations have no interest in serving the people in accordance to the Constitution or otherwise. Our country is being destroyed from within and the rule of law has been weaponized against those who defend it.

Hundreds of innocent Americans have been arrested and thrown in jail because they chose to peacefully protest the 2020 stolen election. And others such as Jeremy Brown, a Green Beret who was approached in late 2020 by Federal agents trying to recruit him for the Jan 6 false flag operation, was arrested after going public with this information by the same Federal agents. He was put in maximum security prison where he remains to this day, his one-thousandth day in Federal prison.

Hundreds of innocent Americans have been in jail for years. And several have been tortured. Much of America is okay with the fact that hundreds are rotting in jail for a peaceful protest. It’s already become the norm. While it’s definitely worth celebrating the release of Julian Assange, the American people have never been more divided.

The Daily Mail reports that “more than 40 per cent of Americans think a new civil war will be fought within the next decade.” According to one poll, “more than four-in-ten US voters say the country is likely to get ripped apart in a second civil war within five years.” And another shows that over a hundred million Americans say that civil war is coming.

Based on the recommendation of think tank, Policy Horizons, Canada has been preparing for an American civil war including cyber-attacks and grid failures following the 2024 presidential election.

The soldiers of the New World Order are not going to die easy. They are apparently willing to spark a nuclear conflict with Russia and are already writing new laws to bring back the draft.

“So women have never been required to register for the draft. But that could soon change thanks to lawmakers on Capitol Hill.”

“Martha, good morning. The Senate version of the National Defense Authorization Act, which sets out military national security priorities, would require women to register for selective service. It concludes, quote, ‘this is a necessary and fair step, making it possible to draw on the talent of a unified nation in a time of national emergency.’ Now, there are two different versions of this bill, one in the House one in the Senate, so it's possible women in the draft could get dropped as lawmakers iron out the differences.”


So while women may get dropped from this bill, our government is bringing back the draft while provoking a major war with Russia. They have their bunkers and they’ve already jailed hundreds for protesting an election, so they’ll definitely jail draft dodgers and everyone else who stands in their way. Unless we unite against them.

Partially based on Nikola Tesla's scientific research, Paul Baumann's M-L Converter (Electricity Generator) holds promise as a viable free energy device
Swiss clockmaker/inventor Paul Baumann's M-L Converter has been ranked by the Institute for New Energy as one of the most promising overunity devices produced so far. Baumann is one of those unusual self-taught individuals who has reportedly successfully developed a free-energy machine.

Technical paper describing the Swiss Methernitha group's Testatika machine that generates electricity
Back-Engineered Testatika - That the Swiss Methernitha group's Testatika machine is thought to be based on a Wimshurst electrostatic generator, is only a sparse approximation of the truth --- of the great multitude of electrostatic influence machines developed around the 1900's it more closely follows the charge-separation-and-collection system used by the 1898 Pidgeon machine for its electrical circuit.
Its 50-per-disc steel grilles or 'gitter-grilles' are plainly unique to the Methernitha but in principle follow on from previous research and patents for corrugated sectors which were found to be more efficient charge carriers than flat ones, and from a similar example in more recent times of aluminium rods extending out like wheel spokes from an insulating hub of perspex.
Another unique function of these perforated grilles attached to the discs is how they induce charge from the rotating discs onto the special collecting pads, or 'tasten' antennae keys (which are also perforated --- so as to more readily pick up charge); for in a Wimshurst you had conductive brushes or rails of sharp points which actually touched the discs or were placed very close to them, but in the Methernitha the charge has to be made to traverse a parallel air-gap to the pads and for this purpose the metal gitter-grilles are so designed to create miniature eddy-currents of charged air which circulate in and out of the perforated metal's surface charges, and are more easily bounced out to the collecting pads. This process is categorised as VARIABLE CAPACITANCE electrostatic generation.

Was Frequency Stripped From The Planet?
As we look at just the last 150 years of history, we see the stripping of the planet of frequency and energy devices. We look at several chapters of bells, resonant cathedrals and copper strapping in the buildings and wireless transmission of power.

FALSE FLAG ALERT! Russian MOD Warns USA Set To Release Avian Bioweapon Ahead Of 2024 Election, Blame New Pandemic On Putin
Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, Chief of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, issued a video briefing this week claiming the United States may soon launch a biological false flag to blame on the Kremlin.
Later in the briefing, Kirillov also alleges the US are planning to spread disease via migratory birds. This comes after Kirillov previously alleged that the US plan to manufacture ANOTHER pandemic for the 2024 election like they did in 2020. Bird Flu comes to mind.

Max Igan - Reality Control

The “Global Coalition for Digital Safety” Scheme for World Domination
The world’s leading online censorship outlets are teaming up to try to subdue the globe under a new “Global Digital Safety” pact that as usual gives the globalists all the power.
The Digital Trust & Safety Partnership (DTSP), United Kingdom regulator OFCOM and the infamous World Economic Forum (WEF) embraced a threesome wedding with each other, the offspring of which is this little doozy  [Making a Difference: How to Measure Digital Safety Effectively to Reduce Risks Online] [below] outlining their scheme for world domination.

What DTSP, OFCOM and WEF each bring to the relationship is strategic:
– DTSP exists to “address harmful content” and ensure online “age assurance” verification
– OFCOM exists to establish “online safety”
– WEF exists to ensure you own nothing and are happy about it, as well as to brainwash law enforcement into fighting against free speech as if it were a “crime” to exercise your First Amendment rights, which is what the above-linked paper from this trio is promoting.
You’ll never speak freely and you’ll love it
The plan is to have these “online safety” entities team up with the police to ensure that all the latest ce nsorship rules are enforced, both online and in real life. The problem is that pesky Constitution, which prohibits the type of probing these ghouls want for American society.
All privacy and transparency concerns must go by the wayside in order for the scheme to work. By framing the issue as a “national security” threat, “antisemitism” or whatever other excuses they come up with, the powers that be (TPTB) hope to trounce your online free speech rights.

Doctors Are Just Soldiers In A Massive Chemical Army
The United Kingdom's People's Vaccine Inquiry has commenced in response to the government-led U.K. COVID Inquiry indefinitely postponing its promised inquiry into coronavirus (COVID-19) "vaccines."

We Are Controlling Transmission
There is nothing wrong with your content delivery device
Radio Far Side
Jun 26, 2024

Manipulation of the human mind through the use of mass media is a highly complex and controversial topic. Hundreds of books and entire university seminars have been devoted to proving and debunking the power of media to control mass audiences.

Nearly all of our cultural idioms (nothing burger), political sloganeering (MAGA) and social discourse (hawk tuah) come to us through a screen. We receive them from advertising, entertainment, social media, and public affairs programming. To say the media have no effect on individual or group thinking and behavior is to deny plainly obvious fact.

With 50 years of work in theatre, film and television, I can attest that the mind control is very real, very powerful and thoroughly weaponized.

A visit to any ancient Greek amphitheatre will prove that the technology and ability to manipulate audiences at a visceral level is nothing new. The Greeks used the theatre to demonstrate virtue and morality, with the expectation that the audience would emulate the gods in their daily lives. In fact, we might consider early Greek theatre as the original virtue signalling.

The proscenium arch was invented in the early 17th century in Italy. It is generally credited to Italian architect and designer Giovan Battista Aleotti. The earliest recorded use of a true proscenium arch is at the Teatro Farnese in Parma, Italy. The power of this seemingly simple architectural feature is attested to by the fact that nearly every film and video screen is a horizontal rectangle, and the fact that vertically formatted videos never “feel” right.

The invention of the proscenium created a separation between the acting area and the auditorium, with the psychological effect of making the audience feel unthreatened by the scene unfolding before them. Feeling safe from the activity in the acting area, audiences let their psychological defenses down and become passive observers of the world created within the frame.

In the “safe zone” of the auditorium, the audience is shown characters acting and reacting to various situations, with the attendant consequences. When characters behave “correctly,” they are rewarded with accolades and adulation, and when they behave “badly,” they are punished with tragic outcomes and scorn. In this way, audiences are taught what is permissible behavior, and are shown graphic depictions of what happens when they don’t follow the social norms.

Being psychologically removed from the scene, the audience relaxes and focuses on “the message,” rather than constantly assessing threats and anticipating responses. Instead, they internalize the scene and file it away for future reference. They empathize with the main characters and vicariously “feel” the rewards and punishments meted out in the course of the scene.

Go watch American films from the late 30s and early 40s, just before and during the country’s entry into World War 2. Foreign characters are portrayed as devious and conniving, usually with some kind of physical defect, while Americans are portrayed as somewhat naive and reluctant to get involved, but virtuous and resourceful. The Americans have all the solutions to the convoluted mess the foreigners have created, and in the end the Americans are rewarded with wealth and privilege, or whatever the MacGuffin is.

Films like these created a feeling of moral superiority in the minds of the audience, and when the time came to mobilize for a war on another continent that didn’t involve them, something in the backs of their minds told them they were the ones to solve the problem and reap the rewards of doing so.

Modern films and shows have violated a cardinal rule of the proscenium — the fourth wall — which is the imaginary wall of the arch that separates the audience from the scene. With the ham-fisted “inclusion” and “diversity,” the sense of “reality” is lost. Furthermore, when the characters begin lecturing on “good behavior” and “right think,” the fourth wall is pierced and the audience no longer feels safe. The scene has spilled into the auditorium and the audience immediately raises shields. They are no longer safely observing the scene from a distance, but are now pulled into it, with all the attendant psychological threats.

If we look at shows like “Seinfeld” or “Friends,” we see a group of characters who are connected, but not attached. They live glamorous lives full of fun and quirky adventures unburdened by spouses and children, or even many everyday responsibilities. Though none of the characters ever blatantly says the SINK/DINK lifestyle (Single/Dual Income No Kids) is fun and glamorous, the audience understands subconsciously that the drudgery of attachment and responsibility is neither fun nor glamorous. This is “lifestyle modelling,” and the primary means by which advertising functions.

Lifestyle modelling creates a desire in the minds of the audience to emulate the characters. This phenomenon shows up in catch phrases entering common use as a shared cultural idiom. The clothing, furnishings and brands used within the video or film space become hot items among consumers wanting to display their aspiration to a manufactured lifestyle. A prime example of this is the Soup Nazi featured on “Seinfeld,” a real no-frills slop house that went viral overnight, as audiences sought to replicate the lifestyle/experience of fictional characters.

The lifestyle modelling industry is what Disney has built an empire on, and which film “franchises” have emulated for decades. The media create fantasy worlds that burn themeselves on the subsconscious minds of the audience, creating a desire to live in a manufactured world with only the trappings of realty.

Contemporary shows are offensive because they accost the audience with “virtuous” behavior, to the point where extreme close-ups, music stabs and dramatic pauses highlight the “virtuous” behavior expected. Instead of sliding into the viewer’s mind unchallenged, he is now overtly aware of the affront and throws up psychological defenses, which we observe as backlash against Woak Entertainment. We are no longer passively observing, but are fully conscious of the fact that we are being manipulated.

To my mind, the profound lack of subtlety and understanding of how media work belies ignorance of the tools available to those creating the current crop of “entertainment”. Either the writers, producers, directors, and actors are dysfunctional psychopaths lacking any amount of empathy and skill, and/or AI is creating almost everything being pushed at us in the media.

Bumbledick “entertainment” is bereft of emotional maturity and technical know-how. It is childish, showing ability to use paint and a brush, but no training in composition, color theory or technique. It has no style or creative spark; no subtle turn of phrase nor cultural depth — AI being incapable of manipulating emotions because it has none.

The result is boorish and uninspired clap-trap, with no sense of artistry or life experience to draw on. It is the bland, uninteresting product of bland and uninteresting minds, who think sprinkling a little salt on pablum makes it paella pollo. They’ve never experienced a genuine life moment, and so cannot portray one.

I suppose we should be thankful that the Bumbledicks have no skill or artistry. If they were able to insert their propaganda into great works, we may be completely susceptible to their manipulations. As it is, the Bumbledick vandalize great works in the hopes of using ancient magic they no longer possess.

As it is, the Bumbledicks are swinging brutish clubs at our faces and expecting us not to flinch, and they just can’t understand when we do. They have no history or culture to draw on, and are thus reduced to slapping their audiences with their messaging. We are generally immune to their pedantic tantrums, because we are fully aware of them and never let our guard down.

As the great raconteur Fred Allen remarked 70 years ago, “Television is a medium, because it is neither rare nor well done.”

It seems we have fully realized his insight.

Biden Presidency is a Humiliation Ritual
Initiation into the One World Order
Decode the World
Jun 28, 2024

If you ever pledged a college sorority or fraternity, you experienced Hell Week, a Humiliation Ritual you must pass through before being initiated into the “Greek Organizations” on campus. Many powerful cults and secret societies like the Illuminati use Humiliation Rituals as an important part of their initiations, too, and they are also frequently used in Hollywood. Now, the entire world has been plunged into a Humiliation Ritual to initiate everyone into the One World Order.

A Humiliation Ritual is a deliberate act designed to embarrass, demean, or degrade an individual or group, often in a public or communal setting. These rituals can serve various purposes, such as increased behavioral compliance and can be used to break down an individual's sense of self, making them more malleable and easier to control. The long-term impact on individuals can be damaging, leading to issues such as decreased self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and trauma.

Have you ever wondered why politicians in many countries seem so incompetent? They aren’t stupid and you would think they should know better. Aren’t they playing the leading role in a Humiliation Ritual to lower resistance to the One World Order?

If you haven’t seen what current latex mask technology is capable of, watch this:

Who is this person? Some say he’s already dead, some claim he’s a clone and others believe he’s an actor in a mask. Maybe he’s really Joe Biden himself. Whomever it is does not matter, what matters is people feel sad, ashamed and worried for this person and themselves — they feel humiliated. “How can this be happening to my country and my people?” Is this person really the President? Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.

This is elder abuse and sad. It’s humiliating for a long serving public official and embarrasses the country.

In Scandinavia, after a nation was defeated, to humiliate the local population, the conqueror would put a dog on the throne, replacing human royalty.  This is known as a "Dog King".

A Dog King is one of many Humiliation Rituals (psyops) being run on society:
-The useless wearing of masks during COVID to show submission and humiliate the wearer.
-Six feet of social distancing, a ritually significant number with no scientific basis LINK.
-Pride flag indicating conquered territory LINK.
-”Dog King” politicians who embarrass entire nations. The results can be measured with memes. The Dog Kings were installed to destroy morale and create inaction for what comes next.

The memes have now gone physical in road signs. Normally, an important building or road is not named for a living person.

Humiliation Rituals are one of the most important ways people become initiated in sororities and fraternities, secret societies and now the One World Order. Chaos will be maximized with many rapid changes, leaving people incapable of taking action. Society will decline in a Great Reset.

The Humiliation Ritual is one step in the process of initiation. Many big changes will happen very soon.

Quote:Reese Report

FEMA Camps for American Dissidents

The US has a long history of prison camps
Greg Reese
Jun 29, 2024

The United States operated Native American concentration camps in the 1830s that went on for decades and later evolved into Reservations. During both world wars the United States deployed concentration camps. During world war two, about a thousand indigenous Aleuts of Alaska were forced into camps as their homes were burned to the ground so that invading Japanese forces could not use them. After the war, the United States seized Okinawan homes and burned them to the ground to make way for military bases, forcing three-hundred-thousand civilians into concentration camps. And deliberately starved about a million Germans to death in prison camps.

The Subversive Activities Control Act of 1950 led to the construction of concentration camps meant to hold American dissidents. In 1961 the US forced eight million South Vietnamese civilians into prison camps to deprive the Viet Cong of any potential support.

Starting back in the late 90s, Alex Jones has been releasing films warning that people are being conditioned to accept seeing their neighbors rounded up and thrown in prison camps. Such as the WTO protests where hundreds of protesters were arrested and thrown into jail. The 2004 Republican National Convention where over a thousand protesters were arrested and sent to a makeshift prison. And in Katrina where police went door to door confiscating guns.

“The police and National Guard going street by street, house to house, sometimes entering open houses with guns drawn and instructions to disarm anyone inside.”

“You say guns will be taken?”
“No one will be able to be armed. We're going to take all weapons.”


“You see, for over 20 years, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has been building and constructing maintaining concentration camps, as well as the personnel to incarcerate literally tens of millions of Americans. It seems now with some of the latest developments they are attempting in a psychological warfare program to condition and control the populace. So the populace will actually believe that all of this is needed to maintain the public safety.”

“As we in the research community say, this is a psyop. They are preparing people for what is coming. Not what is being presented today.”

“So you're saying they're preparing people to accept it with incrementalism?”

“That is correct. Like the old frog example. You know, you put the frog in the water and you just gradually continue to raise the heat on the water until the frog is cooked.”


After 9/11 came the Patriot Act. And American citizens officially became potential enemies of the state.

In 2006, President Bush amended the National Defense Authorization Act to grant the President power to declare martial law. And in 2007, signed Directive 51.

“For the smallest of reasons, included in the documents own text, any incident in the world, regardless of location, that affects population, infrastructure, environment, economy or government functions can trigger at the president's will total martial law.”


During COVID, healthy people with no symptoms were arrested and locked in prison camps because they failed a fraudulent PCR test. And if they tried to escape, their fellow prisoners reported them.

“The second she jumped over, we all freaked out because we just wanted to call. Like, to let the wellness people know, let the police know.”

“In response to their 000 calls, she was picked up by the police within 15 minutes and fined $5,000.”


Prison camps are being built all over the world. And they are for whoever the government sees as a threat to their agenda.

Illegals Getting SSNs Within Four Months of Crossing Border
Thirty million UN voters
Greg Reese
Jul 10, 2024

Over the past few years illegal immigrants have been given US bank debit cards from the United Nations. Reportedly, one-point-six billion dollars.

“I'm standing outside the United Nations office in Tapachula, Mexico. One of the things that is happening here and all along the migrant trail is that the United Nations is handing out cash and debit cards and rental assistance and movement assistance to immigrants to help sustain them on their road to El Norte.”
~ Todd Bensman (Center for Immigration Studies)

Catholic Charities have been managing the illegal invasion at the southern border. Spending millions while profiting billions. And the local police admit that they are under their direction.

“The officers, we’re all here with the, under the direction of Catholic Charities.”
~ San Antonio Police

Richard Poisso of Chicago reported that that these illegals are getting Social Security cards within four months of crossing the southern border.

“So yesterday I ran into somebody that I haven't seen in a while. He's been here for about five months in the United States. Six months, something like that. And he says, ‘Hey, I'm looking for work.’ And I said, well, I can't hire you, man. I'm not, I gotta hire, like, legitimate people or whatever. And he was like, ‘No, no, no, I'm legitimate now.’ And he spoke in English, kind of bits and pieces together, and he pulls his I.D. and stuff out of his pocket and he says, ‘I've got Social Security card now, and I got worker's ID and permit for working.’ Everything all legit. Stamped. City stamping. Specialized social security envelope.

This dude got on the busses from Texas to Chicago, got in-processed here in Chicago, found an apartment building within the first week, an efficiency apartment, moved into the apartment building and has been working cash jobs under the table for the last four months. Until recently. Got his worker's permit, and now he's working for a roofing company. But they're laid off right now. They're laid off right now and he's looking for work.

We have people literally trying to do everything. They've been waiting for years, they still don't have what this guy has in four months. That's how fucked up our government is. That's how much they care about the illegal migrants more than they care about their own people. The problem is, and this is fucked up for me to say this, some Americans have done this to them-self because they're fu*king lazy and they won't get off their ass to go out and actually get the stuff done that they're trying to get done, that they need to be getting done. Like, this guy came here knowing that he could lose his life, lose everything, he gets here, now he's a worker. Within four months, done all his paperwork, went to all his appointments and stuff, and figured out the system. And is hustling.

It's really, really, really messed up that they would do this for people that are not even from this country. They didn't help build this country. They didn't help contribute to this country. And they just walked right in like they do and just get handed IDs, Social Security cards... just, get them on the payroll and stuff. Let's just, let's just, let's just do it for them. Let's get them, let's get them set, but not take care of our own people that are on the streets. It's messed up.”

~ Richard Poisso of Chicago

Joe Biden opposes the SAVE Act, which would require proof of citizenship to vote for him this November. Without having to provide proof of citizenship, a social security card and a drivers license will certainly suffice. Voter fraud may not be necessary if thirty million UN migrants can vote.

NATO Pushing for War with Russia Amid Unofficial Peace Talks
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán initiating peace talks
Greg Reese
Jul 12, 2024

Washington announced plans to station “developmental hypersonic weapons” in Europe and Germany’s defense minister announced plans to deploy US long-range missiles. To target Russia.

The weapons deployed in Germany will include the Tomahawk cruise missile, which has an effective range of 2,400km and can strike Moscow.

Moscow’s Deputy Foreign Minister said “Without nerves, without emotions, we will develop, first of all, a military response to this new game.”

The German government is attempting to reintroduce a military draft to make Germany ‘war ready’ by 2025. With zero evidence, they make the radical claim that Russia is planning to invade Europe. But it was NATO forces that overthrew the government of Ukraine in 2014. It was NATO forces that were operating bio-weapons labs around the Russian border. And it was NATO forces that sabotaged the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. So far, Russia’s actions have shown calculated restraint. They understand that NATO is trying to provoke a major response. And eventually, NATO actions will demand one.

Viktor Orbán recently visited Kiev and Moscow on an individual’s mission of peace. And was interviewed by a podcaster on his flight back from Russia.

“So that meeting was prepared in a totally secret way. First, I was in Kiev to meet Zelenskyy. Then I started to organize the meeting with Putin.

To make peace is a Christian action. You have to prepare yourself spiritually. So that's what I have done. Being convinced that this is the only way. And that this is the duty I have to do now. Because I remain the only Western leader, I'm the only Western leader now who can have a chance to talk at the same time with Kiev and Moscow.”
~ Viktor Orbán

He asked Putin three questions:

“The first, President, what do you think about the peace plans? And what do you think about the frame and the process how these peace talks are going on and you are not invited? So what do you think about it? He said that it's obvious that real negotiations cannot happen without the involvement of both parties. So whatever they are doing without him, it means nothing. They are still ready to communicate and negotiate and so on.

My second question was, President, what, how do you see the chance to have a short, limited peace, ceasefire, earlier than the real negotiations on peace can start? And he said he's not optimistic on that. You know, Zelensky said that he's not optimistic because the Russians would use it against the Ukrainians. Putin said that the Ukrainians would use it against Russia.”
~ Viktor Orbán

“What did you say to him?”
~  Roger Köppel

“I said, let's consider. I understand your argument, but think about it.

And the third question was I raised, president, do you have a vision or even a plan, how the security architecture of Europe will look like when the war is over What is your plan? And he said, we have a detailed plan.”
~ Viktor Orbán

After his trip to Russia, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán traveled to the United States. Not to meet with President Biden, but with former President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago.

Everybody is aware that sooner or later, the war must be concluded. And, we can't live eternally in the shadow of the war. So even those who are very committed to fight for Russia or for Ukraine, at the very bottom of their heart knows that, okay, we have to fight now, but sooner or later the peace should come because peace is a good thing.”
~ Viktor Orbán

“I mean, your mission this week is a case study in surprise. What is your essential takeaway from these two meetings? Are we closer to peace? What is your assessment of the results?”
~  Roger Köppel

“Everybody is and everything is rather bureaucratic. But if we consider this issue from a bureaucratic eyeglass and bureaucratic approach, nothing will happen. Because peace cannot be generated by bureaucrats. It's impossible. Many people have to work for it, and on it. If you don't do that, there will be no peace. It cannot be bureaucratic. It must be political. Because only political leaders can managed to find a way, the shortest way to the peace.

So what is the first step? The first step is really open the diplomatic relationship and reopen the communication channel. That happened today. So it's one important step forward.”
~ Viktor Orbán

Quote:Truth Is Not Hate | Laws That Silence The Truth Are Void Of All Authority
Dylan Eleven •

To be clear, speaking the truth as independent journalist is not hate. It is reporting the truth. Around the world our governments are trying to lock up anyone who is speaking the truth, calling it "disinformation" and its escalated psy-op friend "hate" speech.

The truth is not afraid to debate. A lie is.

Tyrants are afraid of the truth getting out so they work to silence their stated number one threat.

For the record, we do not hate any specific race or group of people. We do not promote any type of hate.

We report the truth, and we also have zero tolerance for bullshit; that is not hate.

No quarter for those who violate the natural law, who hurt kids, who wage wars, who are part of the depopulation agenda, who are part of the genocidal vaccine campaign that has murdered millions; is not hate.

Stating that genocide and murder are not ok; is not hate.

The truth is not hate.

Laws that throw anyone in jail for speaking the truth, aka anything against the narrative, and pathetically calling it "hate" speech; are simply trying to suppress the truth and therefore are void of all authority.

Laws that violate our constitutions are void of all authority.


Scientists Harness Gold Nanoparticles to Fight Infection Without Antibiotics
There is a reason that gold and silver are called the 'Noble' metals. Because the 'Nobles' have used it for thousands of years to cure, and prevent disease or infections. Also used in ORME-ORMUS form to prolong life, supposedly.

It's the hidden science of Gold and Light waves that they keep hidden from the masses.



Dual-purpose nanoparticles help image and zap entrenched bacteria in animal study

If left to their own devices, bacteria on our teeth or wounded skin can encase themselves in a slimy scaffolding, turning into what is called biofilm. These bacteria wreak havoc on our tissue and, being shielded from antibiotic medication by the slime, are difficult to dislodge. A new strategy may offer a simple way to break up the muck and destroy the bacteria.

Biofilms are structured communities of microbial cells embedded in a self-produced matrix of extracellular polymeric substances. Biofilms are associated with many health issues in humans, including chronic wound infections and tooth decay. Current antimicrobials are often incapable of disrupting the polymeric biofilm matrix and reaching the bacteria within. Alternative approaches are needed. Here, we described a complex structure of a dextran-coated gold-in-gold cage nanoparticle that enabled photoacoustic and photothermal properties for biofilm detection and treatment. Activation of these nanoparticles with a near infrared laser could selectively detect and kill biofilm bacteria with precise spatial control and in a short timeframe. We observed a strong biocidal effect against both Streptococcus mutans and Staphylococcus aureus biofilms in mouse models of oral plaque and wound infections, respectively. These effects were over 100 times greater than those seen with chlorhexidine, a conventional antimicrobial agent. Moreover, this approach did not adversely affect surrounding tissues. We concluded that photothermal ablation using theranostic nanoparticles is a rapid, precise, and nontoxic method to detect and treat biofilm-associated infections.

Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania and Stanford University have developed sugar-coated gold nanoparticles that they used to both image and destroy biofilms. In a study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, the authors demonstrated the diagnostic and therapeutic potential of the nanoparticles on the teeth and wounded skin of rats and mice, eliminating the biofilms in as little as one minute and outperforming common antimicrobials.

“With this platform, you can bust biofilms without surgically debriding infections, which can be necessary when using antibiotics. Plus, this method could treat patients if they are allergic to antibiotics or are infected by strains that are resistant to medication,” said Luisa Russell, Ph.D., a program director in the Division of Discovery Science & Technology at NIBIB. “The fact that this method is antibiotic-free is a huge strength.”

United June 29, 2024 At 5:02 PM

26 June 2024
FALSE FLAG ALERT! Russian MOD Warns United States Of Zionists aka grey aliens Set To Release Avian Bioweapon Ahead Of 2024 Election, Blame New Pandemic On Putin

Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, Chief of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Protection Forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, issued a video briefing this week claiming the United States may soon launch a biological false flag to blame on the Kremlin.

The U.S. military veteran and researcher known as WarClandestine on X posted a segment of the Kirillov statement, explaining the new report alleges the Pentagon relocated its secretive Ukrainian biolab operation to Africa.

The Russian military general specifically said U.S. biolab activities are taking place in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), where a new variant of monkeypox that reportedly “causes miscarriage and has a fatality rate of 10 percent” is currently spreading.

Kirillov also explained how the U.S. government is using third-party companies such as the Hunter Biden-linked groups Metabiota and EcoHealth Alliance, as well as a company called Quicksilver and over twenty others

Come join the New Blueprint for Humanity for Peace !
29 Solution's to fix the mess on this Planet ! including the American overhaul solution!

aClue says
Friday, June 28, 2024 at 14:38
The Alliance. Now you know why Firefly was canned. It named the clown show. :P Burn in hell Takers!

aClue says
Wednesday, July 10, 2024 at 14:50
If you want to correct your understanding of NAZI propaganda, watch Europa: The Last Battle.
After you watch that, you will see fulfords assertions about Nazi’s being bad, is a crock o shite.
Communism is bad, Bolsheviks are bad, but national socialism like what Hitler did for Germany brought it back from being totally destroyed by unaccountable international financiers. Now you know why the Clowns playing at being Elite hate the Germans.

From Wall Street Silver:
Are they stupid? or are they evil?
I go back and forth as to which one it is.

~T edit: Me too. I have personally come to the obvious conclusion that Americans today are the dumbest people’s on Earth. Yes, [they] are pure evil, but far too many of us are tuned out to reality, and American cognitive dissonance is off the charts, just as the evil ones designed it and far too many Americans don’t even notice.

    Are they stupid? or are they evil?

    I go back and forth as to which one it is.
    — Wall Street Silver (@WallStreetSilv) July 1, 2024

Notes to Readers:
So, what was that fiasco last Thursday and what caused the CIA-operated media to attempt to throw Joe Biden under the bus? Are the White Hats in control of the situation? Is that really Joe Biden? Or even Donald J. Trump? Remember, this is a military psychological operation.

As I remember (somewhat vaguely) it was always the Deep State plan to change out the Biden/Kamala ticket before 2024 elections. Why have they been so slow in getting this task done? Who is really behind the curtain this time?

Whoever and whatever, it was an indescribably delicious moment to witness the Democrat’s “the Emperor has no clothes!” moment as if any one with an ounce of sense who isn’t brainwashed wouldn’t have realized by now that Biden wasn’t Biden. The clues have been pasted all over social media for years now. I have been advised by an intel provider that at least four different actors have played Biden during his “term in office”. Dr. Jill and the rest of the gang are all actors. The White House in a movie set located in Atlanta, Georgia. The media has been colluding with this whole puppet show for years.

The real Biden, Hillary, Obama, et al were executed during Trump’s first four-years in office. He is still in office as a wartime president and Commander in Chief of the military. However, this fact has not been advertised on television, therefore, over a third of the American public would totally deny this as fact if you attempted to straight out tell them. The mass psychosis is real. Television and other social media has programmed people to believe the lies. Now, the White Hats are using the same/similar tactics to break the hypnotic trance. It is a slow, painful process to watch as more Americans wake up to reality, realize they’ve been lied to all their lives, get angry, upset, and then determined to take back their country and their rights to live a good life on the planet they were born.

So… we wait and wait some more, while the public is educated, bit by bit.

I’ve learned a lot during the past years. I know I started really questioning things when Obama was selected for POTUS. Then, when Hillary was put forward, I knew she was bad business. I didn’t know enough about Trump to make a solid judgment call, so I waited. However, I started getting really educated when the Q movement started in October 2017. And then, Covid… and here we are today… I know I have endured a sea of change. I can’t imagine what people are thinking and feeling who are now just waking up.

Part of the reason people are so slow in waking up is they have been intentionally dumbed down to moronic levels through education (indoctrination) and various degrees of poisoning (water, air, soil, food) and non-stop propaganda and social conditioning spewed forth through media. Add to that, the economic stresses being piled on by the globalist agenda which is constantly being pitched through media sources. It’s probably going to take a few generations to fully recover from the trauma, even with the use of advanced technologies like med beds. Still, we are a resilient race and will survive despite everything that has been thrown at us as a collective.

And we’re not alone…

A link to the remainder of Ben’s report will be provided later in the week. Until then, keep a sharp eye out for any suspicious activity. Y’all in Texas and Louisiana… there’s a hurricane that may make it up your way… a Miss Beryl.
Eliza Ayres

Notes to Readers:
I’ll let you read the remainder of the report without my input. Happy 4th, Americans! Freedom is coming, but it must emanate first from within your own being.
Much love,

P.S. I just started scanning the remainder of the report for myself and noted this sentence right off:

With today, July 1st, being Canada Day or Canada’s Independence Day and with US Independence Day on July 4th, the white hat alliance proposes making MacGregor interim leader of the new nation of the United States of North America.

Oh, my… retired Col. MacGregor would make an outstanding interim leader for the transitional period dictated by NESARA — new elections have to be held within 120 days of the lockdown and announcements of military martial law. He has ever been the voice of reason, calm, and clarity during the events surrounding the U.S. participation in the useless war in Ukraine and the ongoing genocidal events in Israel. He has solid military experience and can make the appropriate decisions relating to the ongoing military operations that will culminate in Nuremberg-style arrests and military tribunals after the 500K +/- sealed indictments are opened and acted upon by White Hat military police and Marines.

I would totally support Col. MacGregor being the military leader of the United States during this upcoming period. I was thinking this the other day as I listened to another one of his calm, reflective, and deadly accurate summations of the foolish moves being made by an increasingly desperate Deep State. I wonder if the movie script always intended this to happen?

Notes to Readers:
Hmmm, an interesting report this week. The remainder of this report will be posted on Thursday. Please note, I placed emphasis on some names and sentences to draw attention to what I thought was important. You make up your mind… Just remember there is a lot of acting going on right now. Not all as it seems. The military operation is being played out in full sight of the public through these fake elections. For the Brits and French, it’s going to get really weird and “hot”. Be careful out there!
Have a great week, everyone.
Eliza Ayres

Benjamin Fulford Update June 28th, 2024
    Khazarian Mafia are literally fighting for their lives
    Princess Anne was attacked on June 23rd, part of a plot using a fake Charles in an attempt to seize power over the Royal Family
    Queen Elizabeth wanted Princess Anne to be Regent for George, son of Prince William
    The attack on her was done by foreign German interests
    The former head of MI6 is being hunted down
    Princess Anne is under the protection of the Dragon Family, stay away from the Royals
    The Japanese Emperor is now in Great Britain, possibly guilty of killing 50K Japanese with vaccinations
    Keir Starmer, a candidate for British Prime Minister, he is being blackmailed over the murder of a child; he would reverse Brexit and hand Britain over to the German Nazi faction.
    Underground shelters in Germany, whistleblower, the plan is to kill 15 million Germans (elderly, disabled, etc.). This plan was delayed and now reactivated…
    Obama is behind the fake Biden administration. They are trying to use foreigners against Americans and take over the U.S.
    So-called Julian Assange released and sent to Australia.
    Julian never appeared in court. The White Hats are putting out a cover story…

Benjamin Fulford — July 1st, 2024: Biden Trump debate psy-op causes Kool Aid drinkers’ heads to explode
In a military-grade psychological warfare operation equivalent to a nuclear bomb, the so-called debate between US President Donald Trump and fake President Joe Biden destroyed the entire Democratic Party paradigm. This caused brainwashed Kool-Aid drinkers believing Joe Biden was actually president to freak out big time. Since this is all over the blogosphere we will not delve too deeply into their reaction. Instead, we have inserted a bunch of clips of Khazarian Mafia talking heads exploding on air. My personal favorite is an obviously drunk Nancy Pelosi appearing on TV to cling to the illusion Biden will somehow stay as president.

We also noticed the New York Times put out a panicked editorial saying basically “We have got to get someone other than Biden to front for us or else Trump is going to have us all killed.”

The debate psy-ops shows the avatar playing the role of “Biden” was likely coopted by the white hats to deliberately show the world he was mentally incompetent and unfit for office.

Here is a typical example of the sort of reaction this debate has provoked:

Now that “Joe Biden” has been revealed as a hoax president, whole legions of public officials appear liable to criminal charges of the most serious degree: sedition, treason, mass murder, fraud, malfeasance, and in the case of the president himself, influence peddling and bribery. They must be desperate to avoid accounting for all that, losing their accrued fortunes to legal fees and going to prison (or worse). For example, outed just this week: news that then-CIA Director in 2020, Gina Haspel, knew about and participated in the infamous operation using 51 former Intel officers to cover up the veracity of Hunter Biden’s laptop days before the election. They knew the laptop was real. Their colleagues over at the FBI knew it was real.

The bigger story is this means a defeat for the Rockefeller/Obama/Hitler bloodline of the KM. That is because anybody who is aware knows “Biden” was a front for Barack “Thunder of Satan” Obama Hitler.

What they do not realize is just how horrific the plans of this Nazi faction of the KM really were. A German whistleblower, Dr, Aysteha Enukuha Dominykas- an engineer involved in building underground bases throughout Germany- reveals part of the story. She says former Chancellor Angela Merkel Hitler had underground bunkers built in each major German city. A bunker she worked on was set up to house 200,000 soldiers and 16,000 support staff including Wahhabi Muslim preachers and sex workers. The facilities were equipped with Mosques but not Churches, she notes.

This is why the KM paid millions of military-aged Muslim males to enter Germany during and after Merkel’s rule. The plan was to use them to “eliminate at least 15 million Germans, predominantly old and economically weak, without mercy,” she says.

It was probably for her role in implementing this plan that Barack Hitler gave his cousin Angela Hitler the Presidential Medal of Freedom; the highest United States medal that can be awarded to non-American civilians.

It is a safe bet that at least 7.4 [million] military-aged foreign illegal immigrants brought in by the Obama/Biden regime were going to implement a similar mass murder and enslavement operation in the United States.

Although this plan was scheduled to start in 2016, it was delayed by the election of Donald Trump and only restarted with the Obiden regime in 2021.

To understand why the people behind the Obiden administration fear execution with the return of Trump, take a look at the expressions of the Obamas and Clintons at the 2018 funeral of George Bush Sr. They had just been given copies of the confession Bush signed before he was executed and given notice to expect the same.

This is what prompted the massive KM counter-attack that resulted in the Obiden administration, the attempted democide by vaccine and the rush to hire foreign illegal immigrant bodyguards.

In any case, the implosion of Biden at the debate led to a flurry of back-channel negotiations. The KM offered the white hats a proposal to install Gavin Newsom as an alternative to Biden. However, as far as they can tell, Newsom is an AI avatar used by the Silicon Valley branch of the KM and is not seen as acceptable. US public opinion polls also confirm he is a non-starter.

Attempts to offer Michelle “Big Mike” Obama, a “Hillary Clinton” avatar looking 30 years younger, Kamala Harris, etc. as substitutes for Biden were also all nixed. The bottom line was the KM said they would accept anyone but Trump.

In the end they agreed to accept Colonel Douglas MacGregor as interim head of State. MacGregor himself, in the brilliant speech below, calls for new elections to be held immediately. In it, he notes:

destructive executive orders and policy directives, many of which were likely signed when President Biden was in a rapidly diminished state of mind, inflicted tremendous damage on our nation…It is time to ask, who truly governs this country? Is it we, the people, as our founders intended, or have we surrendered control to unelected bureaucrats, sprawling federal agencies, and affluent donors who do not have the best interests of ordinary Americans at heart?

To secure the blessings of liberty for this generation and those to come, we must reclaim the rightful sovereignty of the American people over a dysfunctional and unresponsive political establishment.

With today, July 1st, being Canada Day or Canada’s Independence Day and with US Independence Day on July 4th, the white hat alliance proposes making MacGregor interim leader of the new nation of the United States of North America.

We note the “Q” site is saying a military lockdown is coming on July 4th so maybe this year finally, there will be a real independence day to celebrate for the first time since 1871. A military lockdown is going to be necessary if the swamp is to be drained and a new Republic to be started.

Take the example of Chicago to understand why the military is needed. In Chicago in 2023, police were unable to respond to more than half of calls made to 911 of a person being shot.

In related news, the number of homeless Chicagoans tripled between January 2023 and January 2024 due to the huge influx of illegal immigrants.

In other words, only the military can deal with the large numbers of armed foreigners imported by the Obiden regime in an attempt to stay in power.

The “Q” people, of course, say Donald Trump is already Commander in Chief and President because he won the 2020 election. They say they would accept MacGregor as Field Marshall in charge of the US military.

What is clear though is that no matter who takes power, a major Satanic infestation needs to be cleaned up. This is where the sudden “release” of whistleblower Julian Assange may play a role.

We know the original Assange used to appear on the balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where he was taking shelter. Then he stopped appearing after the actress Pamela Anderson visited him in 2018 with a “birthday cake.” Later a story was concocted that he was grabbed and put in a UK jail. However, we sent people to visit the actual courts in the UK where Assange was supposed to be facing trial and he never appeared.

Some white hat sources connected to “Q” are saying the person killed in 2018 was a body double and the very different-looking Assange now appearing in the media is the real deal.

As a part of this new show Assange’s supposed wife Stella spoke to the BBC in her Barbie pink sweater.

“Have you ever seen a real human blink that much while talking?” a Canadian intelligence source comments.

Regardless, the important thing is to see if they start using the new Assange to release information to the general public about the KM. In particular, we need to see if he is used to disclose information about the industrial-scale murder and torture of children by the KM elite.

Here as a reminder, is an email from John Podesta Rockefeller saying he plans to heat the pool because “Bonnie will be an Uber service to transport Ruby, Emerson and Maeve Luzzato (11, 9 and almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment.”

Then there is the frazzledrip video of Hillary Clinton Rockefeller Hitler torturing a young girl to death by ripping the skin off her face etc. This sort of practice is widespread among the KM.

Next, take a look at the expression of Winfrey Oprah in this recently re-released old video of someone discussing adrenochrome on her show.

In another example, according to a Pentagon source, the McDonald’s Logo is from the book of Black Magic and the letter ‘M’ in the Logo is a ‘Sigil’ (which is used as a Symbol in Black Magic).

“The McDonald’s Founder Raymond Albert Kroc was a 33° Freemason. That’s how he got the money to start his business. Kroc was also a High Priest in the Church Of Satan. McDonald’s has always had a close partnership because of the Masonic Brotherhood. Masons are closely connected to all charities involving children. The Golden Arch (in the Logo) itself is Masonic. It also represents the arch of Baal (a Satanic God whom the Cult worships).”

Then of course there is Disney. The Jeffrey Epstein & Disney connection just got more exposed. Here is a picture of a little girl being clutched at Disney next to Epstein who then shows up with Epstein again outside of Disney. Disney staged regular snorkeling trips to Epstein Island and Disney Cruise Ships stopped at Epstein Island

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. Since 8 million children disappear worldwide every year, this is a huge problem involving an estimated one million Satanic practitioners.

So, the real reason for the widespread panic among the Obiden supporters is they fear mass execution for these crimes under Trump. That is why they are desperately seeking an alternative like MacGregor who might offer them truth and reconciliation instead of death.

In any case, as Russian President Vladimir Putin notes, the current US Corporate government owes the rest of the world more than $54 trillion. The St. Louis Fed and others also note they owe more than $200 trillion to their own citizens. What it means is the US cannot continue in its current form and must declare bankruptcy and be replaced.

In a sign of bankruptcy preparations, “Elon Musk’s SpaceX will build a vehicle to tow the International Space Station back through the atmosphere and crash it into the ocean.” What this really means is NASA (Not A Space Agency) is shutting down its fake space travel movie studio and transitioning to “commercially owned space destinations closer to home.” That is because they know they can no longer use debt to finance their fake space program.

Speaking of debt please take notice of the picture below it says USA Treasury not U.S. Treasury. That shows what is bankrupt is not the U.S. Republic but the USA corporation.

Needless to say, it is not just the US Corporate government that needs to be replaced.

There is also a huge fight underway in the UK. Here the British faction led by Reform Party leader Nigel Farage is fighting against a KM-controlled Keir Starmer. MI5 sent us copies of Starmer’s visa to visit communist-ruled Czechoslovakia in 1986 and say Slovak authorities refuse to disclose what he was doing there. MI5 says if he was not a communist agent, the files would have been released. MI6 for their part says Starmer is being blackmailed over participation in human sacrifice rituals and will take the UK back into the EU if he takes power after the July 4th election.

There was a related incident involving the UK Royal Family. Princess Anne was beaten and sent to the hospital with serious concussions on June 23rd. Princess Anne is known to be associated with the white hat alliance, MI6 sources say. Princess Anne was designated by Queen Elizabeth to act as regent for Prince George, the eldest son of Crown Prince William, according to royal family sources. This was because King Charles is known to be compromised and blackmailed by the Nazi faction of the KM, the sources say. Crown Prince William is also disqualified for participating in the Satanic sacrifice of his wife Kate Middleton, the sources say.

The attack also came as the Japanese Emperor visited the UK to meet with either King Charles or the avatar who was playing his role. Our own Japanese sources close to the Emperor would not talk much about what happened other than to say Naruhito would be inducted into the Order of the Garter established by Queen Elizabeth I.

The Emperor Naruhito himself is also under siege. He bears ultimate responsibility for the murder of 500,000 Japanese by vaccine. Japanese Neuroscientist Dr. Hiroto Komano says that in addition to this, a study of 550,000 people in Japan reveals the vaccines caused Alzheimer’s disease to increase by 20%.

Asian Secret Society sources say so many people were involved in the vaccine crimes that there will be a total collapse of the social order unless the clean-up is done in stages. That is what is underway now, they say.

Needless to say, the vaccine murderers have not given up on trying to kill us all before we arrest them.

The Russian military says an Obiden-owned company by the name of Metabiota has relocated its bioweapons operations to various African countries after they were shut down in Ukraine. The Russians say these laboratories are preparing a new pandemic in time for the 2024 US elections.

For an example, as Republic of the Congo leader Denis Sassou-Nguesso met Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss his country joining the BRICS alliance.

This news came out: the “most dangerous strain yet” of monkeypox virus is spreading quickly along the eastern border of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the WHO says.

It shows the current leadership of the West spreads disease and threats of disease to try to stay in control.

There is a lot of money at stake. As the First Lady of Sierra Leone notes as things stand her country gets paid $10,000 for every $100 million worth of minerals taken from her country. That is 0.0001%. This is why more and more African countries are kicking out Western oligarchs.

Overall it has been estimated Africa is looted to the tune of $500 billion a year by KM oligarchs.

The KM are also still trying to kill Western populations in a desperate bid to stay in power. They are now planning to use our food supply to vaccinate us. “The next big product being developed is edible vaccines. These are food products like tomatoes and other things, which can have the effect of a vaccination when you eat them. And now a group of Chinese scientists has found that they can relay mRNA vaccines using cow’s milk,” says Joshua Philipp.

The vaccines may be related to a recent epidemic of fake food in the US. Take a look at the examples in the disturbing video below. We recommend you shop at local farmers’ markets if you can.

These criminals are also still trying to push the previous types of vaccines. The paid-off puppets at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on June 27 recommended forthcoming COVID-19 vaccines for virtually all Americans.

This comes as “Five states — Texas, Utah, Kansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana — suing Pfizer for knowing and concealing the vaccine causing myocarditis, pericarditis, failed pregnancies and deaths. That’s 10% of US states…The tide is turning,” US Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy notes.

In another sign the tide is turning, the Ashkenazi Jewish Zionist Sackler family has been stripped by the Supreme Court of immunity related to all the opioid deaths their products have caused. This is a sign they will also strip Pfizer, etc. of their supposed immunity from vaccine lawsuits.

In Canada, the Ontario Court of Justice ruled a PCR test is an instrument that is inserted into the body and therefore contravenes section 14 of the Quarantine Act.

It is only a matter of time before they figure out, like the Chinese already have, the tests themselves are fraudulent.

As this sort of truth comes out New Brunswick MP Wayne Long has joined the chorus openly calling for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to resign,

Canada is also being forced to release people who were unlawfully detained for protesting the fake pandemic and associated martial law. This is happening in the US as well. The Supreme Court ruled on June 28 in effect that hundreds of Jan. 6 defendants would have to be released after being bogusly charged under an accounting law.

There is also an ongoing revolt against the KM in Poland. There, according to Polish intelligence “miners have joined farmers, they are fed up with the idiocracy created by the government regarding burning coal for power plants generating electricity and the Green Deal, as well as importing coal from Russia and blocking Polish mining.”

In a positive sign for Europe, Hungary began its six-month presidency of the European Council. Hungarian President Victor Orban’s motto is “Let’s make Europe great again!,” He wants a prompt end to the conflict in the Ukraine and an end to uncontrolled immigration.

Also, French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz have now both publicly declared NATO will not take part in the Ukraine war.

Russian FSB sources say NATO has secretly agreed to join a new security architecture in Eurasia proposed by Russia. This will force external players to curtail their military presence on the continent, Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova says.

North Korea has already joined and says it will send troops to Ukraine to fight alongside Russia.

The North Korean News Agency reports “The U.S. strategy for world domination to encircle and contain independent and sovereign states and secure its military hegemony has already crossed the red-line and is bringing about a very negative change in the world security environment and geopolitical mechanical structure.”

India has also joined this Russian military alliance.

With the Obiden regime now collapsing and Europe joining with Russia, the last domino appears to be Israel. However, it looks certain that Israeli Crime Minister Benyamin Satanyahu’s days are numbered. Sarah Netanyahu accuses Israel’s army chiefs of seeking to carry out a coup against her husband.

Also, in what may be the final straw to put an end to Benjamin Satanyahu and his cronies “Israel’s Supreme Court rules that the military must draft ultra-Orthodox men in a decision that could lead to the collapse of Netanyahu’s governing coalition.”

In a desperate last-minute gambit to stay in power, Satanyahu is desperately trying to start a war with Lebanon. As a result, the following countries have begun evacuating their civilians from Lebanon:
1) Canada ??

2) Kuwait ??

3) Germany ??

4) Netherlands ??

5) Saudi Arabia ??

6) North Macedonia ??

7) Russia ??

8) USA ??

9) Ireland ??

10) Jordan ??

11) Australia ??

In addition to still trying to start war, the KM is also trying to start cyberwar. That is why the World Economic Forum warns “Cyber Attacks Against Car Dealers and the Federal Reserve Put U.S. Economy at the Brink of Failure.”

It is not just the US Economy that is on the brink of failure. China’s home sales have plunged over 30% in the past five months despite government rescue efforts. Since real estate loans account for approximately 40 percent of total Chinese bank credit over the long term “It will severely impact the entire real estate industry and its 56 related industries.”

What this means is that, while China’s problems are not nearly as huge as those facing the US Corporation, it also needs a financial reboot. Our sources say this is coming.

In Mexico meanwhile, it looks like the KM may be winning there. It turns out President-Elect Claudia Steinbaum is a likely KM agent. Remember this cover story about the year ahead in the Rothschild and Agnelli family-owned Economist Magazine. On the top left you see a profile of a woman. Compare that to this profile picture of Steinbaum. A coincidence?

Our Mexican sources say Mexico was threatened with earthquake and weather weapons and over 30 politicians were killed before they accepted her as president.

Some sources say she was installed by the white hats to clean up the narco and human trafficking there so we will need to see what she actually does after taking office on October 1st.

Finally, in a sign the rabbit hole runs deep, take a look at this commemorative coin issued in 1932, it has a Star of David, a Swastika and an all-seeing eye all in one.

Hopefully, the truth behind all of this will soon set us free. Certainly, the news shows the white hats are close to winning. However, it is not over until it is over so we must keep fighting until humanity is finally freed from millennia of Satanic slavery.

Beyond Blue Beam
By Windlander
July 3, 2024

Hello readers, welcome back to another episode of Beyond Blue Beam. Today we journey into the realms of mystery and intrigue again. Is it fiction or is it reality? “Red is grey and yellow white but we decide which is right and which is an illusion” (The Moody Blues) You decide! Share your thoughts in the comments. Also please feel free to add whatever other information you have to add to the article in the comments. Meanwhile, relax and enjoy the read.

Get ready for a fascinating journey through time and space in today’s new episode! We’ll delve into the mud and flood reset of Tartaria. And the possible mysterious orphans of Tartaria. Explore the intriguing world of free energy devices, and even check out a beer-powered motorcycle. Buckle up for a wild ride through some of the most captivating and unconventional topics around!


What really happened to our past and why was the history of Tartaria erased??

Could these be orphans of Tartaria? behold and witness “THE LOST CHILDREN OF TARTARIA”


According to ancient legend, the Shwedagon Pagoda is 2,500 years old, dating back to the lifetime of the Buddha, making it the oldest historical pagoda in the world. This sacred site enshrines strands of Buddha’s hair and other holy relics.

The legend begins with two merchant brothers, Tapussa and Ballika, who met the Buddha. He gave them eight of his hairs to take back to Burma, a land ruled by King Okkalapa. The king enshrined the hairs in a golden temple, along with relics of three former Buddhas. This temple was then enclosed in structures made of silver, tin, copper, lead, marble, and finally plain iron-brick.

A grand festivity was held to celebrate this momentous event. Lord Sakka and four spirits descended from the heavens to choose a worthy place to store Buddha’s hairs. They helped discover three forgotten sacred places, leading to the decision to keep all sacred objects together with proper honors.

The Shwedagon Pagoda is unique in being the only temple in the world that holds four Buddhist relics of such high value. Additionally, it is one of the few structures created during the lifetime of the Buddha.

Located in the heart of Yangon, the capital city of Myanmar (Burma), this glittering Buddhist monument consists of hundreds of colorful temples, stupas, and statues. These structures reflect an architectural era spanning almost 2,500 years.

The Shwedagon Pagoda not only stands as a testament to Myanmar’s rich cultural and religious heritage but also serves as a symbol of the enduring legacy of the Buddha’s teachings. Its magnificent architecture and profound spiritual significance continue to draw pilgrims and tourists from all corners of the world, making it a timeless marvel and a beacon of Buddhist faith.

An ingenious invention for the beer enthusiasts.

A motorcycle powered by beer!

An American has assembled a motorcycle running on beer!

Instead of a gasoline engine, there is a 53—liter barrel with a coil. The miracle device develops a speed of up to 240 km/h. Inventor Kai Michaelson is known for his unusual engineering solutions.

Earlier, he assembled a toilet with a rocket engine and a coffee pot with a jet engine. After the test drive, the gadgets are sent to his home museum.


The Silpho Moor saucer controversy is one of the UK’s most intriguing mysteries. Discovered in 1957 on Silpho Moor near Scarborough, the small metal disc, dubbed “Britain’s Roswell,” contained strange hieroglyphs that some believed were messages from extraterrestrials. Despite numerous examinations, its origin remains unknown, sparking endless debate. This is just one of many unexplained phenomena, including mysterious crop circles, strange lights in the sky, and encounters with otherworldly beings, all fueling our curiosity and quest for understanding the unknown.


A very nice description with details of various free energy devices that can be reproduced without too much difficulty for the free energy enthusiast

Manual of free energy devices and systems vol. 2


The Mysterious Death of Stanley Meyer and His Water-Powered Car.

Stan Meyer’s Car With a Water-Powered Engine.

Meyer’s invention promised a revolution in the automotive industry. It worked through an electric water fuel cell, which divided any kind of water — including salt water — into its fundamental elements of hydrogen and oxygen, by utilizing a process far simpler than the electrolysis method.

Despite skepticism about the legitimacy of a car that runs on water, Meyer was able to patent his invention under Section 101 of the Subject Matter Eligibility Index, meaning he proved to a patent review board that his invention worked reliably.

Meyer’s water-powered engine was the result of 20 years of research and dedication, and he claimed it was capable of converting tap water into enough hydrogen fuel to drive his car from one end of the country to the other. His invention was mind-boggling and promised a future of non-polluting vehicles that could be refueled with a garden hose.

Here is the schematic diagram for his car


This video was filmed inside the Arctic Circle, just between the Canada-Alaska-Russia border.

This phenomenon can only be observed once a year, for 36 seconds.  The moon appears and disappears.

Immediately afterward, there is a 5-second total solar eclipse.

This phenomenon only occurs at perigee – the point where the moon is closest to the earth.

Yours, Richard Wilson.


In this captivating video presentation, we explore what appears to be the last of the Giant Tibetan monks, a fascinating remnant from a time long past. These towering figures, shrouded in mystery and legend, are believed to have lived in the remote regions of Tibet, practicing ancient spiritual traditions and preserving esoteric knowledge. The footage offers a rare glimpse into their lives, showcasing their imposing stature

UFO Videos
1. Large sun-like UFOs spotted in Canada.
As reported in the New York Post on June 28, 2024

2. What looks to be a mother ship over Arizona, USA June, 2024

3. UFO over Montreal, Canada June, 2024

4. A light Orb over Las Vegas, USA 31.05.2024

5. A strange shaped UAP over Texas , USA 16.06.2024

End of Transmission>>>>>>>>>>

Benjamin Fulford Friday Q&A Video July 5th 2024
Transcribed by Whisper

Benjamin Fulford Update July 5th, 2024
    Beneath the surface BIG things are happening!
    The debate was a sign of regime change; there has been a removal of Rockefeller cabalists
    The battle isn’t over — the cabalists are begging China for $$ to support Kamala
    The UK election was blatantly stolen by the globalists
    UK establishment is filled with blackmailed individuals due to pedophilia —
    Negotiations are ongoing between factions
    The wheels of Justice grind slowly but they grinding the criminals to dust
    Netanyahu and his fanatics are isolated
    Changes in Japan…
    There will be peaceful reunification in Korea
    LaPen won in France
    The Jews were told to leave France — the Rothschilds are out of power
    There will probably not be an election in November
    Trump is going to set up a special committee to investigate BIG Pharma.
    Shanghai Corp. organization meeting
    New security arrangement for Asia, with Russia. China cannot bully their neighbors
    The Anglos will take care of the oceans and the land masses outside Eurasia
    More changes coming in the Autumn
    If we want to deal with China, we have to face some realities…
    China produces 12X more steel, 26X more concrete, 26M cars per year, etc. Way bigger than the U.S. economy.
    We have to have a unipolar world

Quote:This is Benjamin Fulford speaking on July 5th, 2024. It's still the 4th of July in the United States.
So, you know, despite everything, I'd like to wish the American people a happy Independence Day.
And, of course, Canada had their, you know, Independence Day on July 1st.
Now, I realize that there is a lot of angst and disappointment over the situation because clearly neither Canada nor the United States are independent at this moment.
We noticed that the Q site was saying there was going to be a big military move on July 4th.
It's not visible to the public, but beneath the surface, big things really have happened.
The Supreme Court is the hint.
Okay, they have been releasing all the J6 suspects, and now they've said that Donald Trump has immunity.
So, the attempts to put Donald Trump in jail have been stopped.
And he is definitely commander-in-chief of the U.S. Armed Forces.
He controls the nuclear football or whatever they call it, and not the people behind Biden.
Now, the engineered disaster by the actor pretending to be Joe Biden at the Trump-Biden debate was a sign of regime change.
And there has been a wholesale removal of Rockefeller-controlled interests behind the scenes.
This includes Barack Obama, Hitler, and John Podesta, David Rockefeller Jr.
The whole clan is being removed from power, but the battle is not over yet.
Obviously, we still need to see more.

They're pushing for Kamala Harris, and they're asking the Chinese, "Please support us. Give us money so we can have...
We'll give you an Indian woman who will obey China if you just give us the money to keep the U.S. corporation going."
I strongly urge the Chinese not to fall for it again, because she's just a house slave like Barack Obama was, and is not representing real change.
Now, the other thing, of course, we notice is the huge so-called election victory by Keir Starmer of the Labour Party in the U.K.
MI6 called me up this morning to say that the election was blatantly stolen, and they are very upset about it.
Nigel Farage, though, did get in, and my understanding is that what's happened is that there's so many people being blackmailed by pedophilia,
especially in the U.K. establishment, starting with the so-called King Charles and then going on down from there,
that they basically circle the wagons and are saying, "Look, we will obey you, but you have to give us truth and reconciliation.
We don't want to be taken to war crimes tribunals."
So that's the negotiation going on behind the scenes.
And again, of course, in Canada we have this incredibly unpopular Prime Minister Justin Castrudeau still clinging there in power.
He's clinging because him and the people around him know that the alternative is to go to jail,
but I guarantee you that it's just a matter of time before he's gone.
So hang in there, folks. The various vaccine lawsuits, the scientific studies coming in from all over the world claiming this was a mass murder event
is leading to legal action on many fronts.
Remember, the wheels of justice grind slowly, but they grind to dust, and they are grinding towards these people.
Klaus Schwab is gone. A lot of the other ones are gone.
In Israel, too, now, the fact is that a committee of 30 generals has basically taken over control of that country.
Benyamin Netanyahu and his messianic fanatics are now isolated.
They don't have control of the military, so that's an endgame there.
The Iranians are just about to put in a moderate person in power, so that's a big change.

There's also change happening in Japan.
I had a meeting this week with a North Korean representative, and they tell me that although they are now militarily able to take over South Korea,
they're going to wait for regime change in the West because then they know there will be peaceful reunification.
At the same time, we're hearing that there will be a new prime minister in September in Japan.
So there's basically regime change in the UK, in Japan.
In France, of course, we saw the big victory by the Marine Le Pen and the right-wing forces there.
We noticed that the rabbi, top rabbi there, is saying the Jews need to evacuate from France, which I think is a clear sign the Rothschilds have lost control of France.
So there's regime change coming to France as well.
In the US, there is already a de facto Trump government.
The corporate show with Kamala Harris and all that kind of stuff, it's not going anywhere.
I seriously doubt there will be a November election, and if there is, it will be predetermined for Donald Trump with JFK Jr. being given a majority.
He's going to be given a job to clean up the vaccine crimes.
Donald Trump did make a speech saying that.
He said that he's going to set up a special committee to study autism and all the other strange things that have been happening in recent decades and investigate big pharma.
I'm pretty sure that what they're going to do is offer that job to JFK Jr.
We'll see, but that is happening.
And the situation is also changing worldwide.
The Shanghai Cooperation Organization had their big meeting last week, and they basically control most of the world.
The big things that happened there was that the Russians had basically reached a deal with the Anglo-Saxon military industrial complex.
The Russians are offering a new security arrangement for Eurasia.
They'll be in charge of the landmass there.
And already, India and North Korea have joined a military alliance with Russia.
This means that China cannot bully its neighbors, and they will have to join too.
And we know that de facto the Germans are also joining this alliance, and so will NATO.
And the Anglos will take care of the oceans and the worldwide commerce outside of the Eurasian landmass.
So there's been a division of powers there.
So that agreement is already being reached.
We expect more changes in the fall.

Now, another thing that's come to my attention, and I think people need to understand this,
because if we want to deal with China, we have to recognize some realities.
The fact is that they still pretend in the English press that the U.S. is the biggest economy in the world,
and the CIA and stuff say, "Okay, on a purchasing power parity basis,"
in other words, the real value of the economy, they're 25% bigger than the U.S.
Well, here's some statistics for you.
They produce 12 times more steel and 26 times more concrete.
They sell -- let me look at my numbers -- 26 million cars a year versus 15 million for the U.S.
And they sell 444 million smartphones a year compared to 144 million in the U.S.
So they're way bigger.
They're like already three or four times bigger than the U.S. economy.
Now, I have been talking to representatives of the Chinese, and they are on board with a multipolar world,
but we need to unite with the Russians, the Indians, and everybody else to make sure that it's not --
we don't replace a U.S. hegemony with a Chinese hegemony.
It has to be multipolar.
And that means that the idiots still trying to fight Russia need to wake up and realize that Russia is our best hope
to prevent China from becoming the absolute dominant force in the world.
And the Chinese know this.
They don't want to conquer the world.
All right, the hardliners do, but most of them are happy with a multipolar arrangement, and they want world peace.
The other thing that came out of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit that got my interest is that the Taliban was there,
and they agreed to help fight terrorism.
So did the rest of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.
And, you know, Turkey was there.
Pakistan was there.
Iran was there.
All of them, you know.
And they all basically agree that international terrorism is funded by the Khazarian Mafia, financed through Switzerland,
and the Khazarian Mafia faction in the U.S., and they basically said -- the whole world said,
"We're sick and tired of your false flag attacks and your terrorism, and it has to stop."
So that has been done.
So, again, as summer continues, the United States as it currently exists is going to continue to collapse,
and the 30 million illegal immigrants are causing a crime wave of unprecedented proportions.
As I noticed in my weekly report, if you're shot in Chicago more than 50% of the time and you call 911,
there will be no police available to respond.
That's how bad it is.

Okay, that's a situation that requires mobilization of the National Guard,
and I'm disturbed to see that that has not yet happened, but it is necessary.
The United States is facing a military emergency, and we expect some kind of mobilization.
But my understanding, if you look at the facts on the ground, is that they're waiting for things to get worse before they move in,
but clearly we need more action on that front.
Finally, as far as the new financial system is concerned, again, all I'm hearing is that something will be announced in the autumn.
I noticed that the pope, or whoever is pretending to be Pope Francis, has called for a worldwide debt relief.
So that's a sign that the Vatican Bank is on board, and we know that the Rothschilds in the UK are on board.
So we'll bring this up with the Chinese, because they're basically the people most everybody owes money to, apart from the Japanese.
But I think we can reach a deal with them for some kind of reboot in the autumn.
In the meantime, expect gradual regime change over the summer, and continued economic turmoil in the West.
But hopefully this will be the last bad summer.
Again, I wish we saw more moves towards open independence, but the good guys are winning, hanging there, folks.
They're definitely going in the good direction, and the systematic regime change is evidence of this.
Okay, well, that's what I have to say for myself this week. Now I'd like to answer questions from readers and viewers.

Hi, Ben. We have our first question for today.
We are seeing internment camps being set up all over the United States and military buildup at the southern border.
Any insights as to what may be happening or planned?
My understanding is there are two factions still duking it out.
One faction, the White Hats, wants to use these internment camps to put in all the military-age illegal male immigrants before processing them for return to their own countries.
And other groups are saying, no, this is to put in US patriots and Christians.
My guess is that the patriots and Christians are going to win this hands down, and the only people who are going to go into those internment camps are the illegal military-age male immigrants.
But, you know, hang on to your guns, folks, and get ready for a fight if you have to.
Whatever you do, if men in black come to your house and ask you to go somewhere, don't. Fight them.

Next question.
Hi, Ben. I have a question. Read the avatars of the KM.
We hear that the likes of Obama, Clinton, etc. have been removed from this planet or in Guantanamo.
Then the next minute they are on world stage.
Are they just mask-wearing avatars, etc., of Obama, or have they not been removed yet like Soros?
You know, I've been getting a lot of headaches about all this avatar business.
But my conclusion is that even if the original Hillary Clinton, etc., are long gone, it doesn't matter.
As long as there are forces able to put them on all our screens, acting as if they are still there and still in control, then it's not over.
We need to have a situation like we had with George Bush Sr., where there is a funeral and the whole world is told they're dead and they stop appearing anywhere all the time.
And until that happens, I don't care if they're avatars or not, there are still people in power using them as fronts for not very nice purposes.
So we want to see a complete end to all avatars of the known criminals like Hillary Clinton, Hitler, Barack Obama, etc.

Next question.
Hi Ben, you said Netanyahu was behind the current war, he turned a blind eye and let it happen, but that still means that the Palestinian Hamas are guilty of the horrendous crimes, including dragging hostages into the Gaza streets whilst civilians cheered, or is that all fake news?
In my world view, Netanyahu and Hamas are on the exact same team.
They have people whose job is to act like evil terrorists in order to justify killing civilians to supposedly fight terrorism.
The International Criminal Court has filed criminal charges against both Netanyahu and his cabinet and Hamas.
They're all part of the same team and the whole thing, as far as I'm concerned, was staged to justify an attempt to kick the Palestinians out of the Gaza Strip so they could build a new canal there and also exploit the gas resources there.
But it's blown up in their faces and I think it's leading to the end of Israel as we know it and its imminent replacement by a more benevolent, less anti-social country, hopefully to be called Judea.

Next question.
Hi Ben, who fathered the baby conceived allegedly when Assange was in captivity at the embassy?
I don't have information on that. I'll make some inquiries, but I just don't know.

Next question, please.
Hi Ben, we have our last question for today. What will happen to the fake British monarchy that are actually German blue bloods when it all comes crashing down?
Well, that's a good question that the British people are going to have to answer.
Queen Elizabeth, before she was killed, said that she wanted Princess Anne to act as regent, in other words, de facto queen, for Crown Prince William's son George.
Other groups would like to have that whole Battenberg family removed and maybe have the first King Harold since 1066.
At the end of the day, it's going to be up to the British people to decide, but I have heard there is a monarch from an ancient bloodline going back more than 2000 years who is in de facto control, but again, the control is not so great that this person can come out in public at this point.
But the British people have to decide. That's their call.
Okay, well that's what I have to say for myself this week, and we'll keep the fight going, but my prognosis is there's going to be continued collapse of the current order in the West before something new can be rebuilt, hopefully as early as this fall.
So, you might want to tune out of the news for a while and enjoy the summer and hope for better news in the fall.
Okay, well I hope to see you next week. Thanks for tuning in.

Benjamin Fulford — July 8th, 2024: Stealing elections and installing a fake king does not change reality
The Khazarian Mafia’s “rules-based world order” is staging a desperate offensive to stay in power and avoid war crimes tribunals. To this end they blatantly stole the UK election and installed blackmailed pedophile Keir Starmer as Prime Minister, MI6 sources say. The next phase will be to try to install either Michelle “Big Mike” Obama or Kamala Harris as President in the US, they say.

Here you can read how Barack “Thunder of Satan” Obama mentored the new UK prime minister to help him tell his story

It looks like the memo the media parrots got was:

– throw Biden under the bus

– start preparing the public for Big swinging like a bull Mike

The plan by the KM Zionists is that Obama from his basement will then be able to control both the US and the UK.

As we shall see below, this plan is doomed to fail.

For now though, the KM are on the offensive. In the UK, even official election results show the election was stolen. Starmers’ Labour Party got 412 out of the 650 seats in the UK Parliament with only 33% of the vote. In another sign the election was stolen, Nigel Farage’s Reform party got only 4 seats despite getting 14.3% of the vote while the Liberal Democrats got 71 seats with only 12.3% of the votes. The corporate media is trying to say this was because of the “first past the post” electoral system in the UK, but MI6 confirms the election was stolen outright.

In a sign the KM are playing hardball, our colleague Michael Shrimpton -who provided us with the Starmer KGB file we published last week- has gone missing and it is feared he has been killed. This was to prevent him from writing in detail about how the election was stolen, MI6 says.

In his first speech since becoming the Prime Minister, Starmer fully pledges his allegiance to Ukraine and Zelensky.

Now Starmer is “following the fake Biden show -aka Obama from the basement- by releasing 40,000 criminals on the street to create more crimes and justify martial law down the road.

The KM need martial law to keep Nigel Farage and his party from power. That is because Farage’s party is the only one to officially call for an investigation into vaccine deaths among other things,

It is also clear most of the British Royal family was killed in order to install a fake King Charles to anoint Starmer.

In France as well, the election on July 7th was stolen to keep Emanuelle Macron Rothschild in power and install a pro-EU, NATO and Ukraine government, French intelligence sources say.

These operations are being run by the Nazi faction of the KM, including most of the surviving members of the Rothschild family. They are now hiding in Holland under the protection of the Dutch Royal family, according to Pentagon sources.

They are going to stage one last and desperate attempt to start World War III or Armageddon, CIA sources say. This is what their big NATO meeting planned in Washington this week is all about, they say.

In preparation for this, Europe is now being heavily sprayed with chemtrails. These are necessary for a major holographic sky event designed to fool the public and cause panic, the sources say.

As the video below explains, this is supposed to be the grand finale for a plan signed by 160 nations in 1994 to reduce the world’s population by 90% to 800 million by 2030. This was to be accomplished using fluoride, viruses (bioweapons), toxic chemtrails and finally the UFO event. Multiple sources are saying this event is scheduled for August.

This final Hail Mary genocide attempt will fail because most of the world’s military is not going along with the plan, Pentagon sources say. However, they confirm some sort of sky event to scare everyone will take place; just without the mass murder originally planned.

In North America, the white hat military based in Mt. Cheyenne is already taking action on multiple fronts. They have the actor playing “President Joe Biden” on their side. He is deliberately saying things like “I am a black woman” and “I will beat Trump again in 2020.” to discredit the KM who is behind his fake presidency.

Trump has called Biden an “old, broken down pile of crap” and suggested Joe is about to “quit the race”, as he criticized his TV debate performance in a new video.

The election campaign in the United States is a pitiful sight, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov comments. He says “If the system of so-called American democracy produces such results or such a course of the election campaign, everyone could draw their own conclusions about how it’s all orchestrated, how it’s arranged,” he says. He does not seem to fully realize there are two factions fighting to the death behind the scenes.

In a sign US Commander In Chief Donald Trump is against the Starmer election theft, he said “Congratulations to Nigel Farage on his big WIN of a Parliament Seat Amid Reform UK Election Success…” while ignoring Starmer.

The white hats have also made a big move in Canada. This was seen in the Thursday announcement that David Vigneault, director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), is resigning from the spy agency’s top job after seven years. CSIS sources tell us he was forced to resign after he was caught “trying to cause a nuclear disaster in Alberta,” in order to declare martial law and keep Justin Castrudeau in power. This plot has been stopped said the sources, who refused to provide more detail.

However, there can be no doubt Vigneault failed in his duty to protect Canada because he allowed fraudulent elections to install actual real-life Nazis into power in Canada. Hopefully, this will all change with his removal and the Canadian military can do their job of defending Canada by going after the criminals who murdered countless Canadians with toxic vaccines.

We also got information from the Japanese royal family about what is really going on in the UK with Starmer and the fake King Charles. Sources close to Emperor Naruhito say the Japanese imperial family visited the UK in late June in order to sign documents related to “a new rainbow currency” the US government hopes to issue. Emperor Naruhito, who personally knew the original Charles, says the person he met in the UK was a fake. The real Charles died two years ago, he says. He also says that during his visit to the UK, he went to a fake Windsor Castle set to sign the documents.

This is the Amero 2.0 plan, and is backed by Obama and the Nazi faction of the KM holding out in Holland, the sources say.

The original Amero plan from 2008 called for every US dollar in the world to be replaced by two Ameros. The Chinese and other creditors to the US Corporation rejected this plan because it would have meant a 50% reduction in the value of their hard-earned dollars. This is why dollars held outside of the United States were quarantined from new dollars issued by the US Corporation since that time.

Under the new plan, the US will issue a rainbow currency of its own, separate from the overseas US dollar. The overseas US dollar, for its part is soon to be renamed the BRICS currency, Asian secret society sources say.

In any case, the new rainbow currency will fail because the US economy, -which used to account for 50% of world GDP- is in fact tiny now. Even though the Western corporate propaganda media says the US has the biggest economy in the world; this is a blatant lie.

Here are some comparisons with China to show why:

China generates twice as much electricity as the US

It produces 12.6 times more steel and 22 times more cement

It sells 26 million vehicles per year compared to 15.5 million for the US

The Chinese buy 434 million smartphones per year, three times the US amount.


The numbers showing US GDP is larger than China’s are fictional numbers inside of bank computers that are not backed by reality. You cannot eat numbers inside computers.

Asian secret society sources confirm the Obama people have tried to seduce them into supporting the new rainbow currency by promising a black woman as US president who would be subservient to China. The sources say that while they were fooled by Obama in 2008, they are not going to be fooled again and will not accept this new currency.

Another problem with the rainbow currency plan is that it will bankrupt the US military.

The military white hats for their part are proposing issuing $100 trillion worth of gold-backed dollars to help support a new multi-polar world system. Under this system, the military-industrial complex would follow the rule of law and act as enforcers for the International Criminal Court.

Big moves towards a new multi-polar system have already started this month as Russia assumed the Presidency of the UN Security Council. Russia promises “to build a fairer and more democratic world order.”

“The world is going through a rapid and irreversible change…a multipolar world is now a reality,” Russian President Vladimir Putin says.

Putin also says Russia is waiting for the power struggle to end before deciding on resuming strategic dialogue with the US. However, he says

Russia is taking seriously Donald Trump’s pledge to end the Ukraine conflict.

The power struggle is coming to a head this summer.

Be prepared, locked and loaded with an extra dry powder keg. The KM are planning to activate the 30 million illegals in America (not counting how many are in Canada).

In the latest sign the mayhem has already started, a mob of looters ransacked an Oakland gas station convenience store and caused thousands of dollars in damage as the frustrated store manager claimed police took nine hours to respond to his plea for help.

Just look at the state of the Democrat Party. As a Pentagon source writes:

Their candidate is a mumbling meat-puppet who led us into global conflict on the verge of WW3.

Their only policy ideas are killing babies, men in dresses, and open borders.

They resort to violence when they don’t get their way.

They have infiltrated the media, academia, and tech, using their power to lie, censor, omit, deceive, manipulate, and brainwash.

They have weaponized all levers of government and the private sector to go after their political opponents and citizens who oppose their rule.

They actively interfere in elections, encourage illegals to vote, and outright cheat by harvesting mail-in ballots.

They defend and encourage pedophilia and the sexualization of children.

And now they are calling for Biden to go full-totalitarian military dictatorship, and use force to take out Trump and his allies.

We have been told by our contacts on more than one occasion that SCOTUS has already made a decision on the 2020 voter fraud case brought by the Brunson brothers and the announcement of such could come out at any time – which would dissolve the Biden Administration and all of Congress.

That is why the Supreme Court ruled Donald Trump is immune from criminal prosecution when it comes to constitutional powers.

That is why Acting Supreme Court Judge Juan Merchan has vacated Donald Trump’s July 11th sentencing date and will delay it until September 18th “if such is still necessary”

It will probably not be necessary as this news item hints:

Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe is rumored to be President Trump’s top pick for Attorney General. If appointed, Ratcliffe reportedly plans to prosecute CIA contractors and employees who allegedly interfered in the 2020 elections.

“This is all a circus show. Everything has been planned for a very long time. This is to keep the sheeple diverted from what is really going on behind the curtain,” a CIA source comments.

In any case, while the undeclared Western civil war rages, the rest of the world is moving on. A Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit attended by Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Russian President Putin last week said: “Tectonic shifts are taking place in global politics, economics and other spheres of international relations.”

The group calls for:

A comprehensive reform of the UN involving developing countries in its activities

Unconditional implementation of the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BTWC)

Condemnation of the actions that have led to numerous civilian casualties in Gaza

An end to double standards in the fight against terrorism, which cannot be justified by anything.

The group also noted the Taliban in Afghanistan is ready to join the fight against terrorism. While they did not say it explicitly, everybody paying attention knows it is the KM that is responsible for terrorism and war around the world.

Turkish President Recep Erdogan hinted at it when he noted “certain Western powers appear hell-bent on turning the Ukraine conflict into an all-out world war…It is obvious that arms dealers need money. And the market for arms dealers is the West.” He added he hopes peace will prevail in spite of this.

In a sign he is working towards a peace agreement of his own Turkish offices, industrial and military facilities are being stormed across northern Syria and Turkish workers and military personnel are leaving northern Syria in large numbers, according to Polish intelligence sources. Meanwhile, Iraq’s capital Baghdad is set to host upcoming talks between Syria and Turkey aimed at normalizing their bilateral relations, according to Arab sources. The decision to resume dialogue and reach reconciliation between Ankara and Damascus was supported by Russia, China and Iran.

In another sign the Middle East is moving decisively against terrorism, Iran’s president-elect Masoud Pezeshkian says he will “extend the hand of friendship to everyone.” Our sources say he is working with the white hat alliance.

Of course, the elephant in the room is Israel. To understand why regime change is needed there, take a look at this Al Jazeera video about what it’s like to live in Palestine today.

Next, listen to Stew Peters explain the secular nation-state called Israel chose that particular name so that Scofield Bible readers would think they are actually the Israel of the Bible.

Our sources tell us that Israel will soon be replaced by the Nation-State of Judea and that peace will be imposed.

Behind the scenes, the US military white hats have reached a deal with the SCO whereby they will take charge of security in Eurasia (including Judea) while the Anglo-Saxons keep the ocean free and open.

This is reflected in a policy brief written by Dr. Sumantra Maitra for the Trump-affiliated Center for Renewing America that calls for Europe to defend itself while the US transforms into an “offshore balancer” vis-à-vis Eurasia and “a logistics provider of last resort” for the EU.

Hungarian President Victor Orban, who took over the presidency of the EU on July 1st, is also clearly on board with this plan. He has flown to Kiev and Russia and now China to negotiate an end to the Ukraine conflict.

Our sources say Germany, Hungary and most of Eastern Europe have agreed to join the new Eurasian security arrangement being proposed by Russia. North Korea, Mongolia and India have also agreed to join, Asian secret society sources say. The untold story here is the Russians are promising to prevent China from bullying its neighbors.

Also, in a clear sign Europe has broken from the Rockefellers, they are now getting most of their gas from special Russian tankers via the Arctic.

China and Russia have also been working together to develop Arctic shipping routes as Russia seeks to deliver more oil and gas to China amid Western sanctions while China seeks an alternative shipping route to reduce its dependence on the Strait of Malacca.

There is also an intensifying move in Asia to unify the Korean Peninsula. “[South Korean President]Yoon Suk Yeol and his gang, who are currently in the worst political crisis, try to find an ‘emergency exit’ in an escalation,” Kim Yo Jong, sister of Kim Jong Un and de facto leader of North Korea said, pointing out that the petition demanding an impeachment of the South Korean president has already accumulated over one million signatures.

The Koreans do not want to join NATO and fight against their fellow Koreans. The Japanese also oppose NATO expansion into Asia.

Of course, NATO is freaking out about this because they want war. Here is NATO Chief Jens Stoltenbergs’ reply to the Hungarian Prime Minister’s moves for the alliance:

Listen to how he nervously stutters as he says Orbán does not represent NATO following his visit to Russia.

The reality is that despite what KM puppet governments in the UK and France say, the Ukraine and NATO are being thrown under the bus. Today, Ukraine has only a quarter of its energy production capacity at its disposal compared to the situation before Russian aggression, according to Polish intelligence. Now the Rothschild-owned Economist magazine is saying Ukraine has one month to reach an agreement with creditors on debt restructuring and avoiding bankruptcy.

While Ukraine goes bankrupt, Vladimir Zelensky’s wife just bought a brand new Bugatti Tourbillon, one of the most expensive cars in the world,

No wonder Ukraine will be told it is currently too corrupt to join NATO.

However, as things stand now, the West is too corrupt to join the rest of the world.

As an example watch senior KM boss Bill Gates say that we must either stop cows from farting or stop eating beef to save the planet.

Less of a joke is that the “Gates Foundation has been funding all sorts of genetic engineering of mosquitoes, and there’s a lot of talk about using mosquitoes and mosquito bites to vaccinate certain populations,” attorney Tom Renz told the Pennsylvania State Senate.

This sort of misconduct is not new. A CIA medical doctor notes “Pfizer was established in 1849 by Jewish German immigrant Charles Pfizer and has been in business for 175 years without curing one single disease.”

Make no mistake, these people are mass murderers. Here is some of the latest evidence:

A bombshell new study from Germany found that “the more vaccinations were administered in a federal state, the greater the increase in excess mortality.”

In Italy, a newly published peer-reviewed study suggests a 37% reduction in life expectancy for people who received a COVID-19 vaccine.

A peer-reviewed study in Forensic Science International found that 73.9% of post-COVID-19 vaccination deaths were directly caused by or significantly contributed to by the injections.

In the rereleased video below President Trump says he will investigate Big Pharma for the rise in autism and fertility, allergies, and child illness.

Our sources are telling us Trump will ask Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to head the committee that investigates big pharma.

Trump also needs to set up a committee to investigate Big Green.

In the video below a former Australian government official explains how wind turbines are draining $40 billion a year from her country and sending it offshore. She explains power companies get $600,000 per year per turbine but that the turbines do not actually contribute any energy to the power grid.

“This shows how $ billions are laundered globally. Imagine how many countries around the world are doing this. All in the name of Green Energy. We know the 5 Eyes are all involved,” a Pentagon source comments.

A similar situation exists with agriculture.

UK farmer: “We’ve had enough. For the last 20 years, we have been attacked by the political classes telling us how to farm in the countryside. We’re now being paid to stop growing food and grow wildflowers. It’s insanity.”


Then, of course, there is the still unsolved issue of what to do about all the blackmailed pedophiles running the West.

Elon Musk writes: “Why is there not one – just one – even *attempted* prosecution of that Epstein (Bill Gates & Reid Hoffman come to mind) client list?… Either FBI does their duty or the case for an entire departmental reset or abolishment is strong.”

Since Musk is with the US Space Force, this is a sign military action against the FBI is imminent, It is about time.

Military action against the Vatican is also needed. They just found Archbishop Carlo Vigano guilty of ‘schism’ and excommunicated him from the Church by order of the fake rubber-masked Pope Francis. Viganò says he considers the charges brought against him to be an “honor.”

More than two dozen US bishops issued statements attesting to Vigano’s credibility, including some of the current leadership of the U.S. bishops’ Conference.

Mel Gibson wrote a letter to Archbishop Vigano saying “It’s really a badge of honor that someone kicked you out of a fake, post-conciliar church…I have complete respect for the way you defend Christ and His Church…May God bless you and protect you. If you need anything, just ask, and I will try to help. With admiration and eternal respect.”

We are also expecting real disclosure from the Vatican etc. about aliens. Polish intelligence researched and concluded reptilians, anunaki (also lizardmen, saurians, reptoids, reptilian creatures) are fictional species of humanoid reptiles created by fantasy and science fiction authors. These were then popularized by supporters of conspiracy theories, according to which they are real beings living on earth, endowed with intelligence and the ability to look like humans.

We have personally met people who claimed to be aliens but they certainly looked and acted human.

However, the Vatican apparently really does have contact with entities from other dimensions they call by names such as angels, devils and Jinn. It would be nice to have full disclosure on this topic.

Finally this week as food for thought, we note Amazon has deployed over 750,000 robots that have replaced over 100,000 people.

Clearly AI is a more pressing issue to deal with now than aliens.

However, if there is an alien show this summer, please get out your popcorn and treat it as entertainment.

News Update Alert
By Windlander
July 10, 2024

We just heard from Michael Shrimpton and he says he is fine, despite MI6 and CIA  concerns that he had been killed.

Beyond Blue Beam
By Windlander
July 10, 2024

Hello readers, welcome back to another episode of Beyond Blue Beam. We continue our journey into the realms of mystery and intrigue. Is it fiction or is it reality? “Red is grey and yellow white but we decide which is right and which is an illusion” (The Moody Blues) You decide! Share your thoughts in the comments. Also please feel free to add whatever other information you have to add to the article in the comments. Meanwhile, relax and enjoy the read.

Today, we embark on a thrilling journey through time, space, and possibly even different realities. As usual, buckle up for an intriguing exploration of diverse topics.


We begin with the enigmatic realm of Tartaria, a captivating part of our history erased by the elite. The story of Tartaria and the great mud flood reset continues to fascinate and provoke thought, inviting us to question the narratives we’ve been told and to uncover the hidden truths of our past.


The lands to the north are as mysterious and guarded as the Antarctic. Modern maps show a blank expanse at the North Pole, yet historical maps tell a different story, depicting not only lands but inhabited ones. Can we truly believe that all these ancient cartographers got it wrong? This discrepancy raises intriguing questions about what might really lie hidden beneath the Arctic ice and whether there is a forgotten history that has been deliberately obscured. Question Everything.


John Lear, a well-known figure in the realm of conspiracy theories and UFO investigations, has described witnessing advanced holograms that seemed astonishingly real. This technology, he suggests, could be used to stage a convincing alien attack, making the unimaginable possible. With discussions about “The Event” on July 15-16, as predicted by Clif High and Dick Allgire, it’s worth considering the potential for such technologies to create startling, reality-bending experiences. Be prepared, as anything can happen in this world of hidden capabilities and unfolding mysteries.


Whistleblower Eric Hecker has shed light on the secret technologies being developed and tested by the Military Industrial Complex, particularly in the enigmatic expanse of Antarctica. Hecker’s revelations suggest that these covert operations align with Nikola Tesla’s suppressed metaphysical principles, which Tesla himself feared could be weaponized. Are we really surprised to learn that such groundbreaking technology is being harnessed in the world’s most remote regions? These disclosures compel us to reconsider the depths of technological advancements and the hidden agendas that may be driving them.


This is a must-listen and watch interview. Elon Musk sits down with Joe Rogan to discuss a mind-bending topic: Could we be living in a simulation? Since 2020, life has felt increasingly surreal, possibly due to the influence of advanced technologies like Google Earth and shifts in our collective consciousness. Musk delves into the possibility that our reality might be an intricate simulation, challenging us to rethink the nature of existence and the profound impact of technology on our perception of reality.

UFO  videos
1. A black orb chased by 2 fighter jets. Nothing to see here, move right along, location unknown.

2. What looks like a Meteor seen over parts of Turkey by many people July 2024.

3. An apparent Meteor falls, visible from Budapest. Witnesses report a bright flash and streak across the night sky. July 2024.

4. A UAP seen over Japan June 2024.

5. An apparent mother ship seen over Northern California June 30, 2024.

6. A multi colored flashing UAP over Venezuela June 29, 2024.

7.  UAP seen over Cancun, Mexico June 2024.

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Benjamin Fulford Friday Q&A Video July 12th 2024
Transcribed by Whisper

Benjamin Fulford Update July 12, 2024
    The U.S. already has a military government – official White House page
    Everyone is watching the meltdown of fake Biden – hi level military psyop, flushing out puppet masters of the fake regime; they’re freaking out…
    Biden signed power over to the Secretary of Defense and Secretary of State
    Lloyd Austin is a spokesman for the Rockefellers
    The battle isn’t over – there is still a powerful faction to take down – Silicon Valley, still control corporate inter-structure
    UK – Keir Starmer gov’t has degenerated into a clown show, crazy woke stuff
    Japanese Emperor + MI6 stated King Charles is an actor, the real one died two years ago
    Still a civil war going on there, too, British establishment being cleaned up
    French election, warning to the U.S. – Marine Le Pen won first round; 2nd round was stolen. Left-wing parties were dominated by Muslim migrants
    Summer of discontent in U.S., expect to see the National Guard called up
    Shanghai Organization had a big summit, Russia, Mongolia, North Korea & India
    Reassurances to India to protect them from China
    Issuance of BRICS currency by October BRICS summit
    India is being helped by Russia
    Chinese sent troops to Belorussia, on border of NATO
    NATO is “good because it sells weapons and employs Americans” – new guard dog for the new Eurasian organization
    Planetary alliance is willing to keep the arms industry well employed
    Five Eyes will be in charge of the oceans, free to engage in commerce (U.S., UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand)
    Multicentric world order
    Uniting Korea? N. Korea has valuable natural ores.
    Move to set up military government in Japan – still ongoing, U.S. ambassador is being hunted; he has to hide, wanted for mass murder
    David Rockefeller Jr., Soros, etc. are being hunted down
    Old system will be collapsing this year; it’s not over until it’s over
    Do not underestimate the other side
    Ben is feeling pretty optimistic

Quote:Hello, this is Benjamin Fulford speaking on July 11th, 2024.
The US and English blogosphere and media and much of the world too is focused on the continuing
meltdown of so-called US President Joe Biden.
He had a big boy press conference where he called Donald Trump Vice President and he
called Vladimir Zelensky Putin, etc.
Now this is obviously a very high level military psyops and you probably thank the NSA who
gave me this t-shirt for this because what it's done is it's slushed out all the puppet
masters of the so-called fake Biden regime.
Well not all of them but a lot of them.
It's caused people like Barack Obama, Schumer, Pelosi to be flushed out into the open and
they're freaking out because their facade, this Joe Biden facade has been taken over
by people who wish to overthrow the people behind the Biden regime.
Now what people need to understand is the US already has a military government.
If you go to the White House press release page, the official White House page, you'll
see that Joe Biden has put out a declaration that he signed power over to the Secretary
of Defense and in some cases to the Secretary of State and no it's not Lloyd Austin.
Lloyd Austin is a puppet with no power and no control over any military whatsoever.
He is the spokesperson for the Rockefellers at the maximum.
So the US already has a military government and this will become increasingly obvious
over the coming days.
Does not mean though that the battle is over.
There's still a powerful faction that needs to be removed.
There's still control, Google and a lot of the corporate internet infrastructure like
Meta and to a lesser extent Apple.
So the fight against Silicon Valley will have to continue but clearly something fundamental
has changed.

Now there's also of course something going on in the UK.
We made us notice this Keir Starmer government has quickly degenerated into a clown show
with the usual, you know, the crazy woke stuff going on in the US and we have now confirmed
not only with people close to the Japanese emperor but also MI6 that King Charles died
two years ago and what we're seeing is an AI plus an actor and so the entire British
government is illegitimate and it may just in fact be a media show at this point, not
actually reality on the ground.
I hear that MI6 and MI5 are doing some what you call wet work to clean up the establishment
in the UK.
We'll have to see how that goes but clearly there's still some kind of civil war going
on and when you see the airways dominated by a fake show, you know it's not over.
Now the other thing is the French election.
That is a warning to the United States because what happened was in the first round Marine
Le Pen and the far right, as they call it, it's actually Patriots, won an overwhelming
victory and then in the second round it was stolen from them.
If you look at the details, you'll see that the left wing parties that helped keep Le
Pen from power are dominated by Muslim immigrants from non-French countries, the Middle East
and stuff.
So in other words, they used these immigrants to steal the election and remember, the United
States, they let in 30 million illegal immigrants and they're giving them the right to vote.
So clearly the plan is to do the same and at the same time we're seeing a huge breakdown
in law and order in the United States.
So we expect to see the National Guard called out but clearly the summer of discontent is
well underway and there's a lot going on.

However, in the rest of the world, big things are happening.
The Shanghai Cooperation Organization had a big summit and the big takeaway for me is
that Russia has now signed a military alliance with North Korea, Mongolia and India.
What do these countries all have in common?
Borders with China.
So in other words, they've offered the reassurances to India that they will help protect them
from China and this has been a key to getting India on board for the issuing of a new BRICS
Russian FSB forces contacted me and said that they expect some sort of announcement for
this currency by the October BRICS summit.
So that means that the US dollar internationally is likely to be replaced.
The main obstacle to this was India and Russia has done a good job.
They've sent India $60 billion worth of oil and weapons and been paid with rupee that
they can't spend but they're saying that's okay.
You're part of the global south, we'll help you develop.
So they got India on board.
The other thing, of course, that should be on people's radar screens is that the Chinese
sent troops to Belarusia.
That's right on the border of NATO.
This is a sign that Chinese are also agreeing to this new Eurasian security arrangement
and they've invited NATO to join.
Now NATO, they just had their big 75 year anniversary summit where I think Jake Sullivan
in a New York Times editorial summed up the real meaning of NATO.
He basically said NATO is good because it helps sell weapons and employ Americans.
So the planetary alliance, the White Hat alliance is willing to keep the military industry humming
so that we can get them on board and prevent world war.
As the Chinese like to say, it's cheaper to feed a guard dog than it is to fight a hungry

So if NATO joins this new Eurasian security arrangement, their arms industry will be well
funded more than at present because the other side has deeper pockets by far.
And the Five Eyes will be in charge of ensuring that the world's oceans are free and that
people can engage in commerce and transport without any problems.
So that's the sort of division.
The Eurasian landmass is now the Shanghai Cooperation Organization plus the Europeans.
Bailiwick and the world's oceans are for the Five Eyes.
And this is all working towards some kind of announcement this autumn, some new global
arrangement, not a new world order, but a polycentric world order.
Of course, there's still a lot that has to be done.
This week, I had face-to-face meetings with North Korean representatives and they are
determined to unify the Korean peninsula.
And the Five Eyes is basically willing to agree to this.
Now the Koreans, the North Koreans have some of the world's most valuable mineral deposits,
huge amounts of gold, rare earths, titanium, lithium, etc.
And they're asking for mining companies to provide heavy equipment so they can start
processing these ores.
And I think this is a very good opportunity to get in on the ground floor because once
Korea is unified, the sanctions will be lifted and there will be a boom in that peninsula.
So getting in now is a good idea.
But something is going on.

There's also, of course, a move to set up a military government in Japan and clean up
the corruption, especially the people who've been involved with vaccine murders.
And that is still ongoing.
When we see the public removal of fake Ambassador Rahm Emanuel, you'll know that process is
finished but it's still underway.
As it stands, he has no real power or influence and he has to hide because he is wanted for
mass murder.
And there is a bounty on him because he is one of the world's worst mass murderers, as
are many of the other people who are still out there.
And at the end of the day, we also have to locate David Rockefeller Jr., Alex Soros and
all these people behind the scenes and remove them from positions of power, especially control
over mega corporations.
But overall, we're going to still watch the collapse of the old system over the coming
And as I've said before, hopefully this year, finally, in the autumn, we'll see something
real change, not just another offensive that goes so far and then stops.
We'd like to get it done this year.
We're all going to try our hardest.
But it's not over until it's over.
And as we saw with the stealing of the UK election and the installation of a fake King
Charles, these people still have a lot of cards to play and we must not underestimate
I remain optimistic, but I'm not going to be naive and won't call victory until it's
really available for everyone to see on all their screens and in the real world.
But I'm feeling pretty optimistic, more than usual.
Okay, well, that's what I have to say for myself this week.
Now I'd like to answer questions from readers and viewers.

Hi Ben, we have our first question for today.
We have read there are several Trumps, the real deal, his avatars and KM clones.
With all the evidence of a stolen Biden election, nothing was ever done to reinstate the original
Patriot Trump.
If there is an election or even if no election and Trump takes over, how will we know that
he's not another KM puppet?
You have to see what these people do, not what they say.
Now there is plenty of evidence that Donald Trump never lost control of the US military
based in Mount Cheyenne, Colorado, and in particular, the nuclear arsenal codes, the
nuclear football.
And I've had friends who have gone to Washington DC who claimed, you know, seen the Federal
Reserve Board and the Treasury all boarded up.
So what we've been seeing since 2020 is a battle between the US military white hats
and what I call the Kazarian Mafia who control the mega corporations, especially that whole
Silicon Valley complex.
So there was always a Trump in power, but he didn't have control over a lot of the
And that's changing with Elon Musk and X.
That was a big move in that direction.
And we're going to see now move to end their control of advertising.
Once they lose the control of advertising, that will remove their main tool for controlling
the media.
But I was told by, you know, US Space Force senior staff that there are three Donald Trumps.
You take it for what it is, but that's what I've been hearing.
And certainly we seem to have seen one Trump at Mar-a-Lago, where another one was facing
court cases in New York, and then there was one in Mount Cheyenne.
But these days, I believe that most leaders, including Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Donald
Trump, what they do is they are like spokespersons or spokesmen for a consensus among power centers.
And that's what seems to be going on.
I've never personally met Trump, but I have talked to people who have met him.
And the real one is tall and he's always with Melania.
The actors are shorter and are never with Melania.
That's as much as I know.
I'd like to be able to, you know, meet him in person and check it out for myself one
of these days.

Next question.
Hi, Ben.
It's always the same yearly thing.
During the summer, we wait until autumn.
During the autumn, we wait for the new year.
And after new year, we are told to wait again.
You are asking us to believe in the white hats who basically let cold-blooded vaccine
murderers inject their poison into 80 percent of humanity.
So how are we supposed to believe they are the good guys?
They knew what was up but allowed it to happen.
So why should we trust them?
It is a war.
And there are two sides.
And clearly, the vaccine thing was a major defeat for the white hats.
And we now know that this was planned as far back as 1975.
And they were able to launder about $10 trillion to keep their show going with the vaccine.
But the fact is that 80 percent of the world's population has not been vaccinated.
And although a lot of people are dying from the vaccines, it's far less than what they
planned because they were hoping to kill 90 percent of humanity.
Instead, they killed 17 million people.
That's enough to get them all executed for war crimes.
But it's not enough to keep them in power.
Now there are lawsuits all over the world grinding their way towards these people.
And they will be brought to justice.
But I know I've been frustrated too.
Every year we think that this time there'll be a new government on the 4th of July and
that everything will be good.
And it keeps going on and on and on.
But that doesn't mean we should give up because the alternative is to become literally slaves,
like farm animals, with a digital number controlling what we can eat and where we can go and what
we can do.
And if we're not obedient, they'll cut off our supply or kill us with a vaccine.
So we have to fight.
This is a fight to the death.
But if you look outside of the West, outside of the G7, if you look at the BRICS and the
Shanghai Cooperation Organization or Africa, you'll see most of the world has already been
liberated from these people.
So it's not like there hasn't been any victories in the White House.
It's just that the heart of darkness is in the Western governments of the G7.
And that's why it seems so bad, especially if you're in the US and you're watching all
the illegals come in and you're watching the decline in security.
And it's very frustrating.
But as I mentioned in my talk, the White House has announced that Joe Biden is not in power,
that the military is in power.
And we hope this year, finally, it will really happen.
But a lot has happened.
People forget how much change has happened, how many of these big bad guys have been removed.
And it is a long, hard war.
Apparently, it's been going on not just for years and decades, but actually thousands
of years.
So it's winding to an end, but it's frustratingly slow.
But that doesn't mean I'm going to give up.
I decided not to go to Canada this year so that I could fight through the summer to try
to make it actually finally happen this year.
I don't believe it until I see it, and you shouldn't either.
But there's no alternative but to keep fighting until the White Hats win.
And we are winning, and we will win, and hopefully sooner rather than later.

Next question.
Hi, Ben.
You consistently mention JFK Jr. now in your reports.
Obviously, this is a huge story, which will no doubt shock some more of the sleeping into
Can you expound on the story?
How do you know this?
What have you heard about him and the whole backstory?
And when is this to be publicly revealed?
I don't know the whole backstory, to be honest.
As I mentioned before, his great-grandmother was my great-grandmother's sister, McCarthy,
so we're distantly related.
And if you look at what he says and does, he has been consistently using factual, real-life
information to show that the medical industry is a giant crime cartel and are mass murderers,
and somebody has kept him alive.
So he has some serious protection of some sort.
But at the same time, you can see when he's been kept out of the presidential debates
and other things that there are other people trying to marginalize him.
I'd like to know more, but what I can tell you is that my latest information is that
this time, when there is an official Trump presidency, he will be in charge of a committee
investigating Big Pharma and bringing these people to justice, finally.
I will try to get more information about him, but the fact that he's still around and the
fact that his books are out there and that more and more people are supporting him is
a sign that he is a major force for good, and we support his work.

Next question.
Hi, Ben.
Did upper echelon Democrats really think Biden was going to deliver a better performance
at the debate?
They only have until July 21st to replace him if they choose.
Why does it seem like they are allowing him to look a fool?
I don't think they are in charge of the person acting as Biden.
You saw, I saw this morning, George Clooney editorial in the New York Times saying, "We've
got to get rid of Biden."
It's a sign that they've realized that they've lost control of their puppet, their spokesperson,
and they're freaking out.
I've heard that Kamala Harris is now a man wearing a rubber mask, and that's why Kamala
Harris' husband was supposedly diagnosed with COVID.
They removed him from the picture so that they could replace the real Kamala Harris
with a man wearing a rubber mask and hopefully use that, but I don't think it's going to
I think their goose is cooked.

Next question.
Hi, Ben.
You say the UK election was stolen, but where's the evidence?
In the case of the US election, there was a tremendous amount of evidence that came
out on YouTube in the first few days.
Election counts illegally stopped, election observers illegally removed from counting
halls, bags full of ballots for Trump found in dumpsters, truck drivers testifying to
driving stolen truckloads of forged ballots, et cetera.
What evidence do you have that the UK election was stolen?
This is the last question for today.
Well, I don't have evidence because I haven't been looking into it closely, except that
I was personally told by the head of MI6 that the election was stolen.
If you look at the official numbers, you'll see that the UK has 650 parliamentary seats
and the Labour Party got 412 of those with only 33% of the vote.
That's one sign that there's something not right with the electoral system there.
The other, of course, is that Nigel Farage's Reform Party got 14% of the vote, but only
got four seats, whereas the Liberal Democrats got 12% of the vote and got 71 seats.
That just doesn't make sense.
There's something wrong with the UK electoral system.
And the other thing that I've been able to confirm, not only with the Japanese Emperor,
but with MI6, is that Keir Starmer was then made Prime Minister by a fake King Charles.
So they have a fake monarch, and that alone makes the whole thing illegitimate.
But I'll try to find out more.
OK, well that's what I have to say for myself this week, and I hope to see you next week.

Benjamin Fulford — July 15th, 2024: In case you missed it, the US now has a military government
First of all this week let me start with a message to the people who broke into my computer and deleted my notes for the week: Any government that is afraid of the truth is doomed. When this is all over, you will either be executed for treason or spend the rest of your life in jail.

Now for the news: The biggest event for the West in the past week was the announcement of a military government in the US on July 9th. This announcement was made during the NATO 75th anniversary summit meeting in Washington DC. In case you missed it, here it is on the official White House website:

To underline this, the actor playing the role of President Joe Biden stood in front of the entire assembled NATO delegations to introduce Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky as “President Putin” and Vice President Kamala Harris as “Vice President Trump.”

You can see from the faces of so-called National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, fake Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Satanic Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in the video below that they were not in on the regime change.

To make it more explicit Biden was also told to say he takes orders from his “Commander in Chief, the chief of staff of the military.”

Although the White House Press release does not say who Biden handed power to, it is a safe bet to say General Charles Q. Brown,

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is now running an emergency military government.

The installation of a military government comes amid huge geopolitical events during the past week involving the emergence of a Eurasian military alliance that dwarfs NATO and is about to absorb NATO. We will look into that further below.

For now though, we note the false flag assassination attempt against Donald Trump over the weekend. The first thing to say is we are all sick and tired of politics being run via street theater staged by Freemasons. A healthy society should have a public discussion based on facts to decide the best course to navigate into the future. If the results are not satisfactory, then we change course accordingly. Having secret societies decide without public input inevitably leads to social decay and inequality.

OK having said that, it is clear the assassination attempt on Trump was staged to get public opinion to support the arrest of Trump opponents. Here are the signs:

First of all before the event, Biden said “It is time to put Trump in a bullseye.”

Then recall this tweet put out by Alex Soros widely interpreted as offering money for the assassination of Trump.

In addition to this, many political commentators like Rick Wilson on MSNBC called for someone to “put a bullet in Donald Trump.”

Since the would-be assassin was a member of ANTIFA who appeared in Rockefeller-controlled BlackRock commercials, it is likely there was a genuine plot by the Khazarian Mafia to kill Trump.

Thomas Mathew Crooks:

So, the likely scenario is the white hats let the Rockefeller group proceed with this attempt in order to give them enough rope to hang themselves with.

The fact Secret Service snipers were told to stand down even after many people spotted the would-be assassin also indicates the event was orchestrated:

My name is Jonathan Willis, I’m the officer in the famous photo of the two snipers on the roof at Trump’s rally. I came here to inform the public that I had the assassin in my sights for at least 3 minutes, but the head of the secret service refused to give the order to take out the perp. 100% the top brass prevented me from killing the assassin before he took the shots at President Trump.

My overall impression is this event was typical of the KM. Whenever bad news like a record trade deficit comes out, they stage a distraction, like having Britney Spears display a tit in public and then have the media concentrate on that.

The Freemasonic attempted assassination ritual came amid huge geopolitical events and extremely serious fighting in the ongoing secret war for the planet Earth.

During the past week the Russian FSB, the North Koreans, Asian Secret Societies, the Yamaguchi Gumi syndicate, MI6, the CIA and others contacted the White Dragon Society about the intense battles now underway.

As the head of MI6 put it: “The essential movement we see in the geopolitical landscape is a failed US fighting hard but failing and the rest just moving on. The international infighting is an old ruling class decline and a change of regime.”

One indication of how intense the situation has become is military exercises by Chinese troops on the Polish border and the presence of 120,000 Peoples Liberation Army troops inside the United States.

J.J. Carrell, Former US Border Deputy Patrol Agent speaks on the Chinese Illegal Migrants That Have ALREADY ENTERED America “Military analysts have already determined that at least a 120,000 are PLA soldiers.”

America is in SERIOUS TROUBLE as we already know.

The Russian FSB for its part says the United States and Israel will soon “cease to exist.” The reason is a decision reached at the recent Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit on the 4th of July to replace the US dollar with a BRICS currency this autumn.

This was the result of extremely intense negotiations between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian President Narendra Modi at their summit meeting on Moscow last week.

The US dollars held by non-Americans are already the de facto BRICS currency but India has been blocking attempts to rename these dollars as a BRICS currency because it would hand de facto control over China, the largest holder of these dollars.

To mollify Modi, Russia has supplied India with over $ 60 billion worth of oil and weapons and accepted payments in Rupees that Russia is unable to spend. Russia is upping the ante by offering to build a series of nuclear power plants in India and supply them with uranium.

Russia has also persuaded India to go along with the new currency by creating a military alliance between itself, India, Mongolia and North Korea. These countries all share a border with China so clearly this is Russia’s way of promising China will not be allowed to bully its neighbours.

This is why India announced it would be building 12 hydroelectric power dams in Arunachal Pradesh, a region claimed by China. They can do this now because they know Russia has their back.

Of course, this Russian bear hug did not come for free for India. It turns out that as a part of its military alliance with Russia, India has sent troops to Ukraine to fight against the KM puppet regime there.

You can tell from this picture of Modi as he leaves Russia that he has a lot on his mind as a result of his Russia trip.

However, in a sign the Russian Eurasian military alliance is not directed at China, Chinese troops last week carried out military drills in Belarus near NATO member Poland’s border.

Polish intelligence says the drills started just as the NATO summit meeting began and as a result of this Polish and Ukrainian troops withdrew from the border of Belarus. After this, the Belarussians and Chinese also pulled back from the border. NATO then issued a statement saying “NATO is a defensive Alliance.”

The Polish troops have now been redeployed to the Ukrainian border where they have been spotted executing fleeing Ukrainian soldiers.

In a last desperate attempt to appear relevant, NATO released a new pro-Ukraine video. “Despite the propaganda, they know NATO will be dismantled very soon,” a Pentagon source says.

Behind the scenes, Hungarian President Victor Orban, who is currently the head of the EU, began intensive diplomacy. He visited Ukraine, Russia and China before flying to Mar a Largo to meet Donald Trump after which he tweeted:

“It was an honor to visit President [Donald Trump] at Mar-a-Lago today. We discussed ways to make peace. The good news of the day: he’s going to solve it!”

Notice he did not bother to meet Biden or his handlers and called Trump “President.”

Our sources in the various agencies and secret societies say a deal is being worked out where NATO will join Russia’s Eurasian military alliance. This alliance will then take care of security for the Eurasian landmass.

At the same time, the Anglo-Saxon Five Eyes will take charge of the oceans to ensure the free flow of trade, fight pirates, etc. The Five Eyes is also trying to convince Japan to join it to form a “six-eyes” alliance to watch over the oceans.

However, this will have to wait until a very serious power struggle in Japan comes to a conclusion. Last week there was an attempted military coup d’etat there and the situation has still not been resolved.

As the national broadcaster NHK reports:

“The Japanese Defense Ministry has reprimanded 218 members of the ministry and the Japan Self-Defense Forces, including senior personnel, for misconduct.”

The charges were obviously trumped up and involved things like “eating cafeteria food for free.” Also, the report says Defense Minister Kihara Minoru will replace the head of the Navy, Admiral Sakai Ryo on July 19. The fact he could not fire him immediately shows the battle is far from over.

Our own sources close to the Emperor say the current regime will not be able to fire most of the military command because it is common knowledge among the military they were responsible for the murder of over 500,000 Japanese with vaccines.

As an example of this, former Interior Minister Kazuhiro Haraguchi –who was in charge of all police forces in Japan- has publicly apologized for the mass deaths caused by vaccines.

The Japanese Yamaguchi Gumi syndicate and other members of the underworld, as well as various secret societies, promise they will remove fake US Ambassador Rahm Emmanuel and other Japan handlers in the near future.

They have not done so yet because they have been asked to wait for Emmanuels’ bosses in the US to be removed from power. This is now happening as we noted above. Message to Emmanuel: “Pack your bags and leave while you still have time.”

There are big meetings related to this among secret societies in Taiwan and well as within the Chinese Communist Party this week. We do not know the details of these talks but various sources make it clear some sort of regime change is inevitable.

The North Koreans, for their part, have started negotiations with the white hat alliance. Last week they offered access to the vast mineral wealth of North Korea in exchange for unification of the Korean peninsula, according to a source directly involved in the negotiations.

North Korea has two-thirds of the world’s supply of rare earth metals as well as 20 million tons of gold among other resources. The table below given to us by the North Koreans, (which we will translate later) shows just how much wealth they are sitting on.

[There is no table here on Fulford's page.]

The white hat alliance has accepted the North Korean proposal and the head of MI6 issued to following statement in response:

“We wish the Korean people peace and unity and will always support this. Their decision is their own and all of the international community will stand by this.”

Of course, all of these moves will have to wait until the destruction of the current regimes in the US and Israel are completed.

As we noted above, this process is well underway in the US. Hungarian Prime Minister Orban calls Trump president because that is what he is. If you still do not understand the 2020 election was stolen, compare the bottom map showing which states require photo ID to vote and the states that do not with the top map.

The former handlers of the fake Biden are now staging a desperate rear guard action to stay in power. Here for example you can see Obama’s former chief strategist David Axelrod on CNN trying to toss Biden under the bus saying:

“Biden is *not* winning this race… it’s more likely that he’ll lose by a landslide than win narrowly.”

Now Senator Tommy Tuberville claims Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama have been secretly running the US during Biden’s presidency

“They’ve had total control. Not the president,” he told Fox News.

The military moved because the KM was planning to use even more illegal voters to stop a greater election theft this year.

To stop this, the US signed an agreement with Panama this month to “close the passage of illegal migrants” through the Darién Gap. Panama’s President José Raúl Mulino has also vowed to stop the Central American country from being a transit route for migrants. To this end barbed wire is being put up and naval patrols are being intensified.

There is also a backlash against migrants in the UK.

Watch British TV anchor Alex Phillips go off about migrant crime in London. Phillips said she had to hide at a neighbor’s house after a migrant followed her home and she had her phone stolen. She also claims her friend’s teenage daughters have been followed, groped, and sexually assaulted.

“I don’t care if people turn around and go ‘you’re a racist’, because my safety and the safety of women in this country is paramount.”

Our UK sources say a crackdown has begun there but, for operational security reasons, they cannot provide details at this time. However, MI6 confirms they have not received a single paper document signed by “King Charles” and that the king appearing in the media is AI.

They also confirm this new “public appearance” by Kate Middleton is just another body double.

(there are 2 photos of body double Kate in the link below)

Getting back to the US, a big reason the military is taking action is because they know the border is being used for human trafficking of the worst sort as this headline shows:

“Biden admin whistleblowers claim ‘billions of taxpayer dollars’ used by gov contractor to traffic children on the border”

“Children were sent to addresses that were abandoned houses or nonexistent in some cases,” Deborah White, a federal employee detailed to the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Refugee Resettlement, ORR, told Republicans. White said. “In Michigan, a child was sent to an open field, even after we reported making an 911 call after hearing someone screaming for help, yet the child was still sent.”

The agency white hats are also releasing more information on the KM pedophile network:

“Could this be one of the main reasons why the Epstein list has not been released?”

“More on Epstein that seems a little fishy…”

Plus this:

Antony Blinken Tied To Jeffrey Epstein: Went To School Where He Taught, Family Connected To Epstein’s Mistress

Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s stepfather was a close confidant and lawyer for Ghislaine Maxwell’s father Robert Maxwell.

Samuel Pisar, the stepfather of Biden regime Secretary of State Antony Blinken, was a close confidant and lawyer for Ghislaine Maxwell’s father Robert Maxwell. Blinken’s stepfather was reportedly the last person to speak to Maxwell before he mysteriously fell to his death off the Lady Ghislaine while cruising near Spain’s Canary Islands in 1991.

Most Americans may know Secretary of State Antony Blinken for his major role in the devastating Biden administration Afghanistan Disaster, or perhaps for his warmongering while working for the Bush and Obama administrations.

However, many may not know that he has connections to the convicted pedophile, ritualistic sex predator, and international elite human trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, who was identified as a Mossad agent who blackmailed world leaders with underage sex traps by former high-ranking Israeli intelligence officials

The white hats have also continued to go after the pharmaceutical mafia to counter their planned “bird flu” offensive.

It turns out you can find the “never seen before” H5N2 virus FOR SALE in a catalog. Yes, you read that right. BEI Resources, funded by the NIAID, is selling it. But that’s just the beginning. The Ex-CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield warns, “The recipe for making bird flu highly infectious to humans is already out there.”

The agencies also put out this Simpsons-style cartoon video about the KM and their evil pandemic plans:

We are also now hearing the World Health Organization, in its founding document (1946), EXEMPTED itself from criminal prosecution.

Why would WHO need to give itself exemption from criminal prosecution?

The answer is obvious: “The reason why they wrote that into their founding charter is because they knew they were ALREADY BREAKING the law.”

In a sign the long-awaited crack down on the pharmaceutical mafia has begun we note Pfizer head Albert Bourla has “caught Covid” and is “isolating himself.”

We are also hearing Bill Gates, WHO head Tedros and other top pharmacidical bosses are being taken down. Believe it when you see it though because we have heard this song once too often.

What cannot be doubted though is the head of the snake Israel is being taken down:

Forty-six thousand Israeli businesses have been forced to shut as a result of the ongoing war and its devastating effect on the economy, Hebrew newspaper Maariv reported on 10 July, referring to Israel as a “country in collapse.”

The report linked below says Israel’s construction, agriculture, tourism, trade and other industries are all shutting down.

Meanwhile in the video below military analyst Scott Ritter explains how the Israeli armed forces are also in a state of collapse and are running out of soldiers and ammunition.

Mossad sources say 2 million out of Israel’s population of 6.5 million Jews have left or are planning to leave the country.

At the end of the day, the sources say Israel will cease to exist and be replaced by the nation of Judea.

Once Israel falls, its US colony will also cease to exist. It will be replaced by the United States of North America, white hat sources say.

Finally this week we will conclude with a call to arms for Europe sent to us by Polish intelligence;

You, the real people of all European countries, continue to ask your craftsmen and farmers in every region to disarm their radio transmitters and ensure that chemtrails from airplanes no longer pollute the air. If necessary, close airports with tractors, trucks and large vehicles that cannot be towed. We do not tolerate sky spectacles, American military outdoor cinema or Vatican sky projects…!! You can save yourself from all the PsyOp soap opera…We are the people of real Europe, not stupid descendants of Hollywood or Chinese plastic! We are very angry about chemtrails and have already had harvest problems in some regions…. the shepherds this year have sheep that suddenly died, as well as more stillbirths and miscarriages than ever before… and this can only be caused by chemical pollution in the air and in the meadows… and by the electrical load in the air, when animals are in an area (largely fenced) with electric fencing. It is an absolute outrage what the Vatican (transmission towers), EU policies and newfangled military policies have done to people, flora and fauna in Europe, as well as newfangled military policies… and these are attacks on health and the supply of agricultural products in Europe. This is artificial weather – i.e. weather manipulation, and thus a war on populations and living creatures of nature! A victim of this stupid military policy is anyone who has had an accident or had bad grades in school due to artificial weather conditions. Many people and companies have already suffered this year due to regional floods and damage to buildings and vehicles. Maybe they weren’t as spectacular as the storms and destruction in America or Asia… but they did happen and were inflicted on peaceful European citizens. Over the past few days, the sky was often so milky that planes could not be seen and therefore it was impossible to tell which planes were releasing more chemtrails. Even though the sky was blue in places, mountains of clouds soon gathered and it was far too cold for July. In some grain fields, the crops lie flat due to water damage… This makes threshing more difficult and produces lower yields, and straw in the dark is less popular than mulch. If it is moldy, it is no longer suitable for straw. In some places, the potatoes rotted a few weeks ago because the weather was too wet. Military people who are so stupid and don’t even know the basics of real life don’t know how to grow your own crops or cook your own food… we don’t want stupid hat-wearing people like the government. We also don’t want to be distracted or exploited by cloned or duplicate actors. How stupid are you… you can save your cartoons and other movies, kitschy wonders and action movies. This isn’t real life and we will not tolerate such nonsense. That’s why every day we tell electricians and electrical engineers to casually look around and then remove the transmitters used to manipulate the skies… and farmers and truck drivers should protect technicians so they can do their jobs with peace of mind. Gentlemen!

A Plane’s passenger took a spectacular video showing a Boeing 787 Dreamliner leaving behind a huge chemtrail

Beyond Blue Beam
By Windlander
July 17, 2024

Hello readers, welcome back to another episode of Beyond Blue Beam. We continue our journey into the realms of mystery and intrigue. Is it fiction or is it reality? “Red is grey and yellow white but we decide which is right and which is an illusion” (The Moody Blues) You decide! Share your thoughts in the comments. Also please feel free to add whatever other information you have to add to the article in the comments. Meanwhile, relax and enjoy the read.

Today, we embark on another thrilling journey through time, space, and possibly even different realities. As usual, buckle up for an intriguing exploration of diverse topics.

Tartaria and the Mud Flood Revisited
We revisit the enigmatic history of Tartaria and the intriguing concept of the mud flood.

The Galactic Codex and the Secret Space Programs
Interestingly, just two days ago, we received a video from our contact at the Secret Space Program (SSP). Coincidence? Perhaps not, unless you believe in coincidences. According to this video, the remaining factions of the Secret Space Programs have accepted the terms of the Galactic Codex. This development hints at significant shifts within these covert operations and suggests a move towards greater transparency and cooperation on a cosmic scale. The Galactic Codex, a set of universal laws and principles, aims to ensure freedom and ethical conduct throughout the galaxy, marking a potential turning point in human and extraterrestrial relations.

Red Rocks UFO: Workers say strange object hovered over Colorado concert venue
A dozen employees at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colorado, reported witnessing a “large, disc-shaped craft” hovering above the venue on June 5.
“What’s even crazier is that as soon as we all started noticing it and stopped what we were doing to pay attention to it, the craft tipped at an angle and slowly started moving belly-first to the east,” an employee reported to the National UFO Reporting Center about the June 5 sighting at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison.
“Then it started fading away until it was invisible. It didn’t shoot off into the distance. It simply dissolved into the ether. We all watched it vanish.”
The “silent” hovering object was long – about the size of a “three-story office building” – with three levels of windows and lights, according to the National UFO Reporting Center.

The Pyramid’s True Purpose Finally Revealed: Advanced Ancient Technology
The true purpose of the pyramids has long been shrouded in mystery, but recent revelations suggest they were advanced ancient technology. These architectural marvels, far from being mere tombs, may have served as sophisticated energy generators or communication devices. Utilizing principles of sacred geometry, electromagnetic properties, and alignment with celestial bodies, the pyramids could have harnessed and amplified natural energy sources. This new understanding challenges conventional historical narratives and underscores the possibility that ancient civilizations possessed knowledge and technological prowess far beyond what we previously imagined.

Plauson’s Invention: The Forgotten Promise of Atmospheric Electricity
In 1922, Science and Invention magazine published an article about Plauson’s groundbreaking invention: a balloon made of aluminum, filled with hydrogen or helium, that could generate electricity from the atmosphere. At an altitude of 270 meters, this balloon produced a direct current of 400 volts with a force of 1.8 amperes. Remarkably, two such balloons with a capacitor battery could deliver a power output of 81 kilowatts in a day.
The author of the article was optimistic, stating, “Its output is very large… There is no doubt that this invention will soon come into general use throughout the world, especially in rural areas and wherever water power is scarce.” The article predicted that nearly all energy would eventually be derived from the atmosphere, describing it as the cheapest known form of energy, even cheaper than water power. Additionally, it claimed that these aerial power stations would prevent destructive thunderstorms by discharging thunderclouds safely and silently through grounded spark gaps.
Plauson’s invention promised cheap and affordable electricity for the entire world, potentially revolutionizing energy production and distribution. However, despite its potential, this remarkable innovation was forgotten. Could it be that such a disruptive technology, which could democratize energy and reduce dependence on conventional power sources, was deliberately suppressed? The story of Plauson’s invention invites us to reconsider the paths not taken and the possible reasons why transformative technologies sometimes vanish from history.

Government Environmental predictions over the years.
A great video summarizing all the End of the World predictions used to tax us through the decades.

Eyes of Darkness
In 1981, the renowned American author Dean Koontz wrote a novel titled “Eyes of Darkness,” which intriguingly mentions a bacteriological weapon called Wuhan-400. In a curious coincidence, the book predicted that this pathogen would spread globally in 2020. According to the story, Wuhan-400 targets the lungs and bronchi, resisting contemporary disease control methods.
However, this is, of course, just coincidence and fiction. How could they know?

Underwater Cities
Speaking of weather warfare, Why did all these cities get covered by water? Why do the hurricanes mainly come from the African side?

Walter John Kilner and the Dycenian Goggles
Walter John Kilner, a pioneer in the study of human auras, invented the Dycenian goggles, which purportedly allowed the wearer to distinguish between humans and Fallen Angels masquerading as humans by observing their auras, or electromagnetic fields. Kilner’s research suggested that a significant portion of the population might not be entirely human, a claim that sparked controversy and intrigue.
According to some accounts, Kilner was assassinated by the U.S. government in a classified operation in 1920 after he publicly disclosed his findings. His research was allegedly confiscated and suppressed, echoing similar conspiracy theories surrounding other prominent figures like John Trump and Nikola Tesla, who were believed to possess groundbreaking knowledge that threatened established power structures.
Just like John Trump, Just Like Nikola Tesla.

The UFO  Videos

1. colored orbs over Sand Diego, California June 21, 2024.

2. A white orb over Minas Gerais, Brazil June, 2024

3. A strange orb light show over central England.  July, 2024

4. An unusual cluster of flashing orbs over the east coast of the US,  2024

5. Up to 10 orange colored orbs over California July 2024

6. A strange UAP seen over Edmonton, Alberta, Canada July, 2024

July 18, 2024 At 8:15 AM
Thank you Edward Morgan. These updates from Ben are eye-openers. The links that connect to sources are amazing. I don't know what to believe in this day of AI fraud and secret societies. I am a suspicious observer that prepares for everything I can.

July 18, 2024 At 11:54 AM
Complete mind blow! As usual Ben covers a spectrum of items most ignore by no personal effects so why bother it, leave the smolder where it burns and step over. Last 2 articles. Hezbola winning war against Israel bc they are running out of Arms. "Like Hey guys come back when we have some munitions to fight ya" Be more the thought Hezbola and "Gaza all"
Waltz right into Israel and shut it down they WON War against a dark Adversary. the KM radical Mafia of the world.
Seems a no 'brainer'. Israel should lay down their vaporised arms, as criminals finally caught by their initiation, accept the crime they would call Defeat.
the last and long paragraph about once again. Chemical attack as it has been against the whole world. Still breathing surprise its burning your lungs capacity to hold air each breath in holding reducing life as the clock ticks.
The spike proteins any chemical agent for such a long "Time", they have been doing this. And Still many pay nothing attention. has been sounding the alarm of truth a very long time ago and now sharing its getting real thin now. Someone grab a tissue and make a stand. (yer gold bars won't matter any longer when dead).
Be surprised if any of the human race is left standing let alone breathing when finally they decide to care to stop this type of human organism attack on the world. Air streams carry from billions of Tons per drop to drop and all around circling the globe. Yet none appear to notice its acids are already working inside and outside. Simply breath. Most 86+ percent of humans are already contaminated. Then its excited by HAARP via High Power uWave Tech. or the buzz by an active 5G tower near you. Pity.
As the ol' Story goes. the world was started by just 2 people. hmm Adam and Eve. Or DNA birthing pods in the moon ship long ago. When is this chaotic clown show going to cease. Wake Up Call came and gone with even told ya so makes a deal past go. Tik Tok

T. says
Thursday, 18-Jul-2024
Actually if you pull up the NDA for 2024 and the section numbers mentioned, all these delegations have specifically to do with selling nuclear submarines to Australia and the UK.
That's not to say we aren't under military rule, but this is not the document you are looking for.

MrFusion says
Thursday, 18-Jul-2024
Fulford says some confusing things about the assassination attempt possibly being a white hat operation, or was "staged", but then he makes valid observations that don't agree with that. For my part, I don't see how a sharpshooter could accurately have only hit Trump's ear when he turned his head just milliseconds before the bullet came, which would otherwise have taken off the right rear of his skull.

Mihai says
Sunday, July 21, 2024 at 06:29
The “assassination attempt” was a ploy intended to increase his electoral success and perhaps blame someone – the Iranians – to start the classic war long desired by the lousy Jewish terrorists, A sniper declared: “My name this is jonathan willis, i’m the officer in the famous photo of the two snipers on the roof at the trump rally. I came here to inform the public that I had the killer in my sights for at least 3 minutes, but the head of the secret service refused to order the killer out. 100% the best people stopped me from killing the assassin before he shot President Trump.” the moment of the “assassination”×600.png, behind the clone, in the direction where the bullet would have continued to fly if would have existed, there are three mouthpieces: a woman with a red cap, a woman with a gray cap and an undeveloped man with a yellow T-shirt. If the bullet had been real, one of the three would have been killed, but nothing like that happened because it was just a blank cartridge without bullets. The “killer” was killed to be silent forever. In 2020, the army counted Tramp’s votes in parallel and knew the exact result from that night: 80,744,263 votes for D.Tramp, but they kept quiet because the democrats had genocide to do with Covid 5G and the vax. D.Tramp went with his family to Florida, where there was another “assassination attempt”, but the day before he had put a secured window in his bedroom where he shot himself from a drone. The story is blown! A professional assassin was drilling his hole from over 1 km away and no gunfire was heard. The cloned Zionist woke up dead when something good went through his head too – a bullet.

Notes to Readers:
Benjamin brings up some interesting points and makes a logical conclusion… as did I over the weekend. There were two movies happening at once: 1) the KM/Freemasonic plot to take Trump out as a “sacrifice” designed to prevent the implementation of the government clean-out and financial system changes that will occur under the Trump administration. And 2) the Secret Service sniper(s) that did take out the alleged sniper prevented the death of Donald J. Trump. The fact that the president displayed courage and defiance after being shot has galvanized a lot of powerful fence-sitters who immediately threw their support to Trump. It is also evident there was a possibility that the SS snipers (who were instructed to stand down before the sniper made his first shots) were actual White Hats as has been alleged by the Real Raw News article I posted below. There is a lot to unwind and examine, but in the end, Trump did survive, the Cabal missed their target and now the American public are really done with the old control system.

NEWS FLASH: For those who were not yet aware, the U.S. has been under undeclared martial law since the inauguration of Donald J. Trump. Remember the immaculately uniformed officers present, standing beside the new POTUS and First Lady? They were/are JAG, indicating military tribunals were coming to anyone who was paying attention. The video of this unusual occurrence has been replayed repeatedly since 2017. Trump is a wartime president, continuance of government policies are being enacted, Trump is Commander in Chief. The military martial law is about to go overt. Biden just “officially” announced to NATO that he takes orders from his CIC… which is Trump. This was a warning to the EU bureaucracy and traitors in NATO, as well as the traitors in the fake Biden administration. Whoever was puppeting Biden, it wasn’t the Deep State. It’s too late for the Democrats to select a new presidential candidate, which is the whole point. The party is in disarray, divided against itself, and looking pretty stupid. Whole groups of former Democrat voters have woken up to the fact that the DNC doesn’t give a flying f**k for them. As a consequence, they are deserting the Democrat party in droves. The sleeping lion has awoken.

You can expect massive changes and turmoil for the remainder of 2024 and into 2025, even according to the astrology — which is an actual science despite being discounted by the “official” scientific narratives which are proving to be extremely bogus and manipulated. Real science has never been taught to humanity… not for a very long time. This will change…

I will be putting up a link to the remainder of Ben’s report later in the week.
Eliza Ayres

And I will leave you with these wise words from Dave @NewsTreason:

Remember Anons. Now is NOT the time to prove you’re right to everyone.

Let the narrative play out the way it’s planned.

Bite your tongue if you need to.

All will happen in god’s time. (Creator/Source)

The events of the last few weeks should prove to you all that vindication is inevitable.

Right now we all need to stay out of the way of the Military. Let them all do their jobs. Both psychological and Kinetic.

Notes to Readers:
Okay, this week is the Republican National Conference. D. J. Trump was selected as the Republican candidate. The selection of the Vice President candidate was in keeping with the old “ticket” requirement left over from the U.S. Corporation. What can we expect next? Trump is receiving his first security reports on the 18th, that’s today.

Two major developments that still need to happen:

1    Biden administration collapsing (it’s fake, anyway). Biden just declared he had Covid, again. And was taken to a military hospital this morning.
2    The Japanese KM-controlled government needs to collapse

Then, Trump needs to activate the military overtly and let the games begin.

The rabid “Q” Anons are biting at the bit for the EBS/EAS to start. Will that happen this week? The only ones who know aren’t saying anything… because they’re military special ops.

I went on a hike this morning which is why I didn’t post much earlier. I can report success in handling the heat and humidity, but it was a tad cooler today for starters.

Have a good weekend, everyone!
Eliza Ayres

7.21.2024 UPDATE: Vance is being exposed for his ties to the Clintons and Bushes, to Yale, Skull and Bones, adrenochrome and Satanism. Is that enough, folks? Vance isn’t going to be anyone’s VP. As a Satanist, he’s going to (or has gone to) GITMO for a quick military tribunal and execution. No exceptions. Trump expected his highly efficient Anons to quickly dig their rabbit holes and discover the dirt on Vance. It took no time at all. Something about the non-state of Ohio…and its ties to child trafficking, etc., etc.

Israel has been saved for last. Israel, that artificial parasitical secular state is being dismantled. The lands wrongfully seized from the Palestinian people will be returned. The Jews currently living in Palestine will for the most part be resettled elsewhere. This is the endgame for Zionism and all the poisonous “isms” ever created by the deceitful Satanic Khazarian Mafia and its numerous related secret societies.

Who do you trust these days? Your own intuition, that’s who/what. Infiltration has been used by both sides of this covert war. Be careful who you follow and always, always ask questions.

Klaus Schwab, Billy Gates, Hillary Clinton, etc., are dead. If they appear in public, they’re clones and will be shot by the Marines. They can’t harm you anymore, so turn off MSM (which is also being controlled by the White Hats) unless we go into martial law and EBS/EAS, in which case, you’ll be glued to the TV during the disclosure movie.

Trump is Commander in Chief of the military White Hats and a wartime president. Our nation has been in a state of undeclared (covert) martial law. The military is preparing to go public, so brace yourself. If you’ve been avoiding facing reality up until now, there will be no choice but walk through the fear.

How do the White Hats win? By using all the tools the Deep State created to keep humanity under control. Crowdstrike stock value goes down, the company’s reputation is destroyed, companies and organizations are removing Crowdstrike from their servers. Boom! Taking down the enemy’s weapons, gathering evidence and defanging the Intelligence industry all in one fell swoop. Brilliant! Kudos to the White Hats!

It’s the end of the U.S. Corporation, too. The puppet show is over.

Benjamin Fulford Update July 19th, 2024
    U.S. has military government and the MSM has flipped (under White Hat control)
    Trump “assassination” show used as a pretext to arrest Rockefeller minions, dethroned behind the scenes, effecting control of Big Tech (Meta, Microsoft, Google, etc.)
    Biden is being removed… looks like they will have a male wearing a Kamala Harris mask as the Democrat candidate
    Talking of deporting all illegal migrants – 87% of Americans want this…
    Big meetings of Asian secret societies… Taiwan, the U.S. people wanted the island join with Japan, but in exchange they agreed to finance Trump regime. Decision to end the U.S. – China power struggle
    Israel is asking to join the Shanghai corporation, they are going to have to seek protection elsewhere other than U.S.
    MI6 and NK, Asian secret societies… allowing reunification of the two Koreas – rare earth minerals
    D. J. Trump is now promising to go after Big Pharma, compromise with Rbt. Kennedy Jr.
    UK fight, fake King Charles… British family may not remain in power…
    French government has resigned…
    Power struggle going on in EU
    Orban’s diplomatic trip
    Final big push…
    Overall, Western system will be left behind by China if they don’t change their policies
    China is being kept in check…
    Khazarian Mafia needs to overcome their visceral hatred of Russia
    Ben will be going on his summer vacation for two weeks, second week of August

Benjamin Fulford Friday Q&A Video July 19th 2024
Transcribed by Whisper

Quote:Hello, this is Benjamin Fulford speaking on July 19th, 2024.
First, I'd like to let people know that the next two video reports and written reports will be pre-done so that I can take a couple weeks off.
This year I will not be going to Canada because of the intense fighting that's going on, but I will spend some time in the Japanese Alps fasting and swimming and trying to detox and get ready for what's going to be a very busy autumn.

And now let's get to the news. Clearly, at this point, there can be no doubt the US has a military government.
And there's been a regime change behind the scenes. This is obvious in so many ways, but let's start with the New York Times.
The New York Times has been extremely anti-Trump, virulently so, for a long time.
And this week I was reading it and I said, "What happened?" We have these columns, one after the other, where they start a report by saying, "Okay, I said all these bad things about Trump in previous columns, but actually Trump is a great leader and he's now the man in charge."
So, the same thing with CNN. They suddenly have CNN saying that Trump is going to win.
So, something has happened with the control of the corporate media, and that can only be a military government.
Now, there are other signs, for example, well, the whole Trump assassination Freemason show clearly was used as a pretext to arrest a lot of the Rockefeller-type people behind the fake Joe Biden.
Remember, Joe Biden's cabinet was almost entirely composed of members of the Council on Foreign Relations, which is a Rockefeller organization.
So, this group has clearly been dethroned behind the scenes, and this is going to be affecting, I believe, control over Google, Meta, Microsoft, and a lot of other places.
We have yet to see the full implications, but the other thing that makes it obvious is that they have now said that Joe Biden has COVID, and there's a video showing him, or the actor pretending to be him, being forcefully shoved into a car.

It sort of reminds me of the video, remember, in 2016 of a fat Hillary being forced into a van, and then a 40-pound lighter Hillary appearing a couple hours later.
So, they grabbed the Biden off, and judging by the various columns and comments, it looks like they're going to have a man wearing a Kamala Harris mask acting as the candidate for the Democratic Party.
But clearly, something has happened, and the other thing is that the Republican rally, we noticed that they're talking openly about deporting all the illegal immigrants allowed in since the Biden presidency.
So, this is what a military government would do, because it is a clear danger to the safety of American people, and a recent poll shows that 80% of Americans think the country is spiraling out of control.
So, basically, the only way to deal with it at this point is a military government, and that's what we're seeing, and this will become increasingly obvious as time goes on.
Now, there are other things going on, too. This is all over the media, but I have some information about some big meetings that were held with Asian secret societies in Taiwan, and the big meeting in mainland China last week.
And the result is that in the secret negotiations in Taiwan, the people behind the United States asked for Taiwan to be joined with Japan.
However, the head elders, the Chinese elders said, "No, that's not going to happen." But in exchange, they agreed to finance the Trump America.
So, they're going to offer lots of money to support the Trump regime. This is what I'm hearing directly from Asian secret societies.
Now, I'm not saying that this is a bad thing. I'm not saying that this is a bad thing. I'm not saying that this is a bad thing. I'm not saying that this is a bad thing.
I'm just saying that this is a bad thing.

So, the United States is going to have to seek the protection in some form or another, and that's not going to come without concessions, to survive.
So, that's something that's big that's happened that's not on most people's radar screens.
Now, the other thing that's going on is that I've heard from both MI6 and from the North Koreans and from the Asian secret societies that the decision has been reached to allow the reunification of the Korean peninsula.
So, that's probably going to happen soon, and that will open up a lot of very valuable mineral resources, hopefully for the West.
They control, for example, two-thirds of the world's rare earth minerals. So, that's a big development.
And getting back to the US, I noticed another sign that something fundamentally has changed in that Donald Trump is now promising Robert F. Kennedy Jr. that he will go after the pharmaceutical companies and their vaccines.
So, my understanding is they're going to offer Kennedy the job of investigating the pharmaceutical companies in exchange for allowing Trump to become president.
We'll see how that goes, but this is what the news is on the ground.
So, clearly there has been regime change in the US
The situation in the UK is still not quite resolved. There is a fight going on.
We now know MI6 has confirmed that King Charles being put in public is a fake.
He recently had a security scare.
There's still fighting going on in the background there, but there's a good chance the British royal family will not stay in power when this is over.
We'll see. This is still ongoing and nothing's been settled at this point.
Now, the other big thing that happened is the French government has resigned and French intelligence contacted me to say that they're going to throw Ursula von der Leyen, the head of the EU, under the bus and that France was going to leave the EU.
But then after I got this, and then there was news about investigating her for involvement in vaccines, but then suddenly she was re-elected as head of the EU.
So, there is a power struggle going on there and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, he went on a trip to Moscow, China, Ukraine, and then to visit Donald Trump to try to come up with a peace agreement for the Ukraine.
And at the end of this, he says that the fighting is going to escalate.
So, clearly, it looks like there's going to be a final big push there to end that and it's going to involve serious fighting.
That's what the Hungarian president says.

Overall, the warning I have to make for the Western leadership is that if they don't change their system of economic governance, they're going to be left in the dust by China.
China, in one week, installs as much solar power capacity as the equivalent of five large nuclear reactors every week.
They produce 22 times more steel, or is it 16 times more steel, 22 times more cement.
But they've just announced that they've ended their arms control agreement, which means that up until now, China has deliberately kept their army smaller than the US so that it wouldn't be a threat in order to avoid provoking World War III.
Now, they said they're ending that, and since they produce more than 10 times as much steel, they can instantly, if they want, create a 100 million man army with tanks and everything else to go.
Fortunately for us, the Russians have made deals with Vietnam, India, North Korea, Mongolia to keep China from acting as a regional bully.
What the West needs to understand, especially the Khazarian Mafia, is they have to get over their visceral anti-Russian prejudice and join forces with Russia to make sure this does not become a one-China world.
What we want is a polycentric world, not replacing US hegemony with Chinese hegemony, and that's the battle that's going to be decided this autumn.
Overall, though, it's clear that the White Hats are winning, and hopefully we will see more big developments.
I will be monitoring things from a distance, but for the next two weeks, I hope to be more or less off the grid.
Again, I expect lots of stuff to continue to change at a very fast pace this autumn, so I hope to see you again. I'll be live again in the second week of August.
All right, well, thanks for tuning in, and now let me answer questions from readers and viewers.

Hi, Ben, we have our first question for today. It says, "I'm confused. Are you conflating JFK Jr. with RFK Jr.? RFK Jr. wrote the book 'Exposing the Big Pharma'—fraud on vaccines and connections with autism.
Maybe JFK Jr. is alive, and Trump will appoint him to such a committee, but it makes sense for him to appoint RFK Jr. that, especially after he reneged on his first administration after promising RFK Jr. he would do that. Please clarify this."
It appears that I may have made a slip of the tongue and said JFK Jr. when I meant RFK Jr. I'm referring always to Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and I apologize for the slip of the tongue, but he is definitely the man to be put in charge of dealing with the incredible crimes of the pharmaceutical companies,
and he has to be given that job, and he has to be given the power to actually enforce radical reform of the U.S. medical industry.
Basically, they are more expensive than any other medical industry or healthcare industry in the world, and yet the result is American lifespans are getting shorter.
So clearly, that whole industry needs to be completely and utterly reformed, and I believe he's the man to do it.

Next question.
"Hi Ben, on that last question, could you also please address the rumors about JFK Jr., not RFK Jr.? Did JFK Jr. fake his death, and do you believe he's still alive?"
I have seen no credible evidence to show that he is still alive, so I'm going to say I'll believe it when I see it. I haven't seen it yet.
Next question.
"Hi Ben, on the subject of royals, do you know anything about James Francis Alexander, who claims to be the real Prince Harry, who wrote a book with that very same title?
It sold thousands within weeks and was swiftly banned/cleared of all copies. He was found with several bullets in his body in a hotel in Ireland. Claims were that he was removed not long after Diana's death because he said he was going to tell all, and was so swished with another ginger boy from another wealthy family, one that he had prepared earlier.
I think it's ridiculous, apart from the disappearance of all copies, for a book that sold so many in such a short time, and the publisher now refusing to print any more is very strange."
This is all news to me, but I do know there is a royal who is in power behind the scenes, who has nothing to do with the current British royal family, and I don't want to say more, but there is something going on behind the scenes there.
I'm also aware of a gentleman in Australia who also claims to be the real king.
This is not really my area of specialty, but basically whoever is publicly there is the de facto king, and right now, unfortunately, in the UK we have a proven fake Charles in public acting as king, so there's something very wrong there. That's as far as I'll go on this subject for now.

Next question.
"Hi Ben, is there anywhere I can find more info on the queen's death/murder along with Catherine? How can her children seem to go along with it, or do they think that is their mother and they are all holograms overplaced? When is this likely all to be revealed?"
The only way in this day and age to get accurate information is to try to physically, first of all, get books written on paper, and also try to physically attend events where these people appear in public, and don't rely on video appearances because they can be faked as we all know completely.
But I seriously doubt that the real children are happy or going along with this, and I expect in the future they will talk about it, just like Prince Harry talks about Diana being murdered.
But we definitely need more transparency.
And one more thing, I haven't never said this before, but I recently found out that although I was a great fan of Queen Elizabeth, and she did great work trying to stop the genocide by George Bush Sr., and instead of killing 90% of humanity, she proposed carbon taxes, which although it was not scientific, at least helped prevent the genocide.
But having said that, I found out recently that she had Grace Kelly killed, you know, the Princess of Monaco, the fairy tale story, and the motive was jealousy.
This is according to MI5 people who were involved and told me about it.

Next question.
We have our last question for today. In regards to the recent Trump shooting, do you believe this was an inside job, or do you think that this was all planned from the beginning? Some are saying that Trump looked too calm after being shot for it to not be staged. Would like your thoughts.
Well, the latest intelligence I have is that there was a real attempt plotted by the Rockefellers and Rothschilds to eliminate Trump, and the people around Trump became aware of this and decided to use it against them.
You know, the evidence was this huge insider selling of Trump stocks, like a 15,000% increase in volume of shares of selling of Trump stock the day before the supposed assassination, and this has been linked to Black Rock and Vanguard, the people behind, you know, the fronts for the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers.
So my best understanding now is that the real attempt was subverted and turned against the people doing it and to the benefit of Trump.
The other thing I heard is that the Trump who was at that event was not the real one, and the real Trump remains at the Mount Cheyenne base in Colorado.
Hopefully we'll find out more as events continue to proceed.
But right now they're trying very hard to cover up all stories and talk about it being a freemason staged event.
So we'll see how it plays out but clearly, Trump is now in charge of the United States.
And Biden and the people behind him out of power.
This is made obvious by events on the ground.
Ok well that's all I have to say for myself today, and I hope you tune into my pre-recorded reports the next two weeks, and then I'll see you again in three weeks.

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