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Courageous Souls
Has anyone else read this book by Robert Schwartz?  It has really helped me to clear up some confusion.  I knew I wasn't able to manifest good health or a cure for the disease that haunts me, but I couldn't figure out why my oversoul had chosen this before I came to this incarnation.

Schwartz explains how our soul group plans for the whole group and for each individual soul before we come to this incarnation.  It explains why we choose some things such as disease, accidents, problems, etc. in order for all of us to use the experiences to grow. 

For example, my disease might not be only for my spiritual growth but is likely also helpful for someone else's growth.  Maybe I need to let go of control and trust issues and someone else needs to learn service to others (or something like that).

I hope someone else has read this book so we can discuss it!

i will track a copy down and read it

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