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David Icke
Hi Hissil,

Stew told me about the Moon stuff a few years before Icke ever wrote about it.  From what I have learned since, Stew got his info from elsewhere (not surprising) ....I dont think Icke can back up many of his claims to be honest.

I remember when Icke came out of his New Age closet..he is completely programmed with New Age bumpf IMO..the truthful info seems to be a springboard into his wobbly New Age theories.

Plus, anyone who Stewart Swerdlow "recommends" as a source of truth, is put on the petri dish and goes under the  microscope.

I also have to laugh at anyone who, allows themselves to be portrayed as a "legend" (especially before they are dead) ....I do not understand why people liken Icke to Ghandi and Einstein..and I do not understand why he allows these ideas that put him on the same level as Einstein and Gandhi portrayed in videos on his web site...He is trippin..Sorry I think the man is an ass. 

There is similar fanaticism attributed to William Cooper. People worship him but I truly find his research to be lacking substantial originality. Of course he did speak about about 9/11 a few months before it happened, but he slanted his talk show with too much christianity to keep me interested.

True. The difference between Bill Cooper possibly being considered some kind of legend ( i am not sure if he considered himself a legend or not, he seems fairly humble or whatever) is probably because he was killed etc..

DI on the other hand, has allowed his groupies to perpetuate the idea and happily goes along with it, i.e by allowing videos that entertain that he is already a legend to be broadcast on his web page.

The bragging of himself, by himself and the mockery of those who disagree does not fit the bill of a "legend" IMO...Especially when what he puts out there, particularly with regard to his own theories as fact, just isn't and or nobody can really prove it.

For example...I don't think say, Mother Theresa, or Gandhi for example prattled on about what a rough time they had of it, or made a big deal out of what they ever contributed..DI makes sure everyone knows in one way or another..even though at the end of the day he hasn't done anything that noteworthy that has actually helped anyone.

I dont think he is responsible for waking people up, and whatever he has woken them up to is mainly tailored towards his particular theories which are full of holes.


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