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Deep State, Adrenochrome & Pedo-Satanic Sacrifices
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What Is The Deep State? Part One
Idealogy: Baal Worship

The philosophy behind this group centers around the worship of Baal. This name means "superior, supreme, master" in the Semitic languages. This cult will cross the different eras and groups and in particular the Canaanites the Phoenicians and the Egyptians among others. This name will be attached to several deities and seems to change names, while keeping the same attributes over time.

The worship of baal often associated with another deity, Moloch is present in the ruling classes (the elites) who ruled the following cultures:

    tribe of judah
    Pharaohs of the time of the exodus (in particular Hyksos)
    The Roman Empire (via Cult of Saturn)
    The Vatican (via the double papacy and the Jesuits) Among others the Jesuits have their own part in the American Pantagon called “Jesuit war room”.

And most ancient and modern societies and religions are to a greater or lesser extent imbued with one version or another of Baal worship.

To have a complete mapping of the influence of this ideology, the most complete resource on this subject was created in 2018 by Dylan Louis Monroe who is an expert in the art of connecting all this information which is often dissociated for better hide and confuse us.

His work is available here:

Credit: Cult of Baal by Dylan Louis Monroe. Available as a poster on his website

The philosophy of this cult

Different archetypes

The association with the cult of Baal has changed name from one culture to another to better languish in contemporary societies by changing one or more attributes associated with this deity.

When this cult is banished from one society, it re-emerges in another culture in an altered form.

It is nevertheless obvious to recognize the same signature, in particular the most important, which is the sacrifice of children to these different deities.

This practice remains the common thread that allows this cult to be followed, whether through religions or the various cults associated with it.

blood sacrifices

The central theme that accompanies this cult under its various names is the sacrifice of blood, and more particularly the sacrifice of children. The sacrifice of his first born being considered the most important offering and the most powerful form of black magic available to a Baalist.


Satanism is not confined to the worship of a single deity but is associated with the pursuit of self-interest above all morality. “Do what thou wilt” translated as “Do what you want” and associated with characters like Aleister Crowley, is moreover the motto of this ideology. This cult primarily seeks individuals with psychopathic and narcissistic tendencies to swell their ranks.

Dark magic and Luciferians

Luciferians follow the same satanic ideology, but have been instructed in metaphysical secrets and have access via dark magic to a plethora of demonic entities.

The occult and the esoteric

Contrary to popular thought, mystical schools and esoteric knowledge both have two facets. Freemasonry, the Kabbalah, for example, have two opposite and very distinct facets.

One dark and sinister which is defined by service to self in spite of morality, and the other benevolent which focuses the use of knowledge and skills in the service of others.

In this analysis we primarily explore organizations that have used knowledge of reality manifestation mechanics and metaphysics to deceive humanity and serve the few.

But we must keep in mind that this knowledge obeys a law that is universal and that this same knowledge can be used to serve all of humanity.


As a result of this service-to-self ideology, wars and betrayals are commonplace between the various factions of this cult. Nevertheless they manage to join forces and cooperate on the common goal which is:

The total Domination of this part general population which prefers peace ie: the people.

Being invincible and invisible are the means by which they accomplish their goal. They dream of being gods of a world that is of their own creation, breaking and defying all the natural laws of the universe.


Supremacy through domination requires the creation of hierarchies, which is imposed on all levels of society whether inside or outside the cult. Knowledge is organized into compartments and access is only possible according to the level in the hierarchy. Even within this cult, the majority of members have access to only a fraction of the information and the most important secrets are reserved for higher-ranking members.


One of the key cult values is deception, the result of ambition for dominance at all costs, coupled with an absence of morality.

Catholicism, for example, centers on the two-faced Roman god, Janus. This representation echoes the double facet of the Vatican, which is satanic in its origin. The Vatican is so filled with pagan symbols and obvious contradictions in its writings and actions, that reality is literally reversed for the honest believer. The veneration of death is a central theme, disguised under a benevolence that exists only in words. The crucifixion of Christ is in itself a demonstration of this constant staging of death. However, counter-intuitive justifications for this idea have been canonized to hide the obvious in broad daylight.


Speaking of the crucifixion of Christ, the symbols and symbolism is one of the most important elements of this worship. The symbolism has been scattered throughout the buildings, art and creations of this cult for millennia. Words are incantations, and art a form of magic, and this cult uses it literally in EVERYTHING.

From the monetary system through the political, judicial and entertainment systems, Satanic and Baalistic symbols are constantly paraded before our eyes, without the majority of people being able to distinguish them. It is from this form of hypnotization by symbolism that we give our consent without really knowing what is behind it. We must not forget that this cult needs our consent, intentional or not, to continue to impose its rule, at least on a global level.


This cult controls the banking system through practices as occult as the Babylonian magic of money$Magie-Mesopotamie.htm%20.

They set up the banking system to allow all human activities to pay them dues and at the same time they prevented the disclosure of technologies such as the Free Energy Concept, which would launch humanity into a new period of evolution. to see the day.

In summary

To overcome these more or less dark forces that have held all of humanity hostage, we must study and understand the knowledge (in all its aspects) that has allowed them to usurp all of humanity for so long. Moreover, it is essential to understand that a metaphysical world exists beyond our current perception, even if it is often accused of conspiracy theory by current science. This knowledge was well and truly hidden to better be used against the population as a whole.

The time has come to expose those at the highest level of the pyramids of power for who they really are, and their intentions. Only then can we begin to truly understand the magnitude of the greatest disappointment humanity has ever known.

Please share with as many people as possible if you find the information below relevant.

What Is The Deep State? Part Two
Who are they?

In this second part on the Deep State we will see Who makes up this Luciferian and Satanic Cult which has ruled the world for more than 6,000 years. This cult is being dismantled and eradicated from the face of the planet by a coalition comprising the most important nations of the globe and a cooperation that is to date the largest in human history.

In part 1, we saw the why, that is to say the ideology, which is behind the intentions of this group, namely: the worship of Baal.

Now here is who makes up the current Deep State.

Their story
This cult originates from the Canaanites, and more specifically, from the descendants of Cain who formed the tribe of Dan. This cult will then be transferred to almost all the other cultures that will follow through consanguineous marriages, and above all an obsession for these families to preserve their power within this growing clan. The tribe of Dan included Dan's descendant parents, Naphtali, and Asher, three of Jacob's sons. The three families (tribes) were grouped according to how Jacob's sons camped around the family “temple” when there were only immediate sons and families at the time. These three sons camped facing north, the direction in which their descendants would later travel. These families grew as neighbors and eventually formed the Tribe of Dan, As Dan,

They then traveled all over the globe to dominate the following civilizations:

    tribe of judah
    All Mesopotamian civilizations (Assyrians, Sumerians, etc.)
    Pharaohs of the time of the exodus (in particular Hyksos)
    Greek Civilization
    The Roman Empire (via the Cult of Saturn).
    And today The Vatican (via the double papacy and the Jesuits).

The control system, as we know it today, dates back to the Venetian oligarchs of the early 12th century. These oligarchs were of Khazar origin. Following a series of crusades, they eventually married into the Venetian nobility of the time and created, the Order of the Black Sun, also known as the Venetian nobility.

Order of the Black Sun or Venetian Black Nobility.
This Group is made up of the 13 powerful families who have controlled world history since the 12th century.

Among these families 5 are particularly powerful namely: Orsini, Breakspear, Aldobrandini, Farnese, and Somaglia.

One of the members of these families, Alexander Farnese (later Pope Paul III), is at the origin of the creation of the company of Jesus (Jesuits) with the Borgia family in 1540. Ignatius of Loyola, was the first Superior general of this new order.

Historically, these families are split between two factions: The Guelphs and The Ghibellines. Even though wars and internal tensions are common for the control of some parts of the world, They have so far managed to agree on their common agenda: The total control of humanity for the order of the sun black.

An example of the expression of this shadow power.

Elvina Pallavicini leader of the black nobility during the second half of the 20th century was much more powerful than Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen and Prince Philip are totally subordinate to the papal line of the Breakspear family and report to the Jesuit headquarters at 114 Mount Street in London. Yet few people have ever heard of Maria Camilla Pallavicini.

To learn more: The Venetian Black Nobility And The Concept Of Oligarchy is a great resource.

The papacy

The papacy represents one of the real control centers of this cult which uses it to control the world, without having to be directly visible. It is enough to see the influence that the Vatican has on the world to quickly realize the trickery. The papacy is a triangle of power which includes 3 popes.

1 white pope

We all know him and he represents the symbol, and the image of the papacy, but he ultimately has very little power.

1 black pope

He is the superior general of the Jesuits who defends the interests of the Vatican all over the world. He has far more powers than the white pope. It controls maritime laws, the banking system, the secret services, most governments, education systems, and religions all over the world.

Good to know:

    The Jesuits are a military order, whose members are often nicknamed the "soldiers of god", probably due to the nature of the missions entrusted to them throughout the world.
    Their headquarters, the Borgo Santo Spirito in Rome, is an anti-missile building.
    They also have their own HQ inside the US Pentagon.
    The vatican is very interested in what happens in the universe and in space and has several telescopes, including one called LUCIFER….

1 pope gray

This gray pope is the one who rules the papacy from the shadows. He must come from one of the 13 families of the Order of the Black Sun. Currently the one who holds this function is Pepe Orisini of Maison Orsini/Orso/Maximus.

The Order of the Black Sun and the Papacy are the two important elements of current world control.

Then come the royalties who sit in the different groups, in particular the Bildeberg group and the club of Rome.

Just below are the big control pillars which are different in every region of the world. It is usually enough to look at the wealthiest people in each region to get an idea of who they are. There are very few coincidences and exceptions to this fact.

Then come the puppets.

The puppets are the heads of state that one might assume hold the charge of power. But as we can see, they arrive very low in the pyramid of power in order to be able to apply the constitution and the laws of a country and to remain impervious to the various influences which emanate from the top of this power.

Just below, second-tier puppets are a category of people who have long felt “untouchable” and often pulled the strings behind the scenes. Their influence, or their media background often allowing them to use and abuse power. An example here is the case of the Clintons, who despite their numerous accusations over the years, had so far managed to cover up their long streak of evildoing. The number of their associates and accusers who have killed themselves with a bullet to the head is so improbable (over 60!) that they are entitled to their own hashtag which is quite popular on twitter #ClintonsBodyCount.

Nevertheless, the scandal too many that will catch up with them is that of the large-scale pedophilia crimes committed by their foundation all over the world. This file found on Antony Weiner's computer has been ongoing since 2016 and is starting to come to the surface more and more. Of the 12 New York City officers who have seen the file, 10 have already committed suicide…. The other investigators on this case were so shocked by the character of what they discovered that they needed care and follow-up afterwards. What could they have discovered in this computer?

The pawns that are separated into two tiers are the CEOs and celebrities that we all know. Both of these groups are filled with children who grew up in the cult and were abused/controlled from childhood. As adults, they occupy the most important positions in our society. To better understand how these people are controlled, read Strategy #2, Create Victim/Perpetrator Archetypes, from our article on Sexual Abuse.

Here is roughly, the pyramid of control of the current world and especially the hierarchy which results from it. Our goal in creating this intricate work is to allow everyone to have an aerial view of how the world works.

This view may help to better explain why certain decisions and policies of those who govern us may seem contrary to common sense.

This view also helps to better understand the magnitude of the battle that is currently underway to reclaim the world from the clutches of this ideology.

Sexual Abuse in Its Different Forms
To better understand the global importance of the QAnon movement, it is necessary to take an interest in the various subjects that it addresses, and in particular one of the most important, which is the dismantling of an anti-human ideology, which has plagued the planet since several thousand years. Called cult, Cabal, Deep state, or many other names, we always refer to the same ideology of control that has been able to infiltrate different cultures through different eras and civilizations to better subvert populations and thus satisfy its lust for power and control. Today this ideology which has spread throughout the world, and which is present in almost all facets of our societies, is used for a more important purpose which is to control the human mind.

The purpose of this ideology is to enslave the entire human species for the service of a few, chosen for their perversity, who are named as being the representatives of this ideology on earth.

Q is pretty blunt when talking about this cult

About this satanic cult:

“Everything you think is true is false (ie: reverse system) – The cult controls the world. Many celebrities, politicians, power figures and power groups, are all part of the same cult/club of psychopaths, and show it openly with their symbols: owls, Y-heads, symbolic tattoos, jewelry (inverted cross, black ring ), the left eye marker (Eye of Ra) all adorned in gold (to represent themselves as gods). They practice spirit cooking “cooking of human beings” and abduct children for satanic rituals and sacrifices for Moloch/Satan in hidden places (example: Epstein and the island of Little Saint James).

We pray every day for God to guide us in the right direction because we are really facing the Devil. The world is struggling right now and it is destroying the cult.”

Sexual abuse as a tool of control
One of the most important tools that has always been used to directly or indirectly control the human mind through this ideology is sexual abuse in all its forms.

Sexual abuse is nothing new on earth. It has always served to enslave the individual or, more collectively, an entire population, for example by using rape during the various wars to better traumatize the enemy. As a tool of mind control, sexual abuse is a tool that has been perfected over thousands of years.

In parallel, a form of abuse which has proliferated and which is much less known by the majority of people, is the sexual abuse within the framework of rituals, in particular that of children.

Pedo Satanist Rituals (SRA)
Also called SRA in English (Satanic Ritual Abuse), this form of torture is voluntarily hidden from the general public, so that one cannot discover its very complex operation, but also its global scale, and its age which is millennium. Victims are ridiculed and their stories labeled as false, or as the result of personality or behavioral disorders. In all cases the same artifices are deployed to hide the truth. And if however the truth passes this first curtain of control, the case is then isolated, by considering this one as being the simple act of a solitary wolf or a group of people who are mentally deranged. Either way, the overall magnitude is hidden and the abuse continues to spread.

Only recently has the world woken up to the systemic and ongoing reality of these abuses. Via the significant increase in whistleblowers, victim stories, and ever-increasing discoveries of cases in the various institutions of our societies such as the Catholic Church, governments, and entertainment spheres.

Although difficult to accept and to conceive, we must nevertheless, as human beings grow and become aware of this reality, to understand it well, to better eradicate it. All this, to enable us to protect our future generations, and the most vulnerable, who cannot defend themselves: children, women and all those who suffer this violence.

For each of us, this work begins by seeking the FACTS, and by asking ourselves, and especially asking, the questions that can sometimes be difficult, rather than labeling the victims of these abuses as liars, or thinking that it is someone else's job to take care of this problem.

We must individually and collectively know the truth, before this infection which affects all of humanity can be eradicated completely. 

Thinking that networks only exist in Asia, Africa, or Haiti. Or else, thinking that the Dutroux and the Fourniret of this world are only isolated cases, we continue to allow these crimes to be committed on our street corners, rejecting the reality in which we live as something something far away.

When we do not perceive a human being as someone's child, son, or as a living being who deserves as much attention or compassion as our own child, because everything we swallow all day in the media it's: murders, war, hatred, we're beginning to believe that lack of empathy is a completely normal characteristic of human beings.

This is how we create a society that is increasingly narcissistic and even potentially psychopathic.

But this is false, any decent human being is capable of empathy, compassion and love towards the other. What prevents us today is ignorance, in the face of the complexity of this system of deception which has been in place and perfected for millennia, where everything is reversed, and where evil presents itself as a savior to better us disappoint. 

Today this system is exposed in broad daylight and knowledge will be the weapon with which it will be destroyed and eradicated from the face of our planet.

The complexity of sexual abuse in the control system.

As a crime against human beings, sexual abuse serves several purposes and strategies for controlling power and the world's population.

Strategy #1, divide to better conquer:
Divide to better conquer the world population by creating secret societies that will be placed at the top of the pyramid of world power. These secret societies establish and propagate the strategies of global population control and are rewarded with ever-increasing power and influence. By establishing an elite that is connected to each other by blood ties, and who will be the ruling class. These human beings are indoctrinated from birth to instill in them that they are an elite apart, and that this status confers on them a nobility, which causes their god of choice (Satanic or Luciferian), to protect them and their family. To deny or divulge the secrets of this elite is punished by torture or death.

Then, the tool kit that these families apply to divide and better conquer the world population always contains the same elements:

    Economic terrorism
    blood sacrifice
    Sexual abuse
    mind control
    SRA (Sexual Abuse in Rituals)

These elements make it possible to plunder all the human, physical and energetic resources which are ultimately returned to a control system that is centralized to it.

Strategy #2, create Victim/Perpetrator archetypes:
The indoctrination to then be able to propagate their control ideology will require being able to control the elements (humans), within their own factions. This is enforced via mind control of all people born into or around these elite families. This control of the mind begins at birth and is reinforced by methods of intimidation and repetition to lead to the unhesitating regurgitation of the various dogmas and inculcated systems. This training continues through youth to enforce abusive behavior and loss of personal dignity as a way of life. The introduction of this victim/executioner archetype is propagated as much as possible as a form of mind control,

We find these archetypes, for example, in many companies where the bosses use all kinds of abuse towards their collaborators to better satisfy their power.

The most advanced level of this archetype is rightly applied through ritual sexual abuse of children (SRA), which is a practice MUCH more widespread than one would like to imagine.

Strategy #3 Sexual Abuse and Child Sacrifice (SRA):
The most advanced level to generate mind control, both on an individual and collective level, lies in the satanic rituals practiced by the satanic priests and the various participants, in the castes and spheres of these ruling families.

These people encourage and believe in the interest of blood sacrifices and in particular of children to perpetuate their ideology to make offerings to their gods of choice: Moloch and Baal.

These people who are completely corrupted spiritually, believe that the blood of a child is the purest commodity available to them, either to obtain more power and material possessions, or to absolve their faults.

Additionally, the torture and sexual abuse of a child prior to sacrifice serves to harvest Adrenochrome from the victim.

This blood, adrenalized by the fear inflicted on the victim by all these abuses, is considered an elixir of youth and the favorite potion of ALL the elites. Again its trafficking and distribution is more widespread than one might imagine.

To harvest Adrenochrome, quite often children are kidnapped and intricate networks are set up to provide these sordid activities. Families participating in these satanic rituals also provide their own children as part of satanic feasts, an act that is considered one of the most important offerings a Satanist or Luciferian can make to his deity of choice, Moloch or Baal.

These facts are undoubtedly the most difficult for a healthy person to believe, but the reality is that they do exist, in MANY numbers, and before our eyes, without being able to notice it.

This testimony from Kristy Allen, a former victim during the International Human Trafficking Inquiry Commission, which is currently underway is a must see. It is chaired by a former CIA officer turned whistleblower Robert Steel, to understand the world in which we live.

In these cases the children of the most underprivileged and poorest regions of the world, the systems of orphanages and the kidnapping of children serve to supply these networks with children who will be used to

    Satanic Rituals
    Pedophilia on or off the internet.
    As sex slaves for an individual or a group of individuals within the satanic framework
    Mutilation of all kinds and in particular of the genitals.

When we know that, for example, the live sex industry on the Internet which includes children is an industry valued at more than a billion dollars, and that nothing is done to treat this problem in a global way, we understand a little better the interests of the various actors in this crime against humanity as a whole.

Robert Steel explains how the most powerful organizations we know today are working to provide this system.

It's simple: pedophiles are promoted to the most important management positions in a company, multinational or NGO. As a result, an organization that originally had a humanitarian purpose becomes the provider of children for the crimes committed by this cult.  The reversal strategy once again at work.

Q, through the QAnon movement has made the fight against child sex trafficking and SRA (satanic Ritual abuse) his workhorse to expose and eradicate this ideology and cult.

About human trafficking
Pedogate / Human Trafficking

Pedogate is the child trafficking and pedophilia that plagues elites in government, Hollywood and everywhere else. It also covers child abduction (Haiti/Red Cross) for satanic rituals and human sacrifice (The Island of Jeffrey Epstein). Pedophile networks are being dismantled by the President and his global Partners (ie: Russia, Saudi Arabia, India and even China). Over 3,000+ children saved in Saudi Arabia alone. The Adam Schiff district in California is one of the hotspots for child trafficking in the United States. The Clinton Foundation is also connected to human trafficking around the world.

It is then enough to browse the various information offered in the drops of Q, to realize the immense complexity of this global communication operation which has been put in place to eradicate this ideology which has perverted and infected human life for years. thousands of years.

This time again humanity finds itself at a crossroads . The choice ? 

Continuing to keep alive and nourishing this inverted system based on perversion and fear


Denounce and dismantle it once and for all to follow the natural path of humanity which is based on love, compassion, and respect for human life in all its forms.

The choice is individual but the collective result depends on it, and to give you certainty about its victorious outcome for humanity, Q often refers to this sentence: "Nothing can stop what is coming, nothing". And when we see the awakening of the world over the last few years, he is undoubtedly right.

The question that then arises is:

Do the crimes that QAnon denounces concern France and the rest of the world?

Do we have in France, for example, a cult, an elite that practices the abuses that are mentioned above?

The Wanted pédo site is undoubtedly the largest resource dealing with this subject in France:

A quick tour of their site will allow you to form your own opinion.

Adrenochrome: The other sinews of war

Adrenochrome: definition

Wikipedia definition:

Adrenochrome is an organic compound with the formula C9H9NO3. It is a blue pigment resulting from the oxidation of adrenaline.

This same definition only includes the chemical definition of adrenochrome and only mentions its synthetic aspect.

Yet the subject of Adrenochrome is much larger and older than this simple definition by wikipedia, embellished with the usual Fact-Checking here culture and popular beliefs  which indicates that the representations of this compound as a psychotropic or extracted from blood are only imaginary representations notably in the film Las Vegas Parano which depicts a similar substance.

They also add the usual QAnon-related conspiracy theory to these indications.

But is this really the case?

We will see that Adrenochrome is nothing new, and that it is one of the most important elements behind global child Satanism, which leads to the trafficking and abuse of millions of children every year around the world.

Definition of the commercial side of the product:

By searching a little on the internet, we quickly realize that there is another definition of adrenochrome, taken up by the websites which market this product.

This definition is taken here from the website (which was deleted, but not before being archived…) which was intended to be the showcase for a cryptocurrency called ADC. ADC Coin (like Bitcoin) is a cryptocurrency used as a means of financial services which oversees the Adrenochrome production industry and market.

here is the definition in question:

“  ADRENOCHROME is the purest product on the market, harvested under strictly regulated conditions by our international supply chain of child donors.

Since immoral times, blood has been linked to youth, vitality and immortality. The blood of children and virgins, in particular, has long been converted for its life-giving properties – both as a sacrificial offering and as a substance for ritual drinking.

Mythology and history each revere the symbolic and material properties of blood. They describe it as an elixir of life, released upon death. The shedding of blood, both symbolic and ritual, is inextricably linked to the acquisition of knowledge about salvation, eternal life and humanity's relationship with the Divine.

Along with its spiritual dimension, the visceral nature of blood aligns it with the lust for power and wealth on our earth plane. The physical and spiritual properties of blood are indistinguishable, linked by blood through a cycle of death and rebirth. Human history is cyclical and blood is the glue that binds everything together.

The inherent difficulty in propagating and extracting Adrenochrome has long made it a highly exclusive commodity and the province of vampiric elites. »

The presentation video of this cryptocurrency (which has since been made private on youtube) leaves little room for doubt as to the origin of the ADC Coin….


We therefore see here that Adrenochrome is not just a simple synthetic compound (blue in color) that makes conspiracy theorists fantasize, but we will also see that the commercial information put forward by and ADC Coin have more facts to back them up than just the Wikipedia definition.

There are 2 types of adrenochrome.

To understand the importance of the adrenochrome topic, one must first understand this important distinction.

There are two different types of adrenochrome. 

Synthetic (fake) adrenaline, which can also be used as an ingredient for the production of adrenochrome, but does not provide the revitalizing properties that the satanic elites crave.

And so organic Adrenochrome made from organic adrenaline harvested from human beings, as it serves as a potent drug, has many dermatological properties, and can be used for satanic rituals and sacrifices.

Synthetic adrenochrome.
The chemical properties of synthetic adrenaline-based Adrenochrome.
CAS 69-81-8
Molecular formula: C10H12N4O3
Full name: adrenochrome semicarbazone

Human adrenochrome.
The chemical properties of adrenochrome from organic adrenaline, obtained in humans.
CAS 54-06-8
Molecular formula: C9H9NO3
Full name: Adrenochrome Carbazochrome (also "Anluo Blood")

The devil is as always often hidden in the details and Wikipedia, is happy to mislead you by providing the organic molecular formula of Adrenochrome, but then only discussing the synthetic version of Adrenochrome.

China is the world's largest producer of synthetic and organic Adrenochrome (that produced in humans) and this supplier site, for example, does not hide the origin of its products.  Just enter the NCA numbers on their site to find the two products which are distinct.

This testimony from Robert David Steele sums up well the situation of adrenochrome and the importance that this product has in the satanic world. In particular, he evokes one of the most important origins of adrenochrome, which comes from China: Falun Gong practitioners.

In the region around the city of Wuhan, and in particular under the 3 Gorges dam, there is an epicenter of production of this substance.

Another interesting fact about adrenochrome, the representation of the blocks that make up its chemical structure is as follows:

It is often referred to when talking about “Follow the White Rabbit” because of its shape which could evoke that of a rabbit.

Adrenochrome is not new.

Contemporary presence.

Adrenochrome is referenced in several patents, some dating back to the 1960s.

These patents essentially list the methods for synthesizing adrenochrome.

But the harvesting and consumption of adrenochrome is so ancient that it is depicted in art and carvings all over the world.
older presence.

Why is it harvested?

Here we are therefore talking about organic adrenochrome harvested from humans.

This blood adrenalized by the fear provoked in the subject on which it is going to be collected is considered as the most precious product by the practitioners of the satanic world. Adrenochrome serves several functions:

    It is a means of offering to come into contact with the satanic entities which govern this world. During these events, which are called SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) or Abus within the framework of satanic rituals, the blood collected is then shared between the participants who are authorized to benefit from it according to their rank and status.

    Adrenochrome is also considered an elixir of youth by elites around the world. It is a product that allows them to keep an apparent youth for a long time. Adrenochrome harvested from children is considered to be more potent. Hence the preference of harvesting in children

    Finally, and most importantly, adrenochrome is considered a drug with very powerful hallucinogenic effects. It is a drug, to which one develops an addiction from the first take, and which it is impossible to stop. It seems that extremely rapid aging and death are often the result of stopping the use of this drug.

How is it harvested?

As part of satanic rituals: the rituals often follow a very specific protocol and the victim from whom this substance is harvested is often staged at the center of the ceremony. She is then sacrificed or tortured to then collect the blood and consume the different parts of her body.

Jessie Czebotar details these ceremonies in which she had to participate for many years.:

Please note the content is explicit and may shock.

"Jessie was made to watch and not take her eyes off of all the sacrifices and rituals, and if she had dissociated or turned away, she would have been rejected as incapable. However, being forced to witness 1000 murders per month inevitably takes a physical and mental toll, even for those who are not mind-controlled.

The rituals begin between 6 and 8 p.m. and continue throughout the night. Cannibalism is part of many of these rituals. However, the bodies begin to deteriorate immediately after death, and the orifices leak after 3 hours, along with changes in skin colors. the flesh separates from the muscles. Therefore, procedure dictates that a human adult or child is not dead when cut up, it must be alive.

Jessie has even seen babies delivered to the door and larger bodies delivered still alive in plastic wrap. Sometimes referred to as evergreen meat, perhaps as a cynical reference to the Illuminati's 2030 Agenda.

Indeed, to increase pain and distress and therefore adrenochrome, points are chosen that pass through the nerves of the arms or legs or feet. Children scream for the torture to stop and beg and plead for their lives, but fear is the intent behind the ritual. “

Link to full article by the excellent Cathy Fox covering the most important topics of our time.

In the context of harvesting as a drug:  more modern methods are often used to immobilize and torture the victim and one of the most used elements are the dentist's chairs on which the victim will be immobilized before being tortured.

Complete dental equipment found in Jeffrey Epstein's villa.

A torture room with a dentist's chair found as part of the dismantling of a global network.

On an industrial scale, we will use whole containers to pile up a maximum of victims before collectively inflicting all kinds of abuse on them to traumatize them.

An example in the clip of AVICCII for a better day.

Do you really think he killed himself after exposing the cabal's biggest crime?

Another context in which it is harvested: manhunt parties.

This activity prized by the elite, in particular by European royal families, is very little known to the general public. It is a sordid and abominable activity, during which children and adolescents who have been abducted beforehand, in particular in orphanages and other state institutions which largely supply these groups, are hunted down and hunted as one would hunt an animal.

These children are drugged, stripped, and given time to escape before being chased into gigantic forests. Hunters, on the other hand, use hunting dogs and weapons to hunt down and find these children. Children who are found are tortured, raped and put to death in unimaginable stagings to harvest adrenalized blood and consume their body parts.

Several examples of human hunting parties have now already made the news and corroborate the stories, too long ignored, of the few children who managed to survive these horrors.

    Brice Taylor
    Jessie Czebotar
    david shurter
    Fiona Barnett
    Sue Arrigo [significant witness on the cult]
    FieldMouse [connection to the Dutroux case]
    Becky Percy

are some of these children who have had direct experience of these human hunting parties, and testify in this complete article by Cathy Fox on the subject of human hunting.

A Rothschild-owned Black Forest estate in Germany that was hastily sold in 2018 was the scene of a massive search by German police the following year. It would not be surprising if human mass graves and other evidence were found there.

Belgium, Norway, Netherlands, Great Britain, France, USA, Australia are some of the other countries where similar facts are reported by victims.

By whom is it collected?

As part of satanic rituals: Adrenochrome is often harvested by all practitioners depending on the purpose of the ceremony. Satanic priests can perform the killing in some cases. In other cases it is the participants who are led to perform this killing as an initiation ritual.

As a drug: Adrenochrome is harvested by just about everyone who participates in this sordid crime. Whether it's the industrial-scale drug dealer who uses human farms, or the elites who take unholy pleasure in torturing other human beings and especially defenseless children to satisfy their degenerate pleasure.

CYM Corp: An example of the obvious hidden right before our eyes.

In October 2020, a person orders a number of USB flash drives online from Amazon.

Upon delivery, one of these USB drives was found to contain nine PDF files containing sensitive and confidential documents of a company called "  CYM Corp  " engaged in the production, sale and distribution of adrenochrome, the treatment and disposal of prisoners, employee information of some involved, and a hunt list of children to be kidnapped and used for such production which is dated January 2021 through April 2021.

After its discovery, the person in question forwards the files to a German who in turn provides this documentation to the public via the Internet archive available here:

He posted them on sites and blogs that ended up being censored on the internet, so he also set up an anti-deletion kill switch via a Telegram channel with the same original PDFs uploaded and pinned on that channel here:

An example of a human farm that is used to harvest adrenochrome was recently brought to light thanks to the documents of a whistleblower who managed to collect an impressive amount of information on this company.

We discover information that is chilling in the back:

This company is well established and has a commercial website for its activities.

Their Gab profile [which has since been deleted] does not hide the nature of their activities.

CYM Corp's Gab profile listed a description of one of the child detention centers they call "items" or "objects."

The documents that the whistleblower released detail:

    Names of children to be kidnapped
    Their blood group
    A note on the quality of their blood.

It is difficult in the light of all these elements for any human being endowed with empathy to turn a blind eye to these horrible crimes which are committed on our fellow human beings for the little pleasure of a few psychopaths.

And precisely, the psychological and informational war that is currently imposed on us is the answer, that this group of psychopaths has found to keep us as far as possible from the only pandemic that has existed on this planet, and has been for a long time.

Make no mistake about it, the various narratives in particular that of the Covid are, of course a tool deployed to control the world populations in their primary objective, but in their deeper and more subtle objective, it is a tool which is used to occupy all the information space and thus divert the attention of the general public, as far as possible from the only battle to be waged to win all the others.

Pedo-satanic sacrifices.
The only fight to fight to win all the others.

What are the commonalities between:

    Feminist fights
    Fights against racism (of all kinds)
    fight against poverty
    Fight against poverty all over the world
    fight for ecology
    fight against wars
    Fight for the sovereignty of the peoples

    these are the most important fights we face today
    Their origin invariably sends us back to the same source: Cult / pedophilia / pedo-satanic rituals.

Divide and rule
We spend most of our time trying to understand one or more of these battles that concern us (depending on the box we are in, and our level of understanding of the global geopolitical situation).

This expenditure of energy in a particular area often leaves us with the same feelings: confusion and helplessness.

“Why do the people to whom we delegate our power pretend to tackle the problem, when in the end nothing moves?”

Whatever the fight, quite often we end our quest with this self-answer in mind:

"Politicians and power are corrupt anyway and don't have our best interest at heart."

Even for the people most involved in these different fights, they very often come up against a wall that ends up discouraging them or eliminating them. This wall? The system.

This system maintains:

    The former in relatively sufficient comfort to be satisfied with the auto-response.
    For the most troublesome, defamation, censorship and financing terrorism will suffice to eliminate them from society.

Yet most of the problems facing our society today could be solved with a fraction of the cost we spend on them now, IF, and ONLY IF, the decision-makers had the best interests of the many at heart.

Currently this is not the case, and the interest behind all actions and policy choices is that of a few.

In a strategy that could be defined as: divide and conquer, these different problems are created to hide what should not be seen.

These problems are not meant to be solved…. Quite the contrary. They are intended to continually distract us and above all to keep us away from the real and only problem COMMON to all humanity.

The common enemy
This common enemy of all humanity is the ideology that governs the whole world.

This ideology, Luciferian and Satanist at its base, is implemented and articulated in a global way by the cult.

This ideology has many facets, including esoteric ones, but for the sake of simplicity we will stick to the FACTS here. To learn more about this ideology, you can consult our article which details it.

The most hidden, and until very recently best kept, aspect of this ideology is:

The most hidden, and until very recently best kept, aspect of this ideology is:

that it feeds on pedo-satanic rituals in order to be able to continue to exist.

These crimes against our children and all of humanity are committed before our eyes without our understanding what is happening.

The United States, the first domino of a world system.
The QAnon communication operation, currently underway in the world, aims to disclose and bring to light this pedo-satanic cult.

Its premise is:

“All that you know to be right is wrong — the 'cult' runs the world. Many celebrities, politicians, powerful people, and powerful groups all belong to the same sick cult/club. They worship satan and openly show it with their symbology: Owls & Y Heads, tattoos, jewelry (inverted cross, black rings), left eye marker (Eye of Ra), adorned in gold (like gods). They practice “spirit cooking” and perform child abductions for satanic ritual abuse and sacrifice to moloch/satan in hidden locations (eg, Epstein Island).

We pray every single day for God's guidance and direction as we are truly up against pure evil. The world is fighting back and destroying the cult.”


“Everything you think is right is wrong – The cult controls the world. Many celebrities, politicians, power figures and power groups, are all part of the same cult/club of psychopaths, and show it openly with their symbols: owls, Y-heads, symbolic tattoos, jewelry (inverted cross, black ring ), the left eye marker (Eye of Ra) all adorned in gold (to represent themselves as gods). They practice spirit cooking “cooking of human beings” and abduct children for satanic rituals and sacrifices for Moloch/Satan in hidden places (example: Epstein and the island of Little Saint James).

We pray every day for God to guide us in the right direction because we are really facing the Devil. The world is fighting right now and it is destroying the cult.”

Let's take a look at some of the items that have been unearthed so far.

a translator is needed to be able to understand some of the links that follow. We recommend  S3.Translator which works well.

Pizzagate broke in 2016, from strangely worded emails from John Podesta, among others, published by wikileaks. These emails appeared to contain coded references that revolve around pizza and the cooking of human body parts involving children.

Comet Ping Pong in Washington DC, a restaurant run by James Alefantis then attracted a lot of attention.

Pizzagate quickly became a pedogate when it became clear just how widespread child sexual abuse really was – embedded into the fabric of our supposedly democratic institutions in part as a blackmailing option to put controllable people in power (blackmailing).

Pizzagate is a complex case that involves much of the American and international political elite in these pedo-satanic rituals.

Of course without any investigation into the subject, the media were quick to label pizzagate as a conspiracy theory, with the only watchword: "it's fake news"... in the face of the mountain of elements dependent.

To learn more about Pizzagate, and form your own opinion on the elements present.

By Cathy fox who was very interested in the subject: Pizzagate explanation and summary

Hollywood is at the heart of this cult of Satanism and pedophilia. The recent conviction of Harvey Weinstein has somewhat drawn attention to the rape culture that reigns in this corner of America, but, despite the "damage control" that has been done by this industry since to isolate this case, the languages are more and more whistleblowers are describing the true dark side of Hollywood. 

Issaac Kaapy: The actor who accused Hollywood of being a nest of paedophiles, citing Seth Green, Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks among others, committed suicide some time later by jumping off a bridge. Just a coincidence….

Sarah Rush Ashcraft: A brave Hollywood victim, whistleblower who in December 2017 opened Pandora's box on what Hollywood worship really is.

She explains how at 13, she was sold by her own father to Tom Hanks, for sex, among other things.

Growing up in a cult family, she refers to the Hivites and Phoenicians as the origin of this cult that practices pedophilia and rules the world and Hollywood, where she suffered most of its abuse. It details their Satanist ideology and the indoctrination and rape they inflict on their own children to mentally control them and keep them in worship.

Tiffany FitzHenry:    Another whistleblower who worked for Hollywood and is also blowing the whistle with shocking interviews. In particular the interview with Ricky Garcia, a child star who recounts his rise in Hollywood and the rapes he suffered from his manager. Then another from Ana Lucia Alves, a former supermodel turned actress who explains the mechanics of fame in Hollywood. Unfortunately at the time of writing this article, the content on Tiffany's site has been removed, due to the pressures she has suffered following these revelations. However, a copy of her interview with Ana Lucia Alves is available in English here.


Planned Parenthood
It is one of the major family planning groups in the United States. They recently admitted under oath that they were illegally selling various fetal tissues and other human parts of fetuses from abortions, for amounts sometimes up to $25,000.

Wayfair is only the latest in a long series of scandals, where coincidences accumulate. Labeled a conspiracy theory and of course denied by the company in question, the Wayfair scandal broke out in early July 2020.

The company's website WayFair listed products bearing the names of children reported as missing, at impossible prices for the type of product it is.

An example below

A regular $10,000 wardrobe and a $10,000 cushion? It would no doubt be interesting to know who the buyers are…

The domino that knocks down ALL the others, The Jeffrey Epstein case

Everything you need to understand the magnitude of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal can be found in this excellent video made by THE TIME TO WAKE UP.
LEARN TO SEE 3.1 – What the media isn't telling you about Epstein [PART 1]

In case of deletion of the video from Youtube the link of this one on Bitchute.

This file is one of the cornerstones for mapping and identifying the extent of what child Satanism represents at the global level. He is one of the reasons EVERYONE involved in corruption and pedophilia crimes globally is shaking today.

The Epstein affair is much larger than the few lines devoted to it in the media. It is located in the 4 corners of the world and covers almost all spheres of influence on the globe.

Jeffrey Epstein Global Child Satanism Network map

To understand the influence that Jeffrey Epstein had, his contact book (black book) is another resource that reveals a large part of these contacts over the years.

the full animated version is available here, a colossal job of mapping and a great resource.

Why all these different cases?
Because we would like to isolate each of these cases to make us believe that they are…. isolated. The most important point is that they are all connected and part of the same system/network, which invariably leads back to…worship and different facets of it.

Pedophilia, cannibalism, child torture, collection and trafficking of adrenalized (adrenochrome) blood, organ trafficking, and the list goes on.

These practices are more common than you might think, not only in the USA, but also all over the world.

Robert David Steele, one of the best informed people on the subject, as a former CIA, explains very well the complexity of this network in this video, made by the International Tribunal for Natural Justice.

This tribunal's mission is to apprehend the abuses and tyranny of systems and institutions; restore truth and reason to the administration of justice in the world; and uphold natural justice as the fundamental principle of human expression beyond the artifice of borders.

This excellent Pangolin son translation of the words of Robert David Steele allows you to better understand the extent and the link between all these traffics.

You can find the complete translation work of fils de pangolin on its website

Another testimony that can help to better understand the scope, complexity and positioning of this cult in the highest spheres of world governments is that of Sue Arrigo MD.

Former specialist in remote viewing for the CIA (remote viewing), she detailed her decades of life within the CIA, between young prostituted children at White House dinners, and the abuses she suffered. itself, regularly suffered by several directors of the CIA. It also explains in detail the human trafficking that this organization controls all over the world.

His story by Cathy Fox

If you have an hour to devote to his story, which is in 3 parts, we guarantee that you will never see the world the same way again.

Spoiler: in her account, she mentions at one point the use of a sophisticated system of containers in ports around the world to transport and store the victims of this traffic. The containers recently discovered in Rotterdam in the Netherlands, notably included cells and a torture chamber (all covered with aluminum film to prevent the thermal detection of the cameras). Would they have served in the context of this globalized human trafficking?

Everyone has their own opinion. Here is the video

And France in all this?
This brings us back to France. Is there an elite who are part of the cult and who engage in this kind of practice?

Difficult to establish such an assertion without having access to facts as numerous as in the USA or in England (ie: Jimmy Savile and the royal family). 

Certainly cases like those of Dutroux, the Angers affair or others are considered as networks, but these networks are always isolated, or the fruit of solitary wolves in other cases.

But is this really the case?
Several elements cast doubt on this narrative.
First of all, Laurent Louis: Former Belgian deputy and defender of the truth. 

He has been denouncing for years the lies and the involvement of the highest leaders of the French and Belgian governments in the Dutroux file. It thus indicates:

“The reality is that Dutroux is only the small hand of a much larger network consisting of a certain elite of the country, people who are able to suppress the truth. As a reminder, until now, justice has wanted us to believe that the little girls Julie and Mélissa had starved to death in Dutroux's cage, when the latter had been imprisoned for a few weeks for a theft case.

So if Julie and Mélissa are starving, I would really like to know, because maybe I'm stupid, and I don't understand anything, but I would really like to know.  I would like someone to explain to me once and for all how it is that they presented on the autopsy photos anal and vaginal gaps of more than 5 cm.

You want us to believe that they did this to themselves in the cache?

And why ?

Why were you refused to analyze the 6000 DNA traces found on the girls and in the cages? Blood, semen, hair, body hair… Why didn't we go further?

Were we afraid of finding the DNA traces of influential personalities? I still have every right to ask myself this question. A question shared by all the Belgian people.

The video of this memorable statement in front of the Belgian parliament is available here.

FYI: The Dutroux affair is pinned in the Pizzagate map next to a well-known person in the French political world….
Then, the recent revelations of Gérard Fauré.

Gérard Fauré's recent interviews on pedocrime and impunity among the elites in France further raise doubts about such a possibility.

Interviews with Gerard Fauré by Dondevamos

Finally Franck B. Major of Police

Finally, the declarations of police major Frank B., who denounces an entire system that protects and encourages these crimes in France, should leave little doubt to those who are still skeptical.

One thing is certain, the state of omerta and all the actors who protect the most serious crime ever committed against humanity are living their last hours.

Q ends with this promise:

“Nothing can stop what's coming, nothing. Q”

“Nothing can stop what will happen, Nothing. Q”

Why is child Satanism the sinews of war?
Sexual assault, torture, cannibalism of children is something that any human with a modicum of empathy cannot tolerate. This notion transcends all human beings regardless of sex, skin color, religion, nationality or ideas or opinions.

The cult knows this and it is for this reason that the Luciferian and satanic nature of their actions is the best kept secret and the subject they fight most vehemently against to prevent the truth from coming out.

It is enough to see the cascade of deaths of well-known and unknown personalities who have been in contact with the cult in recent years to understand that this cult is only clinging to that.

Delaying the deadline is the name of their strategy.

Non-exhaustive list of suspicious deaths related to the cult (not just pedophilia), but the cult and child Satanism:

    Philip Haney
    Isaac Kappy: the investigation conducted by thephoenixenigma site around his death tells us much more than the simple narrative of a suicide that was propagated by the media. Isaac's mission was simple. Denounce pedophiles and pedophile networks. After Hollywood he attacked the politicians of Washington DC thanks to the information he possessed.
    Mariah Sunshine Coogan
    Alan Krueger
    John Perry Barlow
    James Dolan
    Aaron Swartz
    Barry and Honey Sherman
    Joe Calabrese
    Anthony Bourdain
    Chester Bennington / Chris Cornell / (both were involved in  Paul Myhill's " The Silent Children  " project.)
    Avicii (the last clip published “ for a better day  ” by Avicii is unequivocal on the trade and exploitation of children and details this wholesale trade very well). He was also working on the documentary “  The silent children ”
    Anthony Bourdain (He was very critical of the cult a few weeks before his death. This tweet about the “Friends” series is just one of them.) He was ALSO working on the documentary “ The silent children  ”

That makes 4 well-known personalities, who worked on the same documentary “ The silent children  ”. They had the opportunity to bring these crimes to light and they ALL die within 2 years. The likelihood of it being a coincidence is almost nil. 

    Klaus Eberwein another “suicide” a few weeks before his testimony against the abuses of the clinton foundation in Haiti.
    Loretta Fuddy
    Beverly Eckert
    Seth Rich. Whistleblower who provided documents on corruption within the Democratic Party, particularly during nominations for candidates for the 2016 election.

All died in one way or another because they knew too much, and could expose this cult and this ideology to the greatest number.

“This page is written in honor of those who fought for all of humanity at the risk of their lives. May their fight see the light.”

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