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Extra Sensory Linguistics
I've been thinking alot here lately about things like perception and linguistics and I have a hypothesis about it. Ok a perception or percieving I have come to believe is like a bat's echolocation or how elephants communicate. I have found reasons to believe or maybe im just loco but I think a more advanced communication form exists between people that we have somehow overlooked in the past so many thousands of years. Anyway a percieve communicate's sights sounds feelings movements taste and so on. I think that a long time ago before man fell to rise again like atlantis and so on we used this language as well as a spoken and written language to communicate with each other as well as dolphins whales and elephants. I have learned in my short life that i have learned languages ive never took courses in and they seem almost interpretable in modern english. I feel that when i use them I am conversing on  a higher level than i normally do. English works very well when speaking but it don't seem as diverse to me as a language we need to communicate perceptively. One day we'll die and go to the afterlife and I think thats how we evolved to have an extra sensory language. Because i believe the afterlife is beneath us and all around us and not in the heavens. We are composed of energies and unless you form into lightning your not gonna fly away from the gravity field of earth. So there must be some kind of way to conversate in the after life so presto perceptive languages. We would develop them in life however and should be able to communicate without radio's, phones or even internet. We would probably still use such devices however it's something to look into. Let me know what you think.
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Very interesting post:) I agree on the part about communication. I know it is possible, I have done it. Somewhere. It is not difficult either, but something is missing right now.

I do not think afterlife is beneath, or above. I think it is whatever you believe it to be.

Above, as in frequency. I ate mushrooms, I noticed it was possible to go into the earth. Or something like that, I got the impression there were dimensions like that too. Closely connected to the physical and containing life. Astral I guess.

There is illusions, or beliefs. Beliefs can probably be distracting when going through astral. I am not dead yet so I dont know.

Btw, I'm not sure if you take the term "heaven" literally. I do not, and I do think it is an analogy, wonder if that word fits here:) I do not think gravity would be relevant after death, perhaps more in a metaphorical sense, as in the people being attached to the earthly vibration.

I think an alter is lurking, I react differently to posts and take information from parts which were not there earlier today:?

Strong vibes from you, I wonder where you come from:)

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I don't think its gravity either i think its more about the magnetic field of earth. I think the soul is formed out of magnetic energy and leaving the magnetic field would be detrimental to the souls well being. As far as the after life i look at it in physical sense I don't think its omnipotent and encompasses everything i think it has limits and such but you wouldn't really notice because in you imagination you could do anything.
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