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Facebook bans all QAnon accounts
I just finished looking at the facebook page, downloaded everything off it.  I like it rick, but no one there seems to subscribe to the notion of it not been the real jfk.  I think they should and in doing so, re-evaluate everything from that perspective.  You never know what they may come up with.

That Jacki stooged the whole world at the time.  She's a real little piece isn't she?  I always thought there was something that never made sense with her... now we know.  After it happened, they were always saying that she was on some kind of sedatives that helped her cope with his death.  Perfect excuse for her not wanting to talk to anyone about the matter.  Now that I've learned what I have about her, I have to say, she kind of turns me on.  LOL Biggrin  I'm partial to the wilder ones... all the more reason for a hanky-spanky and all. Biggrin

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