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High Vibration
What does it mean to be on a high vibration? I'm having a hard time finding at least a handful of websites.
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Best explanation of high vibration so far...

Energy Healer is Feeling Drained

Dear Julia:

I'm 24 years old and have attended Reiki I classes. For the first few months, it worked fine and I was so happy, but some months later, I fell into some troubles. Doing Reiki exercises was fine in that special moment, but afterward I felt so drained of energy. As far as I know, this isn't supposed to happen. I'm really confused. What should I do?
- Sara

Dear Sara:

First, please note that I have no Reiki training, but am familiar with this approach to energy healing and have received Reiki treatments myself. My own energy healing background is Spiritualist in nature. I don't see the need for initiation, symbols or any of the other Reiki mumbo jumbo, but otherwise, the process is basically the same.

Pretty much everyone is capable of energy healing, just as pretty much everyone is capable of learning how to swim or ride a bike. As with these others skills, however, it does take some study and practice. I've observed that in their excitement to convey that anyone can "do it," many teachers often neglect to fully prepare budding energy healers for various possibilities. This is like giving someone three swimming lessons and then sending them off to explore the oceans and rivers of the world. As you experienced, this often leads to some difficulties when they get in over their heads and don't know what to do.

The first time I did energy healing work, I learned how important it is to really know what you're doing. I was taking a women's spirituality workshop, and one of the participants showed up with a very bad case of bronchitis. Our teacher suggested that we all gather around her and send her healing energy. We chanted softly as we visualized energy flowing into her. At first, she lay on the floor coughing like crazy, but then she grew very calm. Amazingly, afterward she sat up and never coughed again, and we were all feeling pretty triumphant.

Later that night, however, I woke up with what I can best describe as "ghost symptoms." I sort of had a "cough" myself, except that it didn't feel like it was in my physical body! It was more like my aura was sick. I felt the urge to cough constantly, but then I couldn't. I knew that whatever was happening was metaphysical, but I didn't know what it was. I called my teacher and she explained that I had "picked up" the energy of our friend's bronchitis.

That was a long time ago. Since then I've received the training and experience to know what I did wrong, and learned some basic healing "hygiene" techniques so I don't pick up anything from those I'm working on. I've also learned that it's not uncommon for novice healers to experience the same thing, or to feel drained following energy work.

The first thing we have to do when engaging in conscious energy healing is to get into a very high vibration ourselves. If we're not feeling well or we're emotionally low, we either need to know how to lift ourselves out of that state or seek healing from someone else. There are lots of ways to approach this shift in vibration - I've written extensively about that in other columns.

Even when we're feeling just fine, we have to consciously establish a high vibration to engage in healing work. When I'm doing energy healing, I fill myself with a sense of faith and wonder at the miraculous nature of the Universe. I lift my heart up to Spirit and allow divine light to fill my entire being. I clear my mind and heart of all but the purest, most positive thoughts before I even begin. By the time I actually start healing, I am practically bursting with well-being myself.

If for some reason I'm unable to achieve this high vibration, perhaps because I'm having a really rough time with some personal issue or have been struggling with my own physical well-being, then I know better than to try to engage in healing work with others.

On every level of our beings, we are naturally self-repairing. Nature (both physical and spiritual) is far more qualified than I could ever be to affect healing. Thus in my view, an energy healer's job is simply to help others find their way to a high vibration and then keep them in that blissful state for a while so that healing can take place naturally.

Once we do achieve a high vibration, it's important to maintain a very clear positive intention, and then relax and allow divine grace to flow. We are not the source of healing power, but rather conduits for it. If we take too much responsibility or credit for what happens, we kick from our higher selves down into our egos, and begin to use our own life force energy via our will. This will happen whether we're feeling proud about our ability to heal or worried that we won't "succeed." Any time we use our own life force in healing instead of divine grace, we're draining our own energetic resources. Further, we may pass our own issues on to those we are working on, and perhaps just make things worse for them!

There are a few more things you might ask of yourself if you feel drained from energy healing work:

Are you trying to affect other people without their permission or influence situations that are beyond your control? Obviously, trying to influence situations beyond our control is a waste of our time and energy, and definitely draining. Trying to do to something to someone else that they don't want is a matter of will, which again is a job for the ego.

I have at times done healing on people who said they wanted it, and yet felt them resist it when we got going. It's tempting to try to "push" the energy through when this happens, but that is unwise. Instead, we can talk to them about their resistance, end the healing session, or ask Spirit for guidance on what to do next. However, if we're simply visualizing them radiant with well-being, it's unlikely they'll resist, for they'll be feeling totally blissful. Resistance tends to happen when we focus on "problems" and try to heal specific "issues."

Are you centered and grounded when healing, or perhaps not paying enough conscious attention to your own energetic state? Are you consciously linking with divine energy and just allowing it to flow, or are you mentally stretching and grasping for a more powerful sense of connection? It's important to be relaxed and ALLOW healing to flow through. Striving to experience something in particular can be draining.

When we do strain, it's usually because we're emotionally involved or attached to certain results. If you're trying to heal someone dear to you of something very serious, it may be impossible for you to get detached enough to stay purely positive. In this case, fear that you won't "succeed" will lower your vibration, and you'll end up drained. If you're attached to a certain outcome, you'll do the same thing if you're trying to send healing energy to yourself or some abstract situation in your life.

Faith is essential here. Just wanting anything in particular very badly is indicative of an ego state. We have to trust in the natural healing process. We can try sincerely to heal ourselves and others, but then we must surrender the results with faith that whatever unfolds will be for the highest and best.

If you're feeling stressed, unwell or frequently drained by your healing work, instead of trying to heal yourself or others, perhaps it's time to receive healing from someone who is in a better space while you work on the ability to consciously raise your own vibration.

- Julia
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Hi SilverInfinity,

There are a lot of different viewpoints about being at a "high vibration". For me what it means is vibrating at a higher frequency than is normal. The experience feels like:

* A deep sense of peace washing over me.
* Freedom from the typical worries that I feel.
* Clarity of thought and sensation, as though I'm feeling and seeing things around me for the first time.

I've reached a higher vibration at points in my life using techniques like:

* Meditation
* Receiving energy healing work
* Being in the presence of someone who is vibrating at a high frequency
* Participating in healing events

For many people on the spiritual path (myself included) the goal is to "raise your vibration" and then to keep it there more often than not. It is the reason the Yogi's, Shaman's, and Mystic's do so much inner work, prayer, healing ceremonies, and meditation.

I hope this helped!
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"What does it mean to be on a high vibration?"

having blue or violet aura.

That means that the last 3 chakra are most active.
Don`t recommend green because it is easily attacked :(
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