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This guy strikes me as sincere and authentic and away from the mind-control and MK ultra that flourishes in the music and entertainment industry. Some interesting statements and lyrics.

Interesting, Filter...just couldn't look at his demon-contact lenses. He sounds like he's trying to tell the world about the Satanic, greedy, music industry without actually coming out directly. Instead he ranks on HUMANS when it's the non-human controllers through their human agents who he hates.

It's gotta be brutal to be "successful" in the entertainment industry.

Yea, I don't like to look at these strange, weird looking eyes either. I wonder what is behind that and what he would say about it himself.

Well, he's IN the industry...all the while bitchin' and moanin' about they ALL do.

The entertainers know there's no exit from the "Satan-star-maker-machinery" once they've 'sold-out' so they rationalize to themselves that it's OK what they do because it's, b i z z n e z z - all the while complaining in order to let off steam.

 If he were serious about WaRnInG people, he wouldn't wear the demon contacts. This bruthah is full of sh*t...

they OWN his *SS ~

Apparently he's not signed up with any label which requires him to go through the "abomination" called the MUSIC INDUSTRY, he has his own label and recording studio and works at giving other gifted independent artists a chance to record their music without them going through the hands of EVIL......

That sounds good tho who are those people he's referring to who make him go here and there against his will, so that he doesn't have any time off?

He makes it sound as if he's not in control. But if he is independent then power to him.

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