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Illuminatiam: The First Testament Of The Illuminati
Yeah everything sounds spot on, but that doesn't mean thats not a sugar coated ideology that changes quickly as you enter into it. I wonder If this is one way they are recruiting people to go with to be used as slaves if/when they leave the planet.

Yes, I think they're trying to recruit more slaves for something. They must need a huge number of them to start using a website to recruit them.

Well they way I see it, if they are willing to blindly follow an entity outside of themselves then yes, please take them off the planet. The mind patterns of people who need to still be lead to feel they are free are not needed on this planet. So yes, please take those people who are willing to be slaves. It help this planet greatly.

In my opinion there's a ton of people that need to be taken off this planet. Probably around 90% of them. I'd like to see a future the time traveler talked about where all bad qualities were bred out of humans.

Well from what I know is that they have the ships (arcs) ready to leave and will take ALOT of people with, while a good percentage will be eradicated based on mind patterns. 

This is the reason they monitor peoples mind patterns via satellite. To keep track of everyones energy. See who has the correct mind patterns that are beneficial to a whole. A group consciousness such as many races have achieved. Not really hive mind, but a group consciousness. 

I see it play out everyday like a movie...

I have my popcorn, do you? lol

You really believe they are still planning to take people off this planet? I remember Stew claimed that was going to happen no later than 2010. All his predictions have never came true.

Eventually. Stew always throws out dates. There are so many factors into it. Its a reality than can happen in the time frame. from what I have seen yes, as they know what is in the kuipers belt. But they also will always have a backup plan to that. 

Its interesting because I was only turned onto stewarts work by someone else, because I found this stuff out on my own. then was lead to him for confirmation on some subjects. Yet I disagree with what he does...

How long ago was it when you were turned on to Stew's work?

4-5 years ago.

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