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Kava Kava the Natural Valium
Kava or Yaquona is made from the root of the Piper Methysticum plant, a member of the pepper family.  A native to  the South Pacific, it has been used for thousands of years for social & ceremonial events, and as a remedy for stress & anxiety. Recent studies show that Kava has the unique ability to promote a calming effect while increasing mental acuity.

 The leaves and stems (lewena) of the Kava plant 
 have some medicinal values, but the Kava's 
 strength comes from the long, thin lateral roots of 
 the Kava plant.  The lateral roots (Waka) contains 
 the highest concentration of kavalactones, the 
 active principals responsible for Kava's relaxing 
 and pleasurable effects.  After being harvested the 
 roots are laid in the sun to thoroughly dry.  Once 
 dry they are either made into powder or woven into 
 bundles and crushed later.  From the powdered or 
 crushed form, the Kava is dispersed in water using 
 a cloth filter to trap the residue of the root.  When 
 the cold water has passed through the cloth, it is 
 squeezed to get the remaining liquid out of the 
 Kava filter (the harder the root fiber is squeezed 
 the more kavalactones will be released).  Kava 
 can effectively reduce stress and anxiety.  Just 
 one cup will promote relaxation to help relieve 
 the stress of the day without the side effects of 
 alcohol or other anti-stress drugs.

Kava has been used for thousands of years by the South Pacific Islanders as a social and ceremonial drink.  It was also found to be effective in the treatment for headaches, obesity, sleeping disorders, and as a natural remedy for stress and anxiety.  Kava is used for it's well  known stress-relieving properties throughout  Europe and the Far East.  Because of it's  widespread use for such a long time, Kava has a  very extensive history of safe usage.  The plant  is non-addictive, and taken at normal doses has no known long-term side effects. A wealth of scientific research supports the safe and natural  relaxant properties of the Kava herb.
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