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MIranda Rae Tells her story in being in the Secret Space Program.

She recently did a Remote reading for me in Contacting her Guide and Teacher White Hawk who she said is connected to the many Star Nations.
In her own words she explains who the Star Nations are all about. And they have no abandoned us to the wolfs on Earth in fact they are now preparing
Warriors to come online and activating the as the First group of Earth Volunteers to lead what many call the 144,000 and many will be have this calling on their lives from the Star Nationsto serve humanity willingly. Nothing to do with Revelations as that book was
fabricated by the Pisos and the Flavians and certain information from other cultures. Like the 666 number is a cipher of a Roman Senator Gaius Calpurnius Piso that communicated between relatives who relative was king herd. As Titus the Roman Generals was
allied with King Herod the Roman Jewish Wars were about Jew vs Jew War. The Romans. They launched a Siege on Jerusalem a highly fortified wall where King Herod's Enemies were the Pharisees, the rebels and the sicarii they build a wall
around Jerusalem and starved them and burnt it to the ground to get to the gold that was in the walls fulling their created back dated prophecies of jesus on the mount in the NT which they created as a comedy sketch on their enemies. I digress.

In Miranda Rae own words who this star nations is:
The Star Nations are comprised of many benevolent galactic higher density beings in the universe that promote peace, unconditional love and encourage the development of societies based on respect, free will and the conscious application of Universal and Spiritual Laws. Star Nations  includes the frequencies of Pleadian, Arcturian, Venusian, Lyran, Sirius B, and Andromedan soul groups. And she say in the reading they she known their siganture or knows their frequency as a shaman that has given her self to be a channel of which
she says the energies ore very heavy on her during a channeling but she says they are wonderful.

My Remote Reading by Miranda Rae in Contacting the Star Nations in my Behalf as they seem to know me and who I am and what I came here to do as this group operates on a higher dimension outside time and space.
And the thing of it is they told me I did not have to incarnate here but Miranda saw they were bowing to me with gratitude and were thanking me for assisting them and they said to me we know you want to help and assist and we thank you for that.
At the moment another group is working on me and upgrading me for my mission here on Earth in terms of my Chakras ,Auric field, and a heavy focus on my Throat Chakra the area of I communicate my truth. I have also been told Psychic Louise Jones that said to that did not have to come to this world and was saying you needed to sit this one out as you need to heal from losing Family and Friends in Great Flood and Galactic Wars you been in within the Galactic Federation and on their War Ships. As I been told I was a great Scientist, A great Engineer and a Great Mathematician and even a Professor And Psychic LJ said I got a job working for the Galactic Federation in helping them. I was also told I was involved in Planetary Alignments and Louise said to me you went to Mars great war of the Galaxy and went on to say you had Mars so Balanced with the ECO systems and all they had Balance on there with it Underground Cities you got it right. And went on to say their are statues build in memory of your name and said to me they are still in operation to this day. She goes on to say to me you changed something for the people in that last incarnation.The first reading I had with a Pscyhic name Louise Jones from the UK she was examining my energy field she was a bit triggered and asked me why am I seeing numbers and binary around you that question threw my for a spin and I was very perplex about this question and I said maybe if is because I am into Computer Programing and I have a background in electronics that probably did not seem to satisfy her what she was seeing. Actually she was seeing a manifestation of some Quantum AI Computer connected to time travel technology (Which from the Miranda Rae reading said I will be bringing that technology back from that future to help humanity is why they are upgrading me to retrieve that info as they told me if I get a Pscyhic Intuitive Flash of some image to draw it out like art which would be the technology being retreived for this time line and they said I will be operation on the Quantum lievel of Manifesting things quite quickly mean Earth and things are about to speed up to help the Earth Volunteers to speed up the healing of earth and speed up the Ascension Process as the Elite will not be able to cope with such quantume technology as they said I planed all this out before I cam her as a Master Planer and did not come to this world empty handed and to be thrown to the wolf without defenses) and that I am not the usu-all Soul that enter this world. In my 2nd Reading which was an Akashic reading she said my Future Self is control me here via a good Program(Quantum Computer Program) as she said to the effect I was protected and could not be grabbed by the Soul Pinchers as she said to me they are pinching Souls and putting them into technology. So I am Projecting myself from the future into this body. She said I planed this and decide I was gong to come back as a program to do the earth work and not start a family and she said I did this so I would not put myself through losing family again. In the Past I had an awakening all before the internet and I was triggered and was looking at the world and saying this world is fake , this world is all fake as I related their was another version of myself and that from some other location I was looking into this world from another version of myself and saying I am connected to something higher then myself or another version of myself and I was struggling to grasp this download of information. Then Psychic LJ comes along to tell me I am a Time Traveler and said from my past incarnation of was living a very exciting Futuristic life and in that future of another version of myself she said I was a Scientist that had a very important role to play or I did have role to play within science she basically said I volunteered to come to this other World on this time line to help this Earth. She said I it is like you are an Anchor with boots on the ground you are healing earth. The Miranda Rae reading says I need to start connecting to Earth via my Bare Feet to connect to the mycellium Network earths own Internet of Communicating with the Trees, Plants , Elementals and Mother Earth to help steer, guide the Network in helping heal Mother Gaia our present home.

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