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MK Ultra and The Star Kids
NASA, Star Kids & The Mind Control Merchant

You wouldn't believe how many of these kids are out there. They seem to be on genius level. I know dozens and there are probably thousands Dr. Andrija Puharich[17]

The man that Cooper identified with development of NASA's Space Kids Project was an infamous super spook doctor and ESP (Extrasensory perception) guru, Dr. Andrija Puharich (February 19, 1918 January 3, 1995). Dr. Puharich was a mind control merchant who sold his services to the highest military intelligence bidder.

NASA had been supporting Dr. Puharich's research in ESP since the 1950s. He had a close personal relationship with NASA's director, SS Werner von Braun,[18] and astronaut Master Mason Edgar D. Mitchell [19](Order of DeMolay),[20] a research associate.[21] Dr. Puharich was a man shrouded in mystery, controversy, and the secret cult of military intelligence too heavy to cover in any detail here.

re putting together a network to help design a new landscape for tomorrow-Valerie Ransone[22]

In 1978, while working with Walt Disney (Order of DeMolay),[23] Gordon Cooper began working with Puharich's assistant, Valerie Ransone, to expand the Space-Star Kids Project. Smoke and mirrors, Ransone claimed to be in touch with extraterrestrials and UFO's. Ransone sought out Cooper's help to expand the project through forming a network of influential individuals and scientists (Advanced Technology Group) through his influence and contacts with NASA.[24] However, the Advanced Technology Group (ATG) at the Foreign Technology Division of Wright Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, OH already existed.[25]

Dale E. Graff of the U.S. DoD and Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) was the chief of ATG. As early as 1976, he had been the contract manager for remote viewing research at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI). Between 1976 and 1993, he served in a variety of liaison and management roles for the U.S. Army/CIA STAR GATE Project including director of the project from 1990-1993.[26]

STAR GATE was one of a number of remote viewing programs conducted under a variety of code names, including SUN STREAK, GRILL FLAME, and CENTER LANE by the DIA and INSCOM, and SCANATE by CIA. These efforts were initiated to assess foreign programs in the field; contract for basic research into the phenomenon; and to evaluate controlled remote viewing as an intelligence tool.[27]

STAR GATE consisted of two separate activities. An operational unit employed remote viewers to train and perform remote viewing intelligence-gathering. The research program was maintained separately from the operational unit.[28] STAR GATE and the DIA took over Puharich's Star Kids Project after he fell from grace.

Puharich, Cooper, Space Kids & the Faraday Cage

In 1951, Puharich received a research grant of close to $100,000 from the U.S. military to build a solid sheet metal Faraday Cage, to test Psi Psychics, paranormal activity worthy of study psychics. The Faraday Cage was essentially an enclosed steel isolation chamber. It is a metallic enclosure that prevents the entry or escape of an electromagnetic field (EM field).[29]

In August 1978, Puharich began talking too much about his secret military intelligence EMF (electromagnetic field) projects and fell from the grace with the DIA and CIA. Puharich house was firebombed in Ossining, in the Hudson Valley, North of New York City, when he was in Mexico or hiding in Mexico. Puharich told his cohort Ira Einhorn that the CIA was responsible. [30]

The Turkey Farm as he called it was burned down. It was full of Puharich's secret ESP/EMF CIA-military intelligence research files and data, the Faraday Cage, and Space Kids, psychic subjects he was collecting. At least for while, Puharich was being purged from the agency and fazed out of secret CIA-military intelligence Psi/EMF/ELF research and development that was highly prized by CIA Director Richard Helms MK ULTRA program.[31]

Gordon Cooper had personal working knowledge about Puharich's Faraday Cage operational use before it was destroyed. It suggests that he was directly involved with Dr. Puharich as a research associate similarly like Edgar Mitchell (SRI) in development (trauma based) and testing of Space Kids. Cooper briefly described how Puharich used the cage for experiments in his book, Leap of Faith.[32] Basically, the Faraday Cage served Puharich in two capacities: (A) to insulate the psychic from interfering environmental energy fields; (B) to the type of ESP being tested, plus to insulate the subject.[33]

At the time his house was fire bombed, Puharich had put together a cult of Space Kids called the Gellerings, twenty adolescents from seven countries that were subjected to intensive hypnosis and trauma based mind control technologies to supposedly develop paranormal abilities as Uri Geller.[34] Puharich discovered Uri Geller in Israel. Geller was a paranormalist famous for bending spoons with mental-telepathic powers. Puharich presented Geller as some kind of new messiah specially selected by extraterrestrial intelligences to redeem mankind.[35]

Under the wing of Puharich, Uri was flown to the USA in 1970, where he was introduced to former NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell, and physicists Hal Puthof and Russell Targ at SRI. Mitchell, Puthof and Targ conducted evaluations and testing of Geller's psychic abilities for the CIA and STAR GATE.[36] Mitchell was also briefing the CIA (George H.W. Bush) on the activities and results of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and most likely SRI.[37]

The purpose of the Space Kids project was also to determine whether the children possessed the ability as intelligence tools to remote view targets of military and intelligence interest.[38] In fact, a 14-year-old Space Kid participant reports his suspicions were aroused when he was asked to take part in a remote viewing exercise to spy on the Kremlin, among other sensitive political targets,[39] which was consistent with the objectives of STAR GATE.[40]

It is unknown how long Puharich had been involved in creating mind controlled Space Kids as military intelligence Cyborgs, but Puharich had been experimenting with the Faraday Cage and Psi Psychics since about 1952.

Puharich claimed he first became involved with military intelligence in Project Penguin, a project whose existence has been denied by Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI). Project Penguin allegedly got underway in 1948, a Navy exercise that ran for some years. Its scope: to test individuals possessing “psychic powers. [41] ONI's Project CHATTER had begun in the fall of 1947 delving into the Nazi secret mind control experiments at Dachau Concentration Camp,[42] and most likely Reichsfurhrer Heinrich Himmler's Ahnenerbe secret Astra Travel (Remote Viewing) and Psi-warfare projects which are still classified by the CIA and British MI5-MI6.[43]

Puharich also spent time with his friend British CIA/MK ULTRA Godfather and Orwellian social engineer Aldous Huxley in Tecate, Mexico, studying the effects of electronics on the human organism.[44


Andrija Puharich described her as One Of The Greatest Mediums Of All Time quoted in Fate Magazine May 1978 issue---Belita Adair was featured in a cover story in that issue

Studied as a psychic test subject at Stanford University in the year----1975

Due to the psychic lab tests on her being such a strain,Belita was left in bad health,and lost weight to the point of being life threatening,that and the fact that she is partial Albino made her health very fragile and that stands true today.

Studied as a psychic test subject at UCLA by Dr.Thelma Moss---1975

Studied as a psychic test subject by Dr.Andrija Puharich in January/February 1977 who also studied Uri Geller

extensive sessions of Belita in deep spirit channeling trance speaking----as Dr. Puharich taped the sessions to be later transcribed---

which were turned into top confidential transcripts containing formulas and atomic numbers

and magnetic reflector,sound wave frequency and how to produce electro magnetic waves and the velocities that occur within the Atom information

derived from Belita channeling spirits in an almost unconcious state induced by Puharich counting her backwords into a suspended state and also the lack of air in the Faraday Cage --this was all done in the secret Andrija Puharich Faraday Cage in Ossining New York....these were MK Ultra experiments and the tests were damaging to Belita's brain.

After that in the Summer,Belita,her Mother and Sister joined Puharich in London,England---he presented Belita in her channeling sessions to a private gathering---once,even though it was very warm weather since it was Summer,a cold rush of air filled the room as Belita played the piano and sang,and the room became frosty!.

Maurice Barbanell wrote about Belita Adair July 23 1977 London Psychic Newspaper Psychic News after seeing a live channeling session in London arranged by Dr. Andrija Puharich.He was told by Puharich to keep it all quiet

---but he broke the story anyway.

Dark Reflections-MK Ultra Experiments
Posted April 26, 2011 This time has been a point of reflection for me,a time of connecting with the essence of darkness,the demonic dimension.I have remembered the beings that came to /through me …they are still with me,they still walk in the portals between this world and the next the E.V.A. voice,which is present in my music..all this was what was channeled through me while I underwent those horrible psychic tests locked in that Faraday cage in Ossining N.Y where Parapsychologist Dr. Andrija Puharich conducted hours of research on me,turning off almost all the air in the cage and moving electric currents.,under his helm .he kept pumping me to obtain the knowledge he wanted,atomic numbers,formulas that the presences spoke through me..and the direction from them to him,that this should be out via my music and philosophy for the world to see,he on the other hand wanted this all kept stealth and quiet,he even lied to the beings saying he would get the E.V.A. voice which spoke through me out to the world via electronic medium as they requested Eva in essence I researched can mean the equivelent to Dead Life which make it associated with vampiric essence many times.I use this every day and as I channel my music recordings..when I channel this is a dark force.This is with me always the lasting effects of being a MK Ultra experiment subject, deprived of air in the Faraday cage caused me brain damage and it is hard to function in the world.



continued from above....

Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the history of The Nine is its relationship to the career of Andrija Puharich. Recent research has revealed Puharich to have a distinctly sinister side. As an Army doctor in the 1950s, he was deeply involved with the CIA's notorious MKULTRA mind control project (see panel). He - together with the infamous Dr Sidney Gottlieb - experimented with a variety of techniques to change or induce actual thought processes. even to creating the impression of voices in the head. These techniques included the use of drugs, hypnosis and beaming radio signals directly into the subject's brain. And, significantly, he was engaged in this work at exactly the same time that The Nine made their first appearance at the Round Table Foundation. The Foundation itself is now known to have been largely funded by the Pentagon as a front for its medical and parapsychological research. Puharich was still working for the CIA in the early 1970s, when he brought Uri Geller out of Israel. Puharich's use of hypnosis is particularly interesting in The Nine circle. In the case of Uri Geller and Bobby Horne, he first hypnotised them and then suggested that they were in touch with The Nine - and lo, they were! Ira Einhorn - a close associate of Puharich's during the 1970s - confirmed to us that he believed that Puharich was "humanly directing" The Nine communications.

The evidence we have gathered strongly suggests that Tom and his fellow gods originated, not in the stars, but behind closed doors as part of a CIA mind control experiment. And what happened to that experiment? Now with hundreds of thousands of devotees, some in very high places, can The Nine be deemed a success? Of course, that depends very much on what the CIA had in mind. With their subtle racist propaganda, perhaps the flaky New Age Nine should worry the hell out of us.

The Council of Nine:

Just as the UFO community is heavily influenced by disinformation disseminated by well-known authors and lecturers known to be members of an intelligence organization called the Aviary, so the belief structure of thousands of gullible New Agers is manipulated by individuals claiming to channel information emanating from the "Nine Principles of God".

Even if we ignore the blatant historical inaccuracies and thinly-veiled racism emanating from this purportedly divine group of celestial beings, the military and intelligence background of Dr.Andrija Puharich, the founder of the Nine cult, should be sufficient to question the veracity of the channeled comments.

The Nine were first channeled in 1952 by an Asian mystic at Puharich's laboratory. Puharich later formed the Round Table Foundation purportedly to continue receiving transmissions from the Nine via other channelers. The foundation was disbanded in 1958, but channeling continued at Puharich's laboratory. Prominently associated with Pucharich in this venture were New Age guru Dr. Jim Hurtak and convicted felon Eira Einhorn. The Esalen Institute and the Stamford Research Institute were also involved. This should have raised a very large red flag, since both institutes have participated in mind-control research (Charles Manson was an Esalen visitor).

Moreover, Puharich served as a military officer at the U.S. Army Chemical Center in Maryland at the time the center was conducting LSD experiments. Puharich also worked with the CIA's evil Sydney Gottlieb on the development of directed-energy mind-control techniques, at the time the Nine were initially channeled. Pucharich later developed the first micro-chip tooth implant under a CIA contract.

By means of psycho-acoustic devices, Puharich had the capability of projecting voices into the minds of "channelers", who believed they were in communication with a divine source. This insidious activity, which presumably is being conducted by other mind-control programmers since Puharich's death, has enabled the Illuminati to control the belief-structure of a very large segment of the New Age community. Hopefully, the above apocryphal tales will serve to demonstrate the necessity for commencing selected research projects from first principles.


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