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Marina Seren: The History of Starseeds

Marina, age 21, is a Psychic Medium, Channeler, Artist, ET Contactee, Hybrid Mother, Secret Space Program/MILAB Survivor and a Hybrid. Her awakening began at age 15 when the wake-up call encoded in her DNA activated and she started her path of spiritual awakening and the recovery of memories. She started to receive intense downloads on the structure of consciousness and existence and information about what is really going on on Earth, what is the real history of mankind, and what her mission is here on Earth. Marina has shared some of her knowledge and information during a UFO/Spiritual conferences such as in the Conscious Life Expo of 2020, and the Contact In the Dessert, both in the presentations of the recognized UFO/ET Contact researcher, writer/producer Mary Rodwell (the Alien Lady) about the New Human, star children, and hybrids.

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