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Military: Fauci Likes Young Boys
A JAG source on Sunday told Real Raw News that the Office of Military Commissions has obtained from an unnamed source images showing Deep State Dr. Anthony Fauci in bizarre and compromising relations with underage males to whom he has no known link.

Our source emphasized that although the pictures are not sexually explicit, they give credence to the probability that Fauci is indeed a closet pedophile. JAG, he added, is currently involved in a thorough investigation to learn the identity of the children in the photographs.

“We’re hoping this will add fuel to Fauci’s fire, so to speak. His days are numbered, and the more evidence against him, the better. The photos, which will be shown when he faces a military tribunal, clearly show Fauci is fascinated with and likes young boys,” our source said.

One image, he added, shows Fauci and an unidentified male teenager sitting in the nosebleed seats at Nationals Stadium on 13 June 2021. The teenager holds in his hand an ice cream cone. And Dr. Fauci, mouth agape, is licking melted chocolate ice cream from the cone in the kid’s hand.

The child could not have been Fauci’s offspring, for he has no male children, only three daughters—Megan, Jennifer, and Allison, all adults.

“Of course, we tested the authenticity of the image. Our people at U.S. Army Cyber Command in Ft. Gordon looked for signs of fakery or digital image manipulation. They said it was the real deal, and the metadata attached to the picture confirmed it was real. Unless the other person in the photo was a bona fide dwarf, it was a boy maybe 13 years old. Fauci is only 5’7”, and the kid was shorter than he is. Even though they were sitting in the photo, we easily made that determination,” our source said.

Metadata confirmed the 30-megapixel RAW image was taken with a Sigma 150-600mm zoom lens affixed to a Canon 5D Mark IV digital camera, meaning the photographer could have snapped the picture from a significant distance.

A second image, our source said, shows Fauci and a different underage male holding hands while taking a leisurely stroll along an isolated path at Brookside Botanical Garden in Montgomery County, Maryland. Metadata on that image proved it was taken on September 4, 2021, a Saturday, when the park was still partly closed to the public due to the county’s strict Covid-19 guidelines. Neither Fauci nor his companion wore a mask, and in one image, Fauci could be seen leering like a predator at the child.

“There are other images, all similar. Four kids in all. We admit this is perplexing because we’ve tried to shadow Fauci since the start of the plandemic, and he’s almost always surrounded by a large security detail. But this photographer, and all I’ll say is he’s a licensed private investigator and former LEO, got close enough to take the pictures at exactly the right moment. Kudos to him,” our source said.

In closing, he told Real Raw News that JAG is closing the dragnet, and soon Fauci will be forced to answer for the despicable crimes committed against law-abiding American citizens, as well as children, if the military can satisfactorily prove that he has a sexual predilection for young boys.

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