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Nancy Pelosi’s Brother Charged with Raping Underage Girls
The conspiracy theories don’t sound too crazy now, do they?

Nancy Pelosi is back in the spotlight again.

During the protest on Wednesday, it was reported that her laptop was taken from the Capitol Building.

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Initial reports said that Trump supporters took it.

However, there are some theories that it was taken by special forces.

Take a look:

    Posted by VK today on ‘wego’. Special forces allegedly took Pelosi’s laptop.

    — CeeCee © (@the_exception) January 9, 2021

    Reports Of Nancy Pelosi's Laptop Missing – PANIC IN D.C!

    — Because (@bookman6071) January 8, 2021

    Nancy Pelosi's laptop was taken from her office in the Senate on the 6th
    Perhaps that's why she looks fooked! ??

    — Katie Hopkins (@Hellohowru12345) January 8, 2021

    Just curious, where are Hillary’s emails, where is Hunter’s laptop (hell, where’s Hunter), and now, where’s Pelosi’s laptop?

    Publish those contents and you’ll have a bestseller for ever!

    — Buzz Patterson (@BuzzPatterson) January 8, 2021

It is confirmed.

Nancy Pelosi’s laptop has been stolen.

NBC News confirms that the laptop was taken.


Nancy Pelosi’s team claims that nothing incriminating was on it…

    Aide for Speaker Pelosi tells NBC News that a laptop from a conference room was stolen during Wednesday's storming of the US Capitol. It was a laptop that was only used for presentations, the aide says.

    — NBC Politics (@NBCPolitics) January 8, 2021

While we CURRENTLY don’t know the contents of the laptop…

While nothing has YET been made public…

It’s interesting that an FBI “file dump” is suddenly going viral for the first time.

We must note…

These are NOT new documents.

However, these documents were NOT widely covered by the mainstream media.

It appears that Nancy Pelosi’s brother Franklin Roosevelt D’Alesandro was charged with rape.

He was charged with rape at the age of 20 years old.

The victims?

They were aged 11 and 13.

Yes… they were underage.

Where was the outcry from the left? Where was the outcry from the feminists?

It turns out that D’Alesandro wasn’t the only one who was tried.

He was 1 of 12 men who were tried…


He was the ONLY one that was able to successfully obtain an acquittal.

What are the odds?

Here is the official FBI report.

You can also view it on the official FBI website.

The pertinent section begins at the bottom of page 42.

Small, local news sources covered the incident, but it never gained national traction.

Here is the Baltimore Sun’s obituary for D’Alesandro in 2007:

    Franklin D. Roosevelt D’Alesandro, a retired city courthouse clerk and member of the family that includes two former Baltimore mayors and U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, died of cancer yesterday at the Gilchrist Center for Hospice Care. The Hamilton resident was 73.

    Known as Roosie, he was born in Baltimore on March 7, 1933 – shortly after the first inauguration of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, for whom he was named.

    He was the second son of Annunciata and Thomas D’Alesandro Jr., who was mayor of Baltimore from 1947 to 1959 and earlier served in the House of Representatives.

    Raised in the family’s Little Italy home, he was a graduate of Mount St. Joseph High School and attended Loyola College.

    In 1953 and 1954, Mr. D’Alesandro was in the headlines when he was arrested at the age of 20 and subsequently acquitted in trials on charges of rape and perjury.

    He soon married his longtime sweetheart, Mary Ann Jankowski, and they had two daughters.

    For many years, Mr. D’Alesandro worked in the land records section of the Baltimore Court House.

    “He was a mentor to young title searchers, and he helped stabilize that department,” said his older brother, Thomas J. D’Alesandro III, who served as mayor from 1967 to 1971. “He helped people working there go from working with pens on paper, through the era of the typewriter to the computer.”

    “He was an agreeable sort of guy who did his job well,” former Baltimore Chief Circuit Court Judge Joseph H.H. Kaplan said yesterday. “He didn’t complain and was always very pleasant.”

    “As a brother, friend, and adviser, Roosie always advocated a gentle approach, no matter how drastic the disagreement,” Ms. Pelosi, the San Francisco congresswoman, said in a statement sent by her deputy press secretary.

    “Roosie died as he had lived, surrounded by his family, loved by his friends, grateful for God’s blessings on his life, and prepared to meet our parents and brothers in Heaven,” she said.

    A Mass of Christian burial will be offered at 11 a.m. tomorrow at St. Leo’s Roman Catholic Church, 227 S. Exeter St.

    In addition to his wife, brother and sister, survivors include his daughters, Rose Ann D’Alesandro of Baltimore and Deborah Ignatowski of Lutherville; another brother, Nicholas D’Alesandro of Baltimore; and two granddaughters. Three brothers are deceased.

Isn’t it interesting that we’re just now finding this out?

This is not new information.

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But it appears to have successfully been buried.

If President Trump had a family member charged with rape, we would all know about it.


This story about Pelosi’s brother appears to only be coming into the light now.

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