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Nassim Haramein
I came across this guy on the net recently, it seems he is making a name for himself. I really like him:)

That's one lecture including his take on hollow earth. I have not seen the full clip yet, the others I've seen is also very long. Very beautiful guy.
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Loads of Nassim.:d
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I'd go so far as to say this man is an outright GENIUS Headspace. He's blown my mind like no other. He's amazing!!!!

He seems to have answered ALL the questions of the universe really. I'm surprised no one else has responded about him.

I will post about him here soon; it's just that I'd like to think more about what to write about this guy; I'm shocked.

I hope people here realize that this guy is far more intelligent than Einstein. Albert the old boy dwindles into oblivion compared to this guy. This man has taken mankind to where they've NEVER been before in our written history. He will be honored in all fields of science Millennia from now; I'd put my bottom dollar on that.

I will be back... with pleasure.
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Checking him out now. :)
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What did you think William?
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