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Psychic 'contacted by spirit of murder victim’ at Blackburn show
11:07am Friday 20th February 2009
By Sally Henfield »

A CELEBRITY psychic has offered to help police after claiming the spirit of a murder victim contacted her during a Blackburn show.

During an appearance at King George’s Hall, Blackburn, Sally Morgan claimed to have to have been contacted by a 19-year-old man who said that one of the audience knew his killer.

Sally, who has her own Star Psychic show on ITV2, claimed the spirit had come to her and said: “There is a woman in the audience who knows I was murdered by her boyfriend, but she had done nothing about it.”

Sally asked to 1,000-strong audience if anyone connected to a murder could come forward during the interval.

Four people presented themselves to her staff in the interval, but a spokesman for the celebrity psychic said one of those, a 20-year-old woman called Julie matched the claims.

During the second half of the show a woman then stood up and engaged in a conversation with the medium.

A member of the audience, who asked not to be named, said: “Sally said the woman had been carrying this secret and no one should be asked to carry a secret like that as this guy has literally got away with murder.

"She then said that the man had known what he was doing because he kicked his victim in the head.

“She said he goes off like a spark and the woman took a sharp intake of breath and put her hand to her mouth.

“Sally asked what was wrong and Julie said they call him Sparker and he’s a kickboxer.

“The woman was told that she needed to go to the police because her boyfriend would kill again.”

A spokesman from Parallel Management, which represents Sally, said: “Sally, who is one of Britain’s most accurate psychics, would be very happy to assist police if she can possibly do so.”

Lancashire police said there were no undetected crimes of this nature in East Lancashire.
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I feel this is a setup. Sally has her own homepage and employs many so called psychics for readings over the phone. The way she dresses and the looks of her face and eyes make me very sus.

The cops would have bounced on Sally and Julie had this been real. What's this about her willing to help? She'd long have been interegated along with Julie if this was real. Sorry folks, I don't buy it, too many indescrepancies for my liking.

Another would be if she could be psychic... that now makes it about 1,223,332,43.......
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