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Sue Black Catches Pedophiles by Looking at the Marks on Their Hands

This is the most impressive live talk I’ve seen in years, having long since become revulsed by the Corporatism of TEDTalks, especially after they banned Graham Hancock and Dr. Rupert Sheldrake.

This is a Wired Live talk published earlier this year featuring Sue Black, the Director of the Center for Anatomy at the University of Dundee in Scotland and a forensic anthropologist who knows more about dismemberment and identifying victims and perpetrators of hideous crimes and disasters than one would ever care to contemplate. She was knighted in 2016 and she fully deserved it.

Black is impressive for her formidable Stoicism and as a force for good. Lately, she’s applied her expertise to the positive identification of pedophiles, through the films many are wont to make of themselves while perpetrating their crimes as a way to earn Brownie points for depravity among their peers and for the high prices these films command on the black market.

Though the subject matters discussed are horrifying, she is able to communicate the facts with such dignity and wit, combined with her abiding commitment to justice, it’s really quite extraordinary.
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