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Teen Committing Live Web Cam Suicide Was Taking Psychiatric Medications
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, November 21, 2008

The internet is swirling with news about the 19-year-old boy who ended his life in front of a live web cam by overdosing with psychotropic drugs. The mainstream media, of course, is focused entirely on the tabloid angle of the "first live internet suicide" and whether his friends should have stopped it instead of making fun of the kid. As usual, they've all missed the REAL story here.

What real story? That Abraham Biggs is yet another casualty of psychiatric medications, which are well known to cause suicidal thoughts and violent behavior. By committing suicide live, online, Abraham Biggs showed the whole world the power of psychiatric drugs to seize control over a person's mind and make him kill himself.

Abraham was diagnosed with a fictitious psychiatric disorder called "bi-polar disorder." This so-called "disease" was made up and promoted by corrupt psychiatrists who took money under the table from Big Pharma. Just today, in fact, Dr. Frederick Goodwin, a radio host who ran a show broadcast on an NPR channel, was busted taking $1.3 million in undisclosed drug money from Big Pharma. What was this doctor most famous for talking about on NPR's radio station? Bi-polar disorder, of course!

It turns out he was pushing bi-polar disorder while collecting paychecks from GlaxoSmithKline. And he's just one of thousands of psychiatric doctors who push fictitious diseases while collecting million-dollar paychecks from the drug companies.

Abraham Biggs wasn't killed by his own hand. He was killed by an overdose of the very medication that stole his mind: benzodiazepine, a powerful psychotropic drug. Wikipedia ( states:

"Severe behavioral changes resulting from benzodiazepines have been reported including mania, schizophrenia, anger, impulsivity, and hypomania. Individuals with borderline personality disorder appear to have a greater risk of experiencing severe behavioral or psychiatric disturbances from benzodiazepines. Aggression and violent outbursts can also occur with benzodiazepines, particularly when they are combined with alcohol. Paradoxical reactions may occur in any individual on commencement of therapy and initial monitoring should take into account the risk of increase in anxiety or suicidal thoughts. ...In a letter to the British Medical Journal, it was reported that a high proportion of parents referred for actual or threatened child abuse were taking drugs at the time, often a combination of benzodiazepines and tricyclic antidepressants."

That it happened live on the internet is just another example of how pervasive the mass-medication of teens has become these days.

The truth is, if we keep medication children with dangerous psych drugs instead of feeding them healthy foods that balance brain chemistry, we're going to see more suicides, more school shooting and more violence broadcast all over the world.

This is all a result of the insane, criminal industry of modern psychiatry.

Want to know the truth? Watch this video:

Click to read:
Teen Committing Live Web Cam Suicide Was Taking Psychiatric Medications

From With his webcam trained on him, a Florida teenager died in his bed of a drug overdose while others watched over the Internet, officials said Friday.... more
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