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The letter J wasn't invented until 1600, how did Jesus get his name 2013 years ago?
"Jesus" wasn't given or received 2013 years ago. The first time the name was first spelled (as far as my research indicates) precisely as "JESUS" was June 1632 in a court document in England. Ironically, the name was spelled this way in an official lawsuit filed due to the poor translation and printing quality of Bibles by a pair of owners of a print shop who were seemingly printing for profit and not for quality. The pair were sued for printing subpar quality and lost - having to pay a fine. But the spelling (which occurred just one time as JESUS) remained and became the Western Brand Name for a very famous Jew.

Near 1BC or 1AD the original complete Name of the Messiah was delivered in Hebrew as: YHW'shua
sometimes: YOD HEY WAW SHIN WAW AYIN = Yehoshua. It was also know commonly in Aramaic as Y’Shua.
Modern english changes the Y to a J and so we might say something like Joshua today in English.
The CAPS are without vowels to help clearly understand the Hebrew as it was then written (without vowels), this also clears up a myriad of ‘other’ arguments.
The meaning of the Name of the Messiah: YHW'salvation.

Three step process to erase the official or Orthodox Hebrew YHW'shua: A process that took nearly 1600 years to evolve...
1) YHW'shua was transliterated into the Greek: Iesous,
2) then transliterated into the Latin: Iesus
3) then transliterated into the English: Jesus.

In fact, in my research, I can find NO published name spelled precisely as: "Jesus" prior to JUNE of 1632.
If anyone here can present a link to me to an official - original document with the precise spelling "Jesus" prior to June 1632, I would LOVE to see it.
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The Encyclopedia Americana contains the following quote on the J: “The form of ‘J’ was unknown in any alphabet until the 14th century. Either symbol (J,I) used initially generally had the consonantal sound of Y as in year. Gradually, the two symbols (J,l) were differentiated, the J usually acquiring consonantal force and thus becoming regarded as a consonant, and the I becoming a vowel.

It was not until 1630 that the differentiation became general in England.” Note in the original 1611 version of the King James Version of the Bible there was no “J” letter in this Bible for because it did not exist. James was spelled Iames. Jesus was spelled Iesous.

No one wrote about Jesus until many years after his alleged death. Granted that people were illiterate back then but surely, someone could have drawn a picture or two of his alleged miracles.
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That's cause no one with that name actually existed.
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