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UNJABBED: A fictional, dystopian future imagined by artist Ken Avidor
It may not be so fictional. However, this 2 minute video is too dangerous for anyone to view so Vimeo removed it. Watch it now before they censor it everywhere.

For more about this series, see this article in The Federalist. Vimeo is censorship at its finest!

Watch it while you still can. “They” don’t want you to see it.

You can watch the first three episodes now on YouTube.

Of course, the series is PURE FICTION. Something like this could NEVER HAPPEN. Our leaders would never allow it!

For example, in the video series, people are given a vaccine which harms them and hospitals mandate that employees take this dangerous vaccine.

Twitter avatar for @Avidor
Ken Avidor
Here's the statement from @Vimeo . They claim that my short FICTIONAL film "UNJABBED" that is set in the FUTURE using animated ART is somehow a danger to the public. I believe this crosses a line, the censorship of FICTION. Folks, we are in deep, deep totalitarian territory now.

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