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Viganò: Globalist extermination plan serves Satan’s goal to kill both body and soul
Archbishop Viganò: Globalist extermination plan serves Satan’s goal to kill both body and soul

In a speech earlier this month in Italy, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò said, 'Pretending that we are dealing with vile merchants interested only in money and refusing to see the Satanic matrix of the globalist plan is an unforgivable mistake that none of us can make.'

(LifeSiteNews) — The following is the full text of a May 10 speech given by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò at the Auditorium Gavirate in Varese, Italy, May 10, 2024.


One of the most immediate effects of the infernal and manipulative psychopandemic operation is the refusal of the masses to acknowledge that they have been the object of a colossal fraud. Under the pretext of preventing the spread of a virus, presented as deadly and incurable – and which we now know has never been isolated according to Koch’s postulates – billions of people have been forced to undergo inoculation with an experimental drug that was known to be ineffective for its stated purpose. And in order to accomplish this, the authorities in charge have not hesitated to discredit existing treatments which would have made it impossible for that genetic serum to be authorized for sale.

The reason for this instinctive refusal of the masses to recognize themselves as victims of a true and proper crime against humanity does not, however, remove the evidence of the intentions of the perpetrators of this crime. These intentions, declared for decades on the basis of a grotesque falsification of reality, are embodied in a systematic action aimed at encouraging the depopulation of the planet through pandemics, famines, wars, clashes between different sections of the population, the impoverishment of the weaker classes, and the drastic reduction of those public services – including health and social security – that the State should guarantee to its citizens. The Bill & Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health (here and here) is one of the main architects of a population reduction plan that starts from the neo-Malthusian assumption that the Earth’s population must be drastically reduced, and that its food and energy resources must be the subject of interventions that favor this reduction. The declarations confirming this extermination plan are no longer even concealed; on the contrary, they are explicitly reiterated in the conferences and studies produced by the network of organizations and institutes financed by self-proclaimed philanthropists.

But if a lobby of very rich people declares that they want to reduce the world’s population through mass vaccinations that cause sterility, disease, and death; and if these vaccinations do indeed cause sterility, disease, and death in millions of those inoculated, I believe that we should all expand our horizons – and I address my appeal to distinguished jurists and intellectuals, as well as to doctors and scientists – and not limit ourselves to an investigation that has as its sole object the adverse and deadly effects of the experimental serum. If we do not situate the organization of the psychopandemic within the broader context of the criminal plan that conceived and designed it, we will preclude ourselves from the possibility not only of understanding that it was a premeditated crime, but also of seeing on what other fronts we are or will be the object of new attacks – all of which have the same ultimate goal, namely, the physical elimination of billions of people.

The flaws in the widespread system of censorship that is being established in almost all Western states – or rather, in those that are subject to  the diktats of the WHO and the subversive umbrella of the World Economic Forum – have allowed many of us to see the demonstration of an indisputable fact: these serums – produced by government agencies using viruses that have been genetically modified through gain-of-function research and which are subject to military secrecy – not only do not serve to cure the phantom Covid-19 disease, but also induce serious adverse effects and even death; and this is not only due to the new mRNA technology with which they are produced, but also to the presence of substances that have no relevance to the declared purpose of fighting the virus. Substances – including graphene oxide – that coincidentally were patented well before the launch of the pandemic operation – a disturbing detail, to say the least.

Therefore, given that these serums do not do what they were declared to do when they were approved by the various health agencies, but instead prove to be very effective in inducing even very serious pathologies, in causing death and in accomplishing the sterilization of those inoculated, it is necessary to take the next step – which is the one most feared by the system that imposed them – and denounce the malice and premeditation – the mens rea, as legal experts would say – of those who deliberately used a fake pandemic to exterminate the population, consistent with a mad, anti-human vision that considers humanity as the cancer of the Planet.

That is why I invite you to take the next step in this praiseworthy operation of truth and denunciation in which you are courageously committed.

Do not ask the wrong questions, because you will get the wrong answers. If you assume that the health authorities have acted with lawful purposes and that the errors made are due to inexperience or the pressure of the emergency; if you take it for granted that the producers of gene serum have as their purpose the cure of diseases and not the most cynical profit and the creation of chronically ill people, you will end up falsifying reality, and the conclusions you will reach will necessarily be misleading. Instead, take a forensic approach, so to speak, so that it it will be evident that there is a perfect coherence between the tools adopted and the results obtained, regardless of their stated aims; knowing that their true motivations, precisely because of their intrinsic desire to harm, had to be concealed and denied. Who would ever admit, before fraudulently imposing a mass genetic treatment, that its intended goal was to make a very large segment of the world’s population either sick, or sterile, or dead?

But if this is what the neo-Malthusian ideology aims to achieve; if there is evidence that the adverse effects of the serums have been maliciously concealed; if in the different batches there are substances that have no prophylactic justification but which, on the contrary, induce pathologies and allow tampering with human DNA, the logical conclusions cannot fail to highlight the criminal will behind the operation, and therefore the culpable complicity of public institutions, private entities, even the leaders of the Catholic Hierarchy, the media, the judiciary, the Police, the Armed Forces, and the entire medical class – except for very rare exceptions – in a mass extermination operation.

The question we must now ask ourselves – and that we must ask those who claim to govern us and impose on us rules and behaviors that directly affect our daily lives and our health – is not why serums have been imposed, even though they are demonstrably harmful and deadly, but rather why no organ of the State – whose ultimate goal ought to be the common good, and the health and well-being of its citizens – has put an end to this crime, but indeed has become an accomplice to it, going so far as to violate fundamental rights and trample on the Constitution. And once we understand the complicity of the Judiciary, the Parliament, the Government, and the Head of State, we must ask ourselves what the response of citizens – whom Article 1 of the Constitution recognizes as the sole holders of national sovereignty – can and should be in the face of a subversive act and a betrayal of those in power.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? asks Juvenal (Satires, VI, 48-49). If a system of government comes to be structured in such a way that those who are constituted in authority can harm those who must obey them; if forces not legitimized by any political or social mandate manage to maneuver entire governments and supranational institutions with the intention of appropriating power and concentrating in their hands every instrument of control and every resource – finance, health, justice, transport, trade, food, education, information; if a subversive entity can publicly boast of having premiers, ministers, and officials at its service, we must open our eyes and denounce the failure of that social pact that is the basis of civil coexistence and that legitimizes the delegation of authority by the people to their representatives. And from here, inevitably, must arise the awareness that the pandemic – as well as the climate emergency and all the other pseudo-catastrophes envisaged for intimidation purposes by the same lobby – constitutes a fundamental piece in the framework of a broader global coup d’état that must be opposed, which it is essential to denounce, and whose perpetrators – both at the top of these subversive organizations and in governments, public institutions, and the highest levels of the Catholic Church – will be inexorably tried and convicted of high treason and crimes against humanity.

But in order to do this – you will have to acknowledge this, after four years – it is essential to understand that this criminal lobby acts for Evil, serves Evil, and pursues the death not only of the body but also of the soul of each one of us; that its emissaries are servants of Satan, devoted to the destruction of everything that even remotely resembles the perfect work of Creation, anything that refers to the generous and gratuitous act with which the Creator infuses Life. Satan is a murderer from the beginning (Jn 8:44), and those who serve him can do nothing other than desire death, whatever the means by which it is inflicted.

Pretending that we are dealing with vile merchants interested only in money and refusing to see the Satanic matrix of the globalist plan is an unforgivable mistake that none of us can make, if we really want to stop the threat looming over the whole of humanity. For this I assure you of my prayers and implore upon you the Blessing of God and the patronage of the Blessed Virgin, Salus Infirmorum.

You have the devil as your father,
and you want to fulfill your Father’s desires.
He was a murderer from the beginning
and did not persevere in the truth,
for there is no truth in him.
When he speaks falsely, he speaks of his own,
for he is a liar and the father of lies.

Jn 8:44

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