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Will Ferrell hits cheerleader in face with basketball

The blond got sacrificed close range, high velocity by a tall, strong, demon-inhabited clone. Clones are known to be especially labile and hard to control. They need to be handled carefully while out in public. This demon inhabiting the Ferrell clone meant to break the cheerleaders nose and cause pain.  That's what they do. Watch this video Richard posted for hard-to-come-by details. I'm glad the crowd booed. They knew ((IT)) did this cheap-shot on purpose using LOTS oF farce. 
The joker: Why so sirius.

At 48:50

I was wondering if the video would fool you. It was all a publicity stunt for Will's new movie called Daddy's Home. At first I thought it was real too until I studied the video. Once I knew ift was fake I laughed my ass off. 

Pretty creepy publicity stunt. Did the audience know it was fake? Especially after watching the video you posted yesterday and what stars of his magnitude have to do.

Where did you see that it had been faked? The different angle vid I posted shows a quick, intentional shot to the head without time for her to get her hands up to her face. 

Piece of cake for them to say it's fake.

It was in the news that it's fake. The woman is a pro wrestler and they used a deflated basketball. The audience didn't know until afterwards.

...disturbing on many levels. How is that stunt funny given what we know them to do in after hours parties, especially to females.

I thought the stunt was funny. Just like when I watch world's funnest videos on TV I laugh at all the stupid things people do and get hurt.

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