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2024 Is the New 1984 | Biden's AI Censorship Tools | Satanic WEF Propaganda

2024 Is the New 1984: Big Brother and the Rise of the Security Industrial Complex
By John & Nisha Whitehead
The Rutherford Institute
February 8, 2024

Forty years past the time that George Orwell envisioned the stomping boot of Big Brother, the police state is about to pass off the baton to the surveillance state.

Fueled by a melding of government and corporate power—the rise of the security industrial complex—this watershed moment sounds a death knell for our privacy rights.

An unofficial fourth branch of government, the Surveillance State came into being without any electoral mandate or constitutional referendum, and yet it possesses superpowers, above and beyond those of any other government agency save the military.

It operates beyond the reach of the president, Congress and the courts, and it marches in lockstep with the corporate elite who really call the shots in Washington, DC.

This is the new face of tyranny in America: all-knowing, all-seeing and all-powerful.

Tread cautiously.

Empowered by advances in surveillance technology and emboldened by rapidly expanding public-private partnerships between law enforcement, the Intelligence Community, and the private sector, the Surveillance State is making the fictional world of 1984, Orwell’s dystopian nightmare, our looming reality.

1984 portrays a global society of total control in which people are not allowed to have thoughts that in any way disagree with the corporate state. There is no personal freedom, and advanced technology has become the driving force behind a surveillance-driven society. Snitches and cameras are everywhere. People are subject to the Thought Police, who deal with anyone guilty of thought crimes. The government, or “Party,” is headed by Big Brother who appears on posters everywhere with the words: “Big Brother is watching you.”

Indeed, in our present age of ubiquitous surveillance, there are no private lives.

Everything is increasingly public.

What we are witnessing, in the so-called name of security and efficiency, is the creation of a new class system comprised of the watched (average Americans such as you and me) and the watchers (government bureaucrats, technicians and private corporations).

We now find ourselves in the unenviable position of being monitored, managed and controlled by our technology, which answers not to us but to our government and corporate rulers.

This is the fact-is-stranger-than-fiction lesson that is being pounded into us on a daily basis.

In this way, 1984, which depicted the ominous rise of ubiquitous technology, fascism and totalitarianism, has become an operation manual for the omnipresent, modern-day surveillance state.

There are roughly one billion surveillance cameras worldwide and that number continues to grow, thanks to their wholehearted adoption by governments (especially law enforcement and military agencies), businesses, and individual consumers.

Surveillance cameras mounted on utility poles, traffic lights, businesses, and homes. Ring doorbells. GPS devices. Dash cameras. Drones. Store security cameras. Geofencing and geotracking. FitBits. Alexa. Internet-connected devices.

Stingray devices, facial recognition technology, body cameras, automated license plate readers, gunshot detection, predictive policing software, AI-enhanced video analytics, real-time crime centers, fusion centers: all of these technologies and surveillance programs rely on public-private partnerships that together create a sticky spiderweb from which there is no escape.

With every new surveillance device we welcome into our lives, the government gains yet another toehold into our private worlds.

As the cost of these technologies becomes more affordable for the average consumer, an effort underwritten by the tech industry and encouraged by law enforcement agencies and local governing boards, which in turn benefit from access to surveillance they don’t need to include in their budgets, big cities, small towns, urban, suburban and rural communities alike are adding themselves to the surveillance state’s interconnected grid.

What this adds up to for government agencies (that is, FBI, NSA, DHS agents, etc., as well as local police) is a surveillance map that allows them to track someone’s movements over time and space, hopscotching from doorbell camera feeds and business security cameras to public cameras on utility poles, license plate readers, traffic cameras, drones, etc.

It has all but eliminated the notion of privacy enshrined in the  Fourth Amendment and radically re-drawn the line of demarcation between our public and private selves.

The police state has become particularly adept at sidestepping the Fourth Amendment, empowered by advances in surveillance technology and emboldened by rapidly expanding public-private partnerships between law enforcement, the Intelligence Community, and the private sector.

Over the past 50-plus years, surveillance has brought about a series of revolutions in how governments govern and populations are policed to the detriment of us all. Cybersecurity expert Adam Scott Wandt has identified three such revolutions.

The first surveillance revolution came about as a result of government video cameras being installed in public areas. There were a reported 51 million surveillance cameras blanketing the United States in 2022. It’s estimated that Americans are caught on camera an average of 238 times every week (160 times per week while driving; 40 times per week at work; 24 times per week while out running errands and shopping; and 14 times per week through various other channels and activities). That doesn’t even touch on the coverage by surveillance drones, which remain a relatively covert part of police spying operations.

The second revolution occurred when law enforcement agencies started forging public-private partnerships with commercial establishments like banks and drug stores and parking lots in order to gain access to their live surveillance feeds. The use of automatic license plate readers (manufactured and distributed by the likes of Flock Safety), once deployed exclusively by police and now spreading to home owners associations and gated communities, extends the reach of the surveillance state that much further afield. It’s a win-win for police budgets and local legislatures when they can persuade businesses and residential communities to shoulder the costs of the equipment and share the footage, and they can conscript the citizenry to spy on each other through crowdsourced surveillance.

The third revolution was ushered in with the growing popularity of doorbell cameras such as Ring, Amazon’s video surveillance doorbell, and Google’s Nest Cam.

Amazon has been particularly aggressive in its pursuit of a relationship with police, enlisting them in its marketing efforts, and going so far as to hosting parties for police, providing free Ring doorbells and deep discounts, sharing “active camera” maps of Ring owners, allowing access to the Law Enforcement Neighborhood Portal, which enables police to directly contact owners for access to their footage, and coaching police on how to obtain footage without a warrant.

Ring currently partners with upwards of 2,161 law enforcement agencies and 455 fire departments, and that number grows exponentially every year. As Vice reports, “Ring has also heavily pursued city discount programs and private alliances with neighborhood watch groups. When cities provide free or discounted Ring cameras, they sometimes create camera registries, and police sometimes order people to aim Ring cameras at their neighbors, or only give cameras to people surveilled by neighborhood watches.”

In November 2022, San Francisco police gained access to the live footage of privately owned internet cameras as opposed to merely being able to access recorded footage. No longer do police even have to request permission of homeowners for such access: increasingly, corporations have given police access to footage as part of their so-called criminal investigations with or without court orders.

The fourth revolutionary shift may well be the use of facial recognition software and artificial intelligence-powered programs that can track people by their biometrics, clothing, behavior and car, thereby synthesizing the many strands of surveillance video footage into one cohesive narrative, which privacy advocates refer to as 360 degree surveillance.

While the guarantee of safety afforded by these surveillance nerve centers remains dubious, at best, there is no disguising their contribution in effecting a sea change towards outright authoritarianism.

For instance, as an in-depth investigative report by the Associated Press concludes, the very same mass surveillance technologies that were supposedly so necessary to fight the spread of COVID-19 are now being used to stifle dissent, persecute activists, harass marginalized communities, and link people’s health information to other surveillance and law enforcement tools.

As the AP reports, federal officials have also been looking into how to add “‘identifiable patient data,’ such as mental health, substance use and behavioral health information from group homes, shelters, jails, detox facilities and schools,” to its surveillance toolkit.

These cameras—and the public-private eyes peering at us through them—are re-engineering a society structured around the aesthetic of fear and, in the process, empowering “people to not just watch their neighborhood, but to organize as watchers,” creating not just digital neighborhood watches but digital gated communities.

Finally, there is a repressive, suppressive effect to surveillance that not only acts as a potentially small deterrent on crime but serves to monitor and chill lawful First Amendment activity.

As Matthew Feeney warns in the New York Times, “In the past, Communists, civil rights leaders, feminists, Quakers, folk singers, war protesters and others have been on the receiving end of law enforcement surveillance. No one knows who the next target will be.”

No one knows, but it’s a pretty good bet that the surveillance state will be keeping a close watch on anyone seen as a threat to the government’s chokehold on power.

After all, as I make clear in my book Battlefield America: The War on the American People and in its fictional counterpart The Erik Blair Diaries, the Surveillance State never sleeps.

Government Funds AI Tools for Whole-of-Internet Surveillance and Censorship
I feel scared. Very scared.

Internet-wide surveillance and censorship, enabled by the unimaginably vast computational power of artificial intelligence (AI), is here.

This is not a futuristic dystopia. It’s happening now.

Government agencies are working with universities and nonprofits to use AI tools to surveil and censor content on the Internet.

This is not political or partisan. This is not about any particular opinion or idea.

What’s happening is that a tool powerful enough to surveil everything that’s said and done on the Internet (or large portions of it) is becoming available to the government to monitor all of us, all the time. And, based on that monitoring, the government – and any organization or company the government partners with – can then use the same tool to suppress, silence, and shut down whatever speech it doesn’t like.

But that’s not all. Using the same tool, the government and its public-private, “non-governmental” partners (think, for example: the World Health Organization, or Monsanto) can also shut down any activity that is linked to the Internet. Banking, buying, selling, teaching, learning, entertaining, connecting to each other – if the government-controlled AI does not like what you (or your kids!) say in a tweet or an email, it can shut down all of that for you.

Yes, we’ve seen this on a very local and politicized scale with, for example, the Canadian truckers.

But if we thought this type of activity could not, or would not, happen on a national (or even scarier – global) scale, we need to wake up right now and realize it’s happening, and it might not be stoppable.
New Documents Show Government-Funded AI Intended for Online Censorship

The US House Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government was formed in January 2023 “to investigate matters related to the collection, analysis, dissemination, and use of information on US citizens by executive branch agencies, including whether such efforts are illegal, unconstitutional, or otherwise unethical.”

Unfortunately, the work of the committee is viewed, even by its own members, as largely political: Conservative lawmakers are investigating what they perceive to be the silencing of conservative voices by liberal-leaning government agencies.

Nevertheless, in its investigations, this committee has uncovered some astonishing documents related to government attempts to censor the speech of American citizens.

These documents have crucial and terrifying all-of-society implications.

In the Subcommittee’s interim report, dated February 5, 2024, documents show that academic and nonprofit groups are pitching a government agency on a plan to use AI “misinformation services” to censor content on internet platforms.

Specifically, the University of Michigan is explaining to the National Science Foundation (NSF) that the AI-powered tools funded by the NSF can be used to help social media platforms perform censorship activities without having to actually make the decisions on what should be censored.

Here’s how the relationship is visualized in the Subcommittee’s report:

Here’s a specific quote presented in the Subcommittee’s report. It comes from “Speaker’s notes from the University of Michigan’s first pitch to the National Science Foundation (NSF) about its NSF-funded, AI-powered WiseDex tool.” The notes are on file with the committee.

    Our misinformation service helps policy makers at platforms who want to…push responsibility for difficult judgments to someone outside the company…by externalizing the difficult responsibility of censorship.

This is an extraordinary statement on so many levels:

    It explicitly equates “misinformation service” with censorship.

This is a crucial equation, because governments worldwide are pretending to combat harmful misinformation when in fact they are passing massive censorship bills. The WEF declared “misinformation and disinformation” the “most severe global risks” in the next two years, which presumably means their biggest efforts will go toward censorship.

When a government contractor explicitly states that it is selling a “misinformation service” that helps online platforms “externalize censorship” – the two terms are acknowledged as being interchangeable.

    It refers to censorship as a “responsibility.”

In other words, it assumes that part of what the platforms should be doing is censorship. Not protecting children from sex predators or innocent citizens from misinformation – just plain and simple, unadulterated censorship.

    It states that the role of AI is to “externalize” the responsibility for censorship.

The Tech platforms do not want to make censorship decisions. The government wants to make those decisions but does not want to be seen as censoring. The AI tools allow the platforms to “externalize” the censorship decisions and the government to hide its censorship activities.

All of this should end the illusion that what governments around the world are calling “countering misinformation and hate speech” is not straight-up censorship.
What Happens When AI Censorship is Fully Implemented?

Knowing that the government is already paying for AI censorship tools, we have to wrap our minds around what this entails.

No manpower limits: As the Subcommittee report points out, the limits to government online censorship have, up to now, involved the large numbers of humans required to go through endless files and make censorship decisions. With AI, barely any humans need to be involved, and the amount of data that can be surveilled can be as vast as everything anyone says on a particular platform. That amount of data is incomprehensible to an individual human brain.

No one is responsible: One of the most frightening aspects of AI censorship is that when AI does it, there is no human being or organization – be it the government, the platforms, or the university/nonprofits – who is actually responsible for the censorship. Initially, humans feed the AI tool instructions for what categories or types of language to censor, but then the machine goes ahead and makes the case-by-case decisions all by itself.

No recourse for grievances: Once AI is unleashed with a set of censorship instructions, it will sweep up gazillions of online data points and apply censorship actions. If you want to contest an AI censorship action, you will have to talk to the machine. Maybe the platforms will employ humans to respond to appeals. But why would they do that, when they have AI that can automate those responses?

No protection for young people: One of the claims made by government censors is that we need to protect our children from harmful online information, like content that makes them anorexic, encourages them to commit suicide, turns them into ISIS terrorists, and so on. Also from sexual exploitation. These are all serious issues that deserve attention. But they are not nearly as dangerous to vast numbers of young people as AI censorship is.

The danger posed by AI censorship applies to all young people who spend a lot of time online, because it means their online activities and language can be monitored and used against them – maybe not now, but whenever the government decides to go after a particular type of language or behavior. This is a much greater danger to a much greater number of children than the danger posed by any specific content, because it encompasses all the activity they conduct online, touching on nearly every aspect of their lives.

Here’s an example to illustrate this danger: Let’s say your teenager plays lots of interactive video games online. Let’s say he happens to favor games designed by Chinese companies. Maybe he also watches others play those games, and participates in chats and discussion groups about those games, in which a lot of Chinese nationals also participate.

The government may decide next month, or next year, that anyone heavily engaged in Chinese-designed video games is a danger to democracy. This might result in shutting down your son’s social media accounts or denying him access to financial tools, like college loans. It might also involve flagging him on employment or dating websites as dangerous or undesirable. It might mean he is denied a passport or put on a watchlist.

Your teenager’s life just got a lot more difficult. Much more difficult than if he was exposed to an ISIS recruitment video or suicide-glorifying TikTok post. And this would happen on a much larger scale than the sexual exploitation the censors are using as a Trojan Horse for normalizing the idea of online government censorship.

Monetize-able censorship services: An AI tool owned by the government can theoretically be used by a non-governmental entity with the government’s permission, and with the blessing of the platforms that want to “externalize” the “responsibility” for censorship. So while the government might be using AI to monitor and suppress, let’s say as an example, anti-war sentiment – a company could use it to monitor and suppress, let’s say as an example, anti-fast food sentiment. The government could make a lot of money selling the services of the AI tools to 3rd parties. The platforms could also conceivably ask for a cut. Thus, AI censorship tools can potentially benefit the government, tech platforms, and private corporations. The incentives are so powerful, it’s almost impossible to imagine that they will not be exploited.
Can We Reverse Course?

I do not know how many government agencies and how many platforms are using AI censorship tools. I do not know how quickly they can scale up.

I do not know what tools we have at our disposal – other than raising awareness and trying to lobby politicians and file lawsuits to prevent government censorship and regulate the use of AI tools on the internet.

If anyone has any other ideas, now would be the time to implement them.

WHO Report Proposes Working With Social Media Providers and Law Enforcement To Control “Disinformation” AKA The Truth
The United Nations (UN) in general has in the past years proved to be a fine yet unfortunate example of the degradation of an institution that was conceived as an international forum for settling disputes and establishing cooperation and mutual trust between countries – without denting their sovereignty or agency.

Yet from that, it has been turning into another “brick in the globalist wall” – instead of providing a level playing field and ensuring trust, the UN is prostrating itself and its various agencies – these last years very notably the WHO (World Health Organization) – before the global agendas.

Therefore, it’s really unsurprising that the World Health Organization continues to dabble in online information suppression and even censorship, and keeps talking about “disinformation.”

As well, a recent WHO statement gives away that the UN wouldn’t mind following in the footsteps of governments who collude with Big Tech. After all, the UN has been pejoratively referred to as “the world government.”

These days, WHO’s top-of-mind goes this way, as per the post. It’s not the actual health issues, but – “cyber-attacks on health care (and) disinformation.” And these are treated as “health security risks.”

So, not health risks – but “health security risks.” There is also talk about “enhancing cyber-maturity.” It will be a cold day in hell before most people catch up with corporate/globalist newspeak anyway, but this time in a post on the WHO blog, the agency at least listed everyone involved in this curious endeavor.

It’s no less that Interpol (a global police organization), the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), the UN Office of Counter-terrorism, the UN International Computing Center (UNICC), the UN Inter-regional Crime and Justice Research Institute, and the CyberPeace Institute.

Wow. The post goes on to justify all this by asserting that during The pandemic, the IT infrastructure of healthcare institutions got targeted, apparently more so than usual.

“Disinformation” is, strangely, not defined here as – well, disinformation. Instead, it’s – possibly more tellingly than the WHO would have liked it to come across – described as, “a weaponization of information.”

And now for the proposed solutions. One is to raise awareness of disinformation and information manipulation (but does the WHO really want this, since its own activities just might get exposed as such?)

Inevitably, we come to (Big Tech’s, really) promotion of “trusted sources of information and voices of authority; supporting fact-checking activities which include the use of fact-checking technologies and human fact-checkers.”

As a matter of curiosity, here’s how the WHO post concludes:

“The reports (from previously here listed UN agencies) justify the critical need to build multisectoral alliances that can harness the benefits of new technologies for improved health and well-being while facing constantly emerging threats.”

Now – did some human actually write that globalist word salad?

We’ll only find out by living and learning. And by keeping tuned.

Original Article:

How The Satanic WEF Propaganda Network Uses A.I. To Carry Out Brainwashing To Control The People Through Dystopian Dark Psychology, Trying To Turn Demonic Deceptions Into 'Truth'
- You must be grounded in reality to determine what is truth and what are lies
By Alan Barton -  All News Pipeline
February 4, 2024

Computers. They are all over the place and even reside in many things you may be surprised to realize they are controlling. This hackneyed component of modern life has been around in some form for millennia from the simple numeral frame to the more advanced abacus and included the use of fingers, stones etc to represent multiples and sets of other numbers (I will admit to still using that method for quick calculations). Their basic history and functions are actually easy to understand and we have covered it before, but a refresher may be a nice option at this point. The first computers were mechanical and even hydro mechanical and in the 1900’s electro mechanical and then fully electronic computers were invented that at first used vacuum tubes as the state switches before transistors were developed to fill that role at much reduced cost, size and power consumption to say nothing of increased speeds of operation and reliability.

Computers work best at repetitive calculations and were first not just deployed but actually developed to do the major bulk calculations and comparative analysis that was used to break codes during World War Two.  They are excellent at that kind of work because they are fast, and unlike humans, handle repetitive calculations well.  Crypto analysis is the primary goal of those first computers and the modern super computers are the same thing, just a lot faster and more powerful but designed for the same reasons.  Yes, they are used for scientific and other tasks that require massive amounts of data manipulation and analysis but they are all based on the same principles that were useful for breaking military codes rapidly.  Times have changed and the computer has a much more nefarious purpose that we will cover next.

On a personal note I get irritated at those people that have no understanding of the difference between Electric and Electronic.  They use electronic for anything electrical and that makes them look like uneducated and sloppy writers.  Sorry everybody, but that is just one of those weird things that gets into my cornmeal so to say.  Electrical is anything that uses the motion of electrons controlled to vary the voltage, current, resistance and such to meet some end goal.  Your flashlight is electrical; your furnace motor is electrical as is your toaster.  Electronic means that the actions depend on the PROPERTIES of the electrons themselves such as their movements inside a semi-conductor.  One might simplify that to mean if it uses the energy of the electron then it is electric while if it is the medium for manipulating something using electrons such as the radio you may be listening to or the computer you may be reading this column on then it is electronic.  Off of my soapbox and back to the subject at hand.

Computers work fundamentally on simple logic systems and programs but when those systems are put into place to do real work they become complicated very quickly and the simple reasoning of the fundamental (yes I know, over simplified) If-Then–Else logic flow cascades immensely.  When you search for something on the internet, when you don’t even think of what is going on when you push a button to dial a phone a thousand miles away and connect almost instantly with someone from billions of possible telephone numbers then you can see the practical applications of the power of a computer.  Manipulating graphic images, streaming multiple movies on one connection or even on just one computer; even something seemingly simple as editing an email involves massive amounts of data manipulation.  And all of it is based on the more simple building blocks of basic coding systems multiplied manifold for creating the end result.  Understand this fundamental operational concept and you will know enough for most purposes.

Psychology dot Org has an interesting article framing the 25 psychological manipulation techniques you should be aware of.  We should be familiar with most of them even if not associating them as variations on a theme.  Dark psychology is the term that covers manipulative techniques used to control you and includes the common use of deception and lying, bait and switch, withholding information as well as the less well known systems like Stockholm syndrome, mirroring, and cognitive dissonance.  All of these are used liberally by the so-called “powers that be” to manipulate others to do as they bid and to stop anyone from objecting to their control mechanisms.  Fear mongering, gas lighting, intimidation and others of the like are the ones they brought out (and I especially want to focus on the use of FEAR) that those over us induce to control us and they are the subject of today’s tirade by yours truly.  Dark Psychology manipulation techniques are pervasive and inherent in just about everything involved in our modern life and seemingly our very beings, it is that bad now.

NSA, the National Security Agency, is the one ring to rule them all so to speak many say.  Sorry Frodo, but if the image fits then I will use it.  Originally formed to decipher codes during the Great War and the following wars, it evolved into a bit more as the years passed.  It was the so-called War on Terror that put the teeth into that agency and its surveillance are now global and without limits for all practical purposes.  The argument is whether or not the CIA has more power or the NSA and their comparative budgets may give some indications, but remember that those budgets do not include massive black ops or other dark monies.  Officially the various US intel agencies operate within their callings and since the Department of Homeland Security was formed in November of 2002 with the homeland Security Act and it encompasses many independent offices under the control of the Executive powers that run the White House.  The NSA, CIA and some others are supposedly independent even of the Executive Branch and with the mandated info sharing and resources that independence or operations may not be the case.  One is supposedly military intel and the other civil intel but it all is for the deep state to control ALL of us around the globe, the theory that they do not spy on us in America is one of the creepiest lies of all time. The argument is still NSA or CIA, you decide – I think they are battling for kingship still.

The question now is what Artificial Intelligence is and what does is have to do with the above discussions.  Let’s break it down a bit; Artificial means according to Merriam-Webster Man Made, lacking in natural or spontaneous quality.  Other terms they use is Imitation and Sham to describe it; keep that in mind.  The term Intelligence they describe as the ability to learn or understand, to apply knowledge, the ability to perform computer functions.  That last one is interesting and pertains to this discussion we have before us.  Understanding this word helps to understand the purpose of our many intelligence agencies and presumably what they may be after.  Wikipedia mentions that all of these agencies “work both separately and collectively to conduct intelligence activates” that supposedly support our national and international goals and objectives.  Please note the term collectively, it is important.

Now we get to combine the preceding discussions into one whole to see how they are related and how things seem to be working.  Artificial Intelligence, AI for short, is the current buzzword for frightening the citizenry but it really need not be so.  AI has taken on a symbolic nature that is far above its actual stature and capabilities, even having some say it is “self aware” meaning it has a God Given Spirit inside of it.  That is one of the worst total bullsh– umm, crappy lies I have ever heard.  Only God can create life and do not be dissuaded by scientists saying they have created life by combining some other living things with each other, or DNA modifying something to “create” new life.  Only God can do that, they are only manipulating that which God as created.  AI can be no more than sophistication in programming an electronic device to simulate intelligence.  It is ONLY a simulation by clever manipulations of data.  Remembering what I said about programming a computer, we will find that they have been programmed to not just compare data sets but to manipulate them to obtain whatever goals the programmers have set.  That is the primary purpose that they were designed for so many decades ago and they are very good at that function.

Loading in the data in truly massive quantities directly and indirectly by giving them information sources such as web searches, books, historical data and so forth they can control how the data is analyzed by the algorithms that they employed in its programming.  They cannot come to some miraculous conclusion because of some theoretical intelligence that does not exist.  The programmers decide what weight to put on any dataset, what conclusions are acceptable, what the controlling agencies want as the output, and so forth.  The real question is not what the computer calculated but what the people running the operations are paid to get as the results.  Look at who is in control and you will see what the results will be just as in any other computer simulation or problem to be solved.  Whether data manipulation to modify a picture or create a synthetic representation of a specific person’s voice, actions or appearance is controlled by the programmers.  It is not magic even though it may appear to be so.  It is a deception as described in the Dark Psychology section above and nothing less.

The powers controlling all of this are the same ones that control the wealth of this world and therefore what that wealth can create and control.  When something comes out about how miraculous some AI creation is, then consider first what may be the desired result of releasing that information.  These systems are so sophisticated now that it can be difficult to determine what is and what is not real; what is intentionally manipulated and what actually occurring in video or even in real life.  That is the real purpose of AI, to create the systems to convince us that a lie is not a lie; that the deception is believable and that you are an idiot if you cannot see what is right before our eyes and ears.  Remember the definition of Artificial in the term or name AI; it is of absolute importance.

A few days ago The Exposé article said that the evil little boy Billy-Bob Gates wants to engineer AI so we can end “polarization” and “save democracy”.  In order to end polarization they would be required to control absolutely whatever anybody has the ability to say or even think.  Remember that “hate crimes” are ONLY a form of mind control; they can only drive “hate” away by controlling your thought processes.  Democracy using the lefts definition is the freedom to think what you want and to have a hand in what the powers that are government will do.  But remember that the French Revolution was supposedly about democracy when in actuality it was the elites turning the control of government from the royalty over to the hyper arrogant and rich socialists of the time, one of the world’s first communist revolutions in fact and a direct comparison to what the members of the ruling elites are pushing for today.  America was formed in its revolution as a Constitutional Republic with democratically elected representatives and a supreme law written with the direct influence of God as the Founders put it.

“AI would have to be engineered in a way to control speech and impose lies as facts – brainwashing the population with propaganda and deceiving people until everyone is forced to agree for the sake of “unity” is how Natural News put it and I have to agree.  The whole idea of AI is to abrogate the influence of the elites and to have some form of god like intelligence tell everyone just exactly what it is that the elites want us all to believe.  Deception is the key word here, and as it is the elites that control the AI engines it is their will that gets spread around with FEAR as the enforcing control.  Please watch the short video below to understand the Fear factor better.

One visible source of that manipulation of information to fit the agenda of the satanic elites is the way the largest source of web links “with over 85 percent of the search market share and 95 percent of mobile traffic, Google is by far the most popular search engine (talk about monopolies).”  “It's a Google dictatorship. The Google Nazis are spreading propaganda and censoring anything that counters the mainstream "narrative."”  I think Natural News hit that one right on the head and as a personal matter; I do not use Google for searches as I can never find what I am looking for.  And do not doubt for a moment that googles engines are very much artificial intelligence in action.

One hopeful point about a stumbling block in a world AI dictatorship (no such thing actually, it is still just the normal elites running things under guise of an ultimate god of mans invention) is that the slobbering, underage girl sniffing and babbling buffoon infesting our White House is far to inept (including his handler ‘Bammer boy) to take full advantage of it – but those above them are what worries me.  Big League Politics said that the little girl sniffer did not get a couple of items in the 2024 NDAA parts of the bill that would have allowed the US Defense Department “to contractually work with several groups such as NewsGuard, and the Global Disinformation Index (GDI) – organizations that work diligently to censor free speech.”  They then continue with this tidbit, “Due to the US’s robust free speech protections, the Swamp regime can’t directly infringe on free speech rights. So it has to pivot towards forging an unholy alliance with private and non-governmental organizations.”  The part I do not agree with is that they already do all of those things and the bill will not stop the already criminal actions that have been underway for a long time and will continue to do so.  Two of those disinformation groups are NewsGuard which is a dystopian censorship group and Global Disinformation Index, a “UK-based think tank that flags suspected sources of disinformation, compelling advertisers to blacklist these sources, thereby threatening their financial sustainability.”

Nice folks, eh?  That is how the WEF has determined the best way to bust up “bad content sources” meaning those of us who do not toe the line on the satanic WEF propaganda network and all of its lies and falsehoods.  The best part of it all?  The AI story and the false directives it will make to improve our circumstances is the way they can have an outside source back up their propaganda and convince fools that they are correct in destroying our world, destroying Christianity, destroying most life on this Earth and say it is for our own good at the same time.

AI is their false god, the One to be Worshipped.  It is in and of itself really nothing to worry about; it is the concept that it is all knowledgeable and wise that man cannot imagine such goings on, but it is just the world elites monkeys using it as the scrape goat, the Judas to force their wicked ideas on the world while claiming innocence in their own deceptions.  Yes, AI can create convincing fakes, display unreal images and vids, try to prove the satanic deceptions as being somehow truth, but do not fear a computer program, fear those that hide behind it.  Could this in part at least be a piece of the final anti-Christ?  Maybe, keep your mind open.

“Many fake news peddlers didn’t care if Trump won or lost the election. They only wanted to pocket money. But the consequences of what they did shook the world. This is how it happened.”

Nobody Pushes More Lies, Propaganda And Disinformation Than 'The Globalist Beast' Ruling Over America As They Search Out New 'Gatekeepers' To Permanently Silence The 'World Of Ideas'
- Biden Explodes As Tucker Carlson Putin Interview Proves We're Being Lied To
By Christopher Chantrill and All News Pipeline
February 9, 2024

Since the American Godzilla came down the escalator in 2015 our liberal friends have been obsessed with disinformation coming from the Far Right.

Did you know that “disinformation” was originally dezinformatsiya as practiced by the Soviet era KGB? But then other governments got in on the action. Wikipedia nobly asserts that,

After the Soviet term became widely known in the 1980s, native speakers of English broadened the term as "any government communication (either overt or covert) containing intentionally false and misleading material, often combined selectively with true information, which seeks to mislead and manipulate either elites or a mass audience."

So, in the 1980s, experts agreed that disinformation was a government thing.

But now all the best people at the Atlantic are worried about Substack, which is “unwilling to remove avowed Nazis from its platform.”

But are the avowed Nazis committing “misinformation” or “disinformation” or “malinformation?” How would we know? How could we tell?

Fortunately, the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency has the whole thing covered and defined with comprehensive and mandatory definitions of “misinformation” and “disinformation” and “malinformation.” And naturally, our liberal friends and their miasma of NGOs -- led by the noble ADL and the SPLC -- are doing their bit to winkle out the bad guys. The SPLC recently helped the FBI horn in on dangerous radical Catholics practicing the Tridentine Mass.

Back in the day, of course, our liberal friends were all worried about government propaganda, what with Joe McCarthy’s lies about Communists in the State Department and the U.S. government’s lies about Vietnam. Now they are worried about nongovernmental liars.

I call that a “tell.”

Back in the day our liberal friends knew that the United States was the great implacable force in the world that was the main obstacle to the Left’s fight for justice and peace. Back then the left saw itself fighting against government power. Today the tables are turned. Now it is “avowed Nazis” on Substack that are standing in the way of the progressive government’s multicultural movement for justice.

In other words, back then the Left experienced itself gazing up helplessly at the battlements of imperialist America. Today it is standing on the battlements of Working Class America looking out at the threatening swarm of annoying deplorables down below.

How dare those peasants appropriate the means of communication that, all good people know, should be reserved for the use of educated and evolved people! The idea of “avowed Nazis” polluting the means of communication with their racist-sexist-homophobia is simply “unsafe.”

In other words, the world has changed, and our liberal friends can’t stand it.

But what exactly has gotten our liberal friends into such a panic? I have an idea.

Back in the day only the best and brightest got to publish ideas -- in books, and newspapers, and magazines -- and there were gatekeepers all along the line to keep things under control.

But now it’s a complete free-for-all. Any local yokel can start up a Substack site. As the Substack About page says,

Substack is something new: a subscription network… A few hundred paid subscribers can support a livelihood. A few thousand makes it lucrative.

And there are no gatekeepers. You can be up and running on Substack in minutes. It’s a complete free-for-all. For the first time in history. Just ask Bari Weiss.

So let us tell the three ages of the History of Communication.

Age of Parchment: Writers write, monks in monasteries create illuminated manuscripts by hand in their monastic cells. Gatekeeper: The Abbot.

Age of Gutenberg: Writers write, printer’s devils convert the written word into print. Gatekeeper: The Editor.

Age of Free-for-all: Writers write, and press Publish. Gatekeeper: The… (oh no!)

Informed by my History of Communication, we now know what our liberal friends are feverishly working on today.

We need new gatekeepers! To keep the Narrative pure! To stop Disinformation before it destroys Our Democracy! To head off “avowed Nazis” at the pass! To prevent “harm” to traditionally marginalized peoples! To stop the Latin Mass before it destroys America! To call out “climate deniers!” To banish TERFs from the university!

I get it. How are we going to send the doughboys to Europe unless President Wilson can control the Narrative about German attacks on “passenger and merchant ships in 1917?” How can the U.S. prevail in Vietnam if left-wing and anti-war protesters get to disrupt the 1968 Democratic convention? How are we going to fight World War COVID if anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers spread distrust of government medical experts? And how are we going to save the world from runaway climate change unless “climate deniers” are well and truly deplatformed for their denial of The Science?

"There is nothing more urgent, as the nation goes to the polls this year, than to stop the out-of-control Disinformation produced by far-right extremists and influencers on the free-for-all internet with licensed and bonded and DEI-approved Gatekeepers" they think and babble to themselves.

Biden Targeting Military Veterans, Older Americans, Rural Communities And Those That Hold The Bible And Constitution Sacred, With Federally Funded AI Censorship Tool
By Susan Duclos -  All News Pipeline
February 11, 2024

When the Biden's regimes "Ministry of Truth" was scrapped after public backlash, it is doubtful that anyone with a brain thought they were done trying to control what information the American public is allowed to see and discuss online.

Those with a working brain were right, the Biden regime not only didn't stop trying, they simply decided to do it differently by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to target information that is not the "official narrative" from being discussed on social media or other platforms where Americans discuss issues.

This and much more was revealed in a House Judiciary Committee report (79 page PDF) issued last Tuesday. The report should be a real eye-opener as to the lengths Democrats will go to make sure they can control what you see online, therefore controlling what you think.

Independent Media asks the questions, and provides the information that the MSM, on behalf of the Biden regime, won't. Collectively we highlight reports like this one, that the MSM won't cover, so the powers that be aka The Blob, are funding R&D (Research and Development) in AI that will prevent Americans from finding news that counters the official narrative.

There are more targets than what is mentioned in the headline because to name them all would have a headline that reads like a book, so here are the targets mentioned.

From page 22, under the category titled "4. MIT: Search Lit"

• In September 2021, through its Track F program, NSF awarded $750,000 to a group of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to develop “effective interventions” to educate Americans—specifically, those that the MIT researchers alleged “may be more vulnerable to misinformation campaigns”—on how to discern fact from fiction online.88 In particular, the MIT team believed that conservatives, minorities, and veterans were uniquely incapable of assessing the veracity of content online.

Page 26 offers more targeted individuals, under the category:  B. NSF-Funded Researchers Believe the American Public is Not Smart Enough to Discern Fact from Fiction, Especially Conservatives, Minorities, and Veterans

• Littered throughout these researchers’ federally funded projects is the paternalistic assumption that particular groups of American citizens are uniquely unable to differentiate between truth and falsehood online. As the MIT-led researchers explained in a summary of their project proposal to NSF, “broad swaths of the public cannot effectively sort truth from fiction online.”101 In particular, the Search Lit team singled out the following demographics: 

* rural and indigenous communities; 

* military veterans, older adults, and military families;

* older adults.

Also in the report on page 26 - 27, the authors highlights other groups targeted, specifically those that hold the Bible and Constitution as sacred.

In support of their case for NSF funding, the MIT-led researchers cited a study “of two conservative groups” performed by a Search Lit team member, Francesca Tripodi, examining the “online search practices” of Americans who hold “the Bible or the Constitution” as “sacred” and  “distrust journalists and academics. ”The summary also derisively noted that the approach that “everyday people” typically use to get their news and information allows them “to act as subject matter experts,” rather than “truth [being] only curated at the top.”

So if you are one of the people that looks into news reports to verify the MSM, because you "distrust" today's MSM journalists, you are one of the people they are trying to prevent having the ability to do so.

The report shows that they plan to target children of the military in the hopes of those children being able to "share" the same propaganda with their families.

    As part of their efforts to target military families, NSF proposed working “with educators in the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) group, the organization that runs [Defense Department] schools on military bases, to adapt our innovations to both directly serve children in military families and then have students share their new learning with their families.” Put plainly, Search Lit sought to help train the children of military families to help influence the beliefs of military families. When Search Lit “discussed these ideas with DoDEA stakeholders, they immediately brought up concerns about military personnel involvement in the January 6 assault on the Capitol and the subsequent anti-extremism training that is a military priority.”

So to recap, we see the following targeted individuals:

• Rural and indigenous communities 

• Military veterans,

• Older adults

• Children of military families

• Those that hold the Bible as sacred

• Those that hold the constitution sacred.

• Those that distrust journalist and academics.

On page 26 the authors of the report give a quick summary of the information in the pages above:

    To summarize, the researchers’ concern is that there are Americans who deem the Constitution and the Bible “sacred,” and therefore dare to conduct their own research of “primary sources” rather than trust the “professional consensus.”

Bucking the "professional consensus" is why Google and others stripped the type of advertising that actually brought in enough money to survive without the pop-outs, and with far few ads on the page. Those were the days we didn't have the 'please donate' pitches because advertising was enough to survive. Those were days Stefan and I didn't stress each and every month as to whether we could pay our bills.


As to who is being funded to do the R&D for the AI censorship, New York Post highlights the following:

    The money’s going to tech-development heavy hitters like MIT, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the University of Michigan under a program ominously named “Trust & Authenticity in Communication Systems,” part of the even more ominously named “Convergence Accelerator Program.”

These entities are also being given the power to "coerce" social media platforms with threats of negative MSM reporting.

Page 28 of the repots states the following:

    Once empowered with taxpayer dollars, the pseudo-science researchers wield the resources and prestige bestowed upon them by the federal government against any entities that resist their censorship projects. In some instances, if a social media company fails to act fast enough to change a policy or remove what the researchers perceive to be misinformation on its platform, disinformation researchers will issue blogposts or formal papers to “generate a communications moment” (i.e., negative press coverage) for the platform, seeking to coerce it into compliance with their demands.

And example of an actual threat sent to Twitter via email it seems, when they refused to comply with a request to censor from the University of Wisconsin.
That email was dated July 12, 2023, after Elon Musk took over Twitter, when he started refusing to obey the commands of the federally funded censorship proxies.

For those having trouble reading it, it states, "Your response is unacceptable. As a result, we'll being pivoting our API- and ad-based research away from your platform. In the meantime, we'll publicize our terrible treatment with thousands of researchers to discourage their use of your products."
After the graphic above in the report, it states:

    Examples like these illustrate the tremendous sway these so-called “disinformation” researchers hold over social media platforms and why the federal government often turns to these unaccountable academics when seeking a proxy for their censorship activities.

The report from the House Judiciary Committee then stars delving into the Biden regime's attempts to cover-up their funding of AI censorship (Page 29), with CISA scrubbing of information on their website.

On page 33, we see the heading "NSF Considered Blacklisting Conservative Media Outlets."

Page 34 "C. NSF Attempted to Hide Additional Funding to Its Track F Censorship Program "

Page 39 "E. NSF Is Attempting to Stonewall Congressional Investigations"

The entire report is a must read. The sheer amount of information the House Judiciary Committee was able to obtain despite attempts to stonewall on the part of those wanting and planning to use AI to control what veterans, those of faith, those that believe in the constitution, children, those who live in rural and indigenous communities, those who distrust the media and academic claims, see and are able to discuss and share.


The censors programming the AI are targeting anybody that reads Independent Media or anybody that they don't agree with.

The problem with this entire AI censorship tools is that those that claim to be the academic experts, have been proven over the past 4 years to have been wrong.

We were told masking in public was mandatory because it would help stop the spread of Covid, yet the most  comprehensive analysis of scientific studies conducted on the efficacy of masks for reducing the spread of respiratory illnesses — including Covid-19 — was published late January 2023, and found that "“There is just no evidence that they” — masks — “make any difference, and that includes the N-95 masks. The NYT was forced to publish this, but only in an opinion piece, rather than in their news section.

So, those of us that questioned the official narrative, and were demonetized for refusing to change our article statements, were right, and it has been proven that the media, and the academics were the ones pushing misinformation.

Same goes for the climate hysteria, the Hunter Biden 'laptop from hell' (Book), social distancing, the dangers of experimental vaccines, the Russian collusion hoax, and much more.

They pushed the preferred narrative, penalized and demonetized anyone that highlighted their misinformation as wrong, and years later they are forced to admit they were wrong.

It is more important than ever when using your search engine to bypass the front page of results, which is usually the "official" narrative on any given subject, in order to get to the truth, in many cases.

The first video below starts at the 23.29 minute mark, but after initial statements from both sides, at the 40 minute mark they finally get to the witnesses regarding government censorship.

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