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  John Kehoe - Mind Power
Posted by: Hissil - Yesterday, 10:56 AM - Forum: Metaphysics - No Replies

About Mind Power

What would a happy and meaningful life look like to you? Is it financial abundance you want? How about spiritual enlightenment? Vigorous health? Maybe you would like all of these things, and why not?  Whatever life circumstances you choose for yourself, you can achieve them using Mind Power.

Over the past thirty years John Kehoe has taught millions of people how to lead happy and successful lives and he can teach you. Now each of us defines success in our own way. For some it means making a lot of money. For others it is winning a sporting championship or excelling at a vocation. Still others find success in raising a family, devoting themselves to a worthy cause, traveling the world or becoming an artist. Each of us decides what success is to us, and that is how it should be. Whatever your vision of success is, you can achieve it; you can achieve anything you put your mind to once you understand Mind Power.

Mind Power Basics

John Kehoe talks about:
"The Beginning of Wisdom"

Let’s get to the basics of Mind Power. All physical reality is made up of vibrations of energy. Your thoughts too are vibrations of energy. This is not a concept or theory, but rather the startling new reality that quantum physics now reveals to us. Your thoughts have a powerful influence; they affect what happens to you. To know this is to know something great.

Most of us go through our waking hours taking little notice of our thought processes: how the mind moves, what it fears, what it heeds, what it says to itself, what it brushes aside. For the most part we eat, work, converse, worry, hope, plan, make love, shop, play, all with minimal attention paid to how we think. This is unfortunate, for we are neglecting one of the most important and powerful forces in our life.

Mind Power is directing your thoughts toward a desired outcome. Put simply, what you focus on you attract. Focus on success and you attract success. Focus on fear and failure and you attract failure. Mind Power is understanding these laws and making our thoughts work for us. Your thoughts are the primary creative forces in your life. Use them consciously and use them often and you will awaken to a whole new life of power and opportunity.

A New Life Is But a New Mind

If you want to make changes in your life, you must look to the causes, and the causes are almost always the way you are using your mind — the way you are thinking. You cannot think both negative and positive thoughts at the same time. One or the other will dominate. The mind is a creature of habit, so it becomes each individual’s responsibility to make sure that positive emotions and thoughts constitute the dominating influence in their mind.

In order to change external conditions, you must first change the internal. Most people omit this step. They try to change external conditions by working directly on those conditions. This always proves futile, or at best temporary, unless it is accompanied by a change of thoughts and beliefs.

Awakening to this truth, the way to a better, more successful life becomes crystal clear. Train your conscious mind to think thoughts of success, happiness, health, prosperity, and to weed out negativity such as fear and worry. Keep your conscious mind busy with the expectation of the best, and make sure the thoughts you habitually think are based upon what you want to see happen in your life.

Water takes the shape of whatever container holds it, whether it be in a glass, a vase or a riverbank. Likewise, your mind will create and manifest according to the images you habitually think about in your daily thinking. This is how your destiny is created. A new life is created by new thoughts.

The Subconscious & Synchronicity

John Kehoe talks about:
"The Subconscious Mind"

Your subconscious mind is a second, hidden mind that exists within you. It interprets and then acts upon the predominating thoughts that reside within your conscious mind. The mandate of the subconscious is to attract circumstances and situations that match the images you have within.

In order to understand how the conscious and subconscious minds work together as a team to create your reality, let me again use an analogy. Your subconscious mind is like deep fertile soil that accepts any seed you plant within it. Your habitual thoughts and beliefs are the seeds that are being constantly sown within, and they produce in your life what is sown. Just as surely as corn kernels produce corn and wheat seeds produce wheat your thoughts will have an effect in your life. You will reap what you sow. This is a law.

The conscious mind is like the gardener. It is your responsibility to be aware of how this process works, and to choose wisely what reaches the inner garden. Unfortunately for most of us our role as gardener has never been explained to us. And in misunderstanding this role, we have allowed seeds of all types, both good and bad, to enter the inner garden of our subconscious.

The subconscious will not discriminate, judge or censor. It will manifest success, abundance and health just as easily as failure, ill health and misfortune. It works to reproduce in our life according to the seeds we have nurtured within. Your subconscious accepts what is impressed upon it with feeling and repetition whether these thoughts are positive or negative. It does not evaluate things like your conscious mind does.

Once you grasp the fact that your subconscious will bring to you whatever you need, want or desire, and you begin working daily, projecting the thoughts and images of what you want, seemingly chance and fortuitous events will begin happening to you. This powerful inner collaborator, working with your conscious mind, will bring to you the people and circumstances you require to achieve your goals. "A thousand unseen hands," as Joseph Campbell describes them, will come to your aid. Synchronicity appears to the uninitiated to be coincidence or luck, but it is neither. It is simply the operation of natural laws which you have set in motion with your thoughts.

Let me explain further how it works. Modern physics now sees the universe as a vast, inseparable web of dynamic activity. Not only is the universe alive and constantly changing, but everything in the universe affects everything else. At its most primary level, the universe seems to be whole and undifferentiated, a fathomless sea of energy that permeates every object and every act. It is all one. In short, scientists are now confirming what mystics and seers have been telling us for thousands of years—we are not separate from, but part of one giant whole.

We now know that everything in the universe is made up of energy. The chair that you're sitting on is comprised of energy. The walls of the room that you are now in, your computer, the events that happen to you are all made up of vibrations of energy. And our thoughts, too, are vibrations of energy. Our thoughts are of the exact same substance as the building blocks of the universe. Once we become aware of this remarkable fact, we can use it to our great advantage.

We are fortunate that the laws of physical reality and of the mind are now beginning to be understood. In years past, it might have seemed unbelievable that we could create our reality through this process, yet now, with these new insights, we not only know how to do it, but also understand why it works. Our thoughts being energy, it only makes sense that our repeated images, affirmations, visualizations, deeply held beliefs, fears and desires, vibrating within the larger web of reality, would have an affect upon that reality. In fact, when you stop and really think about it, since we are all connected, how could it be otherwise?


John Kehoe talks about:

What you focus on, you attract. The reason this is true is simple. Even though we are not consciously aware of it, we live in an immense quantum sea of vibrating energy that is ever responsive to how and what we think. Our thoughts are forever trying to express themselves in our lives. Our thoughts are creative forces, and the sooner we realize this, the sooner we can begin designing our lives with clarity and purpose.

How can we use this reality in our lives? Again the answer is simple. Focus daily on what you want. And here is where Mind Power techniques can come to your assistance. The Mind Power system consists of easily learned techniques that help you focus and direct your thoughts. The first technique I want to teach you is visualization.

Visualization is simply mental rehearsal. You create images in your mind of your having or doing whatever it is you want. You repeat these images over and over again. I suggest to my students that they practice this technique for five minutes each day. In your five-minute practice, you use your imagination to see yourself being successful, closing the deal, having the relationship, healing the illness—whatever the goal is that you wish to manifest. The key to remember when visualizing is to always visualize that you already have the thing you want. This is a mental trick. You don’t hope you’ll achieve it, or build confidence that some day it will happen. No, with the visualization technique you “live and feel it” as if it is happening to you now. Now on one level you know this is just a mental trick, but here is an important truth to understand. The subconscious mind cannot distinguish between what is real and what is imagined. Your subconscious will act upon the images you create within, regardless of whether those images reflect your current reality or not.

Does it work? Ask Arnold Schwarzenegger. “It’s all in the mind,” says Arnold, who is five-time winner of the Mr. Universe title, a successful real estate tycoon, movie star, and now governor of California. Arnold has it made, but it wasn’t always so. Arnold can remember when he had nothing except a belief that his mind was the key to getting where he wanted to go.

“The mind is really so incredible. Before I won my first Mr. Universe title, I walked around the tournament like I owned it. I had won it so many times in my mind, the title was already mine. Then when I moved on to the movies I used the same technique. I visualized daily being a successful actor and earning big money.”

What worked for Arnold will work for you. I know this because I have taught this system to millions of people worldwide and have seen the results. It’s not magic and it doesn’t happen overnight, but if you persist in your vision, you will achieve it.  What you focus on, you attract.


John Kehoe talks about:

Another technique of Mind Power is that of affirmations. Affirmations are statements that you say either out loud or quietly to yourself. You affirm to yourself whatever it is you want to happen. For example, if you have an important interview coming up, you could affirm to yourself, “A great interview,” and you would repeat this statement over and over again for several minutes. Or, let’s say you’re recovering from a leg injury, you could repeatedly say to yourself, “I have strong and healthy legs.”

Why do affirmations work? They work because whatever you verbally repeat to yourself will influence your thoughts. Say to yourself, “A great interview,” and you will automatically begin thinking about your upcoming interview as “a great interview.” Repeat to yourself, “ I have strong and healthy legs,” and your mind will begin imagining strong and healthy legs. And what you focus your mind on, you attract, so begin focusing on whatever it is you want.

Now let me give you three simple rules to remember when using affirmations:

1.  Always affirm in the positive. Make your affirmation a positive statement. Avoid asking yourself, “What happens if it’s a terrible interview?” or saying to yourself, “I’m so nervous.” These statements focus on what you don’t want to occur. If you want to be confident, use that word in your affirmation. If you want to be dynamic, use that word. Use the words that reflect what you want to happen. Be specific.

2.  Make your affirmation short and simple. Use a phrase or at maximum one sentence. Your affirmation should be like a mantra that you can repeat over and over again without even thinking about it. Don’t ramble on.

3. Don’t force yourself to believe it, just say it. All you have to do is repeat it over and over again and the affirmation will quite naturally have an effect. After all, you don’t force yourself to believe that the medication your doctor has given you will work. You just take the prescribed dosage and assume it will. So too with affirmations; just repeating the statement many times will cause it to work for you.

Affirmations are simple, easy to use and very powerful. Many professional athletes use them to perform well on the field. Successful business people use them to close deals and run their businesses. Artists use them to be creative and come up with innovative ideas. You can use them too, in any area of your life. Now repeat after me, “I am successful, confident and achieve my goals. I am successful, confident and achieve my goals. I am successful, confident and achieve my goals.”

Get the idea?


John Kehoe talks about:

There is an old maxim that says, “Nothing succeeds like success.” And it’s true: a success vibration acts like a magnet that attracts success and opportunities to you. When you “think and feel success,” you vibrate with success energy and act accordingly.

Those of you who are already successful, you have momentum on your side; the law of attraction is already working for you. You are attracting to yourself even greater success because of the nature of your predominant thoughts. Your success vibration is a great asset to you. Those of you who are struggling and not yet successful, don’t despair; you too can create the same success vibration using the technique of  “acknowledging.”

The acknowledging technique begins with searching for areas of your life where you are already successful. Unfortunately most of us are quicker to see our own failures and shortcomings than we are to acknowledge our achievements and successes. To create a success vibration you must change this self-defeating habit and become success-focused. Examine your personal qualities and present situation and find things to feel successful about. Can’t find anything? Look again. Are you a loving parent? Are you a good friend to someone? Do you have certain skills? Are you positive? Do people enjoy your company? Are you generous? Do you dress well? Are you a safe driver? You are not limited to the narrow definition of success as someone who is rich, famous and good-looking. There are literally hundreds of other aspects of your life that are equally important. The key is to find aspects that help us feel successful in our life. Doing this creates a success vibration.

You can also look to your past and acknowledge yourself for past achievements. “But that’s the past,” you might argue. It doesn’t matter; you can use anything, past or present, to make yourself feel successful. I suggest that you reflect upon your life and make yourself an acknowledging list—ten or fifteen attributes that make you feel successful. Spend five minutes every day reading this list over and acknowledging your positive traits, feeling successful. Let these elements seep into your consciousness.

An acknowledging list can be either general or specific. For example, let’s say you’re going to a job interview for a sales position. You might make a specific acknowledging list that highlights the particular qualities you possess which will help you succeed in such a position, such as: I’m a good communicator, I have great people skills, I’m organized, and so on. By focusing on this list you are building a specific success vibration. But the same principle works whether you’re closing a million-dollar deal or getting an entry-level job or finding that perfect partner. Create a success vibration and you will attract success. What are you waiting for? Get started today.

Eliminating Negative Thinking

John Kehoe talks about:

Having a successful life and achieving your goals are skills that everyone can learn using Mind Power. To do so, the most important point you need to remember is: What you focus on you attract. Simply put, you train your mind to think about what you want in life, and you avoid thinking about what you don’t want. Worry, fear, negative thinking, these are all allowing the mind to focus on what you don’t want. Not only does this drain your energy but it is counterproductive. That is why fear is so destructive and why despair and hopelessness must be avoided. They are in many ways Mind Power in reverse.

So how do we eliminate this negative thinking? The first step is to recognize the importance of eliminating them, and the second step is to be aware when negatives are happening to us.

Now you can’t avoid negative thinking entirely. Sometimes negative thoughts just pop into our mind. What we can do, however, is to be vigilant and aware, so that we immediately recognize when we are thinking negatively. And when we catch ourselves thinking negative thoughts we can use any of these techniques:

    Change the negative thought into a positive one. For example, if you are worried and focusing on what could go wrong in a situation, change your thoughts to what could go right. The mind can only think one thought at a time; so changing the negative into a positive eliminates the negative.
    Use an affirmation. Begin affirming to yourself something positive and self-supporting. The mind will focus on what you are repeating to yourself.
    Use humour and fun. We get very serious and stressed when we’re thinking negative thoughts. Think of something funny to change the energy, or do something fun like going to a movie or having a night out with friends. Don’t let your negative thoughts have power over you. Be proactive in eliminating them.
    Remind yourself that the negative thought you are thinking is “only a negative thought.” It has no power other than what you give it. Negatives gain momentum from your thinking them over and over again. So stop thinking them.

The key is to be diligent in monitoring what you are thinking, to catch the negatives before they have time to become entrenched. With practice you will notice right away when you are thinking negatives, and you then can take the appropriate actions. The mind is a creature of habit, so encourage positive thoughts and eliminate negative ones. You wouldn’t allow stinking garbage to build up in your house without taking action. Likewise don’t let negative thinking build up in the inner sanctuary of your mind. We are responsible for the thoughts we think. Take action to eliminate negative thinking.

The Subconscious Mind

John Kehoe talks about:
"The Subconscious Mind"

While most of us are aware that we have something called a subconscious mind within us, there are very few of us who know much more than that about it, let alone how to harness it. This is unfortunate, for your subconscious mind can and should be a great ally in achieving success in your life.  All you need do is to establish a working relationship with your subconscious mind. In order to do this, one must become conscious and familiar with this hidden, mysterious aspect of ourselves, and the role it plays in our life.

One of the ways we can do this is by affirming to ourselves for several minutes each day, “My subconscious mind is my partner in success.” By doing this we are re-educating ourselves as to the fact that we possess a second powerful mind, and that it is our partner in success. Becoming conscious of our subconscious, and moving beyond thinking of it as some abstract concept or figment of our imagination is an important step.

The second step is to be aware of how our conscious and subconscious minds work together, to learn the functions and roles of each. The subconscious has two main functions in our life. The first function is to attract to us conditions and circumstances according to the predominant thought patterns that reside within it. My reoccurring mantra is, “What you focus on you attract.” Now with this new subconscious information, you can begin to understand why this is true. Your subconscious mind is not limited in any way and will forever attract to you according to your thoughts. It has no volition of its own and will simply act upon what resides and vibrates within.

Further to this, your subconscious mind will act upon any request or instruction you give it. Any thought that is repeated over and over again will take an imprint within the subconscious, which cannot distinguish between what is real and what is imagined. This is why visualizations, affirmations and repeated images can have such a powerful effect in our life. By doing these exercises we are creating images within ourselves which the subconscious then acts upon.

Our conscious mind is the guardian to the gates of the subconscious. It is the conscious mind’s role to make sure that only the highest quality thoughts gain entrance to the subconscious. When we fully understand that whatever thoughts and beliefs gain entrance to the subconscious will eventually manifest in our life, we become very diligent in monitoring and directing our thoughts.

Designing a Mind Power Program

John Kehoe talks about:
"Mind Power Training"

If you were to do every Mind Power technique shared in the Mind Power Into the 21st Century book for five minutes every day, you’d probably need an hour and a half a day to complete them, and that’s simply too much time. In our modern, busy, active lives time is precious and needs to be used wisely. That’s why I suggest you limit yourself to twenty to thirty minutes a day. This is sufficient time to see dramatic results in a relatively short amount of time, and yet very doable, even for the busiest person.

You have to work to see results with Mind Power. It’s not a magic wand. Mind Power is a practice not a philosophy, and there are very few practices that will guarantee you results from just twenty to thirty minutes a day, so we’re fortunate to have these techniques.

Some exercises can be general and others specific. For example, you could have a general exercise on abundant health and a specific one to help with your sore back. Or a general one on an abundance of money and a specific one on closing an important deal with one of your customers.

Designing your own personal Mind Power program is like painting a canvas. There are a few basic rules of composition and color, but after that each artist paints in his or her own particular way. The paintings of Picasso and Rembrandt are radically different from one another, yet both are recognized as masters of their craft. So too can you be a master of Mind Power in your own unique way; all you need are the desire and a willingness to put time in every day thinking in this new and exciting way.

Having personally taught this system to over two million individuals, I have a great deal of firsthand experience with the different ways people use Mind Power. Each person is different, and this is one of the strengths of Mind Power—it will suit your particular style and character. Some people use a diversity of techniques, while others use only one or two. I know individuals who have achieved great success using only the affirmation technique and nothing else. While using just one technique would be too restrictive and limiting for me, it worked for them and that’s all that counts. I am a big believer in RESULTS! So feel free to design your own system.

I personally like to spend approximately five minutes on each exercise I give myself. So if I devote between twenty to thirty minutes, that’s four to six exercises daily. I also like to assign myself a weekly program, whereby I stick to the same exercises all week. At the end of each week I review my exercises and alter them as feels appropriate. The mind likes diversity, and changing exercises week by week often spurs one on. The important thing is to make sure you’re doing some exercises every day.

Let’s assume you’ve chosen an appropriate goal and you’ve committed yourself to doing twenty to thirty minutes a day for a ninety-day period. A possible Mind Power scenario might look something like this:

5 minutes visualizing your goal
5 minutes affirming your goal
10 minutes on subconscious exercises for guidance
5 minutes acknowledging your strengths and creating a success vibration

5 minutes visualizing your goal
5 minutes affirming your goal
5 minutes contemplating the importance of success
5 minutes on self-image
5 minutes acknowledging your strengths

5 minutes visualizing your goal
5 minutes imprinting new beliefs
5 minutes contemplating your personal power to create
10 minutes on self-image
5 minutes of affirmations

So while your goal remains the same, the exercises can vary week by week. Each new week becomes a new work in progress, and our life is our canvas. The key is to keep doing the exercises, remembering that what you focus on you attract. Mind Power gives us techniques to focus on our goals.

Want more? An expanded Setting up a Mind Power Program is available on CD, as well as via the complete Mind Power Home Study Program.


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  Archons, Aliens, Zionism & Freemasonry
Posted by: Hissil - Yesterday, 10:51 AM - Forum: Illuiminati - No Replies

Archons, Aliens, Zionism & Freemasonry
A conventional definition of war, according to one source, is “a behavior pattern exhibited by many primate species including humans, and also found in many ant species.  The primary feature of this behavior pattern is a certain state of organized violent conflict that is engaged in between two or more separate social entities. Such a conflict is always an attempt at altering either the psychological hierarchy or the material hierarchy of domination or equality between two or more groups. In all cases, at least one participant (group) in the conflict perceives the need to either psychologically or materially dominate the other participant. Amongst humans, the perceived need for domination often arises from the belief that an essential ideology or resource is somehow either so incompatible or so scarce as to threaten the fundamental existence of the one group experiencing the need to dominate the other group. Leaders will sometimes enter into a war under the pretext that their actions are primarily defensive, however when viewed objectively, their actions may more closely resemble a form of unprovoked, unwarranted, or disproportionate aggression.

“In all wars, the group(s) experiencing the need to dominate other group(s) are unable and unwilling to accept or permit the possibility of a relationship of fundamental equality to exist between the groups who have opted for group violence (war). The aspect of domination that is a precipitating factor in all wars, i.e. one group wishing to dominate another, is also often a precipitating factor in individual one-on-one violence outside of the context of war, i.e. one individual wishing to dominate another.”

Numbers are part of their black magic (and white magic) because mathematics is the language of Source, and a universal language among all beings. Keep in mind that what you truly believe comes true. Thus, the Cabal has groups of people believing, which strengthens the reality of it. It’s all a hologram, coded and programmed, breakable or makeable. You are not a clone, yet. 11s means the path.

People who attempt to mislead you must give you some truths in order to make the connection with you, to resonate with you so that they may get you to accept their untruths.

If you think about the things he brings up instead of allowing him to define things for you then you will see much clearer.

I wasn't thinking about it when i fell asleep, but i did feel energy drained. Had a dream he belonged to a group called the black monks, they looked pretty malevolent and scary with black robes and shady looking, it seemed like some sort of black magic cult, from some sort of epic fantasy or star wars. they were stealing something don't remember what, from what looked like light workers. upon contemplation of what they were stealing I got the intuition that it was about taking away peoples power to look within for themselves.

You are going around in circles.
Therefore, look to the center of the circle.
You are following an agenda that you do not comprehend.
Therefore, turn around and look behind you.

I will say this: The brotherhood may not be what you think it is. What you see as two is really one.

What you think of as two paths of darkness and light are really one. What you think of as ascension and decline are two paths leading to the same place. What you think of as the white path and the black path are leading you down the same rabbit hole.

We need to acknowledge this was a cabal hit like all the others we know so well, inform those who will listen, and move on with a clear understanding of what the message is/was. They use our emotions against us, and exploit our natural tendencies towards compassion and inquiry to further their aims. Our innate truth-seeking drive is easily hijacked by emotional turmoil and mazes of mind games that double back on themselves, and they know this. Seeking clarity, we only find endless searching and circular questioning instead of peace, which is where the real "power" is found.

We have to remember that we have been genetically manipulated with great precision (meticulously constrained) so that these tried-and-true tools of control have maximum impact upon our psyches. The last significant changes to our genome were not made in the interest of our spiritual development, but rather for the purpose of easy manipulation across the many realms of suffering that have been specifically designed to keep us harnessed to low energies, low energies that the controllers have depended upon for sustenance.

Isaiah 54:17. King James Version. 17 No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.

Kybalion book, Ancient Sacred Circuit, Hyper-spatial resonance via Fields within Fields within Fields

Multi-Universal (6 universe multi-cosmos sphere)
144000 Faceted Core
Ein/Ein Soph/Ein Soph Aur

As Above, So Below.
The 6 Petaled seed of life is formed by 6 circles with a seventh circle in the center.
This is seven elements, there are 6 universes in the multi-cosmos sphere; the seventh element being 'center' or 'spin' .. seeing the 6 universes & said structure as an entirety.

There are also 7 sacred direction:
Up (above)
Down (below)
Center (spin)

Information concerning mind parasites and how they operate. www.orgonite.info
Loving sex with a partner also helps.
It is important to cleanse your energetic body of negativity, salt baths, sage smudge, incense, negativity built up in your aura can feed the parasite.
On second thought, the Chakras and Kundalini are a natural part of ascension. It's the energy created by them that attracts them BECAUSE they want to keep you down and to not ascend.

20 Facts about "Archons"
Here are some facts that I have learned through personal experience with my
encounters with these lifeforms...I haven't just read a couple of websites then
come here claiming to be an expert on this topic....I only speak the truth
fact 1: Archons are real
fact 2: They feed on energy that we all produce around our physical bodies
fact 3: They cannot force us to do things only influence
fact 4: You can overcome their influence using your power of will
fact 5: They can assume many different forms
fact 6: They have a connection to the spiritual realm
fact 7: They will attack native/tribal/spiritual people eg:indians,aboriginals,africans
fact 8: They will use trigger words,whisper tones & sounds/music against us
fact 9: They will attack you while you sleep (dreamstate)
fact 10: They rule with fear & try to terrify/intimidate you
fact 11: We are all susceptible to Archon hosting,if in tune you will notice this
fact 12: You may feel a static feeling up your legs & back when they are near you
fact 13: They are able to read our thoughts...sounds crazy I assure you it's true
fact 14: They can manipulate TV,radio,mobile devices...& use it against us
fact 15: They will host your family,friends,children,loved ones to anger you
fact 16: They need us more than we need them just remember that
fact 17: They hate organite,laughter,love,caring,compassion,consideration
fact 18: Drugs & alcohol gives them a better chance to attack/host you
fact 19: Past trauma's/tragic events in your life leave open doors for them to enter
fact 20: Although they are nasty hating them only manifests the same problem?

Everyone should also consider the work and research of Dr. Gabor Mate, who wrote the book “In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts” which is mostly about his addiction patients in Vancouver BC. He found that kids who grow up in a negative, stressful and often violent environment have a decreased Dopamine response/release. Meaning that if you were an abused child, the parts of your brain that release the natural “good feeling” Dopamine is stunted, so you don’t or can’t feel normally “happy”. Also the stress response mechanism / adrenal glands of your endocrine system over develop, so that you are more likely to respond to most of life’s situations from a scared / stressful / negative point of view based on your childhood experiences. The way my doctor put it was that I have a “Cannabinoid deficiency”, so I need to supplement my diet with “vitamin THC” to get my Dopamine levels in a normal range.

[–]Blitzer046 6 points 3 hours ago
It actually gets talked about a lot. To the point that there are plenty of references on it.
The 13 levels of the pyramid represent the 13 states that originally formed the Union.
The pyramid itself represents strength and stability, it being one of the most stable structures that one can build.
The roman numbers at the bottom are 1776, the year of US Independence from Britain.
'ANNUIT COEPTIS' is Latin for 'He favors our undertaking', implying that the Union is blessed by God.
'NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM' is Lating for 'New Order of the Ages', referencing the foundation of the American Union.
Finally, the Eye of Providence at the top symbolizes God's oversight over the 13 states of the Union. This was adopted on the dollar bill in 1782 in the very first design of the bill and has remained thus until the present day. It was later adopted into Freemason iconography in 1797, some fifteen years later.
The Eye of Providence appears in many coats of arms internationally, signifying God's oversight over these nations or organisations. The earliest appearance of the Eye of Providence is seen in a painting from 1525, explicitly signifying one part of the Holy Trinity.

This universe is parasitical. What we do to others, others do to us. The real problem is the God of this universe and the material realm that he/she/it created. (self.EscapingPrisonPlanet)
submitted 2 days ago by dontlietom3
Which is why i want to escape so badly. You know how some people say that we have free will once we realize we do? I would like this to be true. But I really resonate with the saying "as above so below" because I feel it's true. When you go fishing, you trick fish into believing they will get to eat when in reality the worm that camouflages the hook is one of the last things they will see before they die. You bait fish to bite. You trick them and then you take em out of the water by force. You could say that the fish had free will because it wanted to eat, but it doesn't change the fact that you still tricked and trapped the fish for your own survival (or in some cases even for fun).
Why would it be any different on the other side, considering there there is evidence confirming that the same things happen on the other side? This whole universe is a giant food chain, this isn't the case just on Earth.
Also, ain't it funny how people are surprised to find out that we can be tricked and trapped here by inter-dimensional beings, when we've been doing the same thing with so many species of animals since man arrived on Earth? This is how things work in the 3rd dimensional demiurgic matrix. Hello? How do you not see that what we're doing to the animals here on Earth is exactly what they do to us? Some could say that "bb-b-b-b-but we don't see the Archons! they can't exist!" Yeah, guess what: fish don't see us either until it's too late for them.
What does this all show? It shows that the problem is not even necessarily the Archons, they are doing to us what we are doing to many different species of animals. The real problem is the creator of this world and the world he/she/it created. Because this place forces everyone to have to kill and eat another in order to survive. Makes me believe that the Gnostics had it right all along, in saying that the material world is evil and that the god of this world is the Demiurge, an impostor being who is not our true parent.

[–]Jpwatchdawg 20 points 1 day ago
So the foundation of this reality seems to be deeply rooted in duality. Most of the pain and suffering in this world is brought on by humanity itself most likely because we have free will. We allow ourselves to become attached to the materialistic ideals pushed in this 3d realm which lowers our spiritual vibration and opens the door to lower vibrational entities to influence our decisions and focus our energies on gaining power and control over others making our actions no better than theirs as we fall into their trap of doing their dirty work for them out of our own free will.

How do the archons know someone’s location? (self.EscapingPrisonPlanet)
submitted 1 day ago by SeekerOfTruthOnly
How do they appear right next to you as soon as you die? How they know your location when you die? I understand they can find out when you leave your physical body and they can know that a person has died and left their physical body but how do they know figure out which location the spirit was?
Someone else asked me these questions but I’m not sure how to answer. Anyone have a clue?

[–]Kittybatty33 30 points 1 day ago
There's so much Black ops technology that we don't even know about, technology is way more advanced than anybody realizes cuz it's all secret
Ever heard of Max Spier I highly recommend checking him out, he's no longer with us & he died in a pretty mysterious way but he was whistle blowing a lot of crazy stuff. Like anything take it with a grain of salt, but a lot of what he said really lines up to things that I've heard from other people & things that resonate with what I think is going on in this planet based on my intuition & the research that I've done, definitely worth looking into.

[–]Realmtek 16 points 1 day ago
It looks through our eyes. Flesh itself is archonic, as Christ emphasized. And Buddha, as the demiurgic Maya.
Just like speaking the languages here: it's all the same holographic code.
The soul/spirit grid-tied to those codes is free, but the conditions of its identity as material, temporal, and spatial are not.
Also, when one is young the Earth seems enormous. Then we grow up, learn geography, fly in planes, and experience travel, and subsequently the Earth becomes small. Same scenario with existence. The nuances of this realm are mysterious and large due to our ignorance. But it's all mapped/projected/realized by higher awareness. Consciousness occasionally glimpses that totality in peak experiences.

[–]HyperHsuckz 5 points 1 day ago
Yes, that's what I know to be true. The archons have the ability to see through our eyes as well as accessing every thought or memory we have ever had. They know where we are at all times because they literally exist everywhere and have the ability to attach themselves to us. fu*k the archons

[–]Kittybatty33 16 points 1 day ago
Well for one thing they're disembodied spirits but if you check out Max Spiers he talks about it. He said the evil overlord sorcerer's have a technology to be able to know which souls are born on this planet and where they're going to be born and honestly I don't doubt it.

[–]mava417 12 points 1 day ago
There are eyes literally everywhere. Everything is recorded from every angle.

[–]heebiejeebie9000 8 points 1 day ago

[–]litezho 7 points 1 day ago
They have implants and things you are installed with when you are incarnated, similar to how cows or sheep are tagged. With these devices they collect all sorts of data such as your fears, worries, what makes you sad, what makes you happy, etc.
These devices are meant to keep you in a low frequency state of fear and can trigger strong emotional reactions to simply collect loosh
Now their huge advantage lies in its stealth. If you don't know you have them, these devices do their job flawlessly the way any industrial device would and will periodically collect loosh by triggering that person one way or another.
But all it takes is for you to become aware of their existence, and then it's a whole different ball game.

[–]entropyideas 6 points 1 day ago
All lifeforms have a quantum signature. Information about that piece of data is constantly being recorded and altered. I hate to use this expression but similar to this scene in the matrix https://youtu.be/7-GTcHZkfCs?si=FRK8reqATlSfGR02 but a million times more complex.

[–]Unfair_Bunch519 5 points 1 day ago*
It’s an attack of opportunity, when your soul is released think of it as food bring dropped into an aquarium full of beta fish. Each city has tens of thousands of these predators posted in the earth, sky and sea like trapdoor spiders.

If PrisonPlanet is real how do positive ETs/NHI visit Earth without being trapped here or prevented from coming here? (self.EscapingPrisonPlanet)
submitted 1 day ago by bertiesghost
There is no doubt there are also positive and neutral NHI groups who visit Earth and oppose the negative groups such as the reptilians and such. So how do they manage to engage with human contactees/positive abductions and carrying out their activities without being prevented by the negatives? I’m not just talking about about the Pleaidians, there appear to be a lot of races interacting with us.

[–]Big-Street-414 20 points 1 day ago
There isn't one source of Truth for this, but there are a lot of corroborating stories. Most agree that the positive ET can get trapped here. In the US there's been whistleblowers about a secret UFO crash retrieval program. At least some of these are the good ETs being shot down.
If the good ET or to try to help, they would be shot down and seen as the aggressors. Humanity would turn on them instantly. Plus the majority of people still don't believe in them.
I found the law of one and farsight remote viewing to be two reliable sources of truth. But for every reliable source of truth, there is an attempt to discredit.

[–]SuitableStart 4 points 13 hours ago
Wasn't the Law of One a piece of misinformation according to Farsight? Both of them can't be valid at once. This is just not how logic works.

[–]IamGoldenGod 34 points 1 day ago
We dont know anything for sure but, according to the information from remote viewers at farsight..
The negative ET's basically own this planet, there was a war a long time ago and the negative ET's basically won(at this planet atleast), there was sort of a truce between them. The war is on a large scale and this isn't the only prison planet they have a few others and a fairly large empire in total. The good ET's also have a large empire with considerable military power, but so do negative ET's.
The good ET's could in theory come here and defeat the negative ET's, but it would be a brutal conflict and alot of people would die on their side. If good ET's come here and die they will most likely get sucked into the trap, and pretty much all souls here come from other places, many of the good ET's that do come here and visit certain people is because the soul of that person is actually "family" to those ET's.
From the perspective of the good ET's, they don't want to come here to free us unless they feel certain we actually want to be saved, they seem to think that alot of the population are slaves who want to be slaves... its hard to say why they feel this way... it seems to have something to do with the agreements our governments made with the negative ET's aswell as the fact as a population we dont put up much resistance to what the government does to us.... we elected them to represent us.. something like that it isn't 100% clear from the videos I'v seen.
Again the cost to free us would be very high for them, there is no point doing it if we don't even want it. It seems obvious to us we want it but they have a larger perspective on things then us.
As to the question how they come here and manage to contact people, both physically and through channeling... there is ALOT of different races that come here to interact with humans, all for their own reasons. Most of them have high technology that allows them to sort of fly under the radar but some are more advanced then others. Some might be more advanced then both the good and bad ET's as we know them, they come here, do what they want then leave, for who knows what but they seemingly just out of curiosity and not really careing about any of us.
But for alot of the races its quite risky to come here, and sometimes they do get attacked and die and get sucked into the trap and are now living here as humans lol.
Channeling is different its non-physical so there is basically no risk.
Between the good and bad ET's there is sort of a cold war going on here on this planet, both sides are trying to influence the outcome of the planet, there is like some sort of rules they follow... if a red line is crossed it will be an all out war and the good ET's have said the bad ET"s could in theory completely destroy the surface of the earth killing all life if they felt they would lose. So the bad ET's tend to control politicians and military people, the good ET"s are influence some military/government people but alot of hollywood people. Alot of the scripts for movies that we think of as pure fiction are actually loosely based on things really going on in the world/universe. The idea is to get these ideas into our mind so we can become aware of whats going on. Things like the matrix, even star wars... all represent real things going on in the universe that the bad ET's would prefer we didnt know about.

[–]FutureResearcher6376 24 points 1 day ago
I watched some interviews with Courtney Brown. Can't say anything about the validity of remote viewing in general, but his stance seems to be very much in line with the information from the "alien interview" book. I have one big problem with the non-intervention aspect. They respect free will so much, that most of the human beings on earth have to be willing to be freed and give up the old system, but imo that argument is flawed when we are being memory wiped and indoctrinated from birth to accept this reality as it is. So that fact alone is robbing us of any choice and therefore of our free will. The other big flaw I see in his logic is that he takes the perspective from incarnated human beings. If we are dealing with a reincarnation cycle, the choice only comes by being informed about the the soul trap. Most of the world population never heard of it and wouldn't even put it into consideration, because of the aforementioned ideological indoctrination. He is emphasizing that the human race as a whole has to be worthy of saving, when our genetic makeup seems to be made for the sole purpose of the reincarnation cycle. I would argue to take into account that the development of a soul on an individual level outside of the whole construct would make more sense. It feels like a universal crime of epic proportions is being committed and there is absolutely no way to justify it, no matter from what angle you look at it. The notion from brown that it is a dumping ground for criminals, perverts, and degenerates, but also artist dissidents etc. makes it even more blurry. Sounds like karma 2.0 to me. I hope that people who are willing to get out can get some sort of assistance, but I wouldn't count on it and if they are trying to project their help with authoritative measures, I would be very suspicious about it.

[–]IamGoldenGod 5 points 1 day ago
Yes, according to one of the "good" et's hes been talking with directly in some of his episodes, disclosure is a key part in the plan to wake humanity up. He/they seem to think if disclosure can happen and everyone on the planet becomes aware we are not alone and aliens are here... this will then open up the dialogue and start to question why are they here and what to they want with us.
I will say a decent amount of what courtney says isn't specifically based on corroborating evidence in remote viewing, not saying hes wrong but im taking a decent amount of what he says with a heavy pinch of salt. I also think his personal biases are more on the negative side.
I agree that our best course of action is to develop ourselves spiritually because there really isn't a whole lot we can do fighting the negative ET's physically as they are alot more advanced then we are.

[–]bertiesghost 18 points 1 day ago*
Yes, I’ve heard that good ETs have imprinted ideas and concepts into hollywood screenwriters while they sleep to expose humans to the reality.
If you think about Star Wars, the Force is our consciousness within us.

[–]Majortwist_80 3 points 1 day ago
Plus I dought the positive ET will see humanity as worth saving with how we treat each other

[–]IamGoldenGod 2 points 1 day ago
Every good ET's race probably had similar things early in their history, also a decent chunk but not all of the terrible stuff in the world is being fomented by the bad ET's, like the major wars and famines that are caused by people. Not all of it by any means our human nature has alot of negatives but we also have alot of positives. We have empathy whereas the negative ET"s do not have any empathy, not by choice its just not part of how they evolved. So we have potential to grow into a good/responsible race but we have to be free of the negative influence from the negative ET's.

[–]thinkB4Uact 2 points 20 hours ago
A big part of the conflict is about the integrity of human beings. We're tricked and persuaded to act outside of what we know is integrity. Integrity is what is true and good for functionality and vitality of the larger whole. The farther we go from integrity, the more we resemble our captors. It also makes us more vulnerable to the shenanigans of our captors. The closer we choose to go toward integrity, the more we resemble those who would like us to be free. That also makes us more compatible with and benefited by the help we get from integrity based outsiders.
We have to behave ourselves or we would end our own freedom. This is even true in a vacuum, where we would be completely alone in space. Basically how our overlords work is to create low integrity behaviors within us, hijack us by exploiting them and then express their own low integrity behaviors though us, repeat ad infinitum. They work with the humans that are more like them to impose themselves through the humans that impose themselves on other humans. The issue for us is in figuring out how to reveal them and their human likenesses so that we can reject them and all of their (low integrity) works.

[–]Falconstarr07 8 points 1 day ago
I dont feel like Farsight is a credible source at all. This sounds like science fiction. I think its way more complex than we can ever imagine

[–]IamGoldenGod 9 points 1 day ago
I think they are fairly credible but nothing is 100% credible, remote viewing for one thing isn't 100%. But the way they do things with 4 different remote viewers I think is a pretty good way to get information. Its alot more trustworthy to have 4 different people remote view a target completely blind and then see what they all get the same.
I'v watched the majority of their videos and my sense is, the remote viewers are doing the target blind and are genuinely getting overlapping information. I'd say about 50% of the information is the same across the remote viewers and 50% is different. I consider the 50% to be fairly accurate.
One of the problems with remote viewing is that the subconscious tends to mix in things from your own mind into the stream of information thats coming from outside you.. its a problem with remote viewing and I would say NDE's and hypnosis regressions. So i tend to look at the things that are corroborated.
I think some people get hung up on courtney brown who runs the whole company, he's abit of a character and tends to present thing in a dramatized way. I also don't agree completely with how he interprets the data. He's also made some bad predictions in the past, this one of the problems with remote viewing like I said earlier is you need to have many people do it and see whats the same. The protocols they use have evolved over time to be more accurate. But I think if you watch the videos and just see what the remote viewers are saying its pretty good info.

[–]Falconstarr07 3 points 1 day ago
Thanks for the response, maybe i should give it more of a go but i get a grifter vibe from the whole thing

[–]Interaction_Medium 7 points 1 day ago
I agree. I know a lot of people like them but when I watched some of their videos I got that overall feeling I get when I encounter beings up to no good. Not all of them, but definitely the lead dude (I don't remember his name, just the feeling I got from him).

[–]7dragon30 1 point 1 day ago*
I have questions about the last part. What part of things like "Hollyweird" are the positive ETs doing because all I see is just satanistic society ruining bullshit. What are the "good" governments, etc. It just seems to me the negative ETs have always been in charge. Or is it more like, if they were really in charge most of human kinds history would be in a gloop or whatever it's called harvesting machine? But during recent times were getting less and less rights, so were the positive beings winning after slavery was abolished, democracy instances etc, they were losing when there were the wars on earth the most etc., they're kind of losing right now?
I've seen a comment on r/conspiracy where this guy was going about how the CERN facility was overtaken by white hats recently, so are those the good entities?

[–]IamGoldenGod 3 points 1 day ago
The good ET's are basically giving script ideas to people in hollywood in their dreams and whatnot, so its more to do with influencing the plots of movies so that it gets into the minds of the population. The writers think they are just coming up with the ideas completely on their own but some of the best stuff is coming from the good ET's according to the remote viewing. That's not to say there isn't bad ET influence there also, overall the bad ET influence is much higher over all society because they own the planet and don't have to hide as much. They hide from us but don't have to hide from other aliens.
There isn't any specific good governments, or any specifically bad governments... the ET"s try and influence the key people to make their agenda work. So there is a mix of personality types in any organization but the types that are seduced by the negative ET's tend to be focused in government and military.
Also on both sides of influence most of it is happening invisible to the people being influenced, very few people have direct contact with other beings, because we are less evolved the ET's find us fairly easy to manipulate.
A good example of this in the mainstream is the stuff that was going on in congress recently surrounding disclosure, you have people pushing for disclosure and some people trying to shut it down. One side is being influenced by good ET's and one side by negative ET's, whether directly or through other people.

[–]Rsf-777 14 points 1 day ago
Trying to get a broader understanding of the matrix system than just believing "this is a prison controlled by sociopathic beings and we the victims need to escape, if possible even be saved" can indeed help free ourselves.
One common problem is when it is implied that negative aliens have it all under control, which is far from the truth and a simplistic pessimistic view.
To my knowledge, a little more than 200 (about 170 back in the 80's) different alien races are currently known to deep state organizations (CIA, NSA, Air Force Intelligence, etc) interacting with alien species here on Earth. Some races are here to help and assist mankind while others are primarily concerned with their own survival. One thing they all have in common though is an agenda, whether it is judged good or bad, positive or negative. While the STO/STS perspective applies here, some of those beings are simply passing by, while others came here intentionally. Some 'belong' to this linear timeline while others don't.
Each race has its own capabilities, level of consciousness, and of course technologies.

[–]Warm-Equivalent7148 7 points 1 day ago
Montalk.net has great resources on this. I like it a lot.

[–]Ecstatic-Buzz 5 points 1 day ago
It seems these other entities exist outside our space/time continuum (or the 3rd dimension). Kind of like if we own a fish tank and want to take a fish out and then put it back in (regarding abductions).
I once read how the Greys are able to go through walls, etc because they have the ability to manipulate the wave theory (or the double slit particle experiment.)
Some ETs come here to influence or study our reality and some might get caught and reincarnate here after death, but I don't think many do.

[–]Friendly_Meaning_865 3 points 1 day ago
There is material out there from groups that claim to have done channeling with entities.
This information suggests that there is a quarantine in place with basically a randomization effect to allow for free will without constantly being bombarded by entities with agendas.
Look into The Ra Material if you are interested.

[–]Realmtek 2 points 1 day ago
Entheogens are quasi-portals.
Telepathic contact
Through E.C.C.O. (Earth Coincidence Control Office), as described by John C Lilly. The synchronization of probabilities and events.
Avataric/holographic appearances: orbs, ships, beings, devices, objects, geometries.
Direct abduction
Dream communications
The channels of gifted or prophetic people
Messages in media and music
Spontaneous transmissions of knowledge

[–]psycoanalyitic 2 points 6 hours ago*
ive been wondering this myself you'll like the information in these books , in the alien interview by Lawrence spencer i always wondered how aril got past the trap maybe they teleport?
adobe acrobat for windows or voice aloud reader, for android will read the PDFs out loud https://filebin.net/0wibkr12q4qhvbke

[–]Lorien6 4 points 1 day ago
Think of it like Star Trek, where they can go somewhere secluded and get “beamed up.”
Not physically, and it involves sleep and dreams, but then one can change their “frequency” and do what amounts to “reality shifting.”
Another analogy is that of a diver, with a tether to the boat.

[–]bertiesghost 2 points 1 day ago
Aligns with what I’ve heard. They can phase in and out of our world so to speak.

[–]nemoreef 2 points 1 day ago
I hope you will find this helpful. My father passed 9 months ago peacefully, from lung cancer. All the family were with him, at home his last days. I was with him all the way the last 3 years.
I had a past life regression before his diagnosis and had told him about the soul trap, after-life scum etc and he accepted the information, although a skeptic and asked me what should I do next if I dont go to the light?
And I replied well dad, we shall figure it out, just take your time up there, dont rush, dont trust anyone there except yourself because you are the ultimate power.
I had 2 nde's ten years ago and he trusted me, because I knew the process of leaving the body etc.
6 months after he passed I had a hypnosis regression to see where he is and to talk to him, because I kept seeing him in my dreams. Fortunately, he didn't go to the light and he was anxious at first but then he figured it out and stayed between dimensions with other souls there, observing earth and he is curious to see how this matrix will fold out. He told me, he knew now that he can open a portal anytime he wants with his intention and go wherever he wants. He was 72 years old, never had any relation with this subject and yet he figured it out.
He also said that it is really him, I see in my dreams and we can communicate all the time. The main reason I think he did so well it is because he really wanted to leave this planet after all he went through with chemos etc. Occasionally I would remind him in our conversation "dad let's not come to this planet again". In my hypnosis I saw that he was my mom in another planet before I being captured here on earth. And came here to find me.
I think you have all the information you need, don't worry just trust your soul because it knows already what to do, even if your conscious mind has doubts. I know you are a bad as* like my dad. If you have the curiosity, do a hypnotic session to see how you got here, etc. It is not necessary, but maybe it could aid your self- confidence.
I am sending you my love and will ask my dad to share with your soul what he knows :)
Thank you for listening and I hope it helped you somehow. Wish you all the best.

[–]Jdrockefellerdime [score hidden] 16 minutes ago
Zionism is the belief that Israel belongs to Jews.
It was an idea that was financed by the Rothschilds and culminated in the Balfour Declaration where England promised Palestine to the Rothschilds in 1917.
No one really wanted to go there though. Newspaper articles mention millions of Jews being killed in Europe during this period and I guess that is why Jewish people decided to move from their ancestral lands to an occupied land, occupied by their enemies who wanted to keep the land.
Now it has become a generic call of support of anything that is done to further the state of Israel, whether you agree that it furthers the state or not. Or how.

Give me your dissertation on 9/11 ( Never Forget ) (self.conspiracy)
submitted 2 hours ago by love_is_right
Please divulge your best proof, or theory you have that there is more to 9/11 than was officially told. Can we compile the best evidence together and start developing a map that connects the dots?
Together we can do anything. Never forget. Never settle. Never roll over.

[–]Witty-Storage-624 2 points 2 hours ago
Some less commonly discussed details
1- Dancing Israeli Mossad agents caught yet extradited safely no punishment
2- Odigo messenger app (israeli of course) reported the only known prior warnings to 9/11, these warnings were only sent to Israelis
3- Larry Silversteins (friend of PM of Israel) purchase of WTC and gigantic specific insurance claim he took out before the attack

[–]ZombieRichardNixonx 2 points 2 hours ago
I'm on board with all manner of conspiracy theory about 9/11 except for the increasingly popular notion that there were no planes that hit the World Trade Center.

[–]LookWhoItiz 0 points 2 hours ago
Super fringe theories like holographic planes were subtly inserted into the 9/11 truth movement early on intentionally by intelligence operatives to discredit all other more grounded alternatives such as the swapping of passenger planes mid flight with pre prepared military drones flown via remote control (which was also suggested in the official Operation Northwoods plans in the early 60s) and the controlled demolitions of WTCs 1, 2, and 7.

[–]mitchman1973 [score hidden] 45 minutes ago
The official version doesn't stand up to simple requests like placing the alleged hijackers at the 3 airports. It's unbelievable how there's basically nothing except "government says so"

[–]Glittering_Pea_6228 [score hidden] 13 minutes ago
black box didn't survive but omg paper passport belonging to terrorist does lol.

9/11 was the biggest lie ever told. (self.conspiracy)
submitted 1 year ago by x_gemma_x
    the way the towers fell
    phone calls CANNOT be made from such high altitudes
    the planes CANNOT travel at such speeds
    the planes CANNOT travel at such speeds at such low altitudes
    the planes nose cone was not at all damaged
    only 2 "hijackers" were seen at the airport
    NORAD had happened to "have stopped" that day
    2 of the the 4 INDESTRUCTIBLE flight recorders had just vanished, 1 was "in too poor condition" and the last was all good but never released to the public
    Ceecee Lyles whispering clearly "it's a frame" on the last phone call to her loved ones
    no airplane noise in the back of the calls
and much, much, much more evidence. debate me..


[–]AnyWhichWayButLose -2 points 6 hours ago
Disaster capitalism. Another Hegelian Dialectic. Problem > Reaction > Solution (for a price). I am so sick of this framework. Every single thing has to involve profit. fu*k your worthless money. It's just debt trade anyway. Now go meal prep today, slaves. You have an upcoming week of increasing value for shareholders. This cycle will continue until you die since no one is stopping it.

Haitian gang leader Jimmy Chérizier, nicknamed Barbecue, former police officer, and warlord who is the head of the Revolutionary Forces of the G9 Family and Allies, a federation of over a dozen Haitian gangs based in Port-au-Prince.
Wearing a masonic necklace pendant no less. Wonder if theres any ties…

[–]niewphonix 3 points 4 hours ago
bruh look up The Sons of Haiti.

[–]anotherbasicboi 3 points 4 hours ago
holy sh*t. looked it up and they’re based in the US, what are the chances they’re calling the shots from the US to Haiti?

[–]niewphonix 7 points 4 hours ago
just look at who calls the shots around the world man, it generally always ends back up in the same room, with the same dudes sitting in the same seats they’ve been sitting in for decades.

Rosenbaum writes in his 2012 book How the End Begins: The Road to a Nuclear World War III that, in his opinion, in the "aftermath of a second Holocaust", Israel could "bring down the pillars of the world (attack Moscow and European capitals for instance)" as well as the "holy places of Islam." He writes that "abandonment of proportionality is the essence" of the Samson Option.

If israel ever fell. Do you think it might destroy the arab world before it does ? (self.conspiracy)
submitted 12 hours ago * by sjjfusucis

I know most likely it wont happen soon. But since israel has 2 sects fighting each other * around 3 million palestinian 5 million jews *, and yall see the random shooting and stabbing in israel between those 2 sects which literally happen once a week at least. if a huge civil war started in israel. And all the terrorist organisations around israel took advantage of the civil war and attacked israel. And israel actually began to fall.

Do you think they will use thier nukes and bomb the sh*t out of the arab world ? Also if you think israel will do it, which country do you think will most likely get nuked ? Also do you think a civil war might actually happen there in the future?

[–]shake800 8 points 10 hours ago
They literally threatened Nixon with this in 1973 to get him to air drop them supplies they are an actually evil country

[–]Used-Safety3846 6 points 10 hours ago
Albert pike did say in his letters detailing the plans for 3 world wars that the third would center on zionist and Muslims destroying each other

[–]Witty-Storage-624 1 point 3 hours ago
they have nukes, they would destroy more than just the arabs, keep in mind zionists have infiltrated the USA and most of Europe and until they are purged from those governments, israel is not merely a country

[–]transcis 1 point 8 hours ago
The Arab world is almost as big as India by population and a more geographically diversified. Destroying the Arab world with a few hundred nukes is not going to be easy.

[–]Dirk_Ovalode 1 point 8 hours ago
It's not capable, it can fire nukes but the arab world is too widespread.

Could the Nephilim be running the world, as this video is suggesting? (youtu.be)
submitted 11 hours ago by Truthmatters_777


[–]Simple_Address_5399 5 points 11 hours ago
I heard Princess Diana once said the Royal family aren't human. I can't find the source for that though. John Todd on the other hand straight up said the Rothchilds aren't Human, they are the children of Lucifer. Which would be a Nephilim.
Edit: I forgot Carlos Slims ex-girlfriend was caught on camera going crazy saying the royal family eats humans.

[–]schneuke 1 point 10 hours ago
Diddy has a mugshot and his head resembles that of the nephlim . Cone head. Like the movies Coneheads or mega mind. See how they just shove it right in front of our faces. They all look like that demon Crowley summoned Lam

[–]tacocookietime 1 point 5 hours ago
We're at war. Sending fentanyl over is a methodology of warfare called 5th generation warfare. The type of warfare that uses non-kinetic means to inflict damage on an enemy without eliciting a military response.
The impact of flooding the country with fentanyl is several fold. It not only kills people but it also destroys families, increases crime, drains public resources, overloads the law enforcement agencies, court systems, and jail/prisons.
As someone near the border that works closely with addiction services I can tell you that this stuff is coming in wholesale at about 25 cents a pill. There's absolutely no money or margin in that to speak of at a import/distribution level. The street price for these pills near the border is anywhere between $1.50 to $4 depending on how many hands it's gone through.
Why would someone be importing this and selling it at cost or a loss? Because it's cheaper than intercontinental ballistic missiles. Every pill is basically a highly effective bullet that at the very least injures someone and ultimately leads to either killing or basically disabling them.
This particular type of attack is part of a multi-pronged attack with infiltration instead of invasion. Socioeconomic methods. Blackmail. Media and propaganda manipulation. It's basically what the Chinese call the death of a thousand cuts.
TPTB want the violence. Violence is a necessary part of the system. The purpose of the violence and chaos and you being poor is to make you accept (demand, even) more government control. It's intentional.

[–]According_Freedom_62 5 points 4 hours ago
We have no idea really who is Satan who’s god. We don’t know who’s evil who’s not, it’s hard to judge based on religious dogmas.

[–]iheartquokkas 2 points an hour ago
Satan/Lucifer is the real God. The "god" of Abraham is the devil.
    "Yes, Lucifer is god, and unfortunately Adonay is also God...Lucifer, god of light and god of good, is struggling for humanity against Adonay, the god of darkness and evil."
    Albert Pike, 1888
    "Satan, the enemy of God, is in reality, the highest divine Spirit. In this case it is but natural...to view Satan, the Serpent of Genesis, as the real creator and benefactor, the Father of Spiritual mankind. For it is he who was the 'Harbinger of Light,' bright radiant Lucifer, who opened the eyes of the automaton created by Jehovah"
    ?Helena Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, 1888
this video will blow your mind: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YeJYUnjs_LU

[–]g5h1 1 point 37 minutes ago
Re-read both those quotes. Albert Pike was a high degree and famous Free Mason. They directly worship the Demiurge and Sirius from which the Archons come from, and are proud of it. Calling themselves the "children of light" or fire. In Which is the false light and fire of Promotheus/Lucifer. The stolen spirit. The reason we are trapped here. Their Kabbalistic rituals and occult knowledge gets them nowhere. They get nowhere other than getting reincarnated and memory wiped back here like . And Helena Blatsvky is just a mish mash melting pot of New Age and occult misinformation to keep people confused and distracted from the truth. The deception runs deep.
The "Lord God" and the Serpent in the Garden are the same exact being playing good vs bad cop. So now the good cop gets worshipped and harvests the positive energy from that prayer. And it still harvests our souls and trauma because it is also Satan.
The Abrahamic "god" which is Lord God, Yahweh, Allah is the same being as Satan. It's the hidden one. Samael, the blind false god and its one eye of providence indicating the duality of this prison and how turns a blind eye to the horrors in favor of their own selfish desires. It's all black cube Saturn worship to these alien beings. The "shining ones" are who tricked and trapped us into coming here.

[–]Defiant-Reception939 2 points an hour ago
Reptilians are negative soulless entities that can be erased with energy training. The Lacerta files is a psyop just like alien interview.
all ETs are just cloaked negative entities.

[–]Razerer92 10 points 2 days ago*
Archons are not our "thoughts". They are real beings like you and I, not thought forms. This is pure new age gaslighting. I'll give you an example. Greys for example are seen as an archonic species, they are a species which are known to abduct people world wide. They're also abducting cattle and doing experiments on them. There's people who have been able to remember those experiences in full detail, others only certain parts of them. There's cases where people came back from that abduction event with an implant somewhere in their body. Sometimes the abductees can remember stuff, but in many cases they can't, so they manage to retrieve their memories through hypnotherapy. What this proves is that the Archons are not thought forms, but real beings in flesh and bones like you and I. So to say these beings are our "thought forms" is the equivalent of saying that to the animals here on Earth (which we enslave, farm and kill), us humans are not actually real beings, instead, we are.. "just their thoughts". Couldn't be more misleading and i see this new age gaslighting tactic being used a lot in new age circles.
There's different types of beings, some have souls like mantis and reptilian beings. Greys do not. Some are in physical reality like us, some reside in the astral.
But yea, beware of New Age gaslighting tactics. Deep down new agers are so scared of the possibility of the existence of these beings, not only they deny their existence but they claim they "created them with their thoughts" which gives them a false sense of security, they are obsessed with feeling like they are in complete control so they make up nonsensical excuses like this. The reality of the situation is that this is a dog eat dog world. What we do to the animals is what they do to us.

[–]g5h1 4 points 2 days ago
True. This is well articulated. Everyone wants to avoid the horros of this place but avoidance and ignoring something doesn't make it magically go away. Escaping and never looking back is the only solution. Yet, look how many distractions there are to keep people wanting to come back here including the way our own mind functions and gets attached to being in this place.
The original Archons and their creator are known to be the Elohim. "The council of gods". Or as the Sumerians have called them the Annunaki. They are from the "bloodline of Samael". Samael being the blind god in Gnosticism, the Demiurge. This is the one who every religion is worshipping without even knowing it. That one-eyed and thus blind god's symbol is seen on the back of the dollar, in Norse mythology of Odin being one-eyed, and even Ra the ancient Egyptian Sun god being one eyed as well.
The reptilians, greys, and all the others are the offspring of their offspring.
There is information that the Mantids don't have souls either; they're a hive mind just like the Greys.

[–]zen88bot 2 points 1 day ago
It's manufactured.
A lot of commercial music is designed to loop in your head and it works well with most non-musically trained ppl.
In this music, the progression of harmonies resolves backwards to the start of the song, so the only way out of it is to either mentally resolve the harmony that seeks tension resolution backward into a forward proper resolution, or alternatively, one can simply blot it out if they're very musically inclined or trained. For musicians, this happens when our mind is subconsciously learning background patterns that are responsible for evoking foreground effects that are not tactile or even heard, just felt - usually this happens with newly learned music, or first time exposure.
Sound is spiritual chemistry. Beliefs do nothing and is consent to ignorance which results in powerlessness. Understanding and training yield real results and effects to ones and others' realities.

[–]Avixdrom 4 points 1 day ago
There is a part of the brain which is responsible for thinking. And it's in the front part of the brain. In a deep meditation when you observe your thoughts and you can shift your attention backwards, you can discover, that so called you, is a deeper part of the brain, which use this front part for a process of thinking. When you will free yourself from this TV part, it is amazing. But it doesn't last long, because u need to use it in life like others do. That's why we don't develop skills, because we are constantly looking at others and judging others. It doesn't let us fly.

[–]turpin23 4 points 1 day ago
Rapture 3.0. Christianity was invented to cover up and flip around failed Jewish prophecies. Rapture was invented to cover up and flip around full preterism in New Testament. Ascension was invented to cover up and flip around all these past failures of religion. Each update about ascension is to cover up and flip around the past failed prophecies in the associated teachings they build upon.

[–]silvershield7 21 points 1 day ago
People adapt those paradigms to protect themselves. The club really did a splendid job dividing humans into a million belief groups. Imagine if people truly understood that all religions, governments, sciences and history were fabricated to mind control them...

Are narcs NPC’s? (self.EscapingPrisonPlanet)
submitted 1 day ago by Bandlabstuff
How is it that every single narc follows the same exact script in the same exact pattern step by step with zero regard for getting figured out? How do so many enablers get screwed over by the narc and continue to defend them and gaslight other victims? How can you have a soul and genuinely not care about anything in this universe but manipulating others from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep? How can a person with a soul even have enough energy for all that planning? How does this matrix never set them straight or wake them up like it does to us?

[–]Warring_Angel 41 points 1 day ago
The narc factor is truly strange. Nothing drives home that this earth is rigged quite like having to deal with and extract oneself out of a narcississtic relationship. It can be a visceral experience. Society and reality self- organize around insulating and enabling them. Their cadres of flying monkeys operate like mini-hiveminds. You'll barely ever hear a mental health professionl address it. One of the better things about our current Internet is that people finally started communicationg about what these people are and what they do.
I've heard it said that it's like they're born with an inherent playbook on how to manipulate and hurt others. It really isn't natural and that's why I've come to view it through a spiritual or supernatural lens.
    How can a person with a soul even have enough energy for all that planning?
They don't and that's why they have to harvest it from others. If they do have any kind of 'uplink', it seems to be to a demiurgic hivemind. There are ocassions where a narc gets figured out and all their bridges are burned and are thrown into what's called narcissistic collapse. They go psychotic at this point, explode in a finalie of destruction or implode through self destruction, substance abuse or inexplicable rapid ageing.
People often say they've seen their narc's eyes go black and face change when they go into their rages or give "the stare". I wonder if that recent "condition" where people see demon faces is due to a collective veil being dropped and an attempt to gaslight people who see them like in They Live.
I don't equally pair narcs and NPCs. To me NPC's are scripted characters in the social plot. They can be dangerous in a plot shift that turns against you're personal wellbeing though. Narcs seem to have a "player" controlling them but it's covert and it's intentions don't align with the image they portray.
One of the most dangerous assumptions is that they can or want to "wake up". Maybe they can't and it's like banging on your tv trying to get the avatar from a video game to wake up and jump out of the screen. Even scarier, how do we know they're not awake and simply choose to be that way? They harvest tons of energy baiting people into arguments in bad faith not looking for any actual resolution to anything. They play stupid all the time.

[–]Bruhmuh 3 points 11 hours ago
Damn great write up. It's like narcs are drones controlled by demiurgic energies.
Traumatic events in childhood made them sacrifice their souls to a false god and now the malefic energies run their script on these bodies.
Supposedly the split frequently happens in very early childhood (1-3 year olds) when the mother neglects or smothers the child, making the latter fail to develop a stable ego that is independent from mom.

[–]JohnF4567 22 points 23 hours ago
It's interresting to see that narcissists always seems to target introvert empath people in order to get loosh from them.
Giveaways are the eyes and this smirk they show when they cause someone to be distressed.

[–]theloveburts 3 points 9 hours ago
I see the narc's flying monkeys as NPC's.

[–]Kubeymomo 3 points 3 hours ago
Exactly. Its the reason why the most unhinged narcs seems to always have eyes on you. They usually have moronic flying monkeys at their disposal and who feed off a bit of your energy as well. Its worse when you realize there is occupations that are practically filled with them

[–]unlimiteddevotion 2 points 7 hours ago
Narcs seem demon-possessed to me.
They feed off of and become energized by loosh.

[–]Anonymous-Satire 28 points 4 hours ago*
Recycling is a racket in itself, not just driving down costs by reselling unused products. Recycling companies are generally funded by grants, subsidies, and public money. It's creating a multi billion dollar industry where there is no demand, need, or product, but someone owns those companies and makes a sh*t load of profit.... not from creation of a product or providing a useful service, but from that public money that funds them

[–]Hollywood-is-DOA 9 points 2 hours ago
It’s like the guy who said we could use hemp to make a load of different products like paper, clothing, most of the plastic things we current use for most products, that is a by product of oil, so they will never let hemp be used for the things that would benefit the planet but not the oil baron countries and banks.

[–]214ObstructedReverie [score hidden] an hour ago
To be fair -- Aluminum recycling is actually entirely worth it.
The energy input to make aluminum from bauxite is absurdly high. As a result, aluminum recycling actually works.
The biggest aluminum smelter in the world in NZ uses literally a quarter of their entire country's power.
Everything else is BS.

[–]throughawaythedew 4 points 3 hours ago
Aluminum recycling is the real deal. Plastic recycling is not and mostly a fabrication. There is a whole lot in between.
Bringing medicine back to the pharmacy is not even recycling and akin to not burying used motor oil in your backyard.
To establish intergenerational wealth I'm going to buy landfills because they are going to be the best mines in the future.

[–]raistlin49 3 points 2 hours ago
How much of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is made of "recycled" material?

[–]Snoo-52852 17 points 3 hours ago
Oregon for at least two decades shipped all of its “recycling” to china for them to burn for fuel. Once our “recycling” was deemed too dirty to burn they stopped using it. We are now sorting our goods but most of the plastic is just going into the landfill. Yay

[–]miskegemog [score hidden] an hour ago
Yeah seriously. Around my area they are finding that all sorts of drugs have entered our fresh water supply. According to an article from a Detroit newspaper I just googled, they have found detectable amounts of “nicotine, cocaine, antibiotics, pain relievers, diabetes meds” and more in the Great Lakes. Every town and city around me gets its drinking water from there

[–]DevelopmentSecure531 2 points 3 hours ago
Recycling was a lie made up by big oil so we’d keep buying plastic containers, thinking they’d be reused.
Not unlike how oil company funded climate change studies don’t typically find anything wrong either.

[–]Fob-Falaban 2 points 3 hours ago
Doing recycling yourself is a great thing though. Get a compost pile going.

[–]XennialMermaid 6 points 4 hours ago
Is it though? What does it matter if it's dumped now or in another year? A lot of things are not indefinitely recycled, so it gets what, one more life cycle? And it doesn't even really matter because we produce more waste than we actually consume. Recycling is a scam not because there's anything wrong with recycling, it's because it's an excuse to consume more. People feel better about recycling so they feel better about consuming more. That's the entire point. Consumption. Recycling has always been about consumption. It's about making us feel better about using plastic when we should not be using plastic for anything but very specific things, like the medical industry. They used to tell us that glass was bad and glass would never biodegrade and would just stay as glass forever, but it's generally inert and it does not destroy the planet like plastic does.
I'm not that old but I'm old enough to remember that the narrative used to be the glass was bad and plastic was good.

[–]digitaldirtbag0 [score hidden] an hour ago
Billy G is the majority stakeholder of Republic Services

[–]MaverickTRex 3 points 4 hours ago
Worked at multiple goodwill locations for almost ten years. You would be amazed at how wasteful, hypocritical, hurtful, and abusive to their employees they are. Definitely a wolf in sheep's clothing of an organization.

[–]ZeroGHMM 17 points 1 day ago
most military men were just scared boys, who thought they wanted to leave home, but still wanted 3 meals a day & still be told what to do.
all the US military has done for the last 112 years, is destabilize other nations & do the dirty work for the fiat "elite". there is only one militant group still worth protecting & standing with, or apart of, & that is the MILITIA.
the federal government is fucked.
[they] control all the federal branches of military.
its basically despotic now & the only way out is for THE PEOPLE to stop playing their game.
fu*k the middle east. fu*k their religious bullshit wars & all the global intel agencies blood money operations.
the people of Israel ARE NOT THE SAME as the Zionist-created state of Is - Ra - El.
MOSSAD does not represent the people of Israel, no more than the CIA represents the people of the USA. they are both global, Masonic intel agencies with their own agenda.

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  Vernon Coleman - Euthanasia
Posted by: Hissil - Yesterday, 10:32 AM - Forum: Physical Health - No Replies



The Exposé | Expose-news.com | Rhoda Wilson


Dr. Vernon Coleman

This is the scariest video you’ll ever watch. You probably won’t see or read any of this anywhere else. And as usual, it’s all true. I’m going to tell you how they’re going to persuade you to kill yourself. And if they don’t succeed in getting you to commit suicide, then I’m going to tell you how they’re going to kill you. This is scary. It’s taken me weeks to put this together and I still find it disturbing.

It is April 2024 and welcome to video 335.


I said in my last video that I was taking a break and I meant it. However, something else has come along that I have to warn you about.

Euthanasia. Suicide by doctor.

Euthanasia is being promoted as offering dignity and control.

But in a growing number of countries all over the world, the same lies are told.

Everything you think you know about euthanasia is almost certainly wrong.

Euthanasia is about saving money, collecting organs for the super-rich, killing disabled children, killing the mentally ill and reducing the money spent on caring for the poor and the disabled and patients in pain. Euthanasia isn’t painless and it’s all about saving money and harvesting organs for the rich.

You think I’m exaggerating?

Well, they killed one man because he was deaf. They’ve already killed people who were poor. And they’ve killed people who tried to change their minds. Euthanasia victims have died screaming – struggling to live. They’ll kill children who say they want to die – without their parents’ permission.

Euthanasia victims are listed in the official statistics according to whatever disease they had last. So, someone with diabetes who is euthanised will have died of diabetes and not of euthanasia. This is the same trick they used to pretend that covid was killing millions. Remember, early in 2020 I pointed out that the rules and the PCR test allowed the authorities to label patients as covid deaths when they’d actually been run over by a bus or killed by an axe-wielding madman.

They won’t let me tell you about this on YouTube, on Facebook on Twitter or anywhere else except here on my BitChute channel and on my website http://www.vernoncoleman.com.

I am banned from every other form of media there is. Joe Biden’s White House even tried to get one of my books banned. No one was allowed to report that.

Today, euthanasia is already legal in Belgium, Canada, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Colombia and parts of Australia as well as Switzerland and some States in America.

A disabled woman in Canada was offered a place on her nation’s euthanasia programme because it was easier than adapting her home to her needs. A Canadian man who was facing eviction from social housing was accepted into the country’s euthanasia program. A mother was accused of selfishness when she wouldn’t allow them to kill her disabled but life-loving daughter.

For nearly 60 years I have chronicled the deceits of the medical profession and the drug industry.

In February and March 2020, I warned that there was no pandemic, just the flu with better than average marketing. I warned that old people would be targeted – which they were. I also warned then about the vaccine that was coming and that would be as compulsory as they could make it. That was many months before there was a covid vaccine – which was, of course, as predicted, just another part of an ongoing programme of corruption, deceit and killing. I was the first in the world to reveal the side effects of the covid vaccine.

Now, they are ready for the next stage: death by doctor.

This is what the conspirators have been working towards for decades.

They’re preparing to turn the world into one big Jonestown.

Euthanasia or death-by-doctor is the most evil, cold-blooded massacre since Genghis Khan made genocide fashionable.

They’re planning to kill children without telling their parents. They’re planning to kill anyone who can’t look after themselves. They’re planning to kill anyone classified as disabled. And in case you haven’t noticed they’ve been busy expanding the list of people who are now officially classified as disabled. They’re planning to get rid of hospices and to abandon palliative care because it’s much quicker and cheaper to kill people than it is to care for them.

Forget the self-serving myth that euthanasia is painless and dignified.

There are no standardised methods for euthanasia and so, as a result, there are frequent cases of prolonged and distressing deaths. Patients being euthanised vomit, wake up from comas and can take up to seven days to die. No one knows what to do if an initial attempt at euthanasia fails. What should be done if a patient is semi-conscious? Should another attempt be made to kill them?

The same drugs which are used for killing prisoners on death row are sometimes used to kill patients who have consented to euthanasia. But if paralysing drugs are used, the patient appears calm, peaceful and quiet – but that doesn’t tell us what the patient is experiencing.

Unlike with prisoners, monitors are not used when a patient is being killed. This means that there is no evidence about what is happening.

Experts fear that patients being killed may suffer intolerable, unbearable physical or psychological pain.

The relatives of a woman in her 30s heard screams when she was supposedly being euthanised. The woman was suffocated with a pillow after drugs failed to kill her.

An elderly, demented woman in Belgium was euthanised after her family decided that she should be killed. The doctor laced her coffee with her sedatives – while she was chatting with her family. The doctor gave another sedative by injection. The woman then stood up. Family members held her down while the doctor injected her and killed her. Judges declared that “the doctor did not need to verify her wish for euthanasia.”

In his new book, Jack King reports that complications which have been recorded during euthanasia include: vomiting, tachycardia, sweating, gasping. One patient became unconscious 25 minutes after swallowing lethal medication but woke up and regained consciousness 65 hours later.

Lethal injections cause severe pain, a sensation of drowning and quiet, unspoken terror in the overwhelming majority of cases.

A woman needed a wheelchair ramp in her home. Her caseworker offered her a medical-assisted death instead.

A student went to hospital for help with her debilitating feelings of depression and hopelessness. The staff member she saw told her that psychiatrists were in short supply. “Have you considered euthanasia?” she was asked. A hospital spokesman said that the hospital had followed protocols.

A 61-year-old woman suffered from depression after a concussion sustained in a car crash. She was offered, and accepted, death-by-doctor as an alternative to treatment.

A 61-year-old Canadian was killed by a lethal injection in 2019. His health problem was hearing loss. No medical personnel contacted his relatives “out of respect for patient confidentiality.”

A man with a degenerative brain disorder was offered euthanasia so often that he began recording hospital staff. In one recording, a hospital ethicist told him that his care was costing the hospital “north of $1,500 a day” and asked if he had “an interest in assisted dying.”

A woman took her daughter to a hospital emergency room. Unprompted, the doctor informed the woman that her 25-year-old daughter, who has cerebral palsy and spinal bifida, was a good candidate for euthanasia. When she said “No,” the doctor called the mother selfish.

Euthanasia is being offered to the mentally ill. Since there is now a major global epidemic of mental illness and general misery, this is a perfect background for selling euthanasia.

And they’re killing children.

Naturally, the world being what it is these days, the authorities will not tell the parents of those children what is being planned. The parents will only know after the event. They’ll get an email. “You may have noticed that your 12-year-old son did not come home from school today. This is because he enrolled in our Suicide for Students programme and we helped him to kill himself this afternoon.”

How many children (and particularly teenagers) do not sometimes wish they were dead?

“My boyfriend has broken up with me. I wish I were dead.”

“I’ve been bullied on Facebook so much. I wish I were dead.”

“No problem, here at the Justin Trudeau Let’s Kill the Children centre we can deal with that for you. Like Mr Trudeau himself, it’ll just be a little prick. Just put your satchel and your lollypop down, lie down and your problems are over forever. We’ll ring your mum and dad later and tell them that you won’t be coming home. They can collect your body from the Justin Trudeau Morgue.”

The incidence of state-sanctioned suicide is soaring – though as I’ve explained they fiddle the figures.

Millions of younger people have been encouraged to regard every moment of temporary unhappiness or disappointment as a sign of a serious mental disorder. Doctors in the UK are now writing nearly 500,000 prescriptions for powerful, largely unsuitable antidepressant drugs to be given to children.

This is a perfect background for selling euthanasia.

The media has created fear and sadness and a sense of powerlessness and worthlessness. They have created the concept of a life not worth living.

Is it really a coincidence that the subject of euthanasia is being promoted heavily by the media and by politicians at the same time as fear levels are at their highest for a very long time?

And physical disabilities now merit euthanasia too.

Back in 2010 the British Government quietly changed the legal definition of disability. Lots of people thought this was kind of them.

You are now automatically classified as disabled (and, therefore, likely to be a suitable candidate for euthanasia) if you have, among other many things:

    Any visual impairment
    Any physical or mental impairment
    Any difficulty in communicating with other people
    Any difficulty in filling in forms
    Any difficulty in preparing and eating food
    Any difficulty in sitting down or standing up
    Any difficulty in using a computer
    Any difficulty in getting washed and dressed
    Any difficulty in following instructions
    Long covid – even though it doesn’t exist
    ADHD, autism, dyslexia

Millions welcomed the change. The disabled can be permanently off work and receive benefits. But disabled people are candidates for euthanasia, whether or not they are willing to be killed.

Campaigners speaking on behalf of the disabled have for many decades warned that the legalisation of assisted suicide would lead to society devaluing the lives of people who are disabled or elderly. The usually unspoken fear was that patients would be made to feel guilty if they didn’t kill themselves (or allow themselves to be killed).

It’s happening.

Death is seen as a viable alternative to costly and inevitably futile medical treatment.

A paper in Canada concluded that Medically Assisted Death could dramatically reduce annual health spending.

Vulnerable people will be killed (or will be expected to do a Captain Oates to save money and resources).

One-third of those taking part in Canada’s euthanasia programme perceived themselves to be a burden on their family, their friends and on their caregivers. Many worried about the amount of money that was being spent on caring for them.

Unsurprisingly, euthanasia is rapidly becoming one of Canada’s fastest-growing causes of death.

A woman who was living on disability payments and who had failed to obtain affordable housing ended her life under Canada’s assisted suicide laws. “The Government sees me as expendable trash,” she said.

Canada’s Supreme Court ruled that the previous law which excluded people with disabilities from the death-by-doctor scheme was unconstitutional.

Amazingly 27% of Canadians believe that euthanasia should be expanded to include people who aren’t ill but who are poor. And 28% of Canadians would offer “death by doctor” to the homeless.

Euthanasia was supposed to be offered only to people who were terminally ill. But who knows what is incurable and what isn’t? A cure may be just around the corner. The patient’s problem may disappear without treatment. The diagnosis might be wrong. The doctor may not be aware that a cure is available. An available cure may be deemed too expensive. I’ve known patients diagnosed as having weeks to live who were still alive a decade later.

With mental health problems, the worries are even greater. But there won’t be a chance for a better day. The sensitive and the vulnerable will be dead.

The elderly are being killed off first, of course, being made to feel guilty if they don’t submit to euthanasia. Conditioning, propaganda and predictive programming are all being used to promote the idea that older citizens have a duty to die when they reach 70 years of age.

Enthusiasts like to claim that doctor-assisted suicide is essential because people are living longer and, as a result, the global population of elderly people is growing out of proportion. The only sensible thing to do, the argument goes, is to kill off the excess old people to preserve space and resources for the young.

As I first explained back in the 1970s, that’s a myth.

Improved sanitation facilities and better drinking water supplies meant that the number of babies dying – and the number of women dying in childbirth – fell dramatically at the end of the 19th century and the start of the 20th century. That is what has resulted in a bigger population and more old people.

Life expectation for adults has not risen appreciably during the last century. Take a look at my book `How to Live Longer’ for the proof.

So why are so many countries legalising death by doctor?

One reason is that a bunch of conspirators claim that it is necessary to reduce the size of the global population. They want to cut the world’s population down to 500 million. There is plenty of food to feed billions more. But much of the food is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The conspirators have two fundamental policies: “End global poverty by killing all the poor people” and “End disease by killing all the sick.”

You have to follow the money if you want to find the truth.

The disabled and the elderly are now widely regarded as of little or no financial value.

And then there are pensions, of course.

Many of those who receive State pensions believe (quite erroneously) that the money they have paid in taxes has been put aside to pay their pensions. But pension programmes are simply huge Ponzi schemes. State pensions are paid out of today’s taxes. In twenty years’ time, pensions will be paid out of the taxes which are paid by workers in twenty years’ time. If the size of the aged population can be cut, the annual savings will be measured in billions of dollars.

After thousands of elderly people were murdered in hospitals and care homes during the lockdowns – remember I called it murder at the time – politicians boasted with glee that the financial savings, in unpaid pensions, would be huge. The more people they kill, the more money they’ll save.

The pro-euthanasia programme has nothing to do with reducing pain or distress: it is all about saving money.

It is a lot cheaper to kill people than it is to provide palliative care.

Take a look at what is happening in Holland.

The advocates of killing-by-doctor in Holland don’t like to use the word “kill,” of course. They much prefer anodyne phrases such as “physician-assisted suicide” or “aid in dying.” You can call it “medically assisted suicide” or “death with dignity.” But don’t call it killing or murder. They’ve mastered the art of state-approved slaughter.

Doctors will kill people of any age and they will kill people who are demented or depressed or who have long-term, chronic disorders. An 18-year-old with psychiatric problems was killed by doctors.

They will, indeed, kill just about anyone. They’ll even kill you if you are just “tired of life.” A petition, signed by a number of prominent Dutch citizens, has suggested that euthanasia should be available to everyone over the age of 70 who feels a bit worn out.

Plans were announced for a law that would allow “assisted suicide” if a patient “felt that they had completed their life” (whatever that means). It was said that the needs of older people should be met if they were struggling with mobility problems, a loss of independence, fatigue or loneliness. Meeting their needs shouldn’t involve walking sticks, wheelchairs, dietary help or companionship but death-by-doctor.

Way back in the 1990s, a 50-year-old social worker felt so miserable that she said she wanted to die. So, her doctor gave her a glass of poison to drink. And she duly died.

Today, they’ll kill you if you are demented or have an existential problem you can’t cope with. They’ll kill you if you are lonely or depressed or not much use.

Older patients are deprived of food, water, diagnosis or medication. And then, when they feel pretty damned uncomfortable and miserable, they’re offered a death pill.

“You’ve had a long life, why are you hanging on when your time is up? You’re using up valuable resources.”

And they’ll kill children as young as 12 years old.

The enthusiasts promoting “death by doctor” in Holland now even have an “Euthanasia Week” where they can share propaganda promoting euthanasia.

Individuals can make a “Living Will” or “Advance Directive” in which they sign up for euthanasia at some future time. Don’t try to change your mind because living wills are legal documents which cannot be easily rescinded.

One patient fought back while doctors were giving her a kill shot. The relatives held the patient down while the needle went in. The patient was screaming as well as fighting. Courts later cleared the doctors (and presumably the family) of any crime.

And look again at what is happening to hospices and palliative care around the world. Funding for both is disappearing. There’s plenty of money for gender displacement clinics but none for hospices or palliative care.

Hospices have to find three-quarters of their funding themselves. Just imagine the outcry if, for example, infertility services or cosmetic surgery clinics relied on jumble sales, car boot sales, bucket collections and charity shops to survive.

The aim is clearly to reduce palliative care just as the availability of euthanasia is increased. The same thing is happening all around the world.

What the world desperately needs, of course, is more mobile palliative care services with doctors and nurses available to visit patients who are dying and who are in their own homes.

But the opposite is happening.

Just a few decades ago, doctors in Britain visited their patients at home during the daytime, during the evening, at weekends and on bank holidays. Nowhere in the world was there a better 24-hour-a-day GP service than in Britain. Today, the average GP earns well over £100,000 a year with a £50,000 vaccine bonus and works just 25 hours a week. Accountants and librarians work longer hours than GPs.

Health care in Britain has been destroyed by this. There is more untreated illness and more people are suffering from chronic illnesses and suffering unnecessarily. Patients have little alternative but to call for an ambulance or visit their nearest Accident and Emergency hospital department. Many of these patients have problems which could be dealt with by a GP in five minutes but the vastly increased pressure means that the average waiting time for an ambulance has gone in many areas from minutes to hours, and in Accident and Emergency departments patients wait days to be seen. It is now by no means exceptional for patients to die while waiting to be treated. Last year over 100,000 people over 70 waited more than 24 hours in A and E.

The result is that millions of people are on never-ending waiting lists.

And many never get there. Turn up at a hospital, in an ambulance and sedated and they’ll offer you instant death instead of hours of waiting and pain.

The same deterioration has taken place around the world and it has led to a dramatic increase in the number of people agreeing to have Do Not Resuscitate notices placed on their medical records and accepting euthanasia as the only viable option.

And there is one other reason why the establishment is so keen on euthanasia: it will release a good many organs for use. If people are left to die naturally, their organs will deteriorate and begin to rot but if they are killed at the right time, their organs can be harvested in good condition – as they’re needed.

Organ donation started out as optional and voluntary but has become the default position with citizens having to opt out of giving their organs – possibly while they would like to be still using them.

There is no little irony in the fact that patients being encouraged to die might themselves be saved if they were considered important enough to be treated as organ recipients rather than as organ donors.

Doctors have been told to suggest organ donation as, if not an incentive, a kind of “consolation” for the person’s own loss of life.

Since organ transplantation is extremely expensive, and health services are cutting costs, it is inevitable that the organs taken from patients who have been murdered by the State will be reserved for politicians and billionaires.

Euthanasia is now global. In America, death-by-doctor is being pushed by politicians, lobbyists and lawyers. Death-by-doctor is being sold as freedom, as a choice, as a human right.

The right to die has become the duty to die. In Oregon and Washington, well over half of the requests for assisted suicide cited “feelings of being a burden” as significant reasons for their requests.

Just how enthusiastic would anyone be if doctors simply shot their patients in the head instead of injecting them? Doctors agree that the quickest, simplest, most painless, most dignified and cheapest way to kill people is to shoot them in the head.

Or maybe gas chambers could be introduced. They are cheap and effective and can be used to kill a number of people at a time.

Suicide by doctor isn’t legal yet in the UK but the Brits have had an excellent substitute. Back in the 1990s something called the Liverpool Care Pathway was introduced. This allowed doctors and nurses to kill anyone over 70 whom they didn’t like by the simple expedient of not giving them food or water.

Years ago the Liverpool Care Pathway was put out of bounds as being unethical, painful, distressing and wicked. But doctors and nurses still use it. And speed it up with a kill shot of morphine and midazolam. This was very popular during the covid fraud and was used to free up whole hospital wards so that nurses and doctors could get on with rehearsing their TikTok dance steps.

And then there were the Do Not Resuscitate (“DNR”) notices which I have warned you about many times over the years. DNR notices have been put on patients’ notes without their permission and even against their wishes.

Euthanasia, supported by the media, will be legalised in the UK very soon.

Who will decide who can or should die? Will it be patients themselves, relatives, nurses, social workers or just any old neighbourly busybody? Suicide has gone from illegal to optional. How soon will euthanasia become compulsory and for whom?

When euthanasia is made legal worldwide then Pandora’s Box will be open. And no one will ever be able to close the lid. The laws are always extended to include people who are deaf or diabetic or 16 and feeling fed up with the world.

Who is going to be trained to help with euthanasia?

The problem, of course, is that good, caring doctors and nurses are trained to keep people alive and refuse to kill their patients. Most hospices refuse to have anything to do with euthanasia.

This will leave patients in the hands of people who are not experts in end-of-life care or of pain management.

Either euthanasia will be provided by a small group of itinerant doctors who will travel around the country killing patients they don’t know – the modern equivalent of the professional hangmen who used to travel around with a supply of rope.

Or euthanasia will be provided by technicians who have as little as six hours of online training. I suspect that many of the people who will be attracted to work as hired killers will be psychopaths, murderers and assassins who will enjoy killing people.

Remember that the vast majority of people who, for whatever reason, attempt to commit suicide and fail, later give thanks that they have failed. With “death by doctor” that possibility is lost.

Can doctors bring up the subject of assisted death without influencing their patients? Or frightening them unnecessarily? Is it really a doctor’s job to offer to kill their patient?

If you want to know more about how they are going to kill us, please read a new book called `They want to kill us’ and it’s written by Dr. Jack King. It’s the only truly honest account of their evil plan I’ve ever read and I’ve bought copies to give away. Please do the same. There’s a link to the book in the box below. And please share this video as widely as you can.

Discussing euthanasia would make a great TV or radio debate.

But the authorities will never allow a proper debate – just as they will never allow a debate about vaccination or the covid fraud.

Unless you share this video or distribute copies of Dr. King’s book then I’ve wasted my time, mankind is lost and we’re all finished. It’s as simple as that. This video is not monetised and nor is my website.

Please remember you are not alone. More and more people are waking up. And once they’re awake they don’t go back to sleep.

Distrust the Government, avoid mass media and fight the lies.

And thank you for watching an old man in a chair. I’m old, my eyes are going, I have difficulty using a computer and I’m worried. However old you are, you should be worried too.

Original Article: https://expose-news.com/2024/04/14/they-...yll-do-it/

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  Divide, Subdue + Misdirect The Masses | How The World Was Driven Mad
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Divide, Subdue + Misdirect The Masses So They Don't Focus On The Real Enemy
Since COVID, there’s been something just as weird about all those rampaging mobs – “protestors,” “migrants,” “shoplifters” and “terrorists”—as there is about “the virus” and those “wildfires”.

Retail outlets coast to coast—and especially in our once-wondrous cities, from San Francisco to Chicago to New York—are under serial attack, plundered by brash hordes of “shoplifters” whose blatant theft goes on and on without the slightest interference by police, and even with a startling acquiescence by the retailers themselves. If someone grabs a load of merchandise, and runs away with it, it’s often not the pillager who gets in trouble, but the employee who tries to stop the crime:

Mark Crispin Miller | MarkCrispinMiller.Substack.com


We—or those of us with eyes wide open—saw this kind of thing throughout the Days of Rage provoked by George Floyd’s murder (assuming he was murdered), as we see in this video taken by a friend of mine in Chelsea, New York City, as “protestors” coolly trashed his building with New York City’s finest looking on. (My friend’s account is just below this video.)


The attack took place on June 1, 2020. I have many additional videos of rioting and attacks on buildings from around town that day. The videos presented here are of the attack on my building in Chelsea, with the feeling of being planned and coordinated.

Cars rolled up and commenced lightning strikes on the Gristedes on the ground floor of my building, which contains a pharmacy. The liquor store was also attacked. At least two cars from outside of the neighborhood and possibly out of state rolled up and disgorged attackers with the appropriate tools.

In the first video, the car that they come out of is in the extreme right of frame. In subsequent videos, there are close ups. You will see the first cop car swing by, which somehow felt like it was more of a helpful timing notice than an effort to scare off the attackers. In a later video, another car stops to let out yet another group. Then the cops finally arrive en masse, but they soon leave. At that point neighborhood folks from the nearby projects fill in to loot where the pros in car left off. One of the locals was heard to sadly comment, “We’re destroying our own neighborhood.”

You’d have to be a very trusting soul—or, one might say, a simpleton—to see such actions as spontaneous eruptions, based on mass privation and collective rage (as after MLK’s assassination, or the verdict over Rodney King’s assault by rthe LAPD), and not as operations managed from on high. The cops’ bizarre inaction tells us that these COVID-era rampages have been organized against the rest of us, not by the “shoplifters” or “protestors” or “rioters” themselves, but by the same exalted players who hatched the “virus,” spread the terror over it, pushed (and are still pushing) “vaccination,” made heroes of the Nazis in Ukraine, incinerated Maui (among other once-idyllic places), trashed essential infrastructure and otherwise promoted hell on Earth. In short, those handy mobs—also including both Antifa and their “fascist” adversaries (both blocs guided by state agents), the “migrants” strangely favored all throughout the West, and the federal performers in the Capitol on “January 6”—do not represent the triumph of mere anarchy, since they are but the shock troops in the ongoing dirty war against the human world.

Of course, such high manipulation is, in itself, nothing new, since it’s long been an imperial tactic to divide, subdue and/or misdirect the masses. Just as the British had the Indians attack white settlements, the Czars whipped up pogroms to distract the Russian masses, and the Robber Barons hobbled labor by recruiting scabs, so have the powers that be always reached down to keep themselves above it all. Thus COINTELPRO and the like had agents infiltrate, harass, divide and frame the Panthers, moved Weatherman to nihilistic violence, and then went after Progressive Labor in the Seventies, when they also created the Symbionese Liberation Army (which slipped its leash)—all to sabotage the left, and give it a bad name. Elsewhere the CIA repeatedly manipulated crowds and funded factions to help bring down wayward regimes, as in Teheran in 1953, and Chile two decades later (to pick just two of numerous examples); and there is evidence of much the same high hand behind such seeming rogue jihadi movements as ISIS and al Qaeda.

And yet, while such manipulation is itself an ancient trick, its global use today is something new, with nation after nation crumbling under this worldwide assault on all the rest of us, and on our sovereign states, in furtherance of the globalist agenda. This planetary operation now obliges us to take a closer look at all the mobs at work today, rampaging as if out of nowhere—including even Hamas, whose bloody foray on October 7 was evidently not the bold stroke lauded by its Western celebrants for besting Israel’s mighty government, but yet another operation which that very government allowed to happen—just as on 9/11, or like those city cops who let those weaponized “shoplifters” do their thing. As many an Israeli knows full well (though “our free press” has blacked out that awareness), Hamas and the IDF apparently colluded in that operation, which has paid off for the globalists not only in more deaths among the rest of us, but also by dividing nearly all humanity more bitterly than ever, as both antisemitism and Islamophobia appear to be at least as virulent as in the Middle Ages.

It is to force us all into that Great Leap Backward that its crackpot authors have been mobbing us nonstop, to have us burning up with hatred for each other, instead of joining forces to go after them at last.


How The World Was Driven Mad By The Seriously Unhinged | They Amplified Fear And Turned The Population Against Each Other

What Have We Learned?

Steve Cook | Steve-Cook.com

The featured item below is from The White Rose and I’m publishing it here as a timely reminder of how ugly things can get when large number of people operate in a condition of terror installed by their own government’s propaganda machine.

And stupid as well as ugly. People in terror are below a capacity for reason. They cannot think clearly, if at all and tend instead to react to stimuli. If sufficient numbers of people are easily frightened you have right there the reason why governments and other psychotic  groups run their terror operations on the citizenry.

When the populace is suitably befuddled, you get irrational idiocies such as:

Nobody ever explained how exactly, if the vaccines were as effective as the pro-vax propagandists claimed, what did the vaccinated have to worry about because they were not at risk of catching the dreaded [alleged] bug.  If the vaccinated were at risk of catching the bug [flu] they had just been vaccinated against, that meant the vaccine does not work and so what was the point in forcing people to take it?

If we take the polio jab as an example: if you were jabbed you were protected from catching polio so the millions of us who were jabbed never worried about catching polio from someone who had not had the jab. We fully understood that you declined the jab at your own risk. [Polio vaccine was also a scam]

But all that changed with the Covid jab: people vaccinated to protect them from catching Covid [flu] were, according to the propaganda, in mortal  danger of catching Covid [flu] from someone unjabbed, which of course was an admission that the jab was no good and thus not worth having. So why persecute the unjabbed?

And then we were treated to the spectacle of mentally unhinged people being handed the excuse to indulge their own evil purposes by persecuting, vilifying,  insulting, demeaning and demanding the punishment of those who declined the unworkable jabs in favor of other known remedies for a [alleged] disease that had a low fatality rate in any case. [normal annual flu rate]

The inability or unwillingness on the part of some to use rational thought was breathtaking and this whole episode taught us all just how lethally daft things can get when we let unhinged loons and their minions set the nation’s agenda.

Medical treatment must never be mandated and freely given informed consent, without coercion, is essential.



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Can I start posting in any forum?

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  Eclipses, The Matrix & Occult Esotericism
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Major Events Surrounding the April 8th Solar Eclipse
Masonic rituals planned worldwide to usher in New World Order
Greg Reese
Apr 02, 2024


The solar eclipse on April 8th is becoming a major event. The National Guard is being deployed and the people are being advised to have two weeks of food and to fill their fuel tanks. This could all be explained due to the fact that tens of thousands of visitors are expected along the path of totality. But many people believe they could be preparing for possible earthquakes due to the Devil comet aligning with the April 8th eclipse, and due to the fact that in 1811, a comet also appeared in the skies during a solar eclipse on the same path and was followed by the biggest earthquakes in American history.

Known as the New Madrid earthquakes, around 10,000 earthquakes occurred in just three months time. The biggest being measured at 8.8 magnitude. They were the most devastating series of earthquakes in recorded history. But it was a different comet. And while some claim that a solar eclipse can trigger earthquakes, this scenario seems unlikely.

This eclipse season is however, a very rare event. The recent eclipses in August of 2017, and October of 2023, along with the upcoming one on April 8th, forms an Aleph and a Tav over the United States. The Aleph and Tav are the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet. The Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. These eclipses mark the end of the Great Year, a twenty-six thousand year period that starts anew with the dawning of Aquarius and a new golden age.

Manly P. Hall wrote that high level Masons designed America for a “peculiar and particular purpose.” A secret destiny to bring about a new Atlantis, or a New World Order, where in a King descended of a divine race will rule over all. In rituals, this King is symbolized as Apollo, Horus, or Nimrod, the father of Freemasonry. And is thought to be a descendant of the biblical Nephilim, or the Sumerian Anunnaki. According to Thomas Horn, this will happen in 2025. Which corresponds to several documents published by Intelligence agencies, such as, Global Governance 2025, Global Trends 2025, and the 2025 Deagle Forecast on world population.

NASA is notorious for performing Masonic rituals based on the Egyptian Mystery Schools. Apollo being the same character as Horus. Sirius representing Isis. And Atlantis being the new golden age they hope to restore. And during the eclipse on April 8th, NASA will fire three rockets named after Apep, the Egyptian serpent god whose goal was to devour Ra, the sun. And when the sun re-emerges after three minutes of darkness, it will be likened to the rebirth of Horus. Their new King of the golden age.

CERN, known for practicing occult rituals at a statue of Shiva, the Hindu god who symbolizes death, destruction, and the end of an age, will be firing up their Large Hadron Collider to full power during the solar eclipse.

And Israel, who is in the midst of committing Genocide, is preparing to sacrifice a Red heifer. A ritual sacrifice to prepare them for taking back the Temple Mount.

“Red heifers, to be precise. Some Jews and Christians believe they're the key to rebuilding the historic Jewish temple in Jerusalem. And to beckoning the Messiah. To understand, you have to go back nearly 2000 years when the ancient Romans destroyed the last temple in the city to rebuild it. These believers point to the Bible's Book of Numbers. It commands the Israelites to sacrifice a red heifer without defect or blemish, and that has never been under a yoke. Only then can the temple rise again. Those sacred cows were showcased in Washington at a recent prayer gathering. Many evangelicals believe these red heifers will usher Christ's second coming.”
~ Chris Livesay (CBS News)

“We need the Messiah to come, right? So for me, the red heifer, it's red for the blood of Jesus Christ.”
~  Evangelical leader

“A massive altar already awaits where the heifers are to be burned. According to some believers, the ceremony needs to be performed right here on the Mount of Olives looking directly into where the temple once stood. But something else now stands in its place.”
~ Chris Livesay (CBS News)

Once they forcibly take the Temple Mount away from billions of Muslims worldwide, it will predictably thrust the world into the peak of chaos that these secret societies have been designing for centuries. And their plan is to bring order out of this chaos with their divine King to rule over the world.

But these are just rituals, and fear is an illusion. We can always choose love.

Eclipses – Endings, Beginnings, And The Changes Ahead | TCM #128 (Part 1)
The Cosmic Matrix Podcast


Laura and Bernhard do a deep dive into the topic of eclipses in light of the April 8th total solar eclipse that will move across the US. They discuss the long-term effects of the eclipse and the spiritual and occult esoteric significance of eclipses (and the moon) in general, the specific lessons of the April 8th eclipse, the outer events associated with it, and why it’s necessary to do your healing work during this next cycle.

In the second hour, they talk about the various shamanic, spiritual, and religious views of eclipses and how they relate to the lesson of facing evil and the opportunities they hold. They share deep insights about the upcoming Mars-Saturn conjunction, the powerful Jupiter-Uranus conjunction that starts a new 14-year cycle, and much more.

Show Notes Part 1:

    Basic ideas and introduction to eclipses
    What is so special about the April 8th solar eclipse? (it will have effects for years to come)
    Many planets that will be activated by this eclipse
    The foreshadowing of the 2017 eclipse
    Outer world events on April 8th:
        NASA rockets “Serpent Deity” and the APEP project (same name as an ancient Egyptian deity who embodied darkness and disorder)
        Rare sighting of the “Devil Horns” comet
        CERN being re-activated
    The superficial misconceptions about eclipses and cosmic paranoia
    The Navajo beliefs about solar eclipses
    Why it is not beneficial to look at the eclipse from a spiritual occult perspective
    The Esoteric concept of “Food for the Moon”
    Important points to understand about the eclipse
    Eclipses are linked to karmic, fated events
    Eclipses start a process of transformation
    Chiron being activated by the eclipse
    Why it’s necessary to do your healing work during this period
    From cosmic paranoia to pronoia
    Eclipses can bring huge endings and new beginnings.
    Laura and Bernhard share personal experiences with sudden loss and inner realizations around the lunar eclipse.
    An inspiring example of how to face death and uncertainty like a spiritual warrior

In Part 2 (only for members), we go deeper into:

    Rudolf Steiner’s view of the evil aspect of eclipses
    How to work with evil
    Texas may experience massive changes over the next year – ties into the Pluto Return of the US
    Spiritual and Religious beliefs about eclipses
    The shamanistic perspective
    The Greeks and Egyptians viewed eclipses as a bad omen
    The Hindu tradition and rituals to minimize the negative effects of eclipses
    Judaism and the malefic effects of eclipses
    Islamic writings on eclipses recognize their power for evil and punishment
    The “I Ching” or Chinese Book of Changes seems to have the clearest understanding of how eclipses work in history
    Buddhists believe that the subtle energies of the body are depleted during an eclipse
    More themes of Eclipses
    The Mars-Saturn conjunction
    The Necessity for Spiritual Strength
    The Lessons of Saturn
    The powerful Jupiter-Uranus conjunction (April 20) is setting off a 14-year cycle
    A time of breakdowns and breakthroughs
    The seeds of future possibilities are being planted now
    The Bitcoin halving happens with the geocentric Jupiter/Uranus conjunction and what it means
    What deeper purpose do eclipses serve in astrology?


The Matrix, Occult Esotericism, And How The Deeper Meaning Of The “Red Pill” Became Distorted
By Bernhard Guenther, April 4, 2024

March 31st, 2024, marked the 25th anniversary of The Matrix movie. I watched it on the first day it was released at the Chinese Theatre in Hollywood in 1999.

I remember coming out of the theatre floating with pure excitement and inspiration. I didn’t care much for the new level of FX (which was great, too), but more about the storyline and esoteric symbolism. I couldn’t believe what I just saw.

Back then, I had just started to become aware of the hyperdimensional matrix and occult esotericism in my research, the topic of all topics: Humanity is not at the top of the “food chain,” but occult [hidden] forces feed off humans and keep humans in a “frequency prison” (symbolized in the film by the machines using people’s life force as batteries).

I was also aware of what came to be known as the “Agent Smith syndrome.”

It is based on an occult, esoteric concept/law that whoever attempts to awaken will be interfered with by people close to him, as they become portals through which these forces act. The esoteric term for “The Matrix” is “The General Law,”

Here’s an excerpt from “Gnosis” by Boris Mouravieff, based on Esoteric Christianity, that explains the “Agent Smith Syndrome”:

    “… In general, the reaction of those around towards someone who begins to search for the Way is negative.
    This negative attitude is the result of the action of the General Law [Hyperdimensional Matrix], which, as we know, tends to keep man in his place.

    Not being able to do this directly by the action of Illusion, the General Law, when it loses its dominion over the man who ‘moves’, acts indirectly by the mediation of those around him.

    It is a classic situation. From his side, after having passed through moral bankruptcy, he who seeks the Way becomes different from men who continue to live within the limits permitted by the General Law and thus take mirages for reality.

    Due to this, he will feel himself more and more isolated. The centre of gravity of his interest will progressively turn to esoteric work, which will end by absorbing him completely.

    The ‘World’ will be hostile to him, because its own purposes are different; it is not in his interest to provoke this tendency, and even less to keep it alive. The day will come — if he remains in the same milieu — where, apart from rare exceptions he will be openly or secretly hated….

    That is why it is said that: ‘no prophet is acceptable in his own country’ and why ‘the prophet is despised in his country, among his close relations and in his own house.‘

    That indication is precise and leaves no room for doubt. He who wants to start esoteric studies is invited to think it over twice and weigh it all before he rushes to cross the moat-threshold.

    We repeat that it will not be possible for him to return to exterior life and to find his place, his pleasures and his satisfaction there as in the past.

    It follows that he will become more and more of a stranger to his surroundings; that he will lose more and more interest in exterior life, in which only yesterday he participated fully. The appearance of things, and especially of beings, undergoes a deep change in his eyes.

    He will one day be surprised to constate that certain faces which only yesterday he found very beautiful now reveal to him marks of bestiality behind their features: not all, but many of them!

    However, as well as the difficulties which are the first results of his evolution, such a man will receive comforting impressions, especially in his human relations.

    He will be surprised to perceive one day that certain faces which only yesterday appeared to him ordinary, today shine in his eyes with a bright beauty. It is because his sight, sharpened by esoteric work, has acquired the faculty of penetrating beyond the external crust.

    It is amongst these brighter beings that he will find his new friends. He will be understood among them, and their community of common aims and interests will be a stimulus and a help for all.“

At the end of this excerpt, you can see the esoteric meaning of having taken “the red pill” and that once you commit to the Way [of awakening], “it will not be possible for him to return to exterior life and to find his place, his pleasures and his satisfaction there as in the past.”

As Morpheus said in the film:

    “After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends; you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”

I was in awe of seeing so many deep, esoteric occult truths about the nature of our reality in one film.

In my naive youth, I thought that this film would “wake up” the world if people would just go see it. But most of my friends back then didn’t get it and thought I was crazy.

Even nowadays, most people are still not aware of the film’s deeper esoteric messages in the context of esoteric INNER WORK, which is the only “way out” of the matrix.

Two years later, after I saw “The Matrix,” 9/11 happened.

I witnessed it live on TV, and I also thought that would “wake people up,” but even to this day, most people still believe this nonsense about some hijackers with box knife cutters (and a guy in a cave planning it all) flying planes into the two towers and collapsing them (and building 7 lol).

I had to go through many more dark nights of the soul (with suicidal thought injections), tough lessons, attacks (that served as initiations and important lessons), and isolation and loneliness to realize that the process of awakening is a tedious battle within and that not everyone is as excited about seeking truth as I was.

In fact, I experienced many times another esoteric truth as conveyed by Morpheus:

    “The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save.

    But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy.

    You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.“

Hence, I learned [the hard way] about the “trap of waking up others” in the context of occult and Divine laws and the esoteric meaning of “be wise as serpents and gentle as doves.”

On a positive note, more and more people have become aware of topics I’ve been writing about for 20 years, and there is definitely a larger “awakening” impulse, especially over the past 4 years.

But this “great awakening” is also in danger of getting hijacked because most people still externalize and get distracted by the shadows on the wall.

“The Matrix” and “red pill” memes have become more popular, especially over the years, but with it, even more distortions and superficiality.

The word “awakening” has also been distorted and reduced to some sort of informational, intellectual awareness of “the cabal” and “the matrix” externally and mostly on a 3D level, which is then equated to having “taken the red pill,” a term that has been somewhat “hijacked” by the conservative manosphere trad movement recently.

But being “awake” about the matrix and the various control mechanisms and deceptions – and based on a purely intellectual informational level – cannot even be called “taking the red pill” from an esoteric perspective and “crossing the moat-threshold” as Mouravieff wrote about above.

This stage of awareness is mere baby steps prior to crossing the threshold towards self-realization, which entails psycho-spiritual esoteric self-work, embodiment [soul integration], and alchemical internal transformation to reach a higher level of being/consciousness and spiritualize life, body, and mind, for that is how you truly “stop the bullets” and transform the world via your inner transformation.

As within, so without.

As I said many times before, I wouldn’t claim to be “awake” to the true meaning of the world; the real battle is within, according to the Law of Ascent and Descent.

The more I engage in the work, the more I can see that it is way harder to face yourself sincerely and integrally in the INNER Work than to externalize everything and project your shadow (and unconscious wounds and traumas) externally. Ironically, this just feeds the “architects” of the matrix [and keeps the matrix “in place”], who have their role teaching function in light of the evolution of consciousness.

In light of this 25th anniversary, listen to our #100 Cosmic Matrix episode Debunking Popular Myths About “The Matrix”


In this episode, we discuss how the “Matrix” concept has become very trendy over the past few years. We address some of the popular myths and distortions they see in popular influencer culture, what the core concepts and different multi-dimensional levels of the Matrix are, and much more.

[P.S. Some people claim that the Wachowskis never wrote the film but ripped someone off who sued them. My take is (and I could be wrong) that whoever wrote it did not “consciously” know about the deeper esoteric symbolism and truths put into the film but was creatively open to receiving this creative impulse from positive forces, as tends to happen with other works of art, film, and music as well (and some are inspired by negative forces). The fact that the Wachowski brothers became “sisters” as transgenders shows me that they have been hijacked by negative forces. They seem to have taken on the Woke virus, as shown in their later works and public statements as well. I couldn’t even watch the last Matrix movie to the end. The original creative impulse is hardly there. Just my 2 cents.]



Warning, be prepared to bug in and stay away from the crowd on April 8th. (self.conspiracy)
submitted 10 hours ago * by odndodnxn
At first, I thought nothing was going to happen and this is all blown out of proportion. But then I started researching why people thought this eclipse was so special and it turns out, there are many things, like the previous eclipse only being 6 years apart in the same area, the red heifer sacrifice on that day, CERN, trillions of Cicadas coming out and most importantly the military being deployed with 70 helicopters.

To clarify I don’t think this is the apocalypse, but something is going on that day, because every time people just try to talk about the eclipse, they get downvoted to oblivion and there are what I assume, crowd control bot accounts that keep commenting “Nothing will happen” even though, objectively some pretty interesting things will happen.

These crowd control bots make me think that they are actively trying to suppress serious discussion around this topic and they are planning to do something on that day. I don’t know what the hell they’re up to, but please, for the Love of God stay safe out there.

My Main concern about the eclipse is that a TON of people will all be bunched up in the path of totality and on top of that they will be distracted by the eclipse themselves, not to mention that the eclipse will darken the area significantly while it’s active. So a lot of potentially nefarious things can be done to a bunched up, distracted crowd in the darkness.

Avoid the crowds

Be prepared to bug in for a while

Do not trust the military and avoid their line of sight at all costs.

If you want to see the eclipse this bad just wait 3 years and go to another country, I think they are planning something for this one in particular.

I repeat, avoid military contact, I recommend watching urban evasion tactics on YouTube to prepare if you’re in the path of totality.

I hope nothing happens that day and I don’t care if this is going to get a million downvotes, just please sit this eclipse out, better safe than sorry.

[–]mixedmartialstoner 8 points 3 hours ago
I think this is valid. Now more than ever with the way gain-on-function research has been heading, and the known studied impacts of solar eclipses on microbes (especially fungi) and its known association to potentially devastating impacts on human and planetary health (including the cordyceps mushroom)- best to KEEP YOUR DISTANCE.

The COVID vaccines consisted of SM-102 (lipid nanoparticles) which contained luciferase-encoding mRNA) and was injected into millions of people world wide.

Fungi are also studied for their glowing properties during eclipses (including lunar eclipses). Their glow is tied to the precursor for the bioluminescence substance - “Fungal luciferin” (the 9th known luciferin in the molecular world). It works closely with the enzyme luciferase to create this greenish-bluish light. Both words are derived from the Latin word lucifer, meaning "lightbearer"

Cordyceps (zombie-ant fungus) infect insects such as ants or spiders. They drain the host completely of nutrients before filling its body with spores that will let the fungus reproduce (sending toxic spores blooming from the dead ant’s head).

This jump from insects to people is currently implausible, but not impossible. Under the right conditions, a flux in sunlight and the right temperature (via heat energy emitted from space rockets/particle accelerators and spikes in satellite signal activity) could suddenly “activate” these spores.

So knowing that fungi already have easy host access to animals and insects (they are known to control Rainforest population levels by targetting certain animals), I would turn my attention not necessarily to a cosmic event from the heavens, but moreso activity from under the soil and under the ocean. And the creatures that walk alongside us already.

Animals have been behaving erratically recently. We had a monkey attack a man in Hong Kong and recorded a rare human to animal transmission. No current vaccines exist. Since it was first identified in 1932, the B Virus has only been documented in 50 people and 21 have died. Elephants have also suddenly been attacking humans in African countries which is also quite uncommon.

The unstable weather events just provide the perfect moist/humid conditions for such a fungal colony to thrive in. The 2010 study of solar eclipses on fungi explained: Thus morphologic change contributes to increased pathogenic potential of fungus. This transitional change has also been recorded by molecular studies. There seems to be various environmental stimuli which may enhance a switch between yeast and filamentous growth patterns. The capacity to switch the pattern of growth in response to an environmental change is termed as dimorphism.

[–]Thoughtsbcmthings 14 points 8 hours ago
I kinda wonder if the fake aliens will be shown in the sky that day. Like if they’re gonna try project blue beam that’d be a good time since they’d have so many witnesses.

[–]806thealien 2 points 3 hours ago
Fear makes you work and buy stuff and think about yourself, sort of struggling to see the relevance of a solar eclipse when right now you have to pay for your rights and afterwards the paradigm will be exactly the same. It's like people are just waiting to be shot in the face, ahh doom is coming but I need to look out for number 1 and not one of us will stop paying the people doing it.

The red heffer has undoubtedly been leant on, their own conditions are absurd and unfulfilled, they're desperate to force their ritual so it's just a little play for the public to make you think Israel have some divine power to conquer earth.

You know what can't be stopped and castrates an entire coup of governments and corrupt takeover, a local agreement that food, water and shelter is free, a basic human right that you'll share without question with the people in your immediate community.

This takes the tactic of exploitation out from under them. Nullifies any powers of coercion globally and concretes the fact that I and you are not for sale nor are the resources for existence. Solidarity from the ground up means the resources for survival come under our control immediately, we have always been the ones actually managing it, we provide the services the logistic the delivery, we can cut the people contributing nothing out completely, by sharing what we're supposed to be charging each other for. One tiny change in your own lifestyle stops it all, I will not endorse or accept slavery. I'm not paying for my basic human rights, and I'll make sure no one else has to either.

Gotta start building a future we can all live in and we won't have to hide in our homes out of fear of a celestial event or biological warfare or slavery.


These eclipse posts are getting beyond silly. (self.conspiracy)
submitted 9 hours ago by SmokingMojoFilters
Uk here and during our last full lunar eclipse about 20 years ago, we was having party's in the street waiting for it with our eclipse shades we could all get free from our local shop or stuck to a daily national newspaper.

It was a great day and it was spectacular to witness.

There are major differences I'm seeing from Europeans and amaerica s right now. You guys don't half eat up fear porn the msm feed you. I don't understand why most are succeptable to it at all.

I've lived through 2012, y2k, pandemic, salmonella scare, mad cows disease, bird flu, climate change, global warming, acid rain and many more sh*t like this they use to scare and put fear into people.

Go for a God damn walk or some sh*t and turn off the TV.

Parts of your country will go darker for a bit and life will go on and the earth will keep spinning.

Being scared of a lunar event that happens all over the world at different parts is natural.

Live your life and enjoy the event.

If people started worrying more and exposing the people who are feeding you this nonsense the world would be a much better place.

Don't believe the hype.

[–]Severe_Intention_480 0 points 6 hours ago
It's Chrisian Fundamentalist hysteria. I don't understand the obsession over the "X". It's a goddamned shadow. Shadows don't do anything do they? What's the issue? I mean, we're talking astrology here. Because two shadows years apart crisscross each other, so what? Eclipses either cause earthquakes or they don't. It shouldn't matter if the ahadows make an "X" or not, if it's down to gravitational pull and or solar rays which we get everyday anyway. The dangers of a solar storm don't change either because of an eclipse. They are a potential danger eclipse or no eclipse.

Why would one believe any of this matters, unless you believe the "X" has some meaning and the sun and moon are being directed by some intelligence, which is an odd thing to believe, because we can reliably predict these things years in advance. If it does mean something, this begs the question: what "message" was being sent in 1811? A rather ugly interpretation is that America was uniquely evil from the start and deserved punishment. The only thing different about America back then relative to other nations was the democratic system of government, as I don't believe Britain or other countries had outlawed slavery yet, so that can't be it. Britain invaded America and burned the capitol in 1812. Was that also part of the punishment? So, these people either hate democracy and think Britain monarchy was right and the Deist founders evil, or they are fatalistic nihilist. A nasty ideology either way.

If it's a premonition of 2024 what was the point of the last two hundred years if we were being set up two fail and nothing we do matters anyway?

Speculation about the gravitational pulls of the moon and the sun seem silly also, since every spot on Earth would be acted on by these forces on a daily basis. The only difference between an eclipse day and normal day is that the sun gets briefly blocked by the moon. Why would this change anything, since every part of the Earth has a daytime and night. Why would two more minutes of darkness in a 100 mile radius matter?

[–]Weather0nThe8s 3 points 5 hours ago
I'm not in the direct path of totality but can see around 90-95% where I live. However.. it seems as though there's a 70% chance of storms and I'll most likely miss it.

I'm really sick of the fear mongering anyway. Have been since people first started with the sh*t. I used to really love conspiracy stuff but it seems with every passing day I'm getting more and more tired of the lot of it.

I was listening to an old Art Bell broadcast just last night. Apparently he was getting all kinds of emails back in 2015 telling him to prepare, as Planet X is going to smash into Earth.

It's silly. This eclipse is silly. Has anyone suggested planet X is going to smash into Earth during the Eclipse? Eyeroll. Also, F the whole Red Cow thing in Israel, too. GMO cow doesn't count. Biblically hasn't lined up.

Either way though.. eclipse thing is super tiring. Just be happy if you're not in a place where the weather is going to ruin it.

[–]Unicorn4_5Venom 5 points 9 hours ago
Only thing I’m concerned about isn’t the eclipse it self, I’m more so worried about CERN, I don’t like nor trust it when people are trying to play god. Especially when they try to link up with significant events astronomical events, do some bizarre/satanic even dances for their openings and/or ceremonies. That is realistically where a lot of my concern lies.

[–]OldWorldBlues10 1 point 6 hours ago
Lmfao. Nothing will happen on eclipse but yes be worried about CERN. Yeah nothing dramatic will happen but the paradigm will change. “Go for a walk and turn off the TV” is the most ignorance is bliss with ego coming from a conspiracy individual. People should be worried. These parasites take astrology seriously and energy movement will occur.

CERN, rocket launches, military helicopter surveillance in NE, 140 year rare earthquake NE, volcanic rare smoke rings Italy.

Reminds me of the record breaking calamity occurring in the 1800s that sent the world into a year without summer. I’m a firm believer that this realm replenishes itself in some way. To take this all lightly atm is dumb honestly. To say “Ive lived this long and nothing happened last time” without touching all the other events happening at the moment, that never happened in your era is ludicrous. sh*t post. Enjoy the paradigm shift buddy. NWO incoming.

[–]CallistosTitan 4 points 7 hours ago
There is lots of alarm bells that go off when these world controllers build bunkers after innoculating billions of people with a questionable substance and highlight their symbolic biblical plans in media that they influence.

Why does it bother you so much that people are interested in that? Sounds like you should be going for a walk instead.


Easy Preparation Tips (self.conspiracy)
submitted 5 hours ago * by FickleSlip1112
I’ve been living on little income and picked up some things. A good guide if you’re looking for cheap prep.

Staples— Vinegar: 2 tbs apple cider in a jar of water can be used as conditioner. Vinegar can also be used with water as a cleaning solution. Also a good salad dressing.

Baking soda: 1 tsp in 1 jar of water can be used as shampoo. Can combine with coconut oil to make toothpaste. Scrub to wash dishes, many other uses.

Glass jars: anything bought in glass jars with a pop lid, keep the jar, or use mason jars. Learn water bathing/canning for longer food storage. Keep vegetables like carrots and herbs in water.

Olive oil or ghee: use for cooking & moisturizing

Water: go for big jugs in thick containers rather than single use bottle packs. If possible get some iodine tablets or other water purifier method.

*Potassium iodine can be used to protect the thyroid from radiation.

Food— Beans: most useful when canned. Blend chickpeas to make hummus, use the can juice as a shampoo or to make sauces.

Pickles: you can drink the juice to replenish electrolytes (only a small cup due to high sodium).

Potatoes & onions: lasts a long time on the shelf. Can be replanted easily.

Nuts & Seeds: Soak almonds and compress in cheesecloth to make almond milk. Put chia seeds in any milk and refrigerate to make a pudding. Pine nuts can be used to make pesto or baba ganoush.

Dried fruits like apricots, dates, apples. Do not get those sugar box raisins, organic is best for fruit overall.

Lentils: quicker cook time than dried beans. Soak overnight, keep in flat container with the lid cracked and rinse daily to sprout (you can use the same method for sprouting seeds).

Spinach or kale: can be blanched then frozen for storage.

Honey: good sweetener, go for true honey with the bits (those bear bottles are not good).

A big bag of rice or flour is always good to have in case of emergencies.

Edit: what is the point of discussing conspiracy if we don’t take some form of action? I have no idea how sharing information on sustainable food is triggering people. We can find ways to survive through learning, or give into blind hopelessness like they want us to.

[–]PossibleNebula6395 2 points 3 hours ago
Undiluted white vinegar kills fungus (such as black mold) and can even cure toenail fungus.

[–]theoreoman 2 points 2 hours ago
I have basically come to terms with I'm going down with the ship if a total collapse happens. If you within a 3 hour drive or 1 week walk of a major population centre your fucked too.

If everything collapses and your within that radius there's no amount of guns and prepping that will save your ass.

If Anyone outside figures out you have resources they'll kill you, either by shooting you when you stick you head outside or thell smoke you out

You basically need to be in the middle of nowhere like up a mountain to be safer


Speaking with the Stars
Some thoughts about eclipses – prepared by Hazel Archer Ginsberg
In "Human Questions and Cosmic Answers" Rudolf Steiner states: “An eclipse of the sun is
due to the fact that the moon comes between the sun and the earth, cutting off the rays of the
At the time of a solar eclipse, for instance, something totally
different takes place in the part of the earth affected from what is
happening when there is no eclipse. When we know that on the
one hand the rays of the sun penetrate down to the earth and on
the other hand the forces or rays of will stream out to meet the
sun. At an eclipse, these forces radiate into the darkness, and
there ensues a period of time, short though it may be, in which all
that is of the nature of will upon the earth flows out into universal
space in an abnormal way. It is different altogether from what takes place when there is no
eclipse. Ordinarily, the physical sunlight unites with the radiations of will streaming towards it.
When there is an eclipse, the forces of will flow unhindered into cosmic space.
The old initiates knew these things. They saw that at such a moment all the unbridled impulses
and instincts of humanity surge out into the cosmos. And they gave their pupils the following
explanation. They said: Under normal conditions the evil impulses of will which are sent out
into the cosmos by human beings are, as it were, burned up and consumed by the rays of the
sun, so that they can injure only man himself, but can do no universal harm. When, however,
there is an eclipse of the sun, opportunity is given for the evil which is willed on earth to spread
over the cosmos. An eclipse is a physical event behind which there lies a significant spiritual
And again, when there is an eclipse of the moon, the man of today merely says: “Now the earth
comes between the sun and the moon; hence we see the shadow cast upon the moon by the
earth.” That is the physical explanation. But in this case also the old initiate knew that a spiritual
reality was behind the physical fact. He knew that when there is an eclipse of the moon,
thoughts stream through darkness down upon the earth; and that such thoughts have a closer
relationship with the subconscious life than with the conscious life of the human being. The old
initiates often made use of a certain simile when speaking to their pupils. It is; of course,
necessary to translate their words into modern language, but this is the gist of what they said:
“Visionaries and dreamers love to go for rambles by moonlight, when the moon is full. There
are, however, certain people who have no wish to receive the good thoughts coming to them
from the cosmos, but who, on the contrary, are desirous of getting hold of evil, diabolical
thoughts. Such people will choose the moment of a lunar eclipse for their nocturnal
Eclipses of the sun and moon, recurring as they do in the
course of every year, may really be looked upon as
“safety-valves.” A safety-valve is there to avert danger, to
provide an outlet for something or other — steam, for
instance — at the right moment. One of the safety-valves
which makes its appearance in the cosmos and to which
we give the name of a solar eclipse, serves the purpose of
carrying out into space in a Luciferic way, the evil that
spreads over the earth, in order that evil may work havoc
in a wider, less concentrated sphere. The other safety valve, the lunar eclipse, exists for the purpose of allowing
the evil thoughts which are present in the cosmos to
approach those human beings who are desirous of being
possessed by them. people do not, as a rule, act in full
consciousness, but the facts are nevertheless real — just
as real as the attraction of a magnet for small particles of
iron. Such are the forces at work, in the cosmos.” ~Human
Q’s & Cosmic A.
Rudolf Steiner also gave us hints as to how to come to terms with ‘Evil’. He reveals that the
gods themselves called their opponents into being. Lucifer is an Archangel which has been left
behind and Ahriman is a left-behind member of the Archai. Humanity, striving toward Freedom,
stands as the Tenth Hierarchy and has as its task to integrate the vast gifts of Nature and Spirit
while accepting the possibility and finding the strength to lead evil (i.e.: Lucifer and Ahriman)
back to the good.
So you see, we can look at these celestial events as an opportunity to be part of the Cosmic
conversation –to join in the dance - to do our part.
On my Italian side of the family, the Moon was traditionally represented by a mirror. During an
eclipse, people would breathe on a mirror, creating clouds of condensation on its surface. Since
it was believed that the wolf swallowed the Moon during an eclipse, people saw it as their duty
to breathe on the mirror to cause the wolf to cough up the moon and return it to the sky.
The Vikings tell a tale about two wolves who wish to eat the Sun and Moon. Skoll (repulsion)
goes after the Sun and Hati, running ahead of the Sun, goes after the Moon. When either are
caught, there is an eclipse. When this happens, the people on Earth rush to rescue the Sun or
Moon by making as much noise as they can in hopes of scaring off the wolves.
These cultural examples, of which there are many, may seem ‘superstitious’ through modern
eyes, but it was felt by our ancestors to be a call to humanity to take action, to be present, to
take part.
The ancients had their way of reacting to the harmonies & disharmonies of the cosmos.
What will we do as the 10th hierarchy striving in freedom, ‘that good may become’?

These ancient initiates knew that on a normal day when there was no eclipse, the
rays of the Sun penetrate down to the earth, meeting & mediating the rays of
human will streaming out into the cosmos.
At the time of a solar eclipse, since all the unbridled impulses of human will are
not met by the Sun, they are able to radiate out into the darkness, surging out
into universal space in an abnormal way.
The initiates of old knew these things, & so with an urgent sense of duty, they had
gathered in their sacred stone circle, to help meet & mediate the undigested
instincts of humanity heaving out into the cosmos.
These ancient Hierophants recognized the spiritual reality behind this physical
A solar eclipse acts like a ‘safety-valve’, providing an outlet for pressure that has
been building up. It is an opportunity to let off steam - to avert the danger of a
more catastrophic explosion. - Then pentagram is moved continuously
Under normal conditions the ‘evil impulses of will’ sent out into the cosmos by
human beings are burned up and consumed by the rays of the sun. They can
injure only humanity. They do no universal harm. But when there is an eclipse of
the sun, opportunity is given for the evil which is willed on earth to spread over
the cosmos.


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  Hydrogels in COVID Vaccine as Programmable Human Interface | Biological ID System
Posted by: Hissil - 04-07-2024, 06:16 AM - Forum: COVID-19 News - No Replies

Hydrogels in COVID Vaccine as Programmable Human Interface
From Ana Maria Mihalcea’s "Hydrogel Platform Enables Versatile Data Encryption And Decryption"
Greg Reese
Feb 16, 2024


The following report is from Doctor Ana Maria Mihalcea’s recent article entitled, "Hydrogel Platform Enables Versatile Data Encryption And Decryption"

The building blocks of Hydrogels are being found in the COVID vaccine, and Hydrogels are being found in the blood of both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. They are the so-called blood clots that are being found around the world. And these Hydrogels can now be programmed, encrypted and decrypted. According to Mihalcea, they are the substrate of the brain computer interface and the primary method of fusing humans with machines as she described by referencing MIT research in the article, “Hydrogel Interfaces for Merging Humans and Machines”

Elements which Mihalcea and Clifford Carnicom found with Near Infrared spectroscopy in the blood of the unvaccinated exposed to shedding and environmental contamination include hydrogel plastics such as polyenes, vinyl, nylon, kevlar, and spider silk proteins. As well as other nanotechnology signatures such as silicone and sulfur. This technology hijacks methyl groups, which are needed to detoxify and create Glutathione in the body. Hydrogels used for the encrypted programmable technology include polyvinyl alcohol and polycaprolacton. Both of these Hydrogels are listed as stealth nanoparticles in the Moderna patent for lipid nanoparticle composition. This suggests that not only those who received the shot have this hydrogel encryption technology in their bodies, but also those who have experienced shedding and environmental contamination. Which is just about everyone.

These hydrogels are known to be programmable and encrypted. This technology can behave as brain storage. It can store memories and visual information in an individual’s brain. And it can be chemical-induced to be securely encrypted and decrypted allowing for the secure recording and storage of confidential visual information. This provides a platform for secure financial transactions, which is a requirement for a digital ID.

MIT researchers have discussed how this very same technology can be used to fuse humans with machines. And while they’ve had problems working it out in the past, a recent paper has announced they’ve found success using the very same elements found in both the blood of the vaccinated and unvaccinated by Mihalcea and Carnicom.

In a lecture by Professor Sakhrat Khizroev at the University of Miami, it is discussed how advanced materials can be used for interfacing machines and the human brain. He references a research project funded by DARPA wherein magnetic nanoparticles are key to this technology. Mihalcea has published research that shows how the COVID shots alter torsion fields in the body and produce magnetism. A review by the Rand Corporation, “Brain Computer Interfaces: US Military Applications and Implications” discusses the convergence of human with machine.

In an interview with Big Pharma whistleblower, Karen Kingston, Kingston discusses this self assembly nanotechnology and how the spike protein is an engineered device, triggered by electromagnetic frequency, and how the Quantum Dots are gene editing technology. This nanotechnology appears to be distributed via Chemtrails, the food and water supply, medications, and in all of the scheduled vaccines for children. It has been found by multiple scientists in the blood of both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated. And the fact that this widespread technology is being ignored while the topic of mRNA is being pushed into the mainstream, is of great concern.

Mihalcea has shown that the new protocols being sold to the public as a way of reversing the negative effects of the COVID shots, have no effect on these Hydrogels. And it would seem that well over a billion people are infected with them.

While many are talking about an archaic implanted computer chip, it seems that the latest breakthrough technology has already been deployed without anyone’s consent.

The situation almost seems hopeless, but where there is a will there is a way. And now is not the time to hide our head in the sand. The human body is miraculous and our potential is endless. The more people addressing this dire situation, the better chances we have of finding a remedy.


Evidence Shows Biological ID System Has Already Been Deployed
Fluorescent glow in the faces of the vaxxed under UV light
Greg Reese
Feb 20, 2024


Emotionally, it is easy to dismiss the work of Doctor Ana Maria Mihalcea for it is very disturbing. But her work is shown through scientific testing and backed up by government and NGO documentation. And the evidence shows that humanity has already been infected with cutting edge surveillance nanotechnology. This is a follow up to my last report on Doctor Mihalcea’s Hydrogel research.

New research shows that those who received the COVID shots emit a fluorescent orange glow in their faces that is visible under a UV light of 365 nano-meters. And those who have been exposed to shedding emit this glow around their nose.

After his wife was coerced into getting the COVID shot, PhD Justin Coy began his own research. He found that the more shots a person received, the more they glowed under UV light. The glow can be seen initially around the nose, and over time spreads throughout the entire face and into the neck.

After a hot shower, filaments are expelled through the skin of the vaxxed. And these filaments also emit a glow under UV light. These filaments not only glow, but they have been shown to move on their own in spastic movements. And they are also attracted to people. In videos they can be seen trying to latch on to a finger. And when a person who has received the shot has dry skin, these expelled filaments will become airborne. This could explain how shedding occurs from the vaxxed to the unvaxxed. The Pfizer trial documents stated that an unvaxxed individual in close proximity to someone who’s been vaxxed can be infected by inhalation and skin contact.

In 2008 a biological nanotechnology pesticide designed to kill the Brown Moth in the state of California was deployed and appears to have included the same sort of fluorescent invisible micro dye that we see in the scientific research. Doctor Hildegarde Staninger tested individuals exposed to this nano-tech pesticide and found that a glow could be detected in their eyes under UV light. Doctor Staninger called this the Eye of Horus effect due to it’s similar appearance. And claimed it was due to the use of fluorescent thiocyanate in the pesticide. Which according to the literature, would have been used to track the effectiveness of the dispersal.

This idea has been around for decades. The Institute for National Security Studies, Nonlethal Weapons: Terms and References, published in 1997, discusses an invisible infrared dye which is visible under UV light so that rioters can be later identified.

Justin Coy points out how the genetic code for Luciferase, a bio-luminescent enzyme found in nature, is included in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines along with SV40, which could theoretically allow the Luceiferase to be written into the genetics of the recipient. Coy proposes that this could be what is causing the vaxxed to glow under UV light.

The TRACE act, H.R.6666 - COVID19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone Act, was introduced in May of 2020. The bill authorizes the Centers for Disease Control to contact trace and monitor the population.

In late 2020 and early 2021, people all over the world started noticing purple streetlights. Which is the color of UV light.

The quantum dot tattoo research funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation provided a way of detecting whether or not a person was vaccinated by including fluorescent medical information in the vaccines. Invisible near infrared tattoos that would imprint beneath the skin to later be read by customized smartphones. In the scientific literature on quantum dot research, these fluorescent medical information tattoos have a similar appearance to the faces of those infected by the vaxx under UV light.

You may or may not believe in biblical prophecy, but it seems clear that the ones running this diabolical program are using it as their playbook. From Revelation 13:

“And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark”

But never forget we still have free will.


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  Monarch Programming
Posted by: Hissil - 04-07-2024, 06:15 AM - Forum: Deprograming - No Replies


Monarch Programming
Monarch    Zeta    Theta    Alpha    Beta    Delta    Gamma    Omega    Chi    Epsilon

I am not a Hollywood insider, an Illuminati defector or a Monarch victim. My knowledge is derived solely from studies of the CIA mind programs, the main sources of transference between US secret intelligence communities and Hollywood, and what little is known about Monarch from declassified or leaked information.

I am, however, a student of the science behind Monarch, behaviorism, and a practitioner of the technology behind Monarch, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) on the highest possible level. My goal is to inform on a wide scale about the level and depth and width of mind control utilized by Hollywood as one of the major agencies of "Illuminati", the second being the music industry embodied in MTV and the Big Five.

Information that can be applied on a practical level by individuals will, for safety reasons, be scarce and distributed evenly across the articles on this site, so only those with the purpose and stamina to chew their way through the lengthy content can derive benefit. It is probably prudent to add that analysis of individual films are not necessarily a denunciation of every aspect of the movie as a cultural product. Code fragments are frequently installed against the wishes of creative artists like the script writer or director.

Quote:"The nature of psychological compulsion is such that those who act under constraint remain under the impression that they are acting on their own initiative. The victim of mind-manipulation does not know that he is a victim. To him the walls of his prison are invisible, and he believes himself to be free. That he is not free is apparent only to other people. His servitude is strictly objective." (Brave New World Revisited, Aldous Huxley, 1958)

The Monarch Program is an umbrella term for mind control devised by Disney in collaboration with FBI and other shadowy government institutions in USA. It is usually regarded a hermeticly sealed program involving between 40,000 and 2 million Americans, who have been subjected to rendition and programming through a method called Trauma, Repetition and Reinforcement.

The Monarch method is to produce disassociation or "induced fragmentation of the ego", spawning alter egos capable of actions beyond what their ordinary self would be willing to engage in, such as wilful prostitution, spying, assassination and mass murder. Monarch takes its name from the Monarch Butterfly, which is a key symbol to mind engineers, suggestive of a complete physical transformation.

Software Delivered Subliminally
In everyday situations the average eye blinks about every 2nd or 3rd second. When watching a movie the average user is blinking about 3-4 times per minute. The drastically decreased blinking rate is equivalent to having your eyes taped, as it took place in some mind control programs.

The darkness of the room effectively creates a reasonably effective level of sensory deprivation. Vast intake of sugar products helps the body sustain the impact of involuntary convulsions and biochemical responses, as the nervous system is bombarded with a sequence of impulses designed to take the subconscious mind through a cathartic journey leading through trauma to Gnosis.

The Monarch technology is a universal method to target four main personality types and cultivate a basis for more indepth, hands-on mind control, carried out by the right hand of Illuminati, the secret intelligence communities. The method of delivery is coded sequences transferred to the brain through through subliminal messages.

The Two Hands of Illuminati
In a Monarch Movie the narrative, the designs, the direction and the editing all work together to form a compressed script for a set of actions. The script or program is framed by subliminal messages that throughout the frames, a secondary sequence that fundamentally alters the meaning of the entire fable. What is, at first glance a typical morality play is, when deciphered with the Illuminati key, rather the opposite.

The goal of the public mind control is to install a set of packages in the collective mind of the general population. These packages can be likened to software that can be triggered by a set of cues known only to handlers and mentors. Those who build the symbolic sequences into a film or a song are not necessarily aware of how it is exploited in the other end of the process, on the street level. When the general public has been satiated with a specific programming, handlers and mentors may seek out adepts in people who display signs of sufficient levels of Monarch transformation.

These individuals can be recruited and groomed as a societal engineer (Alpha), a sex agent (Beta) or an assassin (Delta). Most people remain in a dormant stage throughout their life, responding only occasionally to collective triggers, for instance during democratic elections. Not all sequences can be perceived and deciphered by someone outside the system, since they are designed to only be known to handlers, who can apply the triggers for highly specific purposes.

Why Illuminati is 'Going Public'
There’s one more layer to the overt use of Illuminati symbolism, and that is the agenda to distribute gnosis in order to scan the public for new Alphas to fill the ranks in the ever growing pyramid of power. The entire Monarch methology is partially revealed and discussed in Christopher Nolan's Inception, which along with a lot of clutter reveals the current level of mind control technology.

Inception is pre-occupied with the concept of Inception - to install an idea at a rudimentary level in a dreamstate and watch it develop into full size, as the subject believes it is his own belief. Nolan gives away a few pearls, such as the necessity of tying the inception to a highly emotionally charged subject, usually early family relations, but besides that nothing too substantial.

The esoteric idea of the film is to recruit people who make the connection and are capable of abstracting from the obviously unethical scope. Like Star Wars, Inception is an Alpha project designed to distribute rudimentary knowledge about mind control in order to stimulate interest in joining the Monarch Program as an insider.

The Origins of the Jedi Project
George Walton Lucas Jr., owner of Lucasfilm and THX Sound Systems, is one of the greatest recruiters who ever lived. Son of George Walton Lucas Sr., a store-owner in Modesto California, George Lucas wanted to be a race car driver and later studied anthropology, but became "obsessed with movie making". THX Sound Systems is named after THX 1138, Lucas' first feature length film, a dystopic science fiction movie about a future society regulated by drugs.

The Star Wars sextology, his life time achievement, fostered several ground-breaking new developments in the mind control community. First of all, an academy and a division of "clerical warriors" or brahmashatriya (Hindu for priest-warrior, combining Brahmin and Kshatriya) was established at Fort Bragg, where the graduates receive the title Jedi Knight. One of the greatest mind engineers of all time, James Cameron, responded to the Jedi Project embedded in the Star Wars sextology, which is mainly a vehicle for basic level Alpha Programming.

The famous "Jedi Mind Trick" is actually an agressive form of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), which can be exercised in real life under conditions not unlike those specified by the film. Like Inception it was a partial disclosure meant to fascinate potential adepts of this school of "Jedi Knights", and it worked. James Cameron was so thrilled after watching the first instalments of Star Wars (Episode 4-6) he threw all other projects aside to become a filmmaker, and his "obsession" even cost him his first marriage.

The James Cameron era of Monarch Programming
James Cameron was behind a series of ground breaking Monarch schemes from the cult hit Terminator to the Academy Award Nominated Titanic, which predictably earned him the title Rex Mundi. "I am the King of the World!" James Cameron said at the ceremony, citing his own alter ego, Jack Dawson. A somewhat problematic figure to the Illuminati overlords, like the rebellious Ridley Scott, James Cameron experienced some problems getting funding in his early days of film-making, but later - as all higly succesful Hollywood personages - willingly submitted to the program.

Terminator was allegedly the product of series of horrifying nightmares, where James Cameron dreamt he was being hunted by machines sent from the future to kill him. The producers were so delighted with his script he was also put in charge of directing this classic Monarch tale that also fulfilled on promises given to the Austrian bodybuilder, Arnold Swarzenegger, later to be chosen as the Governor of California.

Cameron went on to produce the highly acclaimed Avatar, which takes the Monarch seduction to a new level by romanticizing the complete disassociation from self and wilful transformation into a celestial being in a Paradisic condition. The Monarch programming has become so powerful that there are reports of depression and suicide around the world due to the fact that Pandora, the fabled planet in Avatar, does not really exist.

Illuminati's Philosophy on Twinning
During the same era masters like Francis Ford Coppola and Martin Scorsese were tasked with producing a number of high profile Delta movies like Taxi Driver and Apocalypse now. The Illuminati employs a concept called "twinning" to all aspects of their dominion: The IMF and the World bank are virtually identical organizations tasked with different aspects of the same economic agenda, to ensure the stability of the global finacial market. The World Trade Center directly embodied this principle with its Twin Towers.

The idea is an ancient one, going all the way back to famous twins through history, like Cain and Abel from the Bible and Romulus and Remus, who founded the city-state of ancient Rome. The idea is also found in the Sumerian epic Gilgamesh and in Homer's Iliad - the close brotherhood of two men or almost identical entities produce perpetual synergy and makes them capable of exercising more power than the sum of their combined efforts. In Gilgamesh the king is brought to a higher level of performance by meeting the giant Enkidu, who is his only equal, and in the Iliad the protagonist, Achilleus, gives up his petty dispute with Agamemnon and returns to the battle, when his mentor Patrocles is killed (in the Hollywood movie Patrocles is his younger cousin).

The obsession with twins dates back to Lebersborn, the project run by top SS Nazi officer Heinrich Himmler, which organized selective breeding andadoption of children and had a peculiarly large number of twins among them, since twin research is the key to unlocking a number of secrets about genetics. In the Hollywood Monarch program you will always see the most popular and high profiled film makers and stars matched with a "twin" with whom they rival and compare themselves.

Hollywood's Implementation of Twinning
In recent decades Michael Mann and Ridley Scott were matched as twins, producing each their branch of Monarch devices for the masses. Michael Mann, recruited from MTV, was always the more complacent and manageable one, while Ridley Scott was more defiant and rebellious. Scott's Alien, utilizing the compression of human phobia in Giger's art to produce the Omega device of all times, was so impressive they put him in charge of the screen adaptation of Philip K. Dick's novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.

Blade Runner is a classic Omega device, which also reveals the basic categories of Monarch programming (Assassin/Mercenary, Beauty/Beast, Pleasure Model), but Ridley Scott took it in some "wrong" directions, responding negatively to the Monarch conditioning of his product. Blade Runner was sabotaged. The production company demanded, likely after a rigged audience screening, that a voice-over and an artificial ending was added, effectly flunking the movie, earning a de facto masterpiece scathing reviews and lukewarm reception from the audiences. It was only as a video release and in Director's Cut Blade Runner became a cult hit. Scott's defiance has also been eternialized in movies like 1492 and Gladiator. In 1492, by the end of the film, Columbus has a conversation with an aristocrat:

Quote:Sanchez: "You're a dreamer."
Columbus: [shooting a glance out of a window] Tell me, what do you see?
Sanchez: [pausing to look] I see rooftops, I see palaces, I see towers, I see spires that reach... to the sky! I see civilisation!
Columbus: All of them built by people like me.
[Sanchez doesn't respond - shocked]
Columbus: No matter how long you live, Sanchez, there is something that will never change between us. I did it. You didn't.

In Gladiator it is Scott's alter ego, Maximus, who yells: "Are you not entertained? Are you not entertained? Is this not what you are here?" likely reflecting Scott's frustration about having to follow Hollywood's formula of violence at the cost of artistic value. "One for the art, one for the industry".

Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan
These days the twin principle is apparent in the promotion and elevation of Rodriguez and Tarantino, and in the subtle rivalry between Zack "The Wizard" Snyder and Christopher Nolan. Snyder and Nolan are the two major competitors in the field of Monarch programming, with Zack Snyder tasked mainly at raising a Delta army of Anglo-Saxon culture warriors and Chris Nolan put in charge of Alpha  recruitment and basic training. Overlooked by almost everybody is Snyder's insidious clip before the intro and credits to his well-produced Dawn of the Living Dead. In a 5 second shot you see Muslims kneeling down in prayer with a sound like bees buzzing in the background. There are no other direct references to politics and religion in the intro or, for that matter, in the film.

The subliminal message is quite clear: Muslims are frightening, collective beings, who can sting - in fact they are zombies coming to take over the world with their infectious world view. Illuminati hates Islam and stays out, as much as possible, from utilizing the Quran, even if they do produce Monarch devices for the Islamic world and also set up Quranic sleeper cells via other channels. The mystical insights and symbols of virtually every known religion are employed in the Illuminati scheme of occult power, but Islam represents the final and ultimate challenge, namely because the central project to rebuild the Temple of Solomon requires the disbanding of the Al Aqsa Mosque.

Zack Snyder's epic about the Battle of Thermopylae, 300, has already become famous and infamous for invoking crass racism and strong Nazi imagery to depict the Nordic type Spartans as superior to the mongrels of the East. 300 is already cited by European New Right bloggers and white supremacists like the ones who fostered the Norwegian terrorist, Anders Behring Breivik, as one of the main influences "if Europe falls into culture war and decides to expel the Muslims". Nolan's approach is more technical, even if he does mix Delta programming on various levels into some of his productions, namely the revived Batman franchise. In Batman Begins the protagonist, Bruce Wayne, is employed by an ancient secret society called League of Shadows, who employ terrorism in order to prune entire civilizations.

A Philosophy of Mind Control Revealed
Ra's al-Ghul (the name is combination of the name for the Egyptian sun god, Ra, and Ghoul, which means eater of human flesh) uses standard MK Ultra and Monarch devices to make Bruce Wayne comply, namely the traumatic memory of the murder of Bruce Wayne's parents, which has caused a split in his personality. Ra's fosters and trains the violent and punitive side in a classical Delta relationship between mentor and disciple. Batman breaks free and fights Ra's al-Ghul and apparently kills him, but from a Monarch perspective the transformation is complete: Batman has come into existence and marginalized the civilian part.

In The Dark Knight Batman goes as far as to produce a miniture version of Echelon by tying all cell phone signals in the city to a monitor, just to locate The Joker. The Joker is a frequent character in Monarch storytelling, often seen dancing - he is the instigator, the handler who makes things happen by applying chaos and conflict to a placid condition, thereby bringing out the hero's "potential." In The Prestige Nolan lays out the first part of a complete philosophy of mind control, but he also reveals some ambiguity about his own role in the project.

By the end of Batman Begins the noble policeman, Jim Gordon, expresses concern about escalation, and The Dark Knight picks up from that point, introducing the Joker. By the end of The Dark Knight the engineer, Lucius Fox - the equivalent to Q in James Bond flicks - demands the termination of Batman's private Echelon project, calling it "immoral." Likewise, The Prestige is not just a meditation of the tricks of the trade and the art of illusion, but an ethical inquiry into the cost of the Illuminati twinning program. One magician, Robert Angier, loses his soul in a bizarre line of events that tempt him to reproduce and kill himself infinitely, before his last alter ego is finally killed in an act of justice carried out by Alfred Borden's real life twin.

Interestingly, Christopher Nolan wrote the script together with his brother, Jonathan Nolan. A major theme in The Prestige is blood sacrifice and guilt, reflecting the predictable problems of the healthy psyche as the human cost of ambition becomes apparent to the mind. Zeta ("snuff"/human sacrifice) elements of the Illuminati programming target the final barrier to be broken down, since it is virtually impossible for the healthy mind to take delight or even accept this level of programming.

The Public Era of Illuminati
On a wider scale the hanging of Saddam Hussein and the assassination of Osama bin Laden, along with the Abu Ghraib atrocity, represents evidence to a general degradation of the natural defenses against Zeta Programming. Complete desensitization of large parts of the Western population has been accomplished. A number of events, including the publication of the Mohammed cartoons, have been staged to test the receptiveness to visual cues and, reversely, the acuity of natural responses to atrocious conduct.

The succesful desensitization marks the transition to a new phase in the Illuminati timeline, where its presence grows increasingly public, while at the same time any attempt to out, oust or counter Illuminati's schemes are instantly denounced as "conspiracy theory." This is mostly perpetrated by unwitting Gamma operatives, who have been brainwashed with what they perceive as a rationalist mind-set. However, in spite of the apparent rationalism, they never exhibit any inclination to critical thinking and investigation, which would immediately lead to concern about the floods of Alpha level Illuminati programming distributed to society through the entertainment branch.

Gamma operatives are equally conservative and liberal - the conservative package contains triggers like "9-11 truth" and "inside job", which immediately sends the Gamma operative into a rant about conspiracy nuts. Likewise, the liberal package is prompted by concern that the anti-Illuminati agenda is a conservative ploy to take away civil liberties, namely women's rights and gay rights. The Illuminati programming is designed to pit ethnicities, religions and political ideologies against each other for the very obvious reason that demographics is the key to societal control. This is also why Western societies at the surface level hails multiculturalism and racial integration, while at the same time its cultural products promotes status quo, which is cultural fragmentation - without the races, Illuminati loses a powerful instrument of social engineering.

The overt Alpha programming of our age installs the premises of Illuminati and their basic methods of operation, appealing on a subconscious level to those who have the desire to become masters rather than slaves. Perceived as a rebellion against religious fundamentalists, still more artists and artisans align directly with the Luciferian agenda, employing Illuminati Alpha programming almost "at will." The "show and tell" phase is designed to create a basis for a new class of Monarch managers to oversee a rapidly growing kingdom of carefully designed cultural imperialism. In spite of all controversy, Illuminiati now count on the persuasive power of their subliminal programming and the gullible nature of the masses. Rejected as a conspiracy theory by most people, Monarch is free to keep churning out mind control dreamware to spell-bind the masses and to make the highest initiates able to pick and choose from the ranks of common people who to lay, who to kill and who to send to kill them.

Alpha Programming
ALPHA. The purpose of Alpha Programming is to expose the public to Illuminati symbolism, namely the Pyramid and the Eye of Providence and Freemason symbolism derived from it, such as the Compass and Ruler and the Pentagram. These symbols are embedded in the collective consciousness in order to normalize their inherent meanings, just as the Cross and the IXTUS (fishes) were in past eras, whereever Christianity became dominant. All through history the face or, before Alexander made portraits common, the symbol found on the common currency showed the ruler.

The type of attitudinal changes and conducts fostered by this type of mind shaping is consistent with the standard conduct desired of people in the Free World. Alpha Programming promotes alignment to whatever is the Illuminati agenda of the day. The A is frequently found in Alpha Monarch products, where it alternately represents the Pyramid of Power and Anarchy. The Illuminati agenda for the Alpha population can be summarized as: "Shop, Express and Police". Consumerism, Propaganda and Surveillance, the condition known as the Panoptical System, are the three keys to controlling the populace.

The aim of Alpha Programming is total alignment with the Illuminati agenda. It is a prerequisite for other forms of programming, but also constitutes a ladder of progressively sinister insights about society, politics, demographics and mind control. Alpha Programming aims to install a mechanical paradigm, where all individuals are instruments, vessels or robots that can be made to do anything by those who hold the insights into the human brain. Many Delta movies are ripe with Alpha insights, because they serve the dual agenda of recruitment of Alpha and Delta. The best law enforcers are Alphas who possess some of the characteristics of Delta personalities.

Beta Programming
ß BETA. Beta programming is sexual programming spanning from rigid gender stereotypes in one end of the spectrum (Princess Programming) to hyper-sexualized conduct at the opposite end (Slut/Sex Slave Programming). The letter B is often found doubled or reflected, forming the Monarch Butterfly, which is the signature and main trigger applied in Monarch Mind Control. Another common symbol used is the time piece, since Beta Programming is associated with time clocking – timed change into a sexual alter and timed memory swipe. After the “mission” the Beta slave cannot recall what took place. The time piece is often found swinging, morphed in the style of a Dali painting or faded. A variation of time piece symbolism is the metronome, the bell, the gong, cogs, mechanical levers, conveyer belts and pumps.

Chess symbolism is often applied to Beta programming, as they typically depict a journey up a ladder of influence, such as the corporate ladder. Elevators and stairs are frequently applied Beta symbols, as they are conveniently placed in every corporate environment. Beta movies are often ripe with Delta features, because a sought for agent is the seductive spy, who is also capable of assassination. A major Illuminati agenda right now is the animation of the anima, activating the female spirit for a hyper-assertive role, the Femme Fatale or Warrior Woman (Amazon), which is consistent with the intelligence communities' need for highly loyal dual-function female agents.From the housewive programming of the 1930s-1960s, Illuminati has shifted its approach to now cultivating strong and ruthless alters in females.

From Spice Girls over Pink to Lady Gaga is to foster a new class of female leaders to govern the world. Or, as Beyonce puts it, suggestively, Rule the World (Girls). This scheme is conducted under the guise of feminism or gender equality, while in actuality the Beta Programming is mainly a type of programming that requires absolute submission from women in order to elevate them. The best example of a completed Monarch Beta cycle in current time is Angelina Jolie, who became the Goodwill Ambassador of UN. Alternatively, Megan Fox, who was fired from Transformers 3 by director Michael Bay, was groomed to become "the next Angelina Jolie." Megan Fox criticized Bay for being too bossy, humorously comparing him with a Nazi (as in office Nazi, grammar Nazi). Steven Spielberg immediately ordered Michael Bay to cut the young actress.

Chi Programming
CHI. Chi Programming or “return to cult” is a programming installed in order to get agents to reassemble a packaged ideology or religious belief. Chi Programming is the equivalent of "calling in" or "coming in" in the language of secretive intelligence agencies, and it will make a sleeper agent return from any level of ideological digression or apathy to core beliefs they may not even be aware rules them.

On the cultural level it is an instrument of social engineering to make sure that one Illuminati agenda, such as multi-culturalism, does not exceed certain boundaries. Whenever Illuminati deems it necessary, the Chi Programming is invoked and unfolded, dragging people in the opposite direction, for instance towards nationalism and racist positions. Alternatively, the multi-cultural vision can be furthered, when it suits the Illuminati agenda, overriding patriotism and ethnic-cultural loyalties.

Chi Programming delivers packages on both sides of the blue-red political divide, just like Beta Programming simultanously promotes the rebellious woman (shaved or short-haired) and the conservative, family-oriented house-wife. The phone booth and the phone call is a consistent symbol used for Chi Programming. Other symbols can be compasses, maps, radio transmitters, TV clips, or maps. A consistent symbol reference is the three lines, which are picked for their similarity to the Tree Pillars of Freemasonry. This can be found in X-Men, where the claws of Wolverine is a perfect marketing opportunity for the cult sequences, and it is one of the major clues in the Gamma scheme, Se7en. It is also prominently featured in 100 Feet.

Delta Programming
DELTA. Delta programming is employed to create a standing army of potential killers, who can be further groomed by army, police and intelligence through the legitimate process of recruitment and training, or by secretive handlers who can trigger Delta impulses and learned capabilities. Research shows that people who watch violent movies do not become more violent as such, but when exercising violence, for instance lethal violence in school shootings, they are far more efficient. Even more important than movies are violent games.

Tactical and strategic gaming is employed by both American and Chinese military to enhance the efficiency of soldiers, and the US Secretary of Defense is openly uploading Predator drone strikes on YouTube to raise attention to the prospect of becoming a drone controller in the youth. Similarly, Pentagon not only assists Hollywood with military equipment in return for censorship rights to the scripts, but also bankrolls and promotes movies that present the US Army in a favorable light. One step above those "legitimate" processes the Illuminati system of overlapping representation in company boards and security councils and strategic think tanks ensures the smooth distribution of Delta programming.

Delta Programming is designed to produce alter egos, which can be further groomed and modeled by a handler, who recruit subjects ripe for exploitation. Delta assassins are activated to kill mainly by three symbols: specific clothing, items held in a person’s hand and particular words. The symbol of the Magus or the Fool (joker) from Tarot is often associated with Delta Programming. Delta Programming often involves cabs, various predators such as wolves, snakes, eagles and lions, jazz or techo music, night clubs, porn theatres or pornographic clips. Complex sequences are implanted through logos on stores and moving vehicles, flashing neon lights, house numbers, numbers on moving vehicles, newspaper clippings and so forth, reflecting the standard methods of operation for real life agents in the field.

Physical fitness sequences are often applied, with favorites being exercises that can be done in complete solitude, such as running on a track, raising the body from a bar and vertical sit-ups with the legs fixed. Montage sequences are often ripe with subliminal messages installed in the editing process. Several Delta movies are veritable blueprint for tactical deployment, terrorism, assasination, raid and escape with some predictable errors or omissions to make the manual inaccessible to the common public.

Epsilon Programming
EPSILON. Epsilon programming is used to create animal alters, which is thought to be the key to paranormal or superhuman abilities (Theta Programming). Epsilon Programming elements are often added to other forms of programming to increase the effect in a specific direction. The Greek or Cyrillic symbol 3 will be found on the subliminal level. The Epsilon and Theta agendas are relatively underrepresented in today's Monarch universe, but is likely to become increasingly popularized over the next 50 years.

Genetic engineering is a key to bring into reality a vision ranging back as far as to Nebukadnezar, the architectonic and strategic genius who expanded and ruled the Babylonic Empire. Nebukadnezar experimented with human-animal interbreeding, dreaming about fostering a new army of super-soldiers. Hints can be found in the X-Men franchise, where the age of Mutants is depicted as brought about by a natural leap in evolution. Mutants carry a tattoo as an identifier. Specific animal characteristics are associated with superhuman abilities. The Epsilon agenda is transhumanist, designed to increase tolerance for the use of biotechnologies and hybrids.

Gamma Programming
GAMMA. Gamma programming is a system to protect the Illuminati scheme by producing an army of misinformation agents, some of which are involved in exposing Illuminati, but mixes truth with wildly speculative and obviously ridiculous assertions. The problem with any form of propaganda or public mind control is that it risks exposure, every time a new sequence is published. Gamma operators are employed to sow doubt and confusion about the very existence of Illuminati.

People like Alex Jones and Jason Morrow are employed to add a bizarre and unbelievable twist to what is commonly dubbed "Conspiracy Theories" or "Paranoid Conspiracy Theories." Gamma is also debunking projects and a system of coded messages and denials in mainstream media propaganda, and the existence of Gamma Programming is far more common in average news production than in Hollywood and on MTV. Elements of Gamma Programming, however, does surface in Hollywood. Examples of Hollywood Gamma projects are adventure movies like Indiana Jones, Tomb Raider and National Treasure, as well as The Conversation, Conspiracy Theory, Enemy of the States and 12 Monkeys.

Omega Programming
OMEGA. The Omega programming is designed to make people prone to self-destruction, which is both a general social engineering principle and an emergency brake for Monarch agents in politics, entertainment and secret intelligence. Narratives containing Omega packages are often associated with numbers of the clock, precious gems and various metals. Symbols like mechanical hands, levers and cogs are used to install a sense of finality and predetermination.

Omega products also uses common signs like "Exit", "No Entry", "Stay Out" and "Restricted Area". Abandoned areas, parking lots, cheap motels, decrepit buildings. This also affords an opportunity to employ subliminal programming through graffiti. Elements of Omega Programming can be found in a number of movies that are not essentially Omega devices, namely in Beta and Delta.

The Omega movies usually feature an amiable protagonist driven towards the point of suicide or self-destruction, and the prevailing sentiment is one of despair, as the movie gradually reveals the hopelessness of fighting the current, compelling the hero to give up. Titles: The Butterfly Effect, Final Destination, The Omega Man, I Am Legend, Donnie Darko, Dark Matter, Days Without Youth, The Aviator, Jacob's Ladder.

Theta Programming
THETA. Theta Programming is, like Epsilon, fairly underrepresented in the Hollywood Monarch Programme, but very much alive in the secret intelligence communities, which serve as the right hand of Illuminati, while the the entertainment industry is the left hand. Researchers at Oxford University have proved the existence of a paranormal ability known as "remote scanning", the ability of some humans to locate objects or envision events in remote geographical areas of which they have no prior knowledge.

CIA has been employing remote scanners and other psychics for decades and conducted extensive experiments into the paranormal. Theta references usually revolve around yoga and meditation. Theta Programming is mentioned in The Men Who Stare at Goats, but also featured on a subliminal level in The Matrix and Omega movies like Donnie Darko and The Butterfly Effect.

Franchises like X-Men and Heroes (TV-series) exploit the concept of paranormal powers, while at the same time installing a powerful desire in humans to transcend the natural limits of their capabilities. Theta is tied to the development of new brain scan technologies, brain wave controlled vehicles and invasive scans, through the application of directed telepathy.

Zeta Programming
ZETA: Zeta Programming is programming for "snuff" and "human sacrifice", which is thought by Luciferians to be the pinnacle of occult power, necessary to gain complete disassociation from self and the constraints of morality. Human sacrifice is also a method of summoning the most powerful demonic entities, which are not pleased by other forms of worship. In terms of of neuro-psychology the witnessing of human sacrifice is used to dull or block empathy, producing "empathic blocks" against the suffering of other people, which is thought to be necessary.

On the Alpha level Zeta Programming is associated with the Bohemian Grove ritual of "Sacrificing Care", with care or empathy represented by a child dummy. "Leave all your cares behind" is the main part of the message recited at the ceremony. For social engineering purposes Zeta Programming has a similar objective as Omega Programming, to make people familiar with and quite complacent about the need for "human sacrifices" in a variety of fields, namely "collateral damage" and, on a wider scale, the use of Disaster Economy as laid out in The Shock Doctrine.

Zeta Programming typically presents a "realistic" or "cynical" view of the world in which unnatural death and human suffering is simply necessary for the system to survive. One aspect of the Zeta Programming is directly tied with Omega Programming, intended to make special subjects willingly embrace their own death in a ritual.

It may seem counter-intutitive or down right unbelievable that humans can be driven towards their own murder, but criminal history has several examples of this, which go beyond the average suicide pact. Vampire movies typically romanticize the death. Titles: Wicker Man, Apocalypse Now, The Brave, Interview With the Vampire, Rules of Engagement

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  DeprogramWiki | Terms, Types and Modalities for Trauma Mind Control Survivors
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Identifying and Deprogramming Undetectable Mind Controls

Deprogramming Modalities for Trauma Mind Control Survivors
Types of Internal Worlds and Types of Alters
Programming Terms and Their Explanations

Welcome to DeprogramWiki!
Super Important Warning and Disclaimer
If you believe you maybe involved or apart of MPD or this trauma mind control somehow as a survivor, then please understand some of the content on this website can potentially be very dangerous to read, if it’s the wrong time and can be potentially fatal. This is totally serious, and I am not responsible for anything that occurs from people reading the material on this site. The contents within these articles will most certainly trigger a survivors defensive programmings.

About DeprogramWiki.com
This Wiki is a collaboration of information regarding what is referred to as ‘Undetectable Mind Control’. This phenomenon goes by many names also, and maybe understood as something different for other people. Given the subjective nature of readers this website will either be a joke or the holy grail of truthful information. The information on this website is only posted and shared here for educational and informative purposes only.

There are a few authors who have contributed to the Wiki, and we hope to present the most comprehensive and complete website detailing to share information freely relating on solutions of the trauma mind control epidemic. We really hope our efforts have filled the gap regarding people learn about these Illuminati cults, how to identify them and most importantly how to undo the damage they have done to the minds of survivors and the world.

If you are going to work with ritual abuse survivors, you must also get educated if you want to be effective. And you must learn to be humble. Trauma survivors do not need to be around ignorant, modern-day Pharisees. Survivors in pain need people who will connect with them on an emotional level, get right down in there where they are, and listen. –Kathleen Sullivan

DeprogramWiki has a massive collection of resources that attempts to cover all areas of deprogramming and programming. Deprogramming relates to anything that can help undo and heal the survivors negative thoughts and habits resulting from ritual trauma – and move into a new life. Under any and all circumstances the information on this website will always remain free. There are plenty of people who have suffered greatly to make this website a reality, and to those I give my deepest thanks.

Any persons mentioned by name on this website is posted without prejudice or deformation intent and is shared only for the safety of other survivors and the public safety and interest.


Programming Terms and Their Explanations
The information on this page has come from the book Chainless Slaves, with some minor additions to add information from myself.
Last update on May 8, 2018
Published December 20, 2016
Author: sojan
Categories: Deprogramming, Programming

Table of Contents
Internal Programs
4 Elements Defensive Programming
Abreaction Programming
Access denied Programming
Access Programs
Alex Programming
Alice in Wonderland Programming
Alien Programming
Alpha Programming
Amnesia Programming
Anger Management Programming
Armageddon Programming
Assassination Programs
Backup Programming
Baby Talk Programming
Bells of Destruction Programming
Behavioural Sciences Programming
Beta Programming
Betrayal Programming
Black box Programming
Brain Starvation Programming
Brain wave Programming
Body Programs
Burning Programs
Boxes Programming
Carousal Programming
Chi Programming
Colour Programming
Castle programming
Cutting Programs
Cocoon Programming
Cover Programs
Cinderella Program
Cross Programming
Daytime Abandonment Programming
Death Programming
Dehumanizing Programming
Delta Programming
Denial Programming
Demonology Programming
Disney Programming
Dual Programming
Duel Programming
Don’t talk; don’t tell Programming
Distortion Programming
Doll Programming
Early milieu Programming
Epsilon Programming
End time Programming
Ferris wheel Programming
Flood Programming
Flowers Programming
Formation Programming
Gamma Programming
Gate Keeper Programming
Gender Role Confusion Programming
Gethsemane Suicide Programming
Governmental Programming
Go Insane Program
God Satan Programming
Gumby Programming
Halt Programming
Hearts of Stone Programming
Honour/dishonour Programming
Hourglass Programming
Iceman Programming
Intelligence Spectrum Programming
Isolation Programs
Jacobs’ Ladder Programming
Janus Programming
Jewels Programming
Judas Programming
Jolly Green Giant Programming
Kaleidoscope Programming
Kerberos Programming
Kosem Programming
Lascivious Programming
Lilith Programming
The Man without a Country Programming
Mask Programming
Mensa Programming
Melting Pot Program
Metals Programming
Military Programming
Microwaves for Programming
Mirror Programming
Mote Programming
Naiad Programming
Near Death Programming
Nightmare-Night Terror Programs
No-talk Programming
Nursery Rhyme Programming
Omega Programming
Octopus suicide programming
Phi/Theta Programming
Porcelain Face Programming
Pain Programs
Potter’s Wheel Program
Princess Programming
Prolog Programming
Puppet Programming
Paper doll Programming
Quiet Wind
Rapid Switching Programs
Re-birthing Program
Recycle Programs
Reminder-Reinforcement Programs
Reporting Programs
Return Programs (Call Backs)
Religious Relevance and Convictions
Ribbon Programming Colour Programming
River Runs Deep Programming
Sacred Heart Programming
Scramble Programming
Scholarship Programming
Scorpion Programming
Self-Injury Programming
Self Programming
Shell Programming
Silence-Shutdown Programs
Silence Programming
Soul Transfer Programming
Spiritual Dilemma Programming
Spider Web Programming
Spin Programming
Stringer Programming
Subliminal Programming
Suicidal Programming
Survival of the Fittest Programming
System Access Programming
Systems Layered Programming
Serpent Programming
Shatter Programming
Theta Programming
Time Programming
Tinkerbelle Programming
Traps Programming
Twinning programming
Time Travel Programming
Tin Man Programming
Tumbleweed Program
Thor Programming
Therapy Interference Programs
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum Programming
Tornado Program
Umbrella Programming
Upside down Programming
Utility Programs
Vagabond Programming
Verbal Response Program
Vessel Programming
Virtual reality Programming
Volcano Programming
War in the Heavens Suicide Programming
Water Programming
Windsor Programming
Wolf, Bear, Crow, Lion Programming
Zeta Programming

Internal Programs
4 Elements Defensive Programming
Fire, wind, water, and air. When the programming is touched by any outside individual in an attempt to breach programming the elements of the earth come alive.

WATER–subject will freeze like ice, will suffocate like inhaling water, will boil like being placed in boiling water, will feel a drip drip drip on the head, and will flood with memories.
FIRE—Subject will burn inside and outside. The subject will remember fire torture, and their face melting.
EARTH–the subject will remember being dropped down a well, being buried alive in either hot sand, or a casket. Earth means “life or death”. The earth “swallows subject’s up.” The subject may feel dehydrated from memories of being buried in hot sand (hot earth).
AIR or WIND–Vortexes suck the subject down and away, a strong wind takes the alter(s) out of their designated area and spins and separates them.
Abreaction Programming
Gives the subject topics to talk about in therapy or with other outside individuals who may be attempting to assist the subject.

Access denied Programming
Prevents unauthorized access both externally and internally, will often be reinforced by either or both suicidal/homicidal programming.

Access Programs
Allows access into the subject’s internal system. These programs allow the handlers and programmers to access the subject’s system through a specific part. Access is achieved through triggers, hand signals, electronic tones, spoken phrases, and touch. Once accessed, countless other programs may be triggered and/or reinforced by the handler or programmer.

Alex Programming
A recall and retry program.

Alice in Wonderland Programming
The programmer/handler uses the book written by Lewis Caroll to map the subject’s System. The created parts are given names and rolls after characters in the book. The White Rabbit is a programming figure for Alice in Wonderland programming who has access to deeper parts of the system. The White Rabbit is an important figure to the subject as he represents the programmer / handler.

The Queen of Hearts is also an important figure for the commands in the Looking Glass World which when a deep subject alter is needed to perform they are sent into the looking glass world where a looking glass person carries out the command, but in a way where reality is thought to be a dream. The codes used in Wonderland programming are too vast to list them all, however the programmer / handler will generally choose quotes from the Alice in Wonderland book to use.

Alien Programming
Blue beams of light are used as a hypnotic induction for subjects who are given the cover story of being abducted by aliens. The subject during this experience seeks a god who is a great being to control them.

This is used to program in the evil and good aliens, or evil or good gods. The gods or the aliens during a programming session will not be so strange that the subject as a mote can’t understand their purposes and activities. The subject may perceive these aliens on the trip experimenting with us. This is a common easy-to- create psychotropic programming script.

Alpha Programming
Is total alignment with the Programmers’ agenda. It is a prerequisite for other forms of programming and a base program. Regarded as general programming within the base control personality; characterized by extremely pronounced memory retention, along with substantially increased physical strength and visual acuity. Alpha programming is accomplished through deliberately subdividing the subject’s personality which, in essence, causes a left brain-right brain division, allowing for a programmed union of L and R through neuron pathway stimulation.Alpha Programming aims to install a mechanical paradigm, where all parts are instruments, vessels or puppets that can be made to do anything by those who hold the insights into the subjects mind. Young children have long periods of alpha activity and must be trained to enter other brain wave states for long periods. Access codes and sexual alters will often be placed in alpha, which may also be coded red in some systems.

Amnesia Programming
The alters will be programmed with amnesia as a backup. Backup amnesia means the part doesn’t remember that they lost time, or won’t remember that they forgot what has occurred. They also won’t remember that they don’t remember. This is an example of hypnosis used internally by the programmer and the programmed parts to control other inside parts. This is used in Alice in Wonderland programming as Alice falling down a tree. In Oz programming it is used in the Poppy field, or as the Glenda the Good witch with her wand. Two-way amnesia can be used, where neither part knows about the others existence.

Anger Management Programming
Teaches the subject to redirect their anger away from the handler and programmer. The subject will be provoked by one of these figures until they are angry. The question is asked, “Are you angry?” When the subject replies, in the positive an electroshock is applied. The subject will be brought to a high level of anger allowed to ‘cool off’ for 30 minutes. The subject’s and parts are taught to redirect their anger toward themselves. “When you (subject) are angry it is due to your inferiority. You must___ (cut, hit, burn) when you are angry. Do you understand?” This message will be repeated with the question “Do you understand?” The subject is traumatized until they are compliant. Suicide programming will be layered in at a specified brainwave state the programming begins with repetitious self-destruct messages. These messages debase the value of the subject to reinforce the suicidal destruct messages. This training will lead the subject will attach subconsciously a fear of pain to the concept of anger toward their programmers, handlers and authority figures.

Armageddon Programming
Is activated in those who have Bible programming. The four horsemen on their different horses ride out and bring their different mental tortures to the subject’s mind.

Assassination Programs
When an individual in the subject’s environment is deemed to have become too much of a liability, the subject may be triggered to attempt to kill the individual. The programming will be placed against a supportive individual, situation, or environment in the subject’s life. As is the case in self-injury programs, means (e.g., guns, knives, poison, etc.) of the assassination program are often “given” to the subject by the programmer. The primary intent program may not be the actual death of the individual but to scare them away, and to set the subject up as an aggressive individual so other outside attempts to assist in recovery will not occur.

Backup Programming
One of the backup programs is designed to deal with an individual who has agood understanding of a system, and tries to take a system out via spiritual warfare. Other backup programs provide the deprogrammer with mirror images and sham alters to talk with. The deprogrammer never talks to the real human elements.

Baby Talk Programming
When the parent and child or two adults, baby talk to each other so it appears there is an intimate relationship and nurturing when it is not.

Bells of Destruction Programming
The sound of bells tolling internally signalling to destroy a level of the programming, structures of programming, or a death knell. The program will have the bell toll a specified number of times for each object to be destroyed.

Behavioural Sciences Programming
Parts programmed to investigate human and animal behaviour through controlled and naturalistic observation, and disciplined scientific experimentation. These parts then learn to predict the behaviours of outside individuals to protect the system from compromise.

Beta Programming
Is sexual programming spanning from rigid gender stereotypes on one end of the spectrum (Princess Programming) to hyper-sexualized conduct at the opposite end (Porn/Sex Subject Programming). Beta Programming requires absolute submission from women/men in order for them to perform their tasks. An early sexual torture will be used to anchor this programming. These sexual subjects will develop sexual abilities that are for the pleasure of others and not the subject.

It is important for Beta subjects to be programmed to have charm, seductive skills, charisma, and creativity. This programming eliminates all learned moral convictions and stimulates the primitive sexual instinct, devoid of inhibitions. Kitten parts are created with this programming.

Betrayal Programming
Parts are programmed not to trust one another so they cannot form alliances. This is done by having parts ‘report’ on one another’s activities, and not assist each other outside of their tasks.

Black box Programming
Is self-destruct and shatter programming sealed off into a black box to protect system. Black boxes are not to be opened.

Brain Starvation Programming
Is done by severely limiting sugar and proteins. Water deprivation is taught to caregivers to raise the brain’s temperature, which happens when the brain swells from lack of water. The subject gets woozy, overheated and hallucinates so they can’t remember clearly. Water deprivation combined with electroshock makes it difficult for the subject to remember anything. Heavy exercise along with long periods of little sleep 2 to 3 hours a day causes an overproduction of endorphins and victims begin to robotically respond to commands.

Brain wave Programming
is a very complex form of programming which creates automatic amnesia and communication barriers between the different brain wave states. This will also be reinforced by shock and punishment to prevent its “degradation”, or undoing. Internal system controllers and programmers will also work to reinforce the programming at night when the subject is asleep. (Physically).

Brain wave programming involves having a young subject placed in a deep trance, where they learn to dissociate into a specified brain wave state. Three programmers will work on one subject during the initial stages. One will “prep” the subject, using a hypnotic drug to induce a trance state. They will have also placed the electrodes on the head, using an abbreviated version of the method used in traditional hospital setting. If delta state is being induced, only the electrodes needed to pick up delta waves will be placed. The number two programmer will advise the subject exactly what they expect: they will achieve a special state, called ____ the programmer tells the subject, while they are in trance state, they (the programmers) will know when they reach it, by the readings from the electrodes.

The third Programmer is the verbal or teaching programmer. They will immediately reward the subject, saying, “Good, you are in ___ state now.” The programmer will touch the subject; tell them what a good job they are doing. If the subject jumps out of ____ state, the verbal programmer will immediately become harsh, and will shock the subject as punishment. The subject is told that it left the desired state (which is “good”) and needs to go back in.

The average subject is about eight years old when this is begun, since the cerebral cortex and neurological development are not advanced enough in younger ages. The programmer will tell the part, who has been called up to be a “template”, or building block for the new system, that ___state is “good”. They will emphasize this over and over. The subject will be shocked to increase its receptivity to learning. This also arouses the subject from its drugged state and they will be more alert. The programmer will tell the subject that they are to execute mental exercises. The programmer will then give the subject backwards counting exercises, used to help the subject achieve deeper trance states. Other verbal cues to trance down will be given. When the prepping or technical programmer sees ____ waveforms, they will signal the verbal programmer with a hand signal. The induction, counting, will be repeated until ___ state is seen again. The subject is consistently rewarded for entering, then staying in this state for longer and longer periods of time. When the template part can stay in the specified brainwave pattern consistently, the part will be rewarded. This will occur over several months. The programmers now have a template that stays in the desired state. They can begin splitting and using the part as a basis of forming a new system. The new system will record the desired brain waves on an EEG if done correctly. The new system will be taught what the brain wave state means. The programmers will flash a cue or symbol correlating with the state overhead, and brand the state into the system. The programmers will wear clothing with the symbols. The parts will be taught what to do, how they act, and how to view the world. They will reward them when they comply, and shock or otherwise traumatize them if they do not act as the brainwave state.

Body Programs
Will be put in for all parts. The same code will work for all alters when the internal programming parts want to trigger a body program. Many body programs are activated via trigger codes are memories of severe torture. The internal defences consist in part of body programs that are triggered if the subject attempts to break programming.

Some body programs are: Auditory problems, Blood flow/circulation, Coma, Digestive failure, Headaches-split brain, Heart failure, histamine production, Optic problems such as blindness, Respiratory failure, Sleep deprivation, Sleeping program, Temperature change, control the pulse rate and heart beat, control the body’s temperature, Control the temperature of individual body parts or sides of the body, such as the right side of the body might get hot, and the left side of the body will be cold. Some of the body programs are carried out by an alter fragment which feels as if they are burning or one that was created by ice torture. This part or this feeling of being hot or cold is then attached to something in the mind. If the subject moves toward the freedom, a cold alter or a cold feeling of a memory is hypnotically programmed to come up behind the alter holding the body.

Many feelings, body sensations, and drugged states are attached to body programs. The heart is controlled by the mind and works with the emotions of a subject. Programmers have been taking advantage of the mind’s ability to control the heart’s beating. The three most frequent events that change heart beat are emotions, sicknesses, and muscle activity. Parts are programmed to trance out if anyone tries to prove to them that they have a heart.

Other body programs appear to be connected to the memories of alters. For instance, if the Programmer wants the body to burn–he has the System pull up an alter which was tortured with fire who comes up behind the alter holding the body, and the body then abreacts and feels like it is burning.

Burning Programs
Burning programs are linked to Silence programs, and self punishment programs. Common modes of burning include: cigarettes, lighters, hot metal implements (i.e., knives, rods, wands), and/or a variety of scalding (or flammable) liquids and caustic chemicals.

Boxes Programming
Subjects will be placed in a room and a cedar chest would be placed in front of a table. Two young subjects will be assigned to guard the chest, which is called the “Doctor’s box”. The box will have three seals on it that cannot be broken. The subjects will be weapons with which to guard the box. Expendable children will be sent in to try to break the seals and open the box. The subjects will be given directives to kill anyone who attempts to break the seals and open the box. If the subjects fail in their guard duty, they are tortured or depending on the failure terminated. Internally, the subjects have template alters who know nothing but their hypnotic commands to guard the doctor’s boxes. Locked in the boxes would be self-mutilation, body programs, spin programs etc.

Carousal Programming
Is a sequence designed to confuse alters and fragments inside. This programis linked to spin and confusion programming internally. This may also be used to punish internal parts by spinning them on the carousel if they disclose information or tell.

Chi Programming
“return to cult” is programming installed in order to get subjects to reassemble a packaged ideology or religious belief. It is the equivalent of “calling in” or “coming in” in the language of secretive intelligence agencies, and it will make a sleeper subject return from any level of ideological digression or apathy to core beliefs they may not even be aware rules them.

On the cultural level it is an instrument of social engineering to make sure that one Programmers agenda, such as multi-culturalism, does not exceed certain boundaries.

Whenever Programmers deem it necessary, the Chi Programming is invoked and unfolded, dragging subject’s in the opposite direction, for instance towards nationalism and racist positions. Alternatively, the multi-cultural vision can be furthered, when it suits the Programmers agenda, overriding patriotism and ethnic-cultural loyalties.

Colour Programming
A way to organize systems that allows the programmer to call alters up easily. With hundreds of fragments colours are a way of organizing them into an easily accessible group. Colour coding is one of the first methods that are inlayed over systems. An entire system may be colour coded with numerous colours, with each system controller being given a different colour over its part of the system. A box of coloured scarves and electroshock are used to program colour coding into subject’s mind. Besides alters, other things in the system are colour coded.

Castle programming
Castles can be set throughout the landscape of the system. The script must coincide with the placement of a castle so the subject’s mind will accept it. Programmers should not place a castle if it does not fit the script. This will cause a system glitch. Castles are used for re- programming, placing parts in the dungeon, and for hierarchy parts to live. Names of the castle should reflect the programming script.

Cutting Programs
As children, subjects will be taught by programmers when and how to cut. These programs are a means of punishment, as well as to reinforce earlier obedience or shutdown commands. The cutting implements themselves may be gifts from the programmer used during the original programming session. The subject will keep these implements hidden and use only when the program to cut is triggered. Many cutting programs have been coded to progress to suicide programs.

Cocoon Programming
Used with monarch butterfly images. The subject is wrapped in white cloth and reborn as a butterfly. The subject is under psychotropic medication to enhance the programming and images. The subject’s legs are spread and folded like a butterflies wings. The programmer then has sex with the subject as the programming script for the butterfly is read.

Cover Programs
Similar to screen memories; these are programmed memories laid in by the cult/occult to distract from, or distort, the true ritual abuse memory. A secondary purpose of these programs is to discredit the subject’s memories with unbelievable content. As a result portions of the memory will be true, other aspects will be false.

Cinderella Program
Occult program used for rituals. At midnight a young part will be called up to perform a task during the ritual. Other purposes of this program consist of falling asleep at midnight, completing a specific task at midnight, and amnesia programming triggered at midnight.

Cross Programming
Subjects will be programmed as teams. Each team will be given code words for each alter who is part of a 2-System team. Teams will be trauma and sexually bonded, as well as having mirror images with each other’s names.

Daytime Abandonment Programming
Starts at birth for all subjects. The environment itself is programming. No matter how the infant behaves it is ignored and abused physically and emotionally in the daytime. Nurturing and caretaking by caregivers occur only at night.

Death Programming
Is completed by removing the fear of death from parts and advising the alter they must protect the secrets, family, clan, and system. The fear of death is removed by torture and advising the part they don’t exist, they are passing through, and this life is a door way to another realm.

Torture programming for death parts consists of near death torture bringing the part near death by drowning, suffocation (by smothering or choking), electric shocks, drug induced death experiences, placed in pits to simulate being buried alive, and placed in coffins or witnessing horrific deaths of others.

Horrific deaths include made to feel helpless to help an individual who is dying. A subject of the same age is tortured to death by skinning, drowning, burning, hanging, burial, electrocution, gang rape, and other methods. The final act in deaths programming is to participate in the death of an individual. The individual will be the approximate age of the part. The programmer and handler will decide the means of death. The individual’s death must allow for the subject’s part to directly witness the last breath.

Dehumanizing Programming
Creates alters that are things or objects. Like, earth element, gemstone or rock to insure the part continues to believe they are not human.

Delta Programming
This is known as “killer” programming, originally developed for training special agents or elite soldiers (i.e. Delta Force, First Earth Battalion, Mossad, etc.) in covert operations. Optimal adrenal output and controlled aggression is evident. Subjects are devoid of fear; very systematic in carrying out their assignment. Delta is employed to create a standing army of fearless subject’s, who can be further groomed by army, police and the intelligence community through the legitimate process of recruitment and training, or by secretive handlers who can trigger Delta impulses and learned capabilities. The use of subjects crosses many organizational boundaries within the overall Network. If a subject is to be used as a Delta model (assassination), they may be selected for strength and dexterity.

Physical fitness sequences are often applied, with favourites being exercises that can be done in complete solitude, such as running on a track, raising the body from a bar and vertical sit-ups with the legs fixed. Delta this is one of the more cognitive brain wave states, and will often be highly dissociated. A subject can be in waking delta if they are in an advanced state of programming. Delta alters are emotionless, flat with photographic memories. They may hold most of the cognitive memories for the other systems, especially if extensive amnesia programming has been completed. Delta state may have up to three levels of training: Delta Tier 3, General solider training. Delta Tier 2, Sniper, special operations training. Delta Tier 1 T.S. NTK, Black ops training, clandestine operations, no acknowledgement of existence.

Another example is U.S. Navy SEAL Team Six (officially the Naval Special Warfare Development Group) are JSOC’s (Joint Special Operations Command) elite tier-one forces. They conduct the nation’s black operations, and work in absolute secrecy. When an operator from one of these units is killed in action, the Department of Defence generally releases their name with a cover story for the death. (A training accident, for example.)

Denial Programming
Begins with the first experiences the subject goes through in life. The subject has been traumatized, the next morning the programmers are acting normally, as if nothing has occurred. This is reinforced later by the subject being asked what happened. If the subject begins to state what has happened the previous night/day they are punished. Denial will be reinforced by the programmers by advising the subject they will never be believed if they disclose. There will be situations set up by the programmers where another subject will ask what has occurred. If the subject begins to disclose torture is implemented.

The subject will learn to deny any memories due to fear of punishment, no one will believe them, and they will lose anyone they are close to.

Alters will be created as the subject grows, whose purpose will be to deny the trauma. If any disclosure were to occur the alter will state it was a nightmare, a book the subject read, a movie they saw, etc.

Demonology Programming
(spiritual programming) The subject’s alters are to participate in rituals where demons are invoked. The demons are to act as ‘Guardians’ protecting the system. The alters are advised if the demon is ‘cast out’ they will return seven fold. Alters are also advised they are demons to prevent Christians from breaching the system.

Disney Programming
Uses Disney movies and scripts for subject. The subject’s parts will be given Disney character names. Mickey Mouse will be the lead programmer.

Dual Programming
Programming two or more subject’s together with the identical scripts, colours, and mapping. The codes will differ, and the images will differ due to the differences in the subject’s perspective. The programming is used with twinning.

Duel Programming
Programming in systems that prevents alters from agreeing on a task, or goal. This programming prevents alters from fighting other programming because they cannot agree on outcome.

Don’t talk; don’t tell Programming
Triggers flooding, body memories, spinning programs if the subject attempts to talk about programming. This programming is also used for Delta programming if subject were to be apprehended. Programming should be linked to any program the programmer deems necessary.

Distortion Programming
The subject will see an individual’s face as melting wax, with numerous overlays, double faces and other distorted images. This programming can also hold echoing, which is when an individual speaks their voice echoes. This leads to the subject believing they are losing their mind, outside diagnosis will lead to schizophrenia.

Doll Programming
The subject is given a doll that is made to look like them. The subject is taught to project their feelings onto the doll. Due to the doll looking like the subject they are projecting on to themselves. The programmer will place the doll in positions and have the subject ‘abuse’ the doll. The subject is trained to assume the same positions so they can be abused.

Early milieu Programming
The subject is abandoned by caregivers during this programming to inlay abandonment issues for trauma bonding. During this time programming is completed during the day in which the programmers are consistently apathetic towards the subject. The subject is to feel unlovable and must seek to please others during the day. During the night the subject is cared for and nurtured by family member, programmers and other subject’s.

Epsilon Programming
Is the programming of animal alters into the subject. Epsilon programming is used to create animal alters, which is thought to be the key to paranormal or superhuman abilities Epsilon Programming elements are often added to other forms of programming to increase the effect in a specific direction. The Greek or Cyrillic symbol 3 will be found on the subliminal level.

Epsilon programming is specific to the animal and its purpose and attributes. Epsilon programming is typically paired with another form of programming. Epsilon programming paired with beta programming for example. Some examples of Epsilon/Beta programming are: sex kittens. Epsilon programming is used widely in the sex industry for ‘pony girls’, ‘puppy play’ and other animal fetishes. The intent of programming a subject is to give them attributes their handler will want/need.

A fox would be the animal form the alter would assume. The subject for sexual purposes would be told they are a vixen. This would be done if they are male or female. The sexual programming would be layered in. If the programmer wanted the fox alter to remain as a ‘system protector’. The subject would be given the attributes of a ‘hunted fox’. This means this part would flee if the system were threatened. Foxes are shy animals as a result this part would rarely be seen. They are also isolative animals and nocturnal. The fox alter would cover its tracks using tactics to throw individuals off.

If the subject were to be have a fox programmed as an ‘active alter’ the programming would be for ‘sly fox’. This subject’s task would be to ‘out wit’ therapists, clergy, friends, anyone who attempted to discover deeper parts of the system. Any animal can be used in Epsilon programming. Just about every animal has been tried. For Epsilon programming to effectively work the subject must be kept in a cage. When the subject is in the cage they are treated like the animal the handler desires.

As another example the programmer wants a subject to be a dog. The programmer will treat the subject consistently as they would a dog. If the subject misbehaved; they would be told ‘bad dog’ and an electric shock will be administered through the cage.

The programmer would ask the subject if they wanted to be a dog. When the subject responds with ‘no’ another shock would be administered. The subject would be given choices; you can come out of your cage if you are a good dog. A good dog would give me oral sex; a bad dog would stay in its cage.

These things would continue, breaking down the subject’s will. The programmer would tell the subject, you can eat if you bark. If the subject refuses, they don’t eat. The subject is told to eat food out of a bowl. If they refuse they don’t eat. If they try and use their hands they are shocked.

Dog programming is for sexualized aggression. The subject is aggressively raped from behind. The perpetrator of the rape will say things such as: ‘good bit*h’, ‘fu*king dog’, ‘you’re in heat’, and will often growl or bark themselves.

As the programming progresses the subject will be trained to attack other kids, and programmers. They train the subject how to attack, how to have forced sex. They do this by if the subject restricts their arms correctly, and subdues them correctly. If the subject does not do these things correctly they are easily over powered and viciously raped.

The programmer will eventually take the subject and pit it against other young subjects who are training to be dogs. The two programmed subjects will fight, biting, at one another until they are broken up, or one is severely injured.

The part (alter) that has been trained does not think they are human. The programmers have insured telling this part, “You are human.” won’t work. During training, the part would be asked if they were human, if they answered, “Yes.” they were tortured. If they answered, “No.” they were rewarded. This would continue until they would say they were a dog.

The phrase: “Dogs of War”? from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

The phrase ‘Dog days of summer’ refers to the rising of the star Sirius. The Egyptians referred to this star as the ‘Star of Isis.’ Sirius is a member of the constellation Canis Major (‘The Big Dog’) this star is brighter and more powerful than the sun. Sirius is also called the ‘Rainbow Star.’

The phrase: “Dog and pony show.” In programming ‘ponies’ are also sex alters. To have a ‘dog and pony show’ means something completely different to a programmed individual.

Here are other uses for dog programming: Black dog programming, Depression bit*h programming, subject, sex subject Brown Dog programming, used for experiments, medical programming Cerberus programming, guards important doors/gates Gabriel’s Hounds, demonic layering, German Pavlov’s Dog, trained of one specific task

Key phrases of Dog programming: NO or STOP – stop doing whatever they are doing right now. SIT – sit at their current position. DOWN – lie down at their current position. STAND – stand up when it is in the Sit or down position. OFF – get off the item they are currently on. STAY – stay at their current position. GO – start walking or running. FOCUS – focus on you, and not be distracted. SPEAK – bark. QUIET – stop any whining or barking. HEEL – walk next to you, on either side, at your pace. BITE – bite into a given object. OUT or DROP IT – free any item it has in their mouth. HOLD – hold in their mouth whatever it is biting on.

Off Leash commands COME – to come towards you. GO OUT – leave the crate, kennel, room. GO IN – enter the crate, kennel, room.

End time Programming
When activated the subject’s alters will align with their designated sides. They will take a stance of who should be irradiated and who should survive. This will cause chaos within the subject.

Ferris wheel Programming
Creates compartments shaped like pieces of pie. Each piece is a small part of the pie or a larger structure used to house alters, and fragments. The wheel can be turned to access alters, and to move them in the system.

Flood Programming
A coded sequence put in place to punish a system if its internal programming is allowed to degrade or access to an unauthorized individuals, either internally or externally. Flood programming will involve the fragments who hold highly traumatic memories, both emotional and physical, being pushed to the front where the subject is “flooded” with wave after wave of memories. Suicide programming and shattered programming is often layered in with Flood programming. These programmes are triggered to interfere with therapeutic process by overwhelming the subject. This is achieved by triggering the subject to have a flood of painful and frightening cognitive and/or somatic memories enter consciousness simultaneously, thereby significantly increasing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptomotology and suppressing the functionality of the subject.

Flowers Programming
Flowers are placed throughout the system as triggers. The flowers can be utilized from the script. The flowers can also be coded by type within the system to designated times for rituals and seasons.

Formation Programming
Parts are programmed to gather together when a specified code is given. The formations can be protective, ritual, soldiers, animals, spies, or what the programmer desires. The formations can be coded by colour pairing, number pairing, or direct outside trigger.

Gamma Programming
Hold cult loyal alters, and holds more emotion than the other states, except for alpha. Suicide programming will often be layered in, as these alters would rather die than leave their “family”. Scholarship programming may be paired with Gamma programming, since they easily memorize by repetition. Several languages may be spoken by different alters under this programming, both modern and ancient languages can being spoken.

The system protection and deception aspect of this programming will provide misinformation to individuals, and attempt to redirect any outside intervention. Gamma parts are employed to sow doubt and confusion about the very existence of Programmers.

Gate Keeper Programming
Alters programmed to guard portals and gates throughout the system. The alters impose their reality on other parts within the system by using oppression, judgment, force and deception.

Gender Role Confusion Programming
Female subjects are programmed with male attributes, and male subjects are programmed with female attributes. For males: (opposite for females) He wants to be a girl.He desires to grow up to be a woman.

He has a marked interest in female activities, including playing with dolls or playing the roles of girls or women.

He has an intense interest in cosmetics, jewellery, or girls’ clothes and enjoys dressing up in girls’ apparel. His favourite friends are girls. On occasions, he may cross-dress and actually consider himself to be a girl.

Gethsemane Suicide Programming
If subject is captured, silence programming runs, the subject does not attempt to ‘save themselves’ but allows their death.

Governmental Programming
The subject is trained to take leadership positions or administrative positions in the government. The subject is trained to network with others in governments, local, national, and international. The Programmers’ stated goal is to infiltrate, and eventually cause the downfall of, all major governments in the world. Government operatives are taught to do this by: infiltrating local political parties running for leadership both locally and nationally working for top leaders, as administrators, financial advisors funding governmental races and backing the individual sympathetic to the programmers’ agenda.

The subject’s selected for governmental programming are usually highly intelligent with native charm, or charisma. They are also skilled in manipulation. These abilities may be enhanced through programming, encouraging the subject to project a personality that will draw subject’s to them.

They are also taught finances extensively. This programming is done by: hypnotizing the subject, whether subject, youth, or programmer (it is usually administered in late childhood in suitable candidates), and inducing deep trance with drugs. The subject is shocked, and given the script they are to follow. They will learn any languages necessary for the position.

Go Insane Program
Defence programming. Subject my feel as if they are hearing voices, depression, echoing, high pitched frequencies, spiders and crawling sensation on skin, distorted vision, and other sensory distortion.

God Satan Programming
Form of dual programming to insure system balance. The personalities of the deities are switched. Satan/Lucifer has the attributes of the Christian God. God/Jesus has the attributes of Lucifer/Satan.

Gumby Programming
Is to make the subject think their body is like Gumby and is flexible to move into any position. The programming is used for sexual techniques paired with Beta programming. Programmers will have male instructors who teach female subjects about the power of seduction. The male and female sexual subjects usually are highly skilled technicians who don’t have emotions attached to what they do.

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  Conspiracy Research Library & Alien Abduction Mind Control Programming
Posted by: Hissil - 04-03-2024, 02:29 AM - Forum: Books - Replies (1)

Conspiracy Research Library by NeedleworkerSad357

This research library is a project containing around 500-600 files and 100 books (so far), including documents, leaks, write-ups and articles, rare items, interviews and transcripts, testimonies, full books, cover-ups, exposés, translations, saved pages, and more. A lot of these files and pages have been deleted from the internet, censored, or are very hard to find now. Many of the 'conspiracy' parts of the internet are slowly and purposefully being removed, so a while ago I started making backups of useful and important information. Many of these were recovered through sites like The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine and Archive.ph. I'm constantly adding more and updating the collection. Everything is converted to a PDF file (any links in them will still work when clicked), and everything is downloadable.

Research collection here [4GB total]

The various files include information about trauma-based mind control/MKULTRA/MONARCH, intelligence agencies, government corruption and drug/human/child trafficking, secret/advanced technology, ancient world/archaeological cover-ups/hidden history, occult orders/beliefs/history/symbolism, murders/assassinations, Illuminati/cults, symbolic comms, ritual abuse, early airships, 'UFO' technology/electrogravitics, abductions, the New World Order, deep underground military bases/labs, covert operations, genetic/human experimentation, psyops/disinformation, bloodlines, 'royals', 'elite' pedophilia, secret groups/networks, and many other important topics.

Many of these subjects are related, intertwined, and tie into eachother. It's all different pieces, parts, and facets of what's actually going on. Obviously, with such a huge amount of information, not every single word of every single item is going to be the straight up truth. Some items explicitly disagree with other ones, some researchers have different opinions on some subjects, but I do try to have as minimal disinformation as possible in my research sources. Some things are still useful to have, for example I have the book 'Taken' by Karla Turner (who believed that aliens are abducting people) saved, not for her 'aliens' opinion, but for finding other small details to combine or corroborate with other information. As always, discernment is key.

If anyone has suggestions for anything to add, let me know and I'll check it out. I hope this helps people in their research. Save it, share it, download it.

One note: On some browsers the subfolders in 'Articles/Pages/Documents' are not showing up at first (there should be 12 subfolders at the top). To fix this, just scroll to the very bottom (through all of the articles), and then back up to the top of the page and they should appear.


'Alien Abduction' Mind Control Programming (self.conspiracy)

submitted 8 months ago * by NeedleworkerSad357

This post is an overview of 'alien' abductions. As with my other posts, I highly encourage you to research further yourself. A basic knowledge of how mind control (MKULTRA/MONARCH) works (programming, alters, etc.) is necessary to understand this post (some basic starting information here, here, and here). This is split into a 3-part post, they are quote-heavy for the character limit. All citations, sources, and links are at the end of the third post.

'Alien abductions' are a cover for mind control. They are a continuation of covert mind control programming operations. The technology is real (advanced 'antigravity' crafts, implants, brain altering devices, etc.), the pain and torture is real, it's the alien part that is not. 'Aliens' are utilized as cover/screen memories. The scope of these programs is massive, and equaled by the huge amount of disinformation about 'aliens' that they push out to confuse. When you examine this from the mind control angle, with knowledge of the timeline, what they're doing, and have been doing, you can see the perfect correlations and exact parallels between these abductions and the known facts of mind control programming. Many victims/researchers realize that some kind of mind control and hypnotic techniques are being used, but mistakenly attribute it to 'aliens'. It's this part that many get stuck on. Aliens are the mask that's used.

"Among ufologists, the term 'abduction' has come to refer to an infinitely-confounding experience, or matrix of experiences, shared by a dizzying number of individuals, who claim that travellers from the stars have scooped them out of their beds, or snatched them from their cars, and subjected them to interrogations, quasi-medical examinations, and 'instruction' periods. Usually, these sessions are said to occur within alien spacecraft; frequently, the stories include terrifying details reminiscent of the tortures inflicted in Germany’s death camps. The abductees often (though not always) lose all memory of these events; they find themselves back in their cars or beds, unable to account for hours of 'missing time.' Hypnosis, or some other trigger, can bring back these haunted hours in an explosion of recollection — and as the smoke clears, an abductee will often spot a trail of similar experiences, stretching all the way back to childhood."

    Martin Cannon [14]

"Denise Meyer, told us that small children in Nebraska, ages 4 and 5 were beginning to report 'alien' encounters to their therapists. 'The kids are describing little green men that fit the description of the 'grays'. They also are describing green UFOs. It appears these are screen memories, used to block the memories of something else.' Meyer said."

    Walter Bowart [1]

"Aliens perform extremely painful experiments or procedures on abductees, saying that these acts are necessary but give no explanation why. Painful genital and anal probes are performed, on children as well as adults."

    Karla Turner [25]

"Electronic Dissolution of Memory (EDOM) was perfected by the CIA in 1960. The first 'alien' abduction, the Hill case, occurred a year later. Once the intelligence sector had the means of pulling off the perfect crime - by erasing short-term memories - the abductions could take place without fear of exposure. 'Hypnotic reconstructive surgery' swapped the desired cover story for the victim's recollection of illicit medical experimentation."

    Alex Constantine [15]

"They're not alien abductions. They're the results of a tremendously successful and very sophisticated mind control operation, all of which has been in development since, well they started working on those kinds of things since before World War II, but they have perfected them. But that's what it is. It's not extraterrestrials coming down. The human body cannot pass through walls or roofs or through windows that are closed. This is all the product of the imagination and people's willingness to believe something because they want it to be true."

    Bill Cooper [20]

"...UFO abductions are in fact the operation of secret mind control research, their terrestrial origins concealed through the use of advanced craft, with experimentation on unwitting subjects masked through hypnosis, RHIC-EDOM memory erasure corresponding to the familiar abductee experience of 'missing time', or other means of mind control. What better way to conceal secret technology and human experimentation than to wrap the events in extraterrestrial trappings — perhaps using hallucinogens, alien masks, electronic effects, unusual craft, and even computerized 'virtual reality' technology — and to keep issuing statements insisting that 'alien abduction' is the product of someone’s crazed imagination?"

    Jim Keith [37]

"The slaves are taken to rooms where examining tables with white sheets and X-ray machines, headgear, and medical equipment is in place. (The alien equipment has gotten more high-tech over the last 40 years. The aliens wear suits that are full of occult symbology. The people are restrained with clamps and electrical shock and energy is used on them. They are told that they are receiving information. They are given tracking implants and other implants."

    Fritz Springmeier [8]

"I am aware that people have memories of encounters with aliens. I do have memories of meeting 'aliens', being abducted by them, being invited to visit them, and so on. However, these memories have always eventually been revealed to be staged trickery: studios that were the ‘alien spaceships’ and the aliens I encountered were cult members dressed in costumes. In my programming, these alien memories were installed as a smokescreens or distractions to ‘real’ cult memories, i.e., if presenters started to have any cult-related memories that they did not immediately deny or forget, they were then supposed to attribute the memories to 'alien activity'."

    Svali [39]

Many victims recover these memories after undergoing regressive hypnosis. The programmers know this, and the true events are deeper, under the implanted 'alien' hypnotic memory layer. The regressive hypnosis used by victims actually further cements the false recollection of being taken by aliens.

'Black ops' soldiers/Delta slaves are also subjected to these fake memories to cover up actual missions and operations, in case they begin to remember.

"...That same month, I'd also given my first public interview with CKLN (a Candian radio station) as part of it's series about mind control. During the interview, I unwittingly provided information about implanted 'alien' screen memories that unfortunately still seemed as real as my legitimate op memories."

    Kathleen Sullivan [23]

The 'UFO' crafts exist (see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here). Different groups possess advanced 'antigravity' crafts, some being derived from Nikola Tesla's stolen work (he was murdered by Otto Skorzeny, see here and here). Much of the technology, top Nazi scientists/mind control programmers, and their files came to the U.S. (and other countries) via Paperclip, ratlines, and other means.

"Prince Philip had personally organised the ratlines for his Nazi pals to escape Europe during the last years of WWII. Of particular interest, were the Nazi scientists whom he arranged ‘safe passage’ for, to the USA."

    Ex MI6 [26]

"So what happened to Martin Bormann between his escape from the Bunker in 1945 and his resurrection under the cloth of the Church in 1948 Argentina? From my memories he was safely tucked in the arms of the Jesuits in sunny California. How did he get there? The same way much of the booty looted after the war got to the Americas, by U-boat. I was witness to where the U-boats landed on the rocky coastline, just down the road from Manhattan Beach and American Martyrs Catholic Church. Not just Nazis made it onto our shores just after the war, but also technology. Advanced German flying machines were unloaded in crates to be reassembled in the Mojave Desert and used in the UFO hoax. The U-boat drop was on the coastline on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, just under an area of land later occupied by the oceanarium 'Marineland of the Pacific.' The area between the Palos Verdes Peninsula and Santa Catalina Island is a big UFO hotspot. Lots of activity appears to be going on in the ocean, including speculation of an underwater UFO base. I wonder if those 'UFOs' might be doing a little drug running, perhaps up from South America? Arms running may also have been going on. Other items smuggled from U-boat to shore included snuff films to be used in mind control and Nazi indoctrination. The secret societies and the Nazis filmed everything. I knew the Nazis, their wealth of technology and contraband washed up out of the sea. I remember one cold night sitting high of a cliff, shaking and afraid to look down. Below, a U-boat was dropping its load on to the shores of the cove where it was hidden. It was a sharp drop and I was afraid of heights, so I just sat frozen. I think I was being used as a decoy in case strangers came by, Mrs. Hildebrand could divert their attention by having them rescue her child from the cliff."

    Mauri [4]

"What they call UFOs, these crafts that fly around the sky, are real but they're not piloted by some little green guy from some other planet. They're owned and operated by the United States of America for one, the Soviet Union for another, probably Great Britian and Canada too...the technology is real. It's been kept secret, it's been used to promote this concept that there's an alien threat to this earth."

    Bill Cooper [20]

"I know that the CIA employees were programmed to believe in such alien forces in order to mask their uber programmers - these operatives were indoctrinated - made to foster this 'alien agenda' belief system and to pass it on. The Nazis were creating aircraft that looked like flying saucers. If any retired CIA official decided to talk about all of this - after the documents had been declassified 'memory modification' would kick in i.e. the unwitting mind control victim would add fanciful stuff about the 'alien agenda' to confuse the issue. I know that there were Illuminati/Nazi designs of aircraft, of the 'flying saucer' variety - but they were not built or flown by 'aliens'."

    Ex MI6 [26]

"Wayne Morris (interviewing Kathleen Sullivan): 'Do you have any indication of U.S. government or German government use of UFO technology...that they have developed craft?'"

"KS: 'I was exposed to some of that. I saw at least one UFO for sure. It was in a garage, a large room where there was a door where the thing could go out into the open. It wasn't touching the ground. It was an amazing thing. It had a fantastic looking metal to it...I was absolutely fascinated by it. I have been told that they started out by using these craft, which they said were created by the some of the German scientists. They will talk about V2's on Discovery channel, but they will never ever bring up this end of it...what they had as far as technology and brought it over with them. I think NASA is the biggest cover for this stuff. I understand that there is a base in the Himalayas as well, and that there are some facilities under oceans where some of the stuff is also stored, way, way out of detection areas. They do seem to be able to go down in deep, deep areas of water including one place near Hawaii. But they supposedly started out, or so I have been told by a number of people, using magnetic grids they called it, I don't understand that kind of technology...'"

"WM: 'The earth itself has a large electromagnetic grid field around it, and it is my understanding that they have used that kind of energy somehow in conjunction with creating these craft...'"

"KS: 'You say it better than I could, all I know is they talked about it and again, Dad bragged about that too. I have also heard that nowadays they don't use that particular kind of technology any more.'"

    Kathleen Sullivan [2]

"A fleet of UFOs with NASA stamped on their shell were stored on an underground conveyor belt system at Pine Gap."

    Fiona Barnett [33]

Full-scale fake 'UFO' setups are also used for programming these alien abduction scenarios into the abductee's mind.

"Another thing I have run across and have been able to verify for another survivor at Dallas at a hospital there, was that they also have a place near Dallas where they have an actual full-size UFO in a very large room that also has the same type of hydraulic system beneath it, and the survivor would be taken into the UFO. They would see people that looked like aliens. Certain things would be done to them and they would think that they had just been abducted by aliens in a UFO."

    Kathleen Sullivan [2]

"Colorado Springs, CO — The ALEX system programming and end-times military programming is coming out of Colorado Springs and is connected to NORAD. One of the Colorado sites is doing alien programming with mock UFOs."

    Fritz Springmeier [9]

"Some mind-control victims have even reported being put in full-scale, fake UFO’s that were sometimes moved up and down by hydraulics. In the fake UFO’s, drugged, tranced victims met humans dressed in 'alien' costumes. Later, because of the effects of forcibly administered drugs and Ericksonian hypnosis, the remembering victims weren’t able to differentiate between preceding, legitimate events and the subsequent acted-out UFO scenarios. They also were not able to recognize that the 'alien abductors' were really human. Although some survivors are convinced that their abductors were aliens because they remember them as having been unnaturally tall, changing the perceived size of perpetrators in the minds of victims can easily be accomplished through hypnosis. For example, due to 'Gulliver programming,' I initially remembered some of my persecutors as being several inches tall!"

    Kathleen Sullivan [23]

"Satanic activities, Bonacci said, were also a frequent part of the Monarch programming. The Satanic and Alien programs took place 'almost always on military ground.' Bonacci said. 'The alien stuff happened in Colorado, up in the mountains, I think they did it mostly where there was hardly any chance that there would be a lot of people around.' He described some of the alien programming as taking place in caves underground. 'They took you in the caves which they had set up. Some of them had an alien space ship so you would go into it."

    Paul Bonacci [24]

"On another occasion, I was escorted by Henry Kissinger into a large, warehouse-sized room that was set up to look like the inside of a big UFO. We entered the room through a shower-sized entrance that was walled on both ends by shimmery, soft strands of a silver metallic substance. A number of tall adults in the fake UFO wore what were clearly 'alien' costumes. He bragged to me that others like me were brought to that specific facility to be given UFO/Alien abduction programming. Because I was not hypnotized to believe that it was the inside of a UFO, and because he seemed to need to brag to somebody about how clever they were, I never forgot that it was a fake set-up. I now believe that these kinds of fake memories were created in the minds of controlled slaves to discredit them. I believe that the fake memories were also installed to block out the survivors’ memories of real perpetrators and real events."

    Kathleen Sullivan [32]

Those behind these abductions are the same people and groups that are behind the trauma-based mind control programs. Intelligence agencies and the military, who at the top are run by Illuminati, Nazi groups, and Jesuits. They are the 'aliens'.

"There are an increasing number of 'alien abductees' who are remembering seeing U.S. military personnel during their so-called alien abductions. The abductees are being taken to U.S. Military bases. The reason that the number of people who are connecting the government with the aliens is increasing is 1. More people are receiving mind-control programming, therefore there are more people for which the cover stories and electroshock fail to totally hide what has happened, 2. Better therapeutic methods are helping mind-control victims recover their memories better, 3. There have been a rising number of people like this author exposing it. Karla Turner, who was a victim of mind-control and abductions, began catching on that the abductions were being done by our government. When she began to publicly expose what the government was doing, the government murdered her. (She joins a growing number of people this author has seen die prematurely because they were publicly exposing the truth.) Alien abduction victims have been reporting human black helicopter activity harassment since the 1970’s. (Perhaps as the Vietnam War wound down & ended, the U.S. government had a surplus of helicopters and delegated some to task forces that picked up mind-control victims in remote sites.) An example from this time period of an alien abduction also involving helicopters is the Betty Andreasson/Luca abduction. A number of victims have remembered the helicopters coming around the time of their abduction. When bright lights are shined into their houses or into their cars these victims of trauma-based mind-control are programmed to see the helicopter’s spotlight as a UFO (as the NWO does have flying saucers, sometimes the real thing is used). Beth Collins of Oregon reports in her book 'Connections - Solving Our Alien Abduction Mystery' about how helicopters were involved with her abduction experiences. She lives in an area that is a hot-bed for covert CIA activities. In her book, she provides a transcript of memories of military personnel being the guilty party in an abduction."

    Fritz Springmeier [9]

"The abductees have been abducted. Yet they are also spewing fantasy — or, more precisely, they have been given a set of lies to repeat and believe. If my hypothesis proves true, then we must accept the following: The kidnapping is real. The fear is real. The pain is real. The instruction is real. But the little gray men from Zeti Reticuli are not real: they are constructs, Halloween masks meant to disguise the real faces of the controllers. The abductors may not be visitors from Beyond; rather, they may be a symptom of the carcinoma which blackens our body politic...'"

    Martin Cannon [14]

"'Substantial evidence exists,' Martin Cannon writes, 'linking members of this country's intelligence community (including the Central Intelligence Agency, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and the Office of Naval Intelligence) with the esoteric technology of mind control. For decades, 'spy-chiatrists' working behind the scenes — on college campuses, in CIA-sponsored institutes, and in prisons - have experimented with the erasure of memory, hypnotic resistance to torture, truth serums, post-hypnotic suggestion, rapid induction of hypnosis, electronic stimulation of the brain, non-ionizing radiation, microwave induction of intracerebral 'voices' and a host of even more disturbing technologies...' Cannon agrees with CIA veteran Miles Copeland who once admitted to Robert Eringer of Rolling Stone: The congressional subcommittee which went into this sort of thing got only the barest glimpse. Cannon argues that much of the testimony before Congress on the CIA's 'brainwashing' efforts was perjury. He says the clandestine research into thought manipulation was not stopped but went operational and, he asserts, any claims to the contrary are cover stories. He presents evidence that a number of government agencies, CIA, NASA Atomic Energy Commission as well as a variety of agencies of the Department of Defense are all involved in research and operations to this day, and that the UFO abduction phenomenon, at least in part, is quite likely a continuation of the clandestine mind control operations."

    Walter Bowart [1]

"Military abductions — using 'aliens' as a screen memory to cover their actions. I’ve come across talk of an increase in rogue military units abducting people, programming/abusing them, then using alien screens to mask the activity. If the military black ops want to snag you but they don’t want you to remember anything that might incriminate them, then using an alien screen is perfect cover. Some people actually enjoy the idea of being taken by aliens, and so if they believe they’re being taken by the Grays, then they may willingly allow it to happen again and again and put up no resistance to being abducted...not realizing of course, that they’re actually being taken and programmed by humans. For others it’s the exact opposite - the idea of coming forward and admitting to anybody that they were possibly taken by 'space aliens' is so humiliating and unacceptable that they will just keep quiet. It’s 'alien screen memories as built in no-talk insurance.'"

    Carissa Conti [21]

"Lincoln S&L conspiracy witness, Paul Bonacci, testified to a number of code names for different programs. Some names matched those given by other victims who did not know Bonacci. There was 'Wizard of Oz' and 'Alice in Wonderland'. One project was code-named 'Alien'. Bonacci said 'the alien program which they used...Alien was mainly under Star Wars...' (This would fit with Aquino's reported penchant to dress up like Darth Vader and it would be consistent with his frustrated literary urge to extend the Star Wars trilogy. Bonacci positively identified Aquino as one of his programmers.)"

    Walter Bowart [1]

"In a recent article 'Alien-Human Interactions: the Facts and Propaganda' by Karla Turner, she points out that many alien abductees (like herself) are 'monitored and harassed by human agents of some sort and the cases of phone and mail surveillance are only part of the story'...'He was compelled by some post-hypnotic suggestion'...'There is strong external evidence that these events have been carried out by strictly human agents and not by aliens giving the illusion of a military presence.' She goes on to explain about the implants, wires & tubes that are put in victims of 'alien abductions'. Karla Turner doesn’t know that she is a victim of trauma-based mind control, but she’s getting close to understanding what she has been subjected to."

    Fritz Springmeier [8]

"The disclosures of Paul Bonacci, which jibe with reports of MPD professionals in other cases, point to several peculiar artificially induced memories common to many Monarch victimized children. Chaitkin said that a number of the victims were recovering memories of tormenters dressed as space aliens, or Mickey Mouse, or in Wizard of Oz costumes. Bonacci told the story of the teenaged concentration camp inmate allegedly named Greenbaum, who had participated with the Nazis, to save himself, came to the United States under Project Paperclip, the secret and illegal importation of Nazi war criminals by the U.S. intelligence agencies. Known later as 'Dr. Green', Bonacci said he became a high-level mind controller, and, according to Bonacci is widely represented today in mind control programs which have a distinctive magic theme."

"Precise details of all these horrors lie deeply buried in national security archives, perhaps. But this history, as told to psychiatrists, dovetails with what is definitively known about Anglo-American intelligence operations and the German Nazis. The killers in the Nazi camps were themselves trained and organized by psychiatrists and eugenicists, operating from the 'T4' bureau. These psychiatrists had long been the pets of white supremacist British and American financier networks."

"Boehm to Bonacci: 'So aside from Aquino... did you see some...wherever you were with these Monarch activities — did you see some of those people who were at the Satanic activities too?' 'Some of them yes,' Bonacci said. 'The adults were wearing military uniforms when they were training us and so were we. They kept everything at the base, but during most of the training we wore regular street clothes when we went through the 'alien' programming (we wore street clothes). The reason that anybody could come out of Monarch (alive) was because they all would be talking about little green men.' Bonacci said that there were two groups of Project Monarch slaves. 'Some were put into society,' Bonacci said. 'They were the ones that went into entertainment, and a lot of them were used for transporting drugs...they used the entertainment industry because they could input their messages for the future.'"

    Walter Bowart [1]

"If you still have serious doubts that mind control could be part of Project Alien (or some such named activity), take a look at this letter from Walter B. Smith, the Director of the CIA. Declassified on 20 April, 1977 the letter is thought to have been written in 1952:"


MEMORANDUM TO: Director, Psychological Strategy Board SUBJECT: Flying Saucers

1. I am today transmitting to the National Security Council a proposal (TAB A) in which it is concluded that the problems connected with unidentified flying objects appear to have implications for psychological warfare as well as for intelligence and operations.

2. The background for this view is presented in some detail in TAB B.

3. I suggest that we discuss at an early board meeting the possible offensive or defensive utilization of these phenomena for psychological warfare purposes.

Enclosure Walter B. Smith


"Of course TAB A and TAB B could not be found. So much for the value of the Freedom of Information Act. Many of the survivors of Project Monarch are remembering alien scenarios, while 'ordinary folks' are those reporting their abductions. The thing they both have in common is the amnesia they experienced for so many years after the event. Without question, most of the effects described by the abductees can be duplicated by mind control 'handlers'."

    Walter Bowart [1]

"The typical elements — these include UFO sightings; missing time as a child; missing time as an adult; various physical exams, fetus-retrieval and baby presentation; consciousness of an encounter; virtual-reality events; sexual activities; training and instruction sessions; implants; telepathic communications; and the extension of alien involvement into lives of other family members. The data indicates, then, that the phenomenon is not imaginary or self-generated, that it is linked to the UFO sightings, that it involves a generational interest on the part of the aliens, and that contact can be made by remote means."

    Karla Turner [28]

There is a reason the same reoccurring themes in alien abductions overlap almost exactly with those of mind control victims: they are one and the same. The common parallels are: missing time, missing pregnancies, it starting at a young age, it being intergenerational/'running in the family', being from military/intelligence families, implants, being taken to underground bases, and given messages.

"These two topics — UFO abductions and mind control — have more in common than their mutual ostracization. The data overlap. If we could chart these phenomena on a Venn diagram, we would see a surprisingly large intersection between the two circles of information."

    Martin Cannon [14]

The appendix of Walter Bowart's Operation Mind Control has 11 tables charted (pictures here) of the overlap between alien abductions and ritual abuse from survivor data.

"There was a serious study about alien aspects done at MIT and one of the papers in here talks about - they found out that the so-called abductee community was highly dissociative. So the same thing you find in ritual abuse, you find in mind control, you find in alien abductees. And of course, for the first time now, people are beginning to say 'Yeah, I do remember there was a government guy standing around with those little grey things'. And of course how many survivors have been asked not to talk about their 'alien experiences'? About three years ago I asked that question, and just about everyone I could identify as a survivor raised their hand."

    Walter Bowart [29]

"It is obvious that for various reasons (including the goals set down in the secret Iron Mountain government report), the government (including cooperating agencies like NASA) decided to use an alien abduction theme rather than a Satanic Ritual Abuse theme to their mind-control programming. The major differences in the programming methodology is that the blood rituals of the SRA are no longer used. The reason why blood rituals are no longer needed is that the high-tech harmonic machines (which implant thoughts) and other high-tech methods eliminate the need for the blood traumas. The victims of alien abductions are taken at random, where the Illuminati victims are abducted more frequently around ritual dates. The person who believes in UFOs and aliens is going to receive the same type of treatment as those who believe in Satanic Ritual Abuse. The legal system and society at large are conditioned to treat them as nuts. This protects their abusers."

    Fritz Springmeier [8]

"One part of a person suffering from DID told their therapist all the lurid and traumatic incidents of ritual abuse involving sadistic sex, terror and degradation as a child in the hands of a satanic cult. Another part of the same person told the therapist about being abducted aboard a UFO. In a child's voice the patient told the therapist all the usual things abductees say, there were no light bulbs on the ship, but the room was well lit. The aliens had big heads and big black pupil-less eyes. They spoke 'telepathically' without moving their lips and told her that 'humans will not be allowed out of their play pen because they don't know how to play with other children.'"

    Walter Bowart [1]

"Cannon posits that government saucers account for the countless sightings and abductions reported around the world. Screen memories explain the bug-eyed monsters. “A spectre haunts the democratic nations — the spectre of technofascism. All the powers of the espionage empire and the scientific establishment have entered into an unholy alliance,” Cannon says, 'psychiatrist and spy...microwave specialists and clandestine operators.' And then there are the cults. Between ritual molestation and 'alien' abductions, there is this common connection."

    Alex Constantine [15]

"Dr. Richard Boylan has written extensively about E.T. encounters, and has found five common features of people predominately involved in UFO/alien sightings and abductions:"

- Individuals possessing a high degree of psychic ability.

- Similar phenomenon occuring with other family members (multi or trans-generational).

- Native Americans and/or indigenous peoples.

- Children who have been subjected to severe abuse or trauma.

- Individuals and/or family members affiliated to government and/or military intelligence agencies or departments.

"In conjunction, a strong relationship exists between occultic ritual sites, top secret military installations, and UFO/alien sightings and abductions."

    Ron Patton [27]

"I know the UFO phenomenon is associated with satanic cults, and post WWII Nazis. I know what function the greys played. They controlled the secret society’s members...The next connection I can make about this secret society is that they were into the indoctrination of children at pre-schools, because the cult I was in was associated with the McMartin case in Manhattan Beach, California. They were also associated with the MKUltra project through TRW, the government spy analysis center. This one group has connections to UFO’s, Nazis, MKUltra-like government projects, ritual abuse at pre-schools and crime on the streets...Who is behind this? I like to call them the cult behind the cults. It’s not the U.S. Government; these cults are world wide, and old. It’s not the world bankers, because the fingers keep pointing in their direction; and this is an ideological movement. Look at what is predicted to follow Armageddon, peace! Peace under a New World Order comes next. I personally look in the direction of the Vatican."

    Mauri [4]

The same organization (False Memory Syndrome Foundation) that was founded by abusers to discredit and suppress the countless survivors of ritual abuse/trauma-based mind control was used to cover up these 'alien abductions'.

"Just as the legions of abused children (now grown to adulthood) were beginning to remember satanic abuse, (the ranks of diagnosed cases of Multiple Personality Disorder had reached 25,000 in the U.S.) and Harvard University's Dr. John Mack was enjoying celebrity as the author of a book on alien abductions, and about twenty percent of those diagnosed as suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) were being discovered to have military or intelligence backgrounds, a 'robust and adroit' public relations effort was mounted against those who were beginning to remember all sorts of details which related to their abuse as children. Groups were quickly formed to debunk such 'nonsense'. One was spearheaded by a woman who was herself named by her daughter as a child abuser. Her name was Pamela Freyd and her organization was the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF) which sprang suddenly up from nowhere. Other board members of the FMSF are useful for adding 'spin' to the reports of 'alien' abduction. Persinger (see here) has come up with a number of theories over the years which serve to explain away the 'alien' phenomenon as a 'natural' occurrence. One of his latest theories is that thousands of close encounters experiencers (abductees) were suffering from an exceedingly rare temporal lobe disorder which caused them to hallucinate the exact same things."

    Walter Bowart [1]

"The fact is that the wave of ritual child abuse allegations that swept the country in the 1980s cloaked federal psychotronic and eugenics experiments on young children. As one adult survivor of psychotronic mind control concludes, 'covert arms of government...have coined the term ‘screen memories’ to describe the obfuscational memories impressed by the abusers themselves.' The so-called 'False Memory Syndrome', he says, 'is a scapegoat created by a consortium of federal ‘spin doctors’ bent on negating the believability and viability of the more than 12,000 unwitting citizens who have been on the receiving end of this technology.' The CIA and military establishment 'must at all costs disguise their abuse in order to continue experimentation with psychotronics', he argues. The 'false memory' bromide has been popularized largely by organized pedophiles, cultists and hired guns of psychiatry. It has been adopted as the status quo position of the press. But the cover story originated with the CIA’s mind control netherworld. 'Nazi-inspired scientists', the survivor says, 'perform medical tests during the abuse event, such as implantation of biotelemetric tracking devices into nasal cavities and ear canals.' The brain transmitters can be tracked by Global Positioning System satellites. The subject therefore cannot hope to escape the mind control network. Screen memories of abuse, created by hypnotic or psychotronic visualization, a 'novelty effect', are offered by Martin Cannon as a probable explanation for the weirdness surrounding most 'alien' abductions. Again the government, shielded by an unbelievable cover story, escapes detection. EM technology (and testing on humans) remains classified. No doubt, UFOs exist and have traumatized thousands of 'contactees' — the military has been building them since the 1940s."

    Alex Constantine [15]

One of the common themes is abductions being generational ('running in families'), which mirrors trauma-based mind control. Notice the high number of abductees coming from military, intelligence, or cult-connected families (the same people constantly using mind control), just as with mind control/ritual abuse victims. Parents are programmed to abuse and mind-split their own children, and offer them to the group/agency to do so. The ability to easily dissociate (required for mind control) becomes ingrained into a families genetics (hence the CIA 'aquiring' multigenerational incest abused children with Multiple Personality Disorder for their genetic mind control studies/MONARCH). The same family line may also be targetted for their genetics.

"This is one of the most important links in my opinion. In particular people seem to get on the radar when they’re the offspring of those who work for military intelligence. Time and again you’ll find that so many abductees/mind control targets have/had parents (usually fathers), in the military, and often times working in the capacity of national security and intelligence. Air Force, Army and Naval intelligence, NASA and NSA. My own father was Navy tech personnel, reporting to the NSA for intelligence during Vietnam."

    Carissa Conti [21]

Another parallel is abductions occuring since a young age. The minds of mind control victims are purposely shattered with trauma at a very young age to split their core personality. Abductees almost always recall reoccuring abductions throughout their life, this is them being taken and further programmed periodically.

"Many of the women had alien communications very early in their lives. Amy had messages and ideas impressed into her mind from as young as four, and like Polly she felt the impact of these influences in her early teen years. She also felt that the aliens implanted or stored information within the subconscious, in 'packets' of knowledge, reminiscent of the 'pockets' of knowledge the aliens told me I possessed in 1980."

    Karla Turner [28]]

'Missing time' is often reported.

"EDOM (Electronic Dissolution of Memory) is nothing more than 'missing time' itself — the erasure of memory from consciousness through the blockage of synaptic transmission in certain areas of the brain. By jamming the brain’s synapses through a surfeit of acetylcholine, neural transmission along selected pathways can be effectively stilled. According to the proponents of RHIC-EDOM, acetylcholine production can be affected by electromagnetic means. (Modern research in the psycho-physiological effects of microwaves confirm this proposition.)"

    Martin Cannon [14]

"Paralysis can be induced in the target by use of this method of broadcasting preparatory sets encoded on microwave beams. A pulse modulated microwave beam, carrying an ELF signal, which is identical to the one in the motor neurone centre of the brain, is used to jam the victims motor coordination. This is analogous to radar jamming, using a more powerful signal at the same frequency to swamp out the enemies radar. Motor neurone preparatory set potentials are jammed by a bigger signal carried by a microwave carrier beam, that literally overloads the brain, so it cannot control the body. Pulse modulated microwave weapons which broadcast the ELF preparatory sets of the motor cortext of the victim, will paralyse the victim without killing them. This technique can be used to abduct people for secret government mind control experiments, under the guise of alien abduction. A microwave beam of this nature will paralyse the victim, so they can be bundled into a black helicopter and airlifted away for experimentation. Once the procedure is complete, hypnosis can be used to plant false memories of alien abduction. In this way, alien abductions can be used by the authorities to enable them to obtain a limitless supply of guinea pigs for their mind control experiments. Real memories of government involvement are erased electronically. This technique clears all short-term memories from the victim's consciousness by broadcasting microwave beams at the target which carry the signals used for memory retention. When you remember something, it is first stored in your short-term memory. After approximately twelve hours, this short-term memory is converted in the brain to long term memory, after which you remember this information for the rest of your life. If this conversion from short-term memory to long term memory does not occur, the data is lost. Microwave radiation of a specific frequency can interfere with the transfer of memories from short to long term memory. By interfering with the connections between brain cells, memory can be disrupted. In this way, special force assassins can be brain-wiped after a mission, so they have no idea of the target they killed. Using hypnosis, false memories can then be planted in the brain, so the gap left by the real memory is papered over."

    Tim Rifat [36]

Abductee, researcher, and mind control victim Karla Turner notes another important point.

"Aliens can take us — our consciousness — out of our physical bodies, disable our control of our bodies, install one of their own entities, and use our bodies as vehicles for their own activities before returning our consciousness to our bodies.

    Karla Turner [25]

This is very important, it's exactly how mind control works. Mind control victims have MPD/DID. There are many programmed alter personalities (unaware of eachother), that can 'come and go' or be triggered to the 'front' of the person. She is unwittingly describing the switching of alters. Their 'front' or 'main' alter perceives this as their body and consciousness being 'used and then returned' (this can also correlate with missing time).

Implanted screen memories, high-tech EM machines, holograms, VR headsets, drugs, hypnotic suggestion, and more are all being used in alien programming.

"There are numerous scripts for the Alien programming. Recent novels and Hollywood movies provide a non-ending pool of programming resources for the Programmers. Visual reality headgear and other high-tech methods can easily be incorporated into an alien abduction theme."

    Fritz Springmeier [8]

"The 'Alien' Invasion — a very active cover story for the development of mind control technology. Supposedly (as those weird syndicated UFO television programs keep reminding us) alien scientists have voyaged millions of light years to place CIA implants in the bodies of human subjects. This incredible cover story is widely believed—yet most 'skeptics' scoff at the notion that human scientists might want to do the same thing. The aliens have been pounded into the heads of the American consumer by a slue of books penned by military intelligence officers. It would be just as easy to hypnotically implant a screen memory in a victim’s mind of the helicopter being a UFO."

    Alex Constantine [14]

"One of the methods that were used extensively to trick my mind, even when I was an adult, was Eriksonian hypnosis. It worked well because I was almost always in a trance state anyway. It was very easy for a person, skilled in hypnotism, to say certain words or phrases to me that influenced me to fully believe that, for example, a helicopter that was about to land in front of us was a UFO, and its pilots were aliens from Uranus. However, as I have remembered such experiences, I have remembered that even though I BELIEVED the vehicle was a UFO, I actually saw a military copter."

    Kathleen Sullivan [32]

"Five women described awaking at times and feeling as if they'd been 'beaten', to use Anita's term. And five said they had episodes in which a blinding light seemed to explode in their minds."

    Karla Turner [28]

"Alien programming by NWO (also involves Peter Pan programming): 'RIDE THE LIGHT' - Peter Pan programming meaning to go into hypnotic induction attached to a light that is seen when given a high voltage shock. This is given to make experiences seem like in another dimension."

    Fritz Springmeier [8]

"Blue beams of light are used as a hypnotic induction for slaves who are given the cover story of being abducted by aliens."

    Fritz Springmeier [9]

"They (CIA) tried to program me to believe in aliens. I went out to my living room in my house as a teenager, and like the ET movie where the child is sucked out the door, I'm looking out my window and this craft lands and then theres this blast of air that knocks me backwards, and then the door swings open and its sucking on me now. And while this is happening I realize that I'm in a sitting position and I'm restrained...even while all this is going on, I realize I'm restrained in a sitting position and I started screaming 'this is not real, this is not real', and suddenly everything stopped, the door opened behind me and I'm sitting in an Apache helicopter seat, looking at a huge screen with wind turbines on either side of it...this is happening at the military base where they train these helicopter pilots. A flight simulator, just adjusted. They went into my house, they filmed through my window, created this craft, and they did the wind on me and the suction to make me believe it was aliens coming to get me. Dr. Green, my programmer, walks in behind me and sticks a hypodermic needle into my arm."

    Cheryl Beck [30]

"In the last 20 years, tens of thousands of children are getting 'Pleiadian' programming. There are tens of thousands of children with programming that can be activated to make them think they were raised on Alcyone in the Pleiades."

    Fritz Springmeier [9]

"Masers, not lasers, are the hidden thrust of 'Star Wars' (SDI). The weapon is an extremely sophisticated mind and body machine capable of thought transfer, manipulation of emotions and muscle control. Images, even dreams, can be beamed to the subject. A human or cybernetic controller can carry on a conversation telepathically, and at the same time instill physical sensations, subliminal commands, emotions and visual and aural hallucinations. Computerized EM devices that talk and transmit images to the brain were current when Reagan delivered his first SDI pitch in 1983. Harlan Girard, in his NATO address on emergent technologies eight years later, said: 'Experiments had produced some communications equipment that far exceeded the ability to broadcast defeat into the minds of the enemy,' an objective of DoD brass. 'It is not only capable of producing auditory hallucinations, but visual hallucinations as well.' 'Is it possible,' asks John Lambros, a prisoner at Leavenworth and mind control experimentee, 'that the particle beam intended for enemy missiles alone might now be intended for human minds?' The electronic battlefield has been armed for some time. GTE has had an electronic weapons division since the 1950s, then headed by William Perry, Clinton’s secretary of defense. And in the 1960s executives of Honeywell, the Franco-American computer firm (and Star Wars contractor), told author Lincoln Lawrence that the company was experimenting with machines that 'penetrate a man’s mind and control his brain waves over long distance.' The Microwave Mafia often rely on the implantation of miniaturized radio receivers. The technique is known as intra-cerebral control and uses radio or ultra-sound. It was developed by the CIA’s MKDRACO and HATTER brain telemetry projects. The implantation of a micro-receiver in the frontal or temporal lobes by trained teams of operatives is done with an 'encaphalator,' usually through the sinuses of a drugged subject. But the current state of the art in Radio-Hypnotic Intracerebral Control (RHIC) depends upon 'Personal Radio and Electromagnetic Frequency Allocation,' or PREMA, a frequency unique to the subject’s brain. A 'reading wand' is hidden near the victim, who is scanned by an instrument smaller than a briefcase. Once the 'Freq' is determined, the brain becomes a link in a cybernetic system, and the subject (or a group) can communicate, be surveilled, guided, manipulated, harassed or controlled from afar. The mind-invasive technology lurking behind the Star Wars cover story became the fascination of Brian Wronge, a victim of prison experiments in New York state. Wronge claims that the mind control fraternity has developed a 'gallium scan' to map electrical activity of the brain, and in concert with a transmitter linked to the nervous system, beam radio-biological signals to an analog computer or satellite."

    Alex Constantine [15]

"At the NASA facilities, they had some incredibly unusual programming that they did to some of us. I had one experience at age fifteen, I was taken to Goddard, which is a NASA facility outside of D.C. One of the things they seemed to like to do is dress up just like they are in Star Trek...they actually wear Star Trek uniforms with the Enterprise logo on them. Sometimes they would hypnotize me to think they were Dr. Spock, Bones, Captain Kirk, so I could not remember what their faces really looked like. One of the things they did at Goddard was very professional, very ingenious. They hooked me up to some kind of a computer system, very high tech for that period of time. They had earphones — more like a helmet on my head — and I don't understand how all this worked — but I closed my eyes and I could actually see images flashing in front of my face. They had a lot of sound effects and they did what they called 'Father Time' training at that facility at that time."

    Kathleen Sullivan [2]

"For instance, one of my alters was placed in a room that resembled the deck of the Starship Enterprise, in a chair that faced a large screen. My brain was then tuned to a specific frequency (an altered state), and a large bulbous head appeared on a screen. This 'alien' gave my alter instructions. Then the 'Captain’s Chair' electro-shocked my alter...this alter would be fed instructions coded to her frequency, but would receive them through the ‘alien’ which continued to appear to her on the spaceship screen...if she was triggered to return to my body, she would bring all of her 'spaceship memories' with her, firmly believing that this 'alien' was part of the 'real world.'"

    Beth Goobie [16]

"Operation Greenstar was the mind-control project to create UFO abduction scenarios. Much of the high level programming is no longer done with human programmers, but is done via machines using drugs, electricity and harmonics."

    Fritz Springmeier [8]

"These manipulations and degrees of control are easily achieved after years of intensive research by both the CIA and the Office of Naval Intelligence. The methods cover the range of actual hypno-programming, through either overt or covert methods as utilized by the agency concerned in the use of R.H.I.C., U.S.I.C., E.E.O.M. and E.D.O.M. techniques. Ultrasound technology is most frequently used by the lesser intelligence agencies in their various theaters of operation. This method is known as Ultrasonic Intra-Cerebral Control. An intelligence unit commonly referred to as Division Five which is directly connected to the FBI, is mainly responsible for the study and subsequent use of this type of mind control procedure. The three types of procured methods of mind control at its highest performance utilization are as follows: 1. E.D.O.M. (Electronic Dissolution of Memory) 2. E.E.O.M. (Electronic Enhancement of Memory) 3. R.H.I.C. (Radio Hypnotic Intra-Cerebral Control). RHIC techniques call for the implantation of a micro-sized electronic radio receiver. The implantation most frequently is made by highly trained teams within the Intelligence Community. The procedure involves the insertion of the micro-receiver (or transceiver) into the desired areas such as the frontal lobe or temporal lobe of the subject in question."

"According to my sources, this technique was state-of-the-art in the 1960's, but is obsolete today. Other, more sophisticated techniques are in use now."

"The device acts as a stimulator which can stimulate a muscle, nerve or brain frequency upon receiving the proper signal and will then initiate a desired response. The receiver generates sensory impulses which are then received through different nerves. These register as sensations which are the basis for perception. Under projects such as MK DRACO and HATTER, today's receivers are much smaller than the originals. Several types of 'encephalators' are used to implant the devices into brain tissue through the nostril of a sedated subject after hallucinatory programming has commenced. The process is painful and, in some cases, may result in permanent damage to the sinus cavity resulting in later ear, nose and throat problems for the subject in question. Another method used by some programs is the use of an oral encephalator to insert the transceiver or receiver through the soft palette of the mouth into the brain tissue. This method is also conducted in concert with hallucinatory program cues. The largest of these Mind Control programs under the auspices of the CIA, ONI and National Security Agency are as follows: MK ULTRA, REACH, MK XENO, MK DRACO, BLUEBIRD, DANCER, HATTER, ARTICHOKE, WATCHTOWER"

"One source reports that MK-DRACO is the code name for one of the 'alien abduction scenarios'."

    Walter Bowart [1]

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  Top 10 red flags we are in a prison planet/loosh farm system
Posted by: Hissil - 04-03-2024, 02:27 AM - Forum: Metaphysics - No Replies

by Wayne Bush and Julie McVey
January 30, 2024

We have identified the top ten red flags and anomalies indicating the physical (and astral) planes are a prison planet and/or loosh farm, i.e. energy derived from emotional output. On Earth we already have prisons and farms, plus animals that use deception to manipulate their victims. So, a precedent has already been set. This is not some new science fiction idea we are talking about.

#1 Memory Wipe and Ignorance
We are born as ignorant, blank slates into a mystery. We have no memory of who or what we are, where we came from originally, why we are here or where we go when we die. To be deprived of the fundamental knowledge of our true essence is inhumane and is, in our opinion, extreme psychological torture. Furthermore, we are conditioned from birth to rely on conflicting stories of various paranormal experiences, religious dogma and mythology. We should be born with this fundamental knowledge within us already and not be required to rely on outside, unreliable sources to tell us who we are or what happens after we die.

Proponents of the school theory claim the reason we don’t remember previous states of existence and incarnations is because it would be too much information to bring into these bodies and would hinder our spiritual growth. However, knowing the answers to these few specific questions would not overwhelm us. Not only is this vital information not overwhelming, it is actually a necessary foundational element to our current existence, especially if expediting our spiritual learning and growth is our purpose. When we are sitting in a classroom, we remember why we are there and what we signed up to learn. Even if we are here to just have experiences, having this knowledge from birth would not lessen the value of our experiences.

#2 Programming and Conditioning
We start off totally reliant on those around us to tell us what to think and believe. If we get inaccurate or partial information, then that faulty information is perpetuated, because our subconscious stores this programming. Thus, we make assumptions creating a false reality that we buy into without question. It seems we are biologically and socially programmed to observe and mimic. The indoctrination of how to behave, how to think and what to believe takes place before we are capable of critical thinking. This keeps us ignorant and hinders us from discovering and knowing the truth of our reality. Therefore, it is extremely important to deprogram ourselves so we can replace the faulty information with more accurate information and new understanding.

We rely on external sources of authority to tell us what to believe, whether it is evolution via schools/universities or creationism via religion/“holy” writings. We are taught repeatedly to turn our sovereignty over to authority figures to the point it becomes ingrained in our subconscious minds. At death this will make it more likely we will overlook our sovereignty and follow some external authority figure that presents itself to us.

#3 Extremity of Suffering and Duration of Reincarnation Cycle
We are born into a hostile, dark environment (e.g., disease, famine, torture, trafficking, genocide, violence, war, etc.) and told this is a school to evolve our souls. This is not a fertile growing environment. Which is a more effective school: one where you are constantly in survival mode in a cutthroat society or one where all your basic needs are met, and you are surrounded with encouragement and positive role models? We wouldn’t throw our own children in prison and expect them to both fend for themselves in survival mode and turn out to be caring, kind humans. They would be too busy learning how to survive to optimally develop. How is such an environment the most efficient way to grow a soul? As parents, we try our best to create a loving, nurturing, safe environment, because we know such an environment is more conducive to optimal growth.

Pre-birth memories reveal that so-called guides and counselors send us to Earth repeatedly to learn lessons through suffering so that we will grow spiritually. Why create blank slates via memory wipes who need thousands of years of pain and suffering through hundreds of lives to learn, grow and evolve? How many times does one need to experience such extreme pain and suffering to get the point? Certainly, a lot fewer if we didn’t get mind wiped every incarnation. Also, how much growing does one need? When is enough, enough?! Is this growth indefinite? To what end? Besides, you can transfer the desired experiential information via a download. Some say that the download is not the same as the experience. However, some near death experiencers report the light is a collective soul, and we all have access to this collective pool of knowledge and experiences. For example, one NDEr wrote, “I could at one and the same time experience myself as the personality I had always known as ‘myself,’ as well as experiencing one of my friend’s lives as though I were my friend.” So, the experience would need to be had by one soul/spirit only one time, and then the experiential information could be transferred.

As spirits on the other side, we possessed telepathy. If this is a school for learning, why is our telepathy being suppressed? This slows down our learning. Telepathy would give us immediate feedback, because you would instantly and more thoroughly know how your actions affect other beings. This ability would decrease crime and suffering, because secrecy and deception would be diminished. It is like there is some kind of effort to dumb us down on purpose to slow down our learning or make it impossible to learn. The repeated recycling of a soul (i.e., reincarnation) is excessive. It is a flawed system, but if we are being recycled like we recycle energy here on Earth, it explains the continual excessive recycling. This is cruel and unusual punishment, a form of torture, both mentally and emotionally.

We are designed with pleasure and pain centers. However, these bodies are also designed to feel the maximum amount of pain without the equivalent maximum amount of pleasure. Think of the most excruciating pain you have experienced and compare that to the most exhilarating pleasure you have experienced. The most intense pleasure does not equal or compare to the most intense suffering. The joy of children playing and laughing in the park does not equal or compare to the pain of children crying and screaming in a cage. So many people have chronic pain. Have you ever heard of the phrase, “chronic pleasure”? Why not?

#4 Kill & Consume Energy to Survive (The Food Chain)
All creatures on Earth ultimately owe their existence to energy the Sun provides. We eat plants that are grown in the soil of the Earth. In fact, we exist within a food chain where predators kill their prey and parasites/viruses feed off their hosts, including humans. This is such a barbaric, twisted system. We have been programmed to believe we have to kill and consume the flesh of another being’s energy in order to stay alive and that this is acceptable because it is the natural order of things. Due to instinctual programming, animals and insects set traps, stalk and prey on the weak and consume their victim’s life for energy. Not only do animals kill for sustenance, they will sometimes taunt their victim. If this was really just about getting your next meal, why would an animal be programmed to taunt its victim? Why is there a connection with fear and the consumption of another’s life? Did the system design them to create prolonged fear for more loosh?

The idea of feeding off the fear of an animal is telling. There are tribes who have rituals before eating an animal just so they don’t eat the fear of an animal. Some do, though. Warriors would consume the energy of their conquests by eating the heart or drinking the blood to absorb their power.

As humans, we farm and eat animals against their will. They are often kept in crowded, filthy pens or cages, fattened up and eventually slaughtered for food. We humans like to think we are at the top of the food chain, but there could be entities just outside our perception feeding off of us. After all, bugs and animals don’t know we are feeding off of them. Likewise, many, if not most people, accept the idea of ghosts, angels and shadow beings, although they are outside our perception.

Shamanic traditions speak of entities feeding off us. Carlos Castaneda, who claimed to have studied under shaman Don Juan, wrote in The Active Side of Infinity, “We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners… They took us over because we are food for them, and they squeeze us mercilessly because we are their sustenance.”

Sacrifices and burnt offerings to the gods were a common practice in ancient days. Virgins were sacrificed in volcanos. Men were sacrificed in wicker structures and also atop pyramids. The gnostic text, The Gospel of Philip, reads, “God is a man-eater. For this reason, men are sacrificed to him. Before men were sacrificed, animals were being sacrificed, since those to whom they were sacrificed were not gods.”

Even in the Bible it is written that the Lord requested sacrifices and was pleased with the smell of burning flesh: “Then Noah built an altar to the Lord and, taking some of the clean animals and clean birds, he sacrificed burnt offerings on it. The Lord smelled the pleasing aroma…” A lecture from The Teaching Company explains, “A steady supply of hearts and blood was essential not only for the Aztecs themselves but for all the people of the Earth itself and the gods beyond. The purpose of war was the feeding of the gods.”

Does all this fear generate a pure form of energy, also known as loosh? Lucid dreamers and out of body experiencers can see spirit attachments that drain energy. Out of body pioneer Robert Monroe witnessed entities harvesting a type of energy from humans that he coined as loosh. He wrote, “Someone, Somewhere (or both, in millions, or uncountable) requires, likes, needs, values, collects, drinks, eats, or uses as a drug (sic) a substance ident Loosh. (Electricity, oil, oxygen, gold, wheat, water, land, old coins, uranium.) This is a rare substance in Somewhere and those who possess Loosh find it vital for whatever it is used for. Faced with this question of Supply and Demand (a universal law of Somewhere), Someone decided to produce it artificially, so to speak, rather than search for it in its “natural” form. He decided to build a Garden and grow Loosh…”

The realm of hungry ghosts is one of the six realms of rebirth in Buddhism. Two of the most common tropes in Hollywood horror movies are vampires and zombies. Vampires are said to drink the blood or vital essence of their human victims. The legend of Dracula may have stemmed from the account of a real man, prince Vlad the Impaler, the son of Vlad Dracul. And almost all of us have experienced people who are psychic vampires, draining others of their mental and emotional energy. The concept of zombies comes from Haitian folklore where the undead are reanimated with magical rites from religions like Vodou. Zombies are said to be the undead that feed off human flesh and brains.

Mystic Rudolf Steiner said, “There are beings in the spiritual realms for whom anxiety and fear emanating from human beings offer welcome food… If fear and anxiety radiate from people and they break out in panic, then these creatures find welcome nutrition and they become more and more powerful. These beings are hostile towards humanity. Everything that feeds on negative feelings, on anxiety, fear and superstition, despair or doubt, are in reality hostile forces in supersensible worlds, launching cruel attacks on human beings, while they are being fed.”

It is common for psychedelic experiencers, especially with DMT, to feel like entities are feeding off them. Here is an example from DMT-Nexus: “I could see entities more distinctly this time... It was like they were farmers… I came to realise I was being distracted with information so that they could do what they wanted – feed? Harvest?... During these stages I would have recurring flashes or images of some jellyfish-like creature or something like an octopus with suckered tentacles. Whatever it was I felt like I was connecting to the tendrils or the tentacles during this feeding phase.”

Near death experiencer George Ritchie described in his book, Return From Tomorrow, how he saw “thirsty shadows” that live vicariously through bar patrons. The spirits had "developed a dependence on alcohol that went beyond the physical.” He watched them "clutch at their shot glasses, hands passing through the solid tumblers, through the heavy wooden counter top, through the very arms and bodies of the drinkers around them. And these men, every one of them, lacked the aureole of light that surrounded the others...” The alternative rock band, Tool, has a song and video named Vicarious which depicts astral entities living vicariously off the fears of mankind.

Some shamans practice spirit releasement, spirit attachment removal and energy healing/cleaning. Hypnotherapist Dr. Edith Fiore wrote a book on spirit attachments and possession called The Unquiet Dead: A Psychologist Treats Spirit Possession. Even Catholic priests perform exorcisms to rid people of demonic possession. There are various demons or shades throughout mythology, such as the Mesopotamian Gallu, the Babylonian Alu and the Native American wendigo, etc., that are said to feed off human vital energy/astral life-force, especially fear, to grow stronger.

Why can’t one consume energy by the more love you give, from the air you breathe or be completely sustained directly by the sun’s energy? There should be better, more “humane,” caring ways of getting energy. In fact, why is energy consumption needed at all?

“As above, so below.” It’s a competitive, dog-eat-dog world.

#5 Secrecy, Lies & Deception, Manipulation & Control at Top
Secrecy, lies, deception, manipulation and control—all these tactics use a state of confusion to keep people imprisoned. If we can stop being ignorant, then maybe we can get out.

We have been programmed to associate love and light (e.g., “Go to the light!”) with positivity, but here on Earth, love and light can also be used to deceive. Ted Bundy’s victims believed he loved them. The women who are victims of men who prey on them certainly are not experiencing the love of their predators, even though they feel loved. Where is that feeling of love coming from?

Love is often associated with NDEs. Sometimes the love is described as blissful or euphoric. How is it loving to use deception and manipulation to send a soul back to Earth? Where does the feeling of love that the NDErs experience come from? Could this love be our own love reflected back to us? Another possibility is advanced technology exists on the other side similar to what is described in alien abduction accounts. Aliens are sometimes seen in NDEs, so perhaps they have a frequency generator to entrance or hypnotize us to accept and trust them. Something interesting is that some of these NDErs felt the love before entering the tunnel. Does that suggest that the love experienced during their NDE was really theirs the entire time? A love from within themselves?

Light is used in multiple ways for predators to lure their victims (e.g., bug zappers/light traps, fishermen, angler fish, viperfish, gnat fly larvae, etc.). Cuttlefish and some spiders even use light to hypnotize their targets.

Many NDEs and pre-birth memories show that these beings use deception to manipulate, such as appeals to ego, shaming tactics, guilt trips and mimicry. Mimicry is used here on Earth, as well. For example, a type of praying mantis disguises itself as a beautiful orchid flower to lure in its unsuspecting meal. On the other side, a spirit can take any form it desires (i.e., a shapeshifting imposter). So, in the astral realm, an entity can disguise itself to be a spirit guide, ascended master, religious figure or loved one in order to persuade a soul to reincarnate.

We have corrupt leaders running the world here, but we assume that when we die these supposed authority figure entities who present themselves to us are benevolent and to be trusted without question. Why is there such a big mainstream push to “go to the light”?

#6 Prison/Limitations of Spirit
The limitless, eternal spirit/consciousness is crammed into a limited, physical body. It is temporarily trapped within the body which is bound to the Earth by gravity unable to leave the planet. Many feel we are being held against our will. We either become part of the system or live as homeless persons. We slave away in the nine to five grind and the mundane existence of it all. Work, produce, consume. Work, produce, consume. We have to follow laws, even if unjust, or else be imprisoned. How is that true freedom?

Life is so hard and unfair. Everything is a struggle. We work as slaves to the system most our lives. It takes so long to get something done. We spend so much time in survival mode. We spend the majority of our time just trying to maintain our avatars. In fact, many even have to deal with mental and physical disabilities. As we age, the vast majority of us will have to deal with both mental faculties and physical abilities diminishing.

Manifestation is extremely slow. Everything seems set up to be more difficult than it needs to be. Before we came here we were infinite, eternal spirits with unlimited knowledge, able to communicate telepathically, teleport anywhere at will, take on any form we wanted and manifest instantly with our intention. Over there we can do anything we can do here plus so much more without any of the pain and suffering.

This place is extremely limiting. Here we are recycled and squeezed into these small, heavy, dense, finite, physical containers that severely restrict our movement and powers of instant manifestation. We are not always able to do what we want when we want. If we can't manifest what we want when we want, do we really have true freedom?

It is nearly impossible to permanently exit this restricted, suffocating system. Death is virtually the only way to permanently exit, so you would either have to intentionally exit or grow old or deteriorate from disease and wait for a “natural” death, which involves much pain and suffering (i.e., more loosh/energetic food). Not only is the physical act extremely difficult to carry out because the body has its own instinct to survive, people also have strong attachments to parents, children or spouses. It’s a very taboo subject. There are only a few states which allows one to exit—if one has a terminal illness. Why aren’t we allowed to exit more easily if we would like to do so? In Christianity, it’s a major sin, and some denominations teach it is a one-way ticket to hell. In the New Age community, it causes karmic debt, meaning you have to return in another life to repay that debt. Some even say you have to relive that same situation again.

There is a heavy campaign of persuasion in the afterlife, as seen through NDEs, pre-birth memories and between lives regressions, where so-called guides and counselors tell us we have to go to Earth to learn lessons or for some mission. In various mythological texts and some NDEs, a judge or council of judges attempts to manipulate us with shaming tactics and guilt trips to come back to Earth. These tactics would be especially effective for souls who have already bought into sin or karma through religious programming.

How ironic that upon publishing this article on a certain social media platform, comments to the article were immediately disallowed due to a certain taboo topic. We are slaves to our bodies, slaves to authority and slaves to the system.

#7 Sleep and Entropy
Our energy runs down from the beginning of the day until we are drained of energy at bedtime, as if we have been designed to be rechargeable batteries. The fact that we run out of energy and need to recharge could point to the reality that something or someone is consuming our energy. As little children, we are full of energy and bouncing off the walls. By the end of our lives, our energy is depleted and we need canes to walk or are bedridden.

Why do things, including our avatars, break down on a continual basis? The second law of thermodynamics states that everything is running down. Many say someone designed this system or it evolved. Both theories seem flawed. It is not a good design for a system to break down in order for things to grow and get better. How is it a sign of spiritual evolution that you have to keep coming back and you don’t bring the lessons with you? So, it seems something or someone is keeping us from evolving. If we are not learning over thousands of lifetimes, it seems there is a concerted effort to prevent us from learning our lessons. Does the evidence that we keep coming back over and over again suggest this is a prison and farm where energy is being consumed and recycled?

Our bodies require sleep. We have to sleep roughly eight hours a day not knowing where our consciousness is during that time. Are we being programmed while we sleep? When we are asleep, we are in a state of unconscious hypnosis, which leaves us vulnerable to entities manipulating and programming our subconscious minds. It has been reported that some become conscious in their dream state and find themselves in a pod, school or hospital setting only to realize they are being hypnotized and programmed by entities via drug injections and telepathic suggestions. Maybe they are using techniques to throw people out of their dreams, because they don’t want people aware of what is going on behind the scenes. Furthermore, why would little children have nightmares or night terrors?

#8 Lack of Disclosure, Transparency and Consistency in Major Religions & Sacred Texts
Why doesn’t a deity or “God” appear to us? Why wouldn’t a good god appear to all beings holographically at once so we are all on the same page, instead of appearing to different groups of people in different areas of the world in different eras with different messages? This is a recipe for disaster which creates holy wars and thus more loosh through the sacrifices of many lives.

Why is religion so faith-based? If the creators are benevolent, wouldn’t they want to openly communicate with us, since that would help us. The teaching that “God works in mysterious ways,” is just a convenient excuse for their lack of disclosure and actually creates more confusion, chaos, doubt and fear, which generates more loosh.

The Bible even says to “fear God.” In Proverbs 9:10, it is written that the fear of god is the beginning of wisdom. A devil was created to be a convenient scapegoat for the blame of all evil. Apparently, God chooses not to defeat the Devil. He’s going to do that later. God is a procrastinator. Instead, he makes “bets” or accepts challenges from the Devil.

Eastern religions, such as Hinduism and Buddhism, teach that this is a reincarnation trap from which we need liberation. Gnostic texts even say our spirit is trapped within the physical body.

Some people have claimed to have had encounters with benevolent beings—whether angels, guides, ascended masters or aliens. Why aren’t these benevolent beings openly communicating with all of us or, at least, a larger percentage of us? Clearly, they can do this. If they’d give us the answers to our biggest questions, it would alleviate our fears that result from our ignorance of this vital information. Some say it is because of the law of non-interference (i.e., not intervening in someone else’s evolution). But wouldn’t you help someone who is being severely wronged, as in raped or killed, if you could?

#9 Paranormal Accounts and Experiences
Many near death experiences, pre-birth memories, remote viewing sessions and alien encounters reveal that manipulation is used to get spirits to come to Earth. Pre-birth memory accounts reveal so-called guides and counselors supposedly plan our lives. Psychonauts, astral travelers, like Robert Monroe, remote viewers, such as Courtney Brown and Brett Stuart, life-between-lives hypnotherapists, like Calogero Grifasi, and alien researchers, such as Dr. Karla Turner, John Lear, David Jacobs and others, have all supported the idea that aliens are manipulating us and/or benefitting from our energy (i.e., the loosh farm theory). Also, there is purported testimony from the book, Alien Interview, which describes in detail the prison planet and soul farm.

Some relevant quotes:

Ruth, NDEr from nderf.org: “I was taken to special entities who looked like the usual grays, but they had lots of wrinkles on their faces. They called themselves the Counsel, and said they were part of a group called ‘soul recyclers’ helping to re-incarnate.”

Robert B., NDEr from nderf.org: “I saw the Light approach. I was enveloped by the light and an entity that was to prepare me for what I call my Interview with a supreme being later in the Light. This first being appeared to be the Virgin Mary. Only after asking, ‘Are you truly the Virgin Mary?’, it instantly manifested true identity. I was nearly paralyzed with fear until again asking, ‘Please, what is happening to me, what is going on here?’”

Dr. Karla Turner, UFO researcher: “The UFO phenomenon is some form of human farming.”

Robert Monroe, out of body experiencer: “He decided to build a garden and grow loosh in the natural state. Loosh was found to originate from a series of vibrational actions in the carbon oxygen cycle and the residue was loose in varying degrees of purity, the clearest and most potent coming from humans—engendered by human activity which triggers emotion, the highest of such emotions being—love? Is love loosh?... These are the principal producers of loosh distillate from experience. The collectors have evolved an entire technology with supplementary tools for the harvesting of loosh from the type 4m units. Most common have been named: love, friendship, family, greed, hate, pain, guilt, disease, pride, ambition, ownership, possession, sacrifice -- and on a larger scale: nations, provincialism, wars, famine, religion, machines, freedom, industry, trade to list a few. Loosh production is higher than ever before."

Courtney Brown, remote viewer: “After looking at the accumulation of data collected at Farsight over a great many years, I am certain it is true. A picture has gradually emerged that seems is undeniable as it is astounding. Earth has long been a planet that has been operated as a prison -- and I mean this literally, not as a metaphor for something…”

Alien Interview: “The ‘Old Empire’ has been using Earth as a ‘prison planet’ for a very long time.”

On the Origin of the World, Gnostic text, Nag Hammadi Library: “Now all of this came to pass according to the forethought of Pistis, in order that man should appear after his likeness, and should condemn them because of their modelled form. And their modelled form became an enclosure of the light.... And it is they who were taken captive, according to their destinies, by the prime parent. And thus they were shut into the prisons of the modelled forms until the consummation of the age.”

#10 – Virtual Realities, AI, Simulations
Programmers create computer simulations and virtual realities here on Earth. Doesn’t that suggest that we, ourselves, may be living in a simulation or virtual realm that someone else created? If we are in a false reality, what does that mean for humanity? How do we move forward?

Even though machines can help us, they also contribute to the tracking, surveillance and control of humanity. As we look to the future, there is a growing trend towards the merging of man and machine as cyborgs. Could the end goal be the imprisonment of the spirit within a synthetic body indefinitely, in addition to having more control via a hive mind?

These are the top ten red flags suggesting we are living in a prison planet/loosh farm system. It is not our intention to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is absolutely the case, but this should provide ample evidence to persuade one that this is a viable theory worth serious consideration. Now that the evidence has been presented, we can move forward with solutions and ways to exit the deceptive system in which we find ourselves.

[–]Kittybatty33 20 points 1 month ago
Prison planet theory is new age gnosticism. The gnostics were one of the biggest targets of the Catholic Church. But these ideas have been around since ancient times. The writings in the nag hamadi talk about the archons. Humanity has known that we were in a prison but they constantly wipe our memories & make us forget (resets), however this was not always a Prison planet, and it was not meant to be a prison planet. There's going to be a spiritual jailbreak soon.

[–]Diligent-Compote-976 9 points 1 month ago
I have the suspicion that human history has been shaped by aliens fighting for control of humanity. Who knows, maybe all of the world leaders right could be aliens.

[–]JenniferShepherd 5 points 1 month ago
Excellent! I would add manipulation of sex drive and forced excessive breeding in all species (today this occurs if unable or unwilling to use birth control, which chemically or physically harms most women when it is used.) After the last terraforming event during which countless humanoids died, as well as other species, breeding cycles appear to have been artificially sped up so 1) beings would produce more offspring to make up for the decimated populace and 2) ensure sustained loosh harvest closer to the prior amounts.  Enhancement of sex drive was a part of this and estrus became more frequent in human females.

[–]One-Lawfulness-6178 6 points 1 month ago
I just realized Robert Monroe also was the creator of the gateway process. Can't believe I let that go without realizing it till now lmao.
I mentioned this a while back but what's your thoughts on the concept of reality shifting? As well as energy cultivation practices that aim to build the body for spiritual immortality?
Also the book called "overcoming archon" may be useful here. It's a book using alchemy to escape the matrix. The author seems to be aware of the theory and uses alchemy as a means of escape. If we and everything else is indeed energy then using it as a means of escaping seems to make sense. If needed I have a pdf of the book I can provide.

[–]PRE_-CISION-_ 6 points 20 days ago
Very interesting late night down the rabbit hole read. We are born with no prior knowledge yet the immediate programing to stay. That alone is concerning and points to a lack of control. The human experience as years go on only gets more and more complex as well. Growing up in your great grandfather's society was a less challenging environment than what we face today. Our natural desire to progress technologically and society wise only creates a further stressed human condition. We have grown into a programmed species and deviation from programming is looked down upon and the outcasts are unable to exist in a society that has a script to follow. Why we can't all enjoy life, exist in peace without forced labor and monetary achievement is all part of the plan. What plan that is debatable but we are definitely prisoners of a system that only gets stronger as humans progress not the other way around.

[–]NoRestForTheSickKid 3 points 1 month ago
I believe we do have telepathy in the spirit world. There is even a way to briefly obtain it here, but yeah, something suppresses it. I had an event happen to me that some have described as a “kundalini awakening” and I experienced one way telepathy (thought broadcasting, others could hear my thoughts) for almost a whole month. For some reason no one would admit that they were perceiving my thoughts though, it was so obvious to me, they were saying things as ai thought them or addressing my thoughts out loud, ai could even see their body language change based on my flow of thoughts. Telepathy is real. But something is suppressing it. Also I don’t really know anything about chakras, but I think they might be real as well, as I’ve felt strange sensations right where the third eye would be, as well in much fewer occasions at the crown of my head, where the hairs meet and swirl around there.

[–]CivilSelection2 3 points 11 days ago
I think they manipulate telepathy for social media algorithims and fyps using your microphone and camera. People too busy being tuned out or thinking it's not real to notice. They jus think it's a funny coincidence that an ad showed up exactly as they were thinking it for the 8th time today.

[–]bboriss 3 points 23 days ago
Trust nobody in a - simulation (computer programmed reality)!
(Because, the inhabitants must be - computer programmed entities, as we are ourselves.)

Population reduction and loosh farming
The two are opposed, though the same forces are behind them both.
Surely if you're farming loosh you'll want as much of it as possible, so why reduce the human population?
Any insights?

We shouldn't assume that they use "loosh" as a resource exactly the same way we use our resources. Having a surplus of loosh is nice, but if the handlers want to make new changes to the system removing excessive souls from earth will be temporarily necessary. They have very clear and specific outcomes and goals - too many souls manifestating tiny changes in the construct everywhere complicates things. Especially if the souls have a history of "freedom fighting" or "rebel activities" in past lives.
If they can manage to complete the globalization plan that they've been working tirelessly on, the earth in the long run will support a MUCH larger population density. Plus, a singular government (another prison system basically) would standardize loosh productivity for EVERY single globalized citizen.

Good points, also they can completely reset the system and repopulate after first depopulating. Exact same scenario as Noah’s Ark.

My crazy theory being that the simulation requires a certain number of souls to power it. As more souls escape or ascend to 5D(outer layer of the matrix), the less available energy for the rest of the simulation. As such, there would be a decrease in the quantity of NPC’s since they require a lot power to materialize. “Population reduction” through virus, natural disaster, war, etc would be a great excuse for this decrease, while also maximizing the amount of energy generated from real souls.

Each level in the pyramid has different motives. The minions want money, higher ups more power, aliens dna and human meat, demons souls and loosh, AI to merge with humanity.
Transhumanism seems to be the end goal. There are likely countless planets like earth under their control. They don't mind to reset one farm. We think in years, they think in centuries.

most of people are npcs ,probably they harvest energy only from people with souls who suffer...I know people who look almost like they run on program ,they have emotions but definitely don't progres spiritualy I'm in my mid 40s and my school friends are almost all the same as 20 or 30 years ago.,yes they have families houses jobs but they are absolutely the same .,they dont question life,reality anything..so basically reducing npcs number means nothing for energy harvesting...I don't even believe there are 8 billion people on the world..no way you can check that.,it is all simulation...If you go to big city and expect a lot of people you will experience that...but who knows who are they really ..just a background scene for my experience I don't evem consider them humans anymore



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  Masonic Symbolism in Haitian Vodou
Posted by: Hissil - 04-03-2024, 02:23 AM - Forum: Illuiminati - No Replies


Masonic Symbolism in Haitian Vodou

Freemasonic Influence on Voodoo by Tommy Truthful the Voodoo magik code 3-21-24

While researching for this article, I came across a news story from February 2023 that caught my attention. Its headline read like something from a movie: “Haitian Gang Leader Proclaims Control of the Country, Flaunts His Freemasonry Ties on PBS.”


Fast forward to 2024, and we have Jimmy Barbecue, a gang leader whose name sounds like he should be flipping burgers at a Sunday cookout, taking over Haiti. What’s more, he’s wearing the same Masonic compass necklace. If that doesn’t sound mysterious, I don’t know what does.

The connection between Freemasonry and Voodoo in Haiti is not a mere conspiracy theory invented after watching too many episodes of “Unsolved Mysteries.” It’s a natural and fascinating topic. My brother Juan, who hosts the Juan on Juan podcast, delved deeply into this subject in one of his episodes. His excellent work inspired me to write this blog. If you’re curious and want to check out the story for yourself, you can find it right here.


Isn’t it wild how some stories pull you in? This one has all the makings of a Hollywood blockbuster—power struggles, mystery, and a touch of the supernatural. It makes you wonder about the layers of history and culture often hidden beneath the surface of our world.

It makes you think, guys. Is the whole thing going on in Haiti just a story on the world stage, and Jimmy Barbecue is just a character they made up to play the role of the Haitian gang leader?


Jimmy Barbecue’s name is connected to the whole fire motif worldwide right now, with the fires in Texas. His full name equals 223 in English Ordinal Gematria, like “Skull and Crossbones.” There’s also a connection to HAARP, patented on August 11th, 1987, the 223rd day of the year. And with his connection to the fire motif, we know they are using technology to start these fires. Is there a connection to HAARP?


The practices of traditional African religion are manifested in several diverse spiritual cultures throughout the Caribbean. As Africans were enslaved from their homeland, the indigenous healing and spiritual traditions of African religion stepped into the soil of the island of Hispaniola. In Haiti and the Dominican Republic, Africa’s surviving spiritual practices can be seen in various forms. In Haiti, the religion formed what we know as ‘Vodou,’ a term from the Fon people of the region of Dahomey in West Africa that means ‘spirit.’ The religion of Vodou focuses on interaction with spirits known as ‘Loa’ that rule over nature and humanity. Worship involves various magico-religious rituals, the creation of sacred shrines, and interaction with spirits.


When one looks at the religion of Haitian-based Vodou, one may see some familiar Masonic aesthetics. The square and compass, the use of the letter ‘G,’ and various Masonic tools can be spotted among several of Vodu’s rituals and shrines. As we look deeper into the culture, we can also see several practices and symbols found in Freemasonry.


French rule of the island of Hispaniola established the colony of Saint Domingue from 1659 to 1804 in the area of what we now know as Haiti. Freemasonry was officially established in the colony as two lodges were established in 1749. In 1778, a Provincial Grand Lodge was also established under the direction of the Grand Orient of France.

Enslaved people were initially prohibited from lodges as they were required to be ‘free-born’; however, some free people of color were admitted into lodges where many obtained Masonic wisdom. Some traveled to France and became members of lodges. Formerly enslaved people from Saint Domingue were recorded as lodge members in Bordeaux, France. Upon returning to the island, some members would establish lodges based on their familiarity with the Craft and membership.

Historian Sally McKee noted, “Scottish-Rite Freemasonry linked the Saint Domingue and Bordeaux colony. The masonic lodges established in the French Caribbean were part of a transatlantic network, whose mother lodge was in Bordeaux.” Stephen Morin, considered by some as the founder of the Scottish Rite, established several Scottish Lodges in Saint Domingue, as did Martinés de Pasqually, the founder of the esoteric order known as ‘Elus de Cohën.’ Pasqually’s order combined angelic operations, ceremonial magic, and Scottish Rite Freemasonry to return man to his state before the Adamic fall. Morin was a member of the Bordeaux lodge and, in Saint Domingue, started an ‘Ecossais’ or ‘Scots Masters’ Lodge in the city of Le Cap Francais.

The impact of Freemasonry on the Vodou culture could be seen in the life of one of Haiti and Vodou’s most recognizable historical figures. Francois-Dominique Toussaint Louverture, the leader of the Haitian Revolution, was a formerly enslaved person and believed by some historians to be a Freemason. However, many base his affiliation with the Craft on his use of a possible Masonic-based signature he used when signing documents. One of the other leaders in the Haitian revolution, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, who later became Haiti’s ruler under the 1805 constitution, was a well-known Freemason who significantly influenced local Haitian culture. Masonic knowledge would also become disseminated in the practices of some of Africa’s secret societies that operated secretly on the island.


Reflections of the Craft

Some of the subtle reflections from Freemasonry in Vodou are reflected in the use of cultural terms like ‘Grand Master,’ a term used to describe God, or ‘Grand Met Bondye,’ the ‘good God.’ Masonic practices, including using passwords, gestures, and handshakes, can be seen in rituals and various initiations in the Vodou religion. One example is when the’ Houngan’ priest greets fellow priests with a sacred handshake. This is elaborated on when competing priests meet together. Donald J. Cosentino, professor of English and World Arts and Cultures at UCLA, observed, ‘ When competing organs meet at the beginning of ceremonies, they greet each other with elaborate Masonic handshakes”.

The pantheon of spirits in the Vodou religion is composed of several diverse spirits known as ‘Loa.’ Teachings surrounding the Loa speak of many of the spirits as being Freemasons. The warrior Loa of iron, Ogou, and the Loa of the crossroads known as Legba are frequently called Masons. Ogou is depicted and symbolized by the sword, a military symbol and a tool found in Masonic culture. Masonic symbolism abounds in the imagery of Masonic Loa Baron Samedi. Baron Samedi, Baron Kriminel, and Baron La Kwa are associated with the graveyard. The Baron wears a familiar top hat, like those found in lodge regalia, and is often depicted with familiar Masonic symbols of coffins, skeletons, and various Masonic tools. Some images of the Barons are depicted wearing Masonic aprons. The Loa Agassu, Linglenso, and Agau are also considered Masonic Loa.

Vévé are symbols traditionally used to call forth the Loa. Priests (Houngans) and priestesses (Mambos) create sacred diagrams from cornmeal and various powders to invoke the energies of specific spirits. The square and compass are reflected in the Vévé of the Loa Ayizan and Véve of the souls of the dead, known as ‘Ghede.’ In Vodou, the square and compass also symbolize the unity of the male and feminine. One writer has pointed out that the Vévé for the Loa Ayizan Velekete appears very similar to the square and compass with its overlay of the letter’ a and v’ but also has a philosophical component that speaks to Masonic concepts. Ayizan Velekete protects the temple and ritual purity and acts as the defender of morality. In The Craft, the square and compass speak to ideals of squaring our actions as we reach for purity and morality (Robinson 2013).

The Masonic patron saint of John the Baptist also takes a vital role in Haitian Vodou. Legendary Vodou priest and scholar Max Beavior claimed that John the Baptist taught Jesus the secrets of Vodou. His importance is also reflected in a traditional Vodou song. As St. John’s Day is a celebrated holiday in Masonic culture, it is also celebrated in Haitian Vodou.


Legrace Benson, in the work Nou La, We Here: Remembrance and Power in the Arts of Haitian Vodou, speaks of how the Masonic’ All Seeing Eye’ can be seen in some of the elaborate sequined flags (Drapos) used in Haitian Vodou. Benson claims the image came from Jesuits and Freemasons who came to Haiti. (One particular Vodou priestess a friend spoke to claims that Freemasonry introduced the Kabballah and the use of sigils to Vodou.) Some historical accounts tell of examples of esoteric imagery, such as the tetragrammaton and all-seeing eye found in the ritual décor of Vodou temples in Haiti.

Masonic tradition is believed to have affected the conduct of some Vodou ceremonies. In his book Secrets of Voodoo, Milo Rigaud states, “The older houngan requests the assistance of two other houngans—the oldest he can find—by the esoteric prescription that holds three masons together to form a regular lodge.”

Secret Societies

Secret societies exist in Haitian Vodou culture, such as the Bizango and Sanpwèl societies. Masonic references abound in these cultures, with membership in both societies observing 33 ranks, as in Scottish Rite Freemasonry.

Members of these societies utilize various forms of coded recognition. Anthropologist Wade Davis notes that many societies, such as the Bizango society, utilize signs and signals upon entering and exiting ritual spaces and greeting each other. There is an exciting use of symbolic ‘reversal’ in giving and receiving such signs. Ethnologist Andrew Aptar concludes, “Many reversals play in Masonic symbols and even handshakes, suggesting an appropriation of European or Creole signs of power and value through secondary coding.”


mage created by Tommy Truthful inspired by The Sons of Haiti (French: Fils d’Haïti) is a Haitian-American Masonic Grand Lodge and fraternal organization based in Renton, Washington.


The traditional Vodou temple is known as the Houmfort. The main ritual area, where most ceremonies occur, is known as the Peristyle. It has specific architectural pieces, such as Masonic lodges, that symbolize various spiritual principles.

Legrace Benson speaks of a Bizango ceremony where the All-Seeing Eye of Providence is painted on the temple’s central pole (Poto Mitan). She also documented the leader of a Sanpwèl society adorning his temple with photographs of himself in Masonic regalia and various lodge symbols. She also observed the leader wearing a white Masonic apron while creating a spiritual bath. Benson also observed wooden coffins used by many secret societies placed by sacred altars. The coffin is a symbol in Freemasonry that represents death and resurrection.

I am reminded that both traditions contain secret elements to preserve their wisdom. Both traditions have survived years of persecution and demonization from those who live in fear and ignorance. Lastly, both traditions have maintained a sacred lineage that has provided community, guidance, and fulfillment for thousands of initiates.

➡ The article talks about the connection between Freemasonry and voodoo in Haiti. It suggests that Freemasonry, introduced by the French in the 18th century, influenced voodoo practices. Some Haitian revolutionaries and leaders, who were Freemasons, also practiced voodoo. The article also discusses symbols common to both Freemasonry and voodoo, suggesting a shared history and influence.

Back again to Jersey air, right? We have the haitian gang leader, alleged cannibal, and they were saying that they were unaliving their victims in the streets and burning them and consuming the flesh. That’s what was going on. And obviously, you have these pictures of the freemasonic symbolism. Now, I’m not just any rare galair guy that takes this for what it is. I go, this is interesting. Why is he wearing that? Because a lot of people in the comments, when I posted that clip, they were like, oh, he just got that on.

Anyone can get a freemasonic. He’s a pseudo Freemason. Is he? Is he a pseudo Freemason? Because. Wrong. Wrong. According to the history. This is history. Okay? Now, I know that a lot of people don’t like mainstream history, but according to mainstream history, almost all. Some. Almost all freemasonic revolutionaries. Haitian revolutionaries were freemasons. One of the first guys, this Francois Domininke, to Saint lover cheer. And that took me forever to freaking say, was a former slave who led the revolutionary forces against the French.

He himself, again, they said that he was a Freemason because of his. This is him right here because of these three dots. Now, the three dots represent the Trinity and the line of masonry. The three degrees. Yes. So this is him. Now, this is where it gets controversial, because in the late 18th century, when the French were occupying Haiti, French Freemasonry came forth. And some of the oldest freemasonic lodges are in Haiti from the 17 hundreds.

And when the slave owners were having relations with their slaves, those children were mixed children, and they had luxuries that other children would not have, including being able to enter Freemasonry. And because of that is why historians believe that there is freemasonic influence on voodoo. Okay? And now that’s very controversial, because right off the bat, people are going to be like, no, right? The white man didn’t teach us this.

Like, we knew all this stuff already. This is coming from Africa and voodoo and all this stuff, which, again, I’m just pointing and looking at the history, okay? Palestine Soloke, which was another haitian politician, military commander, and an emperor of Haiti, was a Freemason and an enthusiast of voodoo. His entire staff, bro, were high priests and male witches at his residence in Port au Prince. Now, this is the guy here, and this is the confirmation of him being a 33rd degree Freemason in France.

This is him. And this is his sword, bro. So they have his sword. And if you look closely, it’s engraved with freemasonic symbolism. This is the sword. Yeah. This was the sword that was given to him. You got the eagle. I think there’s lion, Ox. So this is history. Okay. This is a sword that they have double X, but it’s the freemasonic compass. But it’s interesting that when you zoom out the freemasonic compass, it looks like two X’s.

Yeah. X marks the spot. Right. Wow, how much that sword runs for. I don’t know. It was the first ever. He had a whole regali and everything. Okay, so this is where it gets controversial, because this is how I was mentioning earlier, the influence of French Freemasonry in voodoo can be seen, bro. Here we go. So we have the Masonic, the main voodoo God. I think his name is Bode.

Could be getting that wrong. Let me look it up here. Main voodoo deity. No, Dambala is one of them. So Bonde is what Chucky says. He says Bonde, dembala. Here he is, grandma, which is grand met, which means the great creator or the great the which. That’s a whole thing in Freemasonry. Have the great architect of the universe. Right? So the great architect of the universe. So you see that freemasonic influence there.

And it’s in the iconography, bro. Okay. You have the. Again, Freemasonic, the G. And. Oh, that’s just one example. Okay, well, here are some of their sigils that they use. And this is from a Freemasonry and voodoo by Clay Robinson at the University of Florida, a paper that he did on the whole entire thing, if you want to check that out. That’s my source for that. And he breaks it down.

Some of the main sigils that they use for the invocation of certain deities are based off of freemasonic symbolism. Okay. You even see the three dots in the two slides prior to that one as well. The one right before that on the left, it looks like the three dots. That’s new information for me. I never knew that, but I understood the three. That’s cool. Dumbbala right here. So you got the freemasonic compasses.

Okay, so that’s a symbol for Dumballa. Yeah. This is the sigil. So what they use, again, this is a sigil they call a veve or vivi. It’s a sigil that they use to represent the deity on this realm. And that’s how they invoke the deity into this new Chuck. I’m a huge child’s play Chucky fan. And the new Chucky, he has to do a sacrifice for Dumbala. So he goes to the White House.

Right? The White House is the Linster house. It’s the Templar house, it’s the freemasonic house. And he has to do a sacrifice at the White House. So Dumbala will grant him life because he’s starting to age. Chuck E. Doll is starting to age because of christian magic. That’s what the show says. That’s why Dambala is mad at him. So that’s the reason why I know that word. So when I watch this show, I’m going to see if they even have this symbol in it.

Yeah, bro. And again, I’ve looked at this sigil before. I’ve done an episode on zombies, and I didn’t make the connections until I started making the connection. I’m like, okay, what do Freemasons have anything to do with voodoo? Okay, and so the rabbit hole gets deeper because as I was going through this research for this minute and a half clip, by the way, for my video guy, he’s like, hey, make a clip.

We’re going to try out this new format. Make a clip on something. I was like, all right, well, let’s capitalize off the headlines. Let’s capitalize off the cannibals and all this stuff. And then when I started doing the research on research I already had, the rabbit hole was getting deeper and deeper. Don’t. I was like, oh, I couldn’t finish. You know how I am, bro. Like, I have 150 slides on palm trees, bro.

Palm trees. I got some palm tree stuff to show because the Haiti flag symbol is a palm tree, and they’re all going to Florida. Yes. Which is a palm tree as well. So here, let’s continue here. So the dambala, which is their snake deity, et cetera, et cetera, obviously, freemasonic compass right there. Compass, right again, people are probably going to get, I mean, this is for the Patreons.

So I said, okay, this is really weird. Has anyone ever linked necromancy with freemasonry? Turns out there was a guy in the mid 18th century named Johan George Strofer, okay. And he was a german charlatan, independent Freemason and necromancer. This dude was performing masonic necromantic sessions, bro, in which he would conjure ghosts and. Bro, so check it out, because this all ties into the larger picture of what Haiti is and everything that’s going on, right? So it’s about the manipulation of people’s perception, sorcerers of the subconscious, cinemagicians at work, quite literally, because this Johan George Strofer guy was the precursor to early film, bro, because he inspired phantasmagoria shows, which were popular in Europe, which were essentially haunted houses, bro.

This was the first ever haunted house experience. So people would go to this dude’s shows. Now, if he was actually conjuring spirits or not, we don’t know. But what’s interesting is that he would tell people, you need to come sleep deprived. You need to fast, so you’re hungry, and you’re going to have an experience. Some people said that he would drug the salads, so they don’t know if they were actually experiencing something or not.

Okay? And this is the precursor to film and what some people say, why we have haunted houses. So think about Hollywood, the horror nights. And any haunted house experience that you go to comes from phantasmagoria, which is the use of magic lanterns and projections. But this is one of the first forms of multimedia, aka movies. Okay, from this guy, mind you. What do we have in Haiti? Well, we have necromantic voodoo, because part of voodoo is not only the chemical aspect, but also the black magic aspect of it.

And then we have the multimedia. The first ever book on zombies came from Haiti. The first ever movie on zombies, which was inspired from the book on zombies in Haiti. Again, inspired the first movie, bro, in 1932. So we have this connection between a freemasonic, necromantic guy, right? Inspiring the movies that we know today, right? So here I was talking about the magic island, and a zombie is a mythological, undead, corporeal revenant created through the reanimation of a corpse.

Again, either through the uses of substances or through the use of magic. Okay? And here it inspired 1932. And the movie is about a young woman’s transformation to a zombie at the hands of an evil voodoo master. So I thought it was interesting that all this is popping off. And then we have this guy popping into scene, which would fall in line with every revolutionary needs to be a Freemason.

He stepped into power when the other guy stepped down. Okay. And according to the legends, right? Some sources claim that masonry was so integral to haitian culture and leadership that any president of the country who was not a mason prior to office was ordained on the occasion. So was he ordained on the occasion because he stepped into power? I mean, that’s the latest we got, that they’re stepping into power.


The inquiry in this research builds on certain insights to uncover how various institutions of
Vodou1 practices take shape, converge, and become rearticulated in the networks of transnational
linkages within and in relation to Freemasonry in Haiti. Some scholarly sources connote the
issue with a close assumption examining the symbolic similarities that, European Freemasonry is
readily adepted into Vodou. This article, furthermore seeks to reach a coherent whole, in the idea
that, there might be a connection between Haitian naitional identity and Freemasonry, through
Vodou practices. Even though significant literature, reveals the impacts of both Freemasonry and
Vodou on each other in Haiti and the major claim is that Freemasonry and the principal masonic
utopias, paved the way to transnationalism in Haiti; the primary objective of the study is, not to
examine the theological substructure of syncretistic Haitian religions. Nor it will be the major
interest to trace here, the formation of Vodou as a religion on the Hispaňola Island. Nevertheless,
in order to depict a realistic historical perspective of cultural emancipation of Haiti, Vodou is
steressed in corresponding aspects.
Keywords: Haiti, Haitian evolution, Vodou, Freemasonry, transnationalism.

As a matter of fact, both Vodou and in the background the Freemasonry, seemed to be the glue,
to hold Haitians together. ―At the point when Haitians accomplished their independence in 1804,
the majority of its political leaders -who some of them were also Freemasons- and army officers
and soldiers were also Vodou practitioners.Vodou turned out to be an intersection point of an
element of some weight in the early formation and development of post-independence Haitian
politcalpanorama‖71. It is stated that ―these two cultures have become so interlaced that it is
almost impossible to differentiate where a distinction between Freemasonry and Vodou can be
made and which influenced the other in a particular symbol, ceremony and practice (FV 49).
―The evolution of emancipation and the Freemasonry in Haiti and the those of the Haitians
experienced is far beyond what it is seen and broadly spoken. Freemasonry has infiltrated and
incorporated into Haitian culture in all aspects (Kamerling and Gavitte, 2016)‖72 Essentially,
Freemasonry had an influence, on the Vodou oriented mythology of the lives of slaves. This
illustrates well, the transnationalist feelings and concept of Masonic light, flowing out, into the
public in Haiti, through Vodou practices.

As a conclusion, traditional ethnography, and the making of ―culture‖ within and outside of the
borderlands, reconceptualize the Haitians‘ relations, to new spaces through re-Africanized
heritage movements, that emphasize difference. Nevertheless, they shared, many of these modes
with Freemasonry, which was a diverse organization that engendered ties of loyalty, often
stronger than loyalties to nation and state.

Although, this syncretistic upheaval of diasporic values, is not exactly a physical or spiritual
―return‖ to a homeland, as Zerubbabeldid in the fifteentth degree73, it is a symbolic reincarnation.
Even though, they could not make their way back to Africa, as the Israelites did, they have
passed over the Gabara Bridge and obtained the political and cultural independence of their own.
It appears that there are indeed influences of Freemansory on Vodou that await further research
and writing. Vodouarguably has played a pivotal role, historically, in sustaining
the African cultural continuum and in promoting Haitian liberation, from colonial domination.
Within this context, the Vodou perpetrated and penetrated Haitian Freemasonry, constructed
itself as a self-sufficient transnational movement.And, lying thousands of miles from the
westernmost tip of Africa, Haiti, has reconstructed, the symbolic imagery of its syncretistic
codes, mostly through Freemasonry.


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