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Video The Man Who Predicted They Would Only 'Graze His Ear'
Posted by: Richard - Yesterday, 04:47 PM - Forum: Politics - No Replies


In my latest video release, I discuss a prediction made by a man about 4 months ago on YouTube, who got all the specific details correct as to what would happen.  He got this from a dream he had, and you won't believe some of the other things mentioned in his dream.  He talks about an economic crash that is potentially coming soon and how many people will be caught off guard financially. He also talks about what else we will see in the upcoming months, and you will definitely want to see, as there are some good things coming as well.  I also talk about a guy who reordered the same order from Walmart 2 years later and how much more it costed.  Also, how Americans are racking up credit card debt for Summer vacations.  I also talk about a movie that was released recently that seems related and stars Kirsten Dunst.


In my latest video here, I talk about what this retired Green Beret had recently said, which definitely gives some added understanding on what we saw recently.  Also, I talk about how what he says makes perfect sense and explains to it the best.  I also talk about how people are dealing with inflation.  And I talk about how many are using credit cards for their Summer vacations.  I also talk about how they have low unemployment reported, the median housing prices, the housing market and much more.  I also talk about a movie I saw that explains more of what this Green Beret was saying.

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  Cults, Meditation, Drugs and Psychosis - The Many Dangers of Spiritual Manipulation
Posted by: Hissil - 07-14-2024, 08:14 PM - Forum: Mind Control - Replies (1)

Cults, Meditation, Drugs and Psychosis
The Many Dangers of Spiritual Manipulation
A Midwestern Doctor
Feb 24, 2024

Story at a Glance:

•Spiritual practices are a double edged sword. On one hand one’s faith can be profoundly beneficial to their life, but on the other, there is a longstanding problem of spiritual practitioners becoming permanently damaged from their practices (e.g., psychosis).

•Much of this results from spiritual “teachers” promoting practices which give the participant a spiritual high (and hence makes them a loyal customer) rather than the safe and effective practices which are harder to monetize.

•One of the primary reasons cults form is because individuals (especially those in a vulnerable place) are highly susceptible to spiritual manipulation and rarely recognize when one of the common spiritual scams is pushed upon them.

•This article will discuss how spiritual manipulation contrasts with conventional forms of mind control, critical points to understand when attempting to rescue someone from a cult, ways to recognize dangerous spiritual practices, and the overlap between spiritual psychosis and drug induced (e.g., via psychedelics) psychosis.

One of the largest challenges I face with this newsletter is deciding what I want to write about, as since I have a moderately large following, choosing the "wrong "topic can ripple out into a variety of unintended consequences. Conversely, one of the greatest benefits, I have to being anonymous (while simultaneously being viewed as a credible source) is that gives me the wiggle room to touch up on more controversial topics no one else is talking about.

Despite all this, I have still had numerous topics I’ve wanted to discuss, which I have just not felt comfortable diving into. One is the subject of cults, drugs and harmful spiritual practices since on one hand, within the integrative health field, this issue comes up a lot, but simultaneously, discussing it requires you to broach a variety of topics far outside our accepted cultural discourse (which seriously calls my character into question for a more skeptical audience) and it's nearly impossible to go into the subject without rubbing people the wrong way (e.g., people’s egos often very invested in what they are doing regardless of how harmful it is to them).

These issues have repeatedly come up in my life and every 1-3 years I end up getting involved in a fairly stressful cult deprogramming situation. Recently, I found out that my nephew whom I had not been keeping tabs on got involved with a religious group that turned out to be dangerous cult and a lot of my time over the last month went into rescuing him from their clutches (which is part of why I have not written as much recently). Reflecting on what happened, I took this as a sign that I needed to begin exploring that topic here. Conversely, however, I would like to request that if this is not your cup of tea you don’t read this article or if you do, that you don’t hold what’s in here against me or view it as the typical content of this publication.

Note: for those of you who are not spiritually inclined, many of the cult dynamics that will be discussed here were also seen with how many individuals were brainwashed into becoming fanatically devoted to the COVID-19 vaccination program. Likewise, many of the approaches we’ve used to rescue people from cults are also often applicable to other interventions (e.g., someone suffering from drug abuse).

The Forgotten Side of Medicine is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, please consider becoming a free or paid subscriber.

Spirituality and Integrative Medicine

One of the rarely appreciated facets of the integrative medicine field is how intertwined it is with one’s faith. For example, I’ve previously alluded to the fact I was privileged to know some of the most talented integrative doctors in the country (all of whom stay under the radar), and the regular success with which they treat otherwise “incurable” conditions has given me a very different perspective than many of my colleagues on what is actually medically possible.

In the article where I discussed their common habits and behaviors, I mentioned that for each of them, their faith and it’s practices was a central focus of their lives. This in turn was because:

•Their devotion to their faith made them much more resistant to being swayed by all the different forms of propaganda in our society that try to hijack your minds (best summarized by the classic adage, “if you don’t stand for something, you fall for anything”).

•Their faith made them strongly prioritize behaving in an ethical manner (e.g., going out of their way to advocate for their patients regardless of the pressures they got to not do so).

•Their spiritual practice helped them develop the perceptual capacity to recognize critical but subtle things occurring within their patients (and conversely, their innate perceptual gifts often was what drove them to pursue a spiritual path).

•Since a subset of the issues patients with complex issues face are spiritual in nature, being well-versed in a faith often made them much more able to help those patients.

Conversely, however, while there are many merits to spiritual practices (e.g., I think good meditation is one of the most valuable things one can do in life), bad spiritual practices can cause a lot of problems, and both I and my colleagues have had a lot of patients who had a lot of problems from unsafe spiritual practices.

In essence, a very analogous situation exists between the wild west of “non-mainstream” medicine and “non-mainstream” spirituality. Some of it is remarkably effective, some of it is marginal at best, and some is quite harmful. This becomes a huge problem because:

1. Very few people have the background which is necessary to recognize who is a good healer or spiritual teacher and who is not. In my case, beyond being extremely lucky to have met who I did, I had decades of experience in the alternative medical field. Because of this, the people I ultimately chose to really studying under were either people a lot of competent colleagues had endorsed or a relatively unknown person I happened to spend a brief period with whom I could immediately recognize was remarkably talented. Had I not had this background (and a willingness to accept people I’d previously spent a lot of time studying under actually weren’t that great) it would have been impossible for me to find my mentors. Since my background is quite rare, most of my colleagues never found people of a similar caliber to study under.

2. No objective criteria exists to evaluate the quality of spiritual teachers or alternative healers (or even for that, often, matter conventional doctors). In the past, this problem was solved by having “lineages” that built their credibility over centuries through the accomplishments of their adherents and maintained strict criteria for who would be certified in the lineage, but that method of quality control has largely died off since:

•Modern society places much less value on a longstanding lineage.

•Many of the existing lineages, like the rest of society have been eroded by the corrupting influences of our society.

•Many of those that remain don’t advertise publicly.

3. The people who tend to be really good do not publicly advertise what they do (as more people than they ever will need come to them through word of mouth and they conversely do not wish to get embroiled in all the issues publicly advertising themselves creates). Conversely, the people who aren’t so good aggressively advertise themselves and hence end up being the people who everyone sees. Because of this, I frequently hear people (e.g., patients) state they had to go through a lot of bad people before they found someone worth sticking with and how grateful they were to have found them.

4. While many people in the alternative field are drawn it because of a genuine desire to help people (e.g., I can state with certainty this is the case for many of the prominent COVID dissidents), many are instead drawn to it because they see an opportunity for fame money and power. This in turn leads to the sad situation I frequently observe such as someone speaking the standard lines used to attack conventional medicine (e.g., doctors just profit off treating symptoms because all they care about is money) then do the exact same thing to their patients.

5. Many people who get involved in the alternative field do not fully understand what they are dabbling in and tend to greatly overestimate their knowledge or competence over the subject (which again conventional doctors often do as well). In many cases, this just wastes people’s time (generally speaking I think holistic medicine is much safer than conventional medicine), but in other cases it significantly harms them. This is particularly true with spiritual practices.

Being Influenced

Human society has always revolved around trying to get others to support one’s agenda, and as a result, we are constantly bombarded with attempts to influence us.

Some are relatively harmless. For example, one my goals has been to have this publication be read, seriously considered, and supported by a lot of people. So, I’ve:

•Made sure to consistently publish good quality (and relevant) content.
•Made a point to be compassionate and considerate to those I interact with.
•Tried to be as transparent as possible with my thought process.
•Avoided doing anything I thought was potentially unethical.

In turn, my “influencing plan” successfully met my goals.

However, while many wish to influence others, the strategies they often pursue are often much less ethical and, in turn, highly manipulative people have always existed at every level of society.

Classically, if you want to manipulate someone, there are three ways to do it:


•Hypnotically or physiologically


Since the core of human psyche has remained relatively unchanged over the centuries, people inevitably stumble across (or copy) the same methods of manipulation and periodically, someone (e.g., Hitler) comes along who has a great deal of success with them. As marketing is essentially the “science of manipulating people” (to buy your product), in the last century, there has been an incredible degree of systematization and refinement of those existing methods. Worse still, the propaganda industry (termed "public relations") has adopted these tactics and weaponized against the entire society.

In my eyes, one of the biggest problems with manipulation is how resistant people’s egos are to admitting they got manipulated. For example, as I discussed recently, I am still in awe of how effective public relations (PR) is at manipulating people, best demonstrated by the fact the PR campaign used to sell the COVID-19 vaccines got a lot of people who you have never expected to vaccinate (e.g., people who actively spoke out against the childhood vaccine program or the American propaganda apparatus) to receive the most dubious vaccine in history. Likewise, one of the biggest problems with calculating the extent of the COVID vaccine injuries that have occurred is how many people are still in denial about the vaccine they took (and pushed on others) being dangerous.

The one “bright side” to all of this is that while modern science has been able to systematize psychological and hypnotic manipulation, it has not been able to do the same with spiritual manipulation as this cannot be done by a machine (rather it must be done by a human being) and hence cannot be scaled up for the entire population.

This is a “bright side” because spiritual manipulation is by far the most powerful (and hard to recognize) of the three methods but its use has been restricted to individuals who had an innate talent with it. Since individuals with that talent who have no qualms about using it for their own ends aren’t all that common, we only periodically see them rise to power, and most importantly, Public Relations has not been able to manufacture it at will.

However, they’ve tried and many groups try to scout individuals with the inherent capacity to spiritual manipulate others. For example, in the entertainment industry, they use the term “the ‘it’ factor” (defined in detail here) to describe individuals with an inexplicable charisma that talent scouts seek out to recruit and turn into stars (which has been confirmed to me by people in Hollywood). Likewise, I know of a few cases where a rising politician who had “the ‘it’ factor” began to be groomed by outsiders who entered their personal circle and eventually reached a very prominent role (e.g., the presidency).

One of the major contentions with “the ‘it’ factor” (and hence its name) is exactly where that inexplicable charisma comes from. I adamantly believe it is energetic or spiritual in nature, and there are quite a few public figures (e.g., Michael Jackson or Taylor Swift), for whom many in our circle can describe exactly what those individuals are (consciously or unconsciously) doing to influence their audience.

The major challenge we in turn face is how specific to get with elucidating the mechanisms of spiritual manipulation, as on one hand it’s helpful to everyone to know how it’s done (so they can be resistant to it). At the time however, we don’t actually want to tell anyone how to do it as it’s inevitable unscrupulous individuals will abuse that knowledge and we know of many truly tragic examples of this occurring (including some where their teacher admitted deeply regretting having taught the student who went on to do that).

Being Grounded

The importance of being “grounded” (and conversely identifying individuals who are suffering from not being grounded) is widely recognized within the spiritual field. However, while the need to be “grounded” is understood, there is much less clarity on exactly what that means or how to do it (e.g., electrically connecting yourself to the earth to reduce your positive charge will often improve your zeta potential and reduce anxiety is just one type of “grounding”).

Typically, ungrounded individuals are characterized by not being connected or integrated with their bodies (e.g., they are psychologically disassociated, poorly coordinated not in the present, or very much live in their heads). In turn, most reputable faiths recognize the importance of being grounded and emphasizes the importance of being integrated and connected with the physical body (e.g., by making the point always to feel your body).

Unfortunately, while the tendency to disconnect from ourselves has been an issue throughout history, the modern (digital) era has made this problem much worse since more and more of life revolves around rapidly transitioning images, ideas and data rather than being physically connected with reality.

In this article, I want to highlight two of the major issues with becoming ungrounded.

First, a great deal of our basic satisfaction and contentment in life comes from being grounded in our physicality. In turn, once this is lost we become lost souls desperately searching for meaning. Likewise, I and many others believe the two primary causes of anxiety (which is now the most common psychiatric condition as it affects almost half of all Americans) are a loss of physical grounding and the media relentlessly conditioning us to become disconnected from the present (e.g., much of marketing revolves around expectations in the future).

Note: many descriptions of this sense of being lost exist throughout literature. For example, I’ve seen it phrased as: “without compass or direction, anxious for an ideal, but without knowing where to render their adoration.”

Second, physical grounding is one of the primary things that protects each human being from external influences. In turn, as this is lost individuals both become much more susceptible to external influences and much less able to realize what is happening to them. To illustrate:

•One of the things that always made it hard for me to fit in with society was my intrinsic resistance to hypnosis (something which often underlies the cohesion within social groups). This was because anytime I began to be influenced by something, I would immediately notice something in my body was changing (e.g., my heart rate, a muscle tightening up, an inexplicable emotion rising up or the pacing of my thoughts shifting) at which point my first thought would be to try to recognize what was triggering this and then get upset with the trigger for attempting to violate me.

This in turn is why I’ve always had such a strong interest in propaganda; I would constantly notice subliminal ways the media (e.g., music, the news, the internet, written pieces) were doing this, and as time went on I started noticing how systematically and repetitively it was done (especially by Big Tech).

Note: it’s impossible to avoid influencing someone within human communication. For example, my goal here is to empower people with what I believe to be true and to move readers into a positive emotional state where they are not paralyzed by fear, but while that is arguably “good” to do, it still is me forcing my agenda upon you, which is part of why I try so hard to (concisely) be transparent about exactly what I am doing.

Susceptibility to Influence

At any given time, a constellation of factors determine how susceptible one is to being influenced. Some (e.g., how innately grounded one is) remain relatively static, others gradually change (e.g., how stressful one’s life is or how desperate one is for a life purpose to attach themselves to) and some can change quite quickly (e.g, the current “health” of the individual or how strong of an external influence they are exposed to).

I believe one problem in medicine helps to illustrate much of this.

The medical profession believes a doctor (and healthcare workers) should not under any circumstances engage in sexual relations with a patient. In turn, the penalties for doing so are quite strict (e.g., a consensual relationship is often automatic grounds for the revocation of a license while some states go even further and make the activity a felony) and when the occasional sexual predator who has victimized numerous patients is identified (which seems to happen every few years) the justice system makes it very clear to the public the individual will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

As a result, almost all doctors in practice believe they would not under any circumstances become sexually involved with a patient. Nonetheless, it still happens (I even know of a few cases where former patients who married their physicians).

In all the cases I’ve looked, I noticed two factors were commonly at play:

•First, the doctor (or other healthcare worker) was in a particularly vulnerable place of their life (e.g., a bankruptcy, a traumatic divorce, a new workload which was too stressful for them to handle, a recent death of someone very close to them or another catastrophic loss).

•Second, the individual they became involved with had an energetic presence the doctor had never encountered before which was overpowering and caused them to experience a lot of intense or tumultuous things (e.g., emotions) the doctor had never experienced before which was eventually rationalized as a need to be with the patient.

In turn, when both the first and second were at play and the patient was attracted to the doctor, the doctor often ended up engaging in a relationship they previously believed they would never get themselves into.

While the above example seems a bit extreme and not applicable (as most of you aren’t doctors), the reality is very similar things happen all the time. For example, I’ve lost count of how many people have lamented the relationship they are stuck in, and then noted that one or both of the above factors was what drew them into it.

In turn, I would argue there are two critical points to take from this:

The first is that individuals with “the ‘it’ factor” often have that energetic presence and hence cause many people to be drawn to them even though those drawn can’t put into words why they are.
Note: many other individuals can have weaker versions of “the ‘it’ factor” that only specific people are inexplicably drawn to (e.g., sometimes this is labeled as being convinced the individual is their “twin flame”), while even weaker forms of it are often just referred to as having “chemistry.” This “draw” in turn is often what sparks sexual relationships, and my present perspective is that while compatibility is critical in dating, the stronger this pull is, the less likely the relationship is to be healthy and sustainable (e.g., I’ve watched numerous “twin flames” rapidly transition from being madly in love with each other to permanently despising each other, sometimes in fairly dramatic ways).

The second is that a variety of ways exist to protect yourself from this (e.g., becoming more grounded). I believe one of the most important strategies is simply becoming aware that energetic influences exist so they no longer become this overpowering experience that draws them in. For example:

•One of my close friends crossed paths with a notorious public figure who was notorious for using his “it” factor to both seduce women and gain political power. When he did that to her, she first felt an overpowering draw to him and began to fall into his sway, then took a step back as she had the thought “oh this must be one of the [redacted] techniques my guru told me about,” at which point she completely lost her attraction to him (which left him quite confused for a long time as almost no one else had rebuffed his advances). After that she began to look for it, and realized he just did the same thing again and again on the young women he met.
Note: if you know who I am referring to, please do not mention his name in the comments; that stipulation was what I agreed to with her in return for sharing this here.

•When I was younger I became involved with people I just felt I had to be connected to (e.g., they had an intoxicating presence). This puzzled me as I often did not at all approve of their character, and over time, I realized that the overwhelming experience I had around them was simply a product of how a specific energetic quality they had interacted with me, at which point, like my friend, I became immune to it.
Note: It’s important to recognize this principle does not just hold true for romantic interactions—it can also hold true for platonic ones (e.g., I had friends of the same gender I felt an overwhelming pull towards, became very attached to and ultimately was involved with for years despite it not being at all healthy for me to do so).

Mass Formations

Two years ago, Robert Malone introduced Matthias Desmet’s mass formation hypothesis to this movement. It was controversial since its suggestion that much of the evil we’d seen over the last few years was something which could emerge spontaneously in the correct conditions (as this implied the psychopaths who engineered this were not the ones at fault) but simultaneously embraced by many because they felt it at last put words into what they had been observing.

This hypothesis essentially argues that:

•Crowds can take on a life of their own and before long pull their participants into an altered state of mind where many begin to do unspeakable actions no one imagined could ever be possible.

•The perpetuity of a mass formation is largely based upon whether or not a vocal minority of the population is willing to take on the personal risk required to speak out against it (which is why it’s so important for those who can to speak out against them).

•Certain conditions such as being disconnected from everything or a severe source of anxiety gripping the society make individuals much more susceptible to falling into a mass formation.
Note: these were the exact same conditions that existed during the COVID lockdowns.

•The most successful tyrants in history (e.g., Hitler, Stalin, Mao) controlled a society which was in the grip of a mass formation and enacted a variety of policies and propaganda presentations which further reinforced the mass formation.
Note: while it did not happen to those three, Desmet cited many other cases where the mass formation became a self-perpetuating entity which devoured the society (including those who had initially championed it).

I immediately supported Desmet’s position because it both encapsulated much of what I’d seen throughout my lifetime and also because he provided an unusual degree of accuracy over what had transpired in those totalitarian states I almost never see provided within the literature.

Note: much of what happened in those states is nearly impossible to put into words, and I only know of because I am close to perceptive individuals who grew up within them. The fear many of us have is that we are extremely vulnerable to repeating those mistakes of the past because there are now so few people who are still alive who directly experienced what happened in these nightmares is a large part of what motivates to write here.

Furthermore, I believe there are three important but rarely recognized aspects of this phenomena.

First, much of what Desmet described (e.g., the inexplicable sway people are pulled under, the hypnotic current that forms between them, and the rapid transmission of states of consciousness between the participants) is energetically mediated. This for example is why individuals with “the ‘it’ factor” often initiate the creation of mass formations and why (in the wrong settings such as a war zone) you can watch a malevolent emotion rapidly spread through a crowd, which is following by something inconceivable like a terrifying madness gripping the crowd or them transforming into monsters in the blink of an eye.
Note: it’s very difficult to appreciate what I am describing (or even believe it’s possible) unless you’ve seen it firsthand.

Second, less intense mass formations exist around us all the time. For example, any social group or identity will often develop a shared emotional resonance and linguistic style members of the group will adopt to fulfill their subconscious desire to belong to the collective. This for instance is why many nonsensical ideologies can perpetuate as while their specific words are relatively meaningless, they all reinforce the underlying resonance of the group. To illustrate, a recent article, “The Deadly Rise of Scientism” discussed how randomly generated text (i.e. nonsense) that mimics the cadence of post-modernist or new age writings often can pass for being authentic to members of those groups.
Note: while I strongly believe patients should be informed and have access to support groups, I now often recommend my patients leave them as I find many who participate in these groups latch onto unhealthy beliefs being continually reinforced within the collectives of those groups (e.g., “we are all so damaged” “there is no hope” etc).

Finally, whenever you start to look into cults, you will typically find some type of mass formation is at work. I share this because in a cult deprogramming I was involved in a year ago, I realized what the person was describing perfectly matched what Desmet had shared with Tucker Carlson about mass formations, and in turn, once the individual was at the place they were willing to listen, sharing that excellent interview played a pivotal role in breaking them out of the cult.

Note: one of the major social challenges I faced throughout life was how much internal resistance I’ve had to surrendering myself into the mass formation of a group—something which makes it very hard to fit in.


Anytime groups of people gather together for a shared ideology, they will develop varying degrees of cult like behavior. Exactly where you draw the line on what degree of that constitutes a cult is hard to say—everyone agrees Jim Jones (who inspired the phrase ‘drinking the Kool-Aid’) was one of the most infamous cult leaders in history, but very different perspectives exist on how to describe the zealots trapped within the COVID-19 mass formation (e.g., many still think they were completely sane, while others ofter refer to them as the “Branch Covidians”).

Note: many of my colleagues refer to modern medicine as a cult because of how deeply held many of its toxic beliefs are and because of how quickly collective psychoses can spread through the medical field (e.g., what we saw throughout COVID-19).

In turn, cults are an enduring issue with almost every faith. For example, by the criteria that exists in almost every one of them, Jesus Christ was a genuine spiritual being and a teacher of great integrity. Yet, since Jesus’s time, countless false prophets claiming to act in his name have done unspeakable acts (e.g., Jim Jones did this) that go against every single teaching of Christ, and sadly I can name individuals who have done the same for almost every other major religion (e.g., I’ve come across a few cults run by a psychopath who has convinced everyone he held the true teachings of the Buddha—and sometimes even genuinely believe he was Buddha’s reincarnation).

Typically cults form in one of three ways:

•A Cult Leader Creates It
•A Mass Formation Emerges On It’s Own
•Both happen concurrently.

Note: mass formations being linked to cults explain why these organizations (unlike other predatory businesses) often become focused on more than than just making money and why they often become so hard for their leaders to control.

Cult leaders in turn tend to come from two sources:

1. Individuals with “the ‘it’ factor” who then use their charisma to attract a following.

2. Individuals who have uncovered something inspiring, get in over their heads while promoting it, get placed into a leadership position, and then rapidly become transformed by their position (which they were not prepared to handle).

In turn, there are a few key points to take from this.

First, the degree of charisma a cult leader has varies greatly. Typically, the more innate charisma they have (due to their energetic makeup), the less they look for outside help. Conversely, as the leader has less charisma, they will resort to some combination of:

•Asking outside forces to provide that charisma (e.g., this is a common reason why people engage in channeling).

•Psychologically manipulating their group (e.g., by coming up with an endless list of reasons why people must devote themselves to the cult, doing lots of things to “unground” them such as subjecting them to sleep deprivation in order to make them easier to manipulate, or isolating them from anyone outside the group so no one can break the leader’s spell).
Note: a good case can also be made that all of the above occurs in many other areas like the training one goes through to become a doctor.

Secondly, since cults (and the energetic manipulation that maintains them) have had much more time to develop in Asia than they have in the Western World, the “marketplace” for cults tends to be more competitive and selects for people who are very good at spiritually manipulating their groups. Conversely, while individuals like that are rare to find in the Western World, modern technology (like NLP) has bridged that gap here.

For example, a common marketing technique is to combine an (often repetitive) activity that invests you in the product with something that triggers a dopamine spike, as doing these in concert with each other creates an addiction to the product.

In turn, many examples exist showing how big tech has done this to increase business (e.g., with blue light from screens creates addictive serotonin releases, I’ve observed certain music playing programs will sometimes slightly speed up your favorite songs which in parallel speeds up your nervous system not unlike a stimulant, and it is now widely acknowledged that social media is structured to create addictive dopamine spikes in the users).

Cults often use similar approaches, especially those that are focused on selling their doctrine to as many people as possible. For example, in a manner somewhat analogous to how Big Tech addicts you to their products, I’ve come across quite a few groups which covertly (or overtly) drugged their recipients with illicit drugs that caused them to have euphoric experiences cult members were trained to associate with the cult’s messages. Likewise these groups often use some type of easy method to create a spiritual high and then convince each follower that high validates the importance of the cult’s doctrines.

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  Five Easy Steps To Create A Manchurian Candidate
Posted by: Hissil - 07-14-2024, 08:13 PM - Forum: Mind Control - No Replies

Five Easy Steps
To Create
A Manchurian Candidate


Gunther Russbacher sent the original pieces of this article to his wife, Rayelan in 1996. In December of 1996, Rayelan pieced together Gunther's many letters, and published the original article on "Mind Control in America" in the print edition of Rumor Mill News.

Several days before the Columbine shootings, a man from Austria came to California to meet with Rayelan and clear up some of the hard to understand passages in the original article. The man said he was Gunther's boss in Austrian Intelligence. Since Rayelan had never met Gunther's boss, the man provided information that only Rayelan, Gunther and Gunther Austrian Intelligence superior would know.

The Austrian told her he had helped Gunther write the first part of the article on "Operation Open Eyes." The original article was hand written by Gunther and sent to Rayelan in several different letters. The man from Austria said that he had personal knowledge of the 5 Levels of programming, and that was the part of the article he had helped Gunther write. The second part of the original RMNews article was taken from other letters written by Gunther, alone. The man from Austria said he could only correct the part that he had helped write because he had no personal knowledge of Gunther�s own mind control experiences, or how the United States used this method of mind control.

Shortly after the Austrian met with Rayelan, the tragedy at Columbine happened. Rayelan now believes that the Columbine killings were the beginning of the final push to take all guns out of the hands of the American people. One month, to the day, after Columbine, another similar shooting occurred in Georgia. These killings are not random acts of teenage violence. These school killings are a planned, methodical attack on the American Constitution and the freedom which is enjoyed but taken for granted by citizens of the United States of America.

The method of the attack is designed to inflame anger and hysteria in the American public. The media whips up the anger and hysteria and keeps it fresh in America's mind, with continual graphic, around the clock, "overkill" coverage and commentary of the dead and wounded victims, the pain and suffering of the families, and the traumatic scars left on America's children. The President uses the hysteria of the moment to blame guns for the problems in Americas schools and with America's children. In the heat of hysteria, Congress is pressured to pass more guns laws.

The hysteria and anger towards guns, propelled by the President and the media, continues to sweep across America. No one in media or being interviewed by the media, is allowed to speak rationally on the subject of guns. Rational people are shouted down by talk show hosts, as in the infamous Rosie O'Donnell interview with Tom Selleck. Members of Congress who try to point out the fact that existing gun laws don't work, because the Clinton Administration doesn't enforce them, are portrayed by the media as being "on the take" from the NRA.

No one is permitted to step back from the hysteria and consider, that no matter how many gun laws are enacted by governments, not even the total ban and destruction of guns could have stopped what happened at Columbine.

If there were no guns available to the two young men and their accomplices at Columbine, the killings would have happened anyway. A gun was not used to blow up the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. Guns were not used to kill the 800,000 TsuTsis who were killed in Rwanda by the Hutus.

The children at Columbine and at the other schools across America were killed by other children. The "child killers" used guns, but they could just as easily used machetes or bombs. The man who drove his pick up truck through the window of Luby's restaurant in Killean, Texas used a high powered assault rifle to murder dozens of people. He could just as easily thrown a bomb through the restaurant window. The bomb would have killed more people than the gun, and the killer would have escaped alive. But a bomb would not have accomplished the first step in the planned take-over of America. That first step is the elimination of all guns in the hands of the American public!

Many of the mass murderers in the recent decade have committed suicide at the site of the killings, or they are killed by a law enforcement officer, once the various government agencies arrive. In several cases of school shootings, the "child killers" have been stopped by teachers or principles who had guns. If the adult school officials had not had guns, by the time the law enforcement officers arrive, more victims would have been killed. It is also possible that the "child killers" would have "self destructed" by committing suicide. Dead men and boys, tell no tales.

With the "child killers" dead, there is no way to trace back, to its origin in mind control programming, the true cause of the killing spree. If these children have been programmed using a Manchurian Candidate type of mind control, that has been around since the 1920's, and actively used since the Korean War, a trained psychiatrist can find the mind control tracks! For the psychiatrist to do his job, he needs a live "killer", and he needs the cooperation of the local law enforcement officials.

The only way to stop these shootings is to make the public realize that "Manchurian Candidates" do exist, and the kids who are committing these tragic crimes are victims of government mind control. The purpose of the shootings is to inflame the public against guns so that they force Congress to pass restrictive gun laws.

Once the guns are out of the hands of the American public, another twist in random mayhem will begin. More programmed "Manchurian Candidates" will begin anarchistic attacks on the public using bombs, knives, fires, Molotov cocktails, baseball bats and any other item that can be used as a weapon. Anarchy will sweep the streets of the United States.

The public will be disarmed and unable to protect themselves. Therefore, the government will step in and become everyone�s protector and Big Brother! The government will do this by suspending the last threads of our barely surviving Constitution, declaring martial law, rounding up the dissidents, patrolling our streets with armed United Nations or NATO military, instituting curfew, and shooting anyone who disobeys any of the newly imposed laws. In other words, a totalitarian government will take control, and if you oppose them, you will be sent to the Gulags.

If the school killings escalate as a Rumor Mill News Source said they will, Congress will be bribed, blackmailed or threatened to pass the bills which will take away out guns. If this happens in 1999 or the year 2000, Bill and Hillary Clinton will be the permanent totalitarian rulers of the United States!

Programmed "Manchurian Candidates" as well as political and government leaders whose own personal agendas have been replaced with mind controlled New World Order "overlays", will work in tandem to bring the United States under the iron fisted rule of a One World Government.

There is enough research on mind control to convince any rational person that mind control and programmed assassins exist. Congress will not investigate this. Our Congress is either bribed with money or promises of high positions in the New World Government, or they are blackmailed and/or threatened with death or the death or their loved ones.

The only hope America has of exposing this and stopping it, is for a courageous community to demand that their district attorney look into the mind control aspect of the shootings. This courageous community must stand together as a united front. If only a handful of residents try to force their local government to investigate and expose the mind control behind the killing rampages, then that handful can be broken and defused using simple techniques of "divide and conquer", and "smear and attack" These courageous residents will be painted as mentally unstable, or as criminals and pedophiles. If these simple techniques of "breaking and diffusing the opposition" don�t work, then the heavier guns of bribery, blackmail, threats and murder will be used. Only a well coordinated and informed public, with NO LEADER OR SPOKESPERSON, can expose the horror of what is really happening in America.

Why no leader or spokesperson? Because you can never be sure you are not putting a government infiltrator in charge of the attempt to expose the truth. In other words, the only person whose agenda you can trust is your own. This means, if you want the truth exposed, YOU have to do it.

One of the places where an investigator can begin research is with Satanic cults and children�s mental institutions and in house drug rehabilitation programs. Almost all of the children involved in the school killings had attended a Satanic cult or had been in a mental hospital.. These are the two main ways of programming children without parental knowledge. The local authorities or researchers and investigators need to start there.

There have been many books written about CIA mind control programs, but no document or book has exposed the method used to create a programmed assassin. This article covers the basics of the program. Once you read this, you will understand how and why mass murders such as Columbine, take place. In the case of the mass murders using guns, these mind controlled assassins are being used to sow terrorism in order to force Congress to pass tougher, more draconian gun laws which do not stop terrorism, but take away freedoms Americans take for granted.

In the case of the children being murdered by children. This is a "CIA modified" "Hegelian Dialectic" technique. In other words, if you want society to become something different than it is, you must set up the conditions which will bring about the desired results. The German philosopher, Frederich Hegel called it: Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis. The CIA calls it: Crisis Creation, Crisis Solution, Crisis Control. (Navy Captain Trenton Parker describes how the CIA uses this technique in foreign countries to influence politics. See end of article for information.)

In the case of Columbine and other similar shootings the scenario is as follows:


An armed America


Horrific violence and mass murders committed by people with guns


Draconian antigun laws which disarm America

The CIA�s version of Hegel�s Dialectic omits the Thesis, their version starts with the antithesis:
Crisis Creation replaces Antithesis:

Horrific violence and mass murders committed by people with guns, who were either programmed or in the employee of the CIA or other government agencies

Crisis Solution replaces Synthesis:

Draconian gun laws which take the guns away from everyone, including law abiding citizens.

Crisis Control Becomes the New Thesis

In the case of gun violence, the new thesis will resemble a police state, where only the government will have guns

To further illustrate the point. America is a nation full of guns and guaranteed the right to own and bear arms, by the Constitution of the United States.

America cannot be taken over by the New World Order and their socialist/communist agenda, if Americans are armed, (this is the Thesis, an armed citizenry), therefore conditions must be created that will cause the American public to demand that their Constitutional right to bear arms be rescinded.

These created conditions are called "The Antithesis" by Hegel; it is called Crisis Creation by the CIA. In the case of an armed citizenry, the antithesis, or anti-thesis, is random, senseless and horrific murders using guns as the weapon.

When these two conditions, i.e.; an armed citizenry and horrific gun violence, exist simultaneously, public hysteria can be whipped up making the public demand that their Congressional representatives outlaw all guns. This is called "The Synthesis" by Hegel; or Crisis Solution by the CIA..

The "synthesis" then becomes the new "Thesis" for a new triad in Hegel's Dialectic. In the CIA's version of Hegel's Dialectic, the synthesis i.e.; the Crisis Solution brings about the new Thesis which is called: Crisis Control.

When Hitler wanted to wipe Jewish DNA from all of Europe, he created similar "antithesis" conditions which allowed the passage of similar anti gun laws. If all Jews in Germany had been armed, how easy would it have been for Hitler to send them to concentration camps? An armed citizenry can protect itself from its government.

Hitler's plan to eliminate all gun from German citizens was so successful that Connecticut Senator Thomas J. Dodd, father of today�s Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd, used Hitler's model to frame the Gun Control Act of 1968. (More information at end of article.)

The Government's Diabolic Plan Must Be Exposed

If this horrendous, diabolic plan to disarm America is not exposed, we can expect to see many more killings like the ones at Columbine. Each subsequent episode will be 100 times worse than the others. In Columbine, the real people behind the killings were sending a subtle message to anyone who can decipher it: The bombs that were found were not intended to go off. They were merely there to let "key people" in Congress know what will happen the next time. In other words, instead of 15 people being killed, hundreds, maybe even thousands will be killed.

More than likely, there was a "Control Officer" handling these boys. If an honest police unit uncovers him, he will be sacrificed, just like Tim McVeigh. He will be portrayed in the exact way the Tim McVeigh has been portrayed. In other words, he will be part of "The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy", he will be a "gun nut", he will belong to an Aryan Christian group.

Once you read how "Manchurian Candidates" are created, you will fully understand what is behind the incidents like the school killings, the crash of Ron Brown's plane, The North Hollywood bank robbery, the massacre at Luby's, and the killings at the Capitol, (Tom DeLay was the intended target at the Capitol. Maybe he would be interested in how his would be assassin was created.)

* * * * *


Government insiders reveal
How the United States Government

Finds, Chooses and Creates


Mind-controlled, programmed zombies, also known as:
Manchurian Candidates

An Overview of a Government Mind Control Program

How the Subjects are Chosen

A preset group of our people (from the intelligence community) canvasses the county hospitals and immigration centers in order to find viable candidates. We locate and select people who have no close family or friends. Once they have been selected, they are put under heavy, Level One hypnosis. At this time a clear and definitive pattern of their usefulness is determined by our psychiatrists and field officers. If the candidate possesses a relatively high IQ, he will be filed in a category file, called "call file. "

Levels One and Two

If the tested applicant has more than 120 IQ, a "recall" command and an accompanying "trigger" word will be written into his personality during the Level One hypnosis session. This "trigger" will activate his recall program when we are ready for him. We then systematically do a background search and create a file for future reference.

If there are no relatives, to speak of, the subject will be "recalled" and taken to a location of our choice. Further tests for vulnerability will be conducted at this location. If he passes these tests, he is then brought to Level 2 hypnosis where specific instructions are "written" (placed through hypnotic commands and suggestions) into his personality and he is given diverse small orders.

If the subject, upon release, shows that he has retained the instructions which were "written" into his personality, and if he carries out the small and unimportant work duties which were assigned under Level 2 hypnosis, he will receive a "recall service notice".

The timing of a "recall service notice" depends on how quickly we can determine that the programming which was "written" into the subject�s personality has enabled him to complete his Level 2 work assignments properly. Once this determination has been made, a "recall service notice" will be given to him by a person, or "handler" to whom we have introduced him.

If the subject was not given a "trigger" word, the "handler" will use a quick and powerful form of hypnosis similar to Neural Linguistic Programming. The subject will be told when and where to report. The subject will have no memory of being given these instructions, he will just report on time to the proper location. IF the subject was given a "trigger" word or symbol. He will report to the designated location upon activation of the "trigger".

Level 3

The next step is Level 3 hypnosis, where the subject will become an "overwrite" upon his own personality. An "overwrite" is a new identity or personality. It is similar to having multiple personalities, except the original personality is repressed or hidden under the "overwrite" and will not surface for a set period of time which is determined by the Programmer.

The "overwrite" is not a complete new identity. There is just enough information written into the subject�s personality for us to determine his viability.

In the case of a Field Operative, Level 3 hypnosis is how the operative is prepared for a covert mission which requires a temporary new identity. Just enough information will be written in for the operative�s alias and story to be believable by everyone, including law enforcement officials. In the case of a field operative who will be using this alias for only one occasion, his normal personality is not repressed, it is made recessive, but left alert.

For the field operative who is being prepared for a deadly covert mission, a Level 3 "overwrite" can eliminate all fear and nervousness, and allow him to function under the nose of his enemies without the added stress of being discovered. All operatives have to go to, and through these 3 Levels before they are fielded! Sometimes they go through Level 3 many times.

During Level 3 programming sessions, the new subject is told that anything his "friends", i.e. programmers, ask him to do, is okay, even though it may be against all laws of the land. At Level 3, the subject is also programmed to believe that he must and can do everything his "friends" i.e., programmers ask him to do.

Once Level 3 Programming has been "overlaid" upon the new subject�s own personality, he/she is once again given a "recall service order" and is then discharged. The subject will be monitored to see how well he functions with his new personality. If everything goes well, he will be recalled for further programming.

The higher the IQ of a given subject, the further the programming goes! If the IQ is high enough we will study his abilities and our needs, and determine how the subject can be further used. Once this determination is made, the subject will be brought to "The Farm" or one of our numerous facilities throughout the U.S. and Canada for further and final programming. (Doctors Hospital in Dallas, TX is one of our main centers!)

Level 4

Once at the facility, we will put the subject into Level 4 hypnosis, a place where he no longer differentiates between right and wrong. The subject will be told he is a "Super Human" and all laws are written for other people. The subject�s moral code, respect for the law, and fear of dying is replaced with new "Super Human" feelings.

This is the Level that turns a subject into a "Clear Eyes", i.e., a fully programmed "sleeper" assassin, who can commit crimes as serious as murder, and afterwards have no shame, guilt, or remorse.

The Level 3 Super Human "overwrite" replaces the subject�s own morality and/or religious ethics with a program that makes him believe he is beyond all human laws. If the intent of the programming is to create a programmed assassin who will kill on cue, all morality, fear, and revulsion of bloody body parts must be eliminated. The Super Human "overwrite" eliminates both. The Super Human "overwrite" also gives the subject the feeling of immortality and invincibility.

If he has to perform a particularly suicidal or important assignment we do our job at Stoney Mountain facilities.

At Level 4, diverse programs can be written/or overwritten into the brain. Any command is accepted at this level. At Level 4 you can give the test subject a completely new personality and history. You are able to make him/her believe anything the program requires for the accomplishment of the desired project. In this case, a completely new person is being created, not just a partial personality as is Level 3.

Once the Level 4 programming is complete, the subject will be a different person with no memory of his former life. He will not be an amnesiac, he will have memories. Ones which we gave him. He/she will be relocated to a new state and town and given a new life. Everything to complete the construction of the new person will be provided. Items such as driver's licence, car, bank accounts, passport, credit cards, and birth certificate will be created or supplied by us and will be valid and legal.

The subject will also be provided with all the small things that ordinary people have in their lives, such as photos of his family. His family won�t really exist, but he won't know this. He will have all the feelings of love, hurt or anger that normal family members feel for each other.

The photos of family and friends will be of deep cover agency personnel. If ever a mission goes "sour" and the news media starts looking for his family, the "agency created family" will be produced for a news conference or an interview. Agency personnel have been well coached and are trained actors and actresses. They will fill their roles perfectly, usually letting the public know that the "Clear Eyes" subject has always had a deeply troubled and violent past. The media will present the "Clear Eyes" as a nut case who went on a tragic and senseless rampage. Within a month, the public will have forgotten the incident.

Completing the new life and home, will be souvenirs from trips the subject has never taken, but yet remembers. There will also be small mementos of a life he has never lived, yet believes he has. Upon the completion of Level 4 Programming, the subject and patient (one and the same) now has an agenda that he believes is his own.

In other words, if the subject is going to be used to infiltrate a patriot group, religious commune, political campaign or environmental movement, the subject will be given all the knowledge and beliefs that are commonly held by people in his targeted group. The subject will believe that his fervently held opinions are his own. He will be believable to other members of the group.

Many politicians and government officials on a world wide level have been given "new agendas" through the use of Level 4 programming. Their own beliefs are replaced with the agenda of the programmers. They are given super human talents such as a photographic memory, and the ability to lie convincingly.

President Clinton is an example of a world leader who has been programmed with this technique. Senator John McCain and Secretary of State Madeline Albright are two other examples of an "agenda overlay" being "overwritten" onto the subjects own personality. In the cases of these people, their own personalities and memories are still present, to a large extant, although childhood and early adolescent memories are sometimes erased when this technique is used.

Once the future government leader is programmed, he will be recalled on a yearly basis and given hypnotic reinforcement of the original programming, or new programming will be "inserted" to modify the original programs. If no new programming is needed, the reinforcement programming can be done on a mass scale. In other words, "programmed sleepers" who are part of a lecture audience or a "think tank retreat", can have their programming "reinforced" through a lecture or film. The rest of the audience, such as wives and children, will notice nothing out of the ordinary.

Upon completion of Level 4, the subject who has been chosen to become a "programmed sleeper assassin" is fully prepared for Level 5.

Level 5

At Level 5, the "trigger" which activates the program is inserted.

At Level 5, very carefully, a code word, sequence of numbers, or a voice imprint is "etched" into the subject�s brain. This is commonly known and referred to as the "trigger" which will activate the subject into action. At this time, the subject will also be implanted with a coded tracking device so that his location will always be known.

Once Level 5 programming is complete, the subject is released to live a very normal and sometimes useful life. The subject will have no memory of being involved with the intelligence community, and will have no memory of the hypnosis sessions.

The "sleeper" who has been given a complete new identity will have no memory of his "former" life, therefore he will never question who he is. The subject will live a normal life as a doctor, an airline pilot, a politician, an eccentric loner, or a movie star until the subject is required to perform the missions for which he was created.

These missions or programs were implanted/written into Level 4 hypnosis. Once the the Level 5, programmed "sleeper" assassin is finished with the programming , he is referred to as a "Clear Eyes". A "Clear Eyes" is a "sleeper assassin" who is capable of being triggered, i.e. activated.

Once a "Clear Eyes" is "triggered", accidently or on purpose, the subject is beyond recall. A Level 5 "Clear Eyes" can only be approached after he carries out his program or operation.

Because of the programming, the subject will not be able to associate with the crime he has just committed. Such a programmed subject is Sirhan Sirhan, the assassin of Robert Kennedy. To this day Sirhan cannot recall anything about shooting Senator Kennedy.

Only psychiatrists trained in our method of sub mental behavior programming, overwrites and overlays, will be able to find any tracks leading to post Level 1 or 2 mind control. In other words, a regular psychiatrist may discover that the subject has been hypnotized in the past, and may even discover the original personality. But a regular psychiatrist will never be able to discover the location in the brain or memory, where Levels 3, 4 and 5 programs are stored.

Without an activation "key", a normal psychiatrist will never uncover the programming unless by accident.

If the programmed subject is told to walk into an armed camp and assassinate an enemy leader, the subject will carry out his program with no regard to his personal welfare, whether he lives or dies, or how he is supposed to escape. In most cases of programmed "Clear Eyes" who commit murders or assassinations, the subject is killed on the spot, either by an innocent bystander who kills only to end the killing, or by an agency operative who is on site to insure nothing goes wrong, in other words, that the subject "self destructs" or is killed.

In some cases the subject is captured and not killed. Due to the type of programming used in "Operation Open Eyes", the subject will not be able to divulge any information. Even if the subject is brutally tortured, he will not be able to remember the actual killing or terrorist act, let alone why he did it. This is because all programming is buried deep within long forgotten childhood memories which were recalled under Level 3 hypnosis. (This is the level where real childhood memories are accidently destroyed in politicians and other officials who have agendas "overwritten" on their own personalities.)

Even under the "truth serum" drugs, the subject cannot reveal the truth because his conscious mind has no access to it. Using "Operation Open Eyes", the government can create the perfect assassin, saboteur or terrorist. One who will perform on cue, not be able to remember anything, or self destruct before being captured.

Who was Gunther Russbacher?

He was a 29 veteran of the CIA when he married Rayelan Allan in 1989. He was incarcerated two days after marrying her. The reason for his incarceration became clear when he testified that in 1980, he flew vice-presidential candidate George Herbert Walker Bush from the Paris meetings which concluded the October Surprise "deal" with Iran, back to the United States in an SR71.

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Video Jelaila Starr Predicted Failed Trump Assassination, Published on July 4th
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In my Exopolitics Today interview with Jelaila Starr published on July 4, she correctly predicted that there would be an assassination attempt on an American President but that it would fail. She said it would happen in July/August 2024 and that it would be a replay of galactic history when humanity lived in its 2nd great experiment in the Pleiadian constellation. We specifically spoke about Donald Trump being the leader who would be targeted.

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  Unveiling The Psyche & Turning Off The Food Source For Hyperdimensional Occult Forces
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Unveiling The Psyche: Sub-Personalities And Invisible Influences On The Mind | TCM #134 (Part 1)
In this episode, Bernhard and Laura discuss the mind and psyche from a psycho-spiritual perspective. They discuss Carl Jung’s model of the psyche and Sheldrake’s concept of morphogenetic fields, how this ties into the different energy fields in yoga philosophy, and how our mind is affected by these fields in various ways. They also talk about the porosity of the mind and the cosmic and spiritual forces and external suggestions that affect us outside our conscious awareness.

In the second hour, they explore the spiritual fields that affect us and how spirits, entities, and occult forces can influence us. They address the skepticism around spirit attachments, how we can begin to perceive these beings directly, how mental illness relates to spirit attachments, the difference between a spiritual psychosis and a spiritual initiation, how to differentiate between sub-personalities and spirit attachments, and other important considerations.

Show Notes Part 1:
    What is the Mind?
    What is the Psyche?
    Carl Jung’s model of the Psyche
    The Morphogenic Field and the Environmental Consciousness
    Different energy fields related to our past lives and karma
    The Archetype of Pluto and Uranus in Evolutionary Astrology
    External Suggestions based on culture and society
    The influences of your parents, family, and people you surrounded yourself with
    How children can take on the unexpressed shadow/trauma, thoughts, desires, beliefs, and emotions of their parents
    The energetic imprint of any place (city, country) you have lived and currently live
    How you are influenced by the constant stream of thoughts and feelings of people you’re surrounded by
    The process of Individuation strips off any unnecessary influences
    Group hive-mind entities (egregores)
    Thought creations that have become living thought entities feeding on you
    The actual “secret” to reality creation and how it can affect the world positively
    Sub-personalities and the many false “I”s [Gurdjieff]
    Who am I and what “I” is in charge?
    How we can work with these fields and influences practically
    The essence and prerequisite of inner work to know your psyche

In Part 2 (only for members), we go deeper into:
    Influences and Suggestions from Conscious non-terrestrial Beings, Spirits, and Entities (Occult Forces)
    The trap of identifying with trauma parts and the false self
    The more soul-embodied you are, the more free will you have
    How occult forces take advantage of people’s unconsciousness
    Addressing the skepticism about spirit attachments and occult forces affecting us
    The necessity of activating the “higher organs” of spiritual perception (beyond the five senses)
    Careful of making assumptions and intellect/mind making hasty judgments and making up a “story”
    We can mistake our shadow parts and sub-personalities for “entities”
    The distortion of Jungian shadow work
    How to become aware of the various forces
    How mental “illness” relates to spirit attachments
    Spiritual psychosis or initiation?
    The danger of identifying with an archetype and how the ego can get inflated
    The necessity to have a healthy ego and what that means
    How entity interferences and attachments can turn into full-on possession
    How to differentiate occult forces & entities from our sub-personalities
    An overview of IFS (Internal Family Systems) and our sub-personalities
    Important key points to understand that will help you differentiate



How To Anchor A Higher Frequency And Turn Off The Food Source For Hyperdimensional Occult Forces
A Little Reminder For The Times We’re In

By Bernhard Guenther, July 11, 2024

Always remember, deep down inside, we are perfect, and nothing can touch or change that. We tend to forget that truth as we engage in the 3D play of finding ourselves and realizing our divine nature as we spiritualize our Being.

When we have cleared enough of the conditioning, wounding, and emotional debris from our consciousness that clouded our true self, we need to focus on “refilling” the vessel and bringing down the Divine force.

That’s where healthy self-love and compassion come into the picture, which permits us to surrender and let emerge what was always within us: LOVE.

In other words, instead of constantly pulling out weeds (or worse, unconsciously replanting even more weeds, i.e., self-sabotage) while always looking for something that’s ‘wrong’ with us, we should also be drawing our attention to the task of watering the flowers and planting the seeds for more flowers to bloom.

‘Flowers,’ in this analogy, are positive reinforcements, co-creative love, compassion, and forgiveness for self and others.

Some people may think that this is an avoidance strategy that can fuel narcissistic tendencies. This approach can indeed be abused for spiritual bypassing when we refuse to make the darkness conscious within.

However, I’m talking about a specific state of consciousness that can rise above it all. It’s the emergence into the light after spending time exploring the underworld.

The Ascent after the necessary Descent.
Many of us tend to forget that this ‘mission’ is all about when we find ourselves stuck in “making the darkness conscious” mode—constantly pointing out what is “wrong” with the world, with others, and with ourselves—or when we keep blaming the world and others from a victim-state mentality, projecting our own shadow and unconscious pain.

It’s the trap of the black-pilled doom-and-gloom mindset, which only feeds the matrix forces in their attempt to create their desired reality through us.

It is possible to consistently experience positive emotions, but not from a forceful place of escapism, which would be spiritual bypassing and avoidance.

We need to do the groundwork of clearing before we can consistently stay at a higher frequency. Many of us still need to heal, clear, and work through our shadows and wounds, which is fundamental to creating the vessel for higher [divine] frequencies to anchor.

Narcissism is an inflated egoic shadow state that has nothing to do with the self-love I speak of—this affirming harmonic doesn’t need praise, validation, or attention from anyone outside ourselves.

It is not concerned with the opinions which others have of us. It doesn’t listen to the “negative introvert”, our self-diminishing thoughts of guilt, shame, and insecurity, nor will it get inflated by flattery and compliments.

It doesn’t need to put others down to make itself feel better. It’s immune to entitlement and desire.

It is also not an aloof/intellectual state of being, detached from our body and emotions.

It is connected to the Divine within us – our essence – self-contained – something that is untouchable and cannot be defined nor described by the limitations of language. Of course, there is an irony in that I am attempting to write about it as well!

It is pure joy – Ananda – the state of your soul-being – your divine nature – the kingdom within.

Turning Off The Food Source For Hyperdimensional Entities
By consistently experiencing positive emotions in a fully embodied and integrated way – as opposed to chasing a philosophical/spiritual ideal in a contrived way (of being positive/loving and ignoring the negative, one of the fallacies of “New Age Thought”), we also turn off the food source for negative hyperdimensional entities.

In other words, we can starve them to the point that they lose interest and move on, and we don’t become subjected to their constant attacks and manipulations.

But this higher state of being implies clearing all the entry points within us before we can rise above. You can’t just “think” or “feel” yourself higher [spiritual bypassing]. It’s an alchemical inner process that involves transmuting negative emotions into positive ones – the rebirth from the lower nature into our higher nature.

It also means embracing our vulnerability – allowing yourself to feel ALL feelings (without identifying with them or projecting them externally) – which creates a deeper strength instead of building a tough outer shell by avoiding our vulnerability.

Anchoring these higher frequencies through ourselves doesn’t mean we won’t be subjected to negative emotions anymore or that we’ll walk around in bliss. It’s a process, and stuff still may come up. The key is not to resist it but to get into it and fully feel what is arising within that part of your Being.

A Personal Story Of The Descent And Ascent
For example, the other day, something (that was seemingly insignificant) triggered me and pushed me into a negative emotional state, anxiety, and overall annoyance.

My mechanical reaction would have involved me trying to “think” my way out of it, finding reasons to justify my feelings, blaming someone, or distracting myself.

In the past, I’d have smoked cannabis or escaped into the “death scroll” on social media or watched random YouTube videos, which only serves to cloud things up and create more internal emotional pain in the long run via suppression as we try to avoid/resist the negative emotions.

Instead of entering that pattern, I practiced some Qi Gong to get into my body and get grounded, even though my mind kept trying to distract me from these practices (telling me, “It’s no good, and what’s the point anyway?”).

I needed a strong will to continue with it and ignore my ‘monkey mind’ thoughts. After my Qi Gong practice, I meditated for about 15 minutes, letting everything arise—not to disassociate from it or ‘just’ observe it, but to actually dive into this unpleasant, “negative” feeling, fully committing to its presence in the body, without judgment.

As a result of my commitment, something interesting happened. As I gave up all resistance and felt the negativity and emotions without resistance or thoughts, entirely focused on my somatic/bodily sensations, I noticed a lot of pressure around my heart center/chakra.

The original feeling I had before meditation was anger, anxiety, and just being annoyed with myself and the world, but as I was feeling more into my body, sensations of guilt and shame arose like waves until sadness came up out of nowhere, and I started to cry.

As tears rolled down my face, I had visions of my childhood. I felt the innocence of my inner child, who just wanted to be held, loved, and accepted, no matter what he had done. In my mind, I told my inner child that I loved him, that he’d be forgiven, that he had done nothing “wrong,” and that there was nothing to forgive, to begin with – pure unconditional love.

Then everything shifted suddenly, and I started to laugh, feeling light and joyful. I got up and danced, feeling more life force and energy as if something awoke within me that I wasn’t aware of before.

All the negative emotions at that moment simply vanished, and it felt like a huge weight was leaving my heart. Simultaneously, a higher frequency/vibration emerged, one composed of love for self and others. There was no “story” attached to it regarding any reasons or details of why I felt that way.

Sometimes, it’s not necessary to rationally understand why we feel the way we feel—we just need to fully experience the emotion with conscious somatic awareness in the present moment so that we can actively participate in healing the past.

In fact, we can often get distracted by “the story,” and we fall into the trap of intellectualizing the process without embodying and feeling it.


Resisting Negative Emotions Creates More Pain And Suffering And Feeds Occult Forces If Not Processed Consciously
I had the insight that resisting pain and negative emotions actually creates more pain. I realized that we live in a world where most people run away from their internal pain and project it outwardly onto the world (and others) in unconscious ways.

All of these create the food supply for occult forces in unseen realms. I had a visceral experience of what Rudolf Steiner talked about:

    “There are beings in the spiritual realms for whom anxiety and fear emanating from human beings offer welcome food. When humans have no anxiety and fear, then these creatures starve.

    If fear and anxiety radiates from people and they break out in panic, then these creatures find welcome nutrition and they become more and more powerful. These beings are hostile towards humanity.

    Everything that feeds on negative feelings, on anxiety, fear and superstition, despair or doubt, are in reality hostile forces in supersensible worlds, launching cruel attacks on human beings, while they are being fed.

    Therefore, it is above all necessary to begin with that the person who enters the spiritual world overcomes fear, feelings of helplessness, despair and anxiety.

    But these are exactly the feelings that belong to contemporary culture and materialism; because it estranges people from the spiritual world, it is especially suited to evoke hopelessness and fear of the unknown in people, thereby calling up the above mentioned hostile forces against them.”

    ~ Rudolf Steiner [Source (German): Rudolf Steiner – Die Erkenntnis der Seele und des Geistes – Berlin, 1907]

The vast majority of people are constantly living in anxiety, even though many of them may deny it because they are dissociated, out-of-body, and “checked out”, not being able to feel anything.

The avoidance of unconscious, repressed pain also creates conflict between people, which can even be ‘scaled-up’ into inter-tribal, “us versus them” warfare.

Hence, Carl Jung emphasized the necessity of “holding the tension of opposites,” which is an aspect of the process of individuation and alchemical inner transmutation to anchor the true Self.

It’s not an intellectual idea of being “neutral.” It’s an inner somatic psycho-spiritual process that can be very challenging.

Unacknowledged, unconscious, and unprocessed negative emotions are precisely what the archonic hyperdimensional overlords and occult forces tag into and feed upon, which is why they try their best to keep us in that lower frequency through the mechanism of our own minds and tag into our unconscious shadow, trauma, and wounding.

The Paradox And The Solution
So this is the ironic paradox in the anchoring equation: in order to access a higher vibration, anchor the Divine Force, a higher level of being and consciousness, feel more positive emotions, and consistently access true joy and love, we need to dive into and “love” any negative emotions that come up, without judgment, and without attempting to fight them, resist them, identify with them, or over-analyze them, but feel and transmute them.

It’s not about avoiding these feelings in an attempt to access love – the contrary – the access to true love (which is not a feeling but a state of being of your true Self) is through the gateway of transmuting “negative” emotions” via the descent within.

In other words, the only way out is in and through.

Always has been.

The most important thing you can do to raise your frequency/vibration is to love and accept yourself, whatever happens to you, whatever shortcomings and issues you may have, whatever mistakes and poor choices you have made; love yourself, be good to yourselves and others, and forgive yourself and others.

This doesn’t mean to justify, rationalize or deny your shortcomings or put up with abuse, falling into the trap of blind compassion without boundaries; nor does it mean to live in denial, cover anything up, or ‘put lipstick on a pig.’

It means not getting stuck in the blame, shame, resentment, and guilt programs and seeing life through more compassionate and forgiving eyes in light of universal pain and suffering – but without blind compassion.

The Trap Of Becoming What You Fight Against
Remember, people who hurt us, shame us, or abuse us are in pain themselves because they are lashing out to avoid their anguish and bypass the hurt-filled emotions that so many people have carried throughout their lives (or even lifetimes…or they may even be dealing with entity attachments, which are working and feeding through them).

They tend to project these painful energies onto others as a means of avoiding feeling their own unacknowledged/unconscious pain and repressed emotions.

We can also hurt others because of our unacknowledged pain, which we carry deep within us, or we can inadvertently shame others in our well-meaning attempts to make them feel better.

We all can get triggered at times and act from our neurotic egos. We seek validation, attention, and co-dependent love. We feel the need to correct others, shame others, punish them, and put them down.

We make mistakes, make poor choices, and have down days, but all of this is part of the human experience, especially during these crazy energies engulfing the planet at the present time.

However, before we can truly be loving and compassionate with others, we need to give that frequency to ourselves first – to gift ourselves with our own medicine of healthy self-love and self-acceptance, but not in a selfish, narcissistic shadow-egoic kind of way (where we are attempting to feel “better” than others).

Don’t beat yourself up with this process; there is no need to get frustrated with others, either. Some people may lash out at you, attack you, and attempt to shame you, but as I said, in the end, it is their own unacknowledged pain that they are projecting onto you; even people who constantly “scream” at the world about how everything is fucked up tend to project their own pain and frustration onto the world and others.

When we start to hate others and project our disgust onto them – or think that others deserve to be punished and shamed, or even killed (no matter what they have done) – then we play the game on the level of the “predator”, the negative 4D entities who are keeping humanity in a frequency asylum.

In short, we become what many of us are fighting against and thus feed into their agenda (no pun intended).

Bernhard Guenther


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  Economies of the West Are Spiraling Abysmally | The Collapse of American Society
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Economies of the West Are Spiraling Abysmally
By Helena Glass
July 11, 2024

The US Dollar is the tenth strongest currency in the world …  despite having the largest economy by GDP in the world.  The top three currencies are Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman.  Eight  African Colonies of France were required to trade in the French Franc creating an artificial strength in currency valuation.  In 2021, the Euro was valued at 1.234, today the value has dropped to 1.083 a drop of 12.25%.  Good for exports, bad for imports.  When imports drop, cost of goods rises as demand is forcibly squeezed higher.  Higher demand = inflation.  In 2023, the EU’s international imports dropped from 40% to -20%…simultaneously exports dropped from 20% to zero.  A double-Dip Inflation.

Nothing to do with employment – and everything to do with the antagonized ritual of ‘interest rate manipulations’.  A communist tactic to destroy economies.  If the EU goes full Communist in the fashion of Bolshevism, their next move would be to follow in the footsteps of Stalin and force a campaign of starvation.  Exterminating livestock and crops.  A famine to eradicate opposition.

When western agencies across the EU and US exterminate cows, chickens, and pigs – they do so under the same Bolshevik playbook.  When they set fire to crops and industrial plants – they do so under the doctrine of Kabbalah superiority – those not born Jew and who later convert are still ‘gentiles’ and unworthy of the Chosen Protocol because they are not of the ‘seed’. ~ Rabbi Lieberman.

Alvin Goldstein is considered the man who normalized hard core porn.  Israel wants to legalize pedophilia:  The age of consent in Israel is 16 for all genders but can be as low as 14 provided both parties consent and have a 3-year age gap or less.    In the US, Alan Dershowitz is vying to reduce the age of legal consent to 14 years old.  Why?  The most obvious answer would be that he has partaken of those age 14 and needs a law to justify and legalize his pedophilia before it becomes a criminal charge.

It has been researched that this slide into depravity has been linked to the Fall of Rome.  Pompeii – in profusion.  In psychology, victimhood is a cognitive distortion of the real world.  But Zions use collective victimhood as a tool.  Instead of working through it – they use it as a justification for committing evil actions.  And within that victimhood they create a state of depravity.  Of course, the fact that the Zionists refuse to acknowledge their mass genocide of over 60 million Russians during the reign of Jewish Bolsheviks, rather refutes the entire hypnosis.

While the parlay is that immorality, aka porn and pedophilia, are a lucrative business industry, and Israel is promoting itself as the global capital of this activity, Israel wants a bigger piece of this ‘lucrative pie’.  Building a playground on the Gaza Strip, or in Ukraine, could enhance their monopoly over this ‘industry’.  As we are continually reminded – follow the money.

Israel’s economy slumped nearly 20% by the end of 2023.  Private consumption dropped 27%, fixed investments fell nearly 70%, – yet their stock market is relatively stable.  How is that possible?  Short answer – it isn’t.  According to CNN, their market collapsed and is now higher than before the October 7th attack.  Why?  Buying on the lows?  Or are they buying into Israel’s new land grabs?

Bill Ackman and his wife Neri Oxman have been buying up TASE – Tel Aviv’s stock market.  He now owns 5% of the exchange.  Bill Ackman is a hedge fund manager who is worth roughly $10 billion.  He has a history of market manipulation in the US and an acrimonious relationship with Carl Icahn.  He has worked diligently to fire and demonize anyone who is anti-war/pro-Palestine and been called out as the new McCarthy.  Like most in the billionaire Club, Ackman donates to various philanthropies, including his own Foundation.  He has endorsed Trump.

The Ackman investment would also indicate that the war against Palestine is coming to its grand finale – and warring against Lebanon or Iran is NOT likely.  The war has already cost Israel in the neighborhood of $70 billion and rebuilding is going to cost roughly $500 billion.  I imagine Blackrock, Vanguard, and State Street will lead the rebuild project while our DoD siphons social security funds to Israel as well.

“Until all objectives have been achieved”, is Israel’s version of a peace deal.  And the UN is silent.

NATO is meeting in New York and Zelenskyy is asking for submarines.  Powell has declared inflation is flat, despite my food prices rising 20% this last month, and the job market is soft – as in people will start losing their homes to bankruptcy.  Despite this flattened economy, Powell says he wants inflation at 2% before he’ll make any move, which is where it was during Trump’s term – coincidence?  Manipulation?

The US economy is slowing rapidly and risks a recession again as corrupt monetary policy and false statistics present a better economy than reality.  The trade deficit has increased reflecting less exports.  Of course, given it is an election year we can expect some rather rattled version of our economy being promoted by in sync media puppetry. utilizing the stock market as emphasis to define Biden’s greatness.

But the stock market is a three tiered Ponzi scam within the vectors of BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street, all holding the same stocks and trading within each other.  The middle class peons who don’t have the resources to be a part of The Club, and clearly see the reality.  But we no longer have any say in the matter.    While a Biden/Cackle White House would truly push the US into a spiraling depression – a Trump presidency will likely see a Corporate Takeover… with Israel front and center.


Preparing for Coming Shortages
By Doug Casey
July 11, 2024

International Man: Inflation has recently hit its highest levels since the 1970s as governments worldwide are debasing their fiat currencies at breakneck speed. The cost of living is soaring, and it’s likely to worsen.

In this environment, it is typical for opportunists in government to implement price controls as a misguided solution.

Do you think we’ll see them soon?

Doug Casey: Government never controls itself. It only attempts to control its subjects. I expect the rest of this decade will resemble the 1970s as far as retail price rises are concerned, but it will be much more serious. As a result, the chances of wage and price controls are high.

We need to only look at the actions of Richard Nixon, who often put himself forward as being pro-business and pro-capital. In 1971, he put on very strict wage and price controls. But wage and price controls didn’t begin and they certainly won’t end with Nixon. The idea that government should control its subjects is part of the national DNA. As the Baby Bush put it in 2008, “sometimes you have to abandon free-market principles to save the free-market system.” His statement reminds me of the famous quote from the Vietnam era: “We had to destroy the village in order to save it.”

The government’s share of the economy is much larger now than it was in Nixon’s day. And the people in government are much more left-wing than they were during the Nixon regime 50 years ago. If the Democrats are reelected in November—which I expect, despite Trump’s current lead—you can expect them to further centralize power towards Washington.

Government, as an institution, is congenitally incapable of learning anything. The first example of wage and price controls was under the emperor Diocletian in late Third Century Rome, when he attempted to regulate the price of every good and service, from the largest to the smallest. It turned the Empire into a veritable police state.

I expect the US government to again use price controls in an attempt to disguise the effects of its accelerating debasement of the currency. Trillions of dollars of new debt are being monetized by the Fed every year; the result will be escalating prices. It’s perverse because, in a free market economy, prices would be dropping every year with the growth of capital and improvements in technology.

In any event, as things start falling apart and the standard of living starts dropping, people will cry out for government to “do something.” And it will. They think the government is a cornucopia when it’s actually a predator. War, a unique specialty of government, will be another major impetus for imposing wage and price controls.

We had wage and price controls during World War I and very serious wage and price controls during World War II. They were selectively reimposed for the Korean conflict and, of course, when Nixon was in office during the Vietnam War. With World War III brewing, wage and price controls will definitely be part of the agenda.

International Man: What are some recent historical examples of price controls?

Do you see any parallels with what is happening today?

Doug Casey: As governments found during the days of Diocletian, you can’t control absolutely everything—even when the economy is simple and primitive. But it’s impossible with millions of inputs and billions of transactions daily. Entirely apart from being both destructive and immoral.

Input costs inevitably rise, and retail prices have to reflect that. It becomes physically impossible to produce the goods when costs exceed the sales price. Producers fail if they try to both produce and obey the laws. You arrive at a situation where you can legally have all of “product X” that you want at Y price—except that none exists. During the Nixon controls, we had critical shortages of gasoline because the Arabs raised the price of their oil—due to a depreciating dollar—but US refiners couldn’t raise the price of gasoline.

The average guy won’t blame the government for shortages and a drop in his standard of living. If he’s paying more for beef, he’s going to blame the butcher. If he’s paying more for gasoline, he’s going to blame Exxon. He’s not going to blame the actual source of the problem, the government, because it isn’t selling products and claims they’re fighting inflation by penalizing the evil and greedy producers.

One of the additional dangers of wage and price controls is that more than ever, people will hate the producers who sell them goods. They will go to the government, asking for price controls, which they think is a solution. The result will be black markets, where producers avoid price controls by selling things illegally under the counter for economic prices.

I hasten to say there’s nothing wrong with black markets. Black markets are actually free markets. Black markets are both good and necessary to avoid the negative effects of government intervention. The result will be more discord and social unrest as people blame each other for higher prices, with some ratting out others to the authorities.

International Man: What are some other dangers of price controls?

Doug Casey: Foreign exchange controls, blocked currencies, and domestic wage and price controls are consequences of fiat money creation. After all, the dollar, like everything else, has a price.

Governments usually try to control the price of their fiat currency against other currencies. The result is always massive corruption as people attempt to avoid these controls to preserve their capital.

South Africa is a great example. White people who want to abandon that sinking ship find it very hard and expensive to get their money out of the country. If they can emigrate, it’s likely as paupers.

Capital controls in most countries are highly likely as major parts of the world try to get out of both their local fiat and the dollar in order to use alternatives. Those alternatives may even be Russian rubles or Chinese yuan, although I doubt it. I think most of the world will go to gold or Bitcoin in the face of US foreign exchange controls. The yuan, the ruble, the Euro, the Yen, and the Pound are, if anything, even less trustworthy, and they’re certainly less liquid than the dollar.

China has foreign exchange controls limiting the amount of money that citizens can take out of the country. Whenever and wherever that happens, however, citizens redouble their efforts to get money out of a country. The same is true in Argentina, where the government has attempted to control the diminishing value of the peso, not by slowing the printing press but by enforcing foreign exchange controls. Of course, they haven’t worked; they’ve just lowered the standard of living and made Argentine’s lives miserable for the last 70 years. But Argentina is changing under Milei…

International Man: If shortages are such an obvious outcome of price controls, why do governments keep implementing them as a solution?

What should really be done to address the root of the problem?

Doug Casey: It’s really not an intellectual problem, it’s a psychological problem. Governments sometimes put on these controls out of ignorance. They’re usually not well-educated in economics. And oftentimes they’re dogmatic socialists, Marxists, or Keynsians who’ve been taught 2+2=5.

But in most cases, it’s because they really want to control the population. The people in governments are usually much more interested in control and lining their own pockets than they are in general prosperity.

Capital controls make it much easier for insiders to become wealthy since they have access to buying whatever currency they need from the central bank at a fixed price as opposed to the actual market price.

These people—Keynsians and socialists– think the economy is like a factory where all they have to do is push a button or tighten a screw to make it hum along like it should. But it’s not like a factory or a machine. The economy is more like a rainforest, where if you wipe out some elements and control or poison some part of it, you can wind up killing the whole rainforest. Economies are naturally self-regulating systems. Government intervention never helps and can wind up destroying the whole ecosystem.

So, what should be done to eliminate the root of the problem?

Inflation is 100% caused by government, its central bank, and printing money. Inflation is the result of fiat currencies that are created out of nothing and backed by nothing. This is why I’ve been an anarcho-capitalist for most of my life. Government actually serves very little useful purpose. Since it’s, in effect, legalized coercion, it should only be used to protect you from coercion. It shouldn’t be used to interfere in commercial transactions between citizens.

International Man: What can the average person do to prepare and protect himself?
Class: A Guide Through... Fussell, Paul Best Price: $2.44 Buy New $7.28 (as of 07:01 UTC - Details)

Doug Casey: Own gold, which will profit from inflation, as people try to get out of the dollar and get into something that has a physical reality in and of itself. Bitcoin is another viable alternative.

As serious as the financial and economic risks the government is creating are, the political risks are much more serious. To minimize these political risks, get your capital out of the country. It will be easier for you to physically leave the country, should that prove necessary.

But if you’re going to stay in the US, you might adopt something my friend Jack Pugsley called The Alpha Strategy, a book he wrote back in the 1980s. It’s out of print, but I urge you to get a copy on Amazon. Essentially, it argues that the best way to beat inflation is to buy goods that you are going to need in quantity when you can get them on special with volume discounts. Then store them away. It’s more convenient because you’ll always have them at hand. Whereas when we get serious price controls you may not be able to get them at all.

Furthermore, as they go up in price, unlike investments, you won’t have to pay capital gains taxes on the increase. The book presents an integrated approach to saving with real goods as opposed to money or investments.

It’s among the most prudent and practical things you can do.


"These are the times that try men's souls," said Thomas Paine in Crisis, as he described the agony being
endured by Americans during the most turbulent years of the American Revolution. The lives you and I lead
today have little in common with those led by the colonists, yet Paine’s words still seem hauntingly
appropriate our lives. For all the affluence, comfort, and convenience you and I enjoy in the final decade of
twentieth-century America, we still live in uncertainty and wage a constant struggle for economic security.
Will you survive financially? Will you enjoy the same food, shelter, automobiles, vacations, and other
amenities of life that you have in past years? Or can your savings be wiped out in a blizzard of bad luck and
losing investments? Will you be able to send your children to college or meet a catastrophic medical
expense or be secure when you grow old?
From every newspaper, magazine and bookstand, from every newscaster and commentator, and from
every politician and philosopher come warnings of dire peril for your way of life. You are told that we are
running out of natural resources, that your environment is being destroyed, that you must learn to get along
with less and that you must sacrifice for the survival of the nation and the species. How can you be
confident your life savings are safe?
The anxiety gripping us is not unfounded. There really is a crisis in our society. In fact, the future is far
less safe than most people imagine. Even in his anxiety, the typical working person in America has a far
more optimistic view of the future than is warranted.
Individuals rarely invest significant amounts of time analyzing economics because they assume they are
too ignorant to understand it. Besides, we are constantly promised that tomorrow someone in power, some
brilliant leader, will stop inflation and recession. Tomorrow the government will bring us back to
prosperity. Our jobs will be secure. Our savings will be secure. Life will be secure.
The financial problems convulsing our economy are the consequence of a very sophisticated
confidence game. While there is little chance that the masses will discover the nature of the game and
change the rules, your personal future depends on whether you understand how you are being victimized in
time to take action to defend yourself. At this point in history, there is no evidence to support the idea that
even a small minority of people understand the source of their problems. If you understand them, you have a
chance to not only preserve your wealth but multiply it many-fold.
This book explains the monetary system and the tricks of the manipulators in terms you can
understand. It provides a totally new lens through which traditional investments can be viewed and
understood. Read the following chapters carefully and they can be your key to financial survival


The Potential Collapse of American Society and Civil War
By Madge Waggy
July 12, 2024

If there’s anything that certain, it’s that nothing is permanent. When we look back through history, we find that many great societies succumbed to societal collapse. Some have been conquered by outside forces, while others have decayed from within. In either case, the society or civilization has ceased to exist as it was once known. To think that the same can’t or won’t happen to us, is to deny one of the most important lessons of history.

The big question for you and I to consider, is whether it will be internal or external forces that ultimately bring about the demise of the United States of America. Currently there are no nation-states with a large enough or powerful enough a military to defeat us. Even if Russia and China were to join together to attack us, it is unlikely that they could mount a big enough amphibious force to guarantee success in invading our shores. The two nations together don’t have anywhere near the amphibious capability that was required to invade Europe on D-day, during World War II.

About the only way that a foreign nation could successfully attack the United States and defeat it would be via an attack by high-altitude EMP. That’s a very real possibility, which has been discussed elsewhere; so, I’m not going to bother spending time on it here.

But it may not be necessary for any foreign power to attack the United States, as we may very well tear ourselves apart, without their help. The political divide that is so prevalent in the US today is tearing this country apart, without any other help. The big question now, is whether it will continue or whether we will find some common ground again, where we can continue functioning as a nation.

We were treated to a sample of how this country could be torn apart a couple of years ago with all the Black Lives Matter demonstrations, a fair number of which turned into riots. I have nothing against demonstrations and believe that our First Amendment right to Freedom of Speech includes the right to peacefully protest. But that’s not the same as having a riot, especially a riot that is identified by theft, destruction and arson.

Unfortunately, we have those in the political system who see it as their duty to use their position to encourage unstable people in their following to engage in these sorts of activities. Not only that, but they are protecting those followers from paying the price for their crimes, while at the same time calling the January 6th incursion in the Capital building an “insurrection,” even though it was unarmed and the only person who was killed was a veteran woman, shot by the police. Justice in this country, at least when it is connected to politics, has become a two-tiered system, with the enforcement of the law being based on one’s political affiliation.

With that being the case, there are more and more people saying that we are headed towards another civil war. Should that war break out, it will be much nastier than the previous one, simply because the battle lines won’t be as obvious. Rather than the north verses the south, it will be the political left verses the political right and while there is some territorial division between the two, it isn’t as clear as it was in the last Civil War.

That lack of clearcut battle lines is what’s going to cause the biggest problem with the next civil war. Battles will break out in random places, as the opposing sides bump up against each other. Little of it will be cohesive warfare, fought by organized troops. Rather, it will be more on the order of ongoing riots, like what we saw with Black Lives Matter.

Should such a war start, it will not only take many lives, but destroy American society as we know it today. Law and order would be largely out the window, not only from the fighting, but from bureaucrats who try and use their position to further the cause of their side. We can pretty much forget about being able to count on the government for anything.

When Might This Happen?

The truth of the matter is that we have no way of knowing when such a breakdown might happen. From what we’ve seen in the last several years, there are plenty of people on both sides of the political divide who are more than ready to turn to violence when things don’t go their party’s way. While almost all of the rioting that has happened can be attributed to one side of that divide, most of the guns belong to the other.

One likely scenario is for the riot side to start tearing things up, due to something happening in the country which they don’t believe in. Interestingly enough, they only seem to do that in cities which are controlled by politicians who are agreeable to their cause. You don’t find such riots happening in cities where law-and-order politicians are in control, because they know that the price of their rioting will be a trip to jail.

If you don’t believe me, just look at what happened in Washington, DC on January 6th and the Congressional hearings that followed. The DC city government is in the hands of Democrats, as was Congress at that time. So the same politicians who winked at the riots which sprung out of the Black Lives Matter protests, were quick to arrest those who unlawfully entered the capital, calling it an “insurrection,” and spreading stories about how dangerous it was for Congress, even though none of those who entered the capital were apparently armed.

If there’s anything in this country which could lead to mass rioting it would be former President Trump winning the 2024 general elections. There is so much hatred focused against Trump in our country today, that there’s a good chance of his winning being all that is needed to cause widespread rioting. Considering how the hate towards him continued through his presidency, I doubt that there’s much anyone can do to keep almost constant protests and rioting from happening during his second term in office.

What Should We Do?

I think it’s necessary to say that it’s not our job to keep the peace or defend our country from those who would destroy it. As tempting as it might be to get directly involved, doing so carries a lot of risk. Remember Kyle Rittenhouse? He eventually won in court, since he didn’t break any laws and only shot in what can very clearly be seen as self-defense. But it could very easily have gone the other way. The mainstream media attempted to try him in the court of public opinion and had declared him guilty even before the bodies could cool. That attempt has cost those news outlets plenty, settling with Kyle for their underhanded attempts at character assassination.

On the other hand, we all have a God-given right to defend home and family. So, regardless of where you live, you need to be ready to do just that. If you happen to live nearby potential targets areas for rioting, either due to the political leadership there or the potential targets for the rioters to go after, you want to be doubly sure that you’re ready to defend your home.

Even with being prepared, the best protection you can possibly have isn’t standing there with guns locked and cocked, it’s not letting the rioters know that you are there. If they don’t know you’re there, they’re much more likely to leave you alone.

That means being able to lock yourself in your home and not come out until the riots are over. More than that, you need to be able to make it look as if nobody is home. That requires things like blackout curtains over the windows and noise discipline to keep them from hearing your television and your kids. At the same time, you don’t want to leave anything outside where they can steal it. Even your cars should be in the garage or hidden away behind the fence, in your backyard.

It’s hard to say just how long you need to be prepared to stay hidden away like that; but figure on a couple of weeks. If there’s one thing that can be said for any mob, it’s that they lose interest just about as fast as they come together to destroy. It’s unlikely that any riot will last more than a couple of days; but as I said, be ready for a couple of weeks.

The other thing we have to realize is that it may take months for any sort of true stability to be reestablished. If the rioting starts because of Donald Trump being elected as president, then it might very well continue throughout his term in office. That will make for a very long four years for anyone living in cities controlled by his political opposition. It’s really hard to estimate just how big the price tag will be on the destruction that is wrought by those who are enraged by his success.


The Safest Zones In The US. Do You Live Near One? We live in a MASSIVE nation full of all kinds of opportunity. There are areas that are incredibly dangerous, but the reality is we have a lot of wide open spaces that can be whatever you want them to be!

You might be looking at your nation a little differently lately.

There have always been dangerous neighborhoods and boroughs. Places like Compton, Kensington, and Camden might come to mind when you think of places that have a reputation for crime. Some of these areas have actually improved from when I was child. However, there are lots of places all around this nation that have been dangerous and many that are getting worse.

The move towards lawlessness in many of our biggest cities has been brought on by the current attitude towards police and police funding. As states bandy about the issues and people worry about things like natural disasters and economic decline, many have moved or considered moving.

What are the safest zones in the US?

Safest Cities

There are safe havens all around this nation. There are places that have historically had low crime and great community cohesion. The key in most of these cities and towns is ownership and loyalty. Most often transient places are dangerous, and people are more likely to commit crimes in these places.

Let’s look at some of the safest cities and towns in America:

    Round Rock, Texas

With a population just over 100,000 this smaller town in Texas is a very appealing place for preppers to live. It is also a very safe place with a median income of $70,000.

The low poverty rate in Round Rock has much to do with the safety and security of this Texas town.

Round Rock has been dubbed a “super suburb” as a place just outside of Austin

    Naperville, Illinois

The Safest Zones in the US

This Chicago suburb is a gem in an area that most people would not expect. The River Walk is an important part of Naperville, but it is hardly the only thing that this suburb offers. A population 144,000 people are a successful and well paid lot. The median household income is over $100,000.

The minimal crime rate, per 100,000 people, has much to do with the low poverty rate which is just over 4%. 77.6 violent crimes per 100,000 people is something to be proud of.

The safety of Naperville could also have to do with the tremendous outdoor opportunities. With over 130 parks and 2 public golf courses, there is nearly a park for every person!

    Port St. Lucie, Florida

The Safest Zones in the US

If you are going to pick a new safe place to live, why not consider a place where the weather is wonderful! Along the southern coast of Florida Port St. Lucie is a beautiful tropical zone with $169,000 a year median income.

You will have to be prepared for hurricanes. An evacuation plan is needed as the southern coast of Florida is at risk during hurricane season, but we are preppers!

You will not have as much to worry about when it comes to violent crime as there are just 115 violent crimes per 100,000 people. You will love near breweries, botanical gardens, preserves and marinas. Great fishing on the coast, too!
Best Regions to Survive Disasters

Along with safe cities and towns America also features some great regions to setup a life that are far away from some of the biggest threats. Remember, people are only one threat. Mother nature can have a devastating affect on the North American continent and has done so in the past. From massive super volcanoes to devastating earthquakes.

What are the safest regions to survive massive cataclysmic disasters?

    The Cascades

The Safest Zones in the US

Deep enough inland and high enough up to counter things like flooding and tropical cyclones that affect the West Coast. The cascades are loaded with resources for survival like water, food, and wood. They are a beautiful backdrop to deal with the post-apocalyptic world and far enough away from southern California to inherit any of that mess.

The northernmost portions of the Cascades are even located in the American Redoubt, which we will discuss later in this article.

    The Blue Ridge Mountains

The Safest Zones in the US

Another range of mountains that offer similar benefits as the Cascades. This east coast mountain range covers several states, has plenty of food, water, shelter, and game animals. Covering the land by food would not be easy but the seclusion from the chaos would be well worth it.

Because of elevation and distance from the coast there are almost no threats of flood, tsunami, or hurricane in this region. There is little seismic activity in the area.

West of some particularly important and sizeable cities, the Blue Ridge mountains could become a safe haven for millions of people in the very worst case scenario. That is the only weakness of this location.


The Safest Zones in the US

Further west still, on the other side of the blue ridge mountains in the region of Appalachia which runs from New York to Mississippi. This is another great region to consider because of its sparse population compared to the coasts. Its quick access to the Blue Ridge Mountains and safety from most major disasters.

Prepper Strongholds

Are you looking for even more benefits? Maybe you want the people and the safe places. There is nothing wrong with that. Around the nation there are several places that have not only been deemed safe and pleasant but are also filled with preppers!

Yup! The self-reliant and independent have taken up refuge in a few spots across the nation. They are often looking for more friends like them to build their prepper community. These areas are not just filled with preppers but are in rural areas where other people are as self sufficient as the prepper community.


The Safest Zones in the US

In 2011 James Wesley Rawles proposed Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming as the American Redoubt. The Redoubt also encompasses the eastern parts of Washington and Oregon. It is unclear how many people have moved to the American Redoubt with the intent of stockpiling, prepping, or homesteading for the long haul.

However, there is a small community of voices from Rawles, to John Jacob Schmitt, to the American Christian Network, that will align with much of what you believe. It has been estimated that thousands of people have moved to these areas as a safe haven from the growing turmoil of our world.

Because of its low population density and impressive access to resources, as well as low threat profile, as long as you can stay warm in the winter, the Redoubt has some tremendous benefits. You will also have plenty of wide open space so if you don’t align with everything Rawles proposed you can do your own thing and be just fine!


The Safest Zones in the US

The Ozarks are more of a plateau than a mountain range with some of its tallest peaks between 1-2000 feet tall. Because of its location in the nation and its elevation, it has a tremendous amount of benefits to the average prepper looking for a safe zone.

The Ozarks are not affected by things like floods because of the elevation, it has this elevation without snow because it is in the south. It does not face any kind of earthquake threat, hurricane, or forest fire. There is a long growing season that features lots of rain.

Pastor Joe Fox of Viking Preparedness has been expanding his Shofar mountain and influencing preppers for many years to make their way to the Ozarks. COOHMP or Come Out of Her, My People as taken from the book of Revelation. A growing prepper stronghold has taken root in the Ozarks making it a wonderful place to move and a very safe region.

Also, those who are not preppers in the Ozarks are looking to do their own things and basically be left alone. So, it is a sentiment we can all understand!

We live in a MASSIVE nation full of all kinds of opportunity. There are areas that are incredibly dangerous, but the reality is we have a lot of wide open spaces that can be whatever you want them to be!

Did you know there are even some places that will give you free land or pay you to live there! If you aren’t tethered to a location than you can take advantage of the areas, we mentioned. However, you should arrive there and become a part of the community. This is particularly important. You can never know the full potential of any area unless you integrate and become a member of the community.

Go forth and choose your destiny!


Tens of trillions of fake currency units printed as living standards fall
Energy abuse

Japan, the EU and the US all have failing economies. And they are all failing at the same time for the same reason: consumers in these countries are reluctant to borrow. And without borrowing, they have no way of increasing consumption. Households are cutting back for three reasons.

        First, they are getting older.
        Two, their real incomes are stagnant or falling; and
        Three, they already have too much debt.

This makes the downturn similar across these countries; they are all led by consumers trying to repair their balance sheets.

Most people in the western hemisphere and Japan are experiencing significant inflation in food and energy prices. Real, non-manipulated food inflation is in many cases between 10% and 20%.  However, accurate figures are not published because the truth is hidden from the public.

The tens of trillions of printed dollars, euros and yen have for the most part not reached the real economy. They have been used to prop up the stock and property markets and bank balance sheets so that the money stays in the banks.

It is important to understand that asset markets such as equities, property and bonds are not measured in inflation figures. However, trillions of dollars/ euros/ and yen have been poured into these markets.

So to say that the newly printed money is to support the economy is a complete lie.

In reality, this money is only being used to bail out the banks and benefit the elite and the banksters. Most assets are being pushed into huge bubbles, but two categories of assets, gold and silver, are not in a bubble.

If all assets were included in the inflation figures, the reported inflation rates would be much more accurate and remarkable.

A small minority have benefited from this fudging of the numbers, creating bubbles in equities, property and bonds, but this is unsustainable because the real world economy has not benefited.

According to data that is more accurate and representative of today’s reality, there are more people unemployed than in work.

The average person’s standard of living has been falling for years. The average family can’t get their hands on $1,000. There was a recent survey that said if you had to get $1,000 in cash in 30 days, 40% of people couldn’t do it.

So things are pretty tight and when the economy goes off the cliff again, which frankly could happen soon, there’s going to be a lot of unemployed people with no money and a lot of debt. There is nothing the government can do at this point except print more money.

The mainstream media will not report much that is real or accurate, but the writing is on the wall. The truth is that inflation for food and services is already far, far higher than what has been reported for the last decade.

People know this from their own experience. They do not need a university professor to tell them.

Misuse of energy

What is meant by the misuse of energy? Well, in Atlantis, just like today, it’s done in many different ways, but mostly through advanced technology and the misuse of sexual energies.

There is nothing wrong with technology; if we are to remain an advanced society that wants some kind of assistance in meeting our basic needs at a comfortable level, then certain technology can be beneficial. Some people say that the washing machine is the greatest invention of mankind.

It certainly was a great invention. But there are other great inventions that mankind could benefit from; many of them were reinvented by Nikola Tesla, whose inventions were taken over and misused by the government.

However, some researchers have started to look into Tesla a bit more and have started to take away the “Godspeed” of this man by showing that Tesla to a greater or lesser extent reinvented what was already available in previous civilisations on the planet. However, time will tell to what extent this may have been the case.

When technology is used to control others, for warfare, espionage and mind control etc, or is only accessible to a few selected groups, it’s beginning to be misused. With the Sirians, this has a tendency and has happened many times. It’s up to us to see through this manipulation, otherwise we’ll end up in a much worse situation than the Atlanteans.

At least they were stopped by the Flood, otherwise we might not be here. It was ENLIL who manipulated events to cause the Flood, so when the Sirians have a finger in the pie, things really do get out of hand after a while. It always seems inevitable. This makes them untrustworthy, no matter what others say.

The technology of Atlantis was different from that of today, but there are similarities. The use of computers has already been mentioned. But they also had space technology, of course, and a wealth of knowledge about the stars and the Universe in general, and they flew to the Moon and Mars, and probably other planets within the Solar System. In many ways they were more advanced than we are today.

The Sirian Overlords and their minions fed on fear, as the Cabal does with us today, and in addition to setting up the Grid and the Trap System, they also used technology to control people’s minds and thoughts.

A relatively small population, less than a billion at the time, was much easier to control than today’s eight billion people. They taught humans about warfare and instigated wars to create mass events from which the Sirians could energetically feed.

Sometimes the wars were just for that purpose, sometimes they were over real estate or some petty conflict between Sirian authorities. This was nothing new; the Sirians, just like us humans today, couldn’t even live peacefully with each other, and conflicts and wars were very common.

As Zecharia Sitchin describes so well in his book ‘The Wars of Gods and Men’, they used human soldiers as cannon fodder for their silly wars, which could sometimes start because of jealousy between ‘gods’, or simply as a ‘show-off’; who was the most powerful and fearless?

The jealousy between the gods of Sirius is well documented, so there is no need to go into detail here. Crystals had a lot to do with it, because crystals, especially the ones they called Meš, pronounced ‘mesh’, contain memory and knowledge. They were also a means of communication between the gods, almost like today’s mobile phones, but they worked over longer distances.

Incidentally, today’s mobile phone technology is a watered-down version of Atlantean technology, but we see how quickly our mobile phones are becoming more advanced, as if someone is having epiphanies after epiphanies and inventing new technology on a weekly basis.

Of course, that’s not the case; mobile phone technology, as it will be used in the future, has been fully developed for a long time. In fact, it’s not a human invention, it’s been achieved through technology transfer programmes.

In Atlantean times, the gods fought over these devices to steal knowledge from each other and gain access to each other’s secrets. It was such a big deal that people were killed over them.


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  Who is “They”? | Illuminati, Nazis and the Illegal State of Israel
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Who is “They”?
Corey’s Digs (Corey Lynn),

The number one question consistently circulating social media and infuriating the minds of millions is: “Who is they?”

Some call them the “deep state,” “global cabal,” “illuminati” and “shadow government.” Whereas “they” often do operate as a single force, there are many individuals and players involved.

So who is behind the money, power, control, narratives and destruction of the world – the constant wars, manufactured inflation, attack on the food system and agriculture, big pharma and medical madness, constant surveillance, AI and transhumanism, the entire financial system and so on?

It is a global agenda that goes back centuries and even the most brilliant researchers, historians and investigators can’t name every person involved at the top of this hierarchy. However, there are thousands that can be named, and most everyone has acknowledged the fact that it is a very small percent attempting to rule the world under their “new world order.”

Corey Lynn has published a report that shows how this control framework was established, the heirarchy, how they operate and list of over 1900 key players.

“Who Is THEY?”
The number one question consistently circulating social media and infuriating the minds of millions is, “who is they?” Not “who are they,” but “who is they” as though “they” is a single force operating as one. Whereas “they” often do operate as a single force, there are many individuals and players involved. People want to know who is behind the money, power, control, narratives, and destruction of the world – the constant wars, manufactured inflation, attack on the food system and agriculture, big pharma and medical madness, constant surveillance, AI and transhumanism, the entire financial system, and so on. It’s not limited to one or even ten countries – it is a global agenda that goes back centuries and even the most brilliant researchers, historians, and investigators can’t name every person involved at the top of this hierarchy. However, there are thousands that can be named, and most everyone has acknowledged the fact that it is a very small percent attempting to rule the world under their “new world order.”

There are several terms people use to reference these bad actors, such as the “deep state,” “global cabal,” “illuminati” and “shadow government.” The individuals orchestrating this attempted global takeover operate covertly within the government to alter public policies and laws while shaping culture and narratives. More recently, many of these bad actors no longer operate covertly – it’s more an in-your-face style these days. They are all in, desperately trying to cull the masses through their playbook, and although they would seem to have a plan a, b, and c for every agenda, people are fighting back and seeing through their manipulation tactics. It’s true that it is creating quite a field of cognitive dissonance, but with each month that passes, more and more people are becoming aware of the game being played on humanity, and they refuse to tolerate it.

This is the Great Con and they can only pull it off if you believe in it, if you fall for it, if you accept they have power over you, and you allow yourself to become the obedient slave they want you to. That is the biggest dose of truth. They need everyone to believe they are the authority, they have your best interest at heart, and what they are telling you is truthful. They want you to feel powerless and dependent on them. That is their biggest hurdle and that is what you should never give into.

The further back one goes, the more difficult it is to track them. Why? Because the wealthy bloodlines tend to intermix, often changing their names and spellings, their backgrounds, and their family connections. To make matters worse, there are hundreds of psychological campaigns running simultaneously, coming out of multiple countries and sources to further confuse people. One thing is for certain – these folks have been planning this ultimate takeover for a very long time, have all of their minions and useful tools coordinating for them, have brainwashed millions of people with their schemes, are savvy and calculated with their methods and far more intelligent than most would care to admit.


People want names, so let’s start here. This is a big part of the hierarchy, leaving some unknowns hidden behind the Bank for International Settlements (“BIS”). In Corey Lynn’s 3-part report on ‘Laundering with Immunity’, it explains in explicit detail as to how and when BIS came about and how BIS and 63 central banks devised a plan to hold immunities and privileges. Shortly thereafter, in 1945 the UN was manifested by some of the plotters for this grand takeover, and immunities and privileges came right along with it the following day. This was the beginning of the control framework and how they would be able to carry out their agendas while operating entirely outside the law. All arms of the UN have these immunities and can extend them to organisations working with them. Long before the UN being established, the Organisation of American States (“OAS”) was created. They too were the first to receive immunities and privileges, alongside the UN, as they work in conjunction with one another. And, they too can extend these immunities to organisations they work with. In addition to the banks, the UN and OAS, the Global Fund, Gavi, and WEF were also given these immunities, and numerous other key international organisations as well. In total, there are 76 international organisations that hold these immunities and privileges, and that’s on top of BIS and the central banks.

Whereas the UN and OAS hold treaties with a slew of countries giving them ironclad layers of protections, the other international organisations hold immunities, privileges, and headquarters agreements independently with each country who opted to do so, and there are many! The US set the stage for this, doling them out to 76 organisations throughout every presidency except for Trump and Biden.

Read ‘Laundering with Immunity’ to grasp the full scope of what these immunities and privileges entail. For starters, all of their archives are inviolable, their property and assets are immune from search and seizure, they are exempt from every kind of tax regular people pay, including property taxes, officers and employees are exempt from legal suits, employees and their family members can travel the world without checks from customs, military and police are not allowed to enter their headquarters, and much more.

Once people understand that THIS is the control framework – the structure that was created nearly 80 years ago so that they can operate outside the law and never be held accountable, it’s easy to see how all of the other pieces fall into place.

Who is THEY? That alone is the key list of 76 organisations, BIS, and 63 central banks at the top of the pyramid, bearing in mind there are wealthy, strategic players behind this pyramid whose names we may never know. Those leading these organisations are the key names purposefully put in a position of power to carry out specific agendas. Those key players move around within that group of organisations and sometimes head up affiliated organisations in order to maintain their strategy. Some of those agendas come straight from the pyramid organisations, while others are contracted out to their affiliates at NGOs, corporations, universities, lawmakers, governments, 3-letter agencies, news media and private equity firms. For example, CIA agents often move into news media positions, FDA directors often move over to big pharma, CDC directors move over to the Rockefeller Foundation or Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and so on.

They keep their key players in positions they need them in at specific times and then move them around to other leadership positions when they need certain actions carried out. Jim Yong Kim is a prime example of this, from co-founding Partners in Health to advising the Director-General of the WHO and Director of the HIV/AIDS department, then fulfilling outcomes required at Harvard in various positions, on to President of Dartmouth College then to President of the World Bank – coincidentally resigning early in 2019, and now a partner at Global Infrastructure Partners. Kim has been instrumental in nefarious actions in Haiti, the AIDS agenda, vaccines, covid contact tracing, pressuring countries in order to receive funding from the World Bank, and the climate agenda, and each position was timed right. It is no coincidence that BlackRock is acquiring Global Infrastructure Partners in the 3rd quarter of 2024. You can read more about Jim Yong Kim’s connections and involvement in Corey Lynn’s reports HERE, HERE and HERE. They have done an incredible job trying to bury his childhood and family. CEO of BlackRock, Larry Fink, also went above and beyond to hide his family connections and childhood, with a father who would appear to be a ghost. It’s understandable to want to keep family from the public eye when in high-profile positions, but there is far more than meets the eye with these cats.

There are countless smaller companies that have had good intentions to provide great products and services to people or the land, but as they began to grow and gain attention, these corrupt organisations stepped in trying to co-opt them and eventually acquiring them. Whole Foods being gobbled up by Amazon is a good example of this. These organisations, including so-called billionaire philanthropists, are behind every major industry and “reimagining” it to essentially cut out everyone else from financial prosperity so that everyone can fall prey to their planned enslavement system.

Ultimately, Congress needs to revoke these immunities and privileges. Any lawmaker saying that the US needs to defund the WHO (part of the UN) or the UN itself, clearly isn’t aware of this control framework because if they were, they would know that defunding isn’t going to solve anything.

How “They” Operate and Lists of Who “They” Are


Within each agenda (and there are many), the same players can be seen carrying them out. That’s a pretty big indicator of who’s running this theatre. It’s important to note that there are also key players in countries whose names may not be mentioned although, their companies may have made these lists.

The Giving Pledge, founded by Warren Buffet and Bill Gates in 2010, is a real quick way to see alist of over 240 billionaire “philanthropists,” many of which are involved in agendas against humanity. Everyone from David Rockefeller to Michael Bloomberg, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Michael Milken, Sam Altman, Edgar Bronfman, Victor Pinchuk, Richard Branson, Marc Benioff, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Musallam Bin Ham Al–Ameri, Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, and countless others are part of this group whereby they have committed “to give the majority of their wealth to address some of society’s most pressing problems.” That is, to create a problem and then claim to save the day by establishing new industries and wiping out others.

The UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals are completely inverted and portrayed as helping the earth and humanity, when in fact it is the exact opposite and a total con. It is the primary scapegoat used for every agenda they are attempting to carry out. From climate change to poverty, food, health, education, industry and economic growth, it is the playbook narrative for each action they take. The public relations is pushed by the World Economic Forum who plot and plan how these actions should roll out and who should take the reins. These players often meet in private by invite only through secret societies and organisations. The universities pump out whatever so-called studies are needed to validate their actions so as to obtain government funding and so media can hype it up. Therefore, it’s important to understand how their language works in order to read between the lines, and recognise that “convenience” means convenient for them because they can track you, “safety” means you will be told what you can do, what you can say, what you have access to, and how you can spend your money, “inclusion” means you will be part of their enslavement system, “equity” means everyone will be on universal basic income and healthcare so that they can hold control over you, “protect marine life around the world and use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development” means they are mining the oceans for resources under the guise of climate change while decimating entire ecosystems that could destroy all marine life. You get the idea.

Government grants, using taxpayer dollars, are one of the biggest ways they move taxpayer money into the hands of the corrupt. Over 20 US government agencies distribute these funds, such as DHS, DOD, DOE, DOS, HUD, USAID and USDA, for example. These funds go directly into corrupt organisations and foundations’ hands, or through ministries in other countries where the money seems to disappear or achieve little results, or in cases such as war they may funnel it through the World Bank, which of course has full immunities and privileges so no one will ever truly know where the money went. The Pentagon has failed audits six years in a row. Mind you, they self-audit. Over $21 trillion has gone missing from US federal accounts at HUD and the Department of Defence.

In Corey Lynn’s report on ‘17 Goals Toward Enslavement: Exposing The Real Agendas Behind The 2030 Agenda’, it gives a full breakdown of these so-called goals with attached reports uncovering evidence to the contrary. There are a myriad of additional reports on Corey’s Digs that also directly pertain to these agendas. Here are some key reports with lists of individuals and companies involved in these schemes:

• ‘The Global Landscape on Vaccine ID Passports’ is a 4-part report, and available in paperback with a bonus chapter on solutions, that shows how blockchain, digital identities, and digital currency are one of their major end games in order to control what people do and how they can spend their money. It is packed full of hundreds of cited sources providing key evidence. Under the guise of health and well-being, this con ticks off 9 of their 17 goals. Part 4 reveals a list of 287 individuals and companies involved in this agenda.

• By now, it should no longer be a mystery that Visa and Mastercard are playing a critical role in the digital identity control system.

• Elon Musk deserves his own bullet point. Though many have held him high up on their hero-worship pedestal, Musk’s history speaks for itself. In Corey Lynn’s report ‘Space: The New Frontier For The Central Control Grid’, it provides an abundance of evidence about what is transpiring and Elon Musk’s involvement which should raise the hair on the back of anyone’s neck who can’t be fooled. In addition to Elon Musk, there are other key common players involved in this scheme, such as US Space Force, Morgan Stanley, WEF, UN, BIS, central banks, Deloitte and others listed throughout this report.

• The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Trust funnels money to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (“BMGF”) that then grants money to the Global Fund and Gavi, both of which Bill Gates is co-founder of. The BMGF also grants billions to sectors of the UN and countless NGOs owned by friends. Then, some of the money gets funnelled back in through the Global Fund by some of those same NGOs and other branches of the UN. It’s a revolving door. Additionally, billions in grants from the US government and other countries funnel taxpayer dollars through the Global Fund and Gavi. They are washing the money right in front of everyone’s eyes, all through non-profits, most of which have full immunities and privileges. HERE is an in-depth video Corey did covering just how this works and showing the organisations involved.

• The food industry is monopolised by 10 companies. Talk about population control. These companies crank so much sugar and bioengineered ingredients (genetically modified and gene-edited) into their foods to keep the population sick. Many of them also work closely with the organisations listed throughout this article. Understand that these companies are willing to take a hit in order to move agendas forward, such as shutting down during covid or some of their food processing plants going up in flames.


Who controls everything regarding what is put in people’s mouths, from seeds to pesticides to the food itself? Codex Alimentarius does. It was established in 1963 by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (“FAO”) and the World Health Organisation (“WHO”), both are arms of the UN with full immunities and privileges. Their sole purpose is to set the standards and guidelines for all food that is consumed by human beings. Once those decisions are made, countries take those “standards” and implement them, creating regulations and laws. The USDA is a driving force for not only adhering to the standards but making certain that other countries follow in lockstep. China runs the pesticides committee and Monsanto has a seat at the table. See Corey Lynn’s report on this HERE.

• In Corey Lynn’s report, ‘The New Controlled Food System is Now in Place and They Will Stop at Nothing to Accelerate Their Control’, it reveals the new wave of indoor vertical growing facilities popping up with many of these same players founding them, funding them or purchasing from them. Though this may be a positive solution for small farms or individuals, unfortunately, these conglomerates are utilising gene-edited seeds for much of this. Imagine food being locked in enormous facilities while states give them tax breaks and Monsanto/Bayer is preparing seeds. This report exposes over 150 players in this agenda, with overlapping names already documented in this article, including key shareholders. This ticks off a whopping 10 of the 17 goals to enslave humanity. And, another report by Corey Lynn exposes additional names involved in the lab-grown meat arena. There are numerous other reports pertaining to food supply, agriculture and livestock that can be found on Corey’s Digs under the Food Supply category.

• In a 9-part report on ‘Obedience Training from Cradle to Grave’, it takes an in-depth look at the education system from PreK to Adults and exposes the incredible ways they are carrying out indoctrination, brainwashing, social-emotional learning, augmented virtual reality, and their goal to push ideologies through the education system into the corporate world as lifelong mandatory obedience training. This con ticks off 5 of their 17 goals. Part 9 documents an extensive timeline going back to 1903 and a list of over 580 key players involved, and 50 of them are also involved in the digital identity agenda.

• Universities have long played a vital role in shaping “the science” and producing desired results of research projects to generate outcomes the deep state players require. This, in turn, provides both grants and funding to the universities while signalling to big gov that grants should go out to organisations and foundations that need to further the studies, implement clinical trials or proceed with their projects. What most people don’t realise is how involved universities and colleges are with the immigration agenda as well. In Corey Lynn’s report ‘University Migrant Smart Hubs, Private Equity and The Leveraged Buyout of America’, it breaks this all down while providing a list of over 200 colleges involved in this, dozens of organisations assisting, and private equity firms such as Blackstone playing a major role.

• Partners in Health (PIH), founded in 1983, is perhaps one of the most critical non-profits that seems to have flown under the radar for decades. From the founders to those connected, the funders, governments, and activities, there are hundreds of names attached to PIH. The list of partners reads like a who’s who of the global mafia. Corey Lynn published an explosive report in May 2020, regarding contact tracing surveillance and a $100 billion scandal that went down with PIH, IL Rep. Bobby Rush, EcoHealth Alliance, former World Bank President Jim Yong Kim, and more. The report lists over 75 companies and individuals involved. Additionally, Partners in Health, along with the Clinton Foundation, Planned Parenthood, and Ivy League Schools have all been instrumental in the abortion agenda.

• The transgender agenda is a big one, wanting everyone focused on their “identity” while disassociating from who they truly are. It’s all about the external rather than the internal. In Corey Lynn’s 4-part report on ‘Exploiting Transgenders’, Part 1 reveals an extensive timeline of those carrying out this agenda. Part 2 covers the origins of the medical engineering and who was behind it. Part 3 shows who the funders and profiteers are as well as a short list, plus over 50 care clinics for youth involved in this. Part 4 provides a list of those behind this agenda.

• To understand the mindset of these deep state actors, it’s important to get a grasp on their thirst for eugenics – a term that dates back to the late 1800s. In Corey Lynn’s 6-part report on ‘Eugenics, Infertility & Population Growth Crisis’, it dives deep into the history, the players, the funders, and the actions carried out against humanity throughout the years. The report begins with a timeline dating back to 1901, and it is a vital report that shows the attack on people’s health, bodies, minds, and desire to control the population through manipulating DNA, sterilising to prevent births, and in some cases, murder. Dozens of names of individuals and organisations involved in eugenics and the future goal of transhumanism are documented throughout this report, and many of those names will not only be familiar but are seen in numerous other reports regarding other agendas as well. That’s the consistency of their playbook at work.

• Over 30 articles and reports specifically on covid, document a mountain of evidence along with names and organisations involved in carrying out the most hellacious, coordinated agenda against mankind. Those articles are best sought out through the Library Catalogue with direct links to each report.

• Under the guise of “climate change,” the governments of 26 islands have worked with public and private partners to funnel primarily US government funds through clean energy infrastructure on these islands. Many of the partners are also involved with building up so-called tourism in these locations as well. Partners such as the UN, Organisation of American States, World Bank Group, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Clinton Foundation, Rocky Mountain Institute, The Nature Conservancy, Tides and many more including Breakthrough Energy Coalition which is a group of 28 high-net-worth investors including George Soros, Jeff Bezos, Tom Steyer, Jack Ma, Reid Hoffman and more. In total, there are 26 islands, 12 public sector partners and 34 private partners. Throughout the entire 4-part report, there are numerous additional names and countries involved in this as well. In Corey Lynn’s 4-part report on ‘Shipwrecked on Ten Islands with Clintons & Branson’, she shows how this all began, the funding, nefarious activities, and how it quickly escalated to include 26 islands. Where did the money really go?

• Everyone is familiar with the Clinton Foundation, but most people are completely unaware that the Clinton crime family actually has 51 foundations, LLCs and shell companies that they utilise to carry out their shenanigans. Of course, some have non-existent addresses. Corey Lynn dug through endless pages of tax returns and filings to build this list and has reported extensively on the Clintons’ involvement with AIDS, vaccines, abortion, child trafficking, Haiti HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE, 26 islands, fraud in Arkansas, political tax scandals, plus Jeffrey Epstein HERE, HERE and HERE.

• Though there aren’t a tonne of names listed in this report (a couple dozen), it contains significant information pertaining to ‘Protecting US Bulk-Power Supply and Technology from Bad Actors’. The connections are quite staggering, especially three players who all worked in high-ranking positions at the World Bank with overlapping time frames, including one president, two of whom are from China and one from South Korea who all attended prestigious colleges in the US. The intertwining history of these three alone is mind-bending, showing where they began, what they were involved in, their US connections, and where they are now. This report was published in 2020 and these men are still active in vital roles.

• Shareholders play a key role in controlling companies from the top down. If the majority shareholder has voting shares, they can dictate the direction of the company. The top two shareholders of nearly every major company are The Vanguard Group and BlackRock. State Street Corp. often takes 3rd position. Just pick a company, any decent-sized company and search “top shareholders of (company name)” and you’ll see it nearly every time, and if on rare occasion they didn’t make it in the top two, they made it in the top five. HERE is an example of BlackRock voting on three Pfizer resolutions in 2021, as BlackRock is Pfizer’s largest shareholder.

That’s a pretty good start to set people on the right path of the actual history behind all of this corruption and the goals the deep state is trying to fulfil. This report was intended to highlight some of the larger lists compiled over the past eight years of investigative reporting on Corey’s Digs. There are so many names of individuals, companies, organisations and non-profits that work in lockstep with one another to achieve these agendas against humanity, covered in over 200 reports and articles produced on Corey’s Digs, that a Quarterly Library Catalogue is published to make it easier to find specific reports by topic. There’s much more to the story and the history, but this is a good baseline.

Be FearLESS, don’t be conned, and never be obedient to those who don’t have your best interest at heart.


Illuminati, Nazis and the Illegal State of Israel
Dean Henderson | DeanHenderson.substack

If we wish to end the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, we need to know who created Israel and why. In 1917 British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour penned a letter to Zionist Second Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild in which he expressed support for a Jewish homeland on Palestinian-controlled lands in the Middle East. This Balfour Declaration justified the brutal seizure of Palestinian lands for the post-WWII establishment of Israel.  Israel would serve, not as some high-minded “Jewish homeland”, but as lynchpin in Rothschild/Eight Families control over the world’s oil supply.  Baron Edmond de Rothschild built the first oil pipeline from the Red Sea to the Mediterranean to bring BP Iranian oil to Israel.  He founded Israeli General Bank and Paz Oil and is considered the father of modern Israel.

The Rothschilds are the planet’s wealthiest clan, worth an estimated $100 trillion. They control Royal Dutch/Shell, BP, Anglo-American, BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, Bank of America and scores of other global corporations and banks. They are the largest shareholders in the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve and most every private central bank in the world. They needed a footprint in the Middle East to protect their new oil concessions, which they procured through Four Horsemen fronts like the Iranian Consortium, Iraqi Petroleum Company and Saudi ARAMCO.

Rothschild’s Shell and BP formed these cartels with the Rockefeller half of the Four Horsemen- Exxon Mobil and Chevron Texaco. This new alliance required a “special relationship” between Great Britain and the US, which still exists today. Rothschild and other wealthy European shareholders could now utilize the United States military as a Hessianized mercenary force, deployed to protect their oil interests and paid for by US taxpayers. Israel would serve the same purpose in closer proximity to the oilfields. The Israeli Mossad is less a national intelligence agency than it is a Rothschild/Rockefeller family security force.

The Rothschilds exert political control through the secretive Business Roundtable, which they created in 1909 with the help of Lord Alfred Milner and Cecil Rhodes- whose Rhodes Scholarship is granted by Cambridge University, out of which oil industry propagandist Cambridge Energy Research Associates operates.  Rhodes founded De Beers and Standard Chartered Bank.

The Roundtable takes its name from the legendary knight King Arthur, whose tale of the Holy Grail is synonymous with the Illuminati notion that the Eight Families possess Sangreal or holy blood- a justification for their lording over the people and resources of the planet.

According to former British Intelligence officer John Coleman, who wrote Committee of 300, “Round Tablers armed with immense wealth from gold, diamond and drug monopolies fanned out throughout the world to take control of fiscal and monetary policies and political leadership in all countries where they operated.”

Rhodes and Oppenheimer deployed to South Africa to launch the Anglo-American conglomerate. Kuhn and Loeb were off to re-colonize America with Morgan and Rockefeller.  Rudyard Kipling was sent to India. Schiff and Warburg manhandled Russia. Rothschild, Lazard and Israel Moses Seif pushed into the Middle East.  At Princeton, the Round Table founded the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) as partner to its All Souls College at Oxford.  IAS was funded by the Rockefeller’s General Education Board. IAS members Robert Oppenheimer, Neils Bohr and Albert Einstein created the atomic bomb.

In 1919 Rothschild’s Business Roundtable spawned the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) in London.  The RIIA sponsored sister organizations around the globe, including the US Council on Foreign Relations. The RIIA is a registered charity of the Queen and, according to its annual reports, is funded largely by the Four Horsemen.  Former British Foreign Secretary and Kissinger Associates co-founder Lord Carrington is president of both the RIIA and the Bilderbergers. The inner circle at RIIA is dominated by Knights of St. John Jerusalem, Knights of Malta, Knights Templar and 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Freemasons.

The Knights of St. John were founded in 1070 and answer directly to the British House of Windsor.  Their leading bloodline is the Villiers dynasty, which the Hong Kong Matheson family- owners of the HSBC opium laundry- married into. The Lytton family also married into the Villiers gang.

Colonel Edward Bulwer-Lytton led the English Rosicrucian secret society, which Shakespeare opaquely referred to as Rosencranz, while the Freemasons were symbolized by Guildenstern.  Lytton was spiritual father of both the RIIA and Nazi fascism.  In 1871 he penned a novel titled, Vril: The Power of the Coming Race.  Seventy years later the Vril Society received ample mention in Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf.  Lytton’s son became Viceroy to India in 1876 just before opium production spiked in that country.  His good friend Rudyard Kipling introduced the swastika to India and later worked under Lord Beaverbrook as Propaganda Minister, alongside Sir Charles Hambro of the Hambros banking dynasty.

Children of the Roundtable elite are members of a Dionysian cult known as Children of the Sun.  Initiates include Aldous Huxley, T. S. Eliot, D. H. Lawrence and H. G. Wells.  Wells headed British intelligence during WWI. His books speak of a “one-world brain” and “a police of the mind”.  William Butler Yeats, another Sun member, was a pal of Aleister Crowley.  The two formed an Isis Cult based on a Madam Blavatsky manuscript, which called on the British aristocracy to organize itself into an Aryan priesthood. Blavatsky’s Theosophical Society and Bulwer-Lytton’s Rosicrucians joined forces to form the Thule Society, out of which the Nazis emerged.

Rothschild, Rockefeller and the rest of the Illuminati bankers backed the Nazis.  Max and Paul Warburg sat on I. G. Farben’s board, as did H. A. Metz, who was director at the Warburg Bank of Manhattan- later Chase Manhattan.  Bank of Manhattan director and Federal Reserve Board member C. E. Mitchell sat on the board of I. G. Farben’s US branch.  In 1936 Avery Rockefeller set up a combination with the German Schroeder family, who served as Hitler’s personal bankers.  Time magazine called the new Schroeder, Rockefeller & Company “the economic booster of the Rome-Berlin Axis”.  Morgan Guaranty Trust and Union Banking Corporation (UBC) also funded the Nazis.  UBC board member Prescott Bush is W’s grandfather.

In 1933 at the home of banker Baron Kurt von Schroeder, a deal was cut to bring Hitler to power.  Attending the meeting were brothers John Foster and Allen Dulles- Rockefeller cousins and partners at law firm Sullivan & Cromwell, which represented Schroeder Bank.  Schroeder, managing director T. C. Tiarks, was a director at the Rothschild-controlled Bank of England. In the spring of 1934 Bank of England Chairman Montagu Norman convened a meeting of London bankers who decided to covertly fund Hitler.

Royal Dutch/Shell Chairman Sir Henri Deterding helped in this effort.  Even after the US went to war with Germany, Exxon Chairman Walter Teagle remained on the board of I. G. Chemical- the US I. G. Farben subsidiary.  Exxon was integral in supplying the Nazis with tetraethyl lead, an important component of aviation fuel.  Only Exxon, Du Pont and GM made the stuff.  Teagle also supplied the Japanese with his product.

Exxon and I. G. Farben were such close business associates that by 1942 Thurman Arnold- head of the US Justice Department’s Anti-Trust Division- produced documents that showed, “Standard and Farben in Germany had literally carved up the world markets, with oil and chemical monopolies established all over the map.”

In 1912 railroad magnate Edward Harriman’s widow joined John D. Rockefeller in funding a eugenics research lab at Cold Spring Harbor, NY.  That same year the First International Congress of Eugenics was convened in London with Winston Churchill presiding.  In 1932 the conference was held in New York.  Hamburg-Amerika Shipping Line, owned by George Walker and Prescott Bush, brought the German contingent to the gene-fest.  One member of the German delegation was Dr. Ernst Rudin of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Genealogy in Berlin. He was unanimously elected president for his work in founding the German Society of Race Hygiene- a forerunner to Hitler’s race institutes.

As of 1998 there were still scores of lawsuits pending against Ford, Chase Manhattan, J.P. Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Allianz AG and several Swiss banks for their dealings with the Nazis.

At the heart of Hitler’s inner circle were the secret societies Germanordern (brothers of Yale’s Skull & Bones), the Thule Society, and Vril.  The concepts “Great Masters”, “Adepts” and the “Great White Brotherhood”, which the Nazis used to justify their idea of Aryan superiority, were ancient ideas carried forth from the Egyptian Mystery Schools by the Teutonic Knights, the Illuminati, and Hebrew Cabalists.  These same concepts can be found in today’s New Age Movement, whose New Age magazine was first published by the Grand Orient Masonic Lodge of Washington, DC. Henry Kissinger was an early supporter.

Nazi occultists believed ancient German tribes were the true keepers of the Ancient Mysteries which had their origin in Atlantis, when seven races of God-men were introduced to Earth.  Thule was a Teutonic Atlantis believed by the Nazis to house these long-vanquished races, who lost their godly Annunaki powers by interbreeding with humans.  At the inner core of the Thule Society were Satanists who practiced black magic.

Hitler was once described as a “child of Illuminism”.

According to Dr. Walter Langer, who did a war-time psychoanalysis of Hitler for the CIA-predecessor OSS, Hitler was also a Rothschild.  Langer uncovered an Austrian police report proving Hitler’s father was an illegitimate son of a peasant cook named Maria Anna Schicklgruber, who at the time of her conception was a servant in the Vienna home of Baron Rothschild.

In May 1941 Rudolf Hess parachuted into the estate of the Duke of Hamilton, saying a supernatural force told him to negotiate with the British.  Hitler was ostensibly visited by this same apparition and suddenly turned vehemently against occultism.  He ordered a crackdown against Freemasons, Templars and the Theosophical Society.  Suddenly the international banker crowd pulled the plug on Hitler’s finances and began to denounce him.  Six months later the Hessianized US military entered WWII.

Hitler’s fate was no different than that of Saddam Hussein or Manuel Noriega. The Illuminati bankers’ modus operandi is to use men of low integrity to do their dirty work, before conveniently discarding and distancing themselves from them.

The horrific Holocaust that ensued assured sympathy for the already-planned state of Israel. Towards the end of WWII, the murderous Haganah and Stern Gangs were deployed by the Rothschild bankers to terrorize Palestinians and steal their land. Jews who escaped Hitler’s gas chambers were those of means who bought into Zionism. For a fee of $1,000- lots of money at that time- these right-wingers bought passage to Israel and escaped the fate of the poor Jews, Serbs, communists and gypsies. The whole bloody affair was a massive eugenics project. It had more to do with culling the herd along class lines, than it did with ethnicity or religion.

The key to this historic puzzle is to understand that the Rothschild/Rockefeller sangreal international bankers supported both the rise of the Nazis and the creation of Israel. None of this has anything to do with religion. It has everything to do with oil, arms, drugs, money and power. The Rothschilds say they are Jewish. The Rockefellers claim to be Christian. These are irrelevant smokescreens. Any demagogue- who blames injustice a religion or race of people- is sadly misinformed. Throughout history the Illuminati Satanists have sacrificed people of all race and religion to further their agenda of total planetary control.

Israel is not a “Jewish homeland”. It is an oil monopoly lynchpin. Its citizens are being put in harm’s way- used by the Four Horsemen and their Eight Families-owners as geopolitical pawns in an international resource grab. No peaceful solution is possible until the stolen land is returned to its rightful Palestinian owners.


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  Viganò Excommunicated
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Defiant Archbishop Viganò: Another Blow to Pope Francis and the New World Order
By William F. Jasper
The New American
June 29, 2024

On June 20, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, a former Vatican insider turned whistleblower, revealed that he had been summoned to Rome to respond to “accusations and evidence concerning the crime of schism of which he has been accused.” He is charged with denying the legitimacy of Pope Francis, breaking union with him, and rejecting the Second Vatican Council. The “extrajudicial penal trial” is likely to result in the archbishop’s excommunication and dismissal from the priesthood. Viganò, who has been in hiding for the past several years (reportedly out of fear for his life), apparently did not show up for his trial on June 20. However, he has until June 28 to provide a written defense, or be judged in abscentia.

Archbishop Viganò posted the official decree from the Holy See’s Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith (DDF) on his website Exurge Domine (Latin for “Arise, O Lord,” from Psalm 10:12), along with his defiant 1,500-word response, in which he states, “I regard the accusations against me as an honor.”

“I assume,” he wrote, “that the sentence has already been prepared, given that it is an extrajudicial process.” Refusing to recognize the current pontificate as legitimate, Viganò regularly refers to Pope Francis by his family surname, Bergoglio.

“It is no coincidence,” says Viganò, “that the accusation against me concerns the questioning of the legitimacy of Jorge Mario Bergoglio and the rejection of Vatican II: the Council represents the ideological, theological, moral, and liturgical cancer of which the Bergoglian ‘synodal church’ is the necessary metastasis.”

Agenda 2030 and the “Davos Religion”

Moreover, Viganò accuses Pope Francis and his Vatican hierarchy of gross corruption and subversion of the Catholic Faith, in concert with the globalists of the UN and the World Economic Forum:

It is necessary for the Episcopate, the Clergy and the People of God to seriously ask themselves whether it is consistent with the profession of the Catholic Faith to passively witness the systematic destruction of the Church by its leaders, just as other subversives are destroying civil society. Globalism calls for ethnic substitution: Bergoglio promotes uncontrolled immigration and calls for the integration of cultures and religions. Globalism supports LGBTQ+ ideology: Bergoglio authorizes the blessing of same-sex couples and imposes on the faithful the acceptance of homosexualism, while covering up the scandals of his protégés and promoting them to the highest positions of responsibility. Globalism imposes the green agenda: Bergoglio worships the idol of the Pachamama, writes delirious encyclicals about the environment, supports the Agenda 2030, and attacks those who question the theory of man-made global warming. He goes beyond his role in matters that strictly pertain to science, but always and only in one direction: a direction that is diametrically opposed to what the Church has always taught.

These themes, particularly concerning the machinations of globalist elites, “The Great Reset” of the World Economic Forum, and Agenda 2030 of the UN, have featured prominently in video messages produced by the archbishop over the past several years, as in the video below.


As in his previous public letters, Viganò’s latest salvo also indicts Pope Francis for his violation of Catholic teaching and his subservience to Big Pharma and Communist China with regard to mandating the experimental Covid jab as a “moral duty.” The archbishop writes:

He has mandated the use of experimental gene serums, which caused very serious damage, death and sterility, calling them “an act of love,” in exchange for funding from pharmaceutical companies and philanthropic foundations. His total alignment with the Davos religion is scandalous. Wherever governments at the service of the World Economic Forum have introduced or extended abortion, promoted vice, legitimized homosexual unions or gender transition, encouraged euthanasia, and tolerated the persecution of Catholics, not a word has been spent in defense of the Faith or Morals that are threatened, or in support of the civil battles of so many Catholics who have been abandoned by the Vatican and the Bishops. Not a word for the persecuted Catholics in China, with the complicity of the Holy See, which considers Beijing’s billions more important than the lives and freedom of thousands of Chinese who are faithful to the Roman Church.

“Everything that Bergoglio does constitutes an offense and a provocation to the entire Catholic Church, to her Saints of all times, to the Martyrs who were killed in odium Fidei, and to the Popes of all times until the Second Vatican Council,” Viganò charges. He continues, “This is also and principally an offense against the Divine Head of the Church, Our Lord Jesus Christ, Whose sacred authority Bergoglio claims to exercise for the detriment of the Mystical Body, with an action that is too systematic and coherent to appear to be the fruit of mere incapacity.”

Origins of the Viganò “Threat”

The Vatican’s current move against Archbishop Viganò has been brewing since at least August 22, 2018, when he released his blistering “Testimony” accusing Pope Francis and his circle of prominent clerics of knowingly and willfully promoting active homosexuals in the church hierarchy and engaging in a massive “conspiracy of silence” to cover up their crimes and discredit their victims. Of central concern in his testimony was Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, former archbishop of Washington, D.C., preeminent church powerbroker, and pal of Francis. “Uncle Ted” McCarrick was credibly accused of sexual abuse of an altar boy and seminarians. Although McCarrick’s homosexual activities had been publicly known for many years, Archbishop Viganò was the instrument who made the cardinal’s notorious record formally public and forced McCarrick’s “retirement.” In 2011, Pope Benedict XVI appointed Viganò as Apostolic Nuncio (in effect, ambassador) to the United States, with one of his duties being to investigate clerical sex-abuse cases. By that time, due to his previous post as secretary general of the Vatican City governorate (considered the number three position below the pope), Vigano was already aware of the seriousness of the sex-abuse crisis in general and of Cardinal McCarrick in particular.

According to Viganò, as early as 2006 he sent a memo to Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone detailing McCarrick’s offenses and recommending severe penalties against him to set an example and show that the Church is serious about not tolerating the abuses. As a result of Vigano’s reports, Pope Benedict had placed sanctions on McCarrick, ordering him to move out of the seminary where he had been living, restricting his travel, and prohibiting him from celebrating sacraments publicly or making other public appearances.

Pope Francis, despite his repeated avowals of “zero tolerance” toward clerical sex offenders, has racked up a deplorable record. In addition to letting McCarrick out of the dog house to travel freely, he, astoundingly, made the predatory pervert his emissary to China, where he negotiated a secret agreement with the Chinese Communist Party that Hong Kong’s heroic Cardinal Joseph Zen called a betrayal of China’s persecuted Catholics. Finally, after McCarrick’s flagrant homosexual activity had become a major PR problem, Pope Francis laicized him, a move that many critics see as a coverup to spare McCarrick from a canonical trial that might expose Pope Francis, and many other high-level church officials, as being complicit in McCarrick’s crimes.

However, McCarrick (now an ex-cardinal, the first to be forced to resign over homosexual charges) is but the tip of a very large iceberg. While it is natural for an iceberg to shrink, the sodomite iceberg within the Church has been dramatically growing since the Second Vatican Council. The “liberalizing” influences unleashed by Vatican II (held from 1962 to 1965) have produced widespread devastation of the vineyard of the Lord. In his August 22, 2018 “Testimony” and in subsequent releases, Archbishop Viganò has named prominent prelates who are accomplices of the McCarrick pederast lobby within the Church (whether as homosexual practitioners, promoters, or protectors — or all of the above). They include such leading churchmen as Cardinals Tarcisio Bertone, Pietro Parolin, Godfried Danneels, Angelo Sodano, Donald Wuerl, Blasé Cupich, Robert McElroy, Joseph W. Tobin, Reinhard Marx, Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, Víctor Manuel Fernández, and Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga.

From the moment he released his 2018 Testimony (if not before), Archbishop Viganò was a marked man. The pro-LGBTQ faction within the church hierarchy has expanded alarmingly under Pope Francis and is decidedly hostile toward Catholics who challenge the “progressive” agenda, especially regarding issues of sexual morality. And despite the wrecked lives of thousands of sexually abused victims, despite the exodus caused by the horrendous scandal of ongoing abuses, despite the bankruptcy of dioceses due to lawsuits, despite the resulting unprecedented closing of churches, and despite repeated claims of zero tolerance, Pope Francis and the Lavender Lobby have presided over an expansion of clerical sexual abuse, while at the same time attacking the faithful Catholics who attend the Traditional Latin Mass and truthtellers who expose the homosexual cancer infecting the Church.

Viganò Treatment vs. McCarrick, Rupnik, Martin, et al.

It has not escaped the notice of many critics that “justice” under the pontificate of Pope Francis, like that under Francis’s political pal Joe Biden, has been marked by a striking double standard. Father Frank Pavone, founder and national director of Priests for Life, for instance, was canceled and defrocked for doing what Catholic priests are supposed to do: opposing abortion, saving babies, saving souls. Likewise, Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas, was removed for being too traditional, for urging the U.S. bishops to take a stronger stand in the sex-abuse crisis, and for speaking to the Catholic rally at Dodger Stadium that opposed the Dodgers’ honoring of the notoriously anti-Catholic and sacrilegious homosexual drag queens known as the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.”

Compare the steel-fist treatment in those and similar cases to the velvet-glove handling of serial sex offender Father Marko Rupnik, a “Friend of Francis” who mysteriously had his excommunication lifted, apparently through the intervention of the pope. Pope Francis has denied intervening, but his disavowal is hardly credible considering the circumstances and the fact that Rupnik’s penalty was removed (an extraordinary action) only three days after the pope met with Rupnik’s longtime colleague and defender Maria Campatelli. (See here, here, and here.)

Papal Resignation?

Although the McCarrick and Rupnik cases have generated widespread media coverage (and a considerable amount of criticism of Pope Francis), they represent but a fraction of the “crimes” attributed to the pontiff by prominent Catholic critics. In May, a group of 17 Catholic scholars, theologians, and professors issued a statement calling on Pope Francis to resign for having caused, by his words and actions, “an unprecedented crisis in the Catholic Church” and for having “done great harm to the Church and the whole world.”

In addition to listing seven examples of the canonical crime of heresy, the group states, “The crimes committed by Pope Francis, such as his protection of sexual abusers, are in some cases crimes by the standards of the laws of sovereign states, as well as being moral and canonical crimes.”

The group’s statement lists more than two dozen actions involving his protection and promotion of clerics who have been credibly accused (and in some cases already prosecuted and convicted) of committing or covering up sex-abuse crimes. These actions by Pope Francis, they charge, are “crimes because they violate either canon law, the law of temporal states, the natural law, divine positive law, or some combination of laws from these different legal systems.”

“We therefore call for Pope Francis to resign the papal office, and to repent and do penance for his actions,” say the signatories to the statement. And if he doesn’t resign, then what? “If he does not do this, we request that the cardinals and bishops of the Catholic Church ask Pope Francis to resign the office of pope,” the statement reads, and then adds, “If he refuses to resign or recant the heresies that he has upheld, we ask that they declare that he has lost the papal office.”

Viganò Rejects Vatican Summons

Back to Archbishop Viganò. On June 21, the archbishop took to social media (X, formerly Twitter) to correct erroneous news reports claiming that he had presented himself in Rome the previous day for trial.

“I therefore wish to make it clear,” Viganò states, “that I did not go to the Vatican yesterday [June 20], and that I have no intention of going to the Holy Office on June 28, and that I have not delivered any statement or document in my defense to the Dicastery, whose authority I do not recognize, nor do I recognize the authority of its Prefect, nor do I recognize the authority of the one who appointed him.”

While Archbishop Viganò is dismissed by Church and media defenders of Pope Francis as a crackpot conspiracy theorist, the many alarming charges he has laid at the feet of the current pontiff are increasingly recognized by Catholics and non-Catholics alike as factually true. And although even many of his current and erstwhile supporters among conservatives and traditionalists are not on board with his claim that Jorge Bergoglio is not now, and never was, legitimately the pope, nearly every new day seems to bring new examples of scandalous (or even heretical) statements and actions by Pope Francis. One thing seems certain: Archbishop Viganò is not going away any time soon, and his revelations and accusations are likely to lead to increased calls for the pope’s resignation.

Katisch A. 17 days ago
The gates of hell will not prevail against the church. Look at Joan of Arc! She was excommunicated and burned at the stake. Never abandon the church that Christ himself built. If you had a chance to jump on Noah's arc, as stinky as it was from all the animals and knew it was the only real thing that could save you, would you refuse to board because it was full of stinky animals? The people of the church is full of sinners. It is the only hospital on earth that has the body, blood soul and divinity of Christ -- the real presence of Christ on earth in the Eucharist. Why or better yet, how could you abandon that?


Vatican says Archbishop Viganò ‘guilty’ of schism and excommunicated
Vatican charges Archbishop Viganò with schism for ‘denial of the legitimacy of Pope Francis’

Pope Francis' Vatican announced it had found former Nuncio to the U.S. Archbishop Viganò 'guilty of the reserved delict of schism' on July 4, and that consequently he is automatically excommunicated.

VATICAN CITY (LifeSiteNews) — The Vatican’s Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith (DDF) announced July 5 that it had declared former U.S Nuncio Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò to be guilty of “schism” and automatically excommunicated.

In a statement issued without warning to the Holy See press corps, the DDF stated that its Congress met on July 4 to decide against Viganò. The statement read:

    On 4 July 2024, the Congress of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith met to conclude the extrajudicial penal process referred to in canon 1720 CIC against the Most Reverend Carlo Maria Viganò, titular Archbishop of Ulpiana, accused of the reserved delict of schism (canons 751 and 1364 CIC; art. 2 SST).

    His public statements manifesting his refusal to recognize and submit to the Supreme Pontiff, his rejection of communion with the members of the Church subject to him, and of the legitimacy and magisterial authority of the Second Vatican Council are well known.

    At the conclusion of the penal process, the Most Reverend Carlo Maria Viganò was found guilty of the reserved delict of schism.

    The Dicastery declared the latae sententiae excommunication in accordance with canon 1364 § 1 CIC. The lifting of the censure in these cases is reserved to the Apostolic See. This decision was communicated to the Most Reverend Viganò on 5 July 2024.

Under the terms of the latest edition of Canon Law, one who is excommunicated is prohibited from offering the sacraments.

On June 20, Viganò revealed that the DDF had, by way of a letter dated June 11, begun an “extrajudicial penal trial” against him, accusing the prelate of “the crime of schism.”

Issued by Monsignor John Kennedy, who leads the DDF’S Disciplinary Section, the Vatican’s letter alerted him to “the crime of schism of which he has been accused (public statements which result in a denial of the elements necessary to maintain communion with the Catholic Church; denial of the legitimacy of Pope Francis; a rupture of communion with him; and rejection of the Second Vatican Council).”

@CarloMVigano excommunicated by same Vatican that rehabilitated sex abuser Rupnik

Rebuffing the accusation, Viganò stated at the time that “I claim, as Successor of the Apostles, to be in full communion with the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church, with the Magisterium of the Roman Pontiffs, and with the uninterrupted doctrinal, moral, and liturgical Tradition which they have faithfully preserved.”

He further added that “I repudiate, reject, and condemn the scandals, errors, and heresies of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who manifests an absolutely tyrannical management of power, exercised against the purpose that legitimizes authority in the Church: an authority that is vicarious of that of Christ, and as such must obey Him alone.”

In an expansive statement issued June 28, the former U.S. nuncio issued a blistering response to the DDF’s charge of schism, attesting that “[a] schismatic sect accuses me of schism: this should be enough to demonstrate the subversion taking place.”

Continuing, the archbishop stated:

    … in order to separate myself from ecclesial communion with Jorge Mario Bergoglio, I would have to have first been in communion with him, which is not possible since Bergoglio himself cannot be considered a member of the Church, due to his multiple heresies and his manifest alienness and incompatibility with the role he invalidly and illicitly holds.

Turning the Vatican’s charges against them, Viganò then accused Pope Francis of schism, writing:

    I accuse Jorge Mario Bergoglio of heresy and schism, and I ask that he be judged as a heretic and schismatic and removed from the throne which he has unworthily occupied for over 11 years. This in no way contradicts the adage Prima Sedes a nemine judicatur, because it is evident that, since a heretic is unable to assume the Papacy, he is not above the Prelates who judge him.

Archbishop Viganò has been contacted for comment in response to the Vatican’s ruling, and this report will be updated accordingly.

Fri, Jul 5 2024
My only question is how much longer can this World Wide Satanic Clown Show continue ???

Mel Gibson Writes Open Letter in Support to Archbishop Viganò: Excommunication by Pope Francis “Is Like a Badge of Honor”
The Gateway Pundit | Margaret Flavin

Actor and film director Mel Gibson sent a letter of encouragement to Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò after Red Pope Francis excommunicated him last week. Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò was found guilty of ‘schism’

The Archbishop announced that he had not attended his Vatican ‘schism’ trial and, in a powerful statement and indictment of the Vatican and Pope Francis, argued that he is not in schism with the Catholic Church.

Instead, he accuses the Pope  ‘of heresy and schism’ and requests he be ‘removed from the throne which he has unworthily occupied for over 11 years.’

Archbishop Carlo Viganò, a friend of the faithful and dedicated to the Church and sharing the word of Jesus Christ, has been outspoken against the destruction of the Church, COVID mandates, and stolen elections. He has called out the current Pope for his destructive actions against the Church and has warned about the World Economic Forum.

Gibson’s letter to Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò appeared first on the website of Italian journalist Aldo Maria Valli.

Quote:    Dear Archbishop,

    I’m sure you expected nothing else from Jorge Bergoglio.

    I know that you know he has no authority whatsoever – so I’m not sure how this will effect you going forward. I hope you will continue to say Mass and receive the sacraments yourself – it really is a badge of honor to be shunned by the false, post conciliar church.

    You have my sympathies that you suffer publicly this grave injustice. To me and many others you are a most courageous hero.

    As always, you have hit the nail on the head regarding the illegitimacy of Francis. You express the core problems with the institution that has eclipsed the true church and I applaud your courage in expressing that, but more than that in maintaining fidelity to the true Church!

    You are a modern day Athanasius! I have all respect for the way you defend Christ and His Church. I agree with you 100% that the post conciliar church of Vatican II is a counterfeit church. This is why I built a Catholic church that only worships traditionally. You are welcome to come and say Mass there anytime.

    Of course being called a schismatic and being excommunicated by Jorge Bergoglio is like a badge of honor when you consider he is a total apostate and expels you from a false institution.

    Remember that true schism requires innovation, something you have not done but something that Bergoglio does with every breath.

    He, therefore, is the schismatic! However he already ipso facto excommunicated himself by his many public heresies (canon 188 in the 1917 code).

    As you already know he has no power to excommunicate you because he is not even a Catholic.

    So rejoice! I am with you and I hope Bergoglio excommunicates me from his false church also.

    Bergoglio and his cohorts have the clothes and the buildings, but you have the faith.

    God bless and keep you. If you need anything just ask, I will try my best to help.

    With admiration and undying respect.

    Mel Gibson

In a YouTube video two years ago, Gibson shared his thoughts about the Coalition for Canceled Priests, Pope Francis, Archbishop Viganò, and  Bad Bishops.


The Vatican Is More Interested in Silencing Viganò Than Addressing His Allegations
While Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò is excommunicated, the same Vatican tolerates and even supports figures like Theodore McCarrick and others who abuse and challenge Church teaching.
By Bishop Joseph E. Strickland
July 8, 2024

We find ourselves at a strange moment in Church history when Archbishop Viganò is excommunicated swiftly while Theodore McCarrick remains unexcommunicated after years of his crimes against the Church have come to light.

We should look closely at a Vatican that operates in this manner. Rather than addressing the serious questions and allegations Archbishop Viganò raises, he is summarily removed from the Church with an apparent motive to silence him. Meanwhile McCarrick and a lengthy list of others have promoted a culture that ignores or wants to change Church teachings and their voices are allowed and even overtly supported.

It seems we are left with only stones to cry out for justice because the voices of faithful disciples are mute, ignored, or even silenced.

From St. Pius V, by Roberto de Mattei, “The new pope appeared to be a man moved only by the desire to restore the ancient splendor of the Holy See by means of improving customs and battling against errors.”

May this quotation remind us that the “splendor of the Holy See” is always about the glory of Jesus Christ. There is no splendor without fidelity to Christ and the only value of worldly splendor is that it points us to God.


Bishop Eleganti: Covid Shots Have Led to ‘Turbo Cancer,’ Excess Deaths, Other ‘Harmful Side Effects’
‘We have excess mortality since the vaccination programs in all countries,’ Swiss Bishop Marian Eleganti said in an interview with LifeSiteNews, slamming Catholic bishops’ acceptance of COVID mandates as a ‘declaration of bankruptcy of faith.’
By Andreas Wailzer
July 4, 2024

Swiss Bishop Marian Eleganti said the Catholic hierarchy’s embrace of COVID restrictions was a “declaration of bankruptcy of faith” and lamented that the COVID shots have caused “many harmful side effects,” including “turbo cancer,” excess deaths, and premature births.

During a video interview with LifeSiteNews journalist Andreas Wailzer in German, Eleganti was asked what he thought about the Austrian bishops’ support for the country’s general COVID jab mandate.

“For me, that was clearly a fall from grace,” the former bishop of Chur said.

He said that “informed consent” and autonomous decision over one’s own body was the “basic dogma” in medical ethics during the past decades and noted that the Congregation (now Dicastery) for the Doctrine of the Faith under Cardinal Luis Ladaria had declared that there must not be forced COVID injections.

“Nevertheless, the Pope imposed [a shot mandate] on all employees in the Vatican as head of state. Otherwise, they would have lost their jobs or been given another one,” Eleganti stated.

“So, for me, that was clearly an injustice.”

“We now know, and this is coming to light more and more worldwide, that we simply cannot ignore the fact that these measures were not evidence-based, that the vaccinations did not guarantee this protection against transmission, that there was no ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated.’”

“Today we have turbo-cancer phenomena; we have excess mortality since the vaccination programs in all countries. We have a decline in births due to premature births and so on.”

“So much injustice happened, and there were so many harmful side effects,” he continued. “Today we have turbo-cancer phenomena; we have excess mortality since the vaccination programs in all countries. We have a decline in births due to premature births and so on.”

“There are many parameters that point in the same direction, that a lot has been done wrong. The masks were not evidence-based, and so on. That was also known, and these were political decisions.”

The Swiss bishop also criticized the role of the globalist U.N. and WHO in stripping away national sovereignty and acting “like a world government.”

“The WHO is also financed by private foundations such as Bill Gates and others,” Eleganti said. “And these institutions are not democratically legitimized, and they are also at the mercy of the powerful of high finance.”

“And that’s where you have to be critical, and nations must not give up their sovereignty so that so few people in the back room suddenly decide for the whole world like a world government and impose something on all countries that remains highly controversial, also in the future.”

The bishop reiterated that the Church “did not play a good role” during the COVID crisis.

He said that bishops and other Church leaders showed their lack of faith in the supernatural by shutting down public Easter celebrations and the healing springs in Lourdes, removing the holy water from the churches, and treating the Eucharist like “a contaminated thing.”

“For me, that is a declaration of bankruptcy of faith,” Eleganti charged.

“As it is written in Psalm 90, ‘Even though a thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, such evils will not afflict you,’” he stated.

“And so also when the plague rages by day and by night,” he continued.

“It is also quite clear, a sacramental [holy water] that I use to place myself under the protection of God… I can’t maintain an attitude of total unbelief at the same time… [to believe] that it does not help me at all, but on the contrary could even harm me.”

Eleganti stressed that Catholics “cannot rely on secular strategies” that were often nonsensical but must resort to prayer.

He said that even people outside the Catholic Church “somehow felt” that the Church hierarchy’s response to COVID “was a surrender of faith, as if God did not exist.”

Tue, Jul 2 2024
And this surrender of faith by the hierarchy allowed the Church to be used for advancement of bad agendas.


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  Trump vs Biden & Assassination Attempts
Posted by: Hissil - 07-13-2024, 09:57 PM - Forum: Politics - Replies (4)

The Debate Should Be a Wake-Up Call For Americans
By Ron Paul, MD
The Ron Paul Institute
July 2, 2024

There were plenty of surprises in last week’s presidential debate. For one, Americans who rely on the mainstream media for their news learned that they had been lied to for the past three years about President Biden’s capability to do the job he was elected to do.

The realization that the media has been lying for years about Biden is a positive development, as, hopefully, thoughtful Americans might begin wondering what else the media has been lying about. For example, they will find out that the media has been lying to them for years about Russia and Ukraine and about the Middle East and elsewhere. They will find out that our hyper-interventionist foreign policy does not make us safer and more free, but the opposite.

Unfortunately for most Americans, foreign policy is something that happens “over there,” with few direct effects back home. Dumping nearly $200 billion into the lost cause called “Ukraine” may at most seem like an annoyance to many Americans, but it’s not like they are being snatched up by gangs of military recruiters and sent to the front line as is happening to Ukrainian men.

However, $200 billion is real money and the effect on our economy is also real. The bill will be paid by each American family indirectly through the inflation “tax.” Each dollar created out of thin air and spent on the Ukraine debacle devalues the rest of the dollars in circulation.

The danger posed by our foreign policy seemed to escape both candidates, who each tried to convince us they were “tougher” than the other. Despite Donald Trump’s sober and accurate warning that Joe Biden has taken us to the brink of World War III, his solution to the problem is doing more of the same. His stated foreign policy seems to be that were he in office the rest of the world would not dare do anything against his will.

He would have been so tough that Russian president Vladimir Putin would never have dared to invade Ukraine, he claimed. He would have been so tough that Hamas would never have dared attack Israel on October 7th. It’s only Joe Biden’s “weakness” that leads to these disastrous foreign policy outcomes.

But the world does not work that way. Decades of US sanctions placed on any country that fails to do what Washington demands have backfired and led to the emergence of a block of countries united in their resistance to American dictates. Being “tough” on less-powerful countries may work…until it doesn’t. That’s where we are today.

Neither candidate seems to realize that the world has changed.

I have always said that real strength in foreign policy comes from restraint. To prevent these bad outcomes everywhere, stop intervening everywhere. It is not “toughness” that would have prevented Russia from taking action against Ukraine. It is restraint. Not launching a coup in Ukraine in 2014 would have prevented the disastrous war in Ukraine. Just like not stirring up trouble in the South China Sea would prevent a war with China. Not continuing to occupy and intervene in the Middle East would prevent a major regional war which might include Iran and other big players in the region.

Restraint is the real toughness. Non-intervention is the only foreign policy that will keep us safe and free. We’ve tried it the other way and it does not work. Let’s try something different.

We Need Ron Paul---Not the Lesser of Two Evils
By Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.
July 8, 2024

After the presidential “debate,” some people argued like this: We can’t support Biden. He is obviously brain dead. Besides, we couldn’t support this dangerous left-winger anyway. We’re stuck with Trump, like him or not. At least, he’s better on some issues. But we shouldn’t think like this. Both Trump and Biden are bad, but there is one person who has all the right policies, from a libertarian point of view. This person is our greatest living American, Dr. Ron Paul. In what follows, I’ll explain why Biden and Trump are both deficient and why Ron Paul is stellar.

First, let’s look at the obvious. Biden is indeed “cognitively impaired,” to say the least. This stumblebum is unfit to be dogcatcher, let alone president. But Trump also made many absurd remarks that show his mental acuity to be in serious question.  For example, he said that Putin would never have taken action against Ukraine if he had been president. Does he think that Putin is afraid of him? He is suffering from delusions of grandeur, if he does. There can be no doubt, though, about Ron Paul. He is scintillatingly acute mentally. You have only to listen to his weekly podcast to know this.

Now, let’s look at some of the issues.  How do the candidates propose to deal with inflation and our flawed monetary system? Trump boasts about the low rate of inflation when he was president, even though it was rising. He has criticized the Fed but just because it isn’t under his direct control. He wants interest rates to be low and is unware of the way that expansion of bank credit inevitably  causes hyperinflation or depression. Biden wants to keep the Fed the way it is but also likes artificially low interest rates.

Of course, “End the Fed” is Ron Paul’s signature issue. He galvanized American youth with this slogan years ago, and it has continued to resonate with them. He follows the economic theory of the great Murray Rothbard, his guide in all matters economic.

Of course, it’s not enough just to get rid of the Fed, essential as that is. We need sound money, and for Ron, following Mises and Rothbard, this means the gold standard. Once, when our Ron was invited on the other Ron’s Air Force One for a flight to Houston, Ron Paul commented on Reagan’s watch, which was made from a $20 gold piece. “I wish we still had that monetary system,” said Ron Paul. “You know, no nation that abandoned the gold standard has remained great,” said Reagan. Don Regan told the president to drop the subject.

In 1982, Ron Paul served on the U.S. Gold Commission to evaluate the role of gold in the monetary system. In fact, the Commission was his idea. It was carrying forth a promise made in the Republican platform.

Ron couldn’t pick the members, so from the beginning, the deck was stacked. The majority was dominated by monetarists, who saw gold as too scarce and paper as just fine. Ron Paul’s team was ready, however, with this marvelous minority report.

Rarely has a dissent on a government commission done so much good!

The result was The Case for Gold, and it was the greatest result of the commission. It covers the history of gold in the United States, explains that its breakdown was caused by governments, and explains the merit of having sound money: prices reflect market realities, government stays in check, and the people retain their freedom.

The scholarship and rigor impressed even the critics of the minority. Ron and Lewis Lehrman worked with a team of economists that included Murray Rothbard, who was the main author, so it is hardly surprising that such a book would result.

One of the most thrilling memories of the 2012 campaign was the sight of those huge crowds who came out to see Ron. His competitors, meanwhile, couldn’t fill half a Starbucks. When I worked as Ron’s chief of staff in the late 1970s and early 1980s, I could only dream of such a day.

Let’s look at one more economic issue. Both Biden and Trump favor high tariffs. Only Ron Paul believes in free trade. Of course he is against so-called “free trade” agreements that put trade under the control of international cabals like the WTO. These “agreements” are really anti-free trade pacts.

Trump’s biggest talking point is “border control.” But he is all bluster. He promised to control the border in 2016 and had four years to do it, but he sat on his hands and did little or nothing. Biden wants to bring to America as many alien hordes as he can. With Ron, you know he means what he says. Elect him and we will have secure borders. You can be sure of it!

Let’s not forget covid tyranny. After some initial skepticism, Trump caved in to “Dr.” Antony Fauci and urged people to get “vaccines”, whether the wanted to or not. He still urges people to get vaccinated, even though the effects of these deadly ‘vaccines” in causing cancer and heart disease is well-known. Biden was an enthusiastic Fauci supporter from the start. He favored compulsory vaccinations for everybody. Ron Paul was against these fake “vaccines” from the start and remains so.

Ron is also sound on the “global warming” hoax, He recognizes that this is a propaganda slogan by socialists who want to destroy our industrial society. They want to “green the economy,” even though doing so will bring humanity to an end. For many of them, “even though” should be replaced by “because.” To his credit, Trump exited from the Paris Accords and will do so again if elected. But his main concern is that the United States should not have to impose more restrictions on its economy than other countries. He hasn’t repudiated the concept of “global warming.” Biden is an enthusiastic proponent on “greening the economy” in order to combat “climate change.”

Now, let’s turn to foreign policy. For Murray Rothbard, war and peace was always the key issue. Ron Paul agrees. He favors a consistent policy of non-intervention abroad. No foreign aid. No military alliances. No more shipments of billions of dollars in arms to the Middle East! He aptly remarks: “As we move into the US presidential election cycle one thing is clear: we desperately need a peace president to do for us what JFK did for the US during the Cuba crisis. Hopefully it won’t be too late!”

Both Trump and Biden want to continue our massive intervention in the Middle East. Trump is more alive to the danger of war with Ukraine than Biden, but he is gearing for war with China. Should our choice be between a candidate who risks war with China and one who risks war with Russia? Or should be demand a candidate who doesn’t want war at all?

We should not think “within the box” by accepting the existing “choices.” We must never let the enemy define our space of possibilities. As Murray Rothbard explained, our tactical goals must be guided by our long-term objective of liberty and should never be inconsistent with it. He said: “The libertarian goals — including immediate abolition of invasions of liberty — are ‘realistic’ in the sense that they could be achieved if enough people agreed on them, and that, if achieved, the resulting libertarian system would be viable. The goal of immediate liberty is not unrealistic or ‘Utopian’ because — in contrast to such goals as the ‘elimination of poverty’ — its achievement is entirely dependent on man’s will. If, for example, everyone suddenly and immediately agreed on the overriding desirability of liberty, then total liberty would be immediately achieved. The strategic estimate of how the path toward liberty is likely to be achieved is, of course, an entirely separate question.”

Let’s do everything we can to reject the false “choice” between two bad candidates. Let’s insist on the best—Dr. Ron Paul. I know this is what Murray would want, if he were here to guide us today.

Colonel Macgregor: Biden’s cognitive decline makes it obvious the US gov’t is in ‘unelected hands’
Retired U.S. Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor has said that “the governing power” of the U.S. lies “in unelected hands” after the first presidential debate highlighting President Joe Biden’s cognitive decline to the whole world.

In a video message published on the YouTube channel Our Country Our Choice, MacGregor expressed his concern for the U.S. after Biden’s catastrophic showing in the first presidential debate on June 27.

“President Biden is not fit to discharge the immense duties of the presidency,” the army veteran stated. “The alarming evidence of his cognitive decline was on display for all to witness. Yet his enablers and political allies continue to exploit the president to substitute their destructive agenda for the interests of the American people.”

“Destructive executive orders and policy directives, many of which were likely signed when President Biden was in a rapidly diminished state of mind, inflicted tremendous damage on our nation,” he said.

Macgregor criticized the Biden administration for facilitating mass illegal immigration, destructive climate change policies, and the waging of foreign wars in Ukraine and Israel.

“President Biden’s manipulators fueled a proxy war in Ukraine that risks drawing us into a catastrophic confrontation with nuclear-armed Russia,” the retired Colonel said. “Their unqualified support for Israel’s disproportionate actions in Gaza erodes our moral authority and credibility as a champion of peace and stability.”

“Sadly, President Biden’s fragile mental state was laid bare for all to see in last night’s debate,” he observed.  “His responses were frequently incoherent. He appeared lost, even confused, struggling to complete basic thoughts.”

“It is time to ask: who truly governs this country?” Macgregor said. “Is it we the people, as our founders intended, or have we surrendered control to unelected bureaucrats, sprawling federal agencies, and affluent donors who do not have the best interests of ordinary Americans at heart?”

“President Biden should retire with grace and dignity and not be cruelly exploited in the twilight of his life,” the Colonel noted.

“To say it’s a national shame is an understatement,” he added. “This travesty should end immediately.  It is now obvious that the governing power to determine our nation’s destiny lies in unelected hands.”

“It’s time for Americans to demand a new government that is legitimate. One that is devoted to peace abroad and prosperity at home,” Macgregor concluded.

Democrats and Republicans alike acknowledged Biden’s poor performance in the debate less than five months before the 2024 presidential elections. A CNN anchor said, “Democrats I’m talking to are nearly beside themselves.”

The 81-year-old Joe Biden appeared noticeably disoriented during the debate, generating anxiety among Democrats and sparking renewed speculation about potential plans to replace him with a more viable candidate.

CNN blocked independents from streaming, so LifeSiteNews gave a faithful Catholic reaction to the first major election event instead of live-streaming the debate.

Assassinating Biden: Will the Deep State Do It?
Saturday, July 13, 2024 By Stillness in the Storm

A killing of a king is unfolding before our eyes.

Is the deep state about to do away with Joe Biden in a dramatic event to galvanize the anti-Trump movement? While this is arguably unlikely, there’s plausible reason to think there is a “killing of a king” operation unfolding. In this article, we’ll carefully examine the arguments for and against this theory, review narrative warfare, identity politics, and how the globalists maintain their power through the identity cults of modernity.

Would the same criminal deep state that helped steal the 2020 election, fosters human and drug trafficking, and is presently looting the US Treasury through the Ukraine war try to kill or otherwise get rid of Biden to maintain their power? These are arguably the same people who helped orchestrate the COVID pandemic, covered up the John F. Kennedy assassination, and have already committed elder abuse against the aging Joe Biden.

Origin of the Assassinate Biden Theory
After watching the post-debate coverage and researching the rules for getting rid of candidate-Biden, it occurred to me that the deep state might not have many moves left. They seem to be positioning for Biden’s removal; I think that’s clear, but would they go as far as to kill a sitting president?

There are benefits I’ll list out later for why using the 25th Amendment isn’t as powerful as a more dramatic solution. This more dramatic solution would help create unity, drum up support, and help declaw Trump and the massive movement he represents to replace Joe Biden, and by extension, the globalist agenda Biden embodies.

As detailed in Biden Replacement Process: The Rules, Timeline, Contenders, and Polls | ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW, the DNC, donors, and Democrats in general can’t just remove Biden via majority vote. As a matter of fact, there is no rule to remove a candidate once they’ve been chosen. The only option they have is for Biden to step down. However, Biden has refused to step down, saying he has no intentions of doing so. Half the party is split between the shallow and obligatory support of Biden and the growing group of Democrats calling for his replacement.

After the disastrous debate between Trump and Biden, when in the post-debate aftermath the calls for Biden’s replacement rang out like a siren song into the political landscape, I began to consider the deep state’s options. What could they do to rid themselves of Biden and regain some political clout?

Clearly, no one who says they support Biden after the debate is genuine, or they’re suffering from their own cognitive decline. This implies the emergence of a plot, perhaps an attempt to replace Biden with something more dramatic and powerful.

For years, the intelligence agency that supports mainstream media has worked overtime and expended every ounce of clout they have with the general public to push the lie that Biden is intelligent, capable, experienced, and presidential. However, following the debate, the narrative has abruptly shifted. Biden is now a danger to democracy, as Joe Scarborough, one of his most staunch supporters, put it, not even 24 hours later.

The following post-debate mainstream media coverage summarizes the stark transition.




The Killing of the King: Negative Campaigning to Erode Candidate Allegences
How do you get all the layers of your compartmentalized control system to go along with a move to replace a sitting president, especially at this late stage of the campaign? Since these rank-and-file members, from low-income Democrats to mega-donors, don’t know all the plans and agendas of the deep state, you need a powerful yet coherent narrative that can galvanize the whole layer cake. As I will argue in this article, I believe the deep state has been planning and is currently executing their plot to kill the king.

In a cult-like civilization where blind belief, dogma, and groupthink are the norm, a sitting ruler, the king, must be “killed” in order for the herd to accept their new ruler. This is because the more dogmatic and uncritical the thinking of the population, the more dependent they are on official, carefully manufactured narratives to sway their opinions, as we’ll explore later.

In modern politics, no matter how good an incumbent is, the party they belong to often exaggerates their shortcomings, failures on key issues, and other flaws to get the once-loyal people to decouple. This was especially true in a primary between party candidates running for the same government office.

Here are three examples.

    2008 Democratic Primary: During the 2008 Democratic primary, both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama engaged in negative campaigning against each other. One notable example was an ad released by the Clinton campaign that questioned Obama’s preparedness to handle a national security crisis, which was criticized for being misleading and fear-mongering.
    2016 Republican Primary: During the 2016 Republican primary, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz engaged in a heated and often personal negative campaign against each other. One notable example was an ad released by the Cruz campaign that featured a picture of Trump’s wife, Melania, in a revealing outfit, which was criticized for being tasteless and hypocritical.
    2020 Democratic Primary: During the 2020 Democratic primary, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren engaged in a negative campaign against each other over their respective healthcare plans. One notable example was an ad released by the Warren campaign that accused Sanders of being unrealistic and not being able to pay for his healthcare plan, which was criticized for being misleading and overly negative.

The goal is to make the opponent seem like the enemy, and the candidate who uses the negative campaign strategy appears to be the one offering the solution—themselves. This methodology is based on another well-established and heavily used aspect of narrative seeding: the antagonistic-protagonist dynamic.

By strategically placing elements within a story to shape the audience’s perception or emotions, narrative seeding transforms the political campaign into a drama that portrays the candidates as characters. Heightened emotions lead to an investment in the narrative and its characters. The goal is to win over the audience (the electorate) by making them see one candidate as the hero and the other as the villain.

Both Trump and the globalists use these methods. And as I said, these things are critical for success when a civilization has devolved into competing camps of mostly unthinking people. Ideally, a population is educated properly through their healthy truth-centric culture, and these types of tactics aren’t needed to ensure civilization isn’t hijacked by a parasitic elite, as it most certainly has been for some time.

As a sidebar, the fact that these methods are being used by Trump and the Patriots is itself a point of confusion for some who believe their use at all proves that Trump is a bad actor.

It’s like sowing seeds that grow into specific ideas or sentiments. When it comes to the protagonist-antagonist dynamic, these characters play pivotal roles in shaping public opinion:


    The protagonist is the story’s central character, often portrayed as the hero or main figure.
    Their journey, struggles, and growth captivate readers or viewers, which is why many campaign ads have a good guy, bad guy theme.
    Protagonists contribute to character development by showcasing resilience, virtues, and flaws.
        Trump is one of the most resilient people, unable to be affected by the fake news media and the lawfare thrown against him.
        He is virtuous, speaking out against the horrors of globalism while he promises hope through his America First agenda.
        And he has his flaws, like eating McDonalds, getting off topic at the podium, and calling people names as a brash yet honorable man.
    Their actions and decisions drive the plot forward, creating tension and engagement.


    The antagonist opposes the protagonist, representing conflict and challenge.
        Trump characterizes Biden as the “worst president in history.”
    They can be a villain with malevolent intent or a more complex character with varied motivations.
    Antagonists contribute to plot dynamics by creating obstacles, raising stakes, and forcing the protagonist to evolve.
        Biden, by “defeating Trump” in 2020, created obstacles, raised the stakes, and provided Trump with a narrative arc, despite the fact that Trump arguably hasn’t changed all that much.
    Exploring the villain’s perspective adds depth and nuance to the narrative.
        Trump highlights Biden’s viewpoint and ambitions to add depth and further compel investment in the cause he represents.

Impact on Public Opinion
    The interplay between protagonist and antagonist influences how audiences perceive the unfolding story. Hence, the narrative of both Biden and Trump is different with each of them being portrayed differently in their respective political rhetoric.
    Public sentiment shifts based on which character gains sympathy or support using the respective narratives.
    The battle of wits and political jousting between them keeps the population engaged and invested, hopefully drawing in voters who normally tune out.

In terms of Biden, the sitting King, the story the deep state needs to craft has to be compelling, captivating, and engaging. The audience, their supporters, have to believe in the causes represented by the candidate, and most importantly, believe the candidate can actually beat their opponent. Biden is clearly not that person, as the debate proved to the world. A replacement is needed one who can rally support and who can capture the disillusioned population Biden has left in the lurch.

Do I believe the deep state will do away with Joe Biden?
To be clear, I’m not putting all my chips on this theory. I’m simply exploring the idea because I think it’s plausible, which I’ll take the time to demonstrate in this article. However, just because a theory is plausible doesn’t mean it’s likely. That said, I think it’s beneficial to explore ideas in general, for which the ways the deep state manipulates the people through narrative are a good thing to understand and develop an immunity against.

The Democrats, by their own admission, are in a desperate panic to remove Biden. Trump and his supporters, including myself, believe that maintaining Biden’s position will enable us to achieve our desired outcome—another Trump administration in 2025.

In case any three-letter agencies want to interpret this article as a pretext to argue that I’m in favor of Joe Bide’s assassination, I refute such claims unequivocally now. I am in no way advocating for, promoting, or endorsing any plot to assassinate Joe Biden. I am fundamentally against the use of bad faith, coercion, violence, or murder in any capacity, as a Christian and a man who believes in the true rule of law. I have not used such techniques against the many people who have wronged me in life. And I will not advocate for such a position with Biden, or anyone, for that matter. On the contrary, I actually pray for God’s light and wisdom to pour into the hearts and minds of all those confused by evil, spiritual cowardice, or malevolent aims.

Plausibility Assessment
While there are some benefits the deep state can accrue from a dramatic method of doing away with Biden, there are some significant risks that, in my mind, make it unlikely they will choose this option. If they were going to do this, it’s likely they’d do a covert assassination, for reasons I will explain later.


Awaken With JP

GUNSHOTS FIRED AT TRUMP!! Trump Bleeding, Rushed Off Stage After Assassination Attempt At Pennsylvania Rally

VIEW from FOX NEWS CAM - shows SHOT braising his ear
You can see him get hit in the ear and he grabs it!
God saved him!!! that could have killed him!! That was a HITMAN, NOT SOME RANDOM MISFIT LIB!

Gunshots have reportedly been fired at Donald Trump's rally in Pennsylvania, with the former president rushed off-stage by security staff.

Trump appeared to fall to the ground as he was giving a speech. He was quickly surrounded by armed security and stayed down for around a minute.

He then rose to his feet and put his fist in the air, before being escorted off stage and into a vehicle, and then driven away from the scene.

Video appeared to show blood on his ear as he was taken away. The former president appeared to be clutching the side of his head as he fell to the ground.

Republican senator for Ohio, J.D Vance, said in a post on the X social media platform: "Everyone join me in praying for our President Trump and everyone at that rally. I hope everyone is ok."

This breaking news story is being updated and more details will be published shortly.



Trump assassination attempt has many red flags eyes wide open.




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  Reality, Truth, Social Constructs & Human Action | Civilization Is Deeply Unnatural
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Reality Is Not a Social Construct
By Wanjiru Njoya
July 1, 2024

Human behavior is, to a large extent, socially constructed. People often act based on social norms, expectations, or habits rather than by attempting to ascertain the nature of reality itself. In that context, it is true to say that people’s perceptions of reality are socially constructed, as explained by the Thomas theorem:

Another way of looking at this concept is through W.I. Thomas’s notable Thomas theorem which states, “If men define situations as real, they are real in their consequences” (Thomas and Thomas 1928). That is, people’s behavior can be determined by their subjective construction of reality rather than by objective reality.

In “Praxeology: The Methodology of Austrian Economics,” Murray Rothbard defines praxeology as “the logical implications of the universal formal fact that people act, that they employ means to try to attain chosen ends.” People attempt to make decisions based on their best evaluation of the reality of the situation. If we have a good grasp of that reality, our decisions are likely to lead toward our goals; a weak grasp of reality is likely to yield disastrous decisions. Rothbard observes that “all that praxeology asserts is that the individual actor adopts goals and believes, whether erroneously or correctly, that he can arrive at them by the employment of certain means” (emphasis added). Our perception of reality may be erroneous or correct. When we fall into error, we do our best to review and correct our perception of reality in order to make better decisions in the future. This commonsense principle is reflected in the popular slogan FAFO: “FAFO is an acronym for ‘eff around and find out.’ It’s a cheeky way to tell people that if they play with fire, they might get burned—or to announce that they already have been.”

The commonsense view that our decisions are influenced by cultural and social norms is often overstated to convey the mistaken idea that there is no such thing as objective reality: reality itself is a social construct that depends on how you perceive or define it. This partly reflects a form of recklessness—abandoning the effort to investigate or distinguish true from false—sometimes because inquiry is deemed too costly and sometimes from a desire to avoid interpersonal or intergroup conflict by proclaiming that everyone is correct. It suits the egalitarian ethos of our time to declare that everyone has the right answer. I have “my truth,” and you have yours. In mathematics, teachers have been urged to be inclusive by teaching pupils that there are no right or wrong answers.

White supremacy culture shows up in math classrooms when the focus is on getting the “right” answer. . . . The concept of mathematics being purely objective is unequivocally false, and teaching it is even much less so. Upholding the idea that there are always right and wrong answers perpetuates objectivity as well as fear of open conflict.

If everyone has different subjective perceptions of reality and it is not clear whose perceptions are correct and whose are erroneous, it often seems easiest to aver that nobody is right or wrong. If all “realities” are personally and socially constructed, then each person gets to choose his own reality, and everyone is a winner. Thus, we must accept that if anyone says he is a woman because he feels like a woman, then that is his reality. He really is a woman.

This idea that reality is a social construct prevails in public discourse and all fields of academic inquiry. Further, the fact that subjective perceptions of reality are influenced by factors such as a person’s intelligence, culture, and life experiences leads many to the mistaken conclusion that there is nothing self-evident in the world. Everything is up for debate, and the best we can do is to describe our personal “lived experiences.”

Hence comes the nostrum “do not believe your lying eyes”—after all, I may claim to see something different from what you see, and therefore, you should not believe anything exists just because you see it right there in front of you. Perceptions could be mistaken; therefore, nobody knows what is real. It would take decades of empirical peer-reviewed academic study to discover what is real.

For example, for all you know, you might not be a man but just a butterfly dreaming that you are a man. What proof do you have that you are not a butterfly? What credentials qualify you to distinguish between a man and a butterfly?

A story tells that Zhuang Zhou once dreamed he was a butterfly, flitting and fluttering around, happy, and doing as he pleased. As a butterfly, he did not know he was Zhuang Zhou. All of a sudden, he awoke and found he was Zhuang Zhou, solid and unmistakably human. But then he did not know whether he was Zhuang Zhou dreaming he was a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming he was Zhuang Zhou.

Ultimately, Zhuang Zhou must accept the evidence of his own eyes as it is not possible for a sane person persistently to lie to himself. As Rothbard observes:

Of course, a person may say that he denies the existence of self-evident principles or other established truths of the real world, but this mere saying has no epistemological validity. As Toohey pointed out, “A man may say anything he pleases, but he cannot think or do anything he pleases. He may say he saw a round square, but he cannot think he saw a round square. He may say, if he likes, that he saw a horse riding astride its own back, but we shall know what to think of him if he says it.”

Those who are currently embarked upon empirical studies to prove the existence of the ninety-nine different sexes and genders have already mapped out the spectrum:

The sex designation of your brain and body may not be as black and white as scientists have believed it to be. Instead gender may fall somewhere on a gray scale. Scientists are trying to unravel the complex biological breakdowns of gender, and as they learn more, it’s becoming more apparent there aren’t just men and women among us.

A scientific analysis of what is a woman titled “White matter microstructure in female to male transsexuals before cross-sex hormonal treatment. A diffusion tensor imaging study” informs us that “the white matter microstructure pattern in untreated FtM [female to male] transsexuals is closer to the pattern of subjects who share their gender identity (males) than those who share their biological sex (females). Our results provide evidence for an inherent difference in the brain structure of FtM transsexuals.”

This explains why Justice Ketanji Jackson, when asked “What is a woman?” replied that she is not a biologist and thus could not answer the question. If a justice of the Supreme Court publicly asserts that she does not know what a woman is, the implication is that this is a question best left to the credentialed experts.

The aim of “reality is a social construct” ideologues is to persuade ordinary people that they cannot know or understand reality without immersing themselves in top-level academic study that, conveniently, is currently under the tight control of socialists. For example, you cannot know or understand the meaning of justice until you have devoted years to studying the work of the expert on justice, John Rawls. When Rawls’s A Theory of Justice was published, Ayn Rand observed:

Let me say that I have not read and do not intend to read that book. . . . Is A Theory of Justice likely to be widely read? No. Is it likely to be influential? Yes—precisely for that reason. . . . if you want to propagate an outrageously evil idea (based on traditionally accepted doctrines), your conclusion must be brazenly clear, but your proof unintelligible. Your proof must be so tangled a mess that it will paralyze a reader’s critical faculty—a mess of evasions, equivocations, obfuscations, circumlocutions, non sequiturs, endless sentences leading nowhere, irrelevant side issues, clauses, sub-clauses and sub-sub-clauses, a meticulously lengthy proving of the obvious, and big chunks of the arbitrary thrown in as self-evident, erudite references to sciences, to pseudo-sciences, to the never-to-be-sciences, to the untraceable and the approval—all of it resting on a zero: the absence of definitions.

The same may be said of many great works that are treated as the unofficial mark of credibility for anyone who wants to comment on current affairs or political events. You must study John Maynard Keynes to discover whether there is inflation and, if so, whether inflation is good for you—do not just believe your lying wallet. You must study all eight volumes of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization’s General History of Africa before you can comment on whether socialism will work in Africa and study Karl Marx’s Das Kapital to form an opinion on whether communism will work in Africa if it is “done properly.”

While the complexity of science is self-evident, and acquiring a comprehensive understanding of any discipline requires many years of study, it does not follow that human beings cannot know or understand reality until a credentialed expert informs them of the “correct” view of the facts. Moreover, as David Gordon illustrates in his essay “Butler, Butt Out,” expert theorists who deny the existence of objective principles often lead their readers up the garden path:

It is often quite difficult to understand what she is saying. Here is a sample passage, by no means the most obscure in the book: “A phantasmatic sliding—what [Jacques] Lacan calls glissement—happens amid the kinds of arguments considered above. Are they even arguments? Or must we see the way that the syntax of the phantasm orders, and derails, the sequence of an argument?”

Faced with prose of this kind, the familiar words of Juvenal come to mind: Difficile est satiram non scribere.


Varying Interpretations of Truth, or Truth as a Social Construct
By Wanjiru Njoya
July 3, 2024

In this age of relativism, where one often hears reference to “your truth” and “my truth,” there are so many varying interpretations of truth that the concept of truth itself seems devoid of meaning. It is fashionable to see the concept of truth as indistinguishable from opinions or preferences. For example, Mari Fitzduff writes that

for many of us, far from our beliefs being “true,” they are actually born out of a particular social context, allied to physiological needs such as a differing neural sensitivity to threats and the greater certainty that a group can provide. Thus, beliefs are often what is termed “groupish” rather than necessarily true.

The task of deciding which group has the “true” version of facts is then left to expert fact-checkers who will pronounce on what is true or false.

In that light, it is easy to see why those who update dictionaries seek to reflect the common usage of words, rather than to reflect what is true. Dictionary definitions do not purport to be true nor do they claim to reflect any underlying universal truth underpinning the words defined; they are simply statements of how words are conventionally used. For example, the Cambridge Dictionary defines a woman as “an adult who lives and identifies as female though they may have been said to have a different sex at birth”—that is how the word “woman” is now commonly used, and being defined in that way by the dictionary does not mean that anyone who lives and identifies as female is, in truth, a woman.

Aristotle famously defined truth as facts corresponding with reality: “To say of what is that it is not, or of what is not that it is, is false, while to say of what is that it is, and of what is not that it is not, is true.” In “Mises and the Diminished a Priori,” David Gordon defines an a priori proposition as

a proposition that can be known to be true just by thinking about it: you don’t need to examine the world to see whether it’s true. “2 + 2 = 4” is a priori true: once you understand what the proposition says, you can grasp that it’s true. You don’t need to keep counting objects to see whether the claimed equality holds true.

What does it mean to describe a proposition as true in that sense? In describing praxeological axioms as true, the word “truth” is deployed to mean that “if A implies B, and A is true, then B must also be true.” Science strives for accuracy and tests its propositions empirically or logically to ensure that they are accurate and valid and seeks to establish the correct facts. In ordinary language, we say it is true that 2 + 2 = 4, but “truth” in that context only means accuracy. It expresses a scientific principle that is true in the sense that equating 2 + 2 with 4 is the only formula that works. Anyone who accepts the suggestion of decolonized mathematics that 2 + 2 = 5, or indeed any number we want, would soon find their planes falling out of the sky and their infrastructure collapsing.

Beyond that, the question of what it would mean to say that science strives for “truth” is contested among philosophers. Indeed, many philosophers would say that there is no ultimate truth, in that what is said to be true is always open to question. In The Intellectuals and Socialism, Friedrich von Hayek explains why intellectuals are inclined to question everything:

Orthodoxy of any kind, any pretense that a system of ideas is final and must be unquestioningly accepted as a whole, is the one view which of necessity antagonizes all intellectuals, whatever their views on particular issues. Any system which judges men by the completeness of their conformity to a fixed set of opinions, by their “soundness” or the extent to which they can be relied upon to hold approved views on all points, deprives itself of a support without which no set of ideas can maintain its influence in modern society. The ability to criticize accepted views, to explore new vistas and to experience with new conceptions, provides the atmosphere without which the intellectual cannot breathe.

In Human Action, Ludwig von Mises also explains that neither the natural nor social sciences are concerned with truth in the philosophical sense: “Granted that science cannot give us truth—and who knows what truth really means—at any rate it is certain that it works in leading us to success.” Thus, praxeology, the science of human action, does not seek the truth in the grand “meaning of life” sense that characterizes many philosophical perspectives and perhaps all religions. In Mises’s view, praxeology does not “claim to reveal information about the true, objective, and absolute meaning of life.” Instead, praxeology “is neutral with regard to all judgments of value and the choice of ultimate ends. Its task is not to approve or to disapprove, but only to establish facts.”

Many liberals are also wary of the concept of “truth” and avoid it altogether not only because they are relativists who reject the notion of objective truth, but also because the concept of “truth” is associated in popular discourse with things people must do. Many people think that if something is true, then it follows logically that others must be forced to do it. For example, they would think that as soon as it is established to be true that something is harmful to health, it follows that it must be banned to force people to promote good health. Thus, the enemies of liberty often march under the banner of truth, armed with true principles about what is needed to promote human health. Liberty falls by the wayside. It is true that smoking is harmful to health, and on that basis, the Tory Party in the United Kingdom wants to ban it. As Rothbard warned:

And remember, if today they come for the smoker, tomorrow they will come for you. If today they grab your cigarette, tomorrow they will seize your junk food, your carbohydrates, your yummy but “empty” calories . . . Are you ready for the Left Nutritional Kingdom, with everyone forced to confine his food to yoghurt and tofu and bean sprouts? Are you ready to be confined in a cage, to make sure that your diet is perfect, and that you get the prescribed Compulsory Exercise?

Rothbard warns against this “neo-Puritanical” combining of the theological quest for truth with the statist quest for power: the power of the state to tell everyone what they must do.

In the postmodern age, far from being devoted to the pursuit of truth, statists promote the ideology that truth is anything you want and that each of us can therefore have our own version of the truth. They are devoted not to the pursuit of truth but to the version of “truth” that they think will promote their political goals. As Lew Rockwell observes: “In class after class, the postmodern message is the same: what we call truth is wholly subjective, what we call science is merely the momentary professional consensus, and what we call reality is a fiction made up to sooth our psychological need for order in the universe.”

Far from being designed to embrace the truth, postmodernism rejects the very notion that anything is true.

The Reality of Human Action
By Wanjiru Njoya
July 10, 2024

The concept of reality is questioned by the notion, as László Krasznahorkai expressed it, that there are “many realities, or none at all.” By contrast, in Human Action, Ludwig von Mises offers a clear concept of reality, which he describes as “the whole complex of all causal relations between events, which wishful thinking cannot alter.” Building on this idea, Murray Rothbard argues that the entire science of human action can be deduced from a few basic axioms that are true about the real world. Real in this context means, as Mises says, “in the eyes of man, all that he cannot alter and to whose existence he must adjust his action if he wants to attain his ends.”

Rothbard’s argument is that in the real world, some inescapable basic truths are self-evident, and from these basic axioms, we can derive further true principles based on the logic that “if A is true, and A implies B, then B is true.” For example, praxeologists assert that “individuals engage in conscious actions toward chosen goals.” From this basic axiom, which praxeologists take to be absolutely and universally true, they deduce further principles about human action. Rothbard argues

(a) that the fundamental axioms and premises of economics are absolutely true;

(b) that the theorems and conclusions deduced by the laws of logic from these postulates are therefore absolutely true;

© that there is consequently no need for empirical “testing,” either of the premises or the conclusions; and

(d) that the deduced theorems could not be tested even if it were desirable.

Leaving aside debates about whether these axioms have any empirical content, some critics have countered that praxeologists cannot possibly know whether their fundamental axioms and premises are absolutely true in the first place, as stated in Rothbard’s proposition (a). After all, a good Popperian knows that no scientific principle can be stated as absolutely true because a scientist could come along tomorrow and show that it is not true after all. The lesson to be derived from the awkward business involving Galileo Galilei and the Roman Catholic Inquisition, so the critics assert, is that we should never assume anything to be absolutely true. This contestation is summarized by Rothbard as follows:

In physics, therefore, postulated explanations have to be hypothesized in such a way that they or their consequents can be empirically tested. Even then, the laws are only tentatively rather than absolutely valid.

. . . On the other hand, economics, or praxeology, has full and complete knowledge of its original and basic axioms. These are the axioms implicit in the very existence of human action, and they are absolutely valid so long as human beings exist.

Praxeologists are clear that they make no claim to be omniscient. In Human Action, Mises explains: “The honest and conscientious truth-seekers have never pretended that reason and scientific research can answer all questions. They were fully aware of the limitations imposed on the human mind.” Nor do they claim to be infallible, as Mises explains that “human reason is not infallible, and that man very often errs in selecting and applying means.”

In that case, retort the critics, if praxeologists concede to making errors just like other mere mortals, it follows that they could therefore be mistaken about their original and basic axioms—and it would follow logically that all the deductions derived from those erroneous axioms would probably also be wrong. An argument logically derived from a mistaken premise could well be valid, but its truth is not guaranteed. The critics’ argument is that praxeologists cannot possibly be absolutely certain that men act. We cannot even be certain that men exist at all. As in the famous example, for all you know, you might not even be a man but just a butterfly dreaming that you are a man. What conclusive proof do you have that you are not actually a butterfly dreaming that you’re reading this article?

A story tells that Zhuang Zhou once dreamed he was a butterfly, flitting and fluttering around, happy, and doing as he pleased. As a butterfly, he did not know he was Zhuang Zhou. All of a sudden, he awoke and found he was Zhuang Zhou, solid and unmistakably human. But then he did not know whether he was Zhuang Zhou dreaming he was a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming he was Zhuang Zhou.

If you cannot even prove that you are not a butterfly dreaming that you’re trying to prove yourself to be human, you certainly cannot prove that “individuals engage in conscious actions toward chosen goals.” This inability to be certain about reality is what gender ideologues advert to when they say doctors cannot know for sure what sex people are at birth so they just guess. All doctors can do is make their best guess as to what sex the baby probably is, but that can change over time because sex is a “spectrum.” After all, any child might wake up tomorrow and “feel” like a different gender, or so their teachers would have them believe. As explained by a doctor from St. Louis, Missouri, advising teachers to “affirm” a class of fifth-grade girls who all decided they were actually boys, “The best we can do is affirm, validate and allow for exploration.”

In addition to truth being unknowable, a related criticism of praxeology is that it is unwise to derive universal principles through human reason because human beings are not always reasonable. In making choices, human beings are prone to irrationality, and our decisions are often influenced by our emotions or personal idiosyncrasies. Perceptions of reality are often mistaken; therefore, nobody can know for sure, beyond any doubt, what is real.

Rothbard acknowledges that we are all prone to error, we often wrongly perceive reality, and we do not always choose to follow the dictates of reason. Nevertheless, he argues that we must acknowledge that it is only through reason and rationality that we are able to live: “It is not, of course, that Mises believes that men will always listen to reason, or follow its dictates; it is simply that, insofar as men act at all, they are capable of following reason, and that pursuing such a course is literally the last best hope for mankind.” Rothbard’s point is that it is only through reason that we can forge a path through life:

Man is born with no innate knowledge of what ends to choose or how to use which means to attain them. Having no inborn knowledge of how to survive and prosper, he must learn what ends and means to adopt, and he is liable to make errors along the way. But only his reasoning mind can show him his goals and how to attain them.

Ultimately, the reason why Zhuang Zhou must accept the evidence of his own eyes and take it to be absolutely true that he is a man and not a butterfly is that it is not possible for a sane person persistently to evade reality. As Rothbard observes in “Praxeology: The Methodology of Austrian Economics”:

Of course, a person may say that he denies the existence of self-evident principles or other established truths of the real world, but this mere saying has no epistemological validity. As Toohey pointed out, “A man may say anything he pleases, but he cannot think or do anything he pleases. He may say he saw a round square, but he cannot think he saw a round square. He may say, if he likes, that he saw a horse riding astride its own back, but we shall know what to think of him if he says it.”


This Civilization Is Deeply Unnatural
There is nothing natural about this. The way things are. The way we are living. If this was the natural and healthy way for human society to exist, it wouldn’t require mountains of propaganda spin to keep it going.
By Caitlin Johnstone
July 6, 2024

There is nothing natural about this. The way things are. The way we are living. If this was the natural and healthy way for human society to exist, it wouldn’t require mountains of propaganda spin to keep it going.

Without copious amounts of mental narratives being fed to us by people in power, it would never occur to anyone that it’s a good or normal idea to commit to wars of aggression on the other side of the planet, or to back genocides, or to militarize globally with hundreds of military outposts around the world, or to foster systems which allow a few people to have far too much while others have far too little, or to destroy the biosphere we depend on for survival for the sake of shareholder profits. It would never occur to us to accept these things if we weren’t living our lives saturated in a nonstop barrage of narratives explaining that we should accept them.

We live like this throughout our entire lives. Through mass-scale psychological manipulation our minds are twisted into freakish and unnatural shapes to ensure that we will think, speak, act, work, spend and vote in ways we would never otherwise would, all to keep the wheels of this freakish and unnatural dystopia turning. If the powerful did not control the dominant narratives of this civilization, we would be living in a very different world than the one we live in today.

Narrative is how humans tend to get themselves into trouble. The believed thought stories in our minds are what drive us to hate, abuse, harm and kill our fellow humans. They’re what drive us into a state of anxiety even in moments when our bodies are completely safe and all our material needs are being met. They’re what have convinced humans to march out and fight wars and commit atrocities throughout the ages. Most of human suffering ultimately arises from believed thought stories.

But believed thought stories are what shape this civilization. The only reason why power exists where it exists, why nations and their borders exist as they do, why money operates the way that it operates, why laws are written and obeyed, is because we’ve all agreed to believe a bunch of made-up narratives saying that these things are true. Tomorrow Americans could all agree that Taylor Swift is the Dictator Supreme of the United States and that copper pennies are the only form of money with any value, and if enough people believed those narratives, those narratives would become reality.

That’s the power of narrative, and that’s why powerful people pour so much energy into harnessing it. Through the power of narrative, we can be convinced to consent to things as absurd as weapons contractors using their wealth to lobby for wars and militarism, which gives them more wealth that they can then spend on more lobbying. Or working forty hours a week making our boss far more money than we get paid in a company that’s killing our ecosystem just so that we can give our paychecks to some landlord in order to live in a building on the dying planet we were born on, solely because the boss and the landlord happened to luck into owning the company and the building. Or world leaders brandishing armageddon weapons at one another.

This backwards, insane civilization only looks normal to us because it has been deliberately normalized throughout our lives via careful narrative control by the people who benefit from it. Narrative rules our lives.

Without any believed narrative in your head, there’s just peaceful being with what is, and the human animal body tending to its few human animal needs. Add in a bunch of believed narrative and then all of a sudden you’ve got a self, others, desires, agendas, enemies, social standing, goals, inadequacy, stress, a painful past and a frightening future.

It is possible for the human organism to live without believed narratives in the shift in perception commonly known as spiritual enlightenment, and it is possible for humans as a whole to drop the believed narratives that are being imposed on us by the powerful in the same way. And just as enlightenment brings with it the realization that the old way of perceiving was actually an unnatural way of operating, awakening from the dominant narratives of our day will allow us to move into a much more natural way of existing with each other and with our ecosystem on this planet.

You can call this a lofty and unattainable goal if you want, but to me I’m just talking about the one and only adaptation that has any chance of steering our species away from annihilation. Every species hits an adaptation-or-extinction juncture at some point in its existence, and we’re arriving at ours right now. We’ll either transcend our unhealthy relationship with narrative, or we’ll wipe ourselves out via nuclear war or environmental destruction.

Every sign I’m seeing right now suggests we have the ability to go either way.


We prohibit sex workers but condone mutilation of children for sex changes
One of our greatest failures in modern society is obviously the massive increase in encouraging young people to question their sexuality and even go to the extreme of sex change operations and hormone treatments to change the natural sexual nature of the person.

Another parallel flaw seems to me to be at the other extreme, which is prohibiting or frowning upon sex workers.

What if we find the middle ground? What about “hug” workers? I’m dead serious.

What about “I love you” support groups for people who are just plain not lucky enough to be born and raised in a way that’s conducive to having sexual partners of the opposite sex attracted to them?

Sexual success. Ever been a long time without food or water or air or sleep? Your body craves those things and forces you to have them or makes you experience so much pain you can hardly bear it.

The same goes for success in sexual pairing. Succeed and it feels amazing. Fail and it’s extremely painful.

This isn’t a “thought” or a mental gymnastic. It’s as built into our very being as food, water, and sleep.

We can do so much better at empathizing with the very many among us who aren’t so lucky in love.

Ooh. I just inadvertently substituted the word “sex” with the word “love.” What the hell just happened?

It’s obvious. In our culture we very often regard the meanings of sex and of love as being the same thing.

Sure, we can quibble about “if it’s just sex it isn’t love” and “there are many forms of love that have nothing to do with sex” but we all know that a “love song” is about “sex” and “being in love” is about sex. And in those contexts there’s nothing in the world negative about “sex” (as long as we don’t use that word too much; we freely talk about changing sex and mutilating sex parts but not about sharing sex).

Romance. Intimacy. Togetherness. Partners. All of those say the same thing but may be less in your face.

Why do we not help young people in a more mature way? Offer support groups and training for how to be more successful with the opposite sex. Help with match-making services for young people? And I mean “young” people who are just coming into puberty! Doesn’t have to lead to “sexual intercourse” yet but we can do soooo much to help with their drives, their social peer-group pressures, their forming their sense of self and identity.

Their feeling safe and “loved.” Maybe free or government-supported or community-supported “sensual massage” and “hugs” and “looking each other in the eye and saying I have these desires and fears the same as you” would do wonders for our young people. And why not facilitate healthy sex at legal age?

Compared to…

Encouraging young people to question and for heaven's sake change their gender in order to deal with the pain of not fitting in or being spurned by that one potential lover that means the universe to them?

At least if they change their sexual orientation and maybe even gender they won’t be alone. They will have plenty of others in the same category also desperately seeking love – uh, I mean sex and hugs, warmth and intimacy.

Are we nuts? What is wrong with us as a society?

Yes, I support people who really are attracted to the same sex, er, uh, same gender. I don’t know what the right terminology is by now. Nobody does!

But we know male and female is how nature created most of the animal kingdom, of which we’re a part. That’s why we have, uh, male and female. Just look around you at all of nature. All of life on the planet.

As if I have to make the case that heterosexuality is what nature gave us and is nature itself. Isn’t it obvious? To me, the male-female dynamic in all its forms and expressions is the most awe-inspiring aspect of life itself, of all of creation. It is how the cosmic engineers behind it all perpetuate creation!

Instead of hormonally messing with children’s bodies to change their sexuality, let’s get all the damn hormones and other sources of hormonal imbalance out of their food supply and environment.

Instead of encouraging sex or gender change let’s encourage and support hugs, caresses, and intimacy with the opposite sex in a healthy, open, thoughtful way with adults guiding things in a mature manner.

Instead of allowing people who make money on hormonal and surgical modifications of sexuality/gender in young people to influence and encourage young people to question their sexuality/gender, let’s put money into bringing in trained experts to help young people navigate their place in the flow of life.

Maybe even introduce “Heterosexual Honor Month.” Honoring the majority; honoring the miracle of life!


I’m advocating for these changes and am working to help to bring about these kinds of changes.

I run a nonprofit called Champions for Humanity that hopes to facilitate these kinds of things while also contributing in various other ways to the well-being and healthy evolution of individuals, humanity, and the planet. For now, its primary work is charitably distributing a highly advanced ionic silver complex.

I also run a company called Evolved Influence, working to bring large donors into serving humanity in various ways.

And I run a company that makes by far the most advanced ionic silver complex in existence. Venture capitalists and investment bankers have said it can lead to a company worth over half a billion dollars.

I’ve turned down all of those potential investors. I think we’re facing the most existential challenge in human history. It’s whether we allow the pursuit of money, even for those who are already insanely rich, to be not just okay and condoned but the only factor deciding who has the most power and influence.

That’s the main problem of humankind. We only invented electricity a few days ago in the span of human history. Now we have computers, nukes, and AI and it’s all in the hands of the most obsessed with endless money with zero regard for life itself. It’s all about messing with things, not honoring life.


Think about that. What is life, actually?

It’s nature. It’s our body. It’s that magical desire, competitiveness, attraction, intimacy, vulnerability, and protectiveness, between male and female. It’s what makes a seed turn into a flowing plant and what created and is you!

We’ve gone off the deep end and need to learn to increasingly honor life over our messing with things.

Be in awe… of life!



I'm working to help bring about change for the better.

I advocate honoring life itself and being in awe of the marvel of life.

I teach and coach about ways to improve health from a holistic perspective, improve quality of life, facilitate personal growth, help society itself to grow, and perhaps all get along a little better.

I also run a company that makes a highly advanced ionic silver complex, marketed as Silver 100, which PhD chemistry professors have called "ingenious and unprecedented," "hundreds of times more efficient," and "light-years ahead." The track record is off the charts. You'll see it discussed in posts and ads on RMN. (Rayelan, owner of RMN, wrote a powerful endorsement encouraging readers to check out the product and even consider financial participation.)

While professional potential investors have predicted this ionic silver can lead to a half-billion-dollar company, I’ve refused to get involved with them. I’ll only work with people who care that we’re helping people more than they care about profits.

In addition, I'm working to change things on a larger scale. I believe our number one issue as a species is the still barbaric level of socioeconomic cultural development that’s allowing the most predatory and ruthless, and those with the most entrenched interests, to have the most influence and power. To me, that’s the core issue behind why all those other major issues persist. I’m working to genuinely accelerate the evolution of using wealth and investing in ways that consider the impact on humankind and the planet.


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  Project Total Control: Everything Is a Weapon When Totalitarianism Is Normalized
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Project Total Control: Everything Is a Weapon When Totalitarianism Is Normalized
By John & Nisha Whitehead
The Rutherford Institute
July 12, 2024

“The biggest mistake I see is people waiting for A Big Sign that’ll tell them that things have gone too far. One Big Thing that police or lawmakers or the president/leaders will do that will cross the line. It’ll never come because they won’t cross it. They’ll move the line. That line you think you stand behind is shifting everyday with little actions, bills, legislations… That line will stop moving one day, & it’ll be too late… Every day, your sensitivity is being eroded by these willful atrocities. The envelope for what you’ll accept is being pushed. One day, all of these things will be your new normal.”—Nigerian writer Suyi Davies Okungbowa

The U.S. government is working to re-shape the country in the image of a totalitarian state.

This has remained true over the past 50-plus years no matter which political party held office.

This will remain true no matter who wins the 2024 presidential election.

In the midst of the partisan furor over Project 2025, a 920-page roadmap for how to re-fashion the government to favor so-called conservative causes, both the Right and the Left have proven themselves woefully naive about the dangers posed by the power-hungry Deep State.

Yet we must never lose sight of the fact that both the Right and the Left and their various operatives are extensions of the Deep State, which continues to wage psychological warfare on the American people.

Psychological warfare, according to the Rand Corporation, “involves the planned use of propaganda and other psychological operations to influence the opinions, emotions, attitudes, and behavior of opposition groups.”

For years now, the government has been bombarding the citizenry with propaganda campaigns and psychological operations aimed at keeping us compliant, easily controlled and supportive of the government’s various efforts abroad and domestically.

The government is so confident in its Orwellian powers of manipulation that it’s taken to bragging about them. For example, in 2022, the U.S. Army’s 4th Psychological Operations Group, the branch of the military responsible for psychological warfare, released a recruiting video that touts its efforts to pull the strings, turn everything they touch into a weapon, be everywhere, deceive, persuade, change, influence, and inspire.

“Have you ever wondered who’s pulling the strings?” the psyops video posits. “Anything we touch is a weapon. We can deceive, persuade, change, influence, inspire. We come in many forms. We are everywhere.”

This is the danger that lurks in plain sight.

Of the many weapons in the government’s vast arsenal, psychological warfare may be the most devastating in terms of the long-term consequences.

As the military journal Task and Purpose explains, “Psychological warfare is all about influencing governments, people of power, and everyday citizens.”

Mind you, these psyops (psychological operations) campaigns aren’t only aimed at foreign enemies. The government has made clear in word and deed that “we the people” are domestic enemies to be targeted, tracked, manipulated, micromanaged, surveilled, viewed as suspects, and treated as if our fundamental rights are mere privileges that can be easily discarded.

This is what is referred to as “apple-pie propaganda.”

Aided and abetted by technological advances and scientific experimentation, the government has been subjecting the American people to “apple-pie propaganda” for the better part of the last century.

Consider some of the ways in which the government continues to wage psychological warfare on a largely unsuspecting citizenry in order to acclimate us to the Deep State’s totalitarian agenda.

Weaponizing violence in order to institute martial law. With alarming regularity, the nation continues to be subjected to spates of violence that terrorizes the public, destabilizes the country’s ecosystem, and gives the government greater justifications to crack down, lock down, and institute even more authoritarian policies for the so-called sake of national security without many objections from the citizenry.

Weaponizing surveillance, pre-crime and pre-thought campaigns. Surveillance, digital stalking and the data mining of the American people add up to a society in which there’s little room for indiscretions, imperfections, or acts of independence. When the government sees all and knows all and has an abundance of laws to render even the most seemingly upstanding citizen a criminal and lawbreaker, then the old adage that you’ve got nothing to worry about if you’ve got nothing to hide no longer applies. Add pre-crime programs into the mix with government agencies and corporations working in tandem to determine who is a potential danger and spin a sticky spider-web of threat assessments, behavioral sensing warnings, flagged “words,” and “suspicious” activity reports using automated eyes and ears, social media, behavior sensing software, and citizen spies, and you having the makings for a perfect dystopian nightmare. The government’s war on crime has now veered into the realm of social media and technological entrapment, with government agents adopting fake social media identities and AI-created profile pictures in order to surveil, target and capture potential suspects.

Weaponizing digital currencies, social media scores and censorship. Tech giants, working with the government, have been meting out their own version of social justice by way of digital tyranny and corporate censorship, muzzling whomever they want, whenever they want, on whatever pretext they want in the absence of any real due process, review or appeal. Unfortunately, digital censorship is just the beginning. Digital currencies (which can be used as “a tool for government surveillance of citizens and control over their financial transactions”), combined with social media scores and surveillance capitalism create a litmus test to determine who is worthy enough to be part of society and punish individuals for moral lapses and social transgressions (and reward them for adhering to government-sanctioned behavior). In China, millions of individuals and businesses, blacklisted as “unworthy” based on social media credit scores that grade them based on whether they are “good” citizens, have been banned from accessing financial markets, buying real estate or travelling by air or train.

Weaponizing compliance. Even the most well-intentioned government law or program can be—and has been—perverted, corrupted and used to advance illegitimate purposes once profit and power are added to the equation. The war on terror, the war on drugs, the war on COVID-19, the war on illegal immigration, asset forfeiture schemes, road safety schemes, school safety schemes, eminent domain: all of these programs started out as legitimate responses to pressing concerns and have since become weapons of compliance and control in the police state’s hands.

Weaponizing entertainment. For the past century, the Department of Defense’s Entertainment Media Office has provided Hollywood with equipment, personnel and technical expertise at taxpayer expense. In exchange, the military industrial complex has gotten a starring role in such blockbusters as Top Gun and its rebooted sequel Top Gun: Maverick, which translates to free advertising for the war hawks, recruitment of foot soldiers for the military empire, patriotic fervor by the taxpayers who have to foot the bill for the nation’s endless wars, and Hollywood visionaries working to churn out dystopian thrillers that make the war machine appear relevant, heroic and necessary. As Elmer Davis, a CBS broadcaster who was appointed the head of the Office of War Information, observed, “The easiest way to inject a propaganda idea into most people’s minds is to let it go through the medium of an entertainment picture when they do not realize that they are being propagandized.”

Weaponizing behavioral science and nudging. Apart from the overt dangers posed by a government that feels justified and empowered to spy on its people and use its ever-expanding arsenal of weapons and technology to monitor and control them, there’s also the covert dangers associated with a government empowered to use these same technologies to influence behaviors en masse and control the populace. In fact, it was President Obama who issued an executive order directing federal agencies to use “behavioral science” methods to minimize bureaucracy and influence the way people respond to government programs. It’s a short hop, skip and a jump from a behavioral program that tries to influence how people respond to paperwork to a government program that tries to shape the public’s views about other, more consequential matters. Thus, increasingly, governments around the world—including in the United States—are relying on “nudge units” to steer citizens in the direction the powers-that-be want them to go, while preserving the appearance of free will.

Weaponizing desensitization campaigns aimed at lulling us into a false sense of security. The events of recent years—the invasive surveillance, the extremism reports, the civil unrest, the protests, the shootings, the bombings, the military exercises and active shooter drills, the lockdowns, the color-coded alerts and threat assessments, the fusion centers, the transformation of local police into extensions of the military, the distribution of military equipment and weapons to local police forces, the government databases containing the names of dissidents and potential troublemakers—have conspired to acclimate the populace to accept a police state willingly, even gratefully.

Weaponizing politics. The language of fear is spoken effectively by politicians on both sides of the aisle, shouted by media pundits from their cable TV pulpits, marketed by corporations, and codified into bureaucratic laws that do little to make our lives safer or more secure. Fear, as history shows, is the method most often used by politicians to increase the power of government and control a populace, dividing the people into factions, and persuading them to see each other as the enemy. This Machiavellian scheme has so ensnared the nation that few Americans even realize they are being manipulated into adopting an “us” against “them” mindset. Instead, fueled with fear and loathing for phantom opponents, they agree to pour millions of dollars and resources into political elections, militarized police, spy technology and endless wars, hoping for a guarantee of safety that never comes. All the while, those in power—bought and paid for by lobbyists and corporations—move their costly agendas forward, and “we the suckers” get saddled with the tax bills and subjected to pat downs, police raids and round-the-clock surveillance.

Weaponizing genetics. Not only does fear grease the wheels of the transition to fascism by cultivating fearful, controlled, pacified, cowed citizens, but it also embeds itself in our very DNA so that we pass on our fear and compliance to our offspring. It’s called epigenetic inheritance, the transmission through DNA of traumatic experiences. For example, neuroscientists observed that fear can travel through generations of mice DNA. As The Washington Post reports, “Studies on humans suggest that children and grandchildren may have felt the epigenetic impact of such traumatic events such as famine, the Holocaust and the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.”

Weaponizing the dystopian future. With greater frequency, the government has been issuing warnings about the dire need to prepare for the dystopian future that awaits us. For instance, the Pentagon training video, “Megacities: Urban Future, the Emerging Complexity,” predicts that by 2030 (coincidentally, the same year that society begins to achieve singularity with the metaverse) the military would be called on to use armed forces to solve future domestic political and social problems. What they’re really talking about is martial law, packaged as a well-meaning and overriding concern for the nation’s security. The chilling five-minute training video paints an ominous picture of the future bedeviled by “criminal networks,” “substandard infrastructure,” “religious and ethnic tensions,” “impoverishment, slums,” “open landfills, over-burdened sewers,” a “growing mass of unemployed,” and an urban landscape in which the prosperous economic elite must be protected from the impoverishment of the have nots. “We the people” are the have-nots.

The end goal of these mind control campaigns—packaged in the guise of the greater good—is to see how far the American people will allow the government to go in undermining our freedoms.

The facts speak for themselves.

Whatever else it may be—a danger, a menace, a threat—the U.S. government is certainly not looking out for our best interests, nor is it in any way a friend to freedom.

When the government views itself as superior to the citizenry, when it no longer operates for the benefit of the people, when the people are no longer able to peacefully reform their government, when government officials cease to act like public servants, when elected officials no longer represent the will of the people, when the government routinely violates the rights of the people and perpetrates more violence against the citizenry than the criminal class, when government spending is unaccountable and unaccounted for, when the judiciary act as courts of order rather than justice, and when the government is no longer bound by the laws of the Constitution, then you no longer have a government “of the people, by the people and for the people.”


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  The Importance of Balanced Intelligence | Doctors Have Become Gods
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The Importance of Balanced Intelligence
A Midwestern Doctor

I believe one of the biggest issues in modern medicine is that patients often don’t get the opportunity to establish a genuine relationship with their physician and hence often lack the critical voice which is necessary for a therapeutic doctor-patient relationship. Because of this, my goal here was always to be able to correspond with everyone who reached out to me. Unfortunately, due to the traffic I now receive, it’s not possible to do that. For that reason, I decided the best solution was to have a monthly open thread (where people could ask any question they wanted) and link that to a topic I’d wanted to write about but didn’t quite feel merited its own article. In this month’s open thread, I will cover a topic I feel is extremely important but is largely neglected by our society—balanced intelligence.
Types of Intelligence

Throughout history, many different types of intelligence have been recognized (e.g., physical intelligence and coordination or emotional intelligence). In contrast, our society worships a very specific type of intellectual intelligence that as far as I know has never previously been so highly valued by a society.

In my own experience, I’ve lost count of how many people I’ve interacted with who I know are much smarter than me (as they can do things I simply can’t), yet when I compare and contrast our ability to get things done, to correctly interpret the data we are exposed to, help patients, or the general capacity to lead a happy life, I come out far ahead of them. Likewise, I’ve lost count of how smart people I’ve met who simply don’t “get it” and frequently are misled by something quite obvious—an experience I am sure many of you can relate to.

Years ago, when I discussed these experiences with a spiritual teacher (as I was frustrated with how easily many of my medical colleagues were being misled), I was told to stop getting upset because “intelligence does not equate to being resistant to mind control.”

The Transformation of Education

Throughout my life, I’ve noticed that individuals who go through the educational system typically build up a very specific type of intelligence and reciprocally lose a variety of other ones. In my own case, when I went through school, I noticed that the more I was there and did what I was told to, I notice that initially it would refine or develop me, but I would then pass a point where it felt as though I was losing the ability to think and access to the deeper capacities of my mind.

Because of this, I ended up having a rather similar progression at each level of my education.

In high school, I initially did very well, and then became very disillusioned with what I was learning and largely switched to self-study in areas outside the curriculum and just barely passing my classes.

In college, I decided to try to do better academically, but quickly noticed I was running into the same issue (a loss of my cognitive faculties in school—e.g., I would frequently get penalized for coming up with unorthodox but correct solutions to science and math problems). In the face of this, I decided to teach myself how to efficiently memorize information (i.e., I used a variety of non-standard processes, many of which were based off what I’d figured out on my own about the sleep cycle) and try to do an accelerated course load so I could graduate as quickly as possible and hence minimize the total damage to my mind.

After going back and forth on it (I had serious disagreements with many of the existing medical practices), I then decided to go to medical school as I felt becoming a doctor would give me the ability to make things better (rather than just complain about them) and would also give me the chance to have the rigorous and transformative academic experience I’d always yearned for.
Note: that motivation to somehow improve things is also why I’ve put a lot of time into projects like this publication throughout my life.

Once in medical school, I realized that a lot of the academic experience I’d hoped for simply wasn’t there (e.g., the majority of professors were hostile towards debating the ambiguity within the facts you were told to memorize) and that since I’d taught myself how to effectively memorize information in college, I actually had a lot of free time. Because of this, I hence decided to spend a lot of time studying medical subjects outside the standard curriculum and to investigate the contradictions and ambiguities within what I was being taught rather than focus on getting the highest grades possible.

Finally, when I went to residency, I made a point to learn the things I felt were essential for patient care as quickly as possible so I could then be put into a position where I had the autonomy to teach myself as much as I could—which my program in turn was supportive of since most residents didn’t show a strong desire to teach themselves and instead constantly needed to be be policed to study.

Note: numerous medical school deans and medical residency directors I’ve spoken to over the years have lamented that the newer crops of medical school graduates lack the critical thinking which is needed for them to effectively function as doctors during their medical residency. In my eyes, this is due to the fact medical schools harshly reprimand students who demonstrate critical thinking (by thinking outside of the box or questioning an orthodoxy) and that the pipeline to medical school (our colleges), has continually reduced the critical thinking within their curriculums. Remarkably, while those in medicine I’ve spoken to recognize this issue, they still “punish” unorthodox students who display critical thinking.

From my journey, a few key lessons jumped out I wish to share:

1. It’s critical to recognize during the educational process when you’ve hit a point of diminishing returns. For example, there were a large number of subjects I learned well enough to get a general understanding of what under lied them and what the key lessons the discipline had to share were, but I simultaneously felt offered minimal value if I learned them to a high level of detail. In contrast, many people I knew who reached the same degree of familiarity I had with the subject became attached to it and identified with it, and hence spent years learning a lot of extraneous details on the subject which offered minimal value to their life.

2. In contrast, it’s also important to recognize which things actually offer an immense degree of value to spend years if not decades developing mastery in, and hence should be prioritized with your time.
Note: when this is your goal, you have to also shift your focus to being fully present to the subject you are studying, going as deep as you can into it, and unravelling the contradictions and mysteries you encounter.

3. As you start to understand the fundamental processes that underlie the things you study, you’ll begin to notice seeming unrelated things are in reality quite similar (sometimes termed “isomorphisms”). In addition to this being something that allowed me to integrate large bodies of information quite quickly, it also characterizes my writing as I try to show how the same process people can understand in one domain applies to many of the other difficult areas we are also struggling with.

4. The previous three points are important because you will never have enough time to learn everything you want to learn. Rather, you need to have an effective strategy in place for learning as much of it as you can with the time that is available.

5. Many people assume that if they follow the path laid out for them that they will eventually arrive at what they are hoping for. For example, many people I know who went into medicine were not sure what they wanted to specialize in, and eventually chose something a variety of events in their life pushed them to settle on. In turn, many of those people spent years if not decades bouncing from one physician job to another they didn’t really like, and at the end of all of it, weren’t particularly wealthy or happy (despite having some of the highest paying and most prestigious jobs our society had to offer). In my own case, I am certain that if had I allowed myself to have been swept into many of the currents presented to me, I would have never learned much of what I had, I would have made a variety of bad decisions (e.g., taking the COVID vaccine), and I likely would not be a particularly happy person.

6. Much of the current situation we face is a result of the systematic dismantling of the educational system, as it was transformed from something designed to foster critical thinking and a highly functional electorate, to one designed to create subservient citizens who only existed to fill pre-designated roles for them within the society. In my eyes, the strongest pieces of evidence for this contention were:

•In 1903 John D. Rockefeller founded the General Education Board, which over the decades (in partnership with Andrew Carnegie’s foundation) gave billions to schools around the country until in 1973, the Department of Education was created. These foundations and their money reshaped education in America, transforming it from a locally managed process to a centrally controlled one that all children were required to attend, and one where the cultivation of creativity and a child’s own natural development was replaced with a rigid framework which trained the children to become docile subjects who could easily be molded into compliant members of the workforce.
Note: The director of Rockefeller’s “charity” admitted their goal was to have this new model of education train the populace to be compliant slaves who lacked critical thinking.

•In the 1960s, one of my relatives was given documents which detailed a global plan (by a group that preceded the World Economic Forum) to impoverish America so that everyone would willing submit to low paying and backbreaking corporate jobs to get by (e.g., consider Corporate America’s recent vaccine mandates), and hence ensure the American people were compliant and did whatever the ruling clash wished (which I covered in more detail here). I learned about these documents when I was a child and have been astonished to see how every single thing they predicted has subsequently come true as the decades passed. Amongst other things, I was told from the start that a decision had been made to remove critical thinking from our educational system as critical thinking would allow the populace to resist the coming era of corporate economic feudalism.

•Individuals I know who have gone to the elite schools the ruling class sends their children to have repeatedly shared to me that the educational process there is very different (and in many cases I found out the approach I considered to be optimal was utilized for the students at those schools).

•One award-winning teacher, John Gatto, extensively wrote about how American education had been transformed so that when children were in the prime of their life to learn and develop their own identities, they were instead locked into a rigid and sterile environment which disconnected them from all the interactions and experiences of life that allowed them to develop their own identities and become highly functional members of society. Likewise, Ivan Illich, in his book Deschooling Society made the salient observation that once people are “taught” within a rigid framework, they lose much of their inherent ability to “learn.” Sadly, while their points were spot on, they are now mostly forgotten and we now spend dramatically more money (and years of schooling) on education, yet have worse and worse outcomes.

In turn, I believe much of my success as a student came from a desire to develop my mind and the recognition the schooling processes was frequently counterproductive to that—which in turn led me to inadvertently following the style of education individuals like Gatto and Illich advocated for (despite me having no knowledge of them at the time).

Note: recently I completed an article on the immense damage vaccination has done to the health of our society. One of the least appreciated harms of vaccination is that the inflammation and microstrokes they create within the brain will frequently lead to significant cognitive and behavioral impairment. The original pertussis vaccine (DTwP) was the most notorious for doing this, and as discussed in that article, an almost unimaginable wave of issues rippled throughout the society (and hence the schools) as that vaccine was deployed upon America which could be seen as the first generation who received it grew up. In turn, I believe a case can be made that the degradation of American education we witnessed was in part due to teachers no longer being able to teach the way they had previously to these neurologically damaged children.

Counterproductive Cognitive Algorithms

Two ways one can approach a problem are as follows:

•Engage the creative capacities of the brain (and unconsciousness), be able to see the broad picture in front of you, and then be able to arrive at an innovative solution to the problem you are facing.

•Memorize a series of lists, hyperfocus on a few reductionistic details, and then forcefully execute a chain of logic or algorithm which utilizes those lists to come up with a solution.

The former method is often referred to as “right brain” thinking, while the latter is referred to “left brain” thinking. Those who are aware of this dichotomy in turn believe that our society excessively encourages left brain thinking, while simultaneously shunning right brain thinking. I generally agree with this assessment, although I hold the more unique perspective that both are important (e.g., this is why I try to show both the forest and trees while I write), and that a significant degree of the loss of right brain thinking is not just social, but also a consequence of widespread neurological damage in our society from mass vaccination.

Note: one of the conversations I best remember in college was one with an ivy-league calculus teacher. I told him the way he’d taught one lesson (where were encouraged to derive a solution to ourselves instead of being given steps to follow to solve the problem) was my favorite experience in the course. He then told me that this was his preferred way of teaching, but each time he did it (even with some of the top students in the country), he would receive complaints because “students just wanted to be told exactly what to do for the exams.”

The essential problem with right brain thinking is that while it allows immense insights to be gained, it often struggles to address the practical day to day needs we face (both within society but also within science and engineering), while the issue with left brain thinking is that it can commonly lock one into a “solution” which excludes the best answer from being considered. For example, in medicine (which is now a very left-brained field), I frequently see brilliant doctors who have remarkable skills in executing their clinical algorithms but cannot help patients their algorithms don’t work for as they are incapable of adopting a solution outside of their algorithm. Likewise, I’ve lost count of how many people I’ve debated with whose logic starts from the premise there is no conceivable way any viewpoint besides their own could be right (which hence leads to them creating a variety of arguments which appear absurd to an outside observer).

Note: one metaphor I frequently use to describe this phenomenon is the experience of a hamster stuck in a cage with a hamster wheel who wants to escape. If the hamster does what it knows to do (run on the hamster wheel) no matter how fast it goes, it will never be able to escape the cage, whereas if the hamster gets off the wheel it could see an exit and leave the cage. While this seems a bit facetious, when I watch how people’s minds often churn as they try to execute a flawed algorithm they were given to solve a vexing problem they face, it often seems as though a wheel in their brain is working in overdrive in a futile attempt to solve that problem.

Debating Cognitive Algorithms

Throughout my life, I’ve gotten into more debates than I can count with ardent defenders of the orthodoxy (particularly within medicine). In each case, I’ve noticed three salient features:

•Their arguments are extremely repetitive, to the point I often can predict over 90% of what they will say by the time their first few sentences have been completed. Remarkably, whenever I question them about this, they have little to no recognition they are regurgitating a script that was fed to them (e.g., by the media). Because of this, when I engage those scripts, my goal is typically to lead them in a direction which differs from where they expected to end up, and to do it in a subtle enough way they don’t realize they’ve gone off course until they arrive there (as this is often an effective way to red-pill these individuals).
Note: somewhat analogously, I find when patients see specific specialists (e.g., a neurologist) for a certain issue they have, I (and many colleagues) can predict with high accuracy give or take everything the specialist will tell them.

•Frequently when they engage these scripts, to varying degrees they disassociate and enter a hypnotic state where they lose awareness of a variety of things outside the immediate point they are discussing—especially if they are confronted with evidence that overtly disproves their existing belief system.

•Typically, the “algorithm” they follow is to quickly scan through everything you present to them until they find something can attack (e.g., because they already know a script for attacking it) at which point, they become unable to see the rest of your argument and hyper focus on their point of attack. In short, their focus is not on discerning what is true, but rather on finding a way to prove they are “right.” One of the most important things about this phenomenon is that, typically, the more educated or intellectually intelligent people are, the more aggressively and reflexively they do this.

Note: I am mentioning these points because I know many of you have repeatedly observed them whenever you discuss a controversial topic with someone who ardently believes whatever the mainstream narrative it

In turn, whenever I observe these behaviors, I often will send them one of my favorite articles on the subject—“Cognitive Sophistication Does Not Attenuate the Bias Blind Spot.” To briefly synopsize Stanovich’s paper:

    Blindspots encompass errors in reasoning where someone has an inherent bias that causes them to miss something which is otherwise obvious (e.g., the hamster is so focused on its wheel it cannot leave the cage) and that in many cases, the presence of blindspots appears to be a consequence of them not wanting to make the effort to think through a problem and instead simply asserting the first thing that jumps to mind.

    One of the curious things about blindspots is that while people are very good at recognizing them in others, they often simultaneously fail to see how they doing the exact same thing. Additionally, as Stanovich showed, individuals who demonstrate one type of blindspot are more likely to demonstrate other types of blindspots. Most importantly, cognitively sophisticated individuals (e.g., “intelligent” people) aren’t protected from falling prey to these biases, and if anything, are more likely to engage in them.

This hence provides an explanation for my observation that more intelligent people are less able to see the things in front of them which challenge their existing beliefs. Likewise, I believe it helps explain why they will frequently adopt incorrect logical premises which they then use as a basis for their arguments.

Anchoring to Reality

    If you don’t stand for something, you fall for anything.

When I’ve looked at what causes people to get led astray, I’ve found the most common thread is a lack of connection to reality which causes them to lose the reflex they would otherwise have reject what something absurd being done to them. To illustrate:

•Over the years I’ve worked with numerous people who got pulled into a dangerous spiritual cult (e.g., because the family requested me to). One of the most common threads I’ve noticed is those individuals had a pre-existing disconnection from their body (e.g., they weren’t “grounded”) and that the cult had them engage in a variety of unsafe spiritual practices which further pulled them into their heads and associated the rush they got with doing those exercises to a profound importance in the cult’s teachings. In turn, to break them away from the cult, I’ve found that I first needed to have them get back in their bodies, as without doing so, they lacked the ability to recognize that what the cult was pushing them to do was wrong or the strength to resist it (all of which is discussed further here).
Note: I believe much of what I said also applies to people in modern political “cults” which fanatically follow beliefs at odds with reality.

•Typically when individuals have a high degree of intelligence in one domain, they reciprocally have a low degree of intelligence in others (e.g., I know numerous geniuses who are emotionally challenged). Likewise, a common pattern I’ve noticed, particularly in one American demographic, is that if the kidneys are weak (which in Chinese medicine anchor the vitality of the body into the internal organs), that energy will flow into the brain, leading to a high degree of intellectual capacity, accompanied by a general neuroticism and a variety of physical ailments.

•One of the major points Gato made was that by schools cutting children off from the broader society they lost the anchors which were necessary for them to develop their own sense of self, self-esteem, empathy for others, and capacity for creativity and self-awareness. In turn, when he had his middle school students do things like hundreds of hours of community service within adults in the community, it had a profound benefit for them.

•Previously, I discussed how countless empires throughout history have followed a consistent pattern—a meteoric rise followed by a period of decadence and collapse roughly 250 years after the empire’s founding—something almost identical to what America is currently experiencing. The English general who created this model theorized that it resulted from each empire’s immense success making the empire fabulously wealthy (from its conquests), which in turn led to the empires’s citizens focusing on making money rather than advancing the empire, which then gave rise to an age of intellectualism (since they needed something to spend their money on), which then gave rise to the fatal era of decadence which broke the empire apart.

In my opinion, that transition from intellectualism to decadence is due to the “elites” of society becoming disconnected from the struggles of the empire which built it up and the hardships of day to day life its subjects needed to engage in before they became fabulously wealthy. As a result, their conception of reality switched to being an intellectual idea in their minds where all they really cared about were the merits of their ideas (e.g., “being right”) and before long, they became led down a variety of dysfunctional ideologies, which while at odds with reality, were easy to intellectually rationalize (provided the appropriate cognitive biases were in place). In turn, I would argue that essentially synopsizes the situation our society currently finds itself in.

Note: another key issue is that as people become disconnected from reality, they lose the basic satisfaction being alive gives them and they in turn reach into more and more deranged stuff in the hope it can give them that intrinsic sense of happiness and purpose they search for.

Balanced Intelligence

I was raised to believe that all types of intelligence mattered and that excessively developing one at the expense of the others was highly detrimental to your own wellbeing. This was because beyond it creating massive blindspots, it would create an imbalance within you that could cause the excessive type of intelligence to become deranged (e.g., I’ve lost count of how many “smart” people I know who lead emotionally toxic lives, are mentally unbalanced, and get sucked into really dysfunctional ideologies).

Likewise, my teachers repeatedly taught me that if your goal was to develop one type of intelligence (e.g., intellectual intelligence) it was often far more effective to cultivate a related type of intelligence that would support your primary target, than it was to just focus on defining the primary target. Initially I resisted this lesson, but as time went on, I began to see that my attempts to develop myself were yielding increasingly diminishing returns, whereas when I focused on the weaker areas of myself, I had large rapid gains in both those areas and my primary goal.

Unfortunately, one of the odd quirks of American culture is that we place intellectual intelligence on a pedestal (which I believe is in part due to it being much easier to emotionally sell useless junk to people if that junk is “scientific” and the customers are not emotionally intelligent enough to recognize that they are being emotionally manipulated). In turn, the messages we receive from the media continually de-emphasize the other forms of intelligence (e.g., many of the role models the popular media glorifies are not emotionally healthy or mature) while we have an endless number of unscrupulous “intelligent” experts repeat whatever talking point their sponsors gave them throughout the mass media.

Over the last nine years however, there has been a remarkable change. The increasingly audacious lies from the media, coupled with an increasingly free press (due to the rise of the internet) has made more and more of the public reject the mass media and seek out alternative sources of information which provide something of actual value to them.

From observing this process, I’ve in turn noticed something quite interesting. In the past we were force fed experts and celebrities by the mass media who had extremely unbalanced types of intelligence (e.g., I commonly point out that the unofficial vaccine spokesman, Peter Hotez, putting it generously, “is a mess”).

Now however, those who have risen to the top of the new media are not the best and brightest of academia, but rather every-day individuals who have lived a dynamic and arduous life that allowed them to developed a well-balanced composite of many different types of intelligence. In turn, these critically thinking individuals are much more able to provide the truth people are yearning for because they have a much stronger anchor to the reality that truth comes from.

For example, I’ve noticed that Joe Rogan and Jimmy Dore, two podcasters who have risen to prominence during this time, consistently demonstrate a variety of different forms of intelligence when they speak (e.g., they are very good at linking current events to similar ones in the past)—and I would argue this holistic intelligence is what has allowed them to become so popular.

Recently, I learned that this publication was discussed on the Joe Rogan experience. When I reviewed the segment where it was mentioned (which is in the second half the clip below), I realized Rogan and Jimmy perfectly encapsulated how the public is now searching for voices that convey the balanced type of intelligence and wisdom our society so desperately needs. I find this immensely encouraging, as while people have always wanted real voices, they have never made such an active effort to seek them out, and the media is now being forced to gradually shift to meet that demand:

Note: when I originally wrote the sleep article, Rogan and Dore discussed, I briefly stated that Rohypnol was able to avoid the “bans” GHB faced. To be more specific, while Rohypnol is still prescribed in countries around the world, it was never brought to market in America. Since lobbyists quietly got it taken out of the date rape drug laws (which made GHB a schedule I drug), Rohypnol remains a schedule IV drug that can be legally brought into the USA with a valid prescription, which was almost certainly done to protect the international drug market (whereas in contrast, GHB was outlawed throughout the world and is now extremely difficult to legally obtain). In hindsight, it hence would have been more accurate to have stated it avoided the “sanctions” GHB faced. This in turn highlights the challenge I frequently face when needing to accurately condense a large amount of information for an article.

Cultivating Balanced Intelligence

Two years into this, both I and my colleagues are still somewhat in disbelief at how successful this publication has been (e.g., presently it gets 1.2 million direct views a month and at least 5 million indirect ones). When I’ve reflected on how that happened, I believe it’s come down to three key factors:

•A lot of luck and likely some type of higher power wanting it to succeed, as for some reason, I just kept on being in the right place at just the right time.

•The primary goal of this publication being to impart the qualities into its audience I feel are the most critical for this movement to succeed (as I’ve watched numerous activist movements I belonged to in the past implode in a similar manner and wanted to try to prevent that from happening this time around).

•A lot of work I did over the decades to create a balanced form of intelligence. Put differently, had my younger self written here or I had not sought out a variety of skillsets I felt were important, I am relatively certain this publication would not have be able to attract the following it has.

In the final part of this open thread (which exists for you to ask whatever questions you want to ask), I will list some of the things I felt were the most important for me developing that balanced sense of intelligence and share another one of the songs I unearthed from the a remarkably talented (but anonymous and likely deceased) composer which I frequently use to help balance my mind as I write.

Note: I am quite curious to get your feedback on this song (e.g., the previous one was quite positively received) as I believe this composer’s songs have a very unique artistic element you rarely find in music.

Thanks to State Control, Doctors Have Become Gods
By Douglas French
July 13, 2024

My wife often poses the joke “Do you know the difference between doctors and God?” with the punchline being “God doesn’t think he’s a doctor.” The atrocious behavior of my neurosurgeon made me wonder: How does anyone get away with acting like this?

In part one of my deep brain stimulation to fix the tremors in my hands, two holes are drilled into my skull while my head was secured in place by a metal cage with a plexiglass box fitted over it. I was sedated to a level where I was awake but didn’t feel any pain when the drill bit went through my skull, although I could hear it—a sound indescribable yet at the same time unforgettable.

What I also heard was the surgeon continually yelling at the staff, “What I want you to do is just stand there and not move. There is not a thing you can do for me. I guess I must do everything myself. Just stand there and don’t move.” Soon after, I heard him say, “This equipment is so dated. I mean like it’s twenty years old. Why can’t we get any new equipment? My god, this is the end of days. Why do I have to work with this stuff?”

All of this after checking into the hospital one day, being told the surgeon was called away to an emergency and rescheduled for the next day at noon, and then being called in a panic by his office that he was running ahead of schedule and if I could get there at 10 a.m. We rushed to get there at the appointed time only to wait and wait after arriving at the operating room. Getting on the elevator to the operating room, the surgeon said, “I’m going to go have a cup of coffee.” I think he had more than a cup.

In the definitive history of American medicine The Social Transformation of American Medicine: The Rise of a Sovereign Profession and the Making of a Vast Industry, Paul Starr wrote, “The key source of physicians’ economic distress in 1900 remained the continuing oversupply of doctors, now made much worse by the increased productivity of physicians as a result . . . [of the] squeezing of lost time from the professional working day.”

Starr points out that the number of medical schools expanded at the end of the nineteenth century. From the founding of the American Medical Association (AMA) in 1847 to 1900, the number of medical schools more than tripled. And while America’s population more than doubled between 1870 and 1910, the number of physicians increased more than 150 percent.

“The weakness of the profession was feeding on itself; ultimately help had to come from outside,” Starr wrote. Help came in the form of the Flexner Report, penned by Abraham Flexner, brother to the powerful Dr. Simon Flexner, a key player in the chase for a vaccine to battle the 1918 Spanish flu.

Abraham was not a doctor himself. While the report was commissioned by the Carnegie Foundation, “Flexner’s report was virtually written in advance by high officials of the American Medical Association, and its advice was quickly taken by every state in the Union,” Murray Rothbard explained in Making Economic Sense. Using the Flexner Report as a guide, the AMA was able to use the state to cartelize the medical industry. Rothbard wrote:

The result: every medical school and hospital was subjected to licensing by the state, which would turn the power to appoint licensing boards over to the state AMA. The state was supposed to, and did, put out of business all medical schools that were proprietary and profit-making, that admitted blacks and women, and that did not specialize in orthodox, “allopathic” medicine: particularly homeopaths, who were then a substantial part of the medical profession, and a respectable alternative to orthodox allopathy.

The report recommended closing schools, discarding competing therapies, and firing minority doctors that were considered substandard. “Medicine would never be a respected profession . . . until it sloughed off its coarse and common elements,” wrote Starr. Medical schools had been closing before 1910, with 20 percent shuttered in the four years before the report was published. Capital requirements for modern laboratories, libraries, and clinical facilities “were what killed so many medical schools in the years after 1906,” he wrote.

Rothbard explained further:

In all cases of cartels, the producers are able to replace consumers in their seats of power, and accordingly the medical establishment was now able to put competing therapies (e.g., homeopathy) out of business; to remove disliked competing groups from the supply of physicians (blacks, women, Jews); and to replace proprietary medical schools financed by student fees with university-based schools run by the faculty, and subsidized by foundations and wealthy donors.

The burgeoning cartel meant “a skewing of the entire medical profession away from patient care toward high-tech, high-capital investment in rare and glamorous diseases,” wrote Rothbard, “which redound far more to the prestige of the hospital and its medical staff than is actually useful for the patient-consumers.”

Abraham Flexner, according to Starr, “had an aristocratic disdain for things commercial.” The high-minded Flexner Report “more successfully legitimated the profession’s interest in limiting the number of medical schools and the supply of physicians than anything the AMA might have put out on its own.”

The result: after peaking at 162 medical schools in 1906, by 1922, the number had been cut in half. The Flexner Report (a.k.a. Bulletin Number Four) recommended that the number of schools be reduced to thirty-one. Fortunately, more than seventy survived. Left up to Flexner, twenty states would not have had a single medical school. Legislators intervened. The report “was the manifesto of a program that by 1936 guided $91 million from Rockefeller’s General Education Board (plus millions more from other foundations) to a select group of medical schools,” according to Starr. Two-thirds of these funds went to only seven schools.

Medicine made a great leap in the Progressive Era. “The transition from household to the market as the dominant institution in the care for the sick,” in addition to increased specialization of labor, “has created emotional distance between the sick and those responsible for their care,” Starr wrote, “and a shift from women to men as the dominant figures in the management of health and illness.”

Mike Holly wrote in a 2013 Mises Daily piece:

Since the early 1900s, medical special interests have been lobbying politicians to reduce competition. By the 1980s, the U.S. was restricting the supply of physicians, hospitals, insurance and pharmaceuticals, while [at the same time] subsidizing demand. Since then, the U.S. has been trying to control high costs by moving toward something perhaps best described by the House Budget Committee: “In too many areas of the economy—especially energy, housing, finance, and health care—free enterprise has given way to government control in ‘partnership’ with a few large or politically well-connected companies.”

Part two of my procedure involved making two incisions to connect the wires from my brain to a battery that would be implanted to my chest. I arrived at the scheduled time of 12:30 p.m. The rep for the medical hardware to be placed in me told us the surgeon was running late. When my wife complained, the rep said, “He’s a busy man.” She replied, “We’re all busy. I’m going to complain.” He calmly said, “He won’t care.”

When I rolled into the bright lights of the surgical center’s operating room, the clock on the wall said 17:45 (military time). The next thing I knew, I woke up in recovery. The surgeon’s physician’s assistant commented on how good I looked. A nurse who had spent the last four hours apologizing for how far behind they were helped my wife put me in the car. There was no sign of the surgeon. Another American medical success story.


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