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3 books of interest
These 3 books may be of interest to some, safe host site fear not:

The last one should have been named, "The TRUE history of Greece."  It is astounding when you see the lies they have propagated worldwide about Greece being an advanced race way back when.  The Illuminati used Greece to catapult their agenda, nothing more.  All your favorite fictions like Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Mythology and more, were all a construct of the Jesuits.  Ever wandered WHY only 300 Spartans were able to hold back an army?  It wasn't because they were so advanced, it was because Greeks have been known since time immemorial to be the most BARBARIC of all races that have ever lived.  Which is WHY Rockefeller wanted them exterminated. But like everyone else, most all Greeks have swallowed the elites lies.   Read, and you will see.

(08-11-2020, 04:12 AM)Pheonix Wrote: ... It wasn't because they were so advanced, it was because Greeks have been known since time immemorial to be the most BARBARIC of all races that have ever lived... 

I should have clarified the above statement when making it, but I was very busy when I made the post.  '

All races toady, including the Greeks, have all had their genes mixed with most all other races on earth.  It is now near impossible to find any pure bred races anywhere.  But the original gene pools have not been eradicated, they've simply been diluted with others.  Which was bound to happen with an increase in world populations over time.  

As for the hatred some have today towards other races, they are often based on things that happened many years ago.  2 thousand years or more is not uncommon when holding a grudge.  HATRED, seems to be the only thing in this world that lasts. 

So in reality, even the archaic Greek blood has now been proportionally distributed into most all other gene pools.  The book itself is a snap shot of how things were in Greece BEFORE the Sun Cult of Egypt got its hand on it.

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@Pheonix - Please can you provide the titles as links cannot be accessed by me.

The top 3 are the ones originally posted, the other 2 are extras.  If you fully comprehend the bottom one, as in read between the lines, you can walk into any Court and shut down any case that does NOT have a damaged party.  ie, a false charge case like a speeding fine, parking fine etc.  That book is the one they've used to create the Office of Person to own you, a fictitious office meant to operate in a fictitious realm where Notes of Debt (Reserve Bank notes) are used as though they are Notes of Credit (Gold backed)... because it's a fraud and unlawful to settle a debt with ANOTHER debt:
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Appreciated, Pheonix, thank you.

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