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Alex Jones Caught Throwing the Game Against the Illuminati!
If you’ve ever taken on the frustrating task of freeing the mind of an Alex Jones cult member you already know the typical responses.  I know them because I used to be in the cult!  Some of the two biggest responses I get are “He tells a lot of truth!” or the one I got last week, “You are just cointelpro trying to divide the truth movement”.   

“He tells a lot of truth”

Well let’s look at the first one, “He tells a lot of truth!”.  Cointelpro has to tell a lot of truth or they wouldn’t be able to infiltrate and control the movement.  I think Alex Jones tells about 70% of the truth but it’s the 30% that will kill you!  Benedict Arnold told a LOT of truth too I’m sure but he didn’t get a pass for his treason for the nice things he did for our side!   There is a lot of evidence that Alex Jones only brings out certain truths kicking and screaming.  For example on Sandy Hook.  Jim Fetzer was the one that really broke the back on this totally fake drill where nobody died.  He has the most research on this and the Boston Bombing but Alex Jones has never had him on his program!   Why?  Jim Fetzer was the one that brought Wolfgang Halbig on the scene and interviewed him first and it wasn’t until months later that Alex Jones was forced to have Wolfgang on his program!  Why would he wait for months when he monitors all alternative media and knew about Jim Fetzer and Wolfgang blowing up the Sandy Hoax fairy tale months ago?  It was because he only did it when he had to do it or lose all credibility because Wolfgang was going viral!  

Jones continues to lie and say he was the one that “predicted” 9/11 first but I know this is a lie.  Bill Cooper and Stew Webb had the information on the radio for months before Alex Jones but Alex Jones never gives them credit.  In fact, Stew was  only off by 11 days on when it would happen because he was told it would be sometime in August.  Bill Cooper was only on Alex Jones’ show one time before Cooper found out he had lied about many things and would never appear again.  Alex Jones lied about Bill Cooper regarding many things and there is video out there from fans of Cooper that prove it.  Now Alex Jones calls patriot Bill Cooper a pathetic drunk.  Bill Cooper died for this country telling us the truth!   Bill Cooper also exposed the Zionists that Alex Jones protects!   Interesting.

Now Jones lies and says Saudi Arabia did 9/11 when everybody in the military high command knows Israel did most of it including wiring the Trade Center with explosives!   There’s a pattern you see with Jones again and again, it’s always hiding the crimes of Israel and the Zionists.  It’s always the “globalists” or the “elite” but never the fake Jews God told us about in his word.  The ones that say they are Jews but are not – they are the Synagogue of satan.  Jones never wants to quote the Bible (Revelation 2:9 and 3:9) on that one!

Jones never talks about these Fake Jews owing Hollywood, Fox News and all the rest of the fake news, the Federal Reserve or all the Dual  Israeli citizen traitors in the US government who are working from within to destroy us!  It was illegal to have dual citizens in the US government until traitors change the laws in the 1960s.  Israel allows no dual citizens in their government of course!  Why is it always these dual citizens behind almost all of the evil such as Michael Chertoff, Paul Wolfowitz, John Bolton, Henry Kissinger, Barbara Boxer, Russ Feingold, Al Franken, Dianne Feinstein, Joe Lieberman, Bernie Sanders, Charles Schemer, Barney Frank, Alan Grayson, Henry Waxman, Anthony Weiner and so many more!   

You see Alex Emerick Jones (look up the words “Emerick jewish” and see the name Emerick is very Jewish.   Since I’ve caught Alex in so many other lies, I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if he was one of those crypto Jews.  I guess Alex thinks its perfectly okay for a HUGE portion of your government to be run by satanic fake jews who want to take your guns!  Notice how he NEVER tells you the evil in Congress who are dual citizen Jews loyal to Israel!   That’s never brought up!   Yes, we know his ex wife who took over 4 million dollars from the Info Warriors is Jewish and she sure was nasty calling her own husband a “conspiracy theorist” in court to take the kids!    Why won’t Alex admit he’s divorced and she took $4 million of the money gave to him by the Info Warriors when he said all the money was going into the fight?   Just be honest about it and quit hiding it!  I remember Jones telling us his wife was a Christian many times.   Well Christians sure wouldn’t do what she did to him in court that’s for sure so I guess that was another lie.  Jones was destroyed by David Duke and exposed as a Zionist shill and had to take down the interview it made him look so bad!  Alex promised to bring David Duke back for a “rematch” but that was another lie as he is scared he’ll lose more of his audience.  Why would Jones take down the David Duke interview unless it exposed him as a Zionist shill?  It makes no sense if there is nothing to hide and he wasn’t told to take it down as Duke exposed the Fake jews who run the Fed and killed about 60 million Russians in the Bolshevic revolution.  

“You are Cointelpro trying to divide the movement”

I got this one just the other day by a BIN reader still under the Alex Jones mind control or else on payroll.    I told him the same thing I tell everybody who ever said this.  I’ll give you $100 if you have spread more truth than me!   Show me your youtube videos, articles, websites and social media and if you have spread more truth in your life I’ll give you $100 right now!   So far, nobody has had the guts to even try to claim my $100.   They slink away because none of them do anything!  I’m nothing special and wish I have done even more but I know I’ve spread more truth than any Alex Jones fan out there!  I’ve seen the shills who only post Alex Jones stories and I’ve seen them on Facebook and how they ignore all attempts to contact them!  Nobody can be that brainwashed to think Alex Jones is the only one putting out good information unless they are on somebody’s payroll.  I’ve seen Mark Dice (fake name) run from me and others.  I’ve noticed Alex Jones is the only one that has these people that ONLY post his stuff and nothing else!   It’s a massive cointel operation to shield the criminal Zionists identified by Stew Webb worth $100 Trillion and more!   Jones has never named these Zionists such as Larry Mizel who stole over $100 Trillion from America!   Stew has the proof and this money could be clawed back for America to End the Federal Reserve but Alex Jones is making sure this never happens by censoring Mizel’s crimes!  

Alex Jones is throwing the game against the Illuminati and he’s being helped by anybody who doesn’t hold his feet to the fire over his censoring the crimes of the Zionists who run the new world order!   Now I’m going to put out my challenge to anybody that still thinks Alex Jones isn’t serving the Illuminati and is a good guy who wants to win the fight!  I will prove Alex Jones is literally throwing the game against the Illuminati to anybody with courage to take me up on it.  Alex Jones fooled me for years and I know he’s fooled many of you for years too!   It’s now my duty to wake up other patriots.  There’s a reason the Illuminati Card game has him as “Agent in Place” as you’ll see in the top picture.  They always tell you what they are going to do!

Alex Jones Is Throwing the Game Against the Illuminati and I will Prove it With My $500 Bet!

My $500 reward to anybody who proves Alex Jones will take action and wake up the country with flyers before the election!

I invite all Alex Jones fans to contact me at [email protected] to discuss this contest challenge which will finally prove to the world that Alex Jones is being paid to throw the game against the Illuminati!  I’m now going to give my final test to Alex Jones and his fans.  Who has the courage and faith in this man to take my bet?  I’ve got the money to pay you right now!

In 1776, the colonists used flyers and pamphlets to inform the masses about the truth not in their fake news!   This is the ONLY way to do it quickly today!  Having modern day patriots drop millions of Flyers on doorsteps is the only thing THEY can’t censor and control.  They simply can’t stop patriots dropping flyers on doorsteps with information and websites to wake up everybody in their neighborhoods and towns!  Topics covered would be the Federal Reserve, vaccine scams, GMO, Chemtrails and the Fake News!  There is technology and software out there that can be brought to bear capable of marking off streets as they are hit with the flyers!   We can literally grid the country with truth bomb flyers and destroy the fake news forever!   

Alex Jones is the only one with the reach who could pull this off and everybody knows he can do it!  All he has to do is give prizes every week for the patriots dropping the most flyers on doorsteps with their speeded up cell phone footage as the ultimate proof.  He gives them PDFs of the flyers to print out and puts truth bullets, his website and other alternative media websites on it so he doesn’t hog all the attention as he loves to do!  Flyers on doorsteps is about WINNING the information war door to door.  

Alex always says he’s “taking the gloves off” now but let’s see if he’s for real or fake!   We’re not going to WIN this fight by watching another Mark Dice (fake name) video showing how dumb people are in general.  We already know they’re dumb and this was funny until the 50th one!   This fight is not about Alex Jones making more money selling products or Mark Dice getting linked by Zionist Mossad agent Drudge!  This fight is about solutions and taking REAL action that can take the fight to a whole new levels and make the Illuminati quiver in their boots because you have millions of people screaming about recalling all the dual Israeli citizens in our government!  Alex won’t talk about those dual citizens though!  Funny how he never talks about these scum wanting our guns who are dual Israeli American citizens!  This wasn’t even legal until the 60s when criminals changed the law!   No other country allows this but Alex Jones thinks is great because he never told you about it or list the traitors who are dual citizens to begin the recalls!

52 Weeks of Flyers on Doorsteps Could Reach 100 Million and Make Alex Millions in Product Sales!

We can easily reach 100 million new people in the US alone if these weekly contests went for 52 weeks!   We could also probably put Hillary in jail and get Trump elected in addition to telling the people about chemtrails, GMO, fluoride, the Federal Reserve and the rest!  We’re all being killed here every day regardless so let’s fight these scum with everything we have left!  There’s software out there to mark off all the streets as they are hit with flyers!   I’ve seen it out there and posted it an earlier article and will go find it if needed.  If Alex Jones is a traitor to this country, he will never agree to do 52 weeks of contests for putting flyers on doorsteps to wake up America!  If he’s a traitor he will give you all kinds of excuses why he can’t do it or he’s “too busy” even though the entire effort would make him a fortune in health product sales and everybody reading this article knows this is true!   We’ll have him caught red handed throwing the game!

I’ll personally give $500 to anybody who gets Alex Jones on tape agreeing to do flyers on doorstep weekly contests for the next year to win this fight against the Zionist NWO or die trying!  Get yourself on tape talking to Alex and of course Alex must announce and start the contests and I’ll send you $500 Fedex.  People could even pay their local newspapers to include flyers in them and provide receipts as proof for the contests!  Inserting flyers in newspapers is cheap and this could also be done with money bombs to cover millions easily.

For proof of contest winners, patriots could film themselves going door to door and speed up the footage to super speed to make the files smaller for transfer.   Millions of patriots are willing to be involved with a nationwide weekly contest right now so I’m putting up $500 of my money to get Alex Jones to either WIN this fight and get Trump elected so we can prosecute the Illuminati criminals or he will expose himself as a traitor for all to see!  Either way humanity wins!  

That’s 52 weeks and 52 winners and 100 million new people woken up would be the goal!  We do that and we could win!  Let Alex mess around for 20 more years and we all end up in FEMA camps built by the Zionists!   When Alex Jones refuses to do something he can easily do when everybody agrees it WILL work then he’s exposed 100% as cointel as myself and many others have already discovered.

You’ll need to get on his show and tell Alex to quit messing around and do 52 weeks of contests where prizes are given away to the patriots who drop the most flyers or insert the most flyers in newspapers each week!  It’s a very simple thing and it will work because it already worked in 1776!   Nothing else will get through all the censorship in fact.  Facebook won’t work because it’s run by Fake Jews and I’ve seen them reduce my reach by 1000% in the last few years even though I have more real patriot friends!   The only way to let America know our News is FAKE is by dropping a flyer with truth bombs telling them to join the resistance on every doorstep!

Let’s see if Alex uses the idea that will make him very rich in product sales and also wake up this country!   I don’t want any credit for this.  I just know it will work and want to expose Jones as a traitor because I know he will slink from my challenge!   Who is going to get my $500!   I hope Alex Jones does the idea and I get to pay somebody $500 because I think it’s the only chance we have now!   This is it for our country.   If Trump doesn’t get elected we’re finished!   Trump isn’t perfect but he’s better than all the rest and will prosecute and claw back the hundreds of trillions stolen from America!  

I’ll Give You the $500 even if Alex refuses and you get it on tape!

But if Alex does as I think and refuses to do these contests or makes excuses and you get it on tape, I’ll still give you $500 because I will use this to beat him over the head until Jesus comes back!   I will use it to wake up everybody so we can get a real patriot that will take action and not just protect the Zionist crimes and make money and then run to Israel when the war goes hot!   We’ll soon have our final ultimate proof Alex Jones does not want to win and is a Zionist traitor to the country as I sincerely believe!  I just want to win this fight or die trying.  Do you?  

How Do I Know Alex Jones Is Throwing the Game Against the Illuminati?

I know Alex is a shill because he honey potted federal whistleblower Stew Webb and tried to find out what he knew while lying and saying he would put him on the air!  Not too long after this, they began trying to kill Stew Webb with staged car accidents!   US Intelligence told Stew Alex Jones had a CIA handler and would never help Stew expose Illuminati Zionist crimes!  US Intelligence directly told Stew Webb, Alex Jones was a “shill” who would never expose and name the criminals Stew had identified!   Stew thought he might be real until that time so Alex is very very slick at what he does.    We Know Alex Jones freely admits his family is CIA and he’s not stupid.  My own investigations and seeing how Alex always shields the Zionists who looted this country is why I am offering the $500 reward to anybody who can get Alex Jones to do the right thing or shows I’m right.  Prove me wrong, please!  

Here are just a few of the videos that should wake up most people about Alex Jones and how he must always control the opposition.  Enjoy the fake crying and acting like FBI cointelpro in the Austin Gun Rally footage where Alex lies and says he was confronted by “democratic operatives” when they were his fans!   You really have to be stupid not to wake up after seeing Alex lie repeatedly in that one.  Anybody that trust somebody they know has lied is certainly a fool.  I knew when I saw Alex lie in this video I would never trust him again.

Alex Jones Showing Cointel Colors in Austin – the video that woke me up!   You really have to me a moron not to see the evil being done here at the gun rally by Alex Jones!  He lies and call the activists “democratic operatives”.  Only a person with demons in them will tell lies like this.

The video that made Alex Jones’ head hurt!  Watch Alex Jones bring in his Jewish boss at the end with ridiculous apologies for the Zionists!  This woke up tens of thousands of his fans on who he works for and they left!   It was so damaging and woke up so many, Alex deleted it from his youtube channels!

Alex Jones fake crying

Alex Jones is an Actor

Alex Jones Says He is Jewish – Alex Jones has lied and said his wife wasn’t Jewish and of course he said he

wasn’t Jewish but when you tell lies and say you were the only one that predicted 9/11 when Bill Cooper and

Stew Webb were months ahead of you then how can you believe anything he says?

Alex Jones using hypnosis, subliminals, and NLP on audience
Alex Jones’ Jewish handler at Emmis promotes Hicks meme
COINTELPRO caught setting up strawman attacks against Alex Jones
The growing complexity of Alex Jones’ Israeli Connections
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