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Bombshell Speech In Front Of Canadian Fake News Headquarters By David Whitehead

IceWendigo, 1 day ago
The First Step is to convince the blue pillers that the MSM does LIE.
As long as they can not imagine the MSM can possibly all be lying, anything we say will be of little use.

FalkirkPatriot, 1 day ago
I've found the opposite is true. They're way too gone. On the other hand, I've been way more successful with Conservatives who have their values and ideals in the right place but just haven't taken it as far as a conspiracy transpiring. Tell them that the definition of the New World Order is global Communism then they are open ears. They know what Communism is at least and are repulsed by the idea. Apolitical types have no clue what Communism is so it doesn't even get through to them when you mention it. Stick with reaching to Conservative minded people.

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