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Cliff Dess's Story
Cliff Dess[/b]

After forty-two years of living a life of extraordinary events I have come to realize that my life was meant to be what it is.  My name is Cliff; I was born in a crazy and under privileged area of Melbourne, Australia. I was born on July 21, 1962.  

My tormented life began when I was around three years old. I was constantly visited by small gray aliens in my crib at night and this went on for many years and still does to this day. I remember these grays would put things up my nose all the time which caused me a great deal of pain. This explains why I suffered constant nose hemorrhages until I was about twelve years old. I have now found out through my own research that these procedures are pineal gland implants for special people.  These grays would take me to a strange place which was just a big round room all the time when I was about three to four years old. I remember being in this room with many other children just sitting around on the floor in a dreamlike state. There would be about thirty to forty kids just all staring at one another, some of them were crying and there were always two or three grays around the outer walls monitoring us. To this day I still don't know what this gathering of children was about.

As I got older I used to tell my mother about these things and she used to say to me that the grays have a strange interest in me. When I was around five years old my father left my mother to get on with his own life. This was hard for me to accept as a child but what choice did I have?  I often cried myself to sleep as a boy.

My mother was the best mother anyone could ask for; she was a mother and father in one.  Back in those days times were very tough. We lived on a pension of thirty five dollars per week and with four small children you could only imagine how hard times were.  My mother was a psychic who practiced a lot of strange things, astrology, numerology, tarot, witchcraft, voodoo, séances and so on. I believe that many of these practices brought in strange entities that started my terrible experiences as a child. I have seen my mother will a man to fall off his horse one day, before my eyes. She just kept on repeating fall off, fall off, fall off, quietly, and the next minute he was on his backside. I just looked up at her and she smiled and I said “What was that all about mum?”  She said “I will not tolerate anyone being cruel to animals”. I had seen her do this sort of thing on many occasions. I also have a sister that can will things to happen and she practices this all the time. I too can will bad on people but choose not to practice this harmful manifestation.  

Growing up with a mother and a sister with psychic ability was strange. My mother would hold séances every Saturday night and through these séances I have seen some of the most amazing things happen before my eyes. Ghosts, spirit entities, things levitating in mid air, strange figures standing in my room, lights going off and on, taps turning themselves on and the sounds of footsteps running over the roof, it was never ending. I used to tell my mother about all these things and she would just say “You see this because you’re psychic”.  My mother told me since I was a child that I was psychic like her and my sister, we all had the same astrology signs, and my mother and I have almost identical planetary placements.

All my mother cared about in her life were her children. We were blessed to have a mother as good as her; she was a brilliant cook and a very clean and tidy person.  When I was around six to seven years old I started noticing changes in her, she would go all strange and the house would get all messy and the food was not the same as the usual. When I would try and talk to her she would just mumble and not make much sense. Then one day I was just looking at her and I said to myself in my mind something is not right with mum lately and she spun around and looked at me with full black eyes. All the whites of her eyes went black and she just stared at me very evil. I had also seen this happen when we went shopping one day. My younger brother was in the pram and I was walking next to it holding on. We were going to the supermarket and my mother just stopped robotically for about five minutes staring at a strange person across the other side of the road. I said to her “What's that man looking at mum?”  She spun her head around that fast like a robot and stared at me with full black eyes. I have never been so scared in all my life and the memory of that day will stay with me for the rest of my life. I have now come to realize that my mother was being replaced by a clone throughout my childhood. I also believe that she was being used for breeding purposes throughout her life on several occasions.  

As a young boy I used to ride my pushbike around the neighborhood. Cars would stop in the middle of the road and strange people would just stare at me, and they always had very strange eyes. This happened often until I was about twelve years old. When I was about eight years old the dental van came to my school. This is a government funded dental program and, of course, is a FREE service. It is a very large van that goes to all public schools and does very unnecessary dental work on children. I remember sitting in the seat of the dental van and being told to open my mouth. This tall, rather unusual looking man was surprised to see that I had previous dental work done. He then called out to his colleagues to come and have a look at me but the amusing thing was that this man spoke without moving his lips. The other dentists approached and they were all standing around me having a conversation and none of them were moving their lips. They knew that I could hear them on a telepathic level.  These are the hybrids that are putting tiny microchips in the teeth of our children on a mass scale (chipping the populace for the NWO). I remember for the remainder of the week that the dental van was at the school these two men and the two women stood outside the van at recess and lunch time just staring at me with the most evil eyes you could ever imagine. They knew that I knew they were not human.  

As I got older I tried to disassociate myself from all of this, trying to put my past behind me and forget everything I had experienced, but this would just not be. I have a very strong sense of perception and my past just keeps coming back to haunt me.  I would continually question myself as I know things that have never been taught to me. I tried to find interests that were so far away from the paranormal as possible as a child. I pretended that these things did not really happen to me and found friends that knew nothing of any of this strange behavior. But as I got into my twenties I could no longer ignore what was going on around me as I was an adult. I can tell when things are not normal around me through this energy field.  I pick up on so much around me that is just unexplainable.  I see spirits, ghosts, spinning orbs, reptilians and some of the most amazing things that I could not even put a name to.  I have a golden eye that watches me constantly everywhere I go. This eye is a manifestation of a technology being used to monitor me constantly.  If I go to a persons’ home and there is any spiritual activity when I walk in these places things become activated.  I am absorbed by this energy and strange things start happening around me. There have been many people around me that have witnessed this energy activation and are lost for words when things start moving around the room.  I have deceased spirits tapping into me all the time.  They know that I can communicate with them and this is why they hassle me.  It’s like I am being used as a medium between two worlds but choose not to participate.

My wife and I were in a department store one day looking at pots and pans.  As we walked down the aisle we walked past these sets of cutlery on display and knives started vibrating on the shelf. We stopped to see what was going on and one knife just bounced off the display stand, spinning in the air, just missing my face and landing on the floor next to me. My wife just looked at me, shaking her head and said “Its time to get out of here!” I believe that these are signs to let me know that my energy is not suited in certain areas. I can be in my living room at night, just sitting there reading a book or watching television, when all of a sudden the atmosphere in the room changes.  I then start seeing these dark entities reeling around the room just monitoring me.  There have been times when I am in the bedroom at night and doing what mature people do and I can see up to five tall dark figures from the roof to the floor around my bed.  I have now come to know through my own research that these reptilian entities do this to steal the sexual energy.  

I had a friend visit me one evening, it was just on dark and he knocked on the door and walked in with a look of fear on his face and said “You will not believe what has just happened to me!” I said “Before you say another word, let me tell you what you have seen”. He said okay.  I said “You were followed here by a tall dark figure”.  He was shocked and said “How the hell did you know that?” I told him that I could see the figure outside, through the window at this very moment. I told him the next time you see this entity emit love to it and it will go, they thrive on your fear, that is why it kept on following you. 

One afternoon I was driving home from work and I pulled into a service station to fill my car with fuel. As I was walking in to pay for the fuel I noticed a lady and a young girl walking towards me, coming out of the door I was about to enter.  As I looked at this young girl I saw that her face was half torn off and was a horrifying sight to look at.  I closed my eyes for a second, shook my head to look again, only to see this young girls’ face was normal.  I know what I had seen was a premonition of something that was going to happen in the not too distant future. But how could I tell this poor child and her mother, they would just think I was crazy.  I see this type of thing in people especially when their time is almost over. I can sense their non-physical departing from the physical. This is very emotional for me as I have seen this on more than a dozen times.

I have been in bed at night, just drifting off to sleep, and have seen a metallic disc in my third eye, 20 feet in diameter by 6 feet in height, pull up just outside my house about 50 feet in the air just hovering.  I can even see the two grays just standing there looking out the windows.  I spring up out of bed and stay awake for the rest of the night.  I have had this all my life.  I remember having many trips in these crafts with the two grays. I remember traveling at awesome speeds and just being on the floor of the craft screaming, looking up at them and the skin on my face was being pulled back very tight.  The speed we were moving at was unbelievable; it would always knock me unconscious. When we got to our destination I was brought to my conscious state and a high pressured door would open very fast and loud. There I would meet two full on reptilians with cat-like eyes in black cloaks. I then would proceed to follow these lizard people and always to my right hand side I would see Stewart Swerdlow, just standing there looking at me.  I was always put in this type of trance state. I know I am not meant to remember these gatherings but these events would always come back and haunt me. I remember being place on a table and having a fine needle inserted into the base of my penis to give me an instant erection, and a dark haired woman on top of me just riding me slowly. These places were always dim and cold.

I have been abducted throughout my whole life and experienced some of the most shocking things done to me that I wish were not true. I have woken some mornings with bruises on my body and the sorest rectum one could only imagine.  Taking up to three days to recover for supposedly no explanation, I believe that I have been used in these rituals throughout my life because of my genetics.

I remember my mother saying when she was alive that Lord Louie Mountbatten was her grandfather, so this explains why I have been used in these rituals. They mainly take people with the blue blood genetics.  I am not proud of having these genetics as I know through my own research that this Mountbatten was a pedophile and another 33 degree mason and a shape shifter at that.

For the last 20 years I have lived in a small country town in central Victoria.  My wife and I had a road house for 5 years in the town and through the business I was introduced to a lot of people in that community.  I did not know at the time that most of these respected men were freemasons. There was one particular man whom I became close to.  I found this man to be interesting and very knowledgeable in all areas of life. He seemed to be on the same level as myself and was very understanding and kind to my wife and me.

I knew a little about the freemasons. This man asked me to join and the other men that I had gotten to know told me that they had nominated me to become a member of this fraternity. As I found out it is not something that you can just sign up for, you must be chosen or have people that support you to join. This one particular man was a 33 degree freemason and a member of the grand lodge of Melbourne. I have spent large amounts of time with this person as he knew things abut the world that no other did.  I would talk about my experiences to him and he knew that I was not crazy. Most other people that I would talk to about these issues would not
take me seriously.  He would always be surprised at the things that I knew and would tell me that I should not know the things which I discussed. I could not explain how I knew these things, as no one had ever taught me. He would be upset with my knowledge and I would tell him that I have lived these experiences and that is the only explanation that I could give him. As I knew there was more to these men then what they were telling me, I decided not to join, and in March 2003 I had a very disturbing experience. I was put into an altered state and abducted from my home by two hybrids and the 33 degree freemason of which I speak. I was met at my front door at approximately 3 a.m. This freemason held a sword and marched like a German officer with me following him.  On either side of me were two hybrids.  One held a black box that held my semen which contains my vibrational frequency and when manipulated, alters my state of consciousness, lowering it to delta state, which enables them to have full control of you (also known as psychotronics).

I was walked to the bus which was parked out the front of my home, taken 10 minutes from where I reside to an underground facility at the military base. Here I was placed on a table with five masked people around me. They were dressed like surgeons and I was operated on.  I had my left eye removed from the socket and things threaded through the optic nerve. Things were pushed down the back of my throat and a fine needle which was pushed up through the table that I was lying on was inserted into the back of my neck. There were monitors all around the room and as they proceed through this operation they were viewing it on the monitors.  

I have some of the most sophisticated technology integrated into my body that is state of the art. I have recently been to this freemasons’ home and told him of this whole event. He was just dumfounded and could not believe how I knew what he had done to me.  This man knows how psychic I am, that I do not need hypnotic regression.  I have a recollective memory and this is why I remember almost everything that has been done to me through out my life. If this is what the high degree freemason get up to I am thankful for not joining.  They are the main driving force behind the NWO.

I believe the procedures that were performed on me were an advanced way of monitoring us. They are able to see what I see, hear what I hear and speak, so I am a prisoner inside my own existence. I do not believe that I am the only one with this technology integrated within. I believe this is being done rampantly throughout society to certain individuals who may be a threat to their agenda.  

When these rituals are going to happen I have noticed previously I have a visitor in the form of an owl. I have taken a great deal of notice at times of these events. This owl hangs around my home day and night. It has been on the power lines, on my aerial and one time it was sitting on the step of my house, just staring in the window at me.  This is a sign that I am about to be abducted in the not to distant future. 

It is never ending the games they play with me. When I was about nineteen a friend of mine and I went out spot light shooting, at a place called Pyalong.  It is a good hours’ drive north of Melbourne. It was in the middle of winter and we often did this to get the best fox pelts in their prime. As we drove over this mountain I noticed this strange pulsating orange light in front of us.  I said to my mate, Phil, “I do not know what it is and it’s not normal to me”.  I have never seen anything like it before and I have been shooting around this area since I was a kid.

We kept on driving and spot lighting for over an hour and this strange light just kept on moving with us. Everywhere we went it just followed us, even above the car. In the end I pointed the high powered rifle at the thing and it disappeared. Then all of a sudden there were two of them following us. I put the spot light on it then three of them appeared. This started to spook me a bit but Phil said “Don't worry about them, just keep on spot lighting” when, all of a sudden, I saw a fox in the light. We stopped the car and Phil held the light as I shot the fox at about 100 yards out. After I fired the shot the orange lights disappeared which I thought was strange. Phil held the light and I jumped the fence to go and retrieve the fox. I am walking over this heavy ploughed paddock where it had been raining for weeks and I was up to my ankles in mud. When I grabbed the fox and started walking back to the vehicle the three orange lights came up over the mountain at me.  I dropped the fox and ran back to the vehicle like I have never run in my life. My feet were not touching the ground, it was like I was hovering over the 100 yards at an abnormal speed. At the same time something was pulling that hard on my testicles, I thought they were going to become separated from me.  I hit the fence that hard when I stopped and I tore all my abdominals. The barb wire on the top strand snapped. We got into the car and drove away from the place at speeds of 100mph. And these lights were just above the car no matter how fast or slow we went, they just stayed with us. This incident happened near the Puckapunyal military base, between Seymour and a small town called Tooborac. I have now come to find out through my own research that I have an implant in my left testicle which caused the magnetic pulling effect on my scrotum which was ELF.

Another night I was driving home from a friends place at about 1:30 a.m.  I made a short cut going through the bush taking a good 15 minutes off the drive.  I was cruising along and all of a sudden I felt a strange energy in the car. As I looked in the rear vision mirror I could not believe my eyes, there was a thin black figure sitting in the back seat of my car just staring straight at me in the reflection of the mirror.  I will not forget that night, especially the eyes on this thing.  It had eyes like a cat, bright yellow.   

I have had many experiences on that road. About 12 months later I was driving home with a friend one night and I said to him “I want to show you something” and he said okay. Well, I pulled up in the middle of the road in the bush, I turned off the lights on the car and we sat there looking up at a plane in the dark sky. We lit up a cigarette and sat there in the car talking but then I stopped and asked him to look at his watch. After we finished our cigarette and talked for a few minutes more he said to me “What's the joke?” “Well there was no joke” I said, “Have a look at your watch. Do you remember I asked you to take note of the time when we first stopped the car?”  And he said “Yes I do”. “Well, how many minutes have passed?” He said about nine minutes had passed and I said “That sounds correct.  Now look at the plane.”  He said “Yes, what about it?” I said ‘Well don't you think that the plane should of been way out of sight even after a minute?” All my friend could say was “Let's get the hell out of here!”  I told him I have been watching this sort of thing in the skies for years and nobody ever thinks twice to notice this strange behavior in the skies. I have also seen this during the day on more than one occasion.   

As I have previously mentioned, from the time I was a small boy these strange people would stop and stare at me. As a young boy I did not take a great deal of notice, they were very eerie, but the older that I became the more they would watch me. There was a time there that I really believed that I was going crazy, but others would see the same as I so I knew there was more to it. I have been constantly followed my entire life.  

At last I came to the conclusion that these people were hybrids. At first I myself found this hard to believe. How could they look so much like us? But it was not just the way they looked. When they are about to come near me I feel them, in most incidents I get a knot in my stomach. I feel totally sick like I am going to vomit. I feel lethargic and I begin to hyperventilate. I feel my etheric body becoming separated from my physical body. I feel a tiny needle going into the crown of my head and through this needle I feel an electrical current entering into me. In most cases I feel the needle first; it is very thin like a strand of hair. I have been on the highway and I always can feel when these hybrids are following me. I have pulled over and seen a whole car disappear in front of my eyes. Another time I was in a supermarket and had one walking up the aisle so my wife and I just stopped where we were standing. She just turned her head and stared at us both.  

There are many incidents where they have taken my memory for a short amount of time. I will just be staring at them and then they will be gone and I do not remember where they went. I talk to them always telepathically at least 80% of the time.  My friends have been with me and seen these hybrids. Once I was at Kmart with two friends, we did a little shopping and I picked out this hybrid. It was male and as we proceeded to the car park his car was parked near ours. We just sat in the car park for a few minutes to see what this hybrid was going to do. He started his car and drove past us and as his car passed ours he shape shifted to a female and all three of us saw this happen. 

Another time I was on my own driving down to Melbourne. It was late at night and I could feel the energy of these creatures all around me, I could feel a bombardment of their negative energy. The car in front of me slowed, and then stopped. As I went to go around him another pulled along each side of my car and another behind me.  I was trapped on all sides. This road was quiet and it was late, not one of these so called men would look at me. They were all looking straight ahead robotically, moving in sequence. I have to say this was one time that I was a little spooked. I thought this is it; they are going to take me out, as they were surrounding me. I felt this crushing sensation in my chest, as the amount of energy they put towards me that night made me feel completely helpless.

Another way I feel they are monitoring me is a high pitched ringing in my ears. It is like an extremely loud screeching. I believe for years now they have tested my ability to feel their presence and they know that they can not evade me, I am too sensitive. I can feel one in a crowd of 200 people.

I have come to learn that there are many types of hybrids over the years, there must be some type of levels within them as there are types that try to go unnoticed in society. Even when I have felt their presence, they avoid me at all costs. There are others that when I see them they have an electrical energy around there heads and they have a strong white energy coming out of there pineal gland chakra. This energy spins in an anticlockwise direction. Then there are the ones whom are just blatant, they will just stop and stare with their unemotional eyes and these tell a story within itself.   

I talk to them on a telepathic level. These ones I tell them that they are no good. I tell them I know what they are but they just continue to keep their stare. They always walk away, stop and turn around and stare.  They are here in all nationalities. They spoke to my wife just recently telepathically and told her that no one will believe you any way and humans are becoming out numbered. I have been told by them on a telepathic level to mind my business and to get on with my miserable life.  

Then there are the black eye ones. These are normally the best looking, the most human like. Their presence is hard to determine, if I did not pick up their energy they would fit into the crowd very easily. The most recent instance was when Stewart Swerdlow was here in Melbourne doing a seminar.  After the Sunday night session we stopped at a restaurant that I go to often. We were sitting there enjoying our meal and this couple came in and it was quite late and the restaurant was just about empty.  I did not take much notice of these two as I was trying to enjoy my time with my friend, but it started.  I had to stop eating as I felt so nauseous.   I said to Stewart, “These two are hybrids”. He said he could also feel there energy.  I felt so unwell, we were talking about it for a few minutes and I was staring at the woman.  Then just before she left she glanced over to us and all the whites of her eyes turned black. Stewart also saw this and as she walked out the door she glanced back with a smirk.

This I have seen many times out with friends.  There are so many times I have been out with people and I will tell them “We are about to have visitors”. Then they proceed and generally sit close by just to bombard us with there energy. I have friends that will not go out with me anymore as they are so scared and it spooks them that I am so aware of them and can always pick them out of the crowd. I have such strong senses to these hybrids as I feel they have no soul, and nature does not produce clones.

Then there are the ones that look like a hybrid. I believe these are the lowest form as they do not have a great deal of energy and these are the ones that whoever is in charge of producing such creatures are put into day to day society. In our rural areas we have a great deal of people that are just not right, they look strange, they have off set eyes, large ears, strange hair growth. People in society call them lower class, uneducated, but the amount of people like this is abnormal. These hybrids are here to program the young of our country, the teenagers that are easily led and may have difficulty at home. For it is these ones that work in places where the rebellious are. These lower forms are in the low wage sector, in hospitals, fast food outlets, youth centers, social security offices, legal aid, etc.  I remember one day answering a knock on the door and only to find it was two hybrids saying they were Jehovah witness and I will never forget their faces when I spoke to them telepathically.  

Australia is the original land of the Reptilian. It is this country that is hot and dry we are having less and less rainfall each year that passes. This is their agenda. We have lakes that are dry.  These lakes held millions of liters of water and are now barren waste land. We have strict laws.  Australia is the land of being honorable. Our government gives rewards for informing on your neighbors. We have created a population of civilian police.   

For me it is non stop annihilation. These hybrids can not intimidate me with there brain scanning so they use their puppets. Over the years they have sent law enforcement officers to my home and my place of business, concocting stories, putting me through court cases, and then later dropping charges as they couldn't come up with any evidence. I was raided once because I covered my television and I would tell people it is two way.  When the police came the senior Sergeant in charge of the operation, whom was a 33 degree freemason, walked over to the television and asked me was I a smart arse, so that answers it for itself.  

I am continually prosecuted for the crime of knowledge and on this charge I plead GUILTY. I refuse to stop showing people that these hybrids are everywhere. They are like a plague, they move in slowly and unnoticed and it will be too late when everyone opens their eyes or should I say their senses.  

Where I live it is very rural and there are no street lights or high rise buildings and the sky is always clear at night. The stars are bright and you can go out just about any night and the UFO'S will give you a show. When Stewart was staying here they put on a nice display for him. They know they can do what they like here and no one will take much notice. I have a friend who is closely monitored at times. He first started to notice it when a small black helicopter would follow him wherever he went. These are the size of a toy helicopter but no toy could follow you on a 100km trip. I have been followed by the same thing on many occasions. But they come in all shapes. There was a time where I was just sitting at home and I could hear a strange noise. I went outside to see what it was and I had a full size helicopter in silent mode hovering about 5 meters above my roof. This is the reason why the government ordered the eradication of asbestos in homes here in Australia, so they can use thermal imagery and monitor everyone in there home. Asbestos blocks metal detection and thermal imagery.

I was out in my shed with a friend one night, we were just talking and I felt there was something around, the dog was barking like crazy, and then hovering inside the shed was a black figure in the shape of a snake. It was about a meter in height but was not on the ground, it was dancing in mid air, just roaming around the whole area. I then heard a voice; it was my mothers’ She said very tactfully “What are you doing here?” My friend also saw this and she was very scared, it spooked her completely.  I then took my daughter into town, dropped her off and came straight back home but on the way back I noticed this car parked not to far from my home.

There was a man sitting in it. I pulled over to talk to him, he would not communicate back with me, his face was horrendous, it looked as though he had facial tissue removed and glued back on. My friend could not believe this mans face, she was horrified. She had never seen anything like this in her life. He was a shape shifter that had not been able to return to his human form properly. I feel he was the entity that split into a non physical form watching me in my shed, trying to project negative energy towards my friend and me.

I do believe that my purpose in this life is to bring the truth to as many people in society that I can.  In my 42 years of living I have experienced a great many things. The one thing that I have learned is that the hybrid breeding technology is in such fast progression. I saw this hybrid not long ago and she was beautiful. She was so powerful in her projection of power. She is one that stunned me. It is proof to me that they are getting better at looking human, alien power technology.

I have come to live with the constant 24/7 monitoring from these hybrids, and the abductions. I have been with many different people at times of these interactions so if I am crazy all those people are also. It is only 1% or less of our population that knows the truth and my purpose, no matter what, is to increase that number. I cannot emphasize the fact of this whole outcome, how strong it is in its’ programming of the population. This planet is being taken away from us right under our noses. 

I do believe that if these hybrids did not want me to know this knowledge that I am instilled with then I would not be here to talk about it. Nothing happens by chance. They are everywhere and the most common symptom that I see are people going into so called daydream mode. It is at this moment, when you drift off, that the hybrids are inserting energy into the mind pattern of the person/persons. 

Everyone is becoming more militant. Negative energy is everywhere and we are all selfish. People have no morals anymore. We are loosing love and creating hate. This is the agenda of the DRACO, they turn us all on each other and the more negativity out there the stronger their energy becomes. Once the reality of their presence is believed we can only stop helping their agenda by helping one another.

We are the ultimate consumers, greedy and ruthless. We are becoming the hybrids of the future. I personally have no faith in the future as our army is small and I live always in the present, never thinking of tomorrow. The future is too hard for me to process and build upon, as the past has been such a struggle.  

The only thing that gives me faith is the knowledge that there is a beyond. As I lay by my mothers’ side, her body only functioning by machines and when her soul finally was released by a switch, she told me in spirit that everything would be okay. Everyday that passes I ache to have her near me, her simple gestures, the only comfort that I get from her passing is her frequent visits to me. Her guidance spiritually has helped me over my bumps in the road and her knowledge that the greatest challenge gives the best rewards. As so much of my life is turbulent, the satisfaction of inner awareness is the only reward in which I seek. 

These beings need our energy to survive so it is our choice to give it to them. Each day they bombard me with energy, but a few years ago I changed my life for the better. Before this change I was ready to jump off the world. 

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