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Combatting Cult Mind Control (Steven Hassan)
Hi everybody,

Has anyone read the book by Steven Hassan "Combatting Cult Mind Control"? If yes, what were your findings? Is it a solid guide to help setting yourself free from the Expansions Cult?

Here is the link:

I think you have done a good job setting yourself free.
If you're like me at all, you had an intuitive voice inside all along sniffing out the BS, however, the subject line of mind control is very real, that is the lead in.

They do have some valid information but it crosses the line when he "sells" you Montalk, hyperspace symbols, "inside" information, off planet contacts and such, scanning you & the info he feeds you about yourself ... that stuff really begs your faith factor. 

Even the television & movies are playing HARD the ET thing, for years now!  What is it all designed to do really?  Make you powerless and overwhelmed.

Glad you are on board to getting the message out.  

The magnitude, in my view, is global.  Our world is run by psychopaths.  They are "defects" and we have what they want... our "energetics" to feed their machine, mostly via money and POWER.   Our spiritual attributes far exceed theirs. We simply have to wake up and own it... educate others.

Thank you, Sifter, for your kind and accurate words! You know, I actually did have a voice telling me to run and that all of this Expansions palaver is wrong. Of course, I was so into it that I happily overheard my own voice. It was actually when my girlfriend told me "it's either Stewart or me" that I began to realize that I would get far more out my life by simply enjoying it and living it, than to follow these loonies.

I also agree, the world is in a very poor shape and if things continue unchanged, we will certainly wake up in a fascist world dictatorship.

The solution, however is not to follow some guru, i.e. to replace one belief-system with another, but to regain consciousness. This means, to listen (to yourself). Just to listen.

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