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Conspiracy Research Library & Alien Abduction Mind Control Programming
Conspiracy Research Library by NeedleworkerSad357

This research library is a project containing around 500-600 files and 100 books (so far), including documents, leaks, write-ups and articles, rare items, interviews and transcripts, testimonies, full books, cover-ups, exposés, translations, saved pages, and more. A lot of these files and pages have been deleted from the internet, censored, or are very hard to find now. Many of the 'conspiracy' parts of the internet are slowly and purposefully being removed, so a while ago I started making backups of useful and important information. Many of these were recovered through sites like The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine and I'm constantly adding more and updating the collection. Everything is converted to a PDF file (any links in them will still work when clicked), and everything is downloadable.

Research collection here [4GB total]

The various files include information about trauma-based mind control/MKULTRA/MONARCH, intelligence agencies, government corruption and drug/human/child trafficking, secret/advanced technology, ancient world/archaeological cover-ups/hidden history, occult orders/beliefs/history/symbolism, murders/assassinations, Illuminati/cults, symbolic comms, ritual abuse, early airships, 'UFO' technology/electrogravitics, abductions, the New World Order, deep underground military bases/labs, covert operations, genetic/human experimentation, psyops/disinformation, bloodlines, 'royals', 'elite' pedophilia, secret groups/networks, and many other important topics.

Many of these subjects are related, intertwined, and tie into eachother. It's all different pieces, parts, and facets of what's actually going on. Obviously, with such a huge amount of information, not every single word of every single item is going to be the straight up truth. Some items explicitly disagree with other ones, some researchers have different opinions on some subjects, but I do try to have as minimal disinformation as possible in my research sources. Some things are still useful to have, for example I have the book 'Taken' by Karla Turner (who believed that aliens are abducting people) saved, not for her 'aliens' opinion, but for finding other small details to combine or corroborate with other information. As always, discernment is key.

If anyone has suggestions for anything to add, let me know and I'll check it out. I hope this helps people in their research. Save it, share it, download it.

One note: On some browsers the subfolders in 'Articles/Pages/Documents' are not showing up at first (there should be 12 subfolders at the top). To fix this, just scroll to the very bottom (through all of the articles), and then back up to the top of the page and they should appear.

'Alien Abduction' Mind Control Programming (self.conspiracy)

submitted 8 months ago * by NeedleworkerSad357

This post is an overview of 'alien' abductions. As with my other posts, I highly encourage you to research further yourself. A basic knowledge of how mind control (MKULTRA/MONARCH) works (programming, alters, etc.) is necessary to understand this post (some basic starting information here, here, and here). This is split into a 3-part post, they are quote-heavy for the character limit. All citations, sources, and links are at the end of the third post.

'Alien abductions' are a cover for mind control. They are a continuation of covert mind control programming operations. The technology is real (advanced 'antigravity' crafts, implants, brain altering devices, etc.), the pain and torture is real, it's the alien part that is not. 'Aliens' are utilized as cover/screen memories. The scope of these programs is massive, and equaled by the huge amount of disinformation about 'aliens' that they push out to confuse. When you examine this from the mind control angle, with knowledge of the timeline, what they're doing, and have been doing, you can see the perfect correlations and exact parallels between these abductions and the known facts of mind control programming. Many victims/researchers realize that some kind of mind control and hypnotic techniques are being used, but mistakenly attribute it to 'aliens'. It's this part that many get stuck on. Aliens are the mask that's used.

"Among ufologists, the term 'abduction' has come to refer to an infinitely-confounding experience, or matrix of experiences, shared by a dizzying number of individuals, who claim that travellers from the stars have scooped them out of their beds, or snatched them from their cars, and subjected them to interrogations, quasi-medical examinations, and 'instruction' periods. Usually, these sessions are said to occur within alien spacecraft; frequently, the stories include terrifying details reminiscent of the tortures inflicted in Germany’s death camps. The abductees often (though not always) lose all memory of these events; they find themselves back in their cars or beds, unable to account for hours of 'missing time.' Hypnosis, or some other trigger, can bring back these haunted hours in an explosion of recollection — and as the smoke clears, an abductee will often spot a trail of similar experiences, stretching all the way back to childhood."

    Martin Cannon [14]

"Denise Meyer, told us that small children in Nebraska, ages 4 and 5 were beginning to report 'alien' encounters to their therapists. 'The kids are describing little green men that fit the description of the 'grays'. They also are describing green UFOs. It appears these are screen memories, used to block the memories of something else.' Meyer said."

    Walter Bowart [1]

"Aliens perform extremely painful experiments or procedures on abductees, saying that these acts are necessary but give no explanation why. Painful genital and anal probes are performed, on children as well as adults."

    Karla Turner [25]

"Electronic Dissolution of Memory (EDOM) was perfected by the CIA in 1960. The first 'alien' abduction, the Hill case, occurred a year later. Once the intelligence sector had the means of pulling off the perfect crime - by erasing short-term memories - the abductions could take place without fear of exposure. 'Hypnotic reconstructive surgery' swapped the desired cover story for the victim's recollection of illicit medical experimentation."

    Alex Constantine [15]

"They're not alien abductions. They're the results of a tremendously successful and very sophisticated mind control operation, all of which has been in development since, well they started working on those kinds of things since before World War II, but they have perfected them. But that's what it is. It's not extraterrestrials coming down. The human body cannot pass through walls or roofs or through windows that are closed. This is all the product of the imagination and people's willingness to believe something because they want it to be true."

    Bill Cooper [20]

"...UFO abductions are in fact the operation of secret mind control research, their terrestrial origins concealed through the use of advanced craft, with experimentation on unwitting subjects masked through hypnosis, RHIC-EDOM memory erasure corresponding to the familiar abductee experience of 'missing time', or other means of mind control. What better way to conceal secret technology and human experimentation than to wrap the events in extraterrestrial trappings — perhaps using hallucinogens, alien masks, electronic effects, unusual craft, and even computerized 'virtual reality' technology — and to keep issuing statements insisting that 'alien abduction' is the product of someone’s crazed imagination?"

    Jim Keith [37]

"The slaves are taken to rooms where examining tables with white sheets and X-ray machines, headgear, and medical equipment is in place. (The alien equipment has gotten more high-tech over the last 40 years. The aliens wear suits that are full of occult symbology. The people are restrained with clamps and electrical shock and energy is used on them. They are told that they are receiving information. They are given tracking implants and other implants."

    Fritz Springmeier [8]

"I am aware that people have memories of encounters with aliens. I do have memories of meeting 'aliens', being abducted by them, being invited to visit them, and so on. However, these memories have always eventually been revealed to be staged trickery: studios that were the ‘alien spaceships’ and the aliens I encountered were cult members dressed in costumes. In my programming, these alien memories were installed as a smokescreens or distractions to ‘real’ cult memories, i.e., if presenters started to have any cult-related memories that they did not immediately deny or forget, they were then supposed to attribute the memories to 'alien activity'."

    Svali [39]

Many victims recover these memories after undergoing regressive hypnosis. The programmers know this, and the true events are deeper, under the implanted 'alien' hypnotic memory layer. The regressive hypnosis used by victims actually further cements the false recollection of being taken by aliens.

'Black ops' soldiers/Delta slaves are also subjected to these fake memories to cover up actual missions and operations, in case they begin to remember.

"...That same month, I'd also given my first public interview with CKLN (a Candian radio station) as part of it's series about mind control. During the interview, I unwittingly provided information about implanted 'alien' screen memories that unfortunately still seemed as real as my legitimate op memories."

    Kathleen Sullivan [23]

The 'UFO' crafts exist (see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here). Different groups possess advanced 'antigravity' crafts, some being derived from Nikola Tesla's stolen work (he was murdered by Otto Skorzeny, see here and here). Much of the technology, top Nazi scientists/mind control programmers, and their files came to the U.S. (and other countries) via Paperclip, ratlines, and other means.

"Prince Philip had personally organised the ratlines for his Nazi pals to escape Europe during the last years of WWII. Of particular interest, were the Nazi scientists whom he arranged ‘safe passage’ for, to the USA."

    Ex MI6 [26]

"So what happened to Martin Bormann between his escape from the Bunker in 1945 and his resurrection under the cloth of the Church in 1948 Argentina? From my memories he was safely tucked in the arms of the Jesuits in sunny California. How did he get there? The same way much of the booty looted after the war got to the Americas, by U-boat. I was witness to where the U-boats landed on the rocky coastline, just down the road from Manhattan Beach and American Martyrs Catholic Church. Not just Nazis made it onto our shores just after the war, but also technology. Advanced German flying machines were unloaded in crates to be reassembled in the Mojave Desert and used in the UFO hoax. The U-boat drop was on the coastline on the Palos Verdes Peninsula, just under an area of land later occupied by the oceanarium 'Marineland of the Pacific.' The area between the Palos Verdes Peninsula and Santa Catalina Island is a big UFO hotspot. Lots of activity appears to be going on in the ocean, including speculation of an underwater UFO base. I wonder if those 'UFOs' might be doing a little drug running, perhaps up from South America? Arms running may also have been going on. Other items smuggled from U-boat to shore included snuff films to be used in mind control and Nazi indoctrination. The secret societies and the Nazis filmed everything. I knew the Nazis, their wealth of technology and contraband washed up out of the sea. I remember one cold night sitting high of a cliff, shaking and afraid to look down. Below, a U-boat was dropping its load on to the shores of the cove where it was hidden. It was a sharp drop and I was afraid of heights, so I just sat frozen. I think I was being used as a decoy in case strangers came by, Mrs. Hildebrand could divert their attention by having them rescue her child from the cliff."

    Mauri [4]

"What they call UFOs, these crafts that fly around the sky, are real but they're not piloted by some little green guy from some other planet. They're owned and operated by the United States of America for one, the Soviet Union for another, probably Great Britian and Canada too...the technology is real. It's been kept secret, it's been used to promote this concept that there's an alien threat to this earth."

    Bill Cooper [20]

"I know that the CIA employees were programmed to believe in such alien forces in order to mask their uber programmers - these operatives were indoctrinated - made to foster this 'alien agenda' belief system and to pass it on. The Nazis were creating aircraft that looked like flying saucers. If any retired CIA official decided to talk about all of this - after the documents had been declassified 'memory modification' would kick in i.e. the unwitting mind control victim would add fanciful stuff about the 'alien agenda' to confuse the issue. I know that there were Illuminati/Nazi designs of aircraft, of the 'flying saucer' variety - but they were not built or flown by 'aliens'."

    Ex MI6 [26]

"Wayne Morris (interviewing Kathleen Sullivan): 'Do you have any indication of U.S. government or German government use of UFO technology...that they have developed craft?'"

"KS: 'I was exposed to some of that. I saw at least one UFO for sure. It was in a garage, a large room where there was a door where the thing could go out into the open. It wasn't touching the ground. It was an amazing thing. It had a fantastic looking metal to it...I was absolutely fascinated by it. I have been told that they started out by using these craft, which they said were created by the some of the German scientists. They will talk about V2's on Discovery channel, but they will never ever bring up this end of it...what they had as far as technology and brought it over with them. I think NASA is the biggest cover for this stuff. I understand that there is a base in the Himalayas as well, and that there are some facilities under oceans where some of the stuff is also stored, way, way out of detection areas. They do seem to be able to go down in deep, deep areas of water including one place near Hawaii. But they supposedly started out, or so I have been told by a number of people, using magnetic grids they called it, I don't understand that kind of technology...'"

"WM: 'The earth itself has a large electromagnetic grid field around it, and it is my understanding that they have used that kind of energy somehow in conjunction with creating these craft...'"

"KS: 'You say it better than I could, all I know is they talked about it and again, Dad bragged about that too. I have also heard that nowadays they don't use that particular kind of technology any more.'"

    Kathleen Sullivan [2]

"A fleet of UFOs with NASA stamped on their shell were stored on an underground conveyor belt system at Pine Gap."

    Fiona Barnett [33]

Full-scale fake 'UFO' setups are also used for programming these alien abduction scenarios into the abductee's mind.

"Another thing I have run across and have been able to verify for another survivor at Dallas at a hospital there, was that they also have a place near Dallas where they have an actual full-size UFO in a very large room that also has the same type of hydraulic system beneath it, and the survivor would be taken into the UFO. They would see people that looked like aliens. Certain things would be done to them and they would think that they had just been abducted by aliens in a UFO."

    Kathleen Sullivan [2]

"Colorado Springs, CO — The ALEX system programming and end-times military programming is coming out of Colorado Springs and is connected to NORAD. One of the Colorado sites is doing alien programming with mock UFOs."

    Fritz Springmeier [9]

"Some mind-control victims have even reported being put in full-scale, fake UFO’s that were sometimes moved up and down by hydraulics. In the fake UFO’s, drugged, tranced victims met humans dressed in 'alien' costumes. Later, because of the effects of forcibly administered drugs and Ericksonian hypnosis, the remembering victims weren’t able to differentiate between preceding, legitimate events and the subsequent acted-out UFO scenarios. They also were not able to recognize that the 'alien abductors' were really human. Although some survivors are convinced that their abductors were aliens because they remember them as having been unnaturally tall, changing the perceived size of perpetrators in the minds of victims can easily be accomplished through hypnosis. For example, due to 'Gulliver programming,' I initially remembered some of my persecutors as being several inches tall!"

    Kathleen Sullivan [23]

"Satanic activities, Bonacci said, were also a frequent part of the Monarch programming. The Satanic and Alien programs took place 'almost always on military ground.' Bonacci said. 'The alien stuff happened in Colorado, up in the mountains, I think they did it mostly where there was hardly any chance that there would be a lot of people around.' He described some of the alien programming as taking place in caves underground. 'They took you in the caves which they had set up. Some of them had an alien space ship so you would go into it."

    Paul Bonacci [24]

"On another occasion, I was escorted by Henry Kissinger into a large, warehouse-sized room that was set up to look like the inside of a big UFO. We entered the room through a shower-sized entrance that was walled on both ends by shimmery, soft strands of a silver metallic substance. A number of tall adults in the fake UFO wore what were clearly 'alien' costumes. He bragged to me that others like me were brought to that specific facility to be given UFO/Alien abduction programming. Because I was not hypnotized to believe that it was the inside of a UFO, and because he seemed to need to brag to somebody about how clever they were, I never forgot that it was a fake set-up. I now believe that these kinds of fake memories were created in the minds of controlled slaves to discredit them. I believe that the fake memories were also installed to block out the survivors’ memories of real perpetrators and real events."

    Kathleen Sullivan [32]

Those behind these abductions are the same people and groups that are behind the trauma-based mind control programs. Intelligence agencies and the military, who at the top are run by Illuminati, Nazi groups, and Jesuits. They are the 'aliens'.

"There are an increasing number of 'alien abductees' who are remembering seeing U.S. military personnel during their so-called alien abductions. The abductees are being taken to U.S. Military bases. The reason that the number of people who are connecting the government with the aliens is increasing is 1. More people are receiving mind-control programming, therefore there are more people for which the cover stories and electroshock fail to totally hide what has happened, 2. Better therapeutic methods are helping mind-control victims recover their memories better, 3. There have been a rising number of people like this author exposing it. Karla Turner, who was a victim of mind-control and abductions, began catching on that the abductions were being done by our government. When she began to publicly expose what the government was doing, the government murdered her. (She joins a growing number of people this author has seen die prematurely because they were publicly exposing the truth.) Alien abduction victims have been reporting human black helicopter activity harassment since the 1970’s. (Perhaps as the Vietnam War wound down & ended, the U.S. government had a surplus of helicopters and delegated some to task forces that picked up mind-control victims in remote sites.) An example from this time period of an alien abduction also involving helicopters is the Betty Andreasson/Luca abduction. A number of victims have remembered the helicopters coming around the time of their abduction. When bright lights are shined into their houses or into their cars these victims of trauma-based mind-control are programmed to see the helicopter’s spotlight as a UFO (as the NWO does have flying saucers, sometimes the real thing is used). Beth Collins of Oregon reports in her book 'Connections - Solving Our Alien Abduction Mystery' about how helicopters were involved with her abduction experiences. She lives in an area that is a hot-bed for covert CIA activities. In her book, she provides a transcript of memories of military personnel being the guilty party in an abduction."

    Fritz Springmeier [9]

"The abductees have been abducted. Yet they are also spewing fantasy — or, more precisely, they have been given a set of lies to repeat and believe. If my hypothesis proves true, then we must accept the following: The kidnapping is real. The fear is real. The pain is real. The instruction is real. But the little gray men from Zeti Reticuli are not real: they are constructs, Halloween masks meant to disguise the real faces of the controllers. The abductors may not be visitors from Beyond; rather, they may be a symptom of the carcinoma which blackens our body politic...'"

    Martin Cannon [14]

"'Substantial evidence exists,' Martin Cannon writes, 'linking members of this country's intelligence community (including the Central Intelligence Agency, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, and the Office of Naval Intelligence) with the esoteric technology of mind control. For decades, 'spy-chiatrists' working behind the scenes — on college campuses, in CIA-sponsored institutes, and in prisons - have experimented with the erasure of memory, hypnotic resistance to torture, truth serums, post-hypnotic suggestion, rapid induction of hypnosis, electronic stimulation of the brain, non-ionizing radiation, microwave induction of intracerebral 'voices' and a host of even more disturbing technologies...' Cannon agrees with CIA veteran Miles Copeland who once admitted to Robert Eringer of Rolling Stone: The congressional subcommittee which went into this sort of thing got only the barest glimpse. Cannon argues that much of the testimony before Congress on the CIA's 'brainwashing' efforts was perjury. He says the clandestine research into thought manipulation was not stopped but went operational and, he asserts, any claims to the contrary are cover stories. He presents evidence that a number of government agencies, CIA, NASA Atomic Energy Commission as well as a variety of agencies of the Department of Defense are all involved in research and operations to this day, and that the UFO abduction phenomenon, at least in part, is quite likely a continuation of the clandestine mind control operations."

    Walter Bowart [1]

"Military abductions — using 'aliens' as a screen memory to cover their actions. I’ve come across talk of an increase in rogue military units abducting people, programming/abusing them, then using alien screens to mask the activity. If the military black ops want to snag you but they don’t want you to remember anything that might incriminate them, then using an alien screen is perfect cover. Some people actually enjoy the idea of being taken by aliens, and so if they believe they’re being taken by the Grays, then they may willingly allow it to happen again and again and put up no resistance to being abducted...not realizing of course, that they’re actually being taken and programmed by humans. For others it’s the exact opposite - the idea of coming forward and admitting to anybody that they were possibly taken by 'space aliens' is so humiliating and unacceptable that they will just keep quiet. It’s 'alien screen memories as built in no-talk insurance.'"

    Carissa Conti [21]

"Lincoln S&L conspiracy witness, Paul Bonacci, testified to a number of code names for different programs. Some names matched those given by other victims who did not know Bonacci. There was 'Wizard of Oz' and 'Alice in Wonderland'. One project was code-named 'Alien'. Bonacci said 'the alien program which they used...Alien was mainly under Star Wars...' (This would fit with Aquino's reported penchant to dress up like Darth Vader and it would be consistent with his frustrated literary urge to extend the Star Wars trilogy. Bonacci positively identified Aquino as one of his programmers.)"

    Walter Bowart [1]

"In a recent article 'Alien-Human Interactions: the Facts and Propaganda' by Karla Turner, she points out that many alien abductees (like herself) are 'monitored and harassed by human agents of some sort and the cases of phone and mail surveillance are only part of the story'...'He was compelled by some post-hypnotic suggestion'...'There is strong external evidence that these events have been carried out by strictly human agents and not by aliens giving the illusion of a military presence.' She goes on to explain about the implants, wires & tubes that are put in victims of 'alien abductions'. Karla Turner doesn’t know that she is a victim of trauma-based mind control, but she’s getting close to understanding what she has been subjected to."

    Fritz Springmeier [8]

"The disclosures of Paul Bonacci, which jibe with reports of MPD professionals in other cases, point to several peculiar artificially induced memories common to many Monarch victimized children. Chaitkin said that a number of the victims were recovering memories of tormenters dressed as space aliens, or Mickey Mouse, or in Wizard of Oz costumes. Bonacci told the story of the teenaged concentration camp inmate allegedly named Greenbaum, who had participated with the Nazis, to save himself, came to the United States under Project Paperclip, the secret and illegal importation of Nazi war criminals by the U.S. intelligence agencies. Known later as 'Dr. Green', Bonacci said he became a high-level mind controller, and, according to Bonacci is widely represented today in mind control programs which have a distinctive magic theme."

"Precise details of all these horrors lie deeply buried in national security archives, perhaps. But this history, as told to psychiatrists, dovetails with what is definitively known about Anglo-American intelligence operations and the German Nazis. The killers in the Nazi camps were themselves trained and organized by psychiatrists and eugenicists, operating from the 'T4' bureau. These psychiatrists had long been the pets of white supremacist British and American financier networks."

"Boehm to Bonacci: 'So aside from Aquino... did you see some...wherever you were with these Monarch activities — did you see some of those people who were at the Satanic activities too?' 'Some of them yes,' Bonacci said. 'The adults were wearing military uniforms when they were training us and so were we. They kept everything at the base, but during most of the training we wore regular street clothes when we went through the 'alien' programming (we wore street clothes). The reason that anybody could come out of Monarch (alive) was because they all would be talking about little green men.' Bonacci said that there were two groups of Project Monarch slaves. 'Some were put into society,' Bonacci said. 'They were the ones that went into entertainment, and a lot of them were used for transporting drugs...they used the entertainment industry because they could input their messages for the future.'"

    Walter Bowart [1]

"If you still have serious doubts that mind control could be part of Project Alien (or some such named activity), take a look at this letter from Walter B. Smith, the Director of the CIA. Declassified on 20 April, 1977 the letter is thought to have been written in 1952:"


MEMORANDUM TO: Director, Psychological Strategy Board SUBJECT: Flying Saucers

1. I am today transmitting to the National Security Council a proposal (TAB A) in which it is concluded that the problems connected with unidentified flying objects appear to have implications for psychological warfare as well as for intelligence and operations.

2. The background for this view is presented in some detail in TAB B.

3. I suggest that we discuss at an early board meeting the possible offensive or defensive utilization of these phenomena for psychological warfare purposes.

Enclosure Walter B. Smith


"Of course TAB A and TAB B could not be found. So much for the value of the Freedom of Information Act. Many of the survivors of Project Monarch are remembering alien scenarios, while 'ordinary folks' are those reporting their abductions. The thing they both have in common is the amnesia they experienced for so many years after the event. Without question, most of the effects described by the abductees can be duplicated by mind control 'handlers'."

    Walter Bowart [1]

"The typical elements — these include UFO sightings; missing time as a child; missing time as an adult; various physical exams, fetus-retrieval and baby presentation; consciousness of an encounter; virtual-reality events; sexual activities; training and instruction sessions; implants; telepathic communications; and the extension of alien involvement into lives of other family members. The data indicates, then, that the phenomenon is not imaginary or self-generated, that it is linked to the UFO sightings, that it involves a generational interest on the part of the aliens, and that contact can be made by remote means."

    Karla Turner [28]

There is a reason the same reoccurring themes in alien abductions overlap almost exactly with those of mind control victims: they are one and the same. The common parallels are: missing time, missing pregnancies, it starting at a young age, it being intergenerational/'running in the family', being from military/intelligence families, implants, being taken to underground bases, and given messages.

"These two topics — UFO abductions and mind control — have more in common than their mutual ostracization. The data overlap. If we could chart these phenomena on a Venn diagram, we would see a surprisingly large intersection between the two circles of information."

    Martin Cannon [14]

The appendix of Walter Bowart's Operation Mind Control has 11 tables charted (pictures here) of the overlap between alien abductions and ritual abuse from survivor data.

"There was a serious study about alien aspects done at MIT and one of the papers in here talks about - they found out that the so-called abductee community was highly dissociative. So the same thing you find in ritual abuse, you find in mind control, you find in alien abductees. And of course, for the first time now, people are beginning to say 'Yeah, I do remember there was a government guy standing around with those little grey things'. And of course how many survivors have been asked not to talk about their 'alien experiences'? About three years ago I asked that question, and just about everyone I could identify as a survivor raised their hand."

    Walter Bowart [29]

"It is obvious that for various reasons (including the goals set down in the secret Iron Mountain government report), the government (including cooperating agencies like NASA) decided to use an alien abduction theme rather than a Satanic Ritual Abuse theme to their mind-control programming. The major differences in the programming methodology is that the blood rituals of the SRA are no longer used. The reason why blood rituals are no longer needed is that the high-tech harmonic machines (which implant thoughts) and other high-tech methods eliminate the need for the blood traumas. The victims of alien abductions are taken at random, where the Illuminati victims are abducted more frequently around ritual dates. The person who believes in UFOs and aliens is going to receive the same type of treatment as those who believe in Satanic Ritual Abuse. The legal system and society at large are conditioned to treat them as nuts. This protects their abusers."

    Fritz Springmeier [8]

"One part of a person suffering from DID told their therapist all the lurid and traumatic incidents of ritual abuse involving sadistic sex, terror and degradation as a child in the hands of a satanic cult. Another part of the same person told the therapist about being abducted aboard a UFO. In a child's voice the patient told the therapist all the usual things abductees say, there were no light bulbs on the ship, but the room was well lit. The aliens had big heads and big black pupil-less eyes. They spoke 'telepathically' without moving their lips and told her that 'humans will not be allowed out of their play pen because they don't know how to play with other children.'"

    Walter Bowart [1]

"Cannon posits that government saucers account for the countless sightings and abductions reported around the world. Screen memories explain the bug-eyed monsters. “A spectre haunts the democratic nations — the spectre of technofascism. All the powers of the espionage empire and the scientific establishment have entered into an unholy alliance,” Cannon says, 'psychiatrist and spy...microwave specialists and clandestine operators.' And then there are the cults. Between ritual molestation and 'alien' abductions, there is this common connection."

    Alex Constantine [15]

"Dr. Richard Boylan has written extensively about E.T. encounters, and has found five common features of people predominately involved in UFO/alien sightings and abductions:"

- Individuals possessing a high degree of psychic ability.

- Similar phenomenon occuring with other family members (multi or trans-generational).

- Native Americans and/or indigenous peoples.

- Children who have been subjected to severe abuse or trauma.

- Individuals and/or family members affiliated to government and/or military intelligence agencies or departments.

"In conjunction, a strong relationship exists between occultic ritual sites, top secret military installations, and UFO/alien sightings and abductions."

    Ron Patton [27]

"I know the UFO phenomenon is associated with satanic cults, and post WWII Nazis. I know what function the greys played. They controlled the secret society’s members...The next connection I can make about this secret society is that they were into the indoctrination of children at pre-schools, because the cult I was in was associated with the McMartin case in Manhattan Beach, California. They were also associated with the MKUltra project through TRW, the government spy analysis center. This one group has connections to UFO’s, Nazis, MKUltra-like government projects, ritual abuse at pre-schools and crime on the streets...Who is behind this? I like to call them the cult behind the cults. It’s not the U.S. Government; these cults are world wide, and old. It’s not the world bankers, because the fingers keep pointing in their direction; and this is an ideological movement. Look at what is predicted to follow Armageddon, peace! Peace under a New World Order comes next. I personally look in the direction of the Vatican."

    Mauri [4]

The same organization (False Memory Syndrome Foundation) that was founded by abusers to discredit and suppress the countless survivors of ritual abuse/trauma-based mind control was used to cover up these 'alien abductions'.

"Just as the legions of abused children (now grown to adulthood) were beginning to remember satanic abuse, (the ranks of diagnosed cases of Multiple Personality Disorder had reached 25,000 in the U.S.) and Harvard University's Dr. John Mack was enjoying celebrity as the author of a book on alien abductions, and about twenty percent of those diagnosed as suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) were being discovered to have military or intelligence backgrounds, a 'robust and adroit' public relations effort was mounted against those who were beginning to remember all sorts of details which related to their abuse as children. Groups were quickly formed to debunk such 'nonsense'. One was spearheaded by a woman who was herself named by her daughter as a child abuser. Her name was Pamela Freyd and her organization was the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF) which sprang suddenly up from nowhere. Other board members of the FMSF are useful for adding 'spin' to the reports of 'alien' abduction. Persinger (see here) has come up with a number of theories over the years which serve to explain away the 'alien' phenomenon as a 'natural' occurrence. One of his latest theories is that thousands of close encounters experiencers (abductees) were suffering from an exceedingly rare temporal lobe disorder which caused them to hallucinate the exact same things."

    Walter Bowart [1]

"The fact is that the wave of ritual child abuse allegations that swept the country in the 1980s cloaked federal psychotronic and eugenics experiments on young children. As one adult survivor of psychotronic mind control concludes, 'covert arms of government...have coined the term ‘screen memories’ to describe the obfuscational memories impressed by the abusers themselves.' The so-called 'False Memory Syndrome', he says, 'is a scapegoat created by a consortium of federal ‘spin doctors’ bent on negating the believability and viability of the more than 12,000 unwitting citizens who have been on the receiving end of this technology.' The CIA and military establishment 'must at all costs disguise their abuse in order to continue experimentation with psychotronics', he argues. The 'false memory' bromide has been popularized largely by organized pedophiles, cultists and hired guns of psychiatry. It has been adopted as the status quo position of the press. But the cover story originated with the CIA’s mind control netherworld. 'Nazi-inspired scientists', the survivor says, 'perform medical tests during the abuse event, such as implantation of biotelemetric tracking devices into nasal cavities and ear canals.' The brain transmitters can be tracked by Global Positioning System satellites. The subject therefore cannot hope to escape the mind control network. Screen memories of abuse, created by hypnotic or psychotronic visualization, a 'novelty effect', are offered by Martin Cannon as a probable explanation for the weirdness surrounding most 'alien' abductions. Again the government, shielded by an unbelievable cover story, escapes detection. EM technology (and testing on humans) remains classified. No doubt, UFOs exist and have traumatized thousands of 'contactees' — the military has been building them since the 1940s."

    Alex Constantine [15]

One of the common themes is abductions being generational ('running in families'), which mirrors trauma-based mind control. Notice the high number of abductees coming from military, intelligence, or cult-connected families (the same people constantly using mind control), just as with mind control/ritual abuse victims. Parents are programmed to abuse and mind-split their own children, and offer them to the group/agency to do so. The ability to easily dissociate (required for mind control) becomes ingrained into a families genetics (hence the CIA 'aquiring' multigenerational incest abused children with Multiple Personality Disorder for their genetic mind control studies/MONARCH). The same family line may also be targetted for their genetics.

"This is one of the most important links in my opinion. In particular people seem to get on the radar when they’re the offspring of those who work for military intelligence. Time and again you’ll find that so many abductees/mind control targets have/had parents (usually fathers), in the military, and often times working in the capacity of national security and intelligence. Air Force, Army and Naval intelligence, NASA and NSA. My own father was Navy tech personnel, reporting to the NSA for intelligence during Vietnam."

    Carissa Conti [21]

Another parallel is abductions occuring since a young age. The minds of mind control victims are purposely shattered with trauma at a very young age to split their core personality. Abductees almost always recall reoccuring abductions throughout their life, this is them being taken and further programmed periodically.

"Many of the women had alien communications very early in their lives. Amy had messages and ideas impressed into her mind from as young as four, and like Polly she felt the impact of these influences in her early teen years. She also felt that the aliens implanted or stored information within the subconscious, in 'packets' of knowledge, reminiscent of the 'pockets' of knowledge the aliens told me I possessed in 1980."

    Karla Turner [28]]

'Missing time' is often reported.

"EDOM (Electronic Dissolution of Memory) is nothing more than 'missing time' itself — the erasure of memory from consciousness through the blockage of synaptic transmission in certain areas of the brain. By jamming the brain’s synapses through a surfeit of acetylcholine, neural transmission along selected pathways can be effectively stilled. According to the proponents of RHIC-EDOM, acetylcholine production can be affected by electromagnetic means. (Modern research in the psycho-physiological effects of microwaves confirm this proposition.)"

    Martin Cannon [14]

"Paralysis can be induced in the target by use of this method of broadcasting preparatory sets encoded on microwave beams. A pulse modulated microwave beam, carrying an ELF signal, which is identical to the one in the motor neurone centre of the brain, is used to jam the victims motor coordination. This is analogous to radar jamming, using a more powerful signal at the same frequency to swamp out the enemies radar. Motor neurone preparatory set potentials are jammed by a bigger signal carried by a microwave carrier beam, that literally overloads the brain, so it cannot control the body. Pulse modulated microwave weapons which broadcast the ELF preparatory sets of the motor cortext of the victim, will paralyse the victim without killing them. This technique can be used to abduct people for secret government mind control experiments, under the guise of alien abduction. A microwave beam of this nature will paralyse the victim, so they can be bundled into a black helicopter and airlifted away for experimentation. Once the procedure is complete, hypnosis can be used to plant false memories of alien abduction. In this way, alien abductions can be used by the authorities to enable them to obtain a limitless supply of guinea pigs for their mind control experiments. Real memories of government involvement are erased electronically. This technique clears all short-term memories from the victim's consciousness by broadcasting microwave beams at the target which carry the signals used for memory retention. When you remember something, it is first stored in your short-term memory. After approximately twelve hours, this short-term memory is converted in the brain to long term memory, after which you remember this information for the rest of your life. If this conversion from short-term memory to long term memory does not occur, the data is lost. Microwave radiation of a specific frequency can interfere with the transfer of memories from short to long term memory. By interfering with the connections between brain cells, memory can be disrupted. In this way, special force assassins can be brain-wiped after a mission, so they have no idea of the target they killed. Using hypnosis, false memories can then be planted in the brain, so the gap left by the real memory is papered over."

    Tim Rifat [36]

Abductee, researcher, and mind control victim Karla Turner notes another important point.

"Aliens can take us — our consciousness — out of our physical bodies, disable our control of our bodies, install one of their own entities, and use our bodies as vehicles for their own activities before returning our consciousness to our bodies.

    Karla Turner [25]

This is very important, it's exactly how mind control works. Mind control victims have MPD/DID. There are many programmed alter personalities (unaware of eachother), that can 'come and go' or be triggered to the 'front' of the person. She is unwittingly describing the switching of alters. Their 'front' or 'main' alter perceives this as their body and consciousness being 'used and then returned' (this can also correlate with missing time).

Implanted screen memories, high-tech EM machines, holograms, VR headsets, drugs, hypnotic suggestion, and more are all being used in alien programming.

"There are numerous scripts for the Alien programming. Recent novels and Hollywood movies provide a non-ending pool of programming resources for the Programmers. Visual reality headgear and other high-tech methods can easily be incorporated into an alien abduction theme."

    Fritz Springmeier [8]

"The 'Alien' Invasion — a very active cover story for the development of mind control technology. Supposedly (as those weird syndicated UFO television programs keep reminding us) alien scientists have voyaged millions of light years to place CIA implants in the bodies of human subjects. This incredible cover story is widely believed—yet most 'skeptics' scoff at the notion that human scientists might want to do the same thing. The aliens have been pounded into the heads of the American consumer by a slue of books penned by military intelligence officers. It would be just as easy to hypnotically implant a screen memory in a victim’s mind of the helicopter being a UFO."

    Alex Constantine [14]

"One of the methods that were used extensively to trick my mind, even when I was an adult, was Eriksonian hypnosis. It worked well because I was almost always in a trance state anyway. It was very easy for a person, skilled in hypnotism, to say certain words or phrases to me that influenced me to fully believe that, for example, a helicopter that was about to land in front of us was a UFO, and its pilots were aliens from Uranus. However, as I have remembered such experiences, I have remembered that even though I BELIEVED the vehicle was a UFO, I actually saw a military copter."

    Kathleen Sullivan [32]

"Five women described awaking at times and feeling as if they'd been 'beaten', to use Anita's term. And five said they had episodes in which a blinding light seemed to explode in their minds."

    Karla Turner [28]

"Alien programming by NWO (also involves Peter Pan programming): 'RIDE THE LIGHT' - Peter Pan programming meaning to go into hypnotic induction attached to a light that is seen when given a high voltage shock. This is given to make experiences seem like in another dimension."

    Fritz Springmeier [8]

"Blue beams of light are used as a hypnotic induction for slaves who are given the cover story of being abducted by aliens."

    Fritz Springmeier [9]

"They (CIA) tried to program me to believe in aliens. I went out to my living room in my house as a teenager, and like the ET movie where the child is sucked out the door, I'm looking out my window and this craft lands and then theres this blast of air that knocks me backwards, and then the door swings open and its sucking on me now. And while this is happening I realize that I'm in a sitting position and I'm restrained...even while all this is going on, I realize I'm restrained in a sitting position and I started screaming 'this is not real, this is not real', and suddenly everything stopped, the door opened behind me and I'm sitting in an Apache helicopter seat, looking at a huge screen with wind turbines on either side of it...this is happening at the military base where they train these helicopter pilots. A flight simulator, just adjusted. They went into my house, they filmed through my window, created this craft, and they did the wind on me and the suction to make me believe it was aliens coming to get me. Dr. Green, my programmer, walks in behind me and sticks a hypodermic needle into my arm."

    Cheryl Beck [30]

"In the last 20 years, tens of thousands of children are getting 'Pleiadian' programming. There are tens of thousands of children with programming that can be activated to make them think they were raised on Alcyone in the Pleiades."

    Fritz Springmeier [9]

"Masers, not lasers, are the hidden thrust of 'Star Wars' (SDI). The weapon is an extremely sophisticated mind and body machine capable of thought transfer, manipulation of emotions and muscle control. Images, even dreams, can be beamed to the subject. A human or cybernetic controller can carry on a conversation telepathically, and at the same time instill physical sensations, subliminal commands, emotions and visual and aural hallucinations. Computerized EM devices that talk and transmit images to the brain were current when Reagan delivered his first SDI pitch in 1983. Harlan Girard, in his NATO address on emergent technologies eight years later, said: 'Experiments had produced some communications equipment that far exceeded the ability to broadcast defeat into the minds of the enemy,' an objective of DoD brass. 'It is not only capable of producing auditory hallucinations, but visual hallucinations as well.' 'Is it possible,' asks John Lambros, a prisoner at Leavenworth and mind control experimentee, 'that the particle beam intended for enemy missiles alone might now be intended for human minds?' The electronic battlefield has been armed for some time. GTE has had an electronic weapons division since the 1950s, then headed by William Perry, Clinton’s secretary of defense. And in the 1960s executives of Honeywell, the Franco-American computer firm (and Star Wars contractor), told author Lincoln Lawrence that the company was experimenting with machines that 'penetrate a man’s mind and control his brain waves over long distance.' The Microwave Mafia often rely on the implantation of miniaturized radio receivers. The technique is known as intra-cerebral control and uses radio or ultra-sound. It was developed by the CIA’s MKDRACO and HATTER brain telemetry projects. The implantation of a micro-receiver in the frontal or temporal lobes by trained teams of operatives is done with an 'encaphalator,' usually through the sinuses of a drugged subject. But the current state of the art in Radio-Hypnotic Intracerebral Control (RHIC) depends upon 'Personal Radio and Electromagnetic Frequency Allocation,' or PREMA, a frequency unique to the subject’s brain. A 'reading wand' is hidden near the victim, who is scanned by an instrument smaller than a briefcase. Once the 'Freq' is determined, the brain becomes a link in a cybernetic system, and the subject (or a group) can communicate, be surveilled, guided, manipulated, harassed or controlled from afar. The mind-invasive technology lurking behind the Star Wars cover story became the fascination of Brian Wronge, a victim of prison experiments in New York state. Wronge claims that the mind control fraternity has developed a 'gallium scan' to map electrical activity of the brain, and in concert with a transmitter linked to the nervous system, beam radio-biological signals to an analog computer or satellite."

    Alex Constantine [15]

"At the NASA facilities, they had some incredibly unusual programming that they did to some of us. I had one experience at age fifteen, I was taken to Goddard, which is a NASA facility outside of D.C. One of the things they seemed to like to do is dress up just like they are in Star Trek...they actually wear Star Trek uniforms with the Enterprise logo on them. Sometimes they would hypnotize me to think they were Dr. Spock, Bones, Captain Kirk, so I could not remember what their faces really looked like. One of the things they did at Goddard was very professional, very ingenious. They hooked me up to some kind of a computer system, very high tech for that period of time. They had earphones — more like a helmet on my head — and I don't understand how all this worked — but I closed my eyes and I could actually see images flashing in front of my face. They had a lot of sound effects and they did what they called 'Father Time' training at that facility at that time."

    Kathleen Sullivan [2]

"For instance, one of my alters was placed in a room that resembled the deck of the Starship Enterprise, in a chair that faced a large screen. My brain was then tuned to a specific frequency (an altered state), and a large bulbous head appeared on a screen. This 'alien' gave my alter instructions. Then the 'Captain’s Chair' electro-shocked my alter...this alter would be fed instructions coded to her frequency, but would receive them through the ‘alien’ which continued to appear to her on the spaceship screen...if she was triggered to return to my body, she would bring all of her 'spaceship memories' with her, firmly believing that this 'alien' was part of the 'real world.'"

    Beth Goobie [16]

"Operation Greenstar was the mind-control project to create UFO abduction scenarios. Much of the high level programming is no longer done with human programmers, but is done via machines using drugs, electricity and harmonics."

    Fritz Springmeier [8]

"These manipulations and degrees of control are easily achieved after years of intensive research by both the CIA and the Office of Naval Intelligence. The methods cover the range of actual hypno-programming, through either overt or covert methods as utilized by the agency concerned in the use of R.H.I.C., U.S.I.C., E.E.O.M. and E.D.O.M. techniques. Ultrasound technology is most frequently used by the lesser intelligence agencies in their various theaters of operation. This method is known as Ultrasonic Intra-Cerebral Control. An intelligence unit commonly referred to as Division Five which is directly connected to the FBI, is mainly responsible for the study and subsequent use of this type of mind control procedure. The three types of procured methods of mind control at its highest performance utilization are as follows: 1. E.D.O.M. (Electronic Dissolution of Memory) 2. E.E.O.M. (Electronic Enhancement of Memory) 3. R.H.I.C. (Radio Hypnotic Intra-Cerebral Control). RHIC techniques call for the implantation of a micro-sized electronic radio receiver. The implantation most frequently is made by highly trained teams within the Intelligence Community. The procedure involves the insertion of the micro-receiver (or transceiver) into the desired areas such as the frontal lobe or temporal lobe of the subject in question."

"According to my sources, this technique was state-of-the-art in the 1960's, but is obsolete today. Other, more sophisticated techniques are in use now."

"The device acts as a stimulator which can stimulate a muscle, nerve or brain frequency upon receiving the proper signal and will then initiate a desired response. The receiver generates sensory impulses which are then received through different nerves. These register as sensations which are the basis for perception. Under projects such as MK DRACO and HATTER, today's receivers are much smaller than the originals. Several types of 'encephalators' are used to implant the devices into brain tissue through the nostril of a sedated subject after hallucinatory programming has commenced. The process is painful and, in some cases, may result in permanent damage to the sinus cavity resulting in later ear, nose and throat problems for the subject in question. Another method used by some programs is the use of an oral encephalator to insert the transceiver or receiver through the soft palette of the mouth into the brain tissue. This method is also conducted in concert with hallucinatory program cues. The largest of these Mind Control programs under the auspices of the CIA, ONI and National Security Agency are as follows: MK ULTRA, REACH, MK XENO, MK DRACO, BLUEBIRD, DANCER, HATTER, ARTICHOKE, WATCHTOWER"

"One source reports that MK-DRACO is the code name for one of the 'alien abduction scenarios'."

    Walter Bowart [1]

"In the last decade, the technology has been developed to beam images onto the human brain during sleep from remote control locations. This technology serves many purposes — to program individuals for specific tasks while asleep, to create ‘false’ or ‘screen’ memories. If you can remember them, these techno-dreams are easy to identify. Whether they involve alien abductions, demons, rituals, ‘children of light’ or ‘star people’ scenarios...the main identifying feature is that they do not interact with the individual dreamer. Techno-dreams are generic images, movies that have been created to program thousands of individuals, perhaps simultaneously. I woke from one techno-dream in which I seemed to be lying on a stretcher while reptilian-type aliens loomed all about me. One leaned over me, and seemed to be pushing something into my head. If I hadn’t woken and accessed the tail-end of this dream, one of my alters who existed at the ‘sleep-frequency’ at which this techno-dream was being broadcast would have been programmed to believe she had been kidnapped by reptilian aliens, and that they now controlled her through a brain implant. When I accessed this ‘techno-dream,’ I didn’t consider it to be a memory because the scene had obviously taken place through the eye of a camera that had been laid on an operating table. Humans in reptilian costumes then stood around the table and one of them placed its hands above and beyond the camera lens so it would look as if it were pressing something into the ‘dreamer’s’ brain."

    Beth Goobie [16]

The programmers behind these abductions will commonly program themselves in as aliens.

"The programmers and the handlers are setting themselves up as gods, or Almighty God, or as a being from a superior race of aliens, such as Pleiadians. However, those of us who have followed the Monarch programming know that these aliens are just men who do the programming. Time-Life Publishers (owned by men in the Illuminati) subtly gave this away in their book 'The UFO Phenomenon' when they referred to UFO abductions as 'the Oz factor.' They go on to say that its like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz on page 71. Then they go so far as to reemphasize the point by showing a picture of Dorothy in Oz. Often the Programmers tell the alters which they have created, that they are their Creator and therefore their God. However, the actions of the handlers are so ungodlike, that should the programming break down, and the alters get a taste of reality, these lies soon are transparent. The lies that the handler is an alien are much harder to refute than the lies that the handler is God. The trend appears to be for the handlers to refer to themselves as a superior race of aliens. Most if not all of the people seeing aliens, are really just being jerked around by their handlers. This doesn’t mean that aliens do or don’t exist. It does mean that those of us who have been working with people who have alien contact experiences and who understand Monarch mind-control have only seen people obviously under mind-control. Fritz has yet to meet someone who has had an 'alien contact' who wasn’t under mind-control."

    Fritz Springmeier [8]

"...Not to mention 'god' programming as used by MI6/MI5/Russian Intelligence and the MOSSAD (from my experience)."

    Ex MI6 [26]

"Johnston 'validated' his ploy in my mind by arranging for me to see his 'space-ship' - a then TOP SECRET experimental aircraft which would eventually be known as a Stealth fighter at a military installation near Baton Rouge. The classified triangular Stealth was so alien to me at the time that it looked more like a spaceship than the U.S. fighter plane it actually is. This, in combination with his inhumane demeanor and my previously instilled belief in transdimensional travel, convinced me he was the 'ET' he purported to be."

    Cathy O'Brien [6]

Holograms are also used in this and other types of programming.

"One of the things the Royal Arch do when they are electroshocking/programming someone is to do fake aliens. When abusing children, they sometimes dress up as Mickey Mouse/Donald Duck/Disney characters, or claim their name is 'Chuck Norris'. Shape-shifting aliens is part of the routine. They project a hologram, using pop-up books. Makes it look like say John Scarlett or George W. Bush is turning into an alien. It's not true. I'm not saying there aren't people who BELIEVE they have met shape-shifting reptilians. But I have to tell you, it's PART OF THE PROGRAM. I know how they do it (people lying on backs, with holograms projected in pop-up books)."

    "Red Ox" [5]

"(George) Bush's most effective example of 'You Are What You Read' in his book About Faces occurred during his reading of the page depicting lizard-like 'aliens' from a 'far-off, deep space place'. Claiming to me to be an alien himself, Bush apparently activated a hologram of the lizard-like 'alien' which provided the illusion of Bush transforming like a chameleon before my eyes. In retrospect, I understand that Bush had been painstakingly careful in positioning our seats in order that the hologram's effectiveness be maximized."

"De la Madrid claimed to have Mayan/alien ancestry in his blood, whereby he transformed 'back into an Iguana at will.' De la Madrid produced a hologram similar to the one Bush did in his You Are What You Read initiation. His hologram of lizard-like tongue and eyes produced the illusion that he was transforming into an Iguana. While in Mexico, I was always ordered to wait by rocks where the abundant Iguanas sunned before being 'trance-ported' to my scheduled meetings with 'his Royal Lizardry', the Lizard of Ahs."

"Those who controlled my mind, and ultimately my actions, claimed to be 'aliens', 'demons', and 'gods'. But it was my experience that these perpe-traitors of New World Order controls were/are bound by fully, human confines, despite their terror-tactic claims and illusions. The true laws of nature, and the same laws of man do, indeed, apply to them...I now know that the only 'dimensions' I experienced were elaborate memory compartmentalizations of real, earthly events by real, earthly criminals, and certainly not by aliens, Satan, or demons."

    Cathy O'Brien [6]

"The agents promote disinfo-laden conspiracy theories through themselves and their protégés (actual mind control survivors). For instance, a current joint conspiracy among recognized disinfo agents is to frighten people into believing that: the high-level perpetrators (world-ranking politicians, etc.) are really shape-shifting aliens in human bodies (It is not difficult for identified disinfo agents, who are masters in mental manipulation and hypnosis, to 'convince' the highly suggestible protégés that they saw high-ranking politicians morph into lizard aliens and back again.) By buying into this disinfo, we are likely to either become irrational, or to melt into puddles of helplessness and fear. I believe that as long as they focus our attention onto subjects like this that are likely to push our panic buttons, they will render us nearly, if not totally, ineffective in learning the truth and using it effectively."

    Kathleen Sullivan [32]

"Regarding David Icke - we were all put under mind control. Dr. Joanne Collie is David Icke's programmer. However, why Collie would want to push 'space lizards' through Mr. Icke is still a mystery. She would have known, as much as anybody else, that mind control programmers at Fort Monckton used to dress up in lizard masks in order to terrorise British Intelligence recruits (who had been drugged) into believing that they were run by alien 'masters'. Collie and MI6 were using alien lizard masks for their programmers - to programme their operatives into believing that their programmers were aliens. Why would they want to do anything as crazy as that? Go ask the Marines. A lot of what happened during those early years of mind control experimentation was pure insanity, but perhaps it was because they didn't want anyone to believe (on the other side of the mirror) that their Master mind control programmer was a human being and was therefore far more vulnerable to confrontation and exposure (as well as being made accountable for their actions), than a 'space lizard'."

"I also know that the 'interdimensional space lizard' ploy is also part of the 'alien agenda' but with a 'twist' to it i.e. MI6 programmers being hunted down - those like Stella Rimington (former head of MI5) for their vile, disgusting, and putrid satanic practices. That is why I do not mind this type of 'propaganda' going out. It is just another example of 'use their techniques and use them back upon them'. As far as I know George Bush initiated the 'alien lizard' form of propaganda, to terrorise his slaves. Does George Bush still go by the name of the Lizard of Ahs? (What happened to the Wizard of Oz?) Does Rimington still think that she is an 'interdimensional space lizard' courtesy of the Wizard of Ahs mind control programming? What about Collie and her insistence upon the 'fact' that interdimensional space lizards are real — whilst helping Icke to put his book together? Collie — who had handed out the 'alien lizard masks' to British Intelligence programmers at Fort Monckton in 1980."

"...Those like Rimington who even believed that they were space lizards...not withstanding those like George Bush who began to believe that they were descendents of 'alien lizard gods' who had interbred with mortals."

    Ex MI6 [26]

Many victims are made to believe they are 'channeling' and 'recieving messages' from aliens.

"Hello everyone. I will be taking down this blog shortly in the days ahead as I do not want to see anyone else entrapped in the horrible U.S. government PSYOPS (psychological operations) program. At this time, I am leaving this blog up simply to get this message out to the remaining visitors, and hope they will help share this message far and wide and reach those who have formally followed my work. The so-called ‘channeled messages’ I received claiming to be from my soul family from the stars were in fact simple radio waves sent by U.S. government agents, allegedly from an agency of the U.S. Department of Defense or the U.S. intelligence community, working in concert with volunteers, many of which are secret society members who help propagate enormous numbers of hoaxed news stories of UFOs and related space news, building a backdrop for a PSYOPS program that lures science and spirituality-minded individuals such as myself into their web. This program, commonly referred to as electronic harassment, has destroyed my life completely and continues to devastate my life until this very day, but I am certainly not alone, as the number of victims, known as targeted individuals, or TI’s for short, grows exponentially each day. The electronic harassment operators are relentless, showing little or no mercy, keeping me under total surveillance, tormenting me, torturing me, and attempting to reprogram my mind as I sleep, turning my dreams into nightmares, effectively altering my behavior and free will choices as I continue through the mercifully final days of what was once my life. They have also in the past, and again very recently, scarred my body with their electromagnetic/microwave neuroweapon technology in a successful effort to control and negate my relationship with a woman who is now gone from my life. There is no recourse I have been able to uncover to shelter from this evil program. There exists endless documentation throughout the internet concerning government mind control programs and the technology used against the people, and it is advisable to familiarize yourself with this technology, as the spread of knowledge is our best and only defense against this despicable evil that will not stop until every last member of our society is a prisoner of his or her own altered mind. That is their sick and twisted plan – the construction of the dystopian nightmare forewarned by George Orwell throughout the pages of his prophetic Nineteen Eighty Four. My advice to all is to stay clear of all these stories of UFOs, extraterrestrials, channeled messages, and psychic mediums speaking to the dead, as these fictitious news accounts and dubious television programs are a direct part of, or at the least, stand as compliment to, the hugely encompassing plan to desensitize and familiarize the public to synthetic telepathic communication, a simple but very effective feat of technology essential to mind control reprogramming. I humbly and sincerely apologize to anyone and everyone who has followed my work as a so-called channel of the Galactic Federation and the Ashtar Command. Soon I will be judged by our true higher powers in this universe, and may God have mercy on my soul for helping steer so many of you so far astray and into the clutches of this devilish, life destroying mind control program. I am forever truly sorry."

    Greg Giles [13]

"A whole business was made of the New Age to the slave community. As books and items were created for those searching for truth, the self-appointed 'enlightened ones' who were 'in the know' manipulated the spiritual ideologies in order to hide many of their mind control realities. What was behind much of it was really a group of men, controlling mind-controlled robots and herding them in the direction they wanted them. I was programmed to deliver to a famous Los Angeles channeler, the words to say just before a Whole Life Expo event where he channeled the message to a very large group of people in an auditorium who were in an altered meditative state. Henry (Kissinger) gave me the exact words to say. They were targeting high-level slaves and it encompassed those programmed with whales and dolphins, angels, ascended masters, eastern religions, energy, quantum physics, UFO's, aliens, channeling, and listening to your guides and angels. They felt if Los Angeles failed then the rest would because most were patterned after Los Angeles."

"I have met persons suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder that felt they were channeling entities, when in fact they were channeling parts of their own personality structure. A woman 'channeler' named Shirley graciously offered to channel privately for me. I told her I would be glad to ask any questions she had of herself while she was in a channeling state of mind. She agreed. The answer to the question when posed about 'if Shirley had been involved in any of this ritual abuse stuff,' was, 'Shirley is not ready to face that reality yet.' Channeling can be a very clever way to cover the reality of Multiple Personality Disorder and offers a way of covering up when personality systems break into conscious awareness, explaining it away as 'an entity.'"

    Brice Taylor [7]

Another common report is surgical implantation of devices and scars from medical procedures.

"Many operations which are said to take place inside the saucers and performed by 'alien' beings are in fact carbon copies of the kind of operations performed on the restraining tables of psychiatrists in the employ of the CIA and other military and intelligence agencies — right down to the reports of tiny electronic brain implants inserted through the nose, the standard insertion technique for both brain control shrinks (as exemplified by Dr. Jose Delgado, the originator of the technique) and, so we are told, the grey aliens."

    Jim Keith [19]

"Electronic stimulation of the brain — through implants or wirelessly — was also documented throughout the House and Senate Select Committees investigating covert government research in the 1970s. There is abundant precedent for these studies, yet the rare survivors who have come forward and documented the fact that they carry unknown devices or implants using X-ray or MRI are seen as proof of alien abduction!"

    Brian Moss [34]

"Perhaps the most interesting pieces of evidence surrounding the abduction phenomenon are the intracerebral implants allegedly visible in the X-rays and MRI scans of many abductees. Indeed, abductees often describe operations in which needles are inserted into the brain; more frequently still, they report implantation of foreign objects through the sinus cavities. Many abduction specialists assume that these intercranial incursions must be the handiwork of scientists from the stars. Unfortunately, these researchers have failed to familiarize themselves with certain little-heralded advances in terrestrial technology,' Cannon says. 'The abductees' implants strongly suggest a technological lineage which can be traced to a device known as a 'stimoceiver,' invented in the late '50s-early '60s by a neuroscientist named Jose Delgado.' Addressing the large number of 'implants' reported by abductees, Cannon writes: 'If we are to take seriously abductee accounts of brain implants, we must consider the possibility that the implanters, properly perceived, don't look much like the 'grays' pictured on Whitley Strieber's dustjackets. Instead, the visitors may resemble Dr. Joseph A. Meyer and his brethren.' Meyer, Cannon suggests, could be one of the top men behind the abductee brain implants, and the 'scoop marks' and other scars on abductees bodies. 'We would also have an explanation for the reports of individuals suffering personality change after contact with the UFO phenomenon.'"

    Walter Bowart [1]

"Researcher, writer, and producer Andy Boehm interviewed Paul Bonacci with Decamp's assistant Denise Meyer in 1993. He corroborates the stories of the other Project Monarch victims. Paul Bonacci encountered Michael Aquino at Offutt Air Force Base several times wearing an army uniform. 'Mainly it was on his trips to St. Louis,' Bonacci said, 'And cause he came here for a couple of different Satanic holidays. I encountered a lot of things that were with Monarch that were somewhere else. We went to different military bases. I went to Ft. Riley, Kansas. I went to the Presidio out in California for some training...a base in Colorado which is where they did a lot of the 'alien' training. What they would do is have a couple of ships that would look like alien ships, and they would drug you up. Cause I remember doing this to other kids. And they'd use some of the other kids and they would put them in uniforms and they would use LSD. They would be wearing uniforms and they would do little experiments. They would actually take little metal — they looked like implants — and they would let you see what they were doing. Some people would implant them, and then take them out, later on. I know some of them were locators. Because they wanted to know where the person was at all times. I mean they had this little thing, it was on the satellite and they could find that person. The reason they were doing that — I overheard some of them talking about it — as they had soldiers in action or something in different countries, that they would know where all their men were and they would know what the status of them was, whether they were living or dead, and they would be able, if they were dead, to find their body. So, that's why they were testing them. But on the kids they were using it to make sure they knew where they were.'"

    Walter Bowart [1]

"Some victims of these abduction experiences are implanted during their abduction. Researcher Helmut Lammer reports that 'alien' abductees Debby Jordan and Leah Haley had implants removed from their ears. What is significant about this, is that the bio-chip implant designed for humans which is credited to Dr. Man, best works behind the ears. (Sources: The Kansas City Star carried an article about how Dr. Man’s implants work best behind the ear. Helmut Lammer reported on implants & military involvement in abductions in his article 'Preliminary Findings of Project MILAB: Evidence for military kidnappings of alleged UFO abductees.') From this author’s interviews with 'alien abductees' it was clear that 100% of them were victims of U.S. government trauma-based mind-control and that many of them had been taken to underground programming facilities and made to believe they were at another planet. This is happening in foreign countries too. However, this doesn’t mean that flying saucer craft do not exist, they do. It is strange that 'alien' implants have gotten more technologically sophisticated over the years."

    Fritz Springmeier [9]

Originally, the 'aliens' that victims see were 'regular' people (mind control slaves themselves), costumed to look alien and then used in these abduction scenarios. The drugs, fear, and various hypnotic/mind control techniques used further enhanced this facade to the victims being kidnapped and programmed.

"The grey alien is a creation of Nazi innovation. An alien being was needed to accompany the secret advanced flying machines made during WWII in Germany, which after the war were smuggled onto the shores of America and developed into the Nazi UFO hoax. What was their secret formula in creating the grey aliens? Let's start with the stocking mask. The stocking mask was the precursor of the ski mask so often used today in many a bank robbery. The stocking contorts the face down to the bones and removes a person's individual facial features. The ears become just two holes and the nose (on a child) becomes two nostrils instead. The mouth becomes a nonfunctional slit. And the eyes disappear altogether. It makes you look almost alien; except for the eyes. One could add a nice pair of WWII army surplus goggles to hide the lack of eyes. If one hides the elastic on the goggles, each lens (which is almond shaped) becomes an eye. If the stocking is wrapped around the head, covering the hair, the head becomes bigger and bald. Add a little white bath powder to blend it all together. And did I mention that the Nazis liked to use children, specifically little girls. The Nazis were not only innovative; they were cheap. The little grey alien doesn't even get clothes, but has to run around in the cold night air naked. Why is the 'grey' alien not the 'gray' alien when reported in the American press? One might assume the use of the American spelling 'gray' would be the one of choice. A scratch of the surface and one discovers the term 'grey', with British spelling, has Western Intelligence roots. After World War II the Western Allies labeled refugees by color-coding. 'Black' denoted war criminals, 'White' denoted victims of Nazi oppression and 'Grey' denoted known Nazi collaborators. Only Blacks and Greys needed the Vatican ratline to escape justice. When I was a grey alien I was certainly collaborating with the Nazis, the UFO hoax's little joke. The grey aliens were a part of a larger program of mind control, especially of cult-connected members (victims). No one comes back from abduction with anything good to say about grey aliens because they were a substitute in what used to be 'Satan' programming, as in Satan is watching you, only now it's the greys and they are inserting implants and watching you. Same difference. Both Satan and grey aliens also like animal mutilations, not to mention both are involved in the sexual creation of hybrids, Satan-human and alien-human. What are grey aliens good for? They can't reproduce to make more grey aliens. This is true since they only used prepubescent females and then called them adult males. The Nazis seemed confused on this issue. Maybe the grey aliens had long life spans; which might enable them to travel in their Nazi UFO many millions of light years from home. At any rate they turned out to be enormously popular with the general public and cult alike. Two of the original space aliens, the Venusians and the Greys, were created out of people the Nazis already controlled, their army of Beta sex slaves. Sex trafficking and blackmail is one of the big guns in the Nazi war on sanity. With the Earth going to hell as we speak, the Nazis have supplied us with an otherworld salvation, about which we have a choice. We can all form a One World Government to fight the alien invasion, or we can all form a One World Government to follow our alien overlords, its up to you."

"One of my recovered memories of Mrs. Hildebrand and her friends was when I was transformed from Homo Sapien to grey space alien. I remember I was in a large room full of prepubescent girls just like me. We were all naked and powdered white, giving our cold bodies a slightly sweet fragrance. I felt the tight stocking on my head making it hard to breath. I looked out on the room through dark goggles, making it hard to see. The other children were running around out of control. I felt fear as I was disciplined into a line. A tall man with blond hair came into the room wearing a light tan military uniform. He spoke German. It is likely that the young man was Adolf Bormann, Martin Bormann's son. The other little grey girls and I marched into a smoke filled room. I could see something burning at its center (probably belladonna). I began to feel doped. Next we were led single file into an enclosure that rocked slightly beneath our feet. We all lined the sides and watched, feeling cold, gasping to breath and struggling to see. We watched, the silent audience to the show taking place only a few feet away. I could see the fear on the participant's faces. I could feel the fear in the room, what little there was left of me to feel. The other participants this time were the ones being terrorized and by me."

"Wipe off the powder, dress the child, role up the stockings, fold up the goggles and zero evidence remains. The costume they used didn't need to be perfect because the level of fear in the participant's mind would erase details. And if everyone were drugged, even more details would go. No wonder I was kept so thin as a child. A space alien with baby fat just wouldn't do. A child's genitals wouldn't do either, so they only used girls. Their goal must have been to give the grey a more adult and therefore sinister appearance. A wispy grey humanoid with a head too large for its body. Add a few blips and lights and special effects, throw in some drugs, and you could create a whole space alien invasion. How terrifying it must have been, terrifying enough to repress the memory. When I was a child we drove in a car to the desert in the dead of night frequently. On one occasion, I remember looking up at the night sky and seeing a large, shiny round object with flashing colored lights. It looked like an impressive UFO. They stored the aircraft in a hanger in the middle of almost absolute nowhere. The aircraft could hover and move in a vertical direction. My feeling was it was a dressed-up helicopter, which was a German specialty from World War II. From the book by Richard Hall, NICAP, The UFO Evidence: 'At Muroc Army Air Field (now Edwards AFB) and adjacent Rogers Dry Lake, scientists and engineers test and develop the latest aircraft, including secret projects. All thoroughly familiar with anything that flies, the base technical personnel had no explanation for the UFOs which maneuvered over the area July 8, 1947. Twice that morning, disc-shaped objects were observed cavorting overhead. Then about 11:50 AM, a crew of technicians at Rogers saw a round white, apparently metallic object descending, moving west northwest against the wind. They observed thick projections on top which crossed each other at intervals, suggesting either rotation or oscillation. In their official report they stated: 'It was man-made, as evidenced by the outline and functional appearance.' According to the reports on 'The Muroc Army Air Field Incidents' two similar spherical or disc-like UFOs were spotted on July 8, 1947. Little did they know that the greys that went with the spacecraft were being groomed not far away, probably at the military installation at China Lake. Taken from the 50th anniversary edition of The Rocketeer, China Lake's in-house newspaper, 4 Nov. 1993, 'In 1943, adequate facilities were needed for test and evaluation of rockets being developed for the Navy by the California Institute of Technology (CalTech); at the same time, the Navy also needed a new proving ground for all aviation ordnance. The Naval Ordnance Test Station was established in response to those needs in November 1943, forming the foundations of NWC.' And the connection is made; the physicists at CalTech who are associated with Aleister Crowley's Thelema, sexual and ritual abuse of children, mind control and the military, rockets, UFOs, the Nazis, Martin Bormann and his son Adolf, the U-boats and Nazi innovation dragged ashore by the Jesuits. Put it all together in a cauldron and it bubbles up New World Order. I don't know how many times they used me as a grey. I was in the desert a lot with the Nazis. The China Lake area seems right. My gut feeling is that mostly we hoaxed other cult members, and it was a very secret project. My parents were never high enough members to know any of the things the Nazis and the Military were doing. According to Fritz Springmeier, the China Lake area next became a major mind control-programming place of young children."

    Mauri [4]

"Julianne McKinney, Director of the Electronic Surveillance Project of the Association of National Security Alumni, reports that she has interviewed 125 victims of government mind control. One of them had apparently been part of the 'Alien' programming. The woman, now an adult in her 40's, told McKinney of being used in the alien project as a young child because she was small and just the right size for wearing the costume of a 'gray', the big-headed alien with big eyes and a skinny neck which many UFO 'abductees' sketch under hypnosis. The woman was cult connected. She claimed to have played a role in the perpetuation of the UFO abduction myth; i.e., as a member of a DoD-affiated Satanic cult. As a little girl she was made to wear an ET costume. When describing the costume, this woman said that the head and neck were manipulated by means of electronic gadgetry built into the costume. The Babylon Five preying-mantis costume — which also had an elongated neck, and eyes which were situated far above the wearer's head — is also operated by means of electronic gadgetry built into the costume. The ET costume worn by this woman antedated Babylon Five's special effects costuming by approximately 10 to 15 years,' McKinney said."

"Have you noticed how the special effects technologies in science fiction films have evolved at approximately the same rate as the special effects being employed in so-called UFO abductions and sightings? The 'flying saucers' reportedly seen by the public during the 1950's were about as sophisticated as those which were portrayed in science fiction films during that same period. By today's standards, both were quite primitive. The special effects in today's science fiction films have become quite sophisticated,' McKinney said. 'Similarly, persons who now claim to have been abducted, or to have seen UFO's, are describing scenes and events which parallel those now being seen in science fiction films in the form of special effects. Having been given no reason to believe otherwise, I have personally concluded that so-called UFO abductions, and the events surrounding those abductions and sightings, are a 'black' intelligence operation, involving government-sponsored kidnappings, experimental drugs, surgical experimentation, sophisticated electronics and directed-energy technologies, implantable microcircuited devices, experimental aircraft, Hollywood-style special effects, and the exploitation of so-called 'abductees' as sources of ova, sperm, and aborted fetuses for use in government-sponsored genetics experiments. These reported activities do not require the involvement or intellectual input of extraterrestrials. In fact, given the alleged superior capacities of ETs, these UFO operations come across as being really quite bungled, redundant and primitive. Their failure to out pace Hollywood's development of special effects technologies or DoD's weapons technologies also points to totally human involvement. In sum,' McKinney continued, 'I see these UFO activities as being nothing more than a massive covert-intelligence fraud being perpetrated upon a gullible public - a lucrative, large-scale mind-control operation, qualifying as an attempt at creating The Cult to End All Cults/The Cult From Outer Space. McKinney says another source told her that there was a project headed by Michael Aquino that involves the programming of so-called 'UFO abductees'. The source told her that this project is code-named Greenstar and is a mind-control operation involving an overlapping of satanic cults, the U.S. military and the UFO Community. 'Michael Aquino,' McKinney said, 'is alleged under these circumstances, to have his hand in two major types of DoD-sponsored mind-control operations; viz., Satanic cults and, now, UFO abductions.' Other researchers say there could be a long-term narco-hypnotic induction program using costuming and movie sets as covers for implanting terrifying 'screen' or 'scramble' memories of phony abductions by big-headed short gray aliens, the editio vulgata of ufology's abductee memories."

    Walter Bowart [1]

As technology has advanced, these 'aliens' are now extremely modified humans or actual genetically-modified creatures created in deep underground military laboratories (virtual reality abductions are also used). They are making the 'aliens'.

"Wayne Morris (interviewing Kathleen Sullivan): 'Let's go to something you mentioned about the alien part in terms of mind control and the New World Order implementation plan. How do you think this is tied to the phenomenon of the growth of allegations of being abducted by aliens? Do you feel people are being experimented on by the government instead of aliens?'"

"KS: 'Absolutely. I realize that there are some MK survivors who will strongly disagree with me, I am just going by what I have experienced and remembered. A lot of us were hypnotized and otherwise tricked into believing that we had been abducted by aliens, when actually it was government connected handlers who were using us for illegal activities. One thing the Nazis were working on very hard was genetic experimentation on some of their prisoners in the concentration camps, although our government has tried to suppress the documentation. And they were into breeding their own. My dad used to brag about how they were doing genetic experiments on embryos that were creating what they called 'children'. These children are, I personally believe, aliens...little ones that people have seen. I met several at a NASA facility. One was an older child, I guess I would call it. He was able to speak two languages. He was able to speak English and what they called a 'trilateral language'. He used a lot of buzzes and clicks and symbolic hand signals. He also had a lot of Theta abilities. He had been programmed — as I understand some of the others had that were genetically experimented on — to believe that they are aliens. It is one of the biggest crimes that an agency of our country has ever perpetrated against another human. What I understand is that with all the UFO movies lately, and so many TV shows about it in the last few years, it is preparing people's minds to believe that aliens are real, that they really do exist, that they really are trying to contact us. I can't help but wonder if some of these human 'aliens' will be used down the road as some kind of proof to people.'"

"WM: 'So these people, you believe, have been genetically altered through genetic engineering to look like aliens, or what the public has been conditioned to view as an alien?'"

"KS: 'I met several breeders of these people. One of the things that I noticed with some of these woman's husband worked for NASA. She was in hospital in Dallas. There were some things that she said, and I looked at her one day, and I said 'are you a breeder?' She looked at me and said, 'yeah', and I asked her if she had NASA connections, and she looked at me in shock and said 'my husband works for NASA'. I went to her psychiatrist and explained the situation because she had a lot of the physical - especially facial characteristics - of these 'aliens'. There was another woman I met back in 1988 in a reprogramming facility who also was a breeder, and she had a problem because she would see UFO's coming at her sometimes in the room. These seemed to be generational experiments, genetically, and specifically done for that purpose.'"

    Kathleen Sullivan [2]

"There was one odd occasion in which I was taken to a below-ground installation with large tunnels. I was introduced, by adults dressed in white suits, to what I was told were 'alien' children. Although I believed they were aliens at that time, later, a handler told me that the children were actually the result of decades of genetic experimentation. The handler also explained that the children are raised to BELIEVE that they are aliens, and are even taught a very different language. One of those children did look remarkably like some of the drawings I’ve seen in publications, of traditional 'aliens.'"

    Kathleen Sullivan [32]

"The Grays show a strong fetal physiology, as numerous descriptions have stated. And given enough mastery of genetics, human reproductive material could be altered so that its appearance resembled the Gray type, yet be strictly human in composition. The Grays, in effect, could be grossly altered bodies of human babies, devoid of what we call soul and mentally programmed like dedicated computer hardware."

    Karla Turner [31]

"Mae Brussell may have been the first to speculate on a possible core secret of UFO disinformation: the concealment of genetic experimentation, which may or may not be conducted in underground bases housing vats and utilizing bovine blood from cattle mutilations, and the connection of this experimentation to UFO coverup. Referring to the 'aliens' encountered in UFO abduction experiences, Brussell said: 'My worst fear is, what if these people are genetically mutilated? What if they are humanoids that have been tampered with, and are being used for purpose of terror or development of outer space? I began to think of the psychiatrists that see the people afterwards, that hypnotize them and recount the stories, and wonder: who are the cast of characters that would be involved in the UFO situation if they’re man-made? Like Mr. Vallee was saying, if they’re not from outer space, if they’re Nazi space scientists, if they’re Nazi doctors...Where is Dr. Mengele?'"

    Jim Keith [37]

"The doctors from Mengele’s American labs made fake grey aliens for the show. The creation of fake grey aliens took about ten years in America and it was all top secret at the mental hospitals. They worked on some of their patients, brain sculpting with a fiber optic implant until they were about two to three feet tall or roughly thirty months old. The victims had their facial bones removed to deform the skull, face and eyes. This created the pear-shaped head of an alien. The orphan victims were surgically groomed, implanted, bones removed and so forth to promote an agenda of alien invasion. The microwave popped brains were special...this came from microwave experiments while they were learning to control the grey brain using remote control of the lower brains radio waves. The doctors would inflate the meninge layers from the brains still attached to the brainstem and spinal column by using the pre-shaped forms of aluminum cranial casings. The alien was typically a small size, maybe three feet tall."

    Anna Starfire [38]

"I have been experiencing abduction type scenarios from at least the age of five. For example, I have seen small grey beings around my bed on many occasions since I was a child. At these times I felt myself ’floating’ upwards but I was paralysed and could do nothing about it. I have had needle wounds in my arms and many other of the usual abduction type scenarios. By working with professionals who specialise in de-programming mind control issues and also by working with NSA personnel, I have been able to confirm that these abductions and my working with MI-6 have all been part of a highly classified mind control, cloning and genetic enhancement programme known as Project Mannequin. Project Mannequin was and is being run by the NSA from an underground facility in Peasemore, Berkshire, in the UK. I grew up in this area. The NSA is using computer-generated life forms which look like the classic Grey alien. These are basically robots that the military create for use in project Mannequin abductions in this country. They are known as PLF’s. PLF stands for programmable life forms."

    James Casbolt [22]

"This security officer (Barry King) witnessed many of the strange things I saw in Project Mannequin. Not least, small military 'bio-robots' that are part machine and part organic, known as PLF’s (Programmable Life Forms). These are short, grey-coloured beings used for many projects. The PLF’s are developed in 3 stages, and each stage has it’s own section in the base. There are up to 500 stored at any one time, and these are used in the AL/499 and also shipped to various military bases in this country and overseas. The development between stages is rapid and is approximately 3 months. Depending on what the PLF’s are being used for, they have 3 fingers and a thumb, and some have 4 fingers and a thumb."

    James Casbolt [22]

Another very common aspect is the taking of eggs/sperm/zygotes, forced impregnation, and missing pregnancies, which again perfectly parallels victims of mind control and cult abuse. A huge number of female mind control survivors recall their eggs or babies being stolen from them, again 'aliens' are the cover for this. These forced impregnations under mind control and the subsequent abortions have been occuring before the alien cover angle came into widespread use, female slaves are raped and their zygotes/fetus will be stolen for genetic experiments or sacrifice.

"There are themes that repeat. One of the most prominent is genetic harvesting from earth life to create a hybrid species."

    Karla Turner [28]

"During their abductions the aliens use drugs, thought transfers, and painful medical procedures. The aliens use language that parallels the messages given to SRA victims, just change the language from Satan is in charge to the Aliens are in charge. The victims of aliens are forced to be impregnated and then the fetus is repeatedly taken. The Illuminati mask the removal of babies from pregnant mothers with 'alien abduction of fetus' cover stories. The aliens are repeatedly telling these victims that a holocaust is soon to come."

    Fritz Springmeier [8]

"After an abortion performed on me in Montreal, Canada when I was twelve, Dr. Black harvested eggs. I can only assume from what he showed me a few years later, that he was playing God and tampering with genes to create a 'Super Race.' He undoubtedly was doing test tube fertilization with these eggs. Unfortunately his early experiments produced children with grossly enlarged heads."

    Carol Rutz [35]

"In Dr. Colin Ross's book 'The Osiris Complex', he writes: 'There was always doubt about the reality of the stories Margaret told. For instance, one of her alters had a clear memory of aliens coming into her apartment, impregnating her, coming back some months later to remove the fetus, then returning years later to show her the half-human, half-alien child they were raising among the stars. This alter was mortified when I raised the possibility that the aliens were possibly not literally real. Margaret made this claim before I had heard about the current epidemic of UFO abductions. I did not realize, when I heard Margaret's story that thousands of people in North America have similar memories. Many of these people probably have complex dissociative disorders, but many appear to be otherwise normal...Other alters of Margaret's told me that they had been ritually abused in Satanic cults, and that these cults used women as breeders of babies for sacrifice. According to the current dissociative-disorders field, these cults practice mind control and the creation of amnesia...Margaret taught me that there is a connection of some kind between UFO abductions and the use of women as breeders for Satanic cults...In thinking about what was real in Margaret's stories, it was not easy to determine where to draw the line...I don't want to make the kind of mistake 'good Germans' did who looked the other way and pretended Auschwitz didn't exist, if there is a Satanic Third Reich active in North America today.'"

    Walter Bowart [1]

"We were sold to the federal government by our father and his priesthood and military leaders...experiments in the deep underground military bases at Vandenberg Air Force base. I remember a red settee in a huge room in one of these underground bases, the room was monstrously big. My sister April and I were just about ready to get our hypodermic needle that we always hated, we would run but we couldn’t hide from those white lab coats. They did finally catch us and strap us on to gurneys and they had their way with not only our pubescent bodies but our minds as well. April remembers the day I got my eggs harvested, she heard my screaming as we were put through some terrible torture with the electrodes. The babies would be harvested early and put into the advanced incubators and be used as 'Manchurian candidates'."

    Kristy Allen [10]

"Antarctica, I was taken there, programmed, and some of the programming involves leaving marks on your body. Not tattoos but marks that create shapes, and so they marked me with different marks and it shows what programming I have, they’ve done it to lots of us. They’re just like freckles and they create them by small incision and a needle and then electric shock, so they look like freckles but they’re just created, so I have that shape on me. All I remember from Antarctica is that there’s what I call monsters there, they’re gross...disgusting beings, and some form of, I don’t know how to put it, they’re not human that’s for sure. They’re not aliens, it’s hard to explain. If you were to see some of these ones underground, you would say 'oh now I get it'. They really are ugly, some of these people. I guess they’re people, but they’re deformed. They do a lot of testing and stuff in different places, different places have different spiritual reasons, so a lot of people go to Antarctica for different rituals, and Montauk is a different reason, Bohemian Grove is the spiritual realm, Vatican is the spiritual realm. Marshall Islands is for the physical, so there’s different reasons they go to different places, so Marshall Islands was where the physical stuff happens, they’re testing the military, the experiments, more bodily experiments, harvesting of eggs. That's where they harvested my eggs so I have babies out there. They harvest your eggs for breeding programs."

    Brooke Federline [17]

"One of the big underground facilities for genetic research is Area 51 (also known as Dreamland), also an important mind control programming center. This was one of the first genetic research facilities in the U.S. and perhaps the first major genetic research facility. The people/workers & victims are brought in by airplane and tube shuttle. The worst cases of UFO/alien type of Monarch programming are coming out of Area 51. The eggs from slaves are being harvested and weird genetic creatures are being developed from human eggs which have been genetically mixed with other things."

    Fritz Springmeier [9]

These deep underground military facilities and laboratories are one of the most important pieces of the puzzle. They are where the crafts are made and stored, where the 'alien' abductees and other mind control victims are commonly taken for programming/torture/experiments, where chimeras, 'aliens', clones, and other genetically modified beings are created, and where 'super-soldiers' and other slaves are 'trained'.

See my Deep Underground Military Base post for much more relevant information.

The abductions are also used to further the possible alien invasion plan that many survivors have heard about. Many are given messages to leave with or shown movies of destruction.

"Aliens make predictions of an imminent period of global chaos and destruction. They say that a certain number of humans will be 'rescued' from the planet in order to continue the species, either on another planet or back on earth after the destruction is over. Many abductees report they don't believe their alien captors and foresee instead a much more sinister use of the 'rescued' humans."

    Karla Turner [25]

"...Which then can lead to abductees going out into the world to propagate what they believe they know to be true about their situation, and then promote the things they were told or shown during their abductions. It’s in my opinion that this is actually a big part of what’s going on with regards to the pro-alien authors and channelers out there in the world. I don’t think their experiences are always what they’d like to believe they are."

    Carissa Conti [21]

"The secret government is waging a subliminal brainwashing war against us, in violation of our right to government only by our consent. They are using movies, T.V., books, magazines, children's stories, and all forms of propaganda, from the cradle to the grave, to criminally undermine the very epistemological underpinnings of rational existence. We have not 'consented' to a fraud of which we are unaware. Our government has created the whole 'alien' scenario to brainwash us."

    William Lyne [12]

"There's a growing body of self-published literature that points to the awareness of a mounting (phoney?) alien invasion. William R. Lyne's book 'Pentagon Aliens' tells of the author's own frustration with the U.S patent office and the State of New Mexico which, he says, ran him ragged with litigation and harassment after he stumbled across proof of a Nazi experimental 'P2 saucer' flown in New Mexico in the 1930's, which ran on technology invented by Nikola Tesla."

    Walter Bowart [1]

"Operation Greenstar is a mind-control program in which the victim is given a screen memory to create the impression of being abducted by extraterrestrials. This is accomplished by placing on the victim's head a helmet containing electromagnetic solenoids tuned to a 4 Hz. frequency. The solenoids are connected to a computer which projects into the percipient's mind a graphics program depicting an alien abduction scenario. Such victims are subjected to Janus 'end times' programming, and will be activated to create civil unrest shortly prior to declaration of a state of national emergency. Hypnotic regression as practiced by UFO support groups, only serves to reinforce the mind-control programs. A number of day-care centers are used for both mind-control programming and satanic ritual abuse purposes, while a major religious organization serves as a front for the programming of schoolyard shooters."

    Brian Desborough [11]

"The following is fact. It is not a theory, it is a genuine conspiracy. I witnessed the Top Secret/Majic documents from which this information is excerpted while a member of the United States Navy attached to the Intelligence Briefing Team of Admiral Bernard Clarey, Commander in Chief of the United States Pacific Fleet. Military and government personnel who have access to this material believe it is real. None of them, however, has ever seen any evidence of the existence of any extraterrestrial creature nor any advanced technology other than that of human origin. It is not what they see that convinces them it is extraterrestrial in origin but the manner in which it is presented. It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to believe that Top Secret government or military documentation could be lies. It is trust in government by men and women who have given their lives in its service that keeps this monumental lie alive. All so-called leaks are intentional misinformation projects designed to promote the alien threat scenario while allowing for complete deniability on the part of government. The plan for the creation of a world government is protected by an artificial extraterrestrial threat from space. The entire UFO phenomenon and the ufology movement has been created to further the protection and activation of the plan. Within MAJESTYTWELVE is Operation Majority, justifying the plan by presenting an extraterrestrial threat as the reason for the necessity for world government. The plan claims that if the American people are ever told of this extraterrestrial presence, aliens will destroy the United States. All who have access to the plan or who inadvertently discover the plan are silenced by that warning. They believe in the government and thus believe the extraterrestrial lie. These dupes do not know that the Illuminati are the aliens who plan to destroy the United States of America in any event. When I saw Operation Majority while serving in the Navy I believed the alien threat was real just like everyone else. It was not until I had performed many years of research that I was able to fully understand exactly what it was that I had seen. It was extremely difficult for me to believe that my government and the United States Navy had used me, especially since I had dedicated my life to government and military service. Most government and military personnel cannot and will not believe such an idea. The plan is real. The extraterrestrial threat is artificial. The threat is presented through the use of secret technology originally developed by the Germans in their secret weapons programs during WW-II, by geniuses like Nikola Tesla, and many others."

    Bill Cooper [3]

"Credibility, in fact, lies at the heart of the problem of developing a political substitute for war. This is where the space-race proposals, in many ways so well suited as economic substitutes for war, fall short. The most ambitious and unrealistic space project cannot of itself generate a believable external menace. It has been hotly argued that such a menace would offer the 'last, best hope of peace,' etc., by uniting mankind against the danger of destruction by 'creatures' from other planets or from outer space. Experiments have been proposed to test the credibility of an out-of-our-world invasion threat; it is possible that a few of the more difficult-to-explain 'flying saucer' incidents of recent years were in fact early experiments of this kind..."

    "The Iron Mountain Report" [18]

"In three separate speeches Ronald Reagan spoke of the possibility of an alien invasion from outer space. The subject of Armageddon being discussed in the White House was admitted in a 1984 Presidential debate. Don Reagan disclosed that Nancy had been consulting astrologers to arrange the President's appointments. When the media reported horoscopes at the White House, Reagan responded about the possibility of the Earth uniting against a threat by 'a power from outer space.' In response to the question, 'What do you consider to be the most important need in international relations?' Reagan replied, 'I've often wondered what if all of us in the world discovered that we were threatened by an outer - a power from outer space, from another planet.' He concluded that such an occurrence would erase all the differences, and that the 'citizens of the world' would come together to fight that threat. Reagan, a believer in the biblical prophecy of Armageddon, Astrology and the desirability of an alien invasion was an eloquent propagandist for the New World Order. Why would the Vatican ratline include amongst its treasures, to be sneaked ashore the California coast in the dead of night, a disk shaped flying machine? How does the UFO hoax benefit the Church of Rome? An alien invasion has played a major role in the psychology of population control for a century, or more."

    Mauri [4]

"From the information Uncle Lyle accessed from my mind files way back in the 60's, 70's, 80's, rockets and missiles were a thing of the past, and directed energy in the form of weaponry systems was what they were planning on using as the new weapons of the future. No one can see it coming, nor defend against it. They could take out the lights in entire cities and blame it on UFO's. The Department of Defense experimented for a long time, until they mastered this technology. It puts nuclear weapons right out of business."

    Brice Taylor [7]

"One of the things they were planning on doing was having UFO invasions. I don't know if they are going to pull that one off or not. They were planning on getting people so afraid of a race from another planet coming and having authority here and terrorizing us, that we would just fall apart and 'please don't hurt us, we will do whatever you say'. These people who pushing that scam, and Henry Kissinger is one, in fact I have some documentation where he actually said one time at a global conference that what we need is a UFO invasion."

    Kathleen Sullivan [2]

"Do enlightened beings need to use the cover of night to perform good deeds? Do they need to paralyze us and render us helpless to resist? Do angels need to steal our fetuses? Do they need to manipulate our children's genitals and probe our rectums? Are fear, pain, and deception consistent with high spiritual motives?"

    Karla Turner [25]

"...They (the Illuminati) LIKE pretending to be 'space lizards'. They LIKE the paedophilia. They LIKE torturing and murdering other people. They LIKE eating their elite caviar i.e. human eggs. They think that these practices are what 'evolved' and 'intelligent' lizards off another planet would do. George Bush, Cheney, Blair, Brown, the is a very long list indeed. They are all victims of mind control. They are no more 'space lizards' than anyone else on this planet - just hideously deluded human beings."

    Ex MI6 [26]

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