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David Icke Exposed! Another Deep State Player

Did you think David Icke was one of the good guys?  Waking up the people? Helping the people to become more "awaken?" Think again.  In this video, you will find out the truth about David Icke, that he's another tool/pawn used by the Deep State to deceive the collective consciousness. The writings are on the wall, the days are numbered for Deep State. Slowly news is being released of their crimes to the public.  The storm is getting closer and closer.  Justice is coming.
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been a fan of his for a long time. a lot of stuff he said has come to light. although i do feel he seems to be passive aggressive all the time. i wonder why?
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To me he always seemed like someone who had a small amount of decent hidden truths mix into a whole lot of lies he'd been told and of which he believed to be truths. After the complete failing in 2012 of his "Schumann frequency" theory prediction, outlined in one of his first books many years earlier, I could no longer take anything he said seriously. I can now see that he is a complete scumbag.
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He's what you call controlled opposition. He makes himself off to be a truther but the Illuminati controls what he's allowed to say. Lots of people fall into the category like Swerdlow and Alex Jones. They tell you some things that are true to hook people but also feed people some BS. It's called a truth sandwich. Truth on the outside, lies in the middle.
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