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Dictionary of occult hermetic alchemical sigils symbols
Dictionary of occult hermetic alchemical sigils symbols - banned book for anyone wishing to glean it, safe download site:

Rosicrucian Manual very rare:

Secret Symbols of the Rosicrucians 16th and 17th Centuries - 1st edition in all German writing:
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wow thank you for this. smib
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You're welcome, stay tuned.
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Franz Bardon has the exact same Natal Chart as Nostradamus.  Matching Natal Charts can only occur once every 248 years, because it takes 248 Earth years for Pluto to complete one orbit around the Sun.  Natal charts that match two people born at least 248 years apart signify the same spirit reincarnated.  Franz Bardon made Alister Crowley run for cover when they were both alive.  His works brought more factual knowledge into this world than any other Hermetic Adept in history.  A book written by one of his students called Frabato, is a truthful account even though the media will tell you it is a fictional story.

Franz Bardon's complete works and 2 others:
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I came across other books which compliment the Bardon books; one is "Seven Hermetic Letters" by Dr. Georg Lomer, the other "Alchemy Unveiled" by Helmond. I also came across books by the mystic Jakob Lorber, which also far exceeded my expectation. These books, in my opinion, compliment the Bardon books totally.

Books by the Franz Bardon are unparalleled in the world of magick. What Crowley could not do, Master Bardon does. Instead of bragging about himself and shooting heroine regularly like Crowley, Master Bardon gets directly to the matter of making Hermetic science accessible to ALL.

Numerous other text are included in this torrent that compliment the works of Master Bardon.

The following are included:

- Bardon_Initiation_into_Hermetics
- Practice_of_Magical_Evocation
- Franz Bardon - Key To the True Qaballah
- Frabato-The-Magician
- A-Bardon-Companion-Book

- TheGoldenBookOfWisdom4thbook
- A-System-of-Caucasian-Yoga-by-Count-Stefan-Colonna-Walewski
- THE Kabbalion
- Theosophic-A-Practica
- Seven-Hermetic-Letters-by-Georg-Lomer
- Alchemy-Unveiled
- Healing-Power-of-Sunlight by Jakob-Lorber
- The-White-Magician’s-Pantheon
- The-Chakras-by-C-W-Leadbeater

Here are the remainder of the books in the above list, may I suggest they are all kept in one folder on you computer:

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I always smile at the terms ‘white’ magick and ‘black’ magick. Magick does not possess such ‘colours’…

Magick is simply magick.

Connotations of ‘colour’ are erroneously assumed by the intent and its effects.

I can, however, accept the definition of ‘high’ magick over ‘natural’ magick…

Re: Sense8. Am currently in the midst of re-watching. Makes me homesick though.

I need to note here the links that often exist between individuals of neurodiverse minds.

Once again, an interesting bookshelf - I am in possession of most of those titles - even though being read a long time since.
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