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I definitely think that mcs is caused by ELF.  Bathing in dead seasalt relieves the symptoms. The longer I use a computer the worse I feel. Completely drained by ELF. I can hear electrical sounds even if TV is off like a low buzz coming from it. I also hear a high pitched tone. Sometimes it gets louder then fades. It causes momentary deafness in one ear as well. It some how increases gravity - everything feels heavier than it is. Does anyone else have this and has anything helped?
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I can sympathise, I work at a computer all day & end up feeling like my brain's bursting with fuzzy tiredness, the only relief is sea-salt baths. Doing proper violet flush visualisations has a similar effect but it doesn't last as long.

My mom had MCS & she could hear buzzing noises, she got so ill a few years back that we had to spend the whole winter with no heating or hot water or anything electronic! She was so sensitive she could tell when someone with a mobile phone was walking toward the house before they'd even knocked. She found some relief by taking a variety of vitamins and minerals in high doses, I can't recall which ones exactly. My dad might remember, I can ask if you're interested.

I got a couple of orgonite HHGs too which are supposed to help diffuse ELF, I take one to work now & that seems to slow down the effects. Sea-salt baths still seem to be the best so far though.
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I have orgone by my computer and it seems to help a lot. I never feel drained when using my computer.
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Rob - Do you get a burning sensation on your face like a sunburn when using the computer like I do? Also, could you give me more information on the hhc orgonite, how to get it etc. Thanks for sharing about your mom, I really appreciate that. 

Richard - you use orgonite too? Could you also give me more info on it (type, where you got it from etc.) 

I'm also wondering is there something I could carry with me that could work like orgonite. If anyone knows please post or pm. Thanks all.
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Karen,Oh yes an HHg on your computer.

 I have loads of orgonite. In your case I would put an HHG on your power supply coming into your residence. This is good for anyone . I put them on computer, moniters, Tv's, radio's,  receivers ,on top of my fridge, and in my fridge.Everywhere:)

 A fun little experiment is to put an HHg over your freezer or in your freezer or on top of your just filled ice cube trays. It's best to use distilled water in the trays or filtered the second best for the experiment anyway. Let me know the results should you try this. make sure you take ood notice of your ice cubes before the orgonite so you will have a measure.

 DB's orgonite is my favorite. His website is  and Richard has listed others that I have used as well that I like. As for making your own ,in your case might prove difficult as the resin is highly odorous but the instructions are there online for free.
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I ordered some more orgonite to now hehe, 3 Special Creations coming my way! I never get the sunburn thing Karen, although I have heard of others who do. I don't really count myself as being electrically sensitive, although I obviously am to a degree. It's just that feeling of being "ELF-logged" as I call it, like it's all building up in my head and making me tense and fuzzy and tired.

Also I believe the Special Creation orgonite is quite small, you could carry that around with you... I'll have to report on its effects when mine arrives!
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DB's special creation is pocket size .I have small hands and it  fits nicely in the palm of my hand. Don't let it's size fool you though's packed with a lot.

 As for HHg's DB's enhanced HHg is awesome . Also his Sunstar has a loop on it which enables you to wear as a pendant .

I love orgonite:). Actually you can become walking talking human orgonite...seriouslyCool
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Sweet, I ordered an enhanced HHG & a Record Keeper HHG - not quite sure what to expect from that one. Any idea what a Sunbeam is? I couldn't find any info on the site & he chucked one in for free (I like him already!) I really like the sound of the dodecahedron HHG but it's a tad expensive for now.
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DB is always gifting :) . I don't have the record keeper HHg but was given the the dodec HHg as a b-day present from a friend. It's awesome. Sunbeam to me feels like a beam of pure love.
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