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Esoteric Record of Christ Event
Golgotha is an actual place in Jerusalem. It exists. There is a crack running down the middle of it, where they put all the crosses. The crack is real.

Underneath that crack, thirty feet down, is THE ARK OF THE COVENANT, with Christ's blood covering it.

They crucified Yaeshua, right over the Ark.

Four angels guard the ark, there is a tunnel leading from the Temple on the mount to the chamber under Golgotha. THe four angels look just like you and me and DEATH to anyone who approaches the chamber, as thousands of reptoids and human dupes have found out the hard way.

Golgotha was a blood atonement, not a saving grace for christians. The ark is the permanent atoms for the planet. The reptilian presence had changed the grid lines of Earth, and human beings, from circles to square lines, in perpendicular. That was the hijacking.

WHen Longinius pierced Adonai's side, his blood flowed down, an earthquake creating the crack, and his blood flowed down over the Ark, raising it to a NEW level, beyond the ken of the reptilian races.

That's the esoteric record on the Christ event.
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