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Facebook’s far-left “fact check” feature a partisan prank
(Natural News) Not long after Donald Trump won the presidency back in 2016, Facebook launched a new “fact-checking” feature that the platform claims is helping to prevent “misinformation” and “fake news” from spreading and going viral. But an in-depth analysis by the Media Research Center (MRC) has found that everything from the system itself to the people running and funding it are about as far-left as you can get.

More than 50 so-called “fact-checking” organizations have thus far partnered up with Facebook to run the new feature and, as it turns out, only a handful of them focus on American content. Fewer still even try to maintain the illusion of neutrality, as the vast majority of Facebook’s partners have a clear and undeniable liberal agenda.

MRC, which admittedly leans the right, identified only nine Facebook fact-checkers that are relevant to American content. These include Reuters, USA Today, Lead Stories, Check Your Fact,, Politifact, Science Feedback, The Associated Press (AP), and AFP Fact-Check. And only one of these, Check Your Fact, which is part of the Daily Caller, has any type of right-leaning background.

When pressed for comments by The Epoch Times, which reported on the MRC analysis, Facebook did not respond. Consequently, it is unknown how much Facebook is paying these “fact-checkers” for their services, not to mention the fact that the identities of all the other “fact-checkers” that have partnered up with Facebook remain a mystery.

We know they exist and are busy at work, however, as evidenced by the sheer number of “warning” labels that now appear on Facebook content. Sites like Natural News and Brighteon are not even allowed on Facebook at all, in case you were unaware, further demonstrating the stranglehold that Facebook now has on online free speech.

Facebook is also reportedly “throttling” content that it deems “inappropriate” or “unfit” for public consumption. Posts that get throttled may still appear on people’s timelines without any warning labels, but Facebook is admittedly “significantly reduc[ing] the number of people who see” this content, effectively limiting its reach.

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Facebook is now openly interfering with and meddling in the 2020 election

As we covered last year, this new age of “fact-checking” that has swept Silicon Valley is really just censorship and authoritarianism in disguise.

Try as they might to feign concern about preserving “facts” and “truth,” tech platforms like Facebook are simply trying to control the narrative, which easily slips through the fingers of the globalists thanks to the internet being a decentralized place where ideas are easily exchanged – at least this used to be the case before Facebook, Twitter, and other tech platforms began incorporating “fact checks” to muzzle viewpoints and opinions that the left finds “offensive.”

In anticipation of the upcoming election, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook has also created new content rules that prohibit the sharing of incendiary content that could impact the election’s outcome, as well as people’s response to it. This comes with a $300 million donation from Facebook to local election offices, as well as an online voter drive that seeks to register new voters directly through Facebook.

As this news site and others have been warning, Facebook is basically now engaging in the very same type of election interference and meddling that it criticized following Trump’s win back in 2016 – an irony of epic proportions.

Be sure to check out the full Epoch Times report about Facebook bias at this link.

You can also peruse the latest news about Big Tech censorship and its impact on the upcoming election by visiting

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