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Facebook readies kill switch: Everyone migrate to GAB
Bypass Big Tech's censorship and election day kill switches by joining GAB.

First, we want to thank the free-speech social media site for being the source of many breaking news stories about illegal immigration and censorship that were not allowed to circulate on leftists run sites like Facebook and Twitter recently.

Second, we want to thank for overcoming so many obstacles as big banks and other tech firms have tried unsuccessfully to stop them and shut them down.

Third, we want to encourage all of our supporters who use social media to create accounts and support GAB's efforts to provide us with a platform that does not attack our American civil liberties.

Facebook has announced they have tools in place to restrict what you can say, who can hear you, and what information reaches you during the elections. Please consider joining and supporting as an option in your online tool kit and join our page at...


Facebook Prepares Potential Emergency Measures for the Election / Facebook Prepares Measures for Possible Election Unrest.


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