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I See 33s
After reading the previous posts, I was curious if there was any pattern to my family, but I guess not. As random as my life. [Image: 0277.gif]

dad  - 1915          daughter 1 - 1977
mom - 1919         daughter 2 - 1979
sis 1 - 1940         daughter 3 - 1980
sis 2 - 1944         daughter 4 - 1982
sis 3 - 1951
me   - 1956
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my recent number sequence sighting is 12:34 any thought on this?
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I have been seeing the letters J S everywhere. J=1 and S=1 in numerology = thus 11. I have lots of close relatives who have those initials. Richard, you mentioned that maybe they are trying to trigger us through using these numbers....I had another thought...if disinformation consists of half truths bent to suite their needs...then maybe its possible that those numbers or frequencies are shown to us from our oversoul level and has to do with our path in life....and they are using it against us to trigger programming which has to do with ELF...dunno...just a thought...(obviously sending out programming through ELF with trigger codes 11,33 etc) So basically they are riding on the back of something much bigger...makes sense that they would hijack something else to use to their own advantage....
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