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Illuminati Factions
Why would they call themselves the Illuminati knowing the baggage and symbolism it carries?

A benevolent group trying to recruit this way when have used slicker "abduction" recruitment methods before?

No, this thing has come down to NWO/NWR Complicity.

Mass "secret" society joinings, hazings, personality testings, etc.

"I want YOU, to want ME"!

This group is still operating in exactly the same way the demi-urge has always acted only classed way down.

they're desperate and sad.

You need to reed the book before you judge them. I can't explain the whole book. Basically they need us to ascend. Most of the Illuminati wants to move on instead of keep doing thing the same way they have over the past thousands of years. That path has led them to a dead end. They now realize they need us to move on to the higher dimensions. They want to piggyback on us to the higher realms. In order to do that they must help us ascend. They can't do it without us. Yes there are still some of the Illuminati that wants to keep things as they've been but they are a minority. 

They've been given ultimatums according to John Kettler, "Evolve or Die!"  Post number three is probably a more likely scenario for what these parasites are up to by riding us (piggy-backing) on our divine source energy which they do not have.  Divine justice will find them. 

It's a scratch my back and I'll scratch yours type situation. They'll help us because it's helping them too. I like the sound of that better than leave things the same.

After listening to more people about the different factions it sounds like there are 4 major ones that control earth.

1. The Khazarian mafia / Rothschild
2. Japanese
3. Russians
6. 4th Reich

Check the video at 1.07.40

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