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Jacob Rothschild Dies At 87

One of our FAVORITE "Elites" finally met his Maker, Satan. Im sure he will have fun down in Hell with some of his favorite people like Hitler etc...


Amshel Meyer “Conehead” Rothschild. Wow.

What About the Bloodlines?

No contradiction. As David Icke points out these more “pure blooded” descendents of the intermingling between humans and ETs have a greater propensity for shall we say, possession, by at least one line of inter-dimensionals. And apparently a really nasty bloodline going back to a reptilian species that is said to have moved in on earth a long, long time ago.

Just compare his abnormally long head and that of many other Rothschilds with other pictures in this article. Freaky.

Another conehead Jacob Rothschild after a tough night of shapeshifting.

What I find more fascinating is the demeanor of these oligarchical families who seem to be channeling this off-world power. They are in no hurry. They’re slow eating parasites, just munching on whatever strikes their fancy as they hoard the world’s resources for fun and profit. Again, evidence in my opinion of long range vision and intention not only beyond human, but clearly self-serving and anti-human.

Not only is there no light in their eyes, their smugly sinister manner reeks of manipulative malintent. Yet these types are honored with titles of Lord, Knight and Sir(pent).

Quote:We did not include Illuminati council member and head of the Rothschild clan David Rene de Rothschild on this list because he promised to hand over Vanguard, BlackRock and State Street. This would hand control of 90% of corporations worldwide back to the people. However, when we contacted him last week to ask when this was going to happen, we got the answer “he was unavailable because he was on a skiing vacation.” In other words, he went into hiding in a Swiss Bunker.

So this may be related to the announcement of the death of Lord Jacob Rothschild.

    Rothschild's family confirmed his death in a statement to the Press Association. No cause was given.

    Details surrounding Rothschild's death are still unclear, as the cause of death has not been confirmed or validated.

    For some reason I don’t believe that someone so evil and powerful could die at a mere 87. Probably just swapped skin suits.

    Don't get too excited people. I'd bet this reptile already managed to transfer his consciousness to a fresh new body by now.

    His time for judgement has come. Hopefully Klaus and Bill gates not far behind.

    No more Mr Burns…

    will anything change in any of our lives? nope

    Probably worse, because the hiers need to make a name for themselves and step out from daddy's shadow

    Such sad. I am also here to remind everyone that mr schwab is 85...

    Editor's Note: Another UNHOLY is dead like when, George Bush Sr.(Scherff) 4th Reich, passed away. Mr. Burns a.k.a. Lord Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild, was among the MOST powerful men on Planet Earth. This will have a SIGNIFICANT impact on The Great Awakening. The family owns Denmark and all EU Cabal-countries and Central Banks, since the Danish State Bankruptcy of 1813 together with the Rockefellers. The Rothschilds are among the 13 families that SECRETLY control the world. These guys are so RICH and POWERFUL, they make Ambani and Gates look like peasants. SoTW greatest wish is for the Light Forces to captured him so he can be escorted into the Galactic Central Sun, where he is going through a disintegration process. That is, before the Archons, that have been controlling the incarnation process for the last 26,000 years, will get to him first, to prevent his reincarnation into a new cloned body...

    Jacob Rothschild has departed to the demonic realms of the lower Astral
    "Jacob Rothschild is dead.

    Or rather he has departed to the demonic realms of the lower Astral to be welcomed home by his fellow demons who have been manipulating human society for aeons. A demonic changing of the guard - for now.

    You may have thought yourself so powerful, but to me you were always a moron. Anyone who wants power and control on the scale of your family must always be so. Clever, yes, but moronic all the same. Evil always is."

    Drekx Omega February 26, 2024 at 3:27pm
    Yes and regarding the death of Lord Jacob Rothschild, a gentle reminder that on the 7th Feb, upon this very thread I did state the following:-

    Some people are of the opinion, that the so-called "elites" have special access to exotic healing technologies, that mean that they are able to "extend their lifespans, using "off-world" technologies" and "secret Atlantean" remedies and spells....
    Of course, not true, as anyone observing the recent King Charles admissions anent his cancer and general ill health, including an enlarged prostate, etc, can testify...

    And one can also observe various members of Illuminoid families, as well as George Soros, Bill Gates and multiple others, to confirm that they are far from "immortal beings." Some suggest that they are clones, who age rapidly and the originals are safe and tucked up on a holiday vacation island....I say, they are not and in fact, because of their decadence, probably more at risk of death from excess eating, VD, drugs and alcohol abuse, than most "ordinary" folk...
    (They might use body doubles, if they feel at risk, but not clones.)

    Certainly, their sugary diets do not aid them.....and many of these "elites" do not keep in good shape, nor eat proper food, nor fast.....Just look at the state of Klaus Schwab....Yes, he's old, but does he need to age so rapidly...?? They all age rapidly......They are not in contact with "super beings," providing them with luxury off-world treatments, at all....The elites are simply human beings evolving, along with everyone else...Maybe some of them more slowly than others...

    King Charles is just as vulnerable to illness, as any other limited conscious human being...Being rich does not mean, high light quotient....with access to healing of the highest order....
    But actually, one does not really need access to vast wealth and a retinue of experts, to prevent and survive cancers....A simple discipline to fast properly, should help.......Let nature and spirit guide you, King Charles....And give up the WEF promotion, while you heal.....

    Drekx Omega February 25, 2024 at 3:33pm
    A sure way to confirm the influence of woke ideology, is the manner in which it sticks to a particular identitarian aspiration (a world without white people, for example) at the expense of TRUTH and REALITY.....And always expects ignorance among people...Always seeks to create victims and perceived oppressors..Divide and confuse....Dum down.....Raise ugliness, tear down beauty....Pretend stupidity is brilliance and vice versa...

    Google AI is an excellent example of this type of insanity....In which the woke ideal seeks to erase "whiteness" from history.....These woke programmer people are sick, behind AI...And they actually think that they can fool "young people," into buying into this idiocy......Truly I fear for the sanity of the human population, but am optimistic, esoterically...
    Many are waking up to wokeness...

    I wonder what the woke types will think, if they miraculously survive the higher vibes and enter a possible first contact scene..? In which many of the ETs visiting Earth will be white galactic humans, with (dare I say it,) blond hair and blue eyes....
    When they realise that the galaxy is literally full of white people, they will blow their limitor gene fuses, in fright....??
    In fact, there are more white people, aka "nordics," off this planet, than on it's surface....Lyrans, Agarthans, Martians, Venusians, Sirians, Plejarens, etc...

    Drekx Omega February 23, 2024 at 6:40pm
    Russia has no ambition to "conquer the west." In fact, the so-called west is so badly run, currently, there is nothing worth ruling over, that works...Under woke politix, nothing in the west works....And what the world needs is PEACE, not WW3.. Maybe some of these crazy western "leaders," should let it sink into their thick skulls...PEACE NOT WAR......And if war is what these so-called "leaders" want, let's see how long that lasts against Russia...
    Maybe these idiots secretly want the Russians to rule them, as they won't win a war, fighting with their non-binary, non-white LGBTQ+ "troops."

    PJW- English ancestors were all Black, according to Google AI.

    Obviously Cabalist bankers are replacing the founding peoples of the West

Another family member, Emanuel Macron de Rothschild, the so-called president of France, meanwhile, cannot appear in public without being grabbed by a lynch mob and hanged on the spot. This is exactly what the French farmers in the video below tried to do when they heard he was going to appear at an agricultural fair.

I think it's more likely that whatever power shifts that occur from a succession have already happened/are already happening. We're long past the times of waiting for kings to physically die for the heirs to actually come into power, I doubt they were waiting for an actual death. At that level of power there's too much at stake in the face of other factions to allow a vicious internal crisis to ruin things. They've probably got some ironclad protocol for succession.

There's plenty more demons where he came from that are more than willing to continue the legacy of consolidated power, control and materialism. I wouldn't rejoice just yet.

He might have been an aristocrat and the richest man on the planet, but he died like a commoner. All the money in the world couldn't extend his life one minute. His death is not an end, but the beginning of an eternity of torment. No doubt that they have access to things which we can't even imagine. Real cutting-edge medicine that heals. All of these elites have a ghoulish look when they get older. The look must be from all the organs and blood they used and the countless people who had to die for them to have it. In the end, it's all in vain. No one can escape death or live longer than what GOD has divinely decreed.

They have their own entire bloodlines to handle all of his. Chances are someone was already put in place long before this viper left the earth.

When did he die. Because yesterday on the Mall in London England three horses marched down it with a covered flag. Two black horses and one white horse - apparently it was unusual because this only happens when the monarch dies.

I mean I'm not into all that date meaning stuff necessarily, but I just glanced at the calendar after reading this comment and noticed that you have 666 pretty easily out of 26/2/2024.
6+2+2+2+2+4 = 666

Oh no, that sucks. He must have run out of baby blood. Kissinger and now this POS within a few months

It’ll be interesting to see who attends the funeral

I wonder if Satan will show up?

I don't think he does parties where drugs aren't involved.

Adrenochrome is a drug.

Implying the bloodstreams of the attendees won't be absolutely loaded before they arrive.

All kinds of fucked up rituals will be taking place the next few days.

True, probably going to be a lot of sacrifices when the new baron officially becomes the head of that twisted clan.

I have a strong intuition that "Mr. Burns" is feeling quite a bit of "burn" right now.

He was the only Rothschild with the lord title, and he is also the first son of the first son of the....of Mayer Amschel Rothschild. According to their own published family history this "legacy strain" is in charge above all the other Rothschilds clans. It started with 6 sons in 16th century, imagine how many there are. Anyway every Rothschild gives birth to 2 sons so the question is , is the new one( guess he was called Alexander Rothschild) the one in charge? Or are they faking the death and go to their underground HQ in Antarctica?

And I know that it doesn’t only take one person to end something and that others are in succession but I do truly believe often that like Cult leaders there is a head of the snake. Hopefully whoever it is that takes his spot has less resolve and ability to enact what Jacob set out to do.

Which of his family members is the unofficial ruler of Earth now?

Nat Rothschild..

The Rothschilds family has owned just about every bank for the last few hundred years. Many of the wars started in the last few decades have one thing in common…the country didn’t have a Rothschild backed bank. The family is more powerful than any President, politician, or corporation combined. They run the world.

“Jacob Rothschild called the theft of Palestinian land “the most incredible piece of opportunism” and supported Zionism for sixty years, so it’s poetic that his last image of Zionism was the entire world condemning it as the fascist, depraved ideology it is.”

Wait, so drinking the blood of kids doesn’t keep you alive forever? I’m so confused now. Looks like all that adrenochrome didn't do the trick after all..

He’s being reincarnated into another body, or so they are all told. Thats the problem when u sell out your own kind to actual NHI from a lower realm that promise you immortality, you always lose.

Im curious how much money was invested in trying to figure out immportakity or occult transfer of souls. Something along those lines. When you dabble in the dark side its only natural to seek ways where life doesnt end for you. Im curious how much of todays world is directly related to his decisions. I wonder if wishing for peace to the family is considered rude.

Their literal souls (if you'll call it that) get resent back into the family.... And yes, they're incestuous. Very. They also eat children.

What do you base that on? (The reincarnation bit)

Forever conscious research channel (Obviously, shout-out to Mark!) Overwatch project (Dan's a deductive BEAST!, he sees right through this crap and SHARES it openly for free) Tricked by the light (Wayne Bush, an under appreciated giant) What on earth is happening (Mark Passio -occult satanic breakdown -exposing the actual people who have us enslaved and their methods) Jared Boosters (deep dives on historical resets -probably no clue about matrix soul trap) UnderstandingConspiracy (historical resets/old world) Lucious Aurelian(old world) Jerry Marzinski (demonic influence/oppression and it's link to schitzophrenics) Howdie Mickoski (some of the most sober and dot-connecting content) Morgue Official (lots of learning material and some of the most level-headed content and truth) Tony Sayers (just hear him out) Chuck Swindoll and his breakdown of the God-Eater history of evil is incredibly eye-opening! Awesome work!
Alan Watts for when it's all too heavy
Jordan Maxwell (Basically how evil controls government & their labyrinth of deception through words and legality -as tools of enslavement through coercion) Philip K. Dick
A little light research.

    reincarnate into the same bloodline.
It's done through an occult blood ritual, right? Anyone knowledgable on this?
I think i remember something like it needs to be in place around the time of death.

Rothschild fund both sides of the Ukraine war, Putin and Zelensky are both under Klaus Schwab's Young Global Leaders Program. I'll only believe Putin is a white hat when he sends them to jail for crimes against humanity. In the meantime, I'll stay a skeptic and just stack away, oh and I don't like senseless wars especially when initiated by the Rothschild and its minions.

My take is he went through the WEF world leaders program. Videos of him and Klaus smiling and joking and videos of Klaus gloating that Putin is his puppet. But Putin played them instead and now had 10 years to prepare and knows the enemies strategy and weaknesses. I think the war is real not orchestrated.

Am guessing he died because he was sacrificed to some weird entity, for the same amount of intelligence he had, and they want his mind, intelligence to be transferred to a other being. Just a possibility, Or he may have faked his death, Let's be real his brain is probably sitting in a phylactery somewhere...

He's just shedding his old form and needed the blood of Gaza children in order to transform.

Don’t be fooled. Demons never actually die.

I always wonder why these powerful people never live that much considering they have access to quite literally everything including ancient technology

80s and 90s is pretty old for people who have probably lived pretty hedonistic lives. David Rockefeller lived to 101 recently

I’ve seen references to the ancient tech thing a couple times in this thread. Cursory googling isn’t helping, got any info or a link to more on this?

Well it's a rabbit hole i dont have any links on hand but our history is not what we are told. The ancients had technology which was a lot more advanced than what we have now. I'm talking back in sumerian times so thousands of years ago.

The Rothschilds "own" the world because they control the money supply so they would have access to knowledge and tech which is hidden.

Look up the tomb of gilgamesh and his body when it was found. Look up the star gate in uruk (iraq). Humans were not the only ones and are not the only ones on this planet. There was a race called the nephilim (bible) which many say are the annunaki or atlanteans that are part god part human. They had advanced tech that would seem like magic to us.

Look up billy carson on youtube and all other platforms he's very knowledgeable of the ancient sumerian tablets and goes on to talk about these people.

The point is, having access to technology which is "not of this world" it is strange that these powerful people only live to 87 like in this case.

Royals all ill all of a sudden
by kerrichinchilla
Anyone else find it weird a family that has always pretended they are immune to 'normal people' issues. Who hid sickness when ever they could suddenly have thre sick royals in Les than a week. Charles is having a prostate op, Kate Middleton has a mystery abdominal op and now Sarah Ferguson has cancer.

I'm finding it suspicious especially with the Epstein list coming out the week before and old Andy is accused of under age orgies. But I think it's more than that. Seems only the lower royals are out in public

Everything to do with the royals is suspicious. Who knows maybe they got vaxxed?

Maybe they all had too many kidburgers at the last royal picnic.

It IS a depopulation agenda. We are under attack by:
-    Chemtrails spraying deadly toxins everyday everywhere. killing plants, altering soil Ph, causing illness breathing the deadly metals and rat poisoning .
-    Directed Energy Radiation Weapon attacks incinerating dozens and dozons of sites 38 in California alone, Mau, Chile, Canada- 80 million acres, DEW's are now mounted on pickup trucks, no longer a wooo wooo space weapon, They've been used and refined for 50 years or more.
-    Bioweapons. The Covid 19 shots have been patented as a 'counter measure' the military term for a weapon. Pfizer is under contract with the U.S. Dept of Defense who is deploying the bioweapon murdering off the world. 10 thousand people a month are dying from it in the U.K alone!! And its still being pushed to the delight of Americans. It has changed the DNA of billions and the outcome is horrific, our DNA is our gift from God never meant to be altered!!!!
-    Isolation to depress. So many famiies are divided and so many people especially the elderly are alone, Depression kills too folks and is a terible way to go .
-    Food supplies are being destroyedl, Food processing plants have been burnt to the ground hundreds of them including baby formula. Food stock animals are being killed. Farms in Holland and all over the world are under W.E.F attack using fu*king climate change as the excuse to destroy our food. So people are starving.
-    War in Ukraine and Palestine.. using our taxes we need in our Country to help our people and to house our homeless . To help the vaccine injured who are forgotten about to help us clean our blood from the nano circuits in it now being proven accross the world . Merging Man with machine via the psychopaths. Trump's face adorns Israeli coins with Netenyahu one of the masterminds of 911 too. Trump sold out New York and the United States by accepting a bribe to shut up about bombs being used to destroy the WTC in exchange for a position of high power. The proof? He did shut up about the bombs and he did get that position of high power. He is their controlled puppet. Rolled out the bioweapon now depopulating Earth Operation Warp Speed, the DOD under contract with Pfizer.
-    Deadly hospital protocols. Hospitals are deadly places now in many cases.
-    Nano circuitry now in many foods

I am posting this because mankind, natural mankind is seriously at stake. The mission of mergeing man with machine for total control is well underway. United We Stand has never meant so much. We humans could end the tryanny if only we were As United As the global psychopaths that have had the One World Order Agenda going on for a very long Time. Klaus Schaub's Young Global Leaders school graduating psychopaths for 30 years including Bill Gates and bragging they staffed 3/4 of the Canadian Government including Justin Treadou . All aspects of our lives infiltrated with evil. Only by really realizing the evil can we Unite for Good and end this world take over B.S. fast. Please have courage . Trudeau is a Young Global Leaders WEF graduate. Trained in genocide and the One World Order . Canada has the MAID program to have doctors kill people by lethat injection , they are pushing suicide . I think the program is not doing well as doctors may be unwilling to murder people. The sooner people reaize we are in the midst of a serious depopulation agenda the sooner we can stop it. Man up!!!! GGates wants you dead. That's his agenda. Total Control over all humans. Is his thing It is what he all about. Eugenics . Population control . Mass murder. Genocide.

The Covid 19 shots cross the blood brain barrier as autopsies prove. Dr. Peter Breggin reports that frontal lobe loblotomies are occuring from the injections and changing people's personalities and moods, causing brain fog and brain damage over time. When People realize that directed energy weapons really ARE being used to incinerate our lands and homes and cars, as is clear and evident , just ask Eric West owner of Hawaii Real Estate or anyone else who survived Lahaina attack. People can realize it as they can see melted cars next to unburnt trees. But they just take it in stride and go about life as if mass murders are normal in the U.S. Mass murder is being normalized by our citizens, the jabs have zombified our masses.

A Conspiracy is when two or more people commit a crime. So therefore most crimes ARE conspiracies. The C.I.A. co-conspirators to the murder of President Kennedy was in the hot spot as many Americans then still had some critical thinking skills ( Americans now do not) and questioned the official narrative , The CIA could not have any of that going on.. So they coined and marketed the term "Conspiracy Theorist and Tin Foil Hat" and used tax dollars to do so To shut people up, to belittle people who question the official government narrative. So when someone uses the term Conspiracy Theorist to put down debate and discussion, they are really proving their OWN Brainwashing. Pathetic. The real pandemic is loss of common sense and critical thinking skills. The jabs do cross the blood brain barrier. And people are so selfish they know deep down that the government is killing them, they just do not have the intregrity to get ' involved' and maybe be called the dredded Conspiracy Theorist. As the governments of the world genocide mankind and change human DNA and merge man with machine, as evil takes over. Americans just can not be bothered with fighting back.... Apathy and denial have taken over their minds to the detriment of mankind. United We Stand has never meant so much. Please start caring folks its almost too late.......

You have to realize the truth to understand where they are coming from.... The truth is we are in the midst of a world wide agenda to depopulate the world by 95%. Yes that IS the agenda. Go to the WEF Website and read all about their plans for us. No meat, no dairy, no gas applicances, no dining rooms!! Yes no dining rooms for us anymore.. Street lights are being replaced with tracking lights on our streets, yes they are! Driving lanes are being taken away here up and down the coast. Highrise cubicals to live in being built. DEW attacks to burn people out of the countrysides happening , recently Chile, Maui, Paradise CA and 35 sites in CA, in Washington, Oregon Canada. They are incincerating us and not one presidential candidate has the courage to expose it. While Ed Wackerman rots in jail accused of the Oak Fire that he in no way could have started because it was started with a radiation weapon. DEWs are now mounted on pickup trucks folks. They are not some far out space weapon and have been used since 911 and before. Wake up and help fight instead of being in denial. Your country and world needs you to have common sense. Forest Fires do not skip burning the forest!!!!! As IS happening !!! As happened in Maui, in Chile In CA. Paradise was incinerated, people turned to dust in their cars road blocked in, SAMEas Maui. Same, Exactly. Please help. Our government is no longer ours hasn't been since at least 911 or before.. A total coup d'eta. Millions dead from the jabs and millions more dying right this second. CARE!! and FIGHT!

Here's what they do.

If you make a post about something true, that is inconvenient for them, they will come in and start hyping it up, but also pair it with something insane. For example, there are peer-reviewed, published papers documenting the existence of thermite in the World Trade building rubble. That is true, and provable, and also highly inconvenient if people start to actually look into it. Leads people down a big ol rabbit hole.

But if they can jump into the conversation and say "Oh yeah, and you know what else?? Aliens fired rockets into the buildings and that's why there is no rubble!" This could even be something you believe to be true- doesn't matter, it doesn't have unequivocal, easy to digest, mainstream evidence behind it. But now that association between "9/11" and "crazy fringe" is starting to be built up in people's minds. They won't want anything to do with it after that. Discredits the entire movement and cuts it off from serious discussion.

Here is a perfect example. The introduction to this BBC article is

    The first 9/11 conspiracy theories appeared on the internet just hours after the attacks, on 11 September 2001, and with the rise of social media, have grown in scope and scale ever since.

    Extensive reports by the 9/11 Commission, US government agencies and expert groups have refuted the existence of any hidden conspiracy. But activist groups in the US and elsewhere, the 9/11 Truth movement, say the facts have been hidden. Some leading members of the movement have also embraced conspiracies about Covid-19 and vaccines.

See? In an article debunking 9/11 conspiracies, they found a way to wedge in a COMPLETELY unrelated bit about vaccines. What do vaccines have to do with 9/11? Absolutely nothing, of course. But that's not the point. Now they have linked up the two and dirtied both by association. Now the facts no longer matter, because the only people who would believe in 9/11 conspiracies are also against vaccines, and that means everything they believe must be crazy and dangerous.

As soon as the label "conspiracy theorist" was created and publically derided, it was all over. It's not just your weird cousin who has an 'I want to believe' alien poster and tells you the government shot MLK anymore. All the 2018-ish era manufactured hate against antivaxxers (remember those baby coffin memes, way before covid?) was a setup to link that hate with "conspiracy theorists" who questioned the Covid vax. Jan 6th was the cherry on top. Now conspiracy theorists aren't just loonies, but dangerous plague spreaders and domestic terrorists.

Question anything MSM says and you are now a threat to the general public. Censorship is welcomed with open arms to "protect the vulnerable" and "fight against misinformation".

Discernment is probably the most important power to have, especially in these days and times.

A lot of conspiracy theories like flat-earth and qanon are promoted/created by the CIA to make all conspiracy theorists look crazy.

Icke and Jones are disinformation agents- they reveal genuine truth and are worth following- but they also wrap truth with lunacy to make us look crazy.

We just had a US Air Force member, Aaron Bushnell, burn himself alive screaming "Free Palestine" to protest mass bombing Gaza while they have nowhere to escape to. I hope the people of Israel/Palestine can unite and realize Hamas was created by Rothschild-CIA/Mossad to incite the wiping out of Gaza. Let me ask you this, do you think SARS-COV-2 was lab-made or from the wet market?

The Jacob Rothschild posing with the witch Marina Abramovic photo is extremely important, because these are the people that run this world. As St. Paul stated. Reality is made of God Mind, consciousness. These people get that, and utilize left hand path Luciferian techniques of black magick to enslave and affect our timeline and reality. Going back to magician John Dee, top advisor to Queen Elizabeth. He developed Enochian Magick to communicate with fallen angels. These fallen angels are highly deceptive. They've gotten the elites under their spell, and want the New World Order. Aleister Crowley is a John Dee disciple, and calls the fallen angels the "Secret Chiefs" or "extra-Human Intelligence" that runs this world.

For example, you had COVID announced in December 2019. That's when Jacob Rothschild posed with Abramovic in front of the painting "Satan Summoning his Legions." Pretty major flex on us plebs, wouldn't you say? The message there is "Listen bitches. We run this. Might is Right. We're working with the Secret Chiefs Aleister Crowley mentioned in Magick Without Tears."

Then you had Bill Gates (Microsoft) publish Patent 060606 in March 2020 for the beast system, and then shockingly on Good Friday in April 2020 the very next month you had Bill Gates feature the Rothschild witch Marina Abramovic in a Microsoft ad for "mixed reality." You go deeper on this, they're trying to bring in the Eighth Sphere digital hell that Rudolf Steiner warned about. Good link on that and how it relates to the fallen angels:

I aim to expose this plot and hopefully help to depower it. But really, only Jesus Christ has the power to bring this thing down.

Lord Rothschild posing with satanic witch Marina Abramovic in front of the painting "Satan Summoning his Legions" in late 2019

MUST WATCH Here's a documentary exposkng an Apollo (Lucifer) temple on a Rothschild estate where people in black robes do occult rituals:

"1666: Redemption Through Sin" by Robert Sepehr:

Explains how Amschel Rothschild created the Illuminati with Jacob Frank on 5/1/1776 with Isaac Weishaupt as the front man. The Illuminati is a Luciferian psychotic occult group dedicated bringing the world under a one world hell tyranny.

Look into Amalantrah Working and Babalon Working

Quote:    Ahriman’s Eighth Sphere, about which Rudolf Steiner has spoken in various contexts, is of decisive importance for the development of the Earth and humanity. It is not easy to grasp conceptually, for on the one hand it involves the sphere of the earthly activity of the creator gods, the Elohim (Spirits of Form), but on the other hand it is virtually identical with what is called “hell” in the various religious traditions. The difference between Christian hell and the Eighth Sphere is that fallen beings from the ranks of the hierarchy also have fallen into this realm and exert much pressure on souls to turn away from the spirit and look solely to the material plane and the sub-natural plane below them – the realm of hell. This is a realm where many of the dead get caught by their materialistic vices and are imprisoned in their insatiable desires. Fallen light, in the form of electromagnetism, helps construct this sub-earthly plane that pulls angels and humans into a dark realm devoid of spirit. It is a realm of living death, frustration from addictions, and a cold immoral hell made of the cast-off dross of the material world.

    The Eighth Sphere is a subterranean layer beneath the earth where demons from many realms try to immorally consume human willpower as their means of incarnating into the material world. Thus, it is also called the “hell realm of hungry ghosts.”

    The problem of the Eighth Sphere is that beings reaching as high as the Elohim (Exousia, Spirits of Form) have also fallen into this realm through a retarded (backward) evolutionary choice, remaining behind normal progressive evolution. They have chosen to become “Luciferic angels.” All fallen Luciferic beings can be called “angels”, even though their rank might be much higher. Thus Christ (Solar Logos), who works through the seven central Elohim on the Sun is now facing the fallen Elohim named Sorat (or Sorath). This being is known as the Anti-Sun Being or the Anti-Christ. He works with beings called Asuras (fallen Archai from Old Saturn) who try to consume the physical body and the “I Am” of humans and lead them over to a sub-material realm in the Eighth Sphere, effectively making them sub-humans. Sorat is the opposite of Christ and thus “anti-love”, “anti-human”, and fights against the Holy Trinity and the nine hierarchies trying to destroy humanity and its spiritual evolution.

My job is to get the facts out there, in hopefully a condensed presentable form, so people can rapidly share the infographic or text that has all the facts and sources from real scientists. The only way we get a mass awakening and bring down the NWO is by spreading facts, awakening people with facts. Good facts with substance.

Like with COVID. It's so obvious. In September 2019 you had Wuhan Lab delete their virus sequences, militarize the lab, and redo the ventilation. We now know COVID began in September 2019. Boom. What else do we know? Well, Wuhan Bat Lady Shi Zhengli works for EcoHealth which specifically proposed in 2018 inserting a fully functional furin cleavage site at the S1-S2 junction of bat coronaviruses so they can hook into the ACE2 receptors of humans and infect and kill us. And that EXACT virus appears the very next year with a fully functional furin cleavage site in that specific location, with humanized arginine codons? And the virus doesn't spread among bats, only humans? Please. And there's no animal source that's been found as being the intermediary source anywhere near Wuhan.

Oh and hey, Billy "Rockefeller" Gates invested $55 million into mRNA vaxx creator BioNTech on September 4, 2019. Wuhan deleted their virus sequences on September 12, 2019. Oh and btw, Bill Gates funds EcoHealth/Wuhan Lab.

"No one can find the animal that gave people covid-19"

"10 reasons we KNOW that COVID-19 leaked from the Wuhan Lab"

    One of the only labs in the world manipulating coronaviruses was right next to where we can trace the beginnings of the pandemic. That’s not a coincidence.

    The wet market was blamed, but testing of large swaths of animals revealed no animal source.

"The Chinese Bat Virus That Never Shows Up in Any Chinese Bats"

    The relevance of this is that SARS Cov-2, the pandemic virus, is the only virus in its entire genus of SARS-related coronaviruses that contains a fully functional cleavage site at the S1, S2 junction. And here is a proposal from the beginning of 2018 [from Fauci/Gates-funded EcoHealth Alliance] proposing explicitly to engineer that sequence at that position in chimeric lab- generated coronaviruses.

    Richard Ebright, an eminent molecular biologist at Rutgers University,

Apparently I'm one of the only people on the planet who cares to expose the people who unleashed a $24 trillion virus on us, which killed 20 million people. 99.9% of people have forgotten about the torture they put us through. I get it. We just want to move on.

But I feel like we've been sucker punched in the face and then pissed and sh*t on by the NWO. Locked down like dogs. Our businesses shut down. Injected with sh*t like cattle. Had a pretty nasty virus released on us that had a 5-10% death rate for 70+ year olds and caused many to lose their sense of taste for a year. Were given toxic, deadly Remdesivir as the "standard of care" treatment which killed millions. Very few care. I care, and I know who did it. So can you understand why I really want to make sure we all know who did it, and have the facts to back it up, so can we pressure our puppets like Trump/Biden/Congress to call these people out and make sure they don't release more pandemics on us? Why is it just me that's pissed about what they just did to us, and what they're obviously planning to do again? Why wouldn't you support me trying to expose them, for your sake and mine? And it's this same group behind the wars globally.

And btw, the Israeli government treated Israeli people horribly during COVID. Netanyahu is a NWO puppet like Trump/Biden and the people of Israel know that. Basically all terrorist groups in the middle east are CIA/Mossad created. They serve plenty of purposes. They have unlimited money to fund these groups. The people of Gaza need to realize Hamas isn't there friend, and actually works for Israel's masters in service of the destruction of Palestine. They should be working to overthrow Hamas, vote them out or whatever. Install a peaceful government not vowing to destroy Israel, which is specifically to incite Israel. And the people of Israel need to realize mass bombing innocent people with nowhere to go is bad.

COVID-19 was a ritual. They're trying to bring in Lucifer-Ahriman Eighth Sphere warned about by Rudolf Steiner. Daniel Liszt, aka Dark Journalist, and Gigi Young talk about it

Bill Gates 9/4/19 $55 million BioNTech mRNA vaxx creator investment:

Elon Musk and Bill Gates are DARPA puppets and Rothschild agents who joined CureVac mRNA in 2016 and who, with DARPA and the Rothschild-Rockefeller NWO, want to inject everyone with graphene neural lace to lock everyone into the Eighth Sphere Lucifer Quantum AI hive mind tied to 666 CERN portal

The Force is strong with Luke Rudkowski. Legend. He confronted Lord Jacob Rothschild. And the very moment he told him we weren't afraid of the New World Order, J-Roth turned on a swivel and a Cross could be scene passing by. Amazing stuff. Luke Rudkowski stepped up to the most powerful dude on Earth. A literal devil worshiper. And he told him we aren't afraid. That's how it's done. There's nothing to fear.

    Why single out Hamas that has only been around 40 years? Why not go after Zionism? IDF? CIA directly? Or Mossad? I realize it's only about Gaza, but what's happening is much more about Israel and it's creation than about Gaza.

Didn't Luciferian 33° Scottish Rite Albert Pike "predict" (plan?) three world wars? Isn't Freemasonry a Rothschild Illuminati Luciferian hijacked group? Albert Pike said "Lucifer is god" and communed with him frequently. The world wars were all orchestrated by the Rothschild central bankers. The Rothschilds stand with witches in front of "Satan Summoning his Legions" paintings. These current wars are orchestrated as well. Their magazine, "The Economist," literally had Gaza peeps flying over the wall in hang gliders on that one cover for whet hell will look like.

Yes they planned it. They created Hamas. The Rothschild-Rockefeller NWO. Specifically to attack Israel and provide a pretext to wipe out Gaza. Israel knew the exact attack plan for a YEAR and let it happen of course.

It was the Rothschilds who created this Zionist movement and the occupation of Palestine, military occupation, by the Rothschilds via the Balfour Declaration

"Lord Rothschild: My Family Created Israel"

"Lord Rothschild discusses cousin’s crucial role in ‘miracle’ Balfour Declaration",

Lord Rothschild posing with satanic witch Marina Abramovic in front of the painting "Satan Summoning his Legions" in late 2019

Here's a documentary exposing an Apollo (Lucifer) temple on a Rothschild estate where people in black robes do occult rituals:

Book "1666: Redemption Through Sin" by Robert Sepehr:

Explains how Amschel Rothschild created the Illuminati with Jacob Frank on 5/1/1776 with Isaac Weishaupt as the front man. The Illuminati is a Luciferian psychotic occult group dedicated bringing the world under a one world hell tyranny.

So yes, when you say "Zionism," or "Mossad" or "CIA" or "IDF", yes these are movements under the control of literal satanists. The Rothschilds are open about their satanism. This goes back to Sabbatai Zevi and Jacob Frank. Sabbatean Frankism. This is a group of satanists who take over religions like Judaism and create movements like Zionism and use those ideas to create war and crush people. Pit people off against each other.

As I see it, they literally used this idea that Jewish people deserve a homeland to move these Eastern European Jews into Palestine and take over by force and then essentially ethnically cleanse out the native Palestinians. I disagree with that completely and think it's an occupation. That's my view. I need to really study the history more, but to say "my people once lived there, so we have we claim to the land forever" seems absurd. But God got his people out of satanic black magick Ancient Egypt. Now modern Israel was created by satanic Ancient Egypt black magick peeps, the Rothschilds. So is Rothschild Zionism about God's people? What genetics were those people? Who's closer to those Hebrew genetics, eastern European Jews or native Palestinians? I've heard native Palestinians are actually closer in genetics to these ancient Hebrews so really it's anti-Semitic to support Zionism. I need to really research the history.

Either way, I really hope both the people of Israel there now and the native Palestinians that are left can unite and realize they are all HUMANS that LOVE each other, and it really is these Rothschild-Rockefeller New World Order satanic bankers who are pitting them against each other.

Quote:Cathy Fox tweeted this link:

Name Position, rank or details
Huma Abedin Connected to the Chicago Group
Marina Abramovich Inferred, not confirmed. Associates with individuals high up in the Eastern Quadrant ranks
Stacey Abrams Grand High Priestess inferred via Bilderberg attendance, quadrant unknown, possibly southern. Failed gubernatorial candidate Georgia (US State).
Cristina Aguilera Monarch programmed
Michael Aquino Oversees Western Quadrant US* and International military bases and experiments
Amy Coney Barrett Sister of Light Northern Quadrant. Trained in Emerald City.
Somerset Belenoff Head of Green Dragon Family. Grand High Priestess/Baronness. Oversees all GHP’s internationally.
Karina Belenoff Werewolf. Owns a cannibal restaurant in California called “Cannibal Cravings at the Hollydale”. Daughter of SB.
Prince Bernard Bilderberg conference co-creator. Father of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands
Beyoncé Grand High Priestess Eastern US Quadrant. Successor of Gloria Vanderbilt
Hunter Biden “has all the hallmarks of a hierarchy child”
Joe Biden Close associations with the Li family of the International Eastern Quadrant
Justin Bieber
Richard Branson Higher-up than Epstein
John Brennan Oversees US Military Eastern Quadrant*
GW Bush
GHW Bush (Sr.) Nickname “timber”. Werewolf.
Sean Carter aka Jay-Z.
Dick Cheney & Lynne Cheney Northern quadrant. OW witnessed rituals he participated in.
HR Clinton Good friends with OW’s proctor. Was groomed to succeed Gloria Vanderbilt but that did not happen. High Priestess.
Bill Clinton High Priest. Was eligible in 2018 and 2019 for open seat on the Satanic Council, but did not get one.

Chelsea Clinton
George Clooney Grand High Priest. Took Barron Hilton’s seat on the Satanic Council after he died in 2019. Was in charge of the “Hollywood
Amal Clooney Trained under Gloria Vanderbilt, hung around with Madonna, Lady Gaga and Marina Abramovich of Eastern Quadrant. Likely High Priestess at a minimum, inferred not confirmed.
Sacha Baron Cohen Inferred member; unconfirmed. Let some insider information “slip” while doing a documentary. Intentional? Possibly.
Joan Collins Grand High Priestess Western Quadrant (along with Betty White)
Anderson Cooper High Priest. Media division. Associated with people from the Eastern Quadrant.
Carter Cooper Deceased bother of Anderson Cooper; son of Gloria Vanderbilt; High Priest.
Miley Cyrus Monarch/Disney programming
Seven Deadly Cyns Assassins; select group of specialty Sisters of Light present at protests in Europe dressed as “oil slicks”.
Ellen Degeneres
Johnn Depp Vampire; from a French line of vampires. Wears the ring of a Satanic Councilman and another of a High Priest (multiple regions, US and international)
Leonardo Dicaprio Also part of the ‘Hollywood Warlocks’ with George Clooney
Walt Disney Was a mason. He helped build a major occult training center under Disneyland.
Jeffrey Epstein
Anthony (Tony)Fauci High Priest connected to the Jesuits.
Diane Feinstein Close association with the Chinese Li family of the International Eastern Quadrant
Bill Gates High Level, not specifically specified.
Clarista Gingrich Sister of Light. White? magick healer. Northern Quadrant
Newt Gingrich Northern Quadrant. Part of “light” side of the system.
Whoopi Goldberg Believed to be involved–unconfirmed
Tom Hanks
Barron Hilton Former Satanic Councilman, deceased 2019, was succeeded by George Clooney. Son of the founder of the Hilton Hotel chain. Grandfather of Paris Hilton.
Kamala Harris Signature is on documents helping to steal Jonah Rief from his mother and give him to the brotherhood.
Samuel L Jackson
Kim Kardashian High Priestess Western US Quadrant
Kardashian All the girls are apparently in the system
Martha Louise Princess of Norway
Michael Karkoc Ukranian Legion of Defense leader. NAZI. Deceased in Jan 2020.
Michael Keaton
Laurie Cabot Kent Grand High Priestess
John Kerry Northern Quadrant.
Teresa Heinz Kerry Wife of John Kerry. Northern Quadrant
Paris Hilton Granddaughter of Barron Hilton.
Nicky Hilton Rothschild Granddaughter of Barron Hilton.
Nicole Kidman
Ben Kingsley
Antony Kidman Nicole’s father. Clinical psychologist in Australia. Died unnatural death in Singapore in 2014.
Lady Gaga Grand Dame. High Priestess Eastern Quadrant, trained under Gloria V
Rachel Levine High Priest.
Madonna Grand Dame. High Priestess Eastern Quadrant, trained under Gloria V
Nelson Mandela Closely associated with the Pindar of his day.
Meghan Markle High Priestess. Did battle for the Grand High Priestess position vacated by Gloria Vanderbilt’s death, and lost to Beyoncé.
Ghislaine Maxwell Promoter of TerraMar, submarine pilot, consort of Jeffrey Epstein and accused child trafficker.
John McCain
Murdochous X (I’ve likely slaughtered the spelling of this guy’s name, cannot find a written reference to check the spelling.) Vampire. One of the highest ranking vampires along with Father Sebastiaan
Elon Musk Member of OW’s childhood circle of 3 and 5**
Sinéad O’Connor
Barack Obama Phoenix (current) of the Satanic Council. From the Ishmael bloodline (Muslim Brotherhood).
Michelle Obama
Bruce and Nellie Ohr Attended meetings with the former Queen Mother of Darkness
Jimmy Page Order of the Golden Dawn
Gwynyth Paltrow Rumored to be head Hollywood witch. Not confirmed.
Karen Pence Northern Quadrant
Mike Pence Associated with Chinese Li family of the International Eastern Quadrant; also Northern Quadrant
Natalie Portman Unconfirmed, but hangs around with Theron, Winfrey and Kidman.
Pope Ratzinger
Jonah Rief Kidnapped/stolen from his mother because of the high level of spiritual gifts he possesses. Kamala Harris helped facilitate when she was in CA government.
Nathaniel (Nate) Rothschild Member of OW’s magick circle of 5; nickname “Encyclopedia”; I believe he was the Rothschild that had his 12-year-old ceremony at the Vanderbilts’ boat cleaning location.
Baron de Rothschild 7th or 8th seat on the Satanic Council.
Jacob Rothschild Called the “Blue Dragon”. Comes from very ancient bloodline. Bilderberger. High Satanic Councilman
Guy de Rothschild Named as “Pindar” of the International Northern Quadrant by Arizona Wilder. Deceased 2007.
Klaus Schwab Founder of the World Economic Forum. High up Satanic Council seat, close to the phoenix.
Pope Francis
Pope Ratzinger Known to have done hunting parties and child sacrifices
Father Sebastiaan Vampire. Along with Murdochous (sp?) X, 2 of the highest ranking vampires.
George Soros Phoenix (retired) of the Satanic Council; oversaw International and US Western Quadrant
Britney Spears Monarch/Disney programming.
Hal? Taxil Western Quadrant, Grand High Priest, Satanic Councilman (architect?) Helped build underground structures for the system. Deceased somewhere from 2017 to 2020.
Meryl Streep High Priestess, works in a triad with 2 others that were unnamed.
Charlize Theron Unconfirmed, but does hang out with Portman, Winfrey and Kidman.
John Travolta Son rumored to have passed via ritual death. Unconfirmed.
Justin Trudeau At underground city Zion/Mars for end-time ritual in 2020.
Gloria Vanderbilt Grand High Priestess Eastern US Quadrant*. Deceased 2019; succeeded by Beyoncé.
Vlad the Impaler Begat the vampire family line. Ancestor – Genghis Khan
Vlad–Somerset’s ex-hubby Head of the werewolf protector department.
Harvey Weinstein
Kanye West High Priest Western US Quadrant
William Windsor Bloodline
Harry Windsor “In line for a seat on the Satanic Council.”
Windsors’ /Royal Family UK Western Quadrant, International
Diana Windsor Bloodline, programmed. Worked to get both her children out of the system.
Queen Elizabeth II Rumored 9th circle
Prince Philip Brought the “crime” of picking dandelions to the Council.
Cisco Wheeler Mother of Darkness successor trainee. Revealed Aug 24, 2021, Right on Radio.
Betty White Grand High Priestess, face front, Western Quadrant* (with Joan Collins)
Marilou Whitney High Priestess under Gloria Vanderbilt (east Quadrant)
Oprah Winfrey High Priestess Western Quadrant*
Mark Zuckerberg High Priest. Was eligible for one of 3 open seats in the past few years (2017-2020) on the Satanic Council along with Clooney, Clinton and Obama.
Below were all present at a 12-year old ritual
Christina Applegate Hollywood actress.
Thomas Brady Rockford, Ill. Diocese, Catholic Priest, Deceased
Robert Byrd Democrat Senator for West Virginia
John FAV Cecil President/CEO of Biltmore Farms
William Cohen US Politician from Maine
Cardinal Timothy Dolan Tenth Archbishop; of New York. Catholic Cardinal
Corey Feldman Hollywood actor, deceased.
Saif al-Islam Gaddafi Son of Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi.
Corey Haim Hollywood actor
jimmy Saville

Alex Jones confirmed the painting is called "Lucifer Summoning his Legions." This photo was taken December 2019 when COVID-19 was announced. March 2020 Bill Gates Patent 060606 (beast system) released. Good Friday April 2020 Gates-Microsoft Abramovic "mixed reality" ad. Eighth Sphere Antichrist

Alex Jones is part of it. They want you to know this stuff to anger and upset you and cause more division.

It's the red cloak demon from the village, that's all it is.

Jacob Rothschild was head of the British branch of the Rothschild family the European Banking Cartel franchise of the Pindar.

Pindar of the Dragon aka Jacob Rothschild. He's a nephilim rather than possessed, I've never seen a possessed eye go this hard.

Quote:    Breaking News
    David Rockefeller was the last of his generation in a famous American family that taught its children that wealth brings great responsibility. Even as children, he and his siblings had to set aside portions of their allowances for charitable giving.

    That lesson lasted throughout his life; to mark his 100th birthday in 2015, Rockefeller gave 1,000 acres of land next to a national park to the state of Maine.

    Rockefeller died Monday in his sleep at his home in Pocantico Hills at age 101, according to his spokesman, Fraser P. Seitel.

What the Media Won't Tell You About LORD JACOB ROTHSCHILD


“Satan” Trends Online Following Death Of ‘Lord’ Jacob Rothschild

Empire of Shadows

Quote:It was announced that Jacob Rothschild passed away today.

Join me on this research video where I go through the Q posts all that relate to The Rothschilds.

The Rothschilds have has so much influence on the World controlling, Governments, Financial institutions and Churches.

They have been involved with some of the worst crimes that go on in this world and are responsible for controlling much of the dark system that has been operating all around us.

His death announcement today is very important as, him and his family are heavily linked with the biggest evil players. The Sauds, George Soros, The Clintons are all linked together, which highlights that this movie is moving us towards the exposure of the highest levels of corruption there has been.

This will help many of us connect many other things that are about to be exposed showing all crime and corruption link back up to these people at the top

The fact this is all out in the mainstream media shows so much is going on and the World are all being pulled into together for a MASS AWAKENING

Lord Jacob Rothschild Dies At 87
By Tyler Durden

Financier and member of the Rothschild banking family, Lord Jacob Rothschild, died at 87. The cause of death was not given in a statement from the family.

"Our father Jacob was a towering presence in many peoples' lives - a superbly accomplished financier, a champion of the arts and culture, a devoted public servant, a passionate supporter of charitable causes in Israel and Jewish culture, a keen environmentalist and much-loved friend, father and grandfather," the family said in the statement.

The statement continued: "He will be buried in accordance with Jewish custom in a small family ceremony and there will be a memorial at a later date to celebrate his life."

Lord Rothschild began his career at the family-owned NM Rothschild & Sons bank in 1963. In 1980, he departed from the family bank to focus on Rothschild Investment Trust. This subsidiary, currently recognized as RIT Capital Partners Plc, ranks among the most prominent investment trusts in the UK.

Besides RIT, Rothschild co-founded J Rothschild Assurance Group, now called St James's Place, with Sir Mark Weinberg in 1980.

Since debuting on the London Stock Exchange in 1988, RIT has soared as much as 1,300%.

Rothschild has also been the deputy chairman at the then BSkyB Television and was also chairman of trustees at The National Gallery.

In 2019, Rothschild stepped down as RIT's chairman. His daughter, Hannah, 61, remained on the board of directors of the investment firm.

Let's revisit some of Rothschild's previous warnings: In 2015, he said, "The geopolitical situation is most dangerous since WWII." One year later, he again warned about the outcome of "what is surely the greatest experiment in monetary policy in the history of the world," and then again in August 2017, he cautioned that "share prices have in many cases risen to unprecedented levels at a time when economic growth is by no means assured." And in 2018, he said the new world order is at risk.

Why The Death Of An “Evil” Person Won’t Change Anything From An Occult Perspective
By Bernhard Guenther, February 27, 2024

A lot of people “cheered” when it was announced that Jacob Rothschild died, just like they cheered when Kissinger or any other “evil person” died, as if they go to “hell” and the world is a better place, and that’s it; as if you can “get rid of evil” when certain people die.

Klaus Schwab is getting old, too, but even when he dies, nothing will change, even though many people will be happy about it.

Most people are caught up in the tunnel vision of the 3D manifestations of the “Matrix,” like the Deep State, the Globalists, the Central Bank, the Fed, the WEF, the Illuminati, Zionists, or any other “secret society” or institution they focus on, missing out on the occult hyper-dimensional aspect of the “matrix control system.”

Most of the powerful psychopaths in power are nothing more than empty vessels and puppets of powerful anti-divine asuric/archonic occult hostile beings.

Many murders and other violent crimes (including pedophilia and rape) committed by psychopathic individuals (be it individual killers, rapists, or politicians in positions of high power giving orders to kill or engaging in sexual ritualistic abuse) can be attributed to these occult malevolent entities.

They possess or work through their human puppets to feed off the “loosh” of suffering – it’s a very “delicious” frequency “meal” for these beings, for humanity is not on “top of the food chain” – frequency-consciousness speaking.

Remember what Hilary Clinton said about Qaddafi: “We came, we saw, he died!” followed by a big laugh. Frequency-wise, it is no different than laughing or being joyful about the death of what you see as an “evil” person.

The energy of being joyful about someone’s death [regardless of whether it is a “good” or “bad” person] FEEDS the occult forces that manipulate humanity from unseen realms. You lower yourself to their level of “enjoying death and suffering.”

The same goes when you project hate and anger on these individuals. It feeds them just like the emperor in “Star Wars” wanted Luke to get him to hate him and to give in to the dark side, so you become what you fight against. It’s a version of a “trap of agreement” with an occult hostile force.

So-called “Satanic rituals,” SRA (Sexual Ritualistic Abuse), and MK Ultra trauma-based programming are practiced to bring in/call in these powerful occult forces to gain more power and purposely possess specific individuals.

When their human host dies, nothing changes, nor does killing the human host change anything “for the better.” The occult hostile entity riding them will survive and attach to or possess a new host.

The occult hyper-dimensional agenda is outside the human conception of “time and space” and beyond human lifetimes. The death of a vessel/puppet due to old age or unforeseen circumstances is accounted for, and that is how humanity has been manipulated for thousands of years.

It’s also the reason behind the “in-breeding” and choosing who they marry and have children with – for a powerful asura demi-god can do its work over generations and lifetimes and affect multiple people within a family or group of people [not just blood-related].

That’s also the enormous blind spot in people who believe that the solution is just to arrest all the bad guys or get rid of them by just killing them off.

For example, the death penalty and capital punishment won’t change anything, either. It will only give satisfaction to the demonic being (and to the human ego living in the illusion that “justice is done”), which will then look for another suitable human vessel to use.

Hence, as Sri Aurobindo noted:

“…From this point of view, you will see that capital punishment is absurd. The man who murdered was under the possession of the impulse of some [occult] being. When the man is executed, the being takes possession of another. Some vital beings want to have their play here….”

Humans are too embedded in a tunnel vision of the dogma of material reality and corrupted religious dogma (with the idea of “heaven” and “hell” and an external god who “punishes” or “rewards” – a matrix program in itself). Hence, they mistake symptoms for causes and don’t recognize the spiritual reality with countless beings acting on and through them.

You may ask, what is the “solution” then?
First of all, be careful of black-and-white thinking. It’s not about not doing anything, turning a blind eye to evil, falling into “blind compassion,” or some New Age Love and Light cop-out.

Ultimately, it’s about a complete shift in consciousness via inner AND outer work beyond trying to “fix the world” on a superficial 3D level and trying to “eradicate evil” externally [which is futile, anyway]. We still live under the illusion that the external world is separate from our inner reality.

It is also about understanding spiritual science [beyond the five senses], occult, and divine laws in the bigger picture of the evolution of consciousness and getting out of the age of materialism that denies a spiritual reality.

It does NOT mean just blaming entities either and avoiding accountability. These occult forces have a teaching function in the grand scheme of it all. It’s a big topic in itself.

Ultimately, a true “awakening” is not an intellectual, informational awareness of these topics or the “matrix” but a complete inner shift of the human being on a consciousness level via the process of soul embodiment, which also implies conscious action and is not about retreating or escaping from life. It doesn’t happen by itself. Conscious efforts are necessary.

I have also written about all the “solutions” and what can be done in-depth over the years on my website with many resources and references. My wife Laura and I also have over 120 podcast episodes of our “Cosmic Matrix Podcast,” where we talk about it, the work necessary, and related topics with practical guidance and suggestions.

There is no quick summary answer. It requires study, work focus, and effort. As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. It also doesn’t imply that I “know it all” or that I am”fully awake.” No, I’m in the process myself with many more lessons to learn and integrate on this path of Ascent and Descent.

Nowadays, people also lack the attention span, focus, and sincere will to do this work; they want to be spoon-fed shortcuts with the least effort on their own (or someone else to do the work for them and waiting for a savior); hence, the matrix forces have an easy play with them.

Here’s a start:

The Necessity to Surrender to the Divine and Spiritualize the Being
The Most Important Realization On The Path Towards Awakening
How To Navigate This Time Of Transition And The Birth Of A New Era
The Perilous Path Towards Awakening
The main question is also what is “good” and “bad” and who determines that?
The ego’s subjective view of what the personality thinks is “good” in its conditioned, superficial, and oversimplified black-and-white mental perception is not always what the Divine determines necessary from a “supra-mental vision” in the context of the evolution of consciousness or what the true Self within strives towards based on Divine Laws and Karmic lessons, collectively and individually.

“[…]Each thing, each being, each force on the earth moves toward a special absolute, expressing it more or less accurately and often perversely, but despite all the flaws and perversions, it obeys an intimate law that impels it towards the one truth of its being – even the leaves on the same tree are all unique. If it were not for that absolute and unique truth at the center of each one of us, we would crumble.

This is also why we are so attached to our own smallness and stumblings, because we do sense the truth that is behind them, growing behind them, as if “protected”, Sri Aurobindo said, by that very smallness and all those stumbling. If we got hold of the whole truth at once, we would turn it into some gnome in our own present image!

Truth has nothing to do with thought or good deeds, though these may be steps on the way; it has to do with a vastness of being. And the growth process is slow and difficult.

But the mind, which sees only the present surface of things, seeks to trim off all the rough edges, purify by exclusion, and reduce its world to a uniform, righteous, and equitable truth.

It decrees, “This is good, that is bad; this is friendly, that is hostile.” It might want to eliminate all the Nazis from the world or all the Chinese, for instance, thinking they are quite unnecessary calamities.

And the mind is right, by definition, since it is designed to be reasonable and since it, too, expresses a mental or moral absolute that has its place and purpose.

But this is not the whole truth; it is only one point of view. Some will say that our partiality, our mind, our morals are necessary instruments for living in the world as it is now, and this is true. We do need to be partial.

But this is also why the world is not whole. We should never lose sight of the fact that these are transitory instruments, and that we must aim at replacing these stopgaps, as Sri Aurobindo called them, with a consciousness that is vision and power.

Finally, this is why we lack power, for if we possessed power, we would, with the best of intentions, precipitate a catastrophe through ignorance or shortsightedness. Our shortcomings are necessary shortcomings.

Not only does the supramental [Divine] consciousness capture all the points of view, but also the deeper forces at work behind each thing as well as the truth within each thing: it is a Truth-Consciousness – and because it sees all, it automatically possesses Power.

We are powerless because we do not see. To see and to see totally necessarily means to have power. But the supramental power does not obey our logic or morality; it sees far into space and time, and it does not try to do away with evil in order to save the good, nor does it work through miracles; it frees the good that is within the evil, applying its force and light on the dark half so it consents to its luminous counterpart.

Wherever it is applied, the immediate effect is to touch off a crisis; that is, to place the shadow in front of its own light. It is a stupendous evolutionary ferment.[…]”

– Satprem, from “Sri Aurobindo or the Adventure of Consciousness”

We still have a long way to go.

Quote:Organic Humans vs Transhumanism – The Timeline Split | TCM #125 (Part 1)

In this podcast, we are discussing timelines, how we align with different realms depending on our frequency and other aspects of our being, how there seems to be a split between two main timelines right now – organic humans and transhumanism, the importance of soul embodiment, spiritual science, and more.

In the second hour, we talk about how mRNA technology and vaccines tie into the Transhumanism agenda and the splitting of humanity, how it impacts the afterlife,  the agenda of capturing souls over several incarnations for a digital development path, the issue of a “spiritual vacuum” within humanity, what we can do about it, and more.

Show Notes Part 1:
Signs that the Transhumanism agenda is ramping up
How can we adjust to these changing times without rejecting technology altogether
The splitting of humanity is in full force, manifesting in different ways
What are timelines?
Polarization and the Bifurcation of Time
Four ways this splitting is based on
What is Frequency Resonance Vibration?
The Temptations of Transhumanism
The lure of AI relationships
Is all AI evil?
The addictive component of technology
How to use technology wisely with conscience
The necessity for spiritual science to counteract the materialistic age

In Part 2 (only for members), we go deeper into:
How mRNA technology and vaccines tie into the Transhumanism agenda and the splitting of humanity
Important disclaimer and considerations about this topic
Soul entrapment in the afterlife
The COVID mRNA Vaccine and Impact on Future Incarnations: Humanity at a Crossroad
The agenda of capturing souls over several incarnations for a digital development path
The supra-incarnational perspective: It was never about Big Pharma Profits and is only marginally about population reduction.
The alternative ‘immortal’ silicon-based substrate of consciousness and digital DNA
We have already allowed things to go very far (point of no return)
Death of the Inner Life [soul] is necessary for “eternal” physical life
Most people only strive toward the comforts of materialism without any spiritual aspiration
A spiritual vacuum and lack of spiritual aspiration create the right conditions for the take-over of the occult hostile forces
How this relates to Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, and our Karma connected to it

Ukraine’s Rothschild Cartel Hitting Stratospheric Psychosis
By Helena Glass
Helena-The Nationalist Voice
February 29, 2024

The main source for my last two blogs,, was just today completely taken offline.  It published the writings of Eustace Mullins, a Fascist, according to Wikipedia.  Mullins worked with Willis Carto, also a conspiracy theorist, fascist, neoNazi, Holocaust Denier.  Carto published The American Free Press, a far-right, nationalist, separatist media…that aligned with Ron Paul…  yes, Ron Paul the most passive voice on earth central.

This is how the media portrays anyone outside their sphere of Gob Speak. And Peace Loving Ron Paul is now a fascist neoNazi!  IF it wasn’t written – it might make a good satirical comedy skit.  Libertarians are now fascist and must be annihilated at all costs to preserve the Zionist Regime.

Despite all these libelous labels, the one label that destroyed both Carto and Mullins, was Anti-Semitic Holocaust Deniers.  The Zions sued for defamation and – won.  Carto was vilified for using ‘talk-radio’ to espouse his views.  This was a heinous crime for which punishment was the only solution.  Worse, was his crime of presenting sympathetic profiles of such Traitors as:  Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Henry Ford and the venomous Priest, Charles Cochlin.

Charles Cochlin’s crimes?  He was anti-Socialism and anti-Communism.  For this – the Zion Jews destroyed him.

I am quoting from Google sites regarding these anti-Semitic gentlemen.  Verbatim.  The height of these allegations, assertions, and penalizations were incurred between the 1940’s thru 1970’s.  They are dead now – and apparently Google is attempting to suppress their websites, but what they stood for is exactly on par with what we are just now awakening to 50 years later!

The TRUTH was there all the time.  It was unveiled and presented to us.  And we didn’t listen.  Will we listen this time or will they overshadow the Truth again?

The Ruling Caste, The Club, The Cartel is Rothschild at the head of the pyramid.

Jacob Rothschild, knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his contributions to society, died yesterday.  Next in line is Nathaniel Rothschild.  Nathaniel owns a company that builds, Tesla.  However a spat has arisen as Hannah, the oldest of Rothschild children, is staking her claim into the Empire.  Hannah chairs Yad Hanadiv, a philanthropic foundation in Israel.

Yad Hanadiv was established in memory of Edmond Rothschild who initiated the colonization/settlements throughout Palestine beginning in the mid 1890’s.  In addition, the foundation funded the Open University campuses throughout Israel beginning in 1971, using the same model as was utilized throughout The Open University campuses across Europe. These Open Universities were the brain child of Soros.  And banished from Russia.

It is NOT coincidental that these secular Israeli PM’s routinely cite The Bible as their justification for bombardment of the entire nation – Palestine.  It is NOT coincidental that every Prime Minister of Israel has been secular.  This is their Protocol, as determined by their forefather Edmond Rothschild.

An opportunity presents:  Both Soros and Rothschild are now in the foils of infighting for control of their empires.  Soros youngest son, Alex was given the reins, and Rothschild’s youngest son, Nathaniel, was given the reins leaving the elder children to rise in descent!

Leaving their empires in a vacant space.  The same demise that gave way to the ultimate fall of King Herod’s Empire thru his sons by 30-36 AD.

This is the ideal time – Art of War.

Mike Johnson is being pressured to extreme.  That is obvious.  I feel he may acquiesce as we can only pretend to understand the evil blackmail that these people would levy.  ALL of Congress has been compromised.  Ukraine aide has risen to deafening screeching.  The Threat?  Massive annihilation.

Lockheed Martin is sitting on receivables in the neighborhood of $17 billion.  Raytheon is showing $23 billion.  Northrup is $7.2 billion.  You get the idea – the Government entered into “Contracts” with the military complex and now doesn’t have the money to PAY!  In the world of the Mafia, that would mean some legs are being broken and livelihoods destroyed in retaliation…  Which explains the absolute frantic call for Ukraine over America.  The Liberals can’t convince the rhinos that unless the Cartel Bidding is Done – They Will All Perish!

Mike Johnson’s face is pale.

The desperation has reached stratospheric levels as Von der Leyen demands that interest on frozen Russian assets be confiscated and utilized to pay for Ukraine weapons. The obvious problem?  There are no weapons for Ukraine to Buy!  The European and US arsenals are empty of inventory.  Ukraine grain shipped to Poland was dumped in protest.  And revenues are nonexistent given the vast majority of working age men have been conscripted for death.

Given western economies are in the twalette, Zelenskyy is begging Saudi Prince Bin Salman to intercede with money.  His parlay?  Zelenskyy’s ‘peace formula’.  A Peace Deal negotiated without Russia.  A laughable agenda that presupposes Ukraine has won the war and therefore can dictate the surrender of Russia and the criminal persecution of every soldier – and Putin.

Of course, the Western Peace Formula was drafted by The Rothschild Cartel  which has little to no hold over the Middle East – but that doesn’t deter Burlesque Man from begging.

Zelenskyy feels that should Russia not sign the treaty which effectively ensures a COUP, the world must acknowledge that Putin does NOT want Peace.  He speaks while Bin Salman smiles – the audacity, the incompetence… Unfortunately, most world Leaders are well aware of the truth, the criminal activity, and the Zion influence.  Bribing with money is hardly an option.  Blackmailing would backfire in spades.  And Saudi Arabia is more interested in maintaining a global evolution than support a country embedded in broken agreements, bioweapons, and Zionism.  As evidenced by their backtracking and isolating Israel from trade.

In addition, The Middle East, The World, are watching as sanctions, frozen assets, and illegal confiscations in violation of International Law are staged by the Cartel putting everyone on notice that Agreements are meaningless and Judicial Process has been usurped.  Creating a vacuum of distrust that is filled with debris.  The existential SHIFT is most assuredly in the making and The West is on the bottom of the dung heap.

The Middle East thus has absolutely nothing to gain from siding with a broken Ukraine or a Genocidal Israel.  It has everything to gain as a newly minted BRICS member.  But Saudi Arabia’s dangling of The West with a Bugs Bunny carrot is seemingly lost on the communist imperialists and the Burlesque Queen….

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