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Jesus Was An ALIEN (Elizabeth April)
Elizabeth April came out with a new video talking about Jesus being a Pleiadian. I’ve heard this from a few psychics, and it seems believable to me. Some psychics say he was a Sirian but that doesn’t make sense because Sirians are a merchant race. They don’t fit the idea of a prophet. Only the bible says he was the son of god and most woke people agree that’s BS. Most historians agree Jesus’s real name is Yeshua Ben Joseph which means son of Joseph. Son of Joseph is a major clue that he was not a son of god.

Constantine and the Council of Nicea created the Jesus story because they wanted to unite a kingdom that was split of many religions. They wanted to create a god that was the best god ever created. They created a composite character of the lives of Yeshua Ben Joseph, Rabbi Hallel, Apollonius of Tyana, Zeus, Krishna, Thoth, Horus, Christ consciousness, Sun worship, and astrology. The very first "Bible" was called the Helios Biblios, which means "The Sun Book".

So the bottom line is Jesus was a Pleiadian in a human body. If it wasn’t for Constantine the story of Jesus wouldn’t have gotten so muddied up.

Elizabeth explores Jesus's past life, who he really was, what he could do and gives an empowering message at the end from Jesus as an ascended master on how you can also rise up to Christ Consciousness.
Nah, that’s bullshit. Close but no cigar. What we need to investigate are the organic crystal skull ?
Sorry it's true. Been thoroughly researched. I expected people wouldn't accept the facts because everyone has their own version of the story they want to believe.

Helios = Sun
Bibllos = Book

'Holy' in Gk = hagios = set apart/sacred

‘Bible’ derives from Byblos which gave its name to the papyrus plant.
Byblos is Gk for the Egyptian ‘papyrus’. Diminutive form = biblion.

Latins (mis)took plural ‘biblia’ as singular - thus the English ‘bible’.

Therefore, 'Holy Bible' means 'sacred or set apart little papyrus books'.


Correctly it is Yeshua bar Yosef.

Constantine, Nicean Council, and Pleiadeans are other matters.

Will return to this thread.
Would rather read than attempt to listen so will find transcript hopefully.

@Metal Guru - What is your take on the matter if not the one posited by the OP?

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Are we all sons of God?
I hate the term God because most people misunderstand it. God is a title and not a name. Just like king is a title and not a name. This planet has had thousands of gods. They were aliens that humans worshiped because they didn't know any better. Some humans are still worshiping those aliens that left here thousands of years ago. The creator is consciousness. It has no sex, no book, and no religion. We are all consciousness. The creator is in us. Not above us.


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