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Khazarian Mafia: The God Eaters
Khazarian Mafia: The God Eaters

"This video is indeed about the Khazarian Mafia, but more importantly offers the patterns by which they have fed on God by way of humanities ignorance. As Nature creatures we are an outpouring of God, and the only way we can escape the Black Sun, is to understand their modus operandi; this means changing our world view, so that true evil can be seen; for we all have been beguiled with assumptions which disguise the Demiurge. The Khazarian Mafia has worked extremely hard to present a false reality based on inculcated lies, falsified histories, and projected blame. So the point of this lecture is to not only educate the listener to the bloodlines of the Khazarian Mafia, but more importantly, the psychology by which they have eviscerated us.

Khazarian Mafia: The God Eaters, part 2

Viewer---"OMG ... this is, without a doubt, THE most brilliant presentation of the history of our societies and development I have ever listened to. I had bits and pieces of the Khazars, their time as the 'name stealers' in Ukraine, their fall out with Russia and the following infiltration in to the govs, banks and religions of the world, but I could not put the pieces together of their ancient inflluence. This, so brilliantly, pulls it all together. Thank you! What a tremendous gift. Please please please be sure to preserve your work. Get it in to book form that can not be made to go away. You are sharing history that every person on this planet should have and know. This all resounds in to the depths of my soul as truth. You are a gift. Thank you!

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