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My name is Penny L.A. Shepard;

I was born into MKULTRA; My actual family are the Mengeles; I was raised by the Mengers who ARE the Mengeles; My aunt and uncle have their photo on the internet on a biography with Mengele, angel of death.

I look like Irene Mengele; my murdered brother David looked like their son Rolf; My brother John David McEntee, TEI, looks like Joseph; David wrote a book entitled the whistleblower; it is on the copyright office. Never published, shelved; It was about the Vatican, Bush and my evil family.

I WAS at Montauk, Area51 and Langley; caged and sex trafficked as a child to Gleason, Nixon, Billy Graham, etc. I remember nothing of MARS.

Eleven from Stranger Things is based upon my life; I was born Aug 11, 1958 in Hollywood Florida; I was married to Dr. Xenos, his name means Stranger; I was literally Mrs. Stranger.

I am a truth seeker; I started researching because I had no memories in childhood teens or adult years; Just things like schools I attended and marriages; I help other erased MKULTRAS, for free as the truth should be for free;

I am on FB, linked in; I have a group MKULTRA SEE ME NOW AGENT X:11;

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Welcome to the forum Penny, It's a surprise to see you here. I've watched all your videos and enjoyed them very much. You know a lot of amazing info. Smile
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