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Mark Passio's A.R.K. Drive
From Reddit

The A.R.K Drive & Mark Passio’s Great Work Compilation. (self.TheGreatWorkWOEIH)


***When sharing the A.R.K Drive / Mark Passio’s Great Work Compilation to people, please COPY and PASTE the TEXT or FILE below. Thank you!

[Don’t forget to DONATE to him; see the links at the end of this file!]

Hello, everyone!

So, I have just managed to upload the whole A.R.K DRIVE and Mark Passio’s Great Work Compilation (Seminars/Axillaries for now; Podcasts later) to my OneDrive account; that I made and paid to get this up, specifically.

It took over 4 weeks and counting for my PC to be constantly ON (with slight breaks in-between), just to upload this lol; at a dire upload rate of 2-6mbps >_<;)

Here’s the link to the: ‘Mark Passio’s Great Work Compilation’:!AvzsKbv968WggeQqeggv...g?e=VYEFRY

This is a compilation of Mark Passio's work.

The files inside entail ALL his SEMINAR PRESENTATIONAL videos and slides to this date that he has released to the public. There is also a lot of interviews that he has done over the years in the format of audio/video, that I have downloaded from YouTube.

*Does not contain ANY of his full Podcast/Show series, except for little snippets. This will be on a separate link.

*Does not contain ANY ArkDrive information other than Mark Passio's work. This will be on a separate link.

*Could not get my hands on the: 'The Dark Side Of Tesla's Technology Seminar Presentation Slides'. If anyone has it, send me the download and I’ll upload it!


Here is the link to the: ‘A.R.K DRIVE’:!AvzsKbv968WgaEtU9hlXH01zOFg

As you can see there are 3 Main Folders; Audio, Book and Video. The Audio and Video Folder, respectively have sub-folders; containing a certain numeral to an alphabetical limit-folder. This was done to make it easier to load, download and navigate the contents of the A.R.K DRIVE.

There is a download limit of 100GB per en masse. So, log down where and when you started/finished; rinse and repeat.

Please use the 'SORT' / 'VISUAL' tab at the top right of the screen to navigate the A.R.K Drive easier.

I will/have started to re-upload the other work(s) of Mark Passio that I have brought/compiled and will be sharing links to these once they have been uploaded.

I will do my best that ALL THE CONTENT I am uploading, will be UPLOADED. But please keep in mind that there will be discrepancies that I will do my best to sort out/log them down; so people can find/contribute towards it if they have them available.

I cannot say how well or long the content that is on the ONE DRIVE will remain. So do not trust that it will be there FOREVER. Hesitate not.


Disclaimer: This isn't to take any monetary funds away from Mark Passio's livelihood and expenditures that would inhibit him to continue doing the Great Work.

In fact, one might argue that this will alleviate the time, energy and costs for Mark and his team; that goes towards buying the physical entities, the process of conversing the data onto physical entities and shipping distribution.

This project is to make the transmission of his content and the eclectic array Knowledge pertained on the A.R.K DRIVE and Mark Passio Great Work Compilation; more widely available, accessible, easier and cheaper for ANY individual(s) with an Internet Connection can acquire.

***Please support Mark Passio first and foremost and his team to carry on the Great Work by donating via:




Thank you!

By Alix Farrell

May the Light, Love, and Truth; guide and be with you always!

(Please give me any feedback if the link/folders/files have any problems. The '.DS_Store' file, don't have to be downloaded by the way).

Mark Passio's A.R.K (Amazing Repository of Knowledge) Available For Download

I just found out this had been uploaded online. Usually you would send him a 2TB hard drive and he'd put the ark drive on it free and send it back to you but someone has uploaded it to one drive.

I think it's an important resource for everyone in these times of abhorrent censorship.

Google Drive Link

From Mark's site: "I have been online since the days before the World Wide Web became popular. Since that time, I began collecting, studying and archiving information about our world and the events that have been occurring in it. I never left it to chance that information I came across during my search would always be available online. So, whenever I found something that I thought was worthwhile, I downloaded it and backed it up offline. As you can imagine, this much data archiving would result in an enormous amount of material. Quite frankly, it would be hard for me even to describe the amount of information I have pulled from this repository of knowledge and experience that we call the Internet.

Years ago, a friend asked me if I could place the best material that I had collected onto a hard drive for him, so that he could browse it and study it according to his interests, and at his pace and leisure. I said yes, and began the task of collecting the best data that I had gathered into a huge digital library, and copied it onto the hard drive that my friend provided. I then thought, why not share this information by making it available to anyone who wants it?

The A.R.K. drive consists of over 3,400 video files, 9,500 digital books, and 26,000 audio files. These files will always be available to you for offline browsing, playback and study, with no internet connection required to access any of the data on the drive. You may then "pass it along" by sharing any or all of this information with anyone you wish.

Mark's Site

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