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Most People Despise Truth
Most People Despise Truth
By Mike Stone
May 22, 2024

This article touched a nerve with me.
Everything I have been saying for the last 22 years
is coming true in real time but hardly anybody is interested.
My traffic has not increased. Nor my book sales.
I don't care about this except as an indication that the
public might be stirring in its sleep. 

The plandemic and toxic "vaccines" were the biggest
betrayal of public trust in history (after the world wars.)
But people either don't want to know or don't have
the intellectual faculties required. They are resigned to their fate,
whatever it is.

Are there people in your life who choose to live outside the realm of reality?

Friends and family members who refuse to believe what their own eyes and ears have shown them to be true? Does it seem to you as if 99.9% of the population has lost their minds? You're not imagining that, it's real.

Libtards screaming for the right to murder their own babies, and salivating at the thought of sexually mutilating your children and turning them into trannies.

Cuckservatives cheering the slaughter of innocent children in Palestine and the beating of peaceful protestors by the police.

Fake Christians waving their little Israeli flags and foolishly believing they are going to Heaven because they are "saved."

These are sick, delusional people. We spoke previously of how demonic possession contributes to their state of mental derangement. But there are two other reasons why almost everyone in your life is suffering from mental illness.

To Succeed in Modern Society, a Person Must Lie
For society to function on a level of madness requires everyone in it to refrain from telling the truth and instead to believe in lies. Not only must they refrain from telling the truth and instead believe in lies, they must also lash out and silence anyone who does tell the truth and refuses to believe in lies. In other words, everyone participating in such a society must uphold a code of silence when it comes to the truth. It's like the entire world belongs to Fight Club where the first rule is you do not talk about Fight Club, only nobody is fighting. They're retreating and running away like cowards.

Henry Makow famously said, "All that is required for the triumph of evil is for good men to be given good jobs." Examine that statement carefully and you'll see that it applies to almost everyone living in America today. That's because in order to keep a job in this country, a person is forced to accept lies.

In order to be a doctor, one must believe - or pretend to believe - in the widely debunked germ theory of disease. Thus, one's entire career becomes dependent upon a lie. If a doctor refuses to lie and stands up for the truth, one of two things happen. Either he is ridiculed and publicly maligned by the media, thus forcing him out of business. Or he is killed.

Included with doctors are nurses, pharmacists, dentists, hospital workers, medical administrators, and everyone else employed in the medical industry on any level. They all have to believe, or pretend to believe, in a massive lie or they will lose their jobs.

In order to be a teacher, one must believe - or pretend to believe - in the hundreds of historical, scientific, and societal lies that are taught to children. Thus, one's entire career becomes dependent upon a multitude of lies. If a teacher refuses to lie and stands up for the truth, they are immediately fired and not allowed to teach.

Included with teachers are administrative staff, principals, union officials, and everyone else who is employed in "education" in any way. They all have to believe, or pretend to believe, in lies or they will lose their jobs.

We can see that the majority of people today are forced to believe in lies in order to make a living. And the more prestigious and higher-paying the job is, the bigger the lies they have to swallow.

In order to work in the entertainment industry on any level, one must accept - or pretend to accept - every leftist position imaginable, including abortion, homosexuality, trannyism, the sexual mutilation of children, and more. If you refuse, if you hold a different opinion or dare to speak out against any of those sickening positions, you simply won't be allowed to work. No one will hire you. Ask James Woods. Ask Antonio Sabato, Jr. Ask me.

Perhaps you're thinking you can be a closet conservative in the entertainment industry, someone who holds an opposite opinion, but keeps quiet in order to work. You could possibly get away with that, but then you'd be lying to yourself. You wouldn't be presenting your authentic self to the world. You'd be showing the world a submissive, fraudulent side of yourself. Your whole life would be a lie. 

Not only that, but you'd be using your talents to further the very agendas you despise, because everything coming from the entertainment industry, and that includes movies, television, music, professional sports, and traditionally published books, is purposely designed to push those agendas. Only a drooling retard would deny that.

There's also the issue of control. Once you believe in one lie, it's much easier to believe in others. That leads to people holding world views that are based entirely on lies and misperceptions. If you want to know why so many people were duped into taking the fake vaccine, this is one of the reasons.

So you see, Henry was spot-on with his words. "All that is required for the triumph of evil is for good men to be given good jobs." However, that's not the only reason why everyone around you is blind to reality and appears to have gone insane. The second reason is because they refuse to stop sinning.

For whatever reason, people just don't want to give up their sins. Women want to continue reading romance novels, lusting after serial killers, and murdering their own babies. Men want to continue cheating on their wives, jerking off to pornography, and behaving like complete cowards when faced with adversity. Nobody, neither male or female, wants to stop sinning.

A stubborn refusal to stop sinning forces a person to accept a false reality, because if they didn't - if they embraced the truth instead and chose to live in the real world - it would require them to give up their sins. And that's something most people just aren't willing to do.

In many ways, this is even worse than being forced to accept a lie in order to make a living. When one is forced to believe in a lie in order to keep their job, that person generates a slither of sympathy. They might actually be someone good and courageous who is trying to turn things around in the industry they work in. Someone fighting the system from within.

However, when one refuses to stop sinning, they generate no sympathy at all. They are acting out of weakness and fear. They are literally damning their soul to hell, because they are too weak to take a moral stand and dedicate their life to God. When men do this it's particularly appalling, because submission and weakness are feminine characteristics. That's why men who are libtards, cuckservatives, or fake Christians are feminized to the extreme. They've lost their masculine energy. They've become docile facsimiles of real men who need Viagra to get it up.

A Triple-Pronged Approach Designed to Take You to Hell
So tally it all up and we have demonic possession, refusal to tell the truth and instead believing in lies, and refusal to stop sinning. One or more these factors is the reason why everyone in your life has lost their marbles and why almost all of them are on their way to hell. The good news is there are solutions to all of those things. The bad news is most people are so far gone from reality they are never coming back.


First Comment from Tony B;

On a "local" scale Mike Stone is very correct.  By "local" I mean the U.S. as a nation, even all English language nations to a great degree, to which one might add most of Rothschild Europe and, certainly, Israel.  These are the nations most dedicated to Satanism in the world thanks to their accepting the masonic LICENSE mis-sold as FREEDOM.  But the United States especially and more completely.  We will suffer our chastisement, God gives no free passes.

None of this is new to me, I home-schooled my kids in the early 1960s when that was a high crime because I was having none of that poison in them.  Against the opposition of even family for my insights of our schools.  I gave up on this country long ago and studied more the big picture.

That big picture is much different, that is, the world in general.  It appears to be almost impossible for those in the know in the U.S. and these other mentioned nations to see a massive backfire of every last plan of Satan at the top levels of his lackey governments world wide.  A daily study of Putin's Russia shows that God truly IS using that nation to chastise the world, the real reason for the massive "western" hatred of the true Christian, Putin.  Russia holds the moral ground worldwide, surprisingly in close league with China.  They gain constantly in world trust while the arrogant cabal ever more rapidly implodes on itself, now being unceremoniously thrown out of even small African nations.

Rothschild cabals have stolen worldwide control and ownership of practically all for centuries via their DEBT PRETENSE OF MONEY racket.  But the cabal today is in wild panic making one massive error after another trying to stop the new, true, economic freedoms known as BRICS+ which the nations of the world are rapidly accepting as fair play and honesty in trade of every sort, rapidly deserting the Rothschild dollar.  Satanism has lost its hold on the top levels of world government as more and more nations join with Russia/China/Iran/et al as fresh air they can breathe at will.  Even those totally satanic U.S. "higher education" jokes are scaring Satan's chosen "world leaders" as brainwashed students have suddenly massively awakened to recognize satanic genocide for what it is and demand its national government divest from it.

Yes, too many in the U.S. continue to live lives of delusion but the world beyond this insanity is massively returning to right and proper order, that of God's Will and in His time.  Our satanic media is finding it ever more difficult to keep the lies circulating.  All falsity is on the verge of true implosion.  A return to normalcy will be much appreciated by sane people, the insane will be further confused.

Imran said (May 23, 2024):
The majority of college/university protesters in a number of cases don't even attend these establishments. They came from outside. A number of them have even been identified as Antifa. And you can be sure there is some dark money behind it. The genuine protesters are clueless leftists who have many things in common with Patty Hearst. Columbia university for instance has an annual tuition of around $90000. One lesser known protester from there has been known to kill two people in a car crash. The niece of one of the victims said the protestor got away with it because "her dad is rich".
Perhaps Mike believes that Oct 7 was a false flag? If this is the case then the LEFTIST Deep State of Israel which assassinated Rabin and pushed the Olso Accords is responsible. There would then be no possible way for them not to be involved. The protests worldwide including these college/university ones are then just part of the leftist paradigm. Mike is then believing a lie himself.

BW said (May 23, 2024):
Widespread indifference -- a moral matter? Or evidence of announced-in-advance collective shock?
Shock always delivered first (Shock & Awe, e.g.) leaving target population too numbed to gather itself for response (traumatised)?
Cause? How about calculated reversal of cultural values by the blob (govt., media, biz &c.) operating in lockstep -- enforced insanity.

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