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Movie: Trading Places - Eddie Murphy, Dan Aykroyd (1983)
This movie contains some Montauk Project like similarities:

Produced: in 1983

Conspiracy: a project on testing man.

Theme: changing personalities, abductions, changing times, places and minds

Places: Philadelphia & New York

Detail at the end: A beast (Gorilla) like Junior damaging the project. 

Location of the climax:  WTC towers in New York

What a great thread idea -- movies with illuminati symbolism.  These aren't my orginal thoughts, I stole them from GLP -- but here's what a poster said and isn't this fascinating!

"Trading Places. Right before they go to make the killing in the stockmarket at the end, watch when they get out of the cab and walk by the WTC. The cab has a 911 on it and they are talking about death and destruction as they walk by the WTC."

linky to movie pictures

link to original GLP post I quoted above

Yes, thanks, I didn't knew this.

My reason to look at Trading Places was the link Philadelphia-New-York and the year1983.

at the end of 1983 I saw this movie which was also very reminding to important changes for me around August 12th, 1983.

Hey people

Interestingly, Trading Places was produced by Aaron Russo who also did America: Freedom To Fascism & was
good friends with Alex Jones before he died.

  Not sure but I think I remember them buying "Pork Bellies" in this movie.   When I saw that it made me wonder about the importance of Pork Bellies...  If not this movie then another one!

Yes, this was the movie where they bought Pork Bellies.

No matter what anyone says about this, I thought that this was a good and funny movie.


[user=7]Aethah[/user] wrote:
Quote:Aaron Russo who did America: Freedom To Fascism was good friends with Alex Jones before he died.

That film was the first time I heard about the IRS scam.

"Russo died of bladder cancer at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Los Angeles, 08/24/2007, age 64, following a six year battle with the disease". - Wiki.

Right after he releases 'America: Freedom To Fascism' and then opps he's dead!

He helped me wake up before he was killed.

I've rewatched the movie "Wallstreet" with Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen.

The movie starts with a scene of the Twin-towers and ends with a scene of the Twin Towers.

Douglas plays Gordon Gekko (= 11 characters); In the movie Gekko refers to calling 9-1-1 when his game is over.

Gordon Gekko is symbolic for GG;

GG = 77  (the plane flight number that is connected to the crash in the Pentagon).

Movie is made by Oliver Stone.


Much more about the "Wallstreet" movie & 09/11:

09/11 pre-knowledge in 1987:

and more:

I am flying , I am flying !! ( 2 airplanes  - 2 Twin Towers)

I am dying. Forever crying ......

Rod Stewart - Sailing ( Original Music Video ) - 1975 (2 x 13 years before 2001)

During the clip the focusing is 3 times on the Twin Towers.

look at track at 4:04 minutes ;
subliminal elimination of the 2 Twin Towers !!

Coincidental ?

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