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My Video Demo of My Ogre3d Project
Here is my Computer Programing project I been working on for some time.

It is a simple Shoutcast streaming App that shows a visual using FFT's or Fast Fourier Transforms to display a nice visual to show the emotion of the music as it is playing. My App runs at 60 frames per second and running it at 1080P or LCD Monitor Resolution of 1920 x 1080 using OBS software to record my video that I have uploaded to my You Tube account. Since I am currently in the video streaming from a 24 hour trance station that plays different DJ sets and is at times hosted by the DJs themselves. Their music contains copyrighted material which they are using as samples to enhance their music of which they do pay royalties to the copyrighted holders and that is licensed properly at least that is way someone that explained to me in a reply to an email I sent them. You tubes Content ID system has ID two copyrighted streams or samples used by the DJ set in this video. Usage policy of you identified as using copyrighted material in your video on You Tube it is the options of the copyright holders that can either block your video before anybody ever sees it , track it in terms of views, or Monitize it to make money is if you have a high view count right now nobody knos who I am ROFL. I have added all the relevant tags in my videos for Google searchers to find easily if that is what they are searching for like a ranked tag or keyword Fast Fourier Transform and others. Ranked means that it is a very popular search term and your likely to get a hit with a lot of people visiting your You Tube channel and they would see your video that makes use of FFTs or Fast Fourier Transforms being used in a cool app that streams music using FFT's to show a cool visual that responds to the music and before you know it via word of mouth they tell their friends hey guys I found a really cool app that makes use of FFT's check it out.

I know how Google search engines work based on key words as well as how Google Adsense works and what it is all about since I dealt with them in the past. Due to copyrighted ID' content in my video copyright holders apparently have authorize youtube to use their Google Adsense account to monetize my videos to make money off my videos due to all my videos have yellow monitized google adsense marks near the start of the video in them. They aren't going to make any money since I am not known very well or I have not yet started posting to social sites about my video with links to my videos or at least if they are SEO or Search Engine Optimizations marketing gurus and smart send me a link with more traffic. I also have this option as well to monetize my videos as well. Although my video may not be totally relevant to what they are looking for such as the mathematics of FFT's and maybe how to use them in a computer programs but hey I got their attention and is somewhat relevant.

As it stands my current You Tube Account status as of this posting is Community Guidlines: "Good Standing" and Copyright: "Good Standing" You tube don't play around uploaders have found out the hard way after uploading their videos to find their videos immediately blocked because of copyrighted material that copyright owner does not want you to use in your You Tube posted video or videos.

My app runs at 60 FPS You Tube only supports 30 FPS but I hear in the future they will support 60 FPS in videos like games to make them look smooth and not choppy but at the present without 60FPS support my video looks a little choppy to me max video resolution 1080P HD so if you can run it at the HD highest setting that make it a little better. You Tube compresses the hell out of videos and nearly destroys quality with their old inefficient adobe flash transcoder. Well here it is my latest video on my Ogre 3D Shoutcast Streaming App:


Thanks for sharing your cool trance music and visuals vid, Sovereign!

(08-03-2014, 07:53 PM)Elizabeth Wrote: Thanks for sharing your cool trance music and visuals vid, Sovereign!

Thanks Elizabeth for your comment I am mainly interested in what other people think so I am slowly trying to get the word out there. Usually when I do something creative I am not doing it just for others I do it for myself in the most creative way by trying different things and ideals. But the thing is like in school I do something creative even though I am not a art savant that I can draw a picture perfect image of something since I lacked that skill which I guess it forced me to really dig deep within myself and be very creative in what I do. But when my peers and even adults see my work they seem to show a lot of enthusiasm and interest toward my creative projects and complement me wow that is cool and I am shocked really that good maybe I doubt myself do to low self-esteem issues at the time. At least I thought I did it right but it was my way.

I am not too easily impressed by things but I perk up every now and then when my program is running with the music playing and a cool visual in very colorful way dances with the music in front of me and I say wow that was cool. I am still playing around with the code so I am constantly testing my program and observing the results looking for the things I can improve on in the visuals which can be subtle to others to see so it seems to me to be a never ending work in progress.

So at the moment I am interested in what other people think about my video which is a measure do I still have that innate ability to get peoples attention even after I put just about all of my creativity energy I can muster into it and they say wow that is cool.

I also have some other videos I have uploaded in my channel you can look at as well as more is being uploaded but the upload can be a slow process since my upload speed is 1mbs Max upload speed as opposed to a download speed of 15mbs.

I notice my most recent video I uploaded called Kalido7a has no copyrighted samples usually the vocal kind is usually being use in it the DJ trance sets which get your video tagged for copyrighted music by You Tube just pure music and no copyright ID tags by YouTube and no monetization by google nada no yellow tick marks in my video yea I think.

Anyway trying to get the word out that is get more traffic flowing to my YouTube channel will be uploading more videos soon not sure how many will be uploaded.

Recently I been visiting different YouTube channels that do visuals along with the music being played in their video and by doing visuals using various artistic approaches and post my comments on the most poplular or most recent You Tube channels and indicate I am taking music and doing something similar since my posting a comment establishes a link back to my You Tube channel and someone that is interested can click my name or picture Icon and link back to my You Tube channel a very sneaky and clever way to get links back to your You Tube channel from their You Tube account.

I went to Tom Mabes You Tube channel last night and was watching his Vlogs as well as subscribing to his youtube Channel Vlogs so I can easily access them from my You Tube account. In case nobody knows who he is he is famous for him turning the tables on so called telemarketers that were calling him on his business phone which he relied on for Louisville Ky clientele business since at the time he was musician who wrote jingles as they call it for commercials instead of him getting mad he turned the tables on these telemarketers but the joke was on them. He basically recorded them as he was pranking them and in order to use this recording he had to fill them in on the joke and get them to sign a release for him to use it as material to put on a CD and sell it. Tom and his Old brother Lee pretty much grew up not to far from my family in Bullitt County Ky in suburb at the time known as Maryville and now known as Hillview about a half a block from us. I also knew his mother who use to give me hair cuts when I was young or a teen. Lee and Tom did not have a dad some dad was pretty much a mentor to them I could see this when they had long talks with him. Off an on Tom and Lee use to visit our family house countless times and thing I notice about Tom quick humor is that it made me laugh.

Tom Mabe has done quite well and made a name for himself doing comedian skits using his musical talents to try to be funny as well do pranks on people and record them. His Brother Lee talent is an artist so I don't know what he is doing now. Well anyway I posted a few comments on his tube about some of his comment or just commented on his Vlogs.

I changed my default You Tube Icon to the all seeing eye symbol don't ask me why but their appears to be reason why that is necessary for me to do since I was thinking about using maybe a snapshot of my App or something as the Icon but that was superseded by my intuitions insistence of using this image of my eye or picture I took a year ago or according to the time stamp 02/25/2013. I was looking thru the image data of Google for the all seeing eye and was contemplating on this and concluded I know what this is all about and what it means when all these Hollywood figures are referencing it in their photos and who it actually represents in regard to this illusory reality due to preconditions for the artificial creation of the I or me that has no permanence but is temporal and there is one that is trying to make all believe it is the king of the hill when it to is all an illusory creation as well. I know this symbol of the all seeing eye is put out there in all shapes and forms used in corporate logos to covertly shown in movies. I have talked about this before. Christians and the love and light crowd really have no clue about the reality they think is real but theirs is a conditioned existence of interdependence of which it seem like they are inexorably connected together one affecting the other unless they figure out how to escape this matrix or mazes within mazes of illusion that seem to have no ending which is also the grand illusion.

I just posted to a forum of my Ogre 3D computer graphics programing peers to get people if anybody to take notice and give their oppions about my App posted in the forum in the Showcase section of the forum where people show other people what they done with the Ogre3d API. If people don't look at it since it is all good the Google bots will scan it with any picture or videos and locations so people can find it even if no one in the ogre community knows about my post others will find it if that is what they are looking for using the Google search function in their browser. The thing of it is I very rarely post there so this will be interesting since I am an unknown in terms of creative talent not saying I am better then anybody but I am unique in my own way. After refreshing the forum from my browser I am seeing at least 6 viewers the Google adsense bot already made it's rounds to my post and saw at least one member viewing people are probably bored and want to see something that is novel and interesting.

The forum has been quiet lately but is still a very big community that backs the Ogre3d project. They are currently working on the new version of the Ogre 3D API and a while back they were using Google funded projects of people who were at the time were working on Ogre 3D related projects such as development projects to add into Ogre to make the Ogre 3D API better but this year Google decide not to fund peoples project that were full time students interested in computer graphics but they said they will continue to work on it but it will be slow and any talented people out in the community is also welcome to contribute. Their is at least a few well knowledgeable individuals that are working on the Ogre 3D API project of modernization of Ogre 3D to utlize the more advance feature on the more modern video graphics cards and the very latest microsoft directx advanced features and making it just as fast and cable as the million dollar Cry3 engine out there.;t=81517

Just one of Latest videos on my Build for my Ogre 3D streaming APP. YouTube could not find anything like the copyrighted content so there is no annoying google Adsense tag in the video. I have been thinking how YouTube does this in identifying copyrighted audio or videos and tagging your video by using the copyright owners Adsense account to monetize your videos. First thought on how they do this is via embedded ID tags are features of Both the AAC or MP3 Audio format I think someone or people mentioned they use Waveform analysis or maybe the relatively new Wavelet math transform as opposed to the Fast Fourier Transform One which both break the audio down into frequency components. The fact that many thousands of people a day are constantly uploading their videos and comparing them against a known database of copyrighted sound and video samples seems an impossible feat but they are doing it using some method not yet disclosed or proprietary.


Just another one of my Ogre 3D streaming Shoutcast app builds streaming music off the internet and displaying a nice music, visual driven by FFT's or Fast Fourier Transforms that basically breaks the music down into component frequencies with their amplitudes extracting practically every musical instruments component frequencies and amplitudes in real time involved in the composition of the music being streamed off the internet.

As for the their content id system they use some proprietary software from Audio Magic in finger printing their music and match for copyrighted content. You can get a copy of their SDK by signing up to their website for evaluation. Their system is sort of like a file checksum thing.

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