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hey folks...I noticed there hasnt been much on the forums about numerology yet sooo... here we go..

Here you can calculate your numbers.


Here is some explainations of the numbers.

Your "life path number" or "destiny number" comes from your date of birth and has to do with the big cosmic theme,the reason for your birth into this reality.

The other 3 numbers you get have to do with the tone that is imprinted into your energy field from your name (im guessing)

Your "name number" or "expression number" comes from your full name.

Your "personality number" or "inner dreams number" comes from the consonants in your name.

and your soul urge number comes from the vowels in your name.

Sorry for any confusion with the different terminology.They call them different things in the 2 links i posted.

What i have shared with you is part of what Stewart and Janet do in their consultations.Im not very good at scanning or anything like that but hopefully this can be of some help to you guys.The basic meanings of numbers(vibratory rates) are defined in the Healers Handbook.The link that i provided in the post gives a general discription of the personality traits that eminate from these frequencies.Its important to have a good understanding of all the numbers so you can really get a "feel" for them and be able to tune into them.The more peoples numbers you figure and the more you study  numbers everywhere in your daily life,the better you can understand them and use them.Numerology is definately an important aspect of hyperspace work.   :thumbsup:

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Thank you Bobby for your links and info.  I am always doing things with numerology.  I've already made charts for all of my girls and grandchildren.  Too bad they don't really believe in all of that...:slywink:  Ah well...there's always hope.  
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soo....lets get to know each other better..what are your numbers?

here are mine..

my life path(birthdate) is 7

my name number(full name) is 1

my personality number(consonants) is 7

my soul urge(vowels) is 3
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Hi Bobby,

Okay, I figured my numbers out according to  Here they are:

Life Path: 5

Expression (name) Number: 11

Soul Urge (vowels) Number: 7

Inner Dreams (consonants): 4

Birthdays: 7

Have fun getting to know me...V-Cool
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